A fascinating look at stupidity or as I would like to say, another day, another idiotic decision by Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys

A fascinating look at stupidity or as I would like to say, another day, another idiotic decision by Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys

They may no longer be ” America’s Team” , but they remain one of the most valuable and profitable professional sports’ franchises in the world , and by far the most profitable in the NFL . Five Superbowl victories have as such, defined the legacy of the Dallas Cowboys as an NFL franchise. Unfortunately, for the Cowboys, the last of those Superbowl victories, came in the 1995 season , when they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers for the last of their quintuple of Lombardi Trophy successes . Two-decades, is an extremely long time to go without an appearance in the NFL’s most prestigious game, its postseason finale.


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Coming off another disappointing season for the Dallas Cowboys , with the customary excuses repeatedly being made by a number of executives , players and the coaching staff , after another year of incompetency. The Cowboys’ owner , Jerry Jones , CEO and de-facto general manager, has continued to paint a rosy picture of the team’s accomplishments year in and out , in spite of the mounting criticism leveled his way. Head coach Jason Garrett and a former player with the Dallas Cowboys , notably as a backup to Hall of Fame player Troy Aikman , remains in his position, with mounting criticism as to his coaching acumen and capability as an NFL head coach.

An 8-8 record , having gone 7-5 within the NFC and 5-1 within the NFC East , finishing second to what now appears a rejuvenated Philadelphia Eagles’ team , proved to be acceptable to some within the Cowboys’ organization, who tried to use the injuries suffered by the team, as one of the primary reasons why the Cowboys failed so miserably. At the start of the season, the Dallas Cowboys had high hopes of making a serious playoff push with a team that Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones believed to be legitimate contender within the division and the NFL as a whole .

Though the success garnered by the Cowboys within the division should have proven good enough to be great launching pad for the season , it was on the road and with their non-conference schedule , where the team proved to be utterly dreadful , with Jason Garrett and his staff not showing the acumen needed during to close out games . Furthermore , as it proficient as quarterback Tony Romo is said to be during the regular season , it has been his continued lack of leadership that now has to come into question. The player always the first to complement his team when they are victorious , has proven to simply pathetic, in choosing not to accept any responsibility for a loss or take to holding his teammates accountable for their lack of competitiveness. Futility and lack of composure , has now become the embodiment of the Dallas Cowboys and it appears to be something that neither the players or Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett are prepared to acknowledge , has crept into the Cowboys environment and throughout the entire organization.

As if to further emphasize how bad this past season was said to be for the Dallas Cowboys and the numerous issues that the team had on offense and on defense . Nothing, could have been more emphatic, than the defeats suffered during week five of their schedule and then again in week’s ten and fourteen . Those three losses simply highlighted how overrated the Dallas Cowboys remain and how out of touch the coaching staff just happens to be and will continually remain to be. The issues with the team are not just about the talent said to have been assembled, but the very fact that this team is one made up of individuals who are seemingly cannot play together as a cohesive unit, showing any degree of consistency.

Players such as DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten, could make their way unto any team in the NFL, but the rest of this Cowboys’ roster is simply just a mere caricature of what should be expected of a competitive NFL franchise. I intentionally excluded the likes of Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, because as good as both are said to be, neither can put together a string of games where they both are able to play at a continuously high level.

Monte Kiffin was brought in as the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive coordinator and that experiment bore about as much fruit as could be found in a vineyard of rotten grapes. Consider the fact, that during Kiffin’s tenure as an assistant to his son Lane Kiffin , while he was head coach of the USC Trojans’ program , those teams would be abysmal during the majority of his tenure . Yet, somehow, Jerry Jones believed Kiffin to be the perfect individual to replace Rob Ryan , who was not offered an extended contract. Monte Kiffin brought nothing new to the table and the Cowboys’ statistics from a defensive standpoint was proof of that fact last season. Bill Callahan as the offensive coordinator , brought in to aid Jason Garrett , has fared no better , with the same mistakes being repeated, at the most inopportune of moments, during games. Now with rumors of their being growing tension amongst the coaching staff , with the decision of Jerry Jones to add to the roster of the staff with a second assistant head coach to assist with the offense. It now appears that Jason Garrett will now not only have to look over his shoulder to see if he still remains under the ever watchful eye of the team owner , but also whether or not , he should feel threatened by the hiring of Scott Linehan . Callahan believes, his authority will be undermined , with a second offensive coordinator and assistant head coach . As to how this sits with Jason Garrett remains to be seen, but it is now becoming abundantly clear , that Jerry Jones cannot be entirely happy with the coaching staff and the monetary outlay having made to assemble that side of the organization, without taking into account the Dallas Cowboys’ team payroll ($118.1 million) and the outlandish contract of quarterback Tony Romo , who signed a six-year $108 million contract , of which $40 million is in guaranteed money .

