The what if premise and what could or would, actually happen …

The what if premise and what could or would, actually happen …

By tophatal ………..

A friend and I, were recently discussing the state of the economy and as we know, figures normally offered up by so many of the federal agencies ( Commerce Department) tend to overstate , rather than giving a truly exact figure. Done more so to impress , more than anything else, while the politicians themselves ,seek to take credit for initiatives that they believe , they originally set into motion. Given that, individuals, such as House members Paul Ryan, Senator Rand Paul , Senator Mitch McConnell , John Boehner , Sen Charles E Schumer , Sen Robert Menendez , Harry Reid, Sen Ted Cruz and Pete Olsen , show a propensity for never-ending stupidity , as it relates to economic matters and that , they tend to now work under the premise of what ifs . I wonder, how they might feel , if the public were allowed to use the same premise, by suggesting, what if the US Congress were actually paid on performances by way of productivity and legislative measures passed , that actually prove to be of benefit , by actually truly creating growth in the economy ?


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Far too many idiots , are under the mistaken belief, that the private sector alone can be the biggest producers of jobs and investment within the economy . Consider the following, US companies are now sitting on a cash-pile of over $3.26 trillion ($3,260,000,000,000) , representing over 20% of the nation’s GDP (gross domestic product) , yet , when pressed to broach this subject, about why these corporations are not investing in jobs , infrastructure , much less capital investments , those who espouse a “conservative” opinion , are hard pressed to offer up a concise answer about the reasons why these companies are not investing. They may well point to the buoyancy of the stock market , with their being voluminous activity , by way either major business takeovers or increased profits , but that in of-itself, is not always considered to be a real indicator of a vibrant economy . Apathy on the part of the electorate and the very fact, that the members of the US Congress are not always clear speaking, when addressing the nuances and vagaries of macroeconomics , much less any type of governmental policy, be it, domestic or foreign, in nature. If you were informed, that for every dollar spent within the US economy, forty cents of that, was derived from government spending , one wonders how that might be addressed by those who seek to have massive reduction of spending without being able to suggest where they believe cuts should be made , other than to social welfare programs ?

Unfortunately, the country also possesses a leader , who has become something of a “dead weight” , not only in terms of a policy stance , but the indication is now here, to show that Barack Obama, flits from each issue, like a bee pollinating a flower , while in the hope, that the pollination will be a real success. His initiatives have been very much like that, without him being readily willing to admit to any failure during his tenure . With the mid-term elections now less than six months away , the nation is about to be “sold a bill of goods” , with each side pointing to the danger of electing or re-electing an opponent. It’s pretty much safe to say, no matter who gets elected or reelected , things are unlikely to change , as the status quo within both legislative chambers is likely to remain the same. The only thing, that actually separates a “Liberal” from a Conservative “ , just happens to be the depth of their deceit and corruptible practices . Altruism, simply goes out the door, once these officials have been elected to both chambers of the congress !

The NFL’s not so quiet off-season, has led to a stream of player movement , with veterans well as second and third year players, now finding a new home to display their skill-set. Granted, the contracts are not as steep, but , there have been cases, where some players have remained with their teams, having signed a contract extension . The Chicago Bears having rid themselves of Julius Peppers , somehow then saw fit to offer their veteran quarterback , Jay Cutler a seven-year $126 million contract , therein making Cutler the highest paid player in the NFL. Now take into account, that Jay Cutler’s playoff record has been far from stellar . In two playoff appearances, during the Bears 2010 playoff run , the player bears a 1-1 record, for which those performances, can best be described as being downright mediocre. GM Phil Emery and the Bears’ front office , were either of the opinion, that they can rally behind Cutler, with regard to the franchise’s future , with his being their best option to lead them to their goal of a Superbowl victory. Or they may well have felt that the player might well have been inclined to seek a trade ,with their being growing disillusionment among the fans of his not being able to lead the team deep into the postseason. A necessary trait that is desired, with any quarterback, seeking to lead a team to a Superbowl victory and Cutler, is no different from any of his peers within the game today.

The Chicago Bears, were far from convincing in 2013, having finished the season with an 8-8 record within the NFC North under head coach Marc Trestman . Many of their travails, stemmed from the inconsistency of the offense and their lackadaisical approach on defense . Yet, for those who remain stoic believers in Jay Cutler’s skill-set , I would suggest that at this stage of the eight year veteran’s career in the NFL, they begin to review the premise that he is indeed one of the better quarterbacks in the league.

Trestman I believe, will be able to correct the issues concerning his team, but with the off-season moves made by the organization, make the necessary room available via cap space available, to lure free agents and at the same time, be in preparation for the upcoming NFL Draft. Chicago’s wants, are likely to encompass the need for a pass rusher, and one or two , defensive linemen. Yet, at the end of the day, that is by no means a certainty of where Marc Trestman, the coaching staff and front office are likely to discuss their primary focus in terms of the team’s requirements.

