Highlights, low-lights and no lights at all

Highlights, low-lights and no lights at all …………..

With a mere two days to go , before the culmination of the NBA season and with many of the divisional races all but sewn up , the conference records have yet to resolved, as are the final seedings. In the Eastern Conference the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat are now in a rabid dogfight for that number one spot within the conference . For head coaches, Frank Vogel and Erik Spoelstra , theirs has been a season of thrills and suspense, during which, both have proven themselves to very successful in their endeavors. Whether or not , both are viewed as leading candidates for the NBA Manager of the Year Award , remains to be seen . While I believe, both to be credible and likely vote-getters , the leaders in this field I believe are Dwane Casey , Mark Jackson , Gregg Popovich and Tom Thibodeau ! As an avowed fan of the San Antonio Spurs , in spite of his unprecedented success as a head coach , having won this title only twice during his career . This is unlikely to be the year, that Popovich has a third triumph, in winning these prestigious awards.


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In spite of the ballyhooed surrounding the New York Knicks late season acquisition of Phil Jackson to head that franchise’s operations as Head of Basketball Operations , will not bring about as triumphant a year-end as their fans might have hoped . Unfortunately, poor play , lack of commitment from the players and their not buying into the coaching philosophy of Mike Woodson and coaching staff , has pretty much summed up why the team has failed miserably, while their fans continue make the most infantile and immature excuses for the franchise’s failings this season. A rather convincing eleven-point win over the Chicago Bulls on Sunday afternoon at Madison Square Garden , in New York City , is simply too little too late , as the games now come fast and quick , with the Knicks’ shot at the eighth and final berth in the Eastern Conference all but dead and buried. A fate, that was created by the Knicks, due to their inconsistency, season long and it is likely to be something that will be addressed by Phil Jackson.

The individual awards, for this season, are likely to be debatable in some contact ,with the biggest of them all , now producing arguments on both sides of the scales, in support of LeBron James and Kevin Durant for the NBA League MVP Award . The outcome could very well be the tightest race, that the league has seen in several years , with it quite possibly , coming down to the wire as who, the winner is likely to be . A fifth victory for James, would place the player in rarefied air, as a multiple winner of the award, as Durant seeks to win his first such honor, in winning the game’s highest individual regular season award. It is my opinion, that it would be a fitting triumph for Kevin Durant to win the award , after a record-breaking season for the player on so many fronts and for the Oklahoma City franchise !

A pitiful season for the Philadelphia 76ers and the simple resolve behind the front office for the franchise to remain uncompetitive, while having fans pay for such a rancid on-court product that protagonists of the NBA and that of the league’s former commissioner believe as acceptable. Personally, if the imprint of David Stern has been over the entire gamut of the NBA for the past three decades and fans are seeking to excuse that mediocrity, then it simply alludes to their ongoing apathy and lack of understanding, of what has taken place within the league during his tenure . For the Sixers fans, perhaps the only bright spot , on an otherwise, mediocre season, has been the play of rookie Michael Carter-Williams , who is likely to be viewed as the most credible candidate on a short-list of no more than four real top-flight nominees , for the Rookie of the Year Award .

The Sixth Man of the Year Award and that of the Most Improved Player are pretty much self-explanatory and not a situation, where there will be a cavalcade of players being lined up as nominees for either award. I believe, that the two leading candidates, in the aforementioned categories, just happen to be teammates , Blake Griffin and Jamal Crawford ! Crawford , should win the Sixth Man of the Year , pulling away from the other likely nominees , simply because of his productivity , most notably during the fourth quarter of game . Griffin , is likely to be pressed by the Chicago Bulls’ center Joakim Noah for the Most Improved Player , with quite possibly , with Noah , coming away the victor, solely because of his presence, his resilience and that of the Bulls’ surprising showing within their division and the Eastern Conference overall , this season . From my own perspective , I believe the Tom Thibodeau coached team to be the most dangerous of the top five teams in the conference , outside of the top two contenders, now jockey conference supremacy and that is with all due respect to the third seeded Toronto Raptors .

Out in the Western Conference, while others were making hay while the sun shone brightly , while analysts and fans alike, gathered like flies around fecal matter, in making the likes of the Oklahoma Thunder , Los Angeles Clippers , Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets as likely the teams with the best record in the conference . The San Antonio Spurs , simply put together another regular season display , with the franchise making it sixteen consecutive seasons in the NBA postseason , along with having the best record in the conference as well as the NBA . The Spurs in many respects, they have unnecessarily become, the Rodney Dangerfield of the NBA , as they do not seem to get the due recognition they deserve or the reverence for those astonishing achievements . Four NBA titles during that aforementioned time-span , while averaging, just over fifty wins, per season . Am I missing something here , but are the fans of the league really that anally retentive and apathetic ? I guess the smoke, that gets into their eyes, actually has a great deal more than smoke , but also a great deal of mucus !