This off-season could prove to be a tumultuous one for the Dallas Cowboys without the drama now constituted by the hiring of Scott Linehan. My question for Jerry Jones and his son, Stephen Jones , would be. How many coaches are necessary , to coach what is , simply a mediocre team ? Far too many Chiefs and not enough Indians and absolutely no common sense being shown by anyone within the Cowboys’ organization, that now seems to be bereft of talent on the field as well as off the field of play ! Jerry Jones and the front office are now likely to go about spending the off-season with the coaching staff assessing the needs of the team as well jettisoning players they believe to be superfluous to their needs . Having signed Dan Bailey to a long-term deal , one . that goes through until 2020 , it could be suggested that Jones might be starting off small and then working his way up the pecking order in terms of the Cowboys’ payroll .

If this past off-season was anything to go by, it is my belief that the Dallas Cowboys beyond considering the productivity of their 2013 draftees , may well seek to make some bold moves in order to bolster the roster , with their also being some attrition , with the likelihood of certain players departing .

The build-up to the Superbowl , which will be staged at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford , New Jersey , will provide the fans in attendance for game ,that is likely to be thrilling . Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos , will face off against the Seattle Seahawks, where corner-back Richard Sherman still remains the topic of conversation . There is no such thing as bad publicity , just as long as you are not a felon accused of a heinous crime . Last I looked, the print and television media were making the Seahawks’ player their central focus of their attention, rather than seeking to delve into some more poignant stories. Such as the case with Broncos’ receiver DeMaryius Thomas , whose mother and grandmother are likely to be watching him from their jail cells , where they are both currently incarcerated on a sentence of selling and distributing crack cocaine . Thomas’ mother and grandmother , are just over ten years into their twenty-five year sentence , but both are eligible for parole in 2018, pending the approval of the state’s Department of Correction , Parole Board and that of the Florida Attorney General’s Office . I get the feeling, that were Thomas to win the Superbowl MVP award , after a Broncos’ victory , then quite possibly the “shout-out” from the player, will not be directed, in wanting to go Disneyland, but at the two women, who raised him in the initial years of his life , before , they each, were incarcerated ! !. This story has been grossly overlooked by the press in general , while the journalists and celebrities seek out the players who will be the participants in Sunday’s game to ask simply the most asinine of questions .

I may well not be the only one willing to ask this question , but how the hell does Deion Sanders remain an employee with the NFL Network , beyond his idiocy shown, in trying to ignite the build-up of last weekend’s Pro Bowl game ? Sanders’ eloquence and use of the English language, in questioning a number of the Broncos’ and Seahawks’ players, makes Magic Johnson seem proficient in his speech and a seasoned interviewer. Anyone who witnessed Johnson’s short-lived late night syndicated talk show as well as appearances with ESPN , ABC and TNT , will realize that the NBA great, is simply not that eloquent , nor can he enunciate when it comes to his use of the English spoken word. Horses for courses as they say and for this continued idiocy , we have to thank none other than Roger Goodell and the NFL hierarchy for the annual and continued idiocy that surrounds Superbowl weekend and all of the scheduled and unscheduled events.

A second Superbowl victory for Peyton Manning is unlikely to bring to an end a career , that has been one of the most heralded in NFL history for a quarterback. The accolades and records are already known to the vast majority of the fans and it is widely acknowledged that he and Tom Brady , along with Drew Brees , have been the most high-profiled and visible faces for the NFL over the past decade. However, I firmly believe that Manning will remain with the Broncos for one or possibly two more years , before walking off into the sunset as the NFL’s greatest quarterback ,ever . Rightly or wrongly , you simply cannot deny that Manning belongs amongst the all-time greats of the game and has to be seen as one the top-five quarterbacks in NFL history and perhaps amongst the top fifteen players to have ever played the game in any era .

