A little bit of understanding ………

A little but of understanding …

With the end of what can only be described as a truly disappointing postseason finale in the NFL ,where the Seattle Seahawks simply steamrolled their way to victory , with a thoroughly lopsided victory over the Denver Broncos . It is now being left to die-hard fans to adjudge what Peyton Manning’s legacy is likely to be in the annals of NFL history . Certainly, Manning’s postseason forays have proven to be less than stellar, in spite of his lone success with an Indianapolis Colts’ victory in the Superbowl and a Superbowl MVP award to adorn his trophy cabinet. So much was expected of the Broncos’ quarterback and his teammates in this contest, that in the end it proved to be a monumental failure for the team as a whole . As to how, this chapter will be viewed in Peyton Manning’s extraordinary career will come down to how historians are likely to record the game for prosperity.


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With the off-season now beckoning , teams and their front office executives will be assessing their rosters , seeking to address their needs during this break as well as preparing for the upcoming NFL Draft. I am not going to speculate as to who the number one pick in this Draft should be and whether or not the Houston Texans as the aspirant of that pick , will go with the choice of taking Johnny Manziel to resurrect what was indeed a rather disappointing season for a team with far more expectations in 2013 than were realized . Certainly, the Texans’ front office led by GM Rick Smith under the auspices of owner Robert McNair , are fully aware as to what is needed if this organization is to rebound and have a successful in 2014, while seeking to usurp the recent dominance shown by the Indianapolis Colts under the guidance of the quarterback Andrew Luck , Chuck Pagano and his coaching staff, as they have now become the dominant force within the AFC South .

It is far too early, to begin dissecting the prospects within the NFL Draft, much less the moves likely to be made by teams during the off-season! It is best left to the fortnight prior to the week of the 22nd April event as we are likely to see teams jostle for position up and down the Draft Board , seeking to make some notable deals .

The NBA has passed its midway point and is now meandering towards the NBA All Star Break . NBA Commissioner David Stern has now stepped down, handing over the reins of power to his heir in waiting , Adam Silver , who will now seek to stamp his own identity upon the league , as his successor had previously done. Stern’s three-decade long tenure was a memorable one, with a great deal of heraldry , growing revenues , league expansion and the popularity of the NBA around the globe.

If there is said to be a major disappointment within the league this season , then it would have to be the continuing issues of both the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks. Their problems have been well-chronicled for much of the season and I doubt that there can be much more that can be said as to their ongoing problems. If these two franchises are unable to get their respective “houses in order” , then both are likely to miss the NBA postseason . Inwardly, I believe both organizations are in need of a major shakeup, from their front offices , on down to the coaching staff and the teams’ rosters ! Whether or not, that happens , will be greatly determined by the positions taken by Jim Buss of the Lakers and James Dolan of the Knicks.

As defending NBA champions, the Miami Heat are seeking to repeat as the three-time champions , if they are able to pull off that feat this season. Erik Spoelstra and this Heat team as of late, are proving that the makeup of this roster , is simply not as good as the one that won a second consecutive NBA title . Poor rebounding and a breakdown in defensive assignments have seen the Heat post some unexpected losses to teams that they would normally defeat. Dwyane Wade has become an injury riddled player, whose career now appears to be on its last legs, literally. As close as Wade’s friendship with LeBron James is said to be , I truly believe, that if the opportunity came, where team President Pat Riley could off-load Wade from the roster and seek to obtain something equitable in return , in order for the franchise to pursue its ambitions. Winning may well have come easily to Riley as a coach , but in recent years , he has shown himself to be an extremely good front office executive , yet, he is now becoming somewhat of a ruthless almost Machiavellian in character , with regard to his ambition and relentless lust and pursuit, in obtaining success for this Miami Heat franchise.

If to further emphasize my point concerning the Miami Heat’s inconsistency of late, in their most recent loss , on the road to the Utah Jazz, for a great deal of the contest , not only were they outplayed , but the team showed a great deal of complacency . Spoelstra, might well be willing to suggest that the players were simply fatigued by what has already been an exhaustive fifty-game schedule at this point of the NBA calendar . Yet I would suggest to the Miami Heat head coach , that his team is not the only franchise, that has hit a roadblock at this point of the season . If anything , it is at this time, with the regular season, that we tend to see the best of the teams, and the ones in particular, who can handle not only adversity and the competitive obstacles laid in front of them . We are also able to see, how the coaches themselves, are able to handle each major problem that seems to be impeding them .

For the Miami Heat their next game will be on Tuesday evening , when they are the guests of the Phoenix Suns , where they lead their season series 1-0 . It will be interesting to see how the Heat players acquit themselves in that particular contest and whether or not, the ongoing justification that they remain the favorites to be the repeat Eastern Conference champions .

Trouble in paradise or simply, the egos of two individuals playing off one against the other? Whatever, now seems to be happening, concerning the Cleveland Cavaliers, a great deal of what we are now seeing , leads me to believe that things could get a great deal nastier, before it gets considerably better within the organization. Dan Gilbert made the decision to fire general manager Chris Grant , thanking him for his service to the franchise , but sought not to be critical of his now deposed front office executive . Whether or not, this can be seen to appease the Cavaliers’ disgruntled star Kyrie Irving, remains to be seen. Irving, himself , was also critical of the team’s head coach , Mike Brown , who in his second stint , seems to be having a far more difficult time in guiding and handling a far less talented group of players , than when he was in leading this franchise to their lone appearance in the NBA Finals , with LeBron James as that team’s best player . With there said to be growing anticipation that James is likely to opt out of his existing contract with the Heat to “test” the free agency market . The thought of the Miami Heat forward and Kyrie Irving linking up, would prove to be a salivating prospect and make the Cavaliers a formidable opponent, as well as a prohibitive favorite within the Eastern Conference for the NBA title . Inasmuch, as I believe that to be a daunting prospect, there is no way in hell, that I believe LeBron James would consider returning to Cleveland under the present conditions , with their being so much turmoil within the organization, even with everyone seemingly denying any major drama within the franchise.

As of the 8th February the Cleveland Cavaliers had a record of 17-33 , good enough for fourth place within the Central Division of the Eastern Conference . While Irving has been far in a way the team’s most effective player , the issues that have been a continuous issue for Mike Brown , has been the lack of real ball movement when in transition and the complete lack of defensive tact from the vast majority of the players on the roster. Seated twelfth, within the conference, the Cavaliers are four games out of the eighth spot, currently held by the Charlotte Bobcats (22-29) . Any chance of Mike Brown’s team being able to erase that deficit and leapfrog the four teams ahead, is I believe, far too tough a task to ask of this team , no matter how deplorable the play has come within all three divisions of the Eastern Conference.

