We love our records ! Not vinyl, but sports’ records

We love our records ! Not vinyl, but sports’ records

In light of Peyton Manning’s demise alongside his teammates of the Denver Broncos in their now historic loss , in which they suffered defeat at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks . It is now my belief, that was the last appearance that we will see of Manning in a Superbowl contest! One victory in three Superbowl appearances and one could surmise that the window of opportunity for the quarterback to join a select few of his peers with at least two Superbowl victories and rings to their name, has now actually closed . This kind of makes me wonder if there is a sibling rivalry between Peyton and his younger brother Eli Manning , who has captured two victories in the NFL’s postseason finale, along with an Superbowl MVP award to adorn his trophy cabinet .


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As the quarterback of the Denver Broncos , Peyton Manning had an extraordinary year, having smashed the single season passing yards’ record, as well as the single season passing touchdowns’ mark. As spectacular as those feats were , the disappointment of that Superbowl loss , has left a bitter taste in the mouths of the Broncos’ players and leaving the front office of the organization completely bewildered as to the magnitude of the defeat. Let’s just say, that team owner, Pat Bowlen and John Elway , President of Football Operations, himself being no stranger to the postseason disappointment of a Superbowl appearance. Elway, as a member of the Denver Broncos , made five appearances in the Superbowl, but rode out on a career-high, having won the last two , on his way to a Hall of Fame induction in Canton, Ohio, at the culmination of his career.

Now we could start to prognosticate as to where Peyton Manning ranks amongst the best quarterbacks to have ever played the game, but with his career, yet to come to an end . Would it be remiss to suggest, that he no longer has what it takes to win at the highest level? With the right weapons around him, Manning was able to achieve success this past season , in the regular and postseason , but we all saw , that the Superbowl contest , clearly showed that the Denver Broncos were not ready to play and they were simply overwhelmed by the Seattle Seahawks . This off-season could prove to be an eventful one for the Broncos’ front office with John Elway , Matt Russell , Tom Heckert in conjunction with John Fox assessing the player personnel needs, with the likelihood of several players on the roster not likely to return for next season .

Peyton Manning within the next two years , should he make the decision to return for the 2014 season , is likely to make a full assault on the career touchdowns’ passing mark of 508 held by Brett Favre as well as the career yards’ passing record also held by the former .. Green Bay Packers’ quarterback. At present the Broncos’ quarterback leads all active players in terms of passing yards, passing touchdowns , pass attempts , completions , career comeback wins , and interceptions , Manning I believe having been on the wrong end of two defeats in the Superbowl, would like nothing better than to redeem himself and that of Broncos’ teammates in making one last attempt to win a second title . As I alluded to earlier, I do believe that Superbowl 48 was indeed the last time we will have seen the five-time league MVP having appeared in the NFL’s postseason finale.

Elway and John Fox will likely spend part of this off-season with behind the scenes closed-door discussions with their heralded quarterback, seeking his input on the weapons he feels best needed, in order for the Broncos to take that next step to a Superbowl victory . Contemplating the future of free agents, such as Knowshon Moreno, Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie, Eric Decker, Dan Koppen, Zane Beadles, Trindon Holliday , Michael Huff and others may well prove to be difficult . Yet the likelihood will be , the team will have to forsake a number of these free agents in order again to their advantage , while also preparing for the NFL Draft and the prospective litany of free agents that will hit the market during this off-season . The Broncos will be in a significantly advantageous position, as their cap figure will not be to their detriment , where they will have in excess of $11 million of cap room available the front office make deals as they see fit.

As talented as Dez Bryant is said to be, his career is still in its infancy , and with his off-the field behavioral issues beyond team owner , Jerry Jones coddling him like a child . I find the player to be an ingrate and someone with a lack of respect of others as well as for the game ! Bryant, a wide receiver with continually overrated Dallas Cowboys , during this past season, made the claim that he was good enough to be placed alongside both Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald , two of the best wide receivers to have entered the NFL over the past eight years. . Johnson has already cemented his legacy in NFL history having surpassed the single season receiving yards’ mark of Hall of Fame legend Jerry Rice , the greatest wide receiver in NFL history and perhaps one of the top-five players to have played the game at any position within the NFL . Fitzgerald has consistently proven to be a top-ten at the wide receiver, since his entrance into the league , having played his entire career with the Arizona Cardinals , a team who this past season proved to be possible future threat to the f supremacy within the now all so competitive NFC West , which over the past seasons seems to have been a two-horse race between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco Giants.