While the plaudits for the Denver Broncos’ quarterback will remain revered and supreme , one of his more unheralded teammates , Champ Bailey , is likely to be playing his last game in the NFL . Undoubtedly , a future Hall of Fame inductee, Bailey’s career, has been one of excellence and gallant accomplishments. Where he might rank amongst the players to have played the corner-back position will be speculated upon, once he has retired. However, he leaves the game , either as a loser or a winner of this Superbowl , Champ Bailey will be looked at as a player , who carried himself with a great deal of class and played the game with the exuberance of a player , who has always had the respect of his peers .

The NFL and its proprietary broadcast partner for the Superbowl will be provided with a “cash cow “ , once the game gets underway , with the prime-time scheduling of the event . At a rumored $165,000 per second, a thirty-second marketing ad will net broadcast outlet just under $5 million gross for that sales’ pitch . With projected advertizing revenues, likely to exceed $3.4 billion for the league , the NFL Network and Fox Sports , somehow, I get the feeling that Roger Goodell’s post-game summation will take into account the financial windfall for the league and their main broadcast partner. The preceding game event , will be pure theater and at the same time, I still have my doubts, that the Superbowl ought to be played under what are likely to be terrible game time conditions , with a predicted wind chill factor , likely mean that when the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks take to the field , they will be playing at near to sub-zero conditions, with elements that are likely to be mentally and physically sapping for the players . Someone needs to convince me, the decision behind this idiocy to stage the Superbowl in New Jersey under these conditions , were meant to be sound !



Picture gallery .

What if anything, do you believe, is likely to come out of the off-season for the Dallas Cowboys ? Also, as Jerry Jones seeks to win a sixth Superbowl title for the franchise , which has struggled during the postseason since their last triumph in 1995. By your own estimation, is it possible, that he can guide the franchise back to another Superbowl appearance as an owner general manager ? Lastly, what expectations do you have for the game between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks? Do leave a comment, as you see fit and thanks as always for the continued support and the content therein, as it greatly appreciated !

Picture and slideshow gallery details below .

(1) Jerry Jones,left , Stephen Jones and Jerry Jones Jr , owners of the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL . The trio are seen here watching the team warm up prior to a game played against the Houston Texans played at Reliant Stadium in Houston Texas , on the 26th September, 2010 . Getty Images North America / Bob Levey …………

(2) Second from the left , Jerry Jones and his son Stephen Jones , fourth from the left are seen with members from the team’s 2013 NFL Draft class , along with the Dallas Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett , far right. The trio taken were Travis Frederick, Gavin Escobar and Terrance Williams , all of whom made a solid if unspectacular contribution to the franchise’s under-achieving season within the NFC East in 2013. AP Photo/ Matt Prince …

(3) Quarterback Tony Romo (9) hands the ball off to running back DeMarco Murray (29) of the Dallas Cowboys against the Chicago Bears during a game at Soldier Field on December 9, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears would completely dismantle the Cowboys on their way to a lopsided 45-28 victory over their NFC rivals . Getty Images / Jonathan Daniel ….

(4) Dallas Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett is seen here with assistant head coach and offensive coordinator Bill Callahan at the team’s training facility in Oxnard , California ,. Callahan is said to be slighted by Jerry Jones’ decision to hire Scott Linehan to become a secondary adviser and offensive coordinator , as part of the franchise’s already burgeoning coaching staff . Garrett , himself blindsided by the hire , is now said to watchful of what now appears to be a changing environment within the organization . Jerry Jones has issued a public statement standing behind his head coach , but states, that the hire should be seen as nothing more than seeking to bring fresh input and a set of eyes a with regard to the team’s offensive options . AP Photo / Jordan Hartley …..

Scott Linehan is seen here with Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matt Stafford (9) as the pair discuss a play that failed during an NFL game. Linehan has now found his way unto the Cowboys’ coaching staff after the public announcement was made Jerry Jones at the Cowboys’ headquarters in Arlington, Texas,. AP Photo/ Kelly Rutherford ….