Last season’s dismal performance in the Superbowl , still looms large over not only Peyton Manning , but also over the remaining cast of teammates, still on the roster . The Broncos’ lopsided loss to the rampaging Seattle Seahawks, led by sophomore quarterback Russell Wilson , sent a somber reminder that just because, you are viewed as one of the all-time greats , it does not make you invincible . The fact that the two combatants in last season’s NFL finale, were deemed to be the two best teams , not solely based on their records alone , but also statistically, in terms of defense and offense. What the viewing fans were subjected to, via the live television broadcast , with tens of millions watching nationally and estimated 1.3 billion watching worldwide , might well have been the biggest ” black eye “ that the NFL has suffered in recent years , if it was the intention of the league hierarchy to sell that particular game as branded product” . If anything, it was simply an eyesore of unquantifiable magnitude . Suffice to say, Manning may well have given one of his worst postseason performances ever, but the action served up by his teammates was equally inept in terms of measure and substance . John Fox and his coaching staff may well need to look at the team’s secondary and assess the numerous areas, where they allowed the Seahawks tear through many of their flaws , warts and all.

The 2014 NFL season may well provide the fans of the league, the very last chance, to see the best both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, as they make one more tilt at adding to their respective postseason and Superbowl legacies . I do believe, that they are both capable of taking their teams back to the postseason, but the question remains, will they each, have enough in the tank, to actually get the job done ?

It does not pain me to say this, but there is a great deal of bull#hit, to be found within the blogging world , especially when it comes to the area of sports, and the very fact that many of the opinions being put down, are either half-baked, without merit or any common sense whatsoever ! With the recent acquisitions of wide receiver Eric Decker and running back Chris Johnson, one blogging contributor tried to suggest that overnight the New York Jets would immediately become a credible favorite to win the AFC East , because of the offensive firepower provided by both players. Now while I believe both Decker and Johnson, to be very good players at their respective positions, but I think that the contributor simply overlooked the fact about the Jets’ quarterback just happened to be last season. Anyone of the belief , that rookie Geno Smith had a very good year and was among the best of the rookie quarterbacks who saw action during 2013 , must be sadly mistaken, if they were under the impression that the AFC East signal caller was among the best of the rookies in question . Learning from one’s mistakes, actually shows signs of growth, but there was none to be seen from Smith over the course of the season.

Rex Ryan as head coach of the New York Jets, went through a tumultuous season in 2013, bedeviled by the fact, he had to deal with the issues of Mark Sanchez, .who has since departed from the Jets’ organization . Ryan failed to curtailed the exuberance and lack of understanding by his incumbent starting quarterback , and it was clear that beyond his own future being in jeopardy, along with that of his entire coaching staff , in particular quarterbacks’ coach David Lee , whose obvious tutelage of Smith left a great deal to be desired. How this all could be overlooked by the blogger who was seeking to show that the Jets’ quarterback was growing stature , leads me to believe that he simply lacked an original idea , much less the intelligence to see the obvious. Smith may have had a great college career, being among the very best, during his final year at West Virginia (Mountaineers) . But that in of-itself, has not been enough to remotely suggest that there is likely to be an improvement in his play during this upcoming season.

It would be fair to suggest, that since their appearance in the Superbowl in 2003 , with Bill Callahan , then as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders . In the aftermath of that loss, to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, things have simply spiraled out of control for the once venerable and well-respected franchise. The coaching turnovers instigated by then owner Al Davis , his later death, with the passing of ownership to his son, Mark Davis . Yet, things continue to be as mediocre as it has ever been on all fronts , within the front office , to the personnel decisions being as it relates the draft and their ongoing acquisitions. The era of Carson Palmer, came and went without anyone actually noticing a damn thing ! As to the belief that All Pro Defensive player Nnamdi Asomugha was to be that game-changer that Raiders’ fans claimed him to be, well, let us just say, that Asmougha’s retirement from the game after something of a lackluster career, can only be highlighted by the fact, he is now married to one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses , in Kerry Washington.

In 2013, Raiders’ head coach Dennis Allen struggled to get his team playing with any measure of competitiveness , never-mind, that within the AFC West , with the now resurgent Kansas City Chiefs , San Diego Chargers to go alongside the dominant Denver Broncos made things all the more difficult within the division , for the beleaguered franchise. Defensively, the Raiders were nonplussed, performing with the modicum of mediocrity, one would come to expect of a franchise that has become one of the “major laughing stocks” of the NFL over the past decade . Not to be left out of the equation, was the absurdity of seeing the Raiders’ offense in motion. Coming off, a 4-12 season , it is easy to understand why the Oakland Raiders have continued to struggle over the past decade . There has been no form of leadership on the roster or from anyone on the coaching staff , along with the hyperbole over players such as Darren McFadden , Terrelle Pryor , Marcel Reese , Denarius Moore, Jeron Mastrud , Jason Hunter, LaMarr Houston , Nick Roach , Tracy Porter , Mike Jenkins and veteran Charles Woodson , whose best years are now behind him, that his best view , would come by use of rear view mirror !