The Cardinals’ wide receiver now ranks fifth amongst active players in terms of receiving yards, with 11,367 yards on his career resumes’. In terms of career yardage , he has a considerable way to go before surpassing Jerry Rice’s mark of mark of 22,985 yards. The one NFL record , which I believe is unlikely to be surpassed , because of the consistency and longevity needed ! If both Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald continue at their present pace , both are likely to be a “lock “ for induction into the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio , upon the end of their respective NFL careers. If Dez Bryant truly wants to be seen as one of the elite wide receivers in the NFL , then beyond the ongoing woeful ineptitude that exists with the Dallas Cowboys , he will have to prove also that he can be a game changer and lead by example , not just from a playing standing point, but also as a vocal leader on the team. Because in reality , the presumed leadership skills or qualities, have never been shown by Tony Romo or perhaps the best player on the roster , tight end Jason Witten , who has carved out an exceptional career playing career for the franchise, without having a Superbowl ring to show for his stellar efforts.

I have written with depth and at great length, concerning the woes of the Dallas Cowboys and do not wish to add much more to that content within this site ! Except that, if you so wish , you are welcomed to peruse the articles in question and add your input on the points raised.

Say what you will for this past NFL season, in terms of the season highlights , the game reigns supreme, as it still resonates with the masses . The events of the Superbowl notwithstanding, the fans will now await to see further stories are likely come to the fore , with the upcoming NFL Draft .

Another supreme career within baseball is about to come to an end , once the regular season reaches its finality . With Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees, making it known that this season will be his last in Yankees’ Pinstripes. One can perhaps now begin to ask where the player ranks amongst the all-time greats to have adorned the team’s uniform as well as gauging his contributions to the franchise . A five-time World Series’ champion , Series’ MVP , AL Rookie of the Year but having never won the AL MVP , as well as a multiple time All Star , the player’s resume` is littered accolades and accomplishments , that his departure from the ball-club , will be the last vestiges of the corps of players who alongside then manager Joe Torre , won four World Series , having made six appearances in baseball’s postseason finale between 1996 through to 2005. The short-stop’s last championship game in 2009 , with Joe Girardi helming the team as the manager , with the Yankees’ win over the hapless Philadelphia Phillies in a 4-2 series’ win.

With noted Hall of Famers from the New York Yankees’ rich baseball history , such as Lou Gehrig , Babe Ruth , Reggie Jackson , Micky Mantle , Wade Boggs , Dave Winfield, Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter , Joe DiMaggio and Phil Rizzuto. In trying to assess where Derek Jeter would rank amongst those players would take a great deal of deliberation . The game has undoubted changed over the course of the last eight decades plus. Yet, the statistics cannot lie when trying make a case for the soon to be retired Yankees shortstop. If there is one thing that truly stands out concerning Jeter’s stature in terms of personal statistics , it may well be his on-base and slugging percentage (OPS) .

With all of the acquisitions made by the New York Yankees during the off-season , which is likely to push the team’s payroll slightly northwards of $200 million . I cannot now help but wonder, how the organization will seek to market the farewell of one the franchise’s and baseball’s most beloved figures over the past two decades. Former teammates, Andy Pettite and Mariano Rivera bowed out last season , in what was jointly their last years with the franchise. Rivera, the all-time career saves’ leader, for the New York Yankees, as well as in Major League Baseball, that may well stand the test of time given the present environment within the game. Pettite’s career can simply summed with the words, most postseason wins in baseball history as a starting pitcher, and five World Series’ titles tend to bolster a career resumes’ as well. A great deal will now be expected of this New York Yankees’ lineup , given the fact that Derek Jeter will start his farewell tour in 2014 and no doubt the team’s season series against the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays , the franchise’s most celebrated rivalries in recent years, will likely take on a whole new meaning. As visitors to the venues of the Red Sox and Rays, Fenway Park and Tropicana Field are likely to be sold out for each of those series’ games.

