You cannot blame the manager and players alone , when the owners have a responsibility themselves …

You cannot blame the manager and players alone , when the owners have a responsibility themselves …

As the Premiership season within English soccer winds down , there has been a sense of disappointment among several teams thought to be viable contenders for the Premiership (EPL) title at the start of season. For teams, viewed as the mainstays of the league, Arsenal , Manchester United , Manchester City , Chelsea , Liverpool , Newcastle, Everton and West Ham United , this was thought to be where , each in some way could be seen as a viable contender , if not for the title , but at least for a qualifying berth for UEFA Champions’ League status .


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For team owners , Stanley Kroenke of Arsenal and the Glazer family, owners jointly, of Manchester United and the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers , theirs might, well be a season, that each would rather forget. Granted, Manchester United, managed by David Moyes , have somehow managed to make their way to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League , Europe’s biggest club competition and seen as a major financial windfall for the participants throughout the length of the competition, but even more so in the latter

With Manchester United , having now bowed out of the Champions League competition, losing 4-2 on aggregate to Bayern Munich of the German Bundesliga. The ramifications, from that total defeat and with fortunes of the club, now looking more threatening than ever before , concerning their aspirations for the Premiership title . Rumblings of major a upheavals, could be taking place within the Manchester United organization , with their being calls for the manager David Moyes’ firing as well as the Glazer family’s ouster as the club’s owners. These cries for this all , comes down to the disappointing season achieved by Manchester United in the Premiership, where they now lie in seventh position , some seventeen points behind divisional leaders Liverpool FC , whose tally of seventy-four points with five games to play , puts the Northern based English team in the driver’s seat, as they seek to win their nineteenth divisional title in the club’s famed history .

Moyes succeeded the most successful manager in English soccer history, in Alex Ferguson , while being handed the keys to Ferrari , in terms of a team seeking to make a successful defense of their title of last season . What the incumbent manager has seemingly managed to do, has been take this squad of players and have them play like a bunch of amateurs , with all the skill-set that would make even the most vocal of fans cry out, with a great deal of rage . With resources at Moyes’ disposal , along with the coaching staff assembled, it seems inconceivable that the manager has repeatedly managed to stumble so badly. At the same time, Joel , Bryan and Avram Glazer , have seemingly looked on, and watch this manifestation of incompetency play out over the course of the season, within the Premiership , as well as the team’s failings in other major domestic club competitions , such as the FA Cup and Carling Cup . If that was not enough for the United fans having to digest , they are now seeing the resurgence of their crosstown rivals Manchester City , whose astute manager, Manuel Pellegrini and the influx of the cash rich laden ,family of billionaires , by …. Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and H E Khaldoon Al Mubarak , has seen the club return to the upper echelons of the game, with the side being the 2011-12 EPL champions .

Manchester United , for their own part , have continued to show inconsistency, all season long , with David Moyes apportioning blame elsewhere , rather than being man enough to admit that he has made numerous mistakes, concerning the player personnel for several games during the season . What might well grieve the fans more so, concerning the malaise of the famed United soccer club , has been the indifference shown by the Glazers and their complete lack of understanding, concerning what has unfolded within their midst. That should not really come as any great surprise, considering the same incompetence shown by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, this past season, where former head coach Greg Schiano and . his staff simply, had no damn idea what the hell they were doing and the clueless fans watching , could only point to the fact that they did not . end up with the worst record in the league .

The fact that the Buccaneers were close to the bottom of the NFL in almost every team category that mattered by way of defense and offense , was merely another pointer ,about how bereft of talent, the organization was said to have been, on the field , as well as among the coaching staff and within the front office , headed by general manager Mark Dominik who was again, answerable to the aforementioned members of the Glazer family , as the team’s owners. That type of incompetency cannot be taught , it has to be ingrained and those who claim the family to be astute and business minded , should be begin to completely review that entire premise altogether, as nothing could be further from the truth.