The Cavaliers will seek to make inroads into that conference lead on Sunday, when they play host to the Memphis Grizzlies at the Quicken Loans Arena , in Cleveland , Ohio,.

With pitchers, now reporting for Spring Training and their teammates likely to join them in the coming days . The start of the preseason to baseball’s season begins on the 13th February and then the one and hundred-sixty two game regular season schedule which officially begins with a two-game series (22nd March to 24th March) being staged in Sydney, Australia, between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks . The major Opening Day schedule however , will not take place until the 31st March , albeit, that on the 30th March there will be a single game being played between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres .

With the Boston Red Sox likely to be seen as the early season favorites to my mind to repeat as the AL East divisional champions . Simply, from the belief, that their opponents within the division enough have not done enough to become remotely close to being as competitive as the reigning World Series champions ! John Farrell showed his managerial ingenuity last season , and to my mind , he is now one of the top-five managers in all of baseball. Fans may well love the homely and at times micro-managerial style of Joe Maddon and what he has been able to achieve with the Tampa Bay Rays . Unfortunately, that remains a franchise who chooses to operate on a shoestring budget , rather than Stuart Sternberg seeking to show some of this alleged financial acumen that is said to have made him tens of millions of dollars as a Wall St investor and commodities’ trader. The continued whining by Rays’ fans, who themselves show very little acumen when it comes to the front office dealings within this organization , is why I will continue to question their intelligence on a wide variety of issues concerning the ball-club and that of the local personalities , who continue to come up with idiotic prognosis, as to needs of the franchise beyond the on-field issues . Tampa remains a second class city, with grandiose ideas, normally afforded to a major metropolitan city. Therein, lies its biggest issue , lack of intelligence amongst its political leaders and most definitely amongst the fan-base !

The Tampa Bay Rays may well prove to be worthy adversaries to the Boston Red Sox over the course of this season , and their season-long contests could prove to be a key indicator as to how the AL East could very well play out. The New York Yankees may well have been making a big splash, with the signings of Masahiro Tanaka , Jacoby Ellsbury and slew of other high-priced free agents . It has proven to be a success and boon for the franchise over the years, and the issues that still remain for the Yankees , will be the effectiveness of their projected starting pitching lineup and whether or not Derek Jeter after a prolonged injury can return to form , and the same can be said of Ellsbury , who was brought in to replace the productivity of Robinson Cano . The loss of Alex Rodriguez is not seen as a major blow ,given his lack productivity in 2013 , but questions will arise should the team start to buckle under the considerable weight of expectations .

The New York Yankees this season , will either sink or swim, by their deeds on the field of play as their season begins . GM Brian Cashman and senior managing partner Hal Steinbrenner will once again have to justify their actions , in once again having the team’s payroll close to or on the verge of exceeding $200 million , when the intent of the front office was to be avoid being subjected to the mandatory luxury tax, for which the Yankees had to pay the league $39.5 million in 2013 . By comparison the Los Angeles Dodgers who had a payroll , a mere $9 million less than the Yankees’ commitment to their players , paid only $9.3 million as part of their obligation to the league , by way of the MLB’s now imbalanced and totally inept scheme. . On Opening Day , I fully expect that the Yankees’ team payroll to exceed $200 million, as it has done for the past four consecutive years .

After an excellent season in 2013, the Atlanta Braves having been the runaway winners of the NL East , the team simply wilted in the postseason . Fredi Gonzalez and the managerial staff were simply too lax in their approach and did nothing to hold his players accountable as they were simply dispatched in divisional round of the MLB postseason . Suffice to say , if you blinked , you would not have missed a great deal as it related to the Braves’ postseason foray .

Fredi Gonzalez and the managerial staff were simply too lax in their approach and did nothing to hold his players accountable , as they were simply dispatched in divisional round of the MLB postseason . Suffice to say , if you blinked , you would not have missed a great deal as it related to the Braves’ postseason foray . A lopsided 3-1 series’ loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the divisional series (NLDS) curtailed the Braves quest for a second World Series title.

The off-season proved to be somewhat fortuitous for Braves’ GM Frank Wren and team President John Scheurholz , as the team benefited a great deal , by way of the players whom sought salary arbitration . Granted , the loss of catcher Brian McCann was to be expected , as there would be no way that the front office would have been willing to match or make the five-year $85 million offer made to the player, which was willingly accepted by McCann’s agent , BB Abbott. The catcher becomes the New York Yankees’ first option at the position as well as providing a much-needed boost in terms of McCann’s productivity .

. Retaining Jayson Heyward , Craig Kimbrell and Ramiro Pena adds to what is already a good lineup and with a bunch of very able prospects upon which Gonzalez and the staff can look over during the Spring Training foray will be of benefit to the team. As usual the Braves have also sought to bring in non-roster invitees , to work them out and that also bodes well for the staff.

The Braves will begin their regular season against the Milwaukee Brewers in what is likely to be a very interesting game , as the Brewers are likely to welcome back their 2011 NL MVP Award winner , Ryan Braun as he suits up for the team for the first time in 2014 in a regular season game , Humbled by his suspension and his act of contrition barely convincing , how Braun conducts himself as a player will go a long way in how and if he is forgiven by the fans, for his web of deceit and lies. Clearly something, the player failed to learn from the outset, as he tried to convince us all that he was innocent of the charges originally leveled against him for using a performance enhancing drug . While , Alex Rodriguez sits out the entire 2014 season , one can’t help but wonder if we will also see a repeat performance from the New York Yankees’ player , reminiscent of his then apology to the convened press in February of 2009 at the Yankees’ training facility in Tampa , Florida .

Last season, as befits the game, there were some very great highs and some exceedingly low, lows . It is hoped that in 2014, the game of baseball, can offer the fans a great deal more than the ongoing issue of steroids and ongoing deniable culpability , of whom I believe can no longer be trusted to tell the truth . They have simply outdone their goodwill , and with the union’s lack of action even with the lack action from Michael Weiner , whose loss to the game was tragic, but his own lack of candor on the issue of PED’s is simply another reason why neither the MLBPA or Bud Selig and league hierarchy can be taken at their word to tackle the issue seriously . Yet, the commissioner with his idiocy , believes the use of instant replay within the game , is a far more pressing issue than addressing steroids and the financial imbalances that affect the game . Common sense , and intelligence has never been prevalent within the game of baseball , amongst the players , owners , general managers , league hierarchy and the game officials .