Issues asides , brought on by the Alex Rodriguez saga , with the player now having to sit out the entire 2014 schedule. How the Yankees now acquit themselves under the guidance of Joe Girardi and his staff will tell us a great deal about the mindset of this team and also whether or not Derek Jeter will be back to his very best after a season, in which, 2013 saw him sidelined and limited a handful of games as the team missed the postseason foray . As I alluded to earlier , with this announcement of the player’s departure the expectations are likely to be high , with the view that the Yankees are to be viewed as a favorite for the World Series. What better way, for the heralded shortstop to bow out, than his winning a sixth World Series’ title. Fourteen other teams, within the AL, are likely to have a different perspective on the issue , no doubt.

With the NBA season having reached its halfway point and about to have their annual All Star Game break . It will be interesting to see what behind the scenes moves are made as teams seek to make use of the break to engineer trades that will likely make or break their seasons , when the regular season calendar schedule resumes. From my own perspective , the first half of the NBA schedule was something of a blur , with the Eastern Conference in particular, offering the fans , the usual incompetent displays , with the actual play, now beyond mediocre . The top two teams within the conference , the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat , seem bound for another conference finals’ series match-up. One that could clearly go in favor of the Pacers , if Frank Vogel’s players continue at the present pace in terms their play and perform as a cohesive unit.

It may not feel like a lifetime ago, since Carmelo Anthony almost single-handed, exploited a bad Charlotte Bobcats team on his way to a career-high sixty-two points in the New York Knicks’ win over their conference rivals within the East. Subsequently , the Knicks have continued to throw in some rather tawdry performances , and yet their fans continue to make all types of excuses for the team’s mundane play . If at this juncture , Carmelo Anthony , still remains unconvinced that his best options lay elsewhere , concerning his ambitions to win an NBA title , then to my mind he is not deserving of the opportunity to move on elsewhere ! He is being asked to carry way too much a burden, night in and night out , while his teammates simply look on , without rarely coming to his aid and contributing positively . Head coach, Mike Woodson for his part, now seems completely out of his depth , along with an unimaginative coaching staff .

Coming off two consecutive losses to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Sacramento Kings , respectively , it is becoming increasingly easy to understand why the Knicks remain a moribund franchise , ran by an unimaginative front office and owned by James Dolan , who remains simply clueless, as to what it takes, to run a successful sports’ franchise. Madison Square Garden , one of the NBA’s most venerable venues , might as well be an elephants’ graveyard , because in terms of competitive and entertaining basketball , it is definitely not on view there by , way of the performances of the New York Knicks . The press within that New York media market, may well try to spin the idiocy of what takes place with the franchise , but in reality , mediocrity cannot be disguised for anything else , than for what it really just happens to be. Steve Mills , general manager of the Knicks , may well be have to consult with James Dolan and Mike Woodson concerning Carmelo Anthony’s immediate future, because should he make the decision to opt out of his contract and seek to test the free agency market , the Knicks could up with nothing in return . They can either, seek to trade the player or gamble, that he might seek to return and re-sign with the team.

Through the first half of this season, the two most dominant players in the NBA , have been , Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and LeBron James of the Miami Heat , currently the reigning NBA champions. One might seek to add, the Indiana Pacers’ swing-man, Paul George , as stock has risen , along with that of the Pacers and their conference leading mark within the East. In terms of the NBA Most Valuable Player race, James with his four titles , joins a select group of players to have won the award more than twice . Durant, seeks to add that piece of silverware to his trophy cabinet, having already won multiple NBA scoring titles . Yet this season, Durant , is driven , I believe, by the fact that last season , but even more so, the team’s efforts of the 2012-13 season , were to end so disappointingly, with a series’ loss in the NBA Finals to the Miami Heat. That I believe, has been the driving force behind Kevin Durant’s year and that of his teammates , as led by head coach Scott Brooks and his coaching staff .

If Durant and the supporting cast of the Thunder, are to prevail this season, which I believe that they are quite capable of doing! Then a possible match-up in this season’s NBA Finals, against either the Indiana Pacers or Miami Heat could very well a postseason finale well worth watching. What better way for incoming Commissioner Adam Silver to celebrate his elevation to the league’s highest ranking executive position !



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Do you believe that records long revered within professional sports , still mean something to this day , even with the growing trend within some areas , for athletes to circumvent the rules and cheat ? Chime in, with your thoughts on this and anything else you believe to be pertinent to the subject matter.