While their soccer team remains , highly profitable, it should be noted, that Manchester United, still carries a great deal debt , burdened by it being used as collateral, in the Glazers’ purchase , by their holding company Red Devils Holdings . In a strange turn of events, US investment firm Baron Capital Inc has bought 20% of the outstanding shares of the soccer team on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) , representing a mere 2% capitalization of the club, for a reputed $90 million , valuing the club at an astonishing $ 4.5 billion pre-liability write-downs .

To his credit, about the only worthwhile thing done this season by David Moyes , by way of a positive standpoint , was his persuading striker, Wayne Rooney to commit to the club long-term, after the player had been linked to several clubs, with his contract due to expire. Had Rooney been allowed to leave , then quite possibly the manager’s fate might well have been sealed , as the player had become a fan favorite , while a living legend in terms of his productivity with the club , as being the third leading scorer in Manchester United’s history , behind only Dennis Law and only to Bobby Charlton , now a distinguished member of the United Board of Directors . Rooney , in signing one of the most lucrative contracts in the club’s history, will now put to rest , his joining Chelsea , Arsenal , Real Madrid or AC Milan of Serie’ A.

With six games left in their season and now out of the running, for the Premiership title, even the hopes of a Champions League qualifying berth, now seems beyond Manchester United’s reach , with them having to finish no less than fourth in the Premiership. Once the schedule has reached its climax , there are likely several moves made within the organization , likely to bring about the end of the careers of several players on the current playing squad . Whether or not , David Moyes also becomes casualty of the likely overhaul remains to be seen , but it has become abundantly clear that something has to be done. Unfortunately, putting your trust in the Glazer family, to even do something remotely credible, might be beyond, and even their own realization. I can only pray, that the rumors now ongoing, are true and that former United player David Beckham and a several his former teammates are indeed serious in purchasing a controlling interest in his former team , with the financial backing, coming from a prominently wealthy , Kuwaiti family, who are said to be longtime admirers of Beckham and staunch supporters this world-famous soccer club.

Manchester United’s next scheduled game, will be on the 20th April , when they are the guests of Everton at Goodison Park , in Merseyside. That contest, will undoubtedly tell us a great deal about the players’ mindset and that of the coaching staff as the season meanders towards its inevitability.

Billionaire , Stanley Kroenke , with an estimated $4.5 billion fortune , also happens to be the son-in-law to the late, Sam Walton , founder of the world’s largest retail and grocery store chain , Walmart . Kroenke’s wife, is none other than , Ann Walton-Kroenke , who also happens to be on the Forbes’ 400 Richest Americans’ List , as well as being one of the richest women in the world, with a multi-billion dollar fortune . Her husband, also presides over one of the largest sports’ conglomerates and concessions’ company in North America. Kroenke’s ownership of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment , encompasses the ownership of the Denver Nuggets of the NBA , the St Louis Rams of the NFL , the Colorado Avalanche of the NHL , sporting goods’ chain , Dick’s Sporting Goods , the Colorado Mammoth of the National Lacrosse League and Arsenal FC of the EPL.

Now while I have no real objection to an American, owning an English soccer team , what I cannot condone, is said to be the utter stupidity that has been shown by owners, such as Stanley Kroenke and the Glazer family, the latter, whose now close to ruination of Manchester United , have the fans in complete apoplexy. While supporters , may well point to the fact, that since family assumed control of Manchester United in 2005, the club has seen marked success. While that may well be true , it still cannot hide the fact , that Joel and Bryan Glazer , have used less than due diligence , in their operating the club , from a business standpoint. Profits have slowly been eroded , because of the club’s debt obligations and that is something that cannot be overlooked , as they now seek to place themselves within the constraints of the soon to be ,UEFA edicts concerning a team’s debt to asset ratio , which seeks to pare down teams’ debts , while also creating something of a level playing field , among the teams within the various European domestic leagues , seeking to compete in UEFA sanctioned club competitions. While clubs were given waivers this season for the Champions League , that will not be the case in 2015, when UEFA President Michel Platini expects all teams to comply with those edicts or risk being banned from all UEFA sanctioned club tournaments .

