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Well, the NCAA Tournament has to come a close , with the vestiges to that competition reaching a finality . Two storied programs were there the combatants in the Finals , were John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats facing the University of Connecticut (Huskies) coached by second-year coach, Kevin Ollie , a former mainstay within the NBA . With U Conn prevailing in a six-point triumph , Ollie joins a select group of coaches to have won a national title within their first three years of coaching a program . For Shabazz Napier and the leadership shown in leading his teammates to this triumph, is likely to open doors , not previously thought about in great depth , with several general managers around the NBA , likely to be showing an interest in a player , who should he declare for the upcoming NBA Draft , is likely to be taken quite high in the first round .


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I am sure that the administration within Storrs, Connecticut, are truly overwhelmed at this triumph and the Huskies’ second title in the past four years , with the program’s last triumph in the Men’s NCAA Tournament coming in 2011 , when Jim Calhoun and that team triumphed over Brad Stevens and Butler . As we know, the Huskies women’s program , coached by Geno Auriemma , has been triumphant several times , with six national titles during his reign, as the coach of the now famed women’s program. Auriemma is back again as a finalist in this year’s tournament where the opponent will be a heated rival , with Notre Dame (Fighting Irish) staring across at their adjoining number one tournament seeds. That game , will be played tonight at the Bridgestone Arena , in Nashville, Tennessee,.

A week into the MLB season and there is not really a great deal to report , beyond the fact , there appears to be more money now seated ? on the disabled list , than would actually make up the payroll of the league’s lowest paid team , in this case , that privilege belongs to the Houston Astros with an estimated payroll of $44.5 million . Yet, somehow , it was the intent of Jim Crane and Jeff Luhnow to field a competitive team this year , while trying to avoid a fourth consecutive season of one hundred losses or more ? I guess , Astros’ manager Bo Porter and his managerial staff were fed another boatload of “ bull” , by the executives entering the season , about the ball-club’s ambitions for the year.

With a record of 3-4 , the Astros are competing in what is likely to be a competitive AL West division this season , where the main competitors for the divisional title are likely to be the defending champions the Oakland Athletics , who in turn , are likely to be challenged by the Texas Rangers , Los Angeles Angels and the Seattle Mariners . For Robinson Cano and his hefty $240 million contract , signed in the off-season, having left the New York Yankees , for what he believes to be greener pastures. This season , is likely to prove to be a tough one for the former Yankees’ infielder, as he seeks to prove that contract. Coming off a 6-3 loss to the Oakland A’s , Seattle will in their next game face the Los Angeles Angels at Safeco Field in Seattle , Washington , where James Paxton will take to the mound for the Mariners to face off against Hector Santiago , in what should prove to be a very competitive pitching match-up , between the two starting pitchers .

As beleaguered as the issues are for the Houston Astros are now , I am not so sure, that the team will simply be good enough to avoid another one hundred loss season for a fourth consecutive time. Bo Porter’s staff simply does not have the acumen , and there is not a player on the staff ready, to assume any type of role of leadership or be presumed to be, looked upon as a leader. Tuesday’s scheduled meeting against the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Center ,in Toronto, Ontario, where Brett Oberholtzer will pit wits with his opponent for the Blue Jays’ Mark Buerhle .

It is beginning to look as if Mark Teixeira’s career will become known for being injury prone , rather than for anything achieved on the field of play , since he was acquired by the New York Yankees to bolster the team’s roster and add to what was believed to be an already explosive lineup by way of the team’s offense. In his first season with the team in 2009, Teixeira proved to be as productive and well worth the contract , as it appeared to be at the time. The player we are told, will resume light exercise with a view to returning to the team and perhaps playing in his first regular season game by mid-April, but in all likelihood , I believe that Joe Girardi and the staff will not have their first baseman return too soon , until they believe that he is fully fit .

The Yankees’ 4-2 victory, over the Baltimore Orioles , places them atop of the AL East with a one game lead over the second placed Tampa Bay Rays (4-4) . How the season, now plays out for the New York Yankees will undoubtedly be predicated upon the play of mainstays, such as Teixeira , Derek Jeter , Ichiro Suzuki , Brian McCann , Kelly Johnson, CC Sabathia , Hiroki Kuroda , Carlos Beltran , Alfonso Soriano , Masahiro Tanaka and Jacoby Ellsbury . The team will once again , play host to the Orioles today, when they meet at Yankees Stadium , in New York City, New York on Tuesday afternoon , where the opposing pitchers will be Wei Yin Chen and Ivan Nova .