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(1) Five-time NFL League MVP , Peyton Manning leaves the field after the Denver Broncos’ humiliating loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the Superbowl . The defeat was one of the largest margins of victory (48-3) in a the NFL’s postseason finale. For Manning , it was his third appearance the even and his second loss in an NFL title game. AP Photo / Reed Martin ….

(2) Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway and Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen , left, gather for a photo during an NFL football news conference at the team’s headquarters Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011, in Englewood, Colo., where Elway was named the team’s executive vice president of football operations. The former Broncos’ quarterback made five appearances in the Superbowl all with the franchise , having won two titles in his five visits to postseason event. AP Photo/ Ed Andrieski ….

(3) Brett Favre , now retired is the NFL all-time leader in career passing touchdowns as well as career passing yards . Should Peyton Manning return for the 2014-15 NFL season, then the career passing touchdowns’ mark is likely to be broken at some point during the regular season . Favre’s career passing yards’ mark of 71,838 yards ranks first all-time , leading the second placed Manning by over 6,874 yards . Peyton Manning’s career yardage total of 64,964 ranks first amongst all active quarterbacks now playing in the NFL . Getty Images North America / Richard Hart …..

(4) Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) is seen here with teammate Tony Romo (9) prior to the start of an NFL game. Bryant, believes himself to be the equal of experienced receivers Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions and the St Louis Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald . A first round draft pick by the Cowboys in the 2010 NFL Draft , the player has proven to be talented , but also something of a malcontent when things do no got go his way . AP Photo / Marc Carson …

(5) Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald (11) right , are seen here meeting on-field at the end of NFL game between the Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals . The two players represent a new breed of athletic and speedy wide receivers to have entered the NFL over the past eight seasons . Matt Farmer / Engle Inc archives ….

(6) Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees is seen here addressing the convened press . The player has made it known that this will be his final season in baseball , after a two-decade career which has seen him win just about every individual honor that the game has to offer with the exception of the AL MVP award. Jeter will leave the game ranked in the upper echelons in a number of offensive and defensive categories with the baseball franchise.

(7) LeBron James of the Miami Heat is seen here alongside Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Both players are currently seen as the frontrunners for this season’s NBA MVP Award with their being no other serious contenders for the game’s highest individual regular season award. Durant and James are respectively the leading scorers for the Heat and Thunder as well as being amongst the leading scorers within the NBA this season . Both players also , have each won an NBA scoring title . A Finals’ title and Finals Series’ MVP award are the only things currently missing from Durant’s already extraordinary NBA career . AP Photo / Matthew Clarke ….



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  1. Would it be fair to suggest that with Peyton Manning having won only one Superbowl title he cannot be considered the greatest quarterback to have played the game in spite of his career achievements ?

    Omaha &  Peyton/

    Ouch !

    Cowboys’ wide receiver , Dez Bryant needs to put together a body of work that is consistent , before he can even be considered an elite receiver in the NFL .

    Dez Bryant & mother/

    “This here my momma and I’s slap the b#tch when she don’t cook my food right ! Feelin’ me “? Dez Bryant

    If Carmelo Anthony is letting his wife (La-la Velazuqez) do all the talking , concerning his future with the Knicks , then it says something about the player and the fact , he has no balls !

    melo &La la/

    La-la wears the pants in this family while ‘melo inserts a tampon in his man-gina

    It remains a two-horse race in terms of the NBA MVP for this season between Kevin Durant and LeBron James . There are no other serious contenders by far and that is a conclusive fact .

    Which stat is said to be the more impressive Jeter’s career statistics or the women he’s likely to have bedded over the course of his MLB career ? Answers please ! I have provided a montage (below) of some of the females in question , many of them might be known to you .

    Jeter’s wall of “hotties ” .

    Notable addition/Gabrielle Union/

    Derek Jeter deserves and gets an A for effort , for layin’ the wood to all this talent, , I believe !

    LBJ &  KD/

    Only one is likely to be crowned a King, at the end of this season . Any clues as to who ? Durant and LBJ .

    tophatal ……..


  2. I believe we should be thankful that Brett Favre has not considered mounting another NFL comeback as the league has not missed him half as much as his legions of apologists might believe .


    “Jenn Sterger owes me an apology as I’m packing more than six inches in my pants .” Brett Favre


    Jenn Sterger/

    “Brett does have a small package and I know it wasn’t photo-shopped ” .

    Jenn Sterger

    tophatal ………..