Stanley Kroenke’s presence, in the world of sports , was once described, as to his being the most powerful and influential in North American sports . That article, in Sports Illustrated , was either written by a ranked amateur , or by someone who at the time was under a deadline , simply did not want to plagiarise a piece and simply offer it up as an original piece of content . To allude to Kroenke, as being the most powerful or most influential person or owner in North American sports , would certainly being doing an injustice to the likes of the late George Steinbrenner , who was alive at the time of this article hitting the news’ stands and to the likes Robert Kraft, Dan Rooney , David Stern , Dick Ebersol , Sean McManus , Roger Goodell , Bud Selig , and Tim Finchem , Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods . Am I supposed to take this level of journalism seriously, when this type of diatribe and stupidity is on display with alarming regularity , especially when it is said to come from a respected magazine ?

Long an admirer of Arsenal FC , as a youngster , then as a teenager , I have witnessed some of the greatest moments of this famed club’s history over the past thirty years. While Arsene Wenger , has been the manager , leading the club to other trophies and triumphs , this current spell , with Stanley Kroenke as the team’s owner, might well become the driest spell of the manager’s tremendous coaching career . However, coming off a 3-0 loss to Everton , where the team performed poorly in the defeat at Goodison Park , in Merseyside. One cannot help but wonder what Wenger now has to do, to have his players, play at a higher level. Calls for the roster to be bolstered with some bold acquisitions being made, were met with an almost damning silence from the board , led by Stanley Kroenke and his subordinates . Finally, having relented , Wenger was offered a mere pittance , to go out and acquire players , with the result being Mesut Ozil , a gifted midfield player , but simply not enough to aid the team in its ambitions for the season .

Stanley Kroenke’s only wish, in owning a Premiership soccer team , has been the purchase as a bauble , to show to friends within his social circle and by way of watching the club’s value appreciate for more than that of an NFL franchise . Furthermore, with revenues far exceeding that of the NFL, with a global audience far exceeding that of North America’s grandest pastime and in terms of game attendance, albeit, that more games are played (thirty-eight) in the Premiership , than in (sixteen regular season) the NFL over the course of their respective schedules .

Arsenal, also known as ‘The Gunners’ , are due to face West Ham at their palatial home venue , Emirates Stadium in , North London, on the 15th April in what will be a highly anticipated contest , between these two London teams. Clearly, a victory for the home team, would be to their advantage and end of season hopes of gaining qualification for the Champions League. How things pan out , will greatly be dependent also , on the form shown over the rest of their schedule .

As if to further emphasize, how out of touch Stanley Kroenke remains when it comes two more of the jewels in his sports’ crown . Consider the seasons, of the Denver Nuggets and St Louis Rams and where they currently are, in terms of their status. The Nuggets might as well be afterthought, within the Western Conference, as the regular season schedule zeroes in, on its finality. Coached by Brian Shaw , who has a very experienced coaching staff to help him , this team has simply failed miserably, on so many levels , as the players have somehow failed to buy into Shaw’s coaching philosophies . The front office , with GM Tim Connelly leading the way, made a few subtle moves during the season , but nothing that would simply give you the impression that those acquisitions would place the franchise in a position to mount a serious challenge for divisional supremacy , much less a postseason berth for the upcoming postseason.

This past season, the St Louis Rams at times played hard , but within the NFC West , two dominant forces prevailed and the Rams were never in with a chance of bringing down either San Francisco 49ers or Seattle Seahawks . Both teams, proved to be, among the very best, that not only the NFC had to offer , but also the entire NFL. Yet, the Rams’ 7-9 record within the division that led to a last place finish and being the only team not to notch sort=OVERALL_WINS&sort=desc&colSel=0> double-digit wins , tells how tough the NFC West has now become and perhaps the toughest division within the NFL , based on final record and the play from the quartet of teams.

Rams’ head coach Jeff Fisher , has proven to be a competent successor to Steve Spagnuolo in so many ways , that the team’s future now rests in assured hands , with the head coach and his coaching staff . The issue now becomes, will Stanley Kroenke , Chip Rosenbloom , Kevin Demoff and GM Les Snead allow Fisher a free rein , to get the job done , by way making the team more competitive in terms of acquiring players and through the draft or will they seek to impede him at each and every turn , thereby making the franchise irrelevant ?