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(1) EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – FEBRUARY 2: Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) walks on the field after the Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl 48 . The Denver Broncos vs the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey Sunday, February 2, 2014. Manning’s performance in the contest was amongst the worst of his heralded NFL career either in the regular or postseason . Photo by John Leyba/The Denver Post …

(2) Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M and seen in some circles as the consensus # 1 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. The Houston Texans have that first pick in the draft and it is unclear whether or not they will draft the talented quarterback or seek to bolster a secondary that was amongst the worst in the NFL during 2013 . AP Photo / Richard Engell ….

(3) Robert “Bob” McNair, left , owner of the Houston Texans is seen here with general manager Rick Smith at Reliant Stadium in Houston , Texas . It will he McNair’s final say , that may well be the indicator as to whether or not the franchise drafts Johnny Manziel of Texas A &M. Certainly, drafting the player would create a great deal of excitement within the greater Houston and across the state of Texas . Yet, it is felt that the team’s needs are just as pressing in other areas , without them having to risk that first pick on the mercurial college star, and then having to make a considerable financial outlay for the privilege of making him the number one pick overall. AP Photo/ Arturo Sanchez ….

(4) A bemused James Dolan , owner of the New York Knicks , brushes aside a question from a member of the convened press at the team’s headquarters at Madison Square Garden , New York City , New York . The Knicks are having an indifferent season , with Carmelo Anthony being the only player of note that is said to be productive on the team . Rick Moriarty /. Getty Images …

(5) Mike D’Antoni head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, a team who this season has struggled with injuries , indifferent play from a number of players on the roster. Currently lying in thirteenth place within the Western Conference’s fifteen teams residing there , Los Angeles now remains a long shot to make the postseason , having posted an 18-33 record . AP Photo/ Liam Walsh …..

(6) Kyrie Irving ,left , of the Cleveland Cavaliers is seen here with the team’s owner , Dan Gilbert. Irving of late , has been somewhat vocal , with his concerns and the direction that the franchise is said to be taking . The firing of GM Chris Grant may well have been done to appease and to soothe the ego of the disgruntled star, but unless the front office makes a number of major moves at the trade deadline , then the Cavaliers are likely to squander another season and completely miss the NBA Playoffs, Cleveland Plain Dealer / Getty Images North America / Chris Hansard ….

(7) Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell is seen here congratulating the team’s World Series’ MVP , David Ortiz after the Red Sox’s effortless series’ victory over the St Louis Cardinals in the 2013 World Series . Boston will be looking to make a successful defense of their AL East divisional title , AL pennant as well as the World Series . They will undoubtedly start the season as the prohibitive favorites within their division to repeat as champions . Ortiz for his part will be looking to cement his legacy as one of the franchise’s most popular players of the past twenty-five years . Getty Images / Rob Carr …..

(8) From left to right , New York Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi , the team’s record signing catching acquisition Brian McCann , senior managing partner and team owner , Hal Steinbrenner . Having made a big splash during the off-season to bolster the roster . New York will go into the season looking reintroduce themselves to their fans and baseball in general . The team will also enter the season with one of the highest payrolls in Major League Baseball at approximately $196.5 million , slightly less than last’s season’s record-breaking $228.5 million obligation , tops amongst all thirty teams , wherein, the Opening Day payroll for baseball’s franchises topped $3 billion for the first time in baseball history. This year should prove to be no different with a number of teams likely to add to their payroll commitments during Spring Training and in the lead-up to . Opening Day on the 31st March (officially). AP Photo / Steven Hines ……

(9) Atlanta Braves’ general manager Frank Wren is seen here congratulating Fredi Gonzalez , the baseball franchise’s newly installed manager , who succeeded the long tenured Bobby Cox , now an inductee in Baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown , New York. Gonzalez and his team will be looking to build upon the success of last season , although a lengthy postseason presence eluded the Braves , with them falling to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLDS . AP Photo / Chris Pendleton ……




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  1. The Denver Broncos have some major decisions to make concerning the team in terms of their free agents and whom to retain and who to jettison as superfluous to their needs . A disastrous and embarrassing display from a team that was overrated and showed absolutely nothing in their Superbowl contest against the Seahawks .

    Happy then , not so much , now .

    John Elway, Pat Bowlen and John Fox

    The Texans have needs all over their roster , but there seems to be this thought that they need to draft Johnny Manziel if they are to have any semblance of success within the AFC South and AFC this upcoming season . As good as we know Manziel to be , I am not so sure that he will be the answer they seek at the position , much less for the long-term success of the franchise for at least the next five to ten years !

    Got swagger but now , he’s looking to make money . Johnny Manziel

    The Senpai (Spoelstra) and his Sensei (Pat Riley)

    The Miami Heat have some problems that Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra will need to address during the All Star Break and in the lead-up to the trade deadline . They are such a poor rebounding team in spite of the size of several players listed at 6′ 5″ and above .

    ” That’s too personal a question but I can tell you this , I certainly like the fact that Mr Gilbert signs my paycheck ” !

    Kyrie Irving

    Dan Gilbert is proving to be the type of owner that the NBA can well do without ! Fires a general manager , in Chris Grant , because of the ego of Kyrie Irving when the real issue has been how the roster has been assembled over the past three years , with his having given the go ahead to Chris Grant to make some the deals and draft choices made . Never mind the fact, that he fired and then rehired Mike Brown .

    I certainly believe that the Boston Red Sox will be highly favored to repeat as the AL East divisional champions ! All of the moves made by the New York Yankees in December , January and this month , still cannot hide the fact that the pitching for the team remains suspect , and that even with the additions of Carlos Beltran , Brian McCann and Jacoby Ellsbury , by no means are they assured of being a serious enough challenge to either the Red Sox or Tampa Bay Rays .

    Both BJ and Justin Upton will have to perform at a high level for the Braves this season , because they are both being well compensated by the organization.

    Fredi Gonzalez and the Braves’ managerial staff were certainly lax in the 2013 MLB postseason and the divisional series’ loss to the Dodgers was an embarrassment not only for the team but the organization as a whole .