  3. Tophat,
    Please, enough politics. Let’s discuss onea the greatest shortstops of all time. Ah, I said “onea”. Derek Jeter the classiest NY ballplayer ever…all sports. Aside from the fact that his portfolio must be heavily invested in Church and Dwight(Trojans products), he’s rarely seen with anything less than a “10” chick. Thusly, there have been no valid paternity suits. When his trysts are over, he sends them home in a limo along with a gift package. I presume signed memorabilia. Darren Sharper can mull over the art of consentual sexually activity while he does eons in the joint.


    1. Ronbets

      Of the females pictured or known to have been an acquaintance of Derek Jeter . Name the top three amongst them and are they likely to be the ones you would ” nail” , if given the chance to do “the deed” ?

      tophatal ………


    2. Ronbets

      Which of these records do you believe to be the most important in all of North American sports ? The all time home runs’ record , pitching wins , the all time receiving yards(NFL) , rushing yds , passing yards , passing touchdowns , career goals (hockey) , career points (hockey) , career points (basketball) ?

      Of those records which do you believe has been the most devalued either in terms of controversy or possible declining standards of play ?

      tophatal ……………


  4. Ronbets

    Derek Jeter is one . of the great short-stops that the game of baseball has seen . but as a defensive short-stop , I do not believe he is or was the equal of Ozzie Smith ., a player who was so gifted that he made and played the position with so much ease !

    Ozzie  Smith/

    The great Ozzie Smith



    Omar Vizquel

    I also loved to watch Omar Vizquel work miracles as a shortstop in his prime !

    MLB short-stop stats (batting) and fielding stats (2013)

    You’re right , Jeter made those women feel special , as they got the chance to play with his ” maple bat ” in more ways than one .

    Darren Sharper will soon find out what it’s like to get his “salad tossed and shredded ” .

    Your thoughts on Ted Wells’ conclusive findings concerning the Incognito ‘ affair’ . in Miami ? It’s utter stupidity to think that the players in question, accused Maurice Pouncey and Richie Incognito are said to have directed some of their animus towards an assistant coach (Dolpins’) spewing racial epithets and overtly sexual barbs at the individual , apart from what was said to have been directed at Jonathan Martin and the sexual musings also aimed at his mother and sister . Yet people , were being critical of Martin the victim and his handling of the issue . I would like to ask those @ssholes if they would be tolerant of someone being racially insensitive and then aiming sexually over barbs at the female members of their family ?

    Are the fans here within the US brain dead from the neck up , as well as lacking an ounce of frigging intelligence ?

    Pouncey is likely to be called as a witness in Aaron Hernandez’s trial in the death of the Patriots’ player former close friend , Odin Lloyd .

    tophatal ………..


  5. NBA All Star weekend . A series of uncompetitive games , filled highlight reels of dunks and a great deal of back slapping and glad handing amongst the players . I wonder what they (players) and the union will give to David Stern as a parting gift, as he says his goodbyes , having stepped down as the NBA commissioner ? A ten gallon hat would be out of the question , as it would still be too small to also fit not only Stern’s head but also his outsized ego !

    Silver & Stern/

    “As you can see , I will be leaving the NBA in the capable hands of Adam Silver ,but behind the scenes , my hands will be firmly shoved up his @ss as the ‘puppet master’ “ ! David Stern (right) in coming commissioner Adam Silver.

    tophatal ………….


  6. There is no denying that Derek Jeter’s career has been a tremendous one . And amongst active players his stature clearly shows in terms of hits , runs batted in , on base percentage and slugging percentage , he makes a case for himself and as standout for the Hall of Fame , likely to get great deal more than 75% of the vote needed for induction .

    The  Jeter  family/

    Jeter seen here with his Mom, Dad and sister .

    The earliest that Derek Jeter would be eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame would be 2019. Here is a look at the likely nominees in the preceding years 2015 , 2016 , 2017 and 2018 .

    tophatal ………….


  7. Tophat, PManning and soft Broncos should visit Omaha Beach and toughen up. Try to get back Monday with some of your questions. Wall to wall college hoop to digest now.


    1. Ronbets

      I believe that the residents in Omaha , Nebraska are truly appreciative of Peyton Manning putting them on the map for the right and wrong reasons . Now anytime we see the remnants of anything that we deem as being failure as it relates to the NFL postseason we can think of Peyton’s contributions in Supebowl 48 (SBXLVIII) and give the city a shout-out loud and clear … Omaha !