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This idiocy at times, that the coach has to shoulder the blame when a team fails, is in actuality, absolute bull#hit ! A great deal of the time, the front office of an organization is equally to blame , when they seek , not to make the resources available to the coaching staff , in order , to make that franchise competitive. Yet, you would be hard pressed to actually make some fans believe that to be the case , because their heads more often than not , has been lodged up their own ass, that they cannot tell the difference between night and day. Chime in with your thoughts, on the points raised and thanks as always for the continued support of this site , as it is greatly appreciated !


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(1) Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea and coach David Moyes faces the media during a Manchester United Press Conference ahead of the UEFA Champions League Group A match between Real Sociedad and Manchester United at Estadio Anoeta on November 4, 2013 in San Sebastian, Spain. Getty Images North America / Mike Hewitt ….

(2) From left to right , Bryan Glazer , Joel Glazer and Avram Glazer , board members and the owners of Premiership soccer team Manchester United and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL . The trio are seen here, in the stands of a Premiership game at United’s home venue , Old Trafford Stadium , in Manchester , England ,. A disappointing season in 2013 will see the team miss the lucrative UEFA Champions League club competition next season, for the first time in a several years . If the current rumors are to be believed, the family are likely to rebuff an alleged $4 billion bid for the soccer team from a yet to be unidentified source . Getty Images Europe / Chris Rogers …..

(3) Alex Ferguson , second from the left is seen here members of the Glazer family as they discuss a team issue . Ferguson who served as manager of the team for two decades was succeeded by David Moyes , at whose insistence, his successor was hired , much to the annoyance of fans, who felt that Moyes was not a suitable candidate to fill the vacancy , having little success in his earlier stops in his managerial career. Courtesy of Daily Mail UK /Alex Ogden …

(4) Josh Kroenke is seen here alongside his father Stan Kroenke, are seen here in attendance of an NBA game at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado , home to the Denver Nuggets , the franchise owned by Kroenke through his company Kroenke Sports & Entertainment a multi-billion dollar conglomerate based in Colorado,. AP Photo/ Collin Matthews ……

(5) Ann Walton-Kroenke, a direct descendant of Walton family and one of the heirs to the multi-billion dollar fortune . Ann is married to Stan Kroenke , self-made billionaire businessman . Getty Images North America/ Christina Matthews ….

(6) Jeff Fisher head coach of the St Louis Rams , whose final eighteen months as the coach of the Tennessee Titans were said to be the most tumultuous of his considerable coaching career , in having to deal with the adversarial nature of Vince Young and then owner , Charles K ‘Bud’ Adams . Fisher has been able to turn around the fortunes of the Rams , having succeeded Steve Spagnuolo , in what might be now the ‘toughest’ division in the entire NFL . AP Photo / Tom Walsh …..



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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

26 thoughts on “You cannot blame the manager and players alone , when the owners have a responsibility themselves …”

  1. The Glazer family , perennially presiding over bull#hit concerning the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their fans are equally as dumb in accepting the fecal matter , that the franchise has been serving up . All they can actually point to, is that lone success of a Superbowl win and three Hall of Fame players at present . Need one say anymore on the matter , less the idiots from the Pewter Report start to cry like the dumb as#holes that they are and have become in recent years .

    “I said I am Scottish , not a faggot , you dumb American bast#ard ” !

    Alex Ferguson , top left, speaking to a member of the Glazer family

    Not only have the Glazers screwed up the Buccaneers this past season with the dumb hiring of Greg Schiano , but , Joel and Bryan Glazer remain clueless , as to the nuances concerning the game of soccer with regard to the Premiership (EPL) and Manchester United .

    “If only we had ‘melo we’d be a far better team ” !

    Nuggets’ owner , Stanley Kroenke

    Stanley Kroenke , in spite of wealth and alleged business acumen , has been a goddamn joke as an owner of all his sports’ franchises over the past four years . What the hell have they won , collectively , in that time-span ? Now he’s making Arsenal one of the biggest goddamn jokes in the world of professional soccer in England !

    tophatal …………………..