(6) A playful moment between Dallas Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett , left and defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin. Unfortunately , for the Dallas Cowboys there was nothing playful or exciting to be seen concerning the team’s defense which was amongst the worst within the NFC East , conference as well as the entire NFL , with the team giving up yards at an alarming rate per game . AP Photo / Phil Parsons …..

(7) Champ Bailey , defensive back for the Denver Broncos and undoubtedly a future Hall of Fame inductee . The player has been selected to 12 Pro Bowls over his entire NFL career , leading all players at the position in NFL history. In all likelihood , if the Broncos are victorious in Sunday’s Superbowl contest against the Seattle Seahawks , Bailey will bow out , retiring , with the Denver Broncos’ player , amongst the upper echelons for the franchise in a number of defensive categories . AP Photo/ Getty Images / Carter Poole ………

(8) Peyton Manning and DeMaryius Thomas , teammates , with Thomas proving to be one of the quarterback’s favorite targets over his record-breaking season in 2013 . Whether or not, the two can combine to be just as explosive during the Superbowl , remains to be seen . AP Photo / Edgar Thomas …



tophatal ………..



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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

27 thoughts on “A fascinating look at stupidity or as I would like to say, another day, another idiotic decision by Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys”

  1. The NFL Network has to be scouring the bottom of the barrel, if Deion Sanders is considered to be amongst the best . of their on-air talent and suitable to be conducting an interview in the days leading up to the Superbowl .

    Sanders is to this art as Sarah Palin , can be viewed as having intelligence, when it comes to economic and foreign policy . Who the hell is likely to believe either of these two idiots ?

    tophatal …………..


  2. Jerry Jones boggles my mind. The decisions he makes, and that he continues to think he can do a better job than anyone else. As long as he’s there, the teams in the NFC East have to be ecstatic. Dallas will always spend on talent, but they need the full package to be able to put a big-time season together.


    1. the wifehatessports.com/KP

      For the years that Jerry Jones has owned the Dallas Cowboys , the franchise have seen their highs and an enormous amount of lows .

      ” Mr Jones, I appreciate the fact you are giving me all this money , in spite of my mediocre record in the postseason ” . Romo and Jerry Jones

      Idiocy begats , idiocy and it is simply reflected throughout the Cowboys’ organization .

      As things now stand, with the hiring of Scott Linehan which makes no damn sense , considering how mediocre the Detroit Lions’ season turned out in 2013 , with Matt Stafford now claiming he does not need the help of a quarterbacks’ coach (Linehan was his in 2013) , it leads me to believe that both individuals are highly overrated . Linehan becoming a second lead assistant within that Cowboys’ coaching hierarchy is simply asinine, with it making as much sense as having Bill Parcells return to Dallas , merely because he is recognized name .

      The Dallas Cowboys’ draft picks have been more misses than hits , and it is beginning to show that Jerry Jones needs to stop calling the shots on the draft as well as the trades and monetary outlay made on players, who have not been worth it at all !

      Jones isn’t the only person in the same boat, because the Buccaneers and their dumb fans have been accepting futility for almost a decade and all they can bring up as a topic of conversation is either the Superbowl victory over the Raiders or their inductees in the franchise’s Ring of Honor or the Hall of Fame and that has been it . The hiring of Jason Licht to replace Mark Dominik on paper seems sound . but I would rather have seen a far better hire than Licht , whose experience has been primarily as a back up, in his previous roles .

      Malcolm Glazer’s sons this season have shown how damn well out of touch they have been with the declining competitive fortunes of the Buccaneers and Manchester United and their present position within the Premiership and having failed in several club competitions , while having a payroll exceeding over $350 million .

      tophatal …………


      1. Again, the NFC East thanks him, because it just appears that it’s going to be more lows, especially with the coaching decisions he’s making, plus the fact that he has so much invested in Romo, but not a quality backup, or a dominant line to help him out


        1. Kevin Paul(@kevinspaul

          Only Jerry Jones can spend just over $118 million and not feel that he’s been cheated by the players on the Cowboys’ roster .

          Simply look at what has been committed to the team by way of guaranteed money and you can see how out damn touch he just happens to be . And that little pi@s ant Dez Bryant needs to shut the fu#k up , because he is nowhere …… close to being as good as Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald .

          In his (Bryant’s) dreams while he’s pleasuring himself , he might think he’s as good , but his career so far proves that he’s still got a hell of a long way to go to even reach the plateau of either Fitzgerald or ” Megatron” .