On this date in MLB history , one of the great achievements within the game of baseball was attained , when Hank Aaron of the Atlanta Braves hit , what was his seven-hundred and fifteenth home run (715) to move ahead of Babe Ruth in the all-time career home runs’ list. Granted, that record has since been surpassed by Barry Bonds , whose legitimacy about that mark , still comes into question, but not by the MLB hierarchy or that of the Elias Stats’ Bureau . While, there has never been a positive drug test on record to somehow negate Bonds’ achievement of the career home runs’ record or that of the single season mark for home runs. The persistent questions still lingers, about Bonds’ claims, that he never intentionally or knowingly, took what he believed to be a banned substance. In the court of “public opinion” , the now retired player’s claims, are not believed and the legal system has deemed Barry Bonds to be untruthful and indeed deceitful, with his denials and the statement offered at his perjury trial .

For Hank Aaron and the opposing pitcher on the day , when the record was broken , Al Downing of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the event have been posthumously recorded . However, in the run-up and the aftermath, of Aaron , having broken the record, baseball historians have tended to gloss over the fact, the Hall of Fame inductee came under death threats , racial threats , along with the lives of the immediate members of his family being threatened by bigoted racists . Poignant, when you consider the claims being made at the time that , the nation had indeed progressed , that the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr , the integration of baseball and it being woven into the fabric of society , had indeed made the world a better place. Four decades later, those claims do not hold true , even with the nation’s first African-American President Barack Obama midway through his second Presidential term and the deaths of James Byrd Jr and Alfred Wright are seen as mere footnotes and the apathy of idiots are still within our midst , about the claims of racial bigotry has in fact ended .

We are now less than a week away from the culmination of the NBA regular season and several of the divisional races have been all but decided. In the Eastern Conference, only the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat , are the two teams apiece, to have garnered more than fifty wins. Counterparts within the West, where the San Antonio Spurs , Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers , are three of five teams to have accumulated more than fifty wins each . Somehow, one gets the feeling that in the East, theirs is a conference, where competitive basketball, which is claimed to being played, is simply an acronym for complete mediocrity .

For the New York Knicks , the past seventy two hours has seen the team play themselves into contention for a playoff berth, to once again showing the trait, that has been on display , all season long and that simple inconsistency . Their fans and the print media within the local market , may well decry the fact, the team, is now likely to miss the postseason , altogether. Yet, what else can you say, when there really has been absolutely no one willing to step up to the plate? As to this utter idiocy, that Carmelo Anthony ought to be given a worthy mention as a legitimate MVP candidate , has to be viewed with the utter contempt that the claims deserve. Anthony, has been playing on a team , that at no point during the regular season, have they led their division , nor have they strung together double-digit wins in terms of a consecutive wins’ stretch.


An eleven point loss to the Miami Heat , may well have placed the “nail in the coffin” of Mike Woodson’s players and any last vestiges of hope, that they might well have had, in gaining a playoff berth. The team’s only hopes, now rest with the Atlanta Hawks simply imploding, with six games remaining on the Hawks’ schedule.

The seismic shock waves from the Superbowl and the lopsided loss suffered by the Denver Broncos , must be seen as something of a precursor, about what we have witnessed by way of the waiving of players and the contracts lengths now being offered new contracts by their new teams . It’s pretty much safe to say, with a number of franchises, seeking to make themselves “cap-friendly” , the luring of marquee free agents , while preparing for the upcoming NFL Draft , has been the one thing , that the front office executives have been using a great deal of due diligence in some of that preparation.

Veteran quarterback , Michael Vick has now found himself a new home , having signed with the New York Jets , where he is likely to be the backup to incumbent starter, Geno Smith , whose propensity throw interceptions during a game , are as frequent, as the guests at a wedding, throwing rice to celebrate the nuptials of a just-married couple. I am not suggesting that Smith is a terrible quarterback, but he has shown no inclination to improve his game and the coaching staff of the Jets, have done little to aid the player during his rookie season. The team’s problems during the season and the fact, they were simply of no relevance within the AFC East , simply summed up the Jets’ year and the fact , they performed so poorly.