Two weeks into the MLB season and there happens to more money sitting in the teams’ dugouts, with regard to players’ injuries , than can be found to make up the payroll of several of the ball-clubs at the lower end of the payroll spectrum. Who would have thought, that Clayton Kershaw and his contract , would now be looked at with bewilderment , but yet by comparison , baseball still has to contend with Alex Rodriguez wanting to offer his advice on the game and its present predicament? Yet , this has been how the game has evolved , with their now being no discerning leadership being shown by the league hierarchy and where the likes of Rodriguez are still given quarter to offer up any type nonsensical stupidity , that the press deems fit for print for the fans , to swallow up.

Newly installed union Executive Director Tony Clark has yet to offer an opinion on his own views, on the punishment meted out to his members concerning steroid abuse in recent months, but I can only surmise that the relationship between Major League Baseball and the MLBPA (union) will continue to be antagonistic , as it has been throughout the reigns of Donald Fehr , his successor Michael Weiner and now likely , Clark , himself !

Already this season, we have seen a number of great single game performances , perhaps none more than the play of Chicago White Sox rookie Jose Abreu and his almost single-handed onslaught and demolition of the Colorado Rockies , in the team’s 15-3 pounding that took place at Coors Field in Colorado on the 8th April , 2014. Abreu, has been everything, that Robin Ventura , the coaching staff, front office , led by owner ,, Jerry Reinsdorf and GM Kenny Williams believed he would be, when he was acquired as a free, agent in October of 2013 , having been a member of the Cuban national team . It will undoubtedly take a great deal more than simply Abreu’s productivity to lift the White Sox out of the doldrums and prove to be competitive enough a challenger to the likes of the Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins , Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Indians .

Far too early, to start making claims, as who, the best team in baseball just happens to be, as the teams are still finding their rhythms , while we are still in the infancy of the season. Granted , the play of the Houston Astros , is leading me to believe, that the team could be back on route to having a fourth consecutive season of one hundred losses or more . That type of mediocrity, has to be setting a real precedence in the modern-day era of baseball, as we have come to know it . Then again , if the fans are willing to accept the years of mediocrity, exhibited by the Kansas City Royals , Pittsburgh Pirates and Tampa Bay Rays , over the past two decades , then why should the Astros’ plight be considered to be any different ?

With a record of 5-8 within the AL West , the Houston Astros are already 3 ½ games behind divisional leaders the Oakland Athletics (8-4) as of 13th April , 2014. At this point last season, the Astros were not in a similar position and by no means should the same date be viewed as something of a precursor, to what was about to unfold over the course of the team’s schedule , but suffice to say , from April 14th onwards things seemed to have spun out of control for Bo Porter , his managerial staff and in particular GM Jeff Luhnow , who was unable to “right a sinking ship ” , with a year-end record , merely indicating how bad the team was said to be and that the level of play by the players was simply below average . Should the fans, be expecting, more of the same, at Minute Maid Park , in Houston this season? Well , dependent upon who one listens to, the Houston Astros are likely to be markedly better or they will remain a cellar-dweller among the AL teams and baseball in general. I am liable to believe that it will be the latter , because there has been no real indication that the front office , has made the moves necessary to improve the roster overall .

With no scheduled game for Monday , the Astros will play host to the Kansas City Royals on Tuesday afternoon, when Yordano Ventura takes the mound for the Royals against Lucas Harrell of the Astros , in what is likely to be a solid contest between these two young pitchers .

It’s strange what a flying start out of the gate can do to for the moral of a team . In less than six days , in going, from having the best record within their division the Miami Marlins have found themselves in a place that they now seem so accustomed to. As a one-time fan of the franchise , I have seen the highs lows of the ball-club having won two World Series ,while the owners of the teams at the time, having won those titles , sought to implode the rosters , plead poverty and then seek to use the league hierarchy as befits them in gaining greater dispensation by this league’s idiotic tax revenue sharing scheme , which to this day, no one from Bud Selig’s office can explain succinctly how it is has benefited the league much less the low market teams, as a whole . MLB CFO Jonathan Mariner has proven to be no more competent in his current position , than Tim Geithner might have said to be in his former position as Treasury Secretary. As we know , Geithner , though thought to be a financial wunderkind , proved to be nothing more than a boorish ass, while trying to placate the all too moronic and sophomoric policies of the incumbent President , while his agency failed miserably, in working in conjunction, with the financial sector and FRB in bringing about any real tangible benefit to the economy. Likewise, it has been the same thing with Mariner and his antics with being the league’s highest ranking financial executive. Need we be also reminded, it was Johnathan Mariner, who also suggested that the issue of steroids within baseball, was merely a press’ idea of giving the game a bad reputation.