          “I’m as good as any receiver in the league and my name is Dez Bryant ” !


          Jones could learn something by listening to the lyrics of this song.

          “Dark Horse” … ….. Katy Perry feat’g … Juicy J

          tophatal …………….


  3. The Cowboys need to hire a real football person to run the organization. the Eagles did well this year now we have to get better on the “D’ and draft another QB. The Super bore. I am not really into it. I would like to see Denver win. Watch sure but who wants to watch this game played in crazy temps and who knows what kind of weather. The genius who choose this sight is nuts.


      1. He has proved he is a genius at What! destroying one of greatest NFL franchise’s of all time. It took Tom Landry and Tex Schramm six years to built this team into greatness.


        1. bobby

          What Jerry Jones did to both Tom Landry and Tex Schramm was conceited and simply low-class ! Granted , he wanted his own people being brought in, but there is still a right way to do things and a wrong way . The actions of Jones in this instance , was most definitely wrong .

          Jones is now simply living on the legacy of the Superbowl victories achieved under Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer and not much more beyond that.

          The Cowboys’ last postseason appearance came in 2009 and since then they have not even sniffed a playoff berth. Simply look at Romo’s stats and postseason record as to one of the numerous reasons and as a damning indictment of the franchise.

          tophatal ………..


          1. As a Cowboy hater I am glad. I am die hard Eagles. As a NFL fan it is sad to see a former great NFL Franchise sink an all time low.


                1. bobby gee

                  It is his team (Cowboys) and I have no problem with Jerry Jones continuing to ruin it !

                  I simply do not want to hear those @ssholes from HBO Sports , NFL Network , CBS Sports , NBC Sports , Fox Sports and ESPN telling me that they are turning the corner and will be contender this or any other damn season . The coaching staff simply is not good enough and neither is Jason Garrett for that matter !

                  The like of Adam Shefter , Chris Mortensen and the vast majority of Cowboys’ fans are simply too dumb for their own good to realize that pertinent fact !

                  tophatal ……


  4. Deion Sanders should not be allowed anywhere near a microphone to conduct an interview or provide analysis of NFL game . He is simply unable to enunciate and speak the English language clearly and succinctly, using the correct verbiage as required , when on air for the NFL Network or any other broadcast outlet . Sanders now makes Magic Johnson seem like a well polished interviewer and on air analyst .

    Courtesy of the NY Daily News

    Super Bowl Media Day: Deion Sanders beef with NY Giants public relations man Pat Hanlon adds spice

    After tossing reclusive Marshawn Lynch softball questions, Sanders is made fun of by Hanlon. After Sanders took offense, Hanlon got out of it, but not before a tense exchange that at least livened up a boring event.

    For all the oddities of Super Bowl media day, all the assorted geeks and pinheads who make the scene, and made the scene Tuesday on the Jersey side, a clash of suited titans took the National Football League’s annual freak show to another level, elevating the discourse, so to speak.

    It was Deion (Call Me Prime Time) Sanders, the Hall-of-Famer turned TV Windbag vs. Pat Hanlon, the Giants PR operative, a man who was so over-the-top on Twitter his bosses shut him down. Even better, this verbal altercation was beamed to the free world via the NFL Network. Better still, the dissy-fit was inspired by Marshawn Lynch, more mummy than man, who has no use for the media.

    Lynch showed up at The Rock under threat of financial depravation. He was hanging out in a “players only” pen when he was tracked down by Sanders. Rich Eisen, presenting this as some kind of coup, threw it over to Sanders, who was standing with a mike in Lynch’s face.

    What transpired was one of the great Twinkie Munches of our time. Lynch got the “interview” rolling by using the word s—. No doubt his choice of words inspired Sir Neon to lob an assortment of cream-filled inquiries in Lynch’s direction. Stuff like “is your family coming” to the game? This got Lynch to admit he “stays in my own lane,” before Sanders finished big, saying, “(NFLN analyst) Marshall Faulk loves you. We all love you… I’m proud of you, man.”


    Upon further review, this was beyond Twinkie. TheNFLN Gang was so delighted Sanders came within inches of Lynch’s face it probably will nominate the analyst for a Peabody Award. Hanlon, an interloper on the set hired to bring his PR perspective to media day, brought his bag of diss to the dais and dumped it on Deion.