    This Braves’ team has to perform better throughout the entire season if they are to fare well during well during 2014 and off course the postseason .

    tophatal ……….


  2. Sunday’s NBA results

    NBA news

    NBA standings (division) and by conference .

    All of sudden the story encapsulating the sports’ world just . happens to be of Michael Sam of the Missouri Tigers declaring the fact that he is an openly gay homosexual . This was known to his teammates on the Tigers’ football team as well as the coaching staff . Now let us see how open and welcoming the NFL will happen to be on the social issue and whether or not the player is likely to be drafted in this upcoming NFL Draft .

    Michael Sam of the Mizzou Tigers

    Given the hypocrisy shown within the NBA after Jason Collins “came out ” and the very fact that he was being lauded by his peers and certain members within the NBA hierarchy . How ironic is it, that with the player hoping to catch on with a team prior to the start of this season , they were absolutely ” no takers” for his services ? Yet the likes of Kwame Brown , Andrew Bynum and players with lesser talent find themselves on rosters around the NBA .

    Jason Collins

    And so the hypocrisy will continue , while idiot writers in the print and television media simply “bilk the story “ rather than seeking address the homophobia that exists within the male dominated areas of team sports .

    tophatal …………….


  3. Blog Surface/CDR

    In other words Johnny Manziel doesn’t wish to be exposed as big a fraud as another Heisman Trophy winning quarterback by the name of Tim Tebow . If Manziel and his agent Maverick Carter haven’t learned anything by now , then they are going to at a later date when it comes to the negotiation of his contract . Carter also just happens to be LeBron James’ agent who is also the founder and President of LRMR of which James , himself is also a director .

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Johnny Manziel signs with LeBron James’ representatives

    COLLEGE STATION, Texas (AP) — Johnny Manziel confirmed Monday that he has signed with LRMR and Maverick Carter, the longtime friend and associate of LeBron James, to handle some of the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner’s off-field projects.

    Manziel also said Erik Burkhardt will be his agent and Bradley Beckworth and Jeffrey Angelovich are overseeing his business-related matters.

    The relationship with LRMR and Carter has been developing for some time. James said last week that he texted Manziel regularly throughout the quarterback’s final season at Texas A&M. And when Manziel was deciding who to align with, Beckworth said the model that James followed was one that was most appealing.

    Beckworth said after reviewing management models, the Manziel team was “most impressed by one uniquely established for the NBA’s LeBron James.”

    PHOTOS: Underclassmen heading to NFL draft


    It will be interesting to see if Manziel is the first quarterback taken in this year’s NFL Draft , or if it is someone else such as Teddy Bridgewater , Bryce Petty , Tajh Boyd , or even Zach Mettenberger .

    Quarterbacks taken season in the 2013 NFL Draft and throughout NFL history alongside their statistics

    tophatal …………..


  4. I didn’t think the Super Bowl was entirely unwatchable. If anything, it showed us how good a team can actually be. Hopefully Denver as paying attention.

    Speaking of messes, how many of the classic NBA franchises are an absolute mess? Detroit, Cleveland, Philly? What the hell is going on in those organizations?

    I’d include New York and Brooklyn in that conversation but at least there’s talent on those rosters. The Pistons, Cavs and Sixers have none of that.


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      The Superbowl wasn’t unwatchable ? Are you freaking kidding me ? What part of that contest was actually exhilarating and thrilling to watch ? The part where the Broncos had their asses kicked up down the field for the entire four quarters of play or was it the coin toss that was actually the most memorable aspect of that Sunday afternoon ? I continue to wonder about the lack of intelligence amongst sports’ fans in the US and specifically within the state of Florida !

      Like I have said , anyone who now has the temerity to suggest that soccer is boring is a #ucking a#shole and doesn’t know a goddamn thing about sports in general . There is no way in hell that the NFL can sell Superbowl 48 (SBXLVIII) as a resounding success from a competitive standpoint and even you know that to be true .

      The game got to the point, where I was thinking about watching some po#n !


      tophatal ……


    2. Chris Humpherys

      You recently tried to suggest to me that the NBA is far better now in terms of where it was say two decades ago . In reality the league and the standard of play has been slowly deteriorating and there are no team rivalries whatsoever . Even your nonsensical take that a Pacers vs Heat rivalry is something that the fans should revel in. Are you that crazy ? Only in the last two seasons, has that contest actually meant something by way of the regular and postseason . Damn ! It has to be something emanating out of the Hillsborough River that must be sending you over the edge with some of your observations , because they lack absolute credibility .

      The Eastern Conference has become an eyesore in terms of the lack of competitive play . Miami has become woefully inept as a rebounding team and they are now nowhere near as athletics as the Pacers .

      Are you really that surprised by the issues of the Cavaliers , 76ers and Pistons ?

      Dan Gilbert fired Chris Grant , merely to appease the ego of Kyrie Irving and that was it . The makeup of that roster is downright horrible , even though some are pointing the play of Dion Waters alongside that of Irving . The Cavaliers’ record simply reflects what and who they currently are .

      Look at the Sixers’ front office and tell me what you see by way of name recognition ? Head coach Brett Brown is a novice along with his coaching staff . Other than Michael Carter-Williams and Evan Turner , is there anyone on that team’s roster that you recognize ?

      The Pistons have not been relevant in the NBA since 2004 when they won the NBA Finals in that shocking defeat of the Los Angeles Lakers > . Owner Tom Gores has come in and still allowed GM Joe Dumars to ruin this once proud NBA franchise .



    3. Chris Humpherys

      Try to still sell me on the success and how great the NBA is now said to be after the two most recent performances of the Philadelphia 76ers and the fact that in those two successive games they have managed to lose by a combined eighty points plus ?

      The Sixers are the first team in NBA history to lose consecutive games by forty points apiece . On that present Sixers’ roster they do have talent , but what there seems to be an abundance of , is a great deal of inexperience amongst the playing and coaching staff led by head coach Brett Brown .

      tophatal …………….



      1. Al…

        I’m talking about the state of the league as it stands now as opposed to thirty years ago, not the state of a franchise or two that has been mismanaged by knuckleheads. David Stern’s job was not to manage the Sixers’ roster.