      Yep , I’m here at the girlfriend’s pad trying to fix her desktop computer and several of her hand held devices , and no it’s not the ones you’re thinking of , as she’s well served in that department , thank you very much . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      As we roll into March Madness , this is the time to be looking at the teams and how they’re actually playing and that of their consistency heading into the tournament. I just hope that Krzyzewski can have the Blue Devils ready to stay the course !

      Stay safe and have a great weekend ! Regards to you and the immediate family !


  8. As far as the Yankees are concerned, Jeter and Rizzuto are probaby the 1st & 2nd best shortstops to ever play for the team.
    As for Jeter’s “romantic” side, I never saw him and Mariah as a pair and always thought that Jeter and Minka would tie the knot when he retired. No matter who he ends up with I hope he can soell P R E N U P…


      1. Yep! Different era Al. It was harder for Rizzuto to run in those baggy all wool uniforms…lol But seriously, the teams of the 40’s and 50’s didn’t rely as much on Rizzuto for his offense as those teams were stacked with HOFers…


  9. Just an FYI Al, the Yankees, including this upcoming season, have paid Jeter a total of $253 million over 20 years. And then there are all of his endorsements to add to that! That prenup better be of the ironclad variety…


    1. fantasyfurnace/ Hank

      There’ll be no Mrs Derek Jeter anytime soon as he recently dumped his Victoria’s Secret lingerie model fiance’ Hannah Davis within the past two-and a half week. Jeter is not short of cash , not with having built that 20,000 square feet palatial bachelor pad in Tampa , Florida .

      Only Alex Rodriguez has earned more from the game of baseball based on career earnings alone . Rodriguez has no major multi-year corporate endorsements whereas Jeter does .

      Jeter&  Hannah  Davis/

      Jeter and Hannah Davis

      tophatal ……….


        1. fantasyfurnace ./ Hank

          Derek Jeter might need to do a David Beckham and see if can get one on the cheap ?

          Beckham and his partners put up a mere $50 million to secure an MLS franchise in Miami. Here’s the rub. they’re looking for the city of Miami and the Miami Dade County Commission to finance the building of a state of the art 40,000 seat stadium . Neither governmental agency has the funds to make that a reality as they each have fiscal deficits. The franchisees who secured the rights for a New York City based franchise had to pay the hierarchy in excess of $140 million for the privilege without the guarantee of a venue as of yet .

          If Jeter is interested he would have to get a formidable group together because the average value of an MLB franchise at present is roughly $650 million/

          Golden State Warriors’ owners , Joe Lacob and Peter Guber made an unsolicited bid of almost $700 million for the Oakland A’s , which team owner , Lew Wolff turned down . The A’s need the money because the neither the city of Oakland or the Alameda County at present have the resources to build a venue for the ball-club.

          tophatal ………..


                  1. The ladies have been lining up in every city he’s played in for 20 years now. If he would sleep with just 10% of the women who ‘offer’ themselves to him on this final lap (you should excuse that expression), he would have to change his name to Rip Van Jeter!


  10. Manning had an inglorious end to a smashing year….was really pulling for him…ah well, he survived the games. Hate to see Jeter go….thought he was always a class act


  11. With Derek Jeter likely to be inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown , New York, with a likely unanimous and landslide vote . We are unlikely to see a more popular inductee into that institution in the next five years or over the next to ten years .

    Jeter conducted himself with a great deal of class both on an off the field of play and not once, has his name been associated with the use of steroids or any other banned substance.

    Where Jeter stands among active players in hits , rbi’s , home runs , batting average ,



  12. Darren Sharper may no longer be in the NFL and now as an ex employee of the NFL Network . It now has me wondering how much more can come out concerning the allegations against the former Pro Bowl player and his alleged sexual misconduct leading to accusations of rape (seven assaults and counting) and other misogynistic behavior . As if the league’s image hasn’t been hammered enough as it is already , without the ambivalent idiocy and apathy of fans and how they view Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin affair in Miami .

    And I am sorry , any alleged student athlete said to have attended Florida cannot be that well educated or intelligent , especially as it relates to Mike Pouncey and his interactions with Incognito and their joint efforts in disparaging Martin as well as a member of the Dolphins’ coaching staff .