It will be interesting to see how the New York Jets do during the off-season in the build-up to the NFL Draft, as GM John Idzik , seeks to rebuild and revamp the roster, while also seeing the type of influence, that Michael Vick will provide for Geno Smith.

The waiving of running back Chris Johnson , is likely to come back and haunt the Tennessee Titans , at some point , during their future . Yet, I am not entirely surprised by the move , considering the ongoing stupidity that we have witnessed from team owner , Bud Adams , down the years. Cap issues or not , the explanation now being offered by the front office , makes about as much sense , as Sarah Palin offering up her assessment as to the country’s foreign policy or what her alternatives might be to Barack Obama’s healthcare initiative and the program that has now taken effect. Johnson , at the time of his release, was one of the franchise’s most productive offensive players, and all, but a mere handful of running backs in the NFL, have more rushing yards in the league, over the past five seasons .

With a slew of teams, now said to be interested, in Chris Johnson , many of them in need of a productive running back, to aid a franchise with a woefully inept rushing offense . Rex Ryan is said to be keenly interested in acquiring the free agent running back , but the asking price , might well be too high for the New York Jets to meet at this juncture .

Johnson and his agent, Joel Segal are likely to look for an offer, that best meets the need of the player, while giving him the chance to play for a legitimate Superbowl contender. As to where that offer is now likely to come from, will be open to a great deal of conjecture and speculation over the next few days. With the NFL Draft, just over a month away , one seriously doubts that Segal would still like to have his client unsigned, with their being some depth to the ” draft class” of running backs said to be part of this group of rushers , as well as the other unsigned free agent running backs , who might come at a less steeper price, than his own client, Chris Johnson.

“Bang the drums more loudly” , as the consensus seems to be, that the South Carolina Gamecocks’, Jadeveon Clowney , is still being viewed as the number one pick for the NFL Draft. Now, whether or not, the Houston Texans and their front office led by GM Rick Smith decide to go this route, in making Clowney that number one overall pick , will be clearly dependent upon the assessment of the player made by head coach Bill O’Brien and his staff . The Texans’ needs, as a team overall, are great and the simple thought, that the defensive player is an answer to all of their needs , is merely ludicrous and not warranting an answer, that is simple. Defensively , the secondary was a mess, throughout last season , and that fourteen-game losing streak was a clear indicator as to several of the reasons why, beyond the poor play of the often injured Matt Schaub and an offense, that has been nowhere near as explosive, as in seasons past . Yet, for all the talk of Clowney’s impact as a defensive player , one cannot help but ask, is Bill O’Brien actually willing to pass up on an array of quarterbacks in this upcoming class , that many feel might be as good and is being compared to in some circles , as good as the 2012 NFL quarterback class , that saw Andrew Luck , be taken as the number one overall pick , a grouping that I might add, that also included Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill, Nick Foles , Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins .

Quarterbacks, may well come and go , but can a team that certainly in need of one afford to pass on the likes of Blake Bortles , Johnny Manziel , Teddy Bridgewater , Zach Mettenberger , Bryce Petty , Tajh Boyd , A J McCarron and Tom Savage ?



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One way or another , Jadeveon Clowney’s fate, might not rest in the Houston Texans’ hands, but actually the perception that he created, that has been perpetuated and bought into by the press , pundits and fans, alike . I believe, he is likely to be drafted in the first round, as one of the top ten picks, taken on the day. Anything short of that , will clearly be viewed as something of a major disappointment for a player , looking to be handsomely rewarded for his collegiate exploits .


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(1) Kevin Ollie , head coach of the U Conn Huksies’ Men’s Basketball team is seen here cutting down the nets after his player’s triumph over Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament . Ollie in his second year as the head coach, simply had his players playing at a high level throughout the tournament , with them upping the tempo in the championship game , itself against the Wildcats . AP Photo Keith Mannix …..

(2) Shabazz Napier (13) walks the length of the court being cheered on by Huskies’ fans after the team’s 60-54 victory over John Calipari’s Kentucky Wildcats in the finals of the NCAA Tournament . It is widely believed that Napier is likely to declare his eligibility and enter the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft . AP Photo / Keith Mannix ….