  2. Glazers came to rob and steal. These brothers do not appreciate the EPL and futebol. The problem is that the board of directors listened to Sir Alex instead of finding a real manager who won something besides sixth place like Moyes. Look Man U was a leaky sieve in the midfield and back line. older players and players who never lived up to expectations was a huge question mark on the club. Sir Alex willed Man U to the title. Arsenal hasn’t won bupkis since 2005.. Good players wanted out. Who can blame them. We are sorely lacking a striker and a attacking midfielder and another defender. Kroenke is a joke. I think Wenger may not stick around. He hasn’t signed a new and he won’t talk about it. Everton was a disaster. So was blowout road losses to Liverpool, Chelsea, and Shitty I mean Man City. we sit back and wait. Wenger won’t attack. Injuries have a ton to do with it as well. It is time to buy out Kroenke. Many times after a period of failure it is time to bring in a new face.


  3. bobby gee

    It’s as I’ve said all along ! US fans stateside do not and will never understand the bare essentials and rudiments of the Premiership , much less baseball , basketball , hockey or the NFL . It has been the same with the Glazers and Stanley Kroenke and their all-round continued idiocy !

    Yet , much of the time the bulk of the idiocy , is in terms of content , has been about anecdotes and bull#hit such as fantasy teams.

    Granted , millions practice assembling their fantasy teams , but where’s the real excitement to be had in that ? Furthermore , when it comes to the economics side of sports fans here are from being knowledgeable much less understanding how the cap situation works within the NFL , NBA and hockey . Yet their continued idiocy and comments, bear no semblance to reality and what is happening in the world of sports .

    Masi Ujiri , general manager of the Toronto Raptors , who may well be in the running for the NBA’s Executive of The Year Award this season, once again .

    To show you how clueless the Kroenke’s (Josh and Stan) just happen to be , they allowed Masi Ujiri then the general manager of the Denver Nuggets to leave , Ujiri was the sole asset that they franchise (Nuggets) possessed at the time and he has now gone on to lead the front office of the Toronto Raptors and made them something of a viable concern as the third seed in the Western Conference this season . Urji , Dwane Casey and the coaching staff have assembled a very good team and the question now might be ……….. how deep can they go this postseason ?

    The Glazers remain so fu@king clueless , that they have been the sole reason for Manchester United’s woes at present . They have been less than truthful, concerning the team’s ongoing finances . And as profitable as Manchester United are said to be , their debt obligations to their creditors, is far from being completely clear and that is why they will continue to struggle , especially when it comes to acquiring players . Hell, it has gotten to the point, that in certain instances recently , they have taken a monetary loss in their jettisoning of players that they acquired as recently as three or four years ago .

    I am surprised that Bobby Charlton as a former player and now a prominent board member , would allow this to happen and say nothing publicly on the issue !

    Joel and Bryan Glazer will continue to run both United and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they see fit , but neither franchise will be a resounding success .

    Look at the Buccaneers’ situation at present , and the fact that they’re hoping on a wing and prayer that Lovie Smith , his coaching staff and newly installed GM Jason Licht , know the hell what they’re doing . Given the makeup of the front office and who Licht is ultimately answerable to , I do not hold out much hope for the organization from that standpoint and from a competitive view either , given how woefully inept that the team just happened to be over the entire season and the fact that they could not post a consistent winning streak all season long of more than two games , if that ! Hence the reason why the fans remain so willing to accept mediocrity , while pointing a Superbowl win in 2003 and their trio of Hall of Fame inductees .

    tophatal ……………………….


  4. I do not get my jollies playing fake stuff. I was kid growing up in the 1950’s and 1960’s we played the game football, futebol, baseball, hoops or whatever on the streets wit real people. We tried to play like our sports heroes. Heroes on pitch or field not their lives. That’s the difference. Most Americans do not give a crap about futebol. And this is why very few American owners of EPL clubs know what they are doing. John Henry does. The boss man would and that’s about it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bobby

      Athletes of today, are more concerned with the money they make , endorsements afforded them, and the images created for them , by their agents and lawyers , but most of all , what is created by the dumb ass members of the print and television media , because more often than not , too many of the itinerant and apathetic fans buy into the bull#hit being sold by that cabal of idiots !