        1. Chris Humpherys

          David Stern has micromanaged just about every part of the NBA , including how he and the owners in conjunction with the NBPA (Players’ Union) came up with the the ” soft salary cap ” , size of rosters (twelve players) and many of the most recent rules changes now instigated within the game . So how the hell, can you suggest that he has had no part in the quality of the play we are now witnessing when his imprints are all over the place concerning the presence of the NBA and the on-court product ?


        2. You’ve seen my comments on your site concerning Stern . Take heed because, all you have ever simply looked at , are the teams and their play and not what has taken place off the court . Simply a sign of apathy and not much more beyond that , because the vast majority of fans choose to ignore and just seek instantaneous gratification .

          List of general managers and head coaches to have won an NBA title in current roles .

          General managers —— Head coaches

          Donnie Nelson —– Rick Carlisle … Dallas Mavercks (1)

          Pat Riley (won a title as a coach & GM) —- Erik Spoelstra … Miami Heat (3)

          Danny Ainge Doc Rivers …Boston Celtics (1) — currently with the Clippers

          Joe Dumars —– Larry Brown … Detroit Pistons (1) retired

          Mitch Kupchak —– Phil Jackson … Los Angeles Lakers (5) retired

          RC Buford —- Gregg Popovich … San Antonio Spurs (4)

          These combinations represent the titles won over the past fifteen seasons .

          tophatal ………….


  5. The game got to the point, where I was thinking about watching some po#n !

    I really enjoyed it Tophat considering I had Seattle on the moneyline and most prop bets anti-Denver. As an impartial viewer? that mighta been a different story.
    Speaking of stories, How ’bout A-Rod surrendering his battle versus Selig and MLB? Tacopina prolly ain’t to0 happy about his future net worth taking a hit.

    There’s nothing wrong with watching some porn especially with a willing chick that’s planning on honing her “game”.


    1. Ronbets

      Do you believe that the Houston Texans will draft Heisman winner , Johnny Manziel ? And do you believe the Aggies’ quarterback is the best player that can be taken to be of benefit to the Texans ?

      Which quarterback do you believe to be the best prospect overall amongst the top prospects ? Which player also do you believe will be taken as the number one pick in this upcoming NFL Draft (2014) ?

      Courtesy of Newsday

      Joseph Tacopina, one of Alex Rodriguez’s lawyers, sues Daily News, NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik for defamation

      One of Alex Rodriguez’s lawyers has sued the New York Daily News, two of its reporters and former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik for defamation.

      Joseph Tacopina said in a complaint filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan that reporters Nathaniel Vinton and Michael O’Keefe “engineered” the filing of a disciplinary complaint by Kerik “so that they could publish a negative article about Tacopina” in December.

      The complaint said the reporters hoped to discredit Tacopina after he was retained by Rodriguez and called it “a conspiracy between two unethical newspaper reporters … and a convicted felon and liar.”

      Tacopina once represented Kerik, who was released in 2012 after three years in federal prison stemming from his guilty pleas to eight felonies, including tax fraud and lying to the White House while being vetted for the position of Homeland Security Secretary.

      Daily News Assistant General Counsel Matthew Leish said in a statement sent to The Associated Press on Friday that “the claims are completely without merit and the allegation that the Daily News’ reporters were involved in some sort of conspiracy is simply absurd. We will file our response in due course.”

      It was not clear who was representing Kerik in this suit.


      Tacopina (left) and his client Alex Rodriguez . Tacopina looks a great deal like Steven Seagal

      The fact that a gutter slug such as Joe Tacopina is suing former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik and two journalists from the New York Daily News for slander and libel , indicates what a sore loser this a##hole just happens to be . What is it that both reporters have stated that isn’t categorically true ?

      Guiliani (left) and Kerik

      Kerik in his off the rack jump-suit , courtesy of the US Bureau of Prisons .

      Also consider the fact that , it was Tacopina who defended Kerik in his Federal trial when the ex police commissioner was sent to prison for accepting bribes , grand larceny and fraud . Bernard Kerik had been recommended for the position by ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani for the position as Head for the Dept of Homeland Security , when that agency was inaugurated by the Bush administration in the aftermath of the 2001 World Trade Center attack and downing of the planes at the Pentagon and in Shanksville , Pennsylvania .



  6. Tophat, let’s face it, Matt Schaub can’t handle pressure. Houston needs immediate help @QB. Manziel is too short @5foot whatever along with maturity issues. Houston’s best bet would be the taller Bortles outta UCF. Bridgewater a close second. So to answer your questions….Bortles and Bortles.

    Bernie Kerik is my definition of a bad cop in high places. Did he actually believe pre-vetting that he’d become Head of Homeland Security? WTF. However don’t consider his affiliation with Guiliani and indictment against Rudy. RG is clean except for his lure to loose women. Actually there’s nothing wrong with that.LOL


    1. Ronbets

      On his best day Schaub couldn’t pass urine, unless it were with the use of a catheter . So why would anyone believe that he’s a marquee quarterback simply because of three good seasons over the course of his career ?

      Schaub overrated and overpaid for a large part of his career .

      Manziel to my mind is a mercurial talent and not much else beyond that ! Stats for the college quarterbacks in FBS quarterbacks this past season .

      .Rudy Giuliani is far from clean . You obviously have overlooked the circumstances surrounding the death of Amadou Diallo , an unarmed Haitian American shot to death (47 times) by the NYPD. Guiliani at the time was the District Attorney for New York City .

      Amadou Diallo

      Diallo was killed, while his hands were aloft above his head , on his stoop ,, having just returned home from work (11:56 PM) . Guiliani sought to use the victim’s juvenile record in the aftermath , to suggest that he was a dangerous and violent criminal . Explain to me , how stealing candy from a bodega as a teenager makes (unarmed at the time) you a violent felon ?

      Giuliani channels his inner Marilyn (Monroe) while Donald Trump mistakenly thinks him to be an attractive East European model ., If given the chance, Trump would still have taken the trip along Giuliani’s “Hersey Highway ” (anally) .

      Giuliani is a politically naive @sshole, who when he sought the GOP Presidential nomination thought that he could enter the race by winning his home state and then Florida . The fact that he failed on both counts shows him to be a damn imbecile !

      tophatal ……………….