(3) Mark Teixiera of the New York Yankees , for whom much of the 2013 season was a loss, is once again back on the team’s DL , uncertain of when his season is likely to begin in 2014. As one of the highest paid players on the roster , as well as having one of the most lucrative contracts among all of the ball-club’s players , Teixeira is afforded a luxury not often shared by a player of his stature . Getty Images / Tim Walsh ….

(4) Hank Aaron of the Atlanta Braves hits his historic 715th home run which would surpass the all-time career home runs’ record (714) at the time held by Babe Ruth . Aaron hit that record-breaking home run on the 8th April , 1974 at Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, in a game between the Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers . The pitcher on the day, who gave up the home run was the Dodgers’ Al Downing . AP / REUTERS Inc/ Pathe ….

(5) Veteran quarterback Michael Vick who was acquired by the New York Jets and signed to a one-year deal by the franchise to be the backup to incumbent starter , Geno Smith , a first-round quarterback draft pick in 2013 NFL Draft by the Jets . In his rookie season , Smith’s continued struggles were ever-present throughout the season , with their being little real evidence that his game was progressing, in spite working diligently with quarterbacks’ coach , David Lee . It remains to be seen what type guidance and influence Vick will provide for Geno Smith , as he enters his sophomore season in 2014 . If Smith shows signs of regression , then in all likelihood the veteran will be called upon the replace his young charge . AP Photo / Rod Fletcher ….

(6) Free agent running back Chris Johnson who was waived by the Tennessee Titans for cap reasons . The player who was among the franchise’s leading rushers in their history , is now said to be one of the most desired free agents now on the market . It remain to be seen where Johnson’s final destination , is likely to be. AP Photo / Phil Prentice ……

(7) Robert ‘Bob’ McNair , (left) owner of the Houston Texans , is seen here with the team’s general manager Rick Smith. The general manager , scouting department of the franchise and head coach will have a tough decision to make, whether or not, to take Jadeveon Clowney, as the number on overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft or as is being forecast by many , the organization is likely to go with a quarterback , with instate hero Johnny Manziel said to be atop of Smith’s wish-list, along with Blake Bortles , Teddy Bridgewater and the fast rising stock of Tom Savage. The Texans have never made a quarterback their top pick , over the course of the franchise’s history. Getty Images / Austin Morris ….

(8) Jadeveon Clowney of the South Carolina Gamecocks and Texas A &M’s Johnny Manziel , right . Both players , high achievers , have the wish to be taken as the number one overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. With the Houston Texans’ afforded the first pick , it remains to be seen whether or not the AFC South based franchise takes either player as that privileged first choice .



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18 thoughts on “A recap of sorts”

  1. With U Conn having won both the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Tournament , does that make the Huskies’ the basketball program the best in D1 College Basketball ?

    “Kev , I’ve got seven championships and I get to see my team naked , if and when I choose to ” ! Geno Auriemma & Kevin Ollie , coaches of U Conn’s Mens and Women’s basketball team . kssters ‘eio gen caonze chamn

    OK, so the Yankees will not be paying Alex Rodriguez a salary this year , with the player having to forfeit over $40 million in lost wages . However, in light of that all , how much is it hurting the ball-club to still be paying a paperweight such as Mark Teixeira , who over the past two years has missed a litany of games for the team .

    Idiots are still trying to attest to what they believe to be better race relations four decades on from the civil rights’ era . Hank Aaron suffered such indignities , but fans and baseball historians seek to gloss over it all and simply attribute it to the times . Sheer $$cking lunacy !

    James Byrd Jr

    James Byrd Jr, must have felt great , that he had a bunch of racists, from Jasper , Texas, tethering his body to back of his own pickup truck and then being dragged for several miles before losing his life to such a heinous act. How fu##ing dumb can someone be to suggest that race relations have improved when this incident took place less than a decade ago .

    Alfred Wright , seen here with his son and his fiancee .

    Since then , another African American male , Alfred Wright , kighhtyeig has met a suspicious death and the ,local police are suggesting that the victim was depressed and chose to slit his own throat from ear to ear . What $cking Texas town is that Mayberry , where the police department is being by Andy Taylor and his sidekick Barney Fife ?