MLB CFO Jonathan Mariner

MLB CFO Jonathan Mariner , not the brightest of people within the MLB hierarchy but somehow his sentiments are shared by some around the game of baseball as it relates to the issue of steroids . AP Photo / Phil Reid ….

I may well be mistaken, but long before the era of steroids, the game of baseball, used segregation as a prominent part, of its terrain, to omit minorities from being participants in the sport ? Yet , here in 2014, we have a fairly prominent African-American within the upper echelons of baseball’s hierarchy , making such a statement? And I was once told by a patron , that this country had advanced along the path of racial convergence , where we need not worry about such issues ? The statements were made by an individual, who within his locale seemed blind, to the racial epithets and attacks were taking place against young women and children entering a place of worship. Now in light of the most recent incidents, having taken place in Kansas City , Missouri and Jasper , Texas , I wonder what this apathetic fool might have to say ?

Mike Redmond as the manager of the Marlins and a former player in the Big Leagues as well as with the team he currently manages . In having to succeed Ozzie Guillen and his year of incredulity , stupidity , slapstick style of management , has been placed in a position where he is unlikely to succeed. Giancarlo Stanton , the Marlins’ best player , alongside Jose Fernandez , 2013 NL Rookie of the Year , are seen as the two players likely to spearhead the Marlins’ resurgence within the division and NL . Unfortunately, I do not believe the evidence is there , nor is there the depth to the roster needed , in order for the Miami Marlins to be seen as a legitimate contender for the NL Pennant , much less a World Series title .

Monday afternoon’s result , was simply, a further indication, why I believe that the Miami Marlins will continue to struggle throughout this season! The team was outplayed in every aspect of their contest, in succumbing 9-2 to divisional rivals the Washington Nationals , where at no point during the game, did the home team have an answer for the pitching of Ryan Zimmerman , much less an answer for the Nationals’ offense. It was plain to see, that the Miami Marlins were outgunned and out-manned by an opponent , whose ambitions this season are certainly greater than anything going on inside of the Marlins’ front office headed by team owner Jeffrey Loria and David P Sansom , GM Michael Hill and Andre Dawson . The Marlins’ struggles on the field may well be well chronicled , but it should also be noted, over the past six seasons , game attendance for the Marlins’ games have been among the lowest in the entire league. Doubt my word, there figures are there, for everyone to witness , so please someone explain to me succinctly why a new baseball stadium has to be built for the Tampa Bay Rays , much less any professional sports’ franchise on within the state?



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Slow week , in the NFL ? No , the shakeout among the teams continues , as they get rid of what they believe to be “dead weight” by way of the players, in order, to remain cap-friendly . At this point of the off-season , I am not particularly interested in the machinations of the league , much less the idiocy and the ongoing debate, as to who should be taken number one overall in the upcoming NFL Draft . The players having declared their eligibility , will either be able to play or they are likely to become monumental busts . Need we be reminded the goddamn hype over Tim Tebow , whose NFL career was vaguely memorable and for all of Gators’ fans out there who feel that the Heisman Trophy winner was sorely done by . Please get a life , as the quarterback was never good enough to play in the league in spite of a number of results . Simply look at the lack of consistency from the player and the very fact that he was unable to read defenses , much less, that technically, it was very much like watching a child stumbling, while take their very first steps and their idiots, who actually believed he possessed the skill-set to play in the NFL at a high level ? There remains a great deal of apathy and ignorance among the fan-base, within the NFL and among the on air personalities who cover the game.

With the NBA Playoffs about to begin , which teams do you believe will be at the forefront of making a major impact during the postseason ? Which team, teams or player, do you believe has been the most impressive this early in the baseball season ? Finally, with all, of the hyperbole, concerning the proposed number one overall pick in this NFL Draft, do you believe the ongoing discussion has been justified ? By all means, chime in with your thoughts as you see fit and thanks always for the continued support of this site as it greatly appreciated !