      You only have to read the crap written by USA Today’s , Christine Brennan to realize how clueless and lackluster her ideas are , on a wide variety of issues across the gamut of the sports’ panacea .

      tophatal ………………


        1. bobby gee

          It’s not even her political views , it’s the simple drivel and bile she writes seeking to apparently show her prowess as a journalist . She’s barely average in her chosen vocation and it is solely because of familial ties , why she’s looked upon favorably in her chosen field .

          Christine Brennan of USA Today



    2. bobby gee

      Jaguars’ owner , Shahid Khan has also delved into the ownership of a Premiership team , having bought Fulham FC , but there too the team’s failings have also mirrored much like the Jacksonville Jaguars’ lousy season in 2013 , with Gus Bradley as the head coach and where the quarterback play was simply abysmal on all fronts .

      If you have Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne as your team’s quarterback, then they are going absolutely nowhere whatsoever , under any damn circumstance .

      Shad Khan (right) and Fulham’s former owner , Mohamed Al-Fayed , who also happens to be the owner of the world-famous Harrod’s Department Store in London , England ,.

      tophatal …………………


      1. Both teams suck. This fool let Clint Dempsey walk away. The Cottagers still have a shot at not getting sent down. We will see!~


        1. bobby gee

          Shahid Khan may well be a billionaire and on Forbes’ 400 list and billionaires’ list , but no one ever claimed . he was smart to begin with ! That’s like suggesting that Attorney General Eric Holder can be mentioned in the same vein as the late US Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall .

          Dimmer and Dumber , but life has to and must go on . So sad , too bad .

          “Mr Khan , Mr Khan , beyond spending $700 million to buy the Jaguars and a further $ 550 million to buy the English soccer team Fulham . What has ever been your biggest and most lavish purchase ” ? “Well it was buying my way into the good graces of both the Democratic and Republican Parties . Like you , I believe in ‘The American Dream ‘ “ ‘ ! Jags’ owner Shahid Khan

          Shahid Khan and Jaguars’ front office will be hard pressed to make the Jaguars a real success story , much less even being a competitive team in the NFL within three years . Certainly not with the team , as it is in its current guise or in particular with the coaching staff assembled to assist head coach Gus Bradley , who proved last season , how much out of his depth he was actually said to be .

          Bear in mind , on the Jags’ roster , they have quarterback Chad Henne /a. , who for one time in his life was right , when he stated that Tim Tebow’s career and the hype surrounding him would be short-lived .

          Henne , must now look at his own mediocre career in the NFL since he was drafted and the money his agent has cajoled out of the teams he’s played for , who now , no doubt regret the privilege of having signed the player.


          Misguided and stupid , the Jaguars’ Chad Henne


          Janet Jackson & Busta Rhymes ……. “Gonna Make Your Body Sweat ” .

          Not something that either the Jaguars or Fulham would be able to do under any circumstance . Neither has any rhythm , nor can they play !

          tophatal …………………………>


          1. Not at this point. This is why both clubs are in ruin. He bought them so he do what he wants until some one buys him out,


                1. bobby

                  I would like to think that would be the case for both Fulham and the Jaguars , but in their most recent seasons , I believe it to be highly unlikely !

                  Fulham FC were a mess this season within the Premiership and they did not fare much better in the FA Cup or the Carling (League) Cup .

                  In the case of the Jacksonville Jaguars that was simply a bad team with two mediocre quarterbacks, being coached by an inexperienced coach and coaching staff. Need we also be reminded how the Jaguars finished off their season in terms of the results and where they stood within their division , conference and the league as a whole .

                  tophatal …………..