  7. Rudy Giuliani:
    Handled the 911 attack like a true leader. Reduced crime significantly as NYC mayor. Prosecuted organized crime to a fault as fed prosecutor in the SE district of NY. Trigger-happy cops kill innocent people daily throughout the US. No races are spared with these ‘shoot first ask questions later’ unskilled cops.
    It’s obvious that he’s not electable for a national office. Lacks the charisma and rhetoric that the sheep wanna see and hear. Just wait until 2016 when MR. Hillary Clinton takes over. We can hear her chant again “what difference does it make.”


    1. The shooting of Diallou was far from justified but for Giuliani to try and cite the victim’s juvenile record as a justifiable in this case was abhorrent and disdainful . Were that your child who was victim of such an act . I am sure that your recourse would have been to have sued the NYPD for your child’s wrongful death !

      Amadou Diallou’s family had their day in court and walked away with several million dollars , as justice was served .

      Giuiliani is unelectable for a number of reasons beyond his sordid personal background . He cozies up to lobbyists and lies about those associations . Rudy Giuliani very little credibility when it comes to diplomacy and foreign affairs and as far as the economy is concerned, his ideas rival the stupidity and ignorance shown shown jointly by Mitt Romney and ” alleged fiscal “ and budget hawk Paul Ryan . Were those two an even worse GOP Presidential electoral combination than John McCain and Sarah Palin ?


      This was the best that the Republicans could do in 2012 ? Clown school was most definitely in ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!


      McCain & Palin

      McCain and Palin . Duh ? Their combined IQ’s would not have gained them admittance into the US chapter of MENSA much less the international organization itself . .

      Obama & Biden

      “Joe , you know I can’t let you talk about the time you met Margaret Thatcher and asked her if she wore Iron panties ” . Barack Obama speaking to Joe Biden

      Hell , Joe Biden is nowhere near the smartest guy in the room and all that Barack Obama had , apart from being the incumbent President, was a little charm and charisma . And yet, neither Republican campaigns could come through with flying colors in either 2008 or 2012.

      Boy, am I glad that I have not chosen to become a US citizen ! No way in hell can I see in any area where this country is politically or economically sound ! China is still bailing out the US’ ass , even if those on right are too frigging dumb to admit it (Coulter , Beck , Armstrong Williams , Stoessel ,Limbaugh, and other morons of that ilk !) .

      tophatal …..


    2. Ronbets …..

      About the only time he actually showed leadership , other than as a prosecutor . He still remains a sack of sh$t , in how he informed his second wife he was leaving her and then asked her to remove her belongings from the official Mayoral residence , while being interviewed on camera by the local television media . Do you consider that to be the action of someone you can trust implicitly ?

      tophatal …………


    3. Ronbets

      If Hillary Rodham-Clinton does run in 2016 , which I believe she’s likely to and quite possibly win the Democratic Presidential nomination . Then , that to my mind , sets the party back no end ! It simply shows that the Democrats have has no real depth of those with the deemed qualities to lead . All , that this female has going for her, is the last name of her husband , former President in Bill Clinton . And as much some may well dislike him , he is the last incumbent who actually created the largest number of jobs in the economy in US history over a two term period , as well as balancing the budget , leaving a surplus , on top of positive growth in the economy, in all of the major sectors that matter the most . It was not something achieved under Ronald Reagan , Jimmy Carter , Richard Nixon , LB Johnson , George Bush, Gerald Ford or George W Bush.


      Rumor has it , that she is now learning how to chomp down on a cigar , with and without swallowing ? I guess she’s looking to hire a male intern ?

      The likelihood of Rodham-Clinton winning the nomination and Presidency with her capturing a large part of the female vote, is not something that I for one, even feel that the Republicans can either solve or successfully deal with . Who amongst the GOP candidates is there, that even has her ” name recognition” much less , shows the aptitude to succeed and lead the country in the direction that it needs to be going in ? Chris Christie , or the likes of oafs such as Rick Santorum , Marco Rubio , Ted Cruz , Paul (I'm a Dumb F#ck ) Ryan , Eric Cantor . or that incompetent lame and lard ass Mitt Romney ?

      Ted Cruz

      ” I may well have been born in Canada , but I know what I am capable of doing and I want to be seen as capable ” Ted Cruz

      Chris Christie

      Can I have that cheese sandwich as well ?

      Joey Chestnut

      Who would fare better in a thirty-second hot dog eating contest ? Joey Chestnut (above) or Chris Christie ?

      Both the Democrats and Republican Parties are not only devoid of leadership , but also , damn intelligence by way of any alleged individuals capable of leading .

      tophatal ………


    1. Ronbets

      There’s a reason that I have only been to Vegas twice and Arizona once . Trigger happy profiling cops . Speaking of which , another day, same old bullshit happening in Jasper ,. Texas . Suspicious death of a young African American male who just happened to be married to a Caucasian female . So James Byrd didn’t die in vain after-all , the bigots in the town were simply biding their time .

      Courtesy of The Daily Kos

      Black Man in Jasper, Texas Found With Cut Throat And Missing Ear – Ruled ‘Accidental Overdose`.

      This case involving Alfred Wright`s death is not only troubling and mysterious due to the manner in which his body was found, but troubling because I don`t think that there is any record of a person who suffered an overdose `freak-out`, if cocaine was the drug in question that led to this macabre of Wright`s brutal death. Even if there is a record, Alfred Wright`s death is not one of them – I firmly believe.

      Wright and his son. left and to the right his wife .

      What little has come out from the Jasper cops makes no sense. This article and the one in which his family wants answers coupled with Alfred Wright being married to a beautiful white woman makes this case a bonafide racist lynching — although he was not actually hung by the neck, instead it was slashed, and his ear taken — an old symbol practiced by clan racists. During America’s “Golden age of lynching” cutting off a Black victim’s ear and keeping it as a souvenir was quite normal.

      Alfred’s truck broke down in a package store parking while he was on his way to see a patient. He called his wife Lauren, who called her parents; by the time they got there, he was gone. Lauren attempted to call him back, but all she heard when he picked up the phone was heavy breathing. The store clerk, who remembers Wright because he was dressed in scrubs, said he saw him tuck his phone into his sock (where it was later found) and take off jogging “of his own free will.”

      Four days later, the Sherriff’s department called off the search for Alfred, saying they had “exhausted all of their resources.” His wife and family maintained that there was no way he’d just take off into the woods for no reason, especially in a town as racially tense as Jasper. Doubtless, they had in mind another incident that had taken place in 1998 about 45 minutes away, when a black man by the name of James Byrd was abducted, dragged behind a pickup, chopped to pieces and left in the Jasper cemetery — by three white men.