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(1) NBA head coaches from left to right , Dwane Casey, of the Toronto Raptors , Terry Stotts of the Portland Trailblazers and Jeff Hornacek of the Phoenix Suns . Casey and Stotts, will be leading their teams into the Playoffs but Hornacek and Suns narrowly missed a playoff berth in the Western Conference . Getty Images/ Gregory Ralston ….

(2) Opposing head coaches from last season’s NBA Finals , Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs and Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat are seen here prior to the start of game five of the 2013 NBA Finals Series at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas,. Miami would go on to prevail in the Finals winning the series 4-3 , with LeBron James being named Finals MVP for the second successive time of his career. James also led all scorers in the series and has one of the highest postseason playoff averages in NBA history. AP Photo / Matt Slocum ….

(3) Phil Jackson . left , recently hired to oversee the Basketball Operations of the New York Knicks is pictured here, in-framed with head coach Mike Woodson . Rumors are rife , that Woodson’s tenure with the franchise, is likely to be terminated at the end of the season , with Jackson seeking to replace the beleaguered head coach with a person of his own choice . For the moment the context remains mere speculation , as neither the front office executive, the head coach or team owner, James Dolan have gone on record as stating what is likely to happen in the future concerning the head coaching with the franchise. Getty Images / David Green …

(4) Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers is seen here before a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodgers Stadium on May 6 , 2013 in Los Angeles, California. With the season in its infancy , the high-priced pitcher is one of a litany of players across the league on the MLB Disabled List . During the off-season Kershaw signed a multi-year , multi-million deal, that made him among the highest paid players in the league and one of the highest salaried starting pitchers in the game . The Los Angeles Dodgers this season surpassed the New York Yankees with the highest payroll in baseball , with teams’ payroll commitments exceeding last year’s record Opening Day figure of $3.065 billion . Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images …

(5) Jose Abreu of the Chicago White Sox who has had a spectacular start to the season for the team as the White Sox seek to make inroads this season , while seeking to be more competitive within the AL Central. AP Photo / Garry Lloyd …

(6) MLB CFO Jonathan Mariner , not the brightest of people within the MLB hierarchy but somehow his sentiments are shared by some around the game of baseball as it relates to the issue of steroids . AP Photo / Phil Reid ….

(7) Nov 2, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins vice president & general manager Michael Hill (left) listens as Marlins new manager Mike Redmond fields questions during a press conference at Marlins Park . Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports …..



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30 thoughts on “Highlights, low-lights and no lights at all”

  1. Only within the MLB hierarchy can an ass such as Jonathan Mariner be allowed to exist and no questions the guy’s lack of intelligence and credibility . Yet , fans believe that the game has been well represented over years much like it has within the NBA and NFL ? What a fu#king joke ! Anal retentive fans who are too damn well dumb for their own good .

    MLB schedule 15th April 2014 and probable starters

    MLB results 14th October

    MLB standings

    One year ago today results and standings

    tophatal ………………….


  2. Tophat, pertaining to the NBA Coach of Year, you wrote, “leaders in this field I believe are Dwane Casey , Mark Jackson , Gregg Popovich and Tom Thibodeau .” No way Mark Jackson should even be whispered in this field. Why? His lack of experience has shown despite the many bailouts by superstar SCurry. Besides, you’ve omitted the probable favorite in Jeff Hornacek. Personally, I think Popp is the most deserving. DCasey has done miracles with the Raptors once he convinced management to rid the team of their problem…….Rudy Gay.


    1. Ronbets

      Jeff Hornacek had a good season , working with a young and inexperienced team , but it would be something of a huge snub to have him win Coach of the Year Award when his team missed the playoffs altogether , even it was by the remotest of margins within the West . That is not to say that he’s not worthy of a mention ,but I believe that Stotts , Casey , Thibodeau and Jackson are more worthy of the accolade , this season !

      Your thoughts on the start of the MLB season and which of the teams have you been impressed with the most ? The same question with regard to a player ? n

      Dwane Casey was always a good coach , he just needed to be in the right type of environment . I can’t believe that the Lakers are seriously said to be thinking about hiring John Calipari to possibly succeed Mike DAntoni as the next Lakers’ head coach ?

      What the hell is going on with the Niners’ Aldon Smith ? Threatening a TSA employee at LAX (Los Angeles Int’l Airport) and then threatening to bomb and blowup a plane , all within earshot of flight-goers and security on the concourse terminal of one of the country’s busiest airports ? Is he ###king crazy or what ? .