                    1. bobby

                      Lost Maurice Jones Drew and they had also let go of wide receiver Justin Blackmon for violating the league’s substance abuse policy as well as for conduct detrimental to the team and the NFL . Blackmon has been suspended indefinitely , without pay and is unlikely to get another chance in the NFL , unless he can prove to the coaches that he has indeed changed.

                      Maurice Jones-Drew now with the Raiders .

                      Justin Blackmon .

                      tophatal ………….


  5. bobby

    The reason why John Henry has been successful as an owner on both counts , with the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool , has been from the very moment he bought both clubs , he chose to delegate power and place the responsibility for the running of both teams with lead executives or directors as the case maybe . Also take into account , he has two terrific managers in John Farrell of the Red Sox and Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool.

    Red Sox and Liverpool owner , John Henry , seen here with his wife , Linda Pizzutti-Henry .

    Henry’s companies Roush Fenway and NESN are amongst the most successful businesses in their respective areas of expertize .


  6. So The Masters was meant to enthrall the fans at Augusta this year ? No Tiger and now Phil Mickelson . misses the cut in the tournament . What’s next , some heifer walking the beach scantily clad in a two piece bathing and then the fans are asked to enjoy ?

    As for these dumb ass journalists , who tried to elicit excitement about the tournament , why can’t they simply shut the fu#k up, because their insight , has provided about as much use as Katherine Sebelius , as head of the HHS , with her being the lead spokesperson for Obama’s Healthcare Initiative .

    Sebelius has been a damn joke in her position much like the department she oversaw !

    NY Daily News

    The Masters: Phil Mickelson misses cut while former champ Bubba Watson goes on birdie spree at Augusta

    Lefty had a triple-bogey at the 12th, where he knocked three straight shots in bunkers for his second triple of the tournament. Three birdies on the back side gave him a glimmer of hope, but 73 totaled up to 149 — one shot too many.

    By Hank Gola , NY Daily News

    AUGUSTA — No Tiger Woods. And now no Phil Mickelson. Luckily Bubba Watson is still around.

    With seven green jackets gone from the mix now that Mickelson missed the Masters cut Friday, the one that was won two years ago is looking the sharpest. Watson reeled off five straight birdies in a virtual windstorm on Augusta National’s famed back nine on Friday, bringing to life a course that was supposed to be dead without Woods.

    Watson’s 4-under par 68 staked him to a three–shot lead over John Senden at 7-under 137 for two rounds of tough pin placements, fast greens and swirling winds that really picked up Friday. They blew Mickelson out of his favorite tournament for the first time in 17 years, the low point in a 2014 season during which he’s still searching for his first top 10 in 10 starts.

    Another big number — a six on 12, his second triple bogey in two days, all short-game related — did him in. He had come here nervous about his form but hoping the drive up Magnolia Lane would rekindle his game. Upon leaving, he was asked if he plans to watch the rest of the Masters on TV. “Probably, yeah,” said Mickelson, who shot 73 and finished 5-over. “It’s an exciting tournament, I probably will. It’ll kind of be my punishment.”

    The 12th hole was probably enough agony. Mickelson made triple bogey without even putting a ball into Rae’s Creek. Instead, he hit into a bunker three times, going back and forth across the green. “I hit in the front bunker. And there was no sand where I was at,” he explained. “I caught the liner of the bunker and bladed it across the green, and the same thing happened on the other side. It went back and forth, three bunkers, before I finally got it to stay on grass.

    “That’s what I’ve been nervous about . . . having a hole like 7 (where he made 7) yesterday, a hole like 12 today, where I go along, making pars, putting the ball in the right spot and you just get a bad situation,” he said. “And instead of one sliding, two or three are going away. That’s the kind of stuff when you’re playing tournament golf and you’re mentally sharp you don’t do. And that’s the kind of stuff I seem to be doing right now.”

    Watson hasn’t always been associated with a rock-solid mind, and after he won the Masters in 2012, last year was a bust. The only positive was adopting his son, Caleb, with his wife, Angie.

    Click on link to read in full.


    “Chlamydia ? No I’ve never heard of that town , where is it situated ” ?

    Katerine Sebelius



    She’s out to get laid or laid out


    tophatal …………….


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