      The lack of any criminal record or arrests, it does not surprise me that Jasper police and specifically authorities who performed an autopsy, said that there were methamphetamines and cocaine in his system. He recorded the cause of death as a drug overdose, and chalked up the injuries to animals scavenging on his corpse. The case was closed as far as the Jasper police were concerned.

      This brutal loss of life in the Alfred Wright family is tragic for sure, and it has always been this way in the small hick towns in Texas where the White residents live in separate worlds — across the railroad tracks, so to speak. Nor even law abiding Black citizens like Alfred Wright a physical therapist, a “man of great faith” can ever feel safe in Texas. The ease with which Jasper police put a lid on this case and called it closed speaks volumes. Once drugs is allegedly involved in overdose death of Blacks and Hispanics, the news around the white communities die a quicker death.

      But Wright’s family wasn’t buying it. For several reasons.

      Even at the time, it was noted that Wright’s state of decomposition was nowhere near what it should have been for someone left in the woods for 18 days and exposed to the weather. This indicated that he had died much more recently, long after he’d disappeared.

      Animals don’t just break front teeth and cleanly slit throats. the missing ear might have been the result of an animal, but Wright’s body was, if anything, notable for its LACK of obvious animal scavenging in this coyote-infested area.

      The family reported that Wright was a sober and religious man who had no history of drug use, never showed the slightest interest in drugs and displayed no signs of drug addiction or use.

      The family paid to have its own autopsy performed. Full results have yet to be released insofar as Wright’s blood tests, but the private examiner did say this:

      Wright’s cause of death was severe neck trauma and a slit throat. The kind of severe neck trauma you get from getting hit in the face with a blunt object, and the kind of slit throat you don’t get from a cocaine overdose.

      Those who know cocaine high, know that “freak-out” is the way some react to the drug. But again I say, Alfred Wright`s death was not the result of a cocaine freak-out,
      trust me on this one.

      In 1998 James Byrd was abducted, dragged behind a pickup, chopped to pieces and left in the Jasper cemetery — by three white men.

      If this story isn’t deeply troubling then what is ?

      Chris , once suggested to me that this country has made great strides in race relations . He’s been drinking way too much of the Gatorade and Kool-Aid . Not a great deal of intelligence statewide in the state Florida . And the lowering educational standards at all levels , is simply proof of that fact. Far too many people in this country remain clueless and damn well apathetic as to their surrounding , and overall environment , then claim they didn’t know .

      tophatal ………………….


    2. Ronbets

      You should check out one of the best movies of last year based on a factual account concerning the death of twenty-two year old Oscar Grant who shot to death by Bay Area Transit cop. The police office says he mistakenly thought he had his Taser in his hand at the time he discharged the weapon firing two bullets in the prostrate Gant who was lying on the ground face down when he saw shot. Name of the movie in question is “Fruitvale Station “ , starring Michael Jordan , Octavia Spencer and Melonie Diaz . . It was produced by Oscar winning actor Forrest Whittaker who also stars in the hit movie ” The Butler ” .

      Official trailer from the movie ” Fruitvale Station “


      Factual account of Grant’s slaying

      White America could not give a flying ##ck if a young black male or female is gunned down in the streets . God forbid however , a young white child or female goes missing for more than forty-eight hours , as the print and television media are covering that story and extrapolating every angst ridden moment that they can get out of it .

      How many young African American lives have been lost to violence on the streets of Chicago over the past thirty two months ? No signs of outrage from Obama , Jesse Jackson or even Al Sharpton for that matter ! Alleged leaders such as Jackson and Sharpton are opportunists , who simply seek to curry favor , by seeking out issues , then wrapping themselves around it , as to seek out greater visibility in the public eye.

      “Did you know that some girls I’ve dated when I was younger didn’t like the fact I was circumcised , they didn’t want ‘ give me head’ because of it ? Emanuel speaking to Obama

      Rahm Emanuel the current Mayor of Chicago has bitched and whined since he entered office . Yet in the time here he has cut almost 25% of the law enforcement budget leading to layoffs within the Chicago PD . Then questions, why the streets of his city are lawless ? This being the same a-hole who was Obama’s Chief-of-Staff , during the President’s first term in office .

      tophatal ………………


  8. There is now more sh#t coming out of Jasper Texas than a herd of elephants defecating in the midst the African bush . Yet idiots are trying to suggest race relations in this country have made great inroads and advances . If so , explain this latest incident in that Texas town and the claims by the police force there concerning , the circumstances behind Alfred Wright’s death ? He cut his own throat and also dismembered his ear ? Only a fu#king racial bigot , within the force could come up with a summation like that that !

    tophatal …….


  9. Tophat,
    I see your point and agree. My issues are with the unskilled cops that recklessly kill and are completely exonerated by their own IA people and biased hearings. I’m afraid harmonious race relations are thousands of years away. I think the policy of forced busing in the sixties was the proper way to go. Led to much resistance. Fact, people are afraid of others that don’t look similar to themselves. Let’s not forget this country is filled will mostly generations of immigrants. No roots here except Native Americans. We all now what happened to them. If drastic measures aren’t taken to solve our racial divide problems, evolution will eventually take over. Black and White will be replaced by Brown. This will transform into new problems. A caste system? Here we go again.


    1. The country (US) always had a caste system .. It has simply travailed back and forth between racial and economic lines over the course of its history . Now in this millennium you will get to witness both , terms of the haves and have not’s from an economic standpoint and no matter how much social experimenting that takes place there will still be that class and racial divide . Something that can only dealt with in terms of an education and there being common respect and decency between the races .

      Fear in and with America , an educated member of the minorities and their voting along racial lines rather than ideology in terms of the alleged differences between ” Conservatives” and ” Liberals ” . In reality , the divide between the two , is simply the level of greed or corruption , as the case maybe .

      tophatal ………….


    1. Ronbets

      SWAT ? Special Weapons Armed Tactics ? No , the intent there , was to kill ! Plain and simple as that . If you can’t handle a weapon as a skilled law enforcement officer , then you should not even be trusted with a pea shooter .

      tophatal ………………


  10. Ronbets

    Unskilled cops who went through an academy training and yet somehow they failed follow proper protocol ? This is simple idiocy and the victim’s family should proceed with a criminal and civil suit against the Las Vegas PD .