      Trouble follows Smith like flies around $hit .

      Courtesy of USA Today

      Aldon Smith arrested on false bomb report charge

      San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested and booked Sunday on a charge of false report of a bomb threat stemming from an incident at Los Angeles International Airport, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

      A statement released by Sgt. Karla Ortiz of the LAPD says Smith was selected for secondary screening at the airport. The statement says Smith then became “belligerent and uncooperative with the process and with the TSA agent, making a comment indicating that he was in possession of a bomb before proceeding towards the gate area.”

      Once LAPD officers arrived on the scene, Smith continued to be “uncooperative” and was detained.

      DRAFT: Which team is best fit for Manziel?

      KAEPERNICK: QB says ‘faith is not misplaced’

      49ers general manager Trent Baalke released a statement through a team spokesman.

      “We are disappointed to learn of the incident today involving Aldon Smith,” Baalke said in the statement. “As this is a pending legal matter and we are still gathering the pertinent facts, we will have no further comment.”

      Smith already has had off-the-field issues after he was arrested on suspicion of DUI and marijuana possession in September 2013. The 24 year old was also charged with three felony weapons counts from a June 2012 party held at his house.

      He has since pled not guilty to the gun charges, and was also arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in January of 2012.

      Click on link to read in full.


      Donald Trump is serious about buying (click on link inset [or view below])

      the Buffalo Bills ? Can someone remind him that this isn’t an episode of his reality show ‘The Apprentice’ or the reincarnation of the USFL .

      USA Today

      Donald Trump ‘very serious’ about buying Bills?

      BUFFALO — Donald Trump never did run for governor of New York. But now he may be on to his next project: buying the Buffalo Bills.

      “It’s very serious,” Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy said. “He’s long had an interest in professional sports.”

      Langworthy, who met with Trump in Manhattan on Monday, said the billionaire is “doing all due diligence” as he considers making an offer to purchase the franchise. The acquisition would be close to $1 billion, Langworthy said, although it’s unclear at this point if Trump would work by himself or with an ownership group to make a bid.

      “If he wanted to buy the Bills himself,” said Michael Cohen, a lawyer for Trump. “It would not be a problem.”

      Two weeks ago, at a rally against the SAFE Act in Albany, Trump made a vague reference to the Bills, only telling reporters that “a lot of people” had talked to him about pursuing ownership. Of course, it was also only a month ago that Trump finally announced he would not challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo after a long, public period of indecisiveness that drew harsh comments from Republican candidate Rob Astorino.

      Click on link to read in full.

      ” Mr Trump , Mr Trump , did you know , one of my fellow contestants said she’d suck your d#ck ” ? An unseen moment from The Celebrity Apprentice

      There remains a conflict of interest Trump still owns stock (minority) in the gaming company that still bears his name .

      tophatal ………


      1. Tophat,

        Word out here from 2 good sources state that Mark Jackson is HISTORY if they don’t show up against the Clippers in the 1st round. LOL Mark in beating Doc Rivers in the playoffs.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ronbets

          Here’s my take the Warriors’ ownership group led by billionaires, Joe Lacob and Peter Guber ( Guber also happens to be a part owner also of the Dodgers) want success now and at the same time the franchise is also looking at moving into a new $ 550 million venue by 2015 . That proposed move was to have taken place this year , but was pushed back because of issues in dealing with the Oakland Alameda County Government .

          If the Warriors move to Marin County and the Bay Area of San Francisco , look for their to be some outrage from Warriors’ fans in Alameda County .

          The first round series between the Clippers and Warriors is likely to be the best of the series out West , whereas in the East , it’s like trying to pick the worst of a really bad bunch of games .

          The Miami Heat do not look like two-time .. defending NBA champions .

          God forbid , that LeBron James should go down with an injury at any point during the preliminary rounds ( round and conference semis) or the Heat would definitely be on the ropes .

          Of late , the Pacers have been too inconsistent and I believe that has come from Frank Vogel being overly reliant on his five starters , albeit, that the depth of the roster is very good among the best in in the East by far .

          tophatal ………………


        2. Ronbets

          I’m sorry but how is the signing of Lamar Odom meant to give the Knicks credibility ? And is this Phil Jackson’s idea of actually trying to induce Carmelo Anthony to remain with the franchise ?