    Tim McCarver would have been proud.

    Eisen set the confrontation up, crediting Sanders for finding Lynch and getting the interview.

    “And he’s also tough to tackle when you’re trying to interview him,” Eisen said.

    Click on link to read in full.

    Deion Sanders’ education at Florida State obviously didn’t cover etiquette or proper use of the English language and speech.

    Sanders is an idiot who is unable to conduct an interview in a professional manner conducive to the environment, while at the same time seeking to induce his subjects to make rather asinine comments .

    There’s a reason why Johnson’s show was short-lived on syndicated television . He was at least five steps below the wit and intelligence of Arsenio Hall and in essence he had the on air charisma of a block of wood , afloat in water .

    tophatal ………………


    1. Jones
      has no wish to relinquish control in any part even to either of his sons , Stephen Jones or Jerry Jones Jr . It has become part of an ongoing problem and he (Jerry Jones) is unwilling to accept the blame or hold the coaching staff or the players themselves accountable for poor performances not only this season , but also over the past five years . The Dallas Cowboys unequivocally , are now one of the worst ran NFL organizations in the league, even though they remain the most profitable and valuable .

      The NFC East this season was horrendous and all four teams within the division were simply overrated and we saw that with the results of the franchises and how quickly the Eagles fell during the postseason .

      Will this be a successful duo and tandem ? Buccaneers’ GM Jason Licht and head coach Lovie Smith .

      tophatal ………..


  5. For Chris , who believes I simply despise the Buccaneers as an organization . Let me put this succinctly , the hiring of Jason Licht to succeed Mark Dominik is unlikely to achieve a great deal even with Lovie Smith now in as head coach , because over the years , especially the last eight in particular . It has become abundantly clear that Joel , Brian and Avram Glazer completely lack the intelligence to run the franchise and bring about any type of success .

    Granted, all that the fans will repeatedly point to , will be their team’s victory in Superbowl XXXVII (SB37) over an inept Oakland Raiders’ team . Hell, Stevie Wonder could have coached Tampa to that victory over the Raiders , because it was not as if that Bill Callahan coached team actually posed a serious threat at any point during that contest .

    The Buccaneers’ last postseason appearance came in 2007 , and then the team fell apart in the wildcard round of the postseason with a 24-14 loss to the New York Giants , with it being once again, the continued ineptitude of the franchise over the past seven seasons . So is there an intelligent enough Tampa fan out there who can simply explain why this franchise remains mired with mediocrity , with their fans simply choosing to be apathetic with regard to that intrinsic fact ..

    The best player on the Buccaneers roster this past season was wide receiver Vincent Jackson who had a very good year by way of his productivity .

    Pertinent Buccaneers facts :
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ front office

    Lovie Smith and coaching staff

    team roster and depth chart

    Buccaneers’ team statistics

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ schedule (2013)

    NFC South (divisional standings)

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    Team payroll (incl cap-hit)

    Team payroll yearly salaries

    Highest paid player on the Buccaneers’ roster

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ guaranteed money

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ news



    tophatal …….


  6. Jones just doesn’t really care (I think)His bottom line of profit is all the concerns him. Businesses are still enamored of the team, as is the State of Texass


    1. Al Clements

      Jerry Jones does care , it’s just that he has a funny way of showing it as an NFL owner . Granted , the Dallas Cowboys are a profitable franchise , but their lack of success over the past decade has simply become too much of an embarrassment for an organization with such vast resources and the alleged acumen of Jones .


      Merilyn Sakova

      Beach volleyball anyone ?

      In recent years the Dallas Cowboys have had more draft busts than a big titt-ed female all alone , standing naked on a beach . Never mind Jones’ propensity for overpaying his players , while trying to suggest that he’s remain inside ($124.8 million) of the NFL salary cap .

      Tony Romo is a ten-year veteran of the NFL , but he has only one postseason win to his career. Russell Wilson a first-round draft pick in the 2012 NFL Draft will be seeking his fourth as a member of the Seahawks when they face the Broncos in the Superbowl .

      Wilson’s contract in comparison to Tony Romo’s ? You tell me who has received “more bang for their bucks ” ?

      tophatal ……..


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