    Look at the case of Oscar Grant and his death at Fruitvale Station , part of the Bay Area Transit Authority in San Francisco ? Grant laying prostrate on the ground having been searched was still shot to death in the back , by a Bay Area Transit cop who says he mistakenly thought he had drawn his Taser and not his firearm . How the hell can you not know the difference between a Taser and a semi-automatic handgun ?

    Is it me , but is it the intent to hire within the police force , a bunch of dumb , itinerant and unintelligent @ssholes ? Or are these morons failed subjects who flunked basic training in the military ?

    Your thoughts on the link I provided concerning the death of twenty-eight year old . Alfred Wright in Jasper , Texas ? That being the same town where James Byrd met his untimely demise , having been dragged behind the wheels of a pickup and then lynched by a group racist Klan members . A trial, in which the defense attorneys refute was a “hate crime” .

    The police dept in Jasper have come up with a ridiculous premise in the case of Wright , that he left his unattended vehicle , and then died from self-inflicted wounds . Somehow he cut his own throat and then severed his own ear . WTF !

    This country remains in the dark ages , when it comes to race relations and a bunch apathetic morons are trying to suggest otherwise , because , they would rather not face the truth on the issue . Voting rights and Brown vs The Board of Education created more animus than an environment of conciliation .

    White America simply cannot handle the truth because it would rather deal in and with a bunch of deceit and lies . I mean isn’t that what the country’s history was based upon ? Never mind this bull#hit of being a Christian nation .

    tophatal …,.


  11. Tophat, what happened in Tx is a travesty. Why aren’t the feds intervening? Hopefully enough pressure exerted will bring them in. Why are police forces filled will incompetent gunslingers? NEPOTISM runs rampant in the field.


    1. Ronbets

      The Feds , specifically the US Justice Dept haven’t even got the balls to even seek to get their Hate Crimes Division involved much less seek the intervention of the FBI in this instance . To be expected when you have an idiot such as Eric Holder as the US Attorney General for the country and the land’s highest ranking law enforcement officer !

      Like I said James Byrd Jr did not die in vain , as it remains ” open season” on ni##ers within the state but specifically within the town of Jasper, Texas . Unfortunately, in such an instance Alfred Wright was just another victim of a meaningless ” hate crime” .

      I’d now like see to the tones of sadness and the ridiculousness of Caucasians will now seek to excuse this all, by trying to allude this being a random and isolated incident , when it has been a a systematic pattern that has been ongoing within the state where racism is still prevalent .

      Rick Perry as the state’s governor , has never addressed the issue at all , seeking to leave it in the hands of the state Attorney General’s Office , with their continued incompetency.

      Gregg Abbott , the Texas State Attorney General could not find his own sphincter with the aid of flashlight , were he left in a dark room on his own .

      tophatal ………………


    1. Ronbets

      Oh , not the same Ben Carson who equated the Obama Healthcare Initiative , was a worse degradation for African Americans than being an indentured slave ? World renowned neurosurgeon he may well , but he should shut the fu#ck up and stop making asinine statements such as that and then suggesting that his words were misconstrued and taken out of context .

      How many Africans died on the slave ships as part of the Dark Passage ? Never mind the women who were subjected almost ritualistic sexual assaults not only by their slave masters /plantation owners but also by the overseers and any guest of the plantation as deemed necessary by the host . The US no longer has any meaningful African American leaders with any damn intelligence without an @sshole such as Ben Carson creating and stepping into his own pot of fecal matter . Carson for President ? Hell no ! As Pryor said in the movie ” Brewster’s Millions” ……. ” vote for none of the above ” !

      Carson & Dubya

      One hundred and fifty years ago, what do you think would be hanging around Ben Carson’s neck ?

      The Jews state that 6 million died in the Holocaust but there have been no official records to suggest how many slaves have died during the period of slavery within the US , much less the victims on those slave ships . Care to estimate a figure by way of your own estimation ?

      tophatal ….


  12. Adding…………..to become Presidential material, Governor Christie has opted for gastro-bypass surgery and attempt to look slim like Al Roker, who underwent the same procedure.


  13. Ronbets

    Christie at one time , allegedly, the “darling” of the GOP , as he was seen having a good shot being the party’s nominee for the Presidency . In light of the latest allegations within his administration and the ongoing mess within the state in terms their budget issues . I would say his chances are middling to none to even be considered .

    The Republican Party at present, has a great deal of bickering going on inside . At the same time, with the growing influence of the Tea Party within the GOP , t , I would say the elder members of the party’s upper hierarchy will be in for a tough time between now and the Presidential election cycle begins ! I’ve no love for either political party ( Democrats or Republicans) in this country, with both lacking in credible leaders , intelligence , but even more so , they’re all so damn clueless on a wide variety of issues on domestic , economic and even international foreign policy . Explain to me how without any recourse, this country still aids Israel to the tune of over $5 billion annually in discretionary and other forms of aid , without getting anything tangible in return from that country (unless you can count Israel buying US armaments as a plus, with taxpayers’ monies) ? Pose that question to any conservative or liberal and they cannot give a succinct answer . Yet, here you have over 1 million homeless vets (conservative estimates) and a slew of these young men and women, having returned from Afghanistan and Iraq, and many of them are being denied rightful benefits or having to wait for month on end to be dealt with the bureaucratic Veterans’ Administration (VA).

    From a personal standpoint , I find that to be an affront to these men and women , who have served their country proudly , and I do not say that merely as an ex military member, having seen military action , but the indignity to my mind, is simply disgusting for a country said to be the wealthiest in the world when it shows this type dispassion towards its own military members !

    Twice a year , work colleagues and I do a great deal of voluntary , with members of the military , in seeking to get them benefits being denied by state and federal means . Though I am not a lawyer , my back ground within corporate law and international finance , they (colleagues) say it makes me a great assist and asset to them . I work within the same firm but in the area of risk management , international corporate governance and economic analysis , covering Europe , the Far East and the Middle East.

    tophatal ………….


  14. Ronbets

    Perhaps Carson can give free of his time ,when there are said to be hundreds if not thousands of poverty stricken minorities laying helpless on the streets of Washington DC , Los Angeles , San Francisco , Miami , Seattle , and New York ? Oh shit , I don’t believe he’s actually doing that , with regard to the military veterans facing the same plight !

    Anything else you’d like to discuss concerning a dumb-@ss such as Ben Carson ?

    tophatal ……………….


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