    The countdown has begun with regard to the days left , concerning Mike Woodson’s tenure with the New York Knicks . There is no way in hell , that Phil Jackson will entertain the idea of having the beleaguered head coach and his coaching staff return for next season . Woodson has lost control of the team and the players simply have no confidence in his ideas or coaching strategies , which are simply nonexistent . The New York Knicks are simply averse to playing defense , in spite of the ongoing indifference and stupidity of their fans , who seek to apportion blame elsewhere for the team’s numerous woes .

    Chris Johnson , by far the best of the free agent running backs , that remain available among free agent players . A team would be foolish not to pick him up , given productivity over the past five seasons .

    In actuality , there will be a high risk weighted with whomever takes either Jadeveon Clowney or Johnny Manziel , as the hyperbole surrounding both players has gone far beyond the norm , without any justification . In college , both had issues concerning their temperament , as well as levels of maturity. If both are being viewed as potential leaders at some point in their professional careers and they’re still acting like immature high school kids , Then what does that tell you about both of these individuals ? Never mind the idiocy of those who would overlook that side of their behavior while making the financial outlay , in question , even if it’s said to be , a rookie salary scale and a three-year deal .

    Clowney , right and Manziel

    tophatal …………………..


  2. Let the fun and games begin with Michael Vick’s arrival in New Jersey to play for the Jets . Now , Vick can either prove that he can play or he’s taking the $ 4 million payday , merely because the front office of the franchise offered it to him . The veteran remains an immature @ss !

    As to those who believed him to have shown act of contrition , how is it, that they do not question the litany of lies from the player to his former employer Arthur Blank , , never mind the role model he was providing for his kids , And there were those who questioned by alleged dislike of Vick ? It’s not a matter of dislike , it comes down to being honorable and Vick was anything but less than honorable during his web of deceit and lies to the fans and press alike ! A great deal of goddamn hypocrisy among some without actually delving deeper into the issue overall .

    Vick and Smith being , teamed together , might just provide the NFL with the worst pairing of quarterbacks as teammates in the entire league, this upcoming season based stats from last year and over the past four years .

    Michael Vick

    At the time of his legal issues , Vick wasn’t even a role model for his own damn kids . Oh yeah, less we forget that all , but some are questioning , that he was publicly humiliated by the press ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Smith’s career stats and those of Vick . What is it that the Jets are now seeking to achieve and then look at their current roster and then assess their obvious needs . What moves are needed to make the team infinitely better and good enough to compete in the AFC East , never mind the AFC and league as a whole ?

    tophatal ……………………


  3. Yesterday’s MLB results and some rather refreshing contests , were to be had .

    Somehow , both the Red Sox and Yankees managed to give up a combined twenty-four runs in their respective losses to the Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles . Defensively, both of these AL East teams sucked yesterday , in those contests .

    The Red Sox got pummeled 10-7 in being downed by the Rangers at Fenway Park , in Boston , Massachusetts ,.

    Meanwhile, the Yankees were equally abysmal , in losing 14-5 to the Orioles at Yankees Stadium , in New York City , New York .

    In the NL East , where the Braves will be looking to make a successful defense of their divisional title , but they somehow manage to let themselves get manhandled (4-0) by the New York Mets and Bartolo Colon of all people . where Colon faced Aaron Harang ?

    tophatal ………………..


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Kevin Ollie
      was always a player’s player and he learned studiously under the coaches he played under during his NBA career and also under Jim Calhoun as an assistant.

      A few years from now I could see him coaching within the NBA , but that will also be predicated upon the wishes of the athletics department there within Storrs , Connecticut . The men’s and women’s program in terms of basketball , the Huskies’ program now reigns supreme of over the entire landscape without a doubt , with them achieving the double once again .

      Huskies’ AD Warde Manuel is sitting pretty, because of the millions both programs bring in , for the university as well as knowing that recruiting will be as great as ever .

      tophatal …………………………….


  4. Crass hypocrisy within the NBA continues and it will be exhibited tonight , when the Pacers rest all five starters for a game against the Bucks at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee , Wisconsin,.