          Also will that mean that the Kardashian clan will be turning up for Knicks’ games at Madison Square Garden , while still seeking to sell their garbage lives to the public at large ? Personally , I’d rather see the making of sex tape involving Kim K and rapper Kanye West . While Kim is performing , we can have West’s hit song “Gold Digger” playing in the background.


          Kim took one for the team , so that Mama could make money for the family , courtesy of singer Ray J .


          Kanye West and Jamie Foxx …. ” Gold Digger ”

          tophatal …………….


  3. Tophat,

    I would like to hear your input on DeMarcus Cousins. His game is top notch, but what’s with the anger issues. It’s obvious he doesn’t embrace “whitey” on the court either. Re: JJ Redick.


    1. Ronbets

      DeMarcus Cousins is a mercurial a talent who when he puts his mind to it , but he can be as explosive an offensive weapon as some of the best in the league . Unfortunately , his playing under John Calipari did not teach him discipline , nor do I eel that was something that Calipari sough to instill into his players , much less how to grow up and mature as individuals while in a collegiate setting . Derrick Rose still refuses to address the issue of his SAT’s and why it was that a subordinate of Calipari’s was at the venue with another student on the day he took his test . It is something that to this day , John Calipari refuses to be broached on the subject, as to what is said to have taken place . Need I say anymore on the matter ?

      Cousins and Calipari .

      Rose and Calipari

      tophatal ……………….


    2. Ronbets …

      He loves whitey , so much , so, that he wanted to do a PJ Carlissimo on him , by caressing his throat and the back of his head, simultaneously . Now that’s what you call passion and love . LOL,LOL !!

      tophatal ………………..


  4. MLB’s CFO Jonathan Mariner makes former Treasury Secretary Tim Geitnher seem like a damn genius and Geither , was one of the biggest proponents of TARP (monetary bailout) and the use public money to bail out the automotive industry , banks and any other damn thing , that he and Barack Obama set their ##cking sights on .


    “I serve at the Commissioner’s pleasure ” .

    Jonathan Mariner

    ” I serve at the President’s pleasure and I would gladly pleasure the President ” !

    Tim Geithner , foreground .


  5. I cannot see how at this juncture with the New York Knicks having missed the postseason , their being any reason for Mike Woodson to be retained as the head coach ! He is now a lame duck proxy , likely with no input with regard to the upcoming NBA Draft .

    Meanwhile , the franchise’s oh so sub-human and less than fans, will bitch and whine without having an idea what they’re talking about as it relates to the team , its needs or who is best suited to replace Woodson .

    I doubt that Phil Jackson knew what he was really getting himself into , other than the fact that the organization is now paying him a fortune to dig them out of a self inflicted rut .

    The Knicks’ results in their last five games and a simple indication why they have failed so miserably this season , rather than this sh#t that the fans eat their young in terms of the younger players on the roster ! Either , you can play or you fu#k$ng well cannot . There’s , not this apologist bull#hit that these dumb @ss fans continue to churn up like sour grapes or milk !

    tophatal ……………….r


  6. Someone convince me, why I’m supposed to believe that the Tampa Bay Rays are a consensus favorite within the AL East when defensively at present this team is simply no better than average right across the board in terms of their play. Through their first ten games they really have performed poorly in terms of their pitching , offense and defensive play .

    This Joe Maddon managed team will be be hard pressed to meet their goal of winning 90-95 games this season .


    tophatal ………..


  7. Tophat,

    Here’s what I see so far off the top of my head. Caution it’s early.
    CINN-Without Dusty and Chapman lucky to reach .500.
    STL-Blue-collar team loaded with arms
    MILW-HowTheFk can the fans give liar/druggie Braun a standing O @ the opener? Will be competitive if KRod and continue to return to old closer form.
    METS-Mgr Collins will need AA meetings with Valverde as his closer.
    AZ-Kirk Gibson not as sharp as ppl imagine. “You will believe what you see.”
    SDGO-Cashner and Mgr. Black keep them in it.
    LAD- Donnie Baseball has no clue.
    SFO- Pitching down. Lincecum mechanics will put him on DL eventually. Hudson helps. Voglesong lost his way.
    DET- Verlander no longer the power pitcher we once knew. Scherzer the man there.
    TBAY-Maddon best mgr in mlb. Price sharp but need offense.
    BALT-Buck good skipper.
    SEA-On the rise
    TEX-overrated and under managed.
    MINN- Gardenhire bunts too much. .400 team.
    LAA-Scioscia history if fat cats choke again. MTrout best player in mlb.
    Gotta go………………….