    Incognito &  Pouncey/

    Pouncey and Incognito . Two fu#king @s$holes who don’t deserve to be in the NFL , but yet we have apathy with fans suggesting that this is simple locker room behavior in the NFL . Oh so now racism and misogynistic behavior is acceptable in the league ? Who the fu#k are these idiots who simply do not look at the facts as they’re laid out ? A##holes !

    In the rape case against Darren Sharper, former LAPD detective says Ambien is used often and can be similar to GHB

    According to Trinka Porrata, a former detective in the narcotics division, it’s not unusual for athletes to carry zolpidem to help deal with odd sleep schedules due to abnormal travel patterns.

    Darren  Sharper/

    The flyer advertising the inaugural Saints Ahoy! celebrity cruise next month urges interested parties — especially members of Saints Nation, the team’s fan following — to “book your cabin today!” and features photos of Saints players Lance Moore, Kenny Stills and free agent Roman Harper, who played with the Saints from 2006 until last season.

    But the five-day, four-night vacation extravaganza from New Orleans to Cozumel, Mexico scheduled to begin March 13 no longer has another former Saints star player — safety Darren Sharper — attached to the event, a woman working for the booking agency connected to the cruise, confirmed Sunday.

    “(Sharper) is no longer involved in any way,” said the woman. “He was removed when the news broke in January.”

    The “news” about Sharper, a former Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champ with the Saints, has been nothing short of disturbing since a January arrest in Los Angeles, and then Friday’s announcement by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office that Sharper, 38, has been charged with seven felony drug and rape counts in connection with two separate incidents. Sharper faces 30 years in prison if convicted in the California case.

    But the former NFL safety also is under investigation in at least three other states (Louisiana, Arizona and Nevada) for similar alleged criminal behavior — drugging women and later sexually assaulting them after they have passed out. The felony complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court accuses Sharper of using the drug zolpidem (known by its brand name, Ambien, a sleeping aid) to drug his alleged victims.

    “We’ve seen (zolpidem) in a lot of cases because it works very well,” Trinka Porrata, a former LAPD detective in the narcotics division who is the president of the non-profit Project GHB, told the Daily News. “In some instances, zolpidem is similar to GHB (gamma hydroxy butyrate) in that it causes amnesia and causes odd behavior a person wouldn’t otherwise normally do.”

    GHB is commonly linked to incidents of “date rape,” but Porrata said zolpidem has become a drug of choice for sexual predators or serial rapists because, despite being a prescription medication, it is easily obtained.

    “For a sports guy, Ambien is something that they would more likely be known to have,” said Porrata. Professional athletes maintain grueling travel schedules as well as punishing physical training programs. “Plus, Ambien is totally legit to have since you’re not carrying around illicit drugs.”

    Click on link to read in full.


    Darren Sharper/

    Sexual deviant or simply misunderstood because of his needs ?

    If this all proven to be true and a case does take place , I would simply like to see the type of defense if any that can be used by Sharper’s lawyers to defend their client .

    tophatal ……………..


  13. For those slightly overzealous fans who simply get wobbly kneed when it comes to this time of the year and the all juvenile idiocy that surrounds the NBA All Star weekend . Can you honestly say , that you enjoyed the whole weekend spectacle ? The All Star weekends of the NBA and .NFL have become banal and completely second-rate ! Failure to see that , indicates a real lack of intelligence , nothing more , nothing less !

    Hell , MLB and the NHL put on a better event in terms of their showcase of the respective stars within both sports .

    A high-scoring meaningless nonsensical game , where defense doesn’t mean a thing and highlight dunk reels are the only thing fans actually witness .

    tophatal …………………….


    1. Chris Humpherys

      I can’t see Incognito on an NFL roster anytime soon , not with his ongoing psychological problems !

      In terms of the Broncos , having been exposed in the way that they were during the Superbowl , I would say that they have some major decisions to make concerning the NFL Draft and their free agents as it relates to the cap . If they cannot address those , then I can’t see them winning a Superbowl within the next two years which is the time-frame I now believe that Peyton Manning has as this stage of his career !

      The Thunder are good enough to win a title this year , but it now becomes about staying injury-free between now and the end of the season for the team .

      As good as Kevin Durant has been , he simply cannot do it all by himself and will need the aid of teammates such as Serge Ibaka , Westbrook and others if they are to prevail .

      tophatal …………


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