    Last season , David Stern fined Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs $250,000 because , Popovich rested Tony Parker and Tim Duncan for a regular season game .. against the Miami Heat . How the ##ck can that be allowed to happen and then no action is taken by the league hierarchy against either Pacers or the head coach Frank Vogel , even when he acknowledges that he is simply resting his players ? And fans suggest that the league is now better , than it was a mere decade or more ago ?

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Pacers to sit all five starters vs. Bucks

    By Candace Buckner , USA Today

    MILWAUKEE – In a surprise development on Wednesday afternoon, Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel announced that all five starters will not play in tonight’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

    None of the starters – some wearing street shoes or flip-flops inside the BMO Harris Bradley Center for the early session – participated in the shootaround and had their third straight day off since the team’s embarrassing loss to Atlanta on Sunday night.

    “The starters are not going to play tonight, all five of them,” Vogel said. “We’re going to rest them and try to heal up some various bumps and bruises involved with all five guys. We’re not playing well as a basketball team right now, our starters aren’t playing well, our bench is not playing well. We want to try to get the starters on track by getting their legs back under them and getting them healed up. We want to get the bench back on track by giving them extended minutes in tonight’s game.

    “That’s the plan.”

    LEBRON: Rejected at the rim, Heat fall

    The development of resting starters is in response to the Pacers’ lackluster play in March. The team finished 8-10 and lost its season-long grip on the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference to the Miami Heat.

    On Tuesday night, the Heat lost to the Brooklyn Nets, allowing the Pacers to climb to within a ½ game of the lead. With a win in Milwaukee and a Heat loss tonight in Memphis, the Pacers would once again control the top spot. Vogel, however, said he has been thinking about resting his starters for weeks and the result of the Heat-Nets game would not cause a change of course. Indiana meets Miami for the fourth and final regular-season matchup on Friday.

    “Look, we spent all year with one goal (but at) some point you’ve got to shift your focus when things aren’t going your way,” Vogel said. “You (can’t) pay attention to what everybody else is doing. Fixing your team (is) the only thing that’s on our minds right now. We’ll do this tonight. The plan for the starters was two days off (Monday and Tuesday), shooting and conditioning today.


    Click on link to read in full.

    David Stern , as commissioner has been nothing , but a damn charlatan , a greedy selfless and self-absorbed bas#tard ! His successor , Adam Silver gives off the appearance of being kinder softer and gentler version of his predecessor , but I suspect , that might not be the case !

    Silver pictured above

    Adam Silver and Jerry Colangelo

    USAB Chairman Jerry Colangelo

    Already , he (Silver) has proven to be something of an @ss , with the thinking that he needs to speak USA Basketball Chairman . Jerry Colangelo , to see how the league (NBA) as a whole can be improved .

    If Adam Silver , can’t immediately see for himself what is wrong with the NBA at present , then he is even less intelligent, than many have credited him to be !

    tophatal ………………………..


  5. NBA schedule and results from the 8th July

    Playoff picture and games remaining . The Knicks have dug too deep a hole . to extricate themselves from and in all probability will lose out on the eighth and final berth within the Eastern Conference and that coveted playoff spot .

    NBA news

    MLB schedule and results for 8th July

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    No news is good news , as they say in the NFL . Yet , the same saga continues during the off-season and with the ongoing idiocy of the general managers around the league .

    Highest paid players in the NFL contract value …….. and salaried players and cap hit

    NFL free agents

    NFL transactions (April)


    tophatal ………..


  6. This just in the AL East seems to be really embarrassing at present. Remind me why again I am meant to be impressed with the likes of the Red Sox, Rays and Yankees ?

    In the space of two days , three of the AL’s three biggest teams , the Rays , Red Sox and Yankees have collectively given up over thirty one runs in their respective games over the time-frame noted.

    Maddon’s players having lost three of their last four games , now face the Cincinnati Reds at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati , Ohio in a three-game weekend series , beginning Friday , 11th April ,2014, where on the mound in game one David Price of the Rays will meet the Reds’ Johnny Cueto , to be followed by Alex Cobb against Alfredo Simon and finally, Tony Cingrani of the Reds over a yet to be named starter for the Rays .

    tophatal ………………….


  7. Anyone, somehow worried by the recent displays of the Miami Heat and in many ways we’re now seeing more flaws in this team than than supposedly thought and was certainly borne out repeatedly , last season by the team in the regular and postseason .