    1. Ronbets

      Look for that letter from Donald Trump seeking your advice concerning his purchase of the Bills , if it proves to be successful. Also look for Ivanka Trump to see if you’re interested in planting some seeds in her garden , that’s if you’re interested off-course ? Unless if you want to plant some seeds in Melania Trump’s rose garden ? I’d do both personally, simply out of curiosity !

      Ivana Trump and below Melania Trump . I seriously doubt that Ivana has ever tasted “black meat ” . The same can be said of Trump’s third wife (Melania) , also .


      What is it with Donald Trump and chics from Eastern Europe ? Is it that they like the size of his comb-over and deep pockets ?


      1. Tophat,
        Late uncle and I were staying @Trump Castle in AC early 90’s. One morning we were walking down the hall toward the elevators when we heard a women scolding the maids and demanding better service. Proceeded to the elevator and we were joined by the dominating woman. Her English was broken, but we got the drift. She was the hotel’s co-owner Ivana Trump. Exchanged pleasantries and as she departed first her advice to us was “go easy and don’t gamble too much!”. We were there on a full comp and The Donald’s wife tells us to “go slow.” Only in America.
        Gee, surprise, the two type A’s gotta divorce. Lol


        1. I’m not saying Ivana Trump is thrifty , having got the casino (Atlantic City, Boardwalk) in the divorce settlement from Trump , but it’s best to make sure that the linens in your hotel room are sanitary , clean and that the bar is stocked with real booze and not watered down crap .

          Donald Trump gave up the casino in Atlantic City thinking that his ex couldn’t make it a viable a viable going concern . She actually brought real gaming professionals and made it even more profitable than ever before . Those holdings have since been sold , leaving her wealthy woman though not ostentatiously rich .,

          tophatal ……………….


    2. Ronbets

      This season is likely to be the last for both Ron Gardenhire in Minnesota and Mike Scioscia in Los Angeles with the Angels .

      Gardenhire has simply ran out of ideas and Joe Mauer is not the player many believed him to be. He’s overpaid and not producing much by way of stats or leadership . Twins’ GM Terry Ryan couldn’t spot talent if it were gift wrapped and sent in a box .

      With Scioscia , his mentality was based on the fact that he felt that both Pujols and Josh Hamilton would produce big big numbers to back up the play of Mike Trout . Instead it has been Trout on his own as Albert Pujols and Hamilton have spent more time on the DL over the last two years , while making millions , leaving owner , Arte Moreno fuming .

      With regard to the Dodgers , having seen them blown out of the water last season in the NLCS by the Cardinals , there’s no reason for me to believe that they can make it back to the NL pennant series and then play themselves into a World Series’ berth .

      If Bruce Bochy can get that Giants’ team going . then they could give the Dodgers all they can handle and a great deal more .

      You’re right about Tim Lincecum and his mechanics , because at times he looks moments away from risking a really serious shoulder or wrist injury.

      tophatal …………………..


  8. Speaking of the Marlins, Al, what is it with them and Stephen Strasburg?

    Here we have one of the most dominant young pitchers in the game and one of the worst teams in baseball absolutely owns him.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Stephen Strasburg came into baseball with a great deal of hype , much of it created by his agent Scott Boras who also happens to the agent for his teammate , Bryce Harper and in each case both players were signed to record rookie contracts .

      Harper now comes off as something of a conceited ass and hot-head . In the case of Strasburg , apart from one or two games of exceptional pitching , he has shown little to convince me that he’s on the level of a Clayton Kershaw , Justin Verlander , Tim Lincecum at his best or even an aging CC Sabathia .

      I mean , last season and in 2012 it was thought that the Nationals would be overwhelming the rest of the NL East . Instead they’ve barely turned up in each of the seasons in question and now you have an ownership group worrying over the future financial commitments likely, if they seek to pin their hopes jointly on Harper and Strasburg because of that hype .

      tophatal ………………….


  9. The Tampa Bay Rays now have futility and incompetency actually down to a fine art ! No, way that this team can be successful , by way of winning the AL East much less winning 90 games at best, given their present form .

    Rays’ three most recent losses led to them giving up a combined twenty-two runs scoring five runs . Those failures were against the Reds in a 12-4 loss , Orioles , a loss of 7-1 and another loss 3-0 against the Baltimore Orioles . The pitching for the Rays in their last three games have been downright horrendous and their starting rotation is nowhere near the best in the AL East much less the AL or MLB itself and that is a hard and fast fact !

    tophatal …………………….