For the hyperbole surrounding Terrelle Pryor, during his collegiate career at Ohio State (Buckeyes) , under the now disgraced former head coach , Jim Tressel . There is no denying the fact , that while the player is immensely talented , his lack of maturity and integrity , sullied his reputation and chance of being a high draft pick , had he declared for the NFL Draft under the usual circumstances. Instead , the quarterback was taken in the 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft by the Oakland Raiders , with the thought that he would hone his craft , become a productive player in the NFL . If nothing else, there have been glimpses of brilliance from the player , but rarely anything, to really suggest that he is capable of leading a team at the highest level. Now after merely two years in the league, Raiders’ GM Reggie McKenzie and team owner Mark Davis, have made the decision that the Terrelle Pryor reign in Oakland , must now come to an immediate end. Pryor for his part, has landed on his feet, having been picked up by Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks, where in all likelihood, Pryor is likely to be the third on the team’s depth chart behind Russell Wilson and Tarvaris Jackson . One cannot help but wonder, about what might have been, had Terrelle Pryor simply shown the promise seen at the collegiate level during his time with the Buckeyes. Instead, another overrated quarterback, falls by the wayside , though not yet on the scrap-heap , littered with passers, we have seen come and go over the past ten years within the NFL.

There has been a great deal written , in the lead-up the NFL Draft, as to whom , the prospective number one overall draft pick is likely to be. Now to my mind, in spite of the prestige that comes with such a choice for the team, said to be privileged with making that decision. The choice itself, does have its pratfalls, because a great deal , is not only made of that decision, but also of the financial outlay that is likely to be costly for a franchise, albeit, that there is now a rookie salary scale, now in place within the NFL , unlike from earlier years , past. In 2007, JaMarcus Russell , then the number one pick by the Oakland Raiders in the draft of that year , was afforded a rookie contract, that was nothing short of astonishing , as Al Davis made the decision to give the former LSU Tigers’ quarterback, a six-year $61 million deal , with $32 million in guaranteed money . Russell’s career began in a bluster and simply fizzled during the later years , with his offering nothing of substance during his stay in the NFL . Once again, the Raiders go out on a flier , taking a high risk player , without obtaining anything tangible in return, for the fruits of their labor. Due diligence and intelligence, is not something that is likely to be found in abundance within the Raiders’ organization and certainly not during the latter years of Al Davis’ reign or during that of his son , working with Reggie McKenzie.

The agents for Johnny Manziel , Jadeveon Clowney , Blake Bortles , Greg Robinson and Khalil Mack , are likely to be working frantically, to have their client be viewed as that desired number one pick , as well as being, the type of player, that a franchise can build around. Rarely, is that the case, with a number one pick in the NFL Draft, but there is always the exception to the rule. A case can be made that, Eli Manning in 2004 and Andrew Luck in 2012 , were the last two number one picks in the NFL Draft who can be looked upon as being picks, that have paid off hugely in terms of the dividends returned for their respective teams in the past eight years . Though this past season , Eli Manning and the New York Giants were an immense disappointment within the NFC East and the conference in its entirety . The thought, that the front office is now said to be considering demoting their two-time Superbowl winning quarterback and their drafting his heir-apparent, does seem nonsensical , when you consider the woes of the team were not solely Manning’s alone .

Nine years after the fallout, from Eli Manning’s refusal to go the San Diego Chargers, it does seem somewhat fortuitous , how the paths of Manning and Philip Rivers have remained intertwined , for right and wrong reasons, but one could also point to the fact, that their paths have also been exemplary , in terms of the success attained and the productivity of their respective careers .



Picture gallery .

What do you expect to see during this off-season in the lead-up to the NFL Draft and do you believe that a number one pick is a likely guarantee of success for an NFL franchise ? Your thoughts on this and anything else you believe to be relevant to the topic, as you see fit?


Picture and slideshow gallery details below .


(1) From left to right , Congress members , Sen Lamar Alexander , Eric Cantor , House Majority Leader , John Boehner , Sen Charles Schumer , Nancy Pelosi and Sen Harry Reid . Bilateral agreements now seem to be a thing of the past in Congress, but most certainly, a photo opportunity can never be missed by the members of the House and Senate . Getty Images North America/ Phil Thatcher …..

(2) Two of the NFL’s leading pass rushers and defensive linemen , left Julius Peppers , formerly of the Chicago Bears and now a member of the Green Bay Packers . Pictured with