    The Heat’s loss to the Grizzlies cannot be viewed as them being fatigued and lethargic , but more so to do with simple complacency .

    When Mike Conley is outplaying the overrated and overpaid ….. Chris Bosh , then that should tell you all you need to know why the Heat could get upended in the postseason .

    As usual , Dwyane Wade missing in action, as the ailing veteran , is simply no longer the player he once was . I can’t see the front office and in particular Pat Riley being loyal enough to still honor his contract , given the ongoing medical issues of the player .

    tophatal ………………..


  8. It is so cool to see UCONN beat Kentucky. I am tired of the wildcats this and that and how they are better than everyone else. This is second time this has happened in the NCAA. UCONN did it before in 2004. check this out http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2014/apr/09/how-uconn-won-both-the-mens-and-womens-march-madness-tournaments I am tired of Calipri and his lies. I am just wondering how long before it comes out he is cheating and has to leave Kentucky.


  9. bobby gee

    Don’t get me wrong , I love the U Conn Huskies’ program ! I cannot stand either John Calipari of Kentucky (Wildcats) or Geno Auriemma , head coach of the U Conn Huskies’ women’s team .

    Calipari , has always been less than honest , in his dealings , concerning the programs , where he’s coached and the issue of Derrick Rose is a true test of his deceit and never-ending lies ! Yet , dumb ass fans , seek to lay blame elsewhere . Is there no one , with an ounce of damn common sense , who can actually think for themselves anymore without being a trail of breadcrumbs to lead them to a finality ?

    Auriemma , has always been conceited and often at times disrespectful to an opponent , opposing players and even the opposing coach . About the only person he shows respect for have been Kim Mulkey and former Vols’ head coach Pat Summitt .

    tophatal …………..


  10. NBA news

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    NBA standings and by conference

    Playoff picture

    New York Knicks’ fans are holding out hope that the Atlanta Hawks’ season now implodes , merely so that they can gain entrance to the postseason via the back door , simply because , they have never been good enough to make it through the front door by themselves ! Two more wins for the Hawks and the New York’s fate will have been sealed for good and deservedly so > ! The Knicks do not belong in the playoffs and nothing about their play all season long , suggest that they were ever good enough to begin with .

    NBA schedule 12th April and for 13th April


    MLB schedule 12th thru’ 14th April

    MLB probable pitchers

    MLB results

    MLB standings

    MLB standings (wildcard)

    MLB standings overall


    NFL news

    NFL teams’ transactions

    NFL transactions

    tophatal ………………….


  11. Well the NBA Playoffs tip-off on the 19th April and 20th April with an series of games and some very good opening round series . The best of those series may well be out West with the match-up between the Clippers and Warriors .

    Everyone will undoubtedly be looking to see how Steph Curry matches up with Blake Griffin , while Chris Paul simply demonstrates why he’s now by far the best point guard in the NBA , not only , in terms of leadership and his assists to turnover ratio , which is exceptional in terms of overall efficiency .

    In the end this series could also come down to the coaching acumen shown by the experience of Doc Rivers against that of Mark Jackson and his coaching staff .

    I am hoping that my beloved San Antonio Spurs can simply show some composure as they take on instate rivals the Dallas Mavericks in their opening round series ! Tim Duncan against Dirk Nowitzki in a match-up of two future bound Hall of Fame inductees .

    tophatal ……………….


  12. Off to to the races and the Rays are proving that they’re simply as good as their record suggests , no better or worst and it simply indicates , that all of this hype cannot be justified in any form as to how good they were said or going to be . Simply fans and the media not knowing what the hell they are talking about to begin with !

    The team is already off to a bad start in this contest at the Trop against heated rivals the New York Yankees. Need I say anymore on the matter ?

    tophatal ………..


  13. Great come from behind victory for the Rays and what appears to be poor and complacent pitching and defense from the Yankees . Let’s see what Maddon’s players are now capable of today and on Sunday in the remaining two games of this series at Tropicana Field in St Petersburg, Florida .

    MLB results 18th April 2014

    MLB standings

    MLB schedule and probable starting pitchers

    MLB news press releases general news

    tophatal …………….


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