  10. Ronbets

    If the Warriors’ front office make the decision to cut ties with Mark Jackson even after Jerry West a special consultant with the franchise recommends that he ought to stay , then it shows that GM Bob Myers is as dumb as he looks .

    “I like the look of the white kid , he looks like he can play “ . Myers ” Which one ” ? Jackson ” The one who’s got the ball ” . Myers ” They’ve got balls that’s why their my team ” ! Jackson Conversation between Bob Myers (left) and Mark Jackson .

    tophatal ………………


  11. Well Saturday and Sunday were the opening salvos for this year’s NBA postseason play to begin . In terms of the results in the opening round series , there were no major surprises , other than the Pacers’ pedantic play in their game one loss to the Hawks . Either Paul George is good or he is simply “overrated” and his being cat-fished , has more to do with his real demeanor, beyond impregnating “skanks ” and then asking them , to abort their unborn fetus by way of a bribe .

    The Bulls’ performance against the Wizards also proved to be somewhat embarrassing, with Washington out-hussling Chicago throughout much of game one in their series .

    tophatal . …………………..


  12. Tonight’s games in the NBA as the Playoffs resume .

    The Knicks make the decision to cut their losses with Phil Jackson making his boldest decision yet , with the firing of head coach Mike Woodson . Now the question becomes which coach, is now likely to want take up the vacant position, while having to deal with Jackson’s ego ? At the same time , would the likes of Tom Izzo , Rick Pitino (second go around) , John Calipari , Steve Kerr , Billy Donovan , Bill Self , Patrick Ewing , Sean Marks or Jim Boylen be amenable to becoming a subordinate of Jackson’s ?

    Kerr is now said to be the open favorite for the position and the preferred candidate by Jackson because of their previous association as player and coach with the Bulls .

    Courtesy of NBA.com

    Knicks’ Jackson cleans house; entire coaching staff let go

    New York Knicks press release

    New York Knickerbockers President Phil Jackson announced today that the team’s coaching staff have been relieved of their duties, effective immediately.

    “I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mike Woodson and his entire staff,” Jackson said. “The coaches and players on this team had an extremely difficult 2013-14 season, and blame should not be put on one individual. But the time has come for change throughout the franchise as we start the journey to assess and build this team for next season and beyond.

    “Everyone in this franchise owes a great deal of gratitude to what Mike and his staff have done. We wish him the best.”

    In parts of three seasons with the Knicks, Woodson compiled an overall record of 109-79 (.580) that included two consecutive NBA Playoff appearances and an Atlantic Division title — the team’s first in 19 years. On Mar. 19, 2014, he became just the seventh coach in franchise history to reach the century mark in victories. Initially named Knicks interim head coach with 24 games remaining in the 2011-12 season, Woodson completed his ninth season at the helm of an NBA franchise, posting a record of 315-365.

    The search for a new coaching staff will begin immediately.



    This is no longer the age of innocence , because the NBA is actually littered with stupidity in terms of a number general managers and other front office executives around the league . Jackson has somehow proven that point with ease in the past four days , with the acquisition of veteran Lamar Odom and then the firing of Mike Woodson .

    tophatal ………………


  13. All of a sudden the Bulls (0-2) are finding out what the postseason really is about , as they are now in deep hole in their series against the Wizards (2-0) .

    Meanwhile , out West , the Thunder now have a dogfight on their hands in a tough series against ‘Zebo and the Grizzlies .

    Gregg Popovich having won the NBA Coach of the Year Award for only the third time in his illustrious career (travesty that he’s only won the award three times) ! Popovich’s Spurs looked as if they were in the driver’s seat in their series against instate rivals the Dallas Mavericks until last night’s sloppy twenty-one point loss .

    NBA Playoffs

    NBA news

    Wednesday night’s results

    Thursday night schedule

    tophatal ……………..


  14. If the Pacers (1-2) get bounced in the first round of the NBA Playoffs , then look for Larry Bird and GM Kevin Pritchard to make some drastic changes to the team at the culmination of the postseason . Last night’s loss by Indiana , with Jeff Teague taking that last shot placed the Indiana Pacers in an even deeper hole in their series .

    Best player this postseason has to be the Blazers’ (2-0) forward LaMarcus Aldridge as he has almost single-handed , taken apart the Houston Rockets (0-2) , who are looking very much now like an underdog , rather than a presumptive favorite , as they were meant to be .

    NBA news

    Friday’s schedule

    Saturday’s games and Sunday’s schedule

    NBA Playoffs’ series details

    tophatal ……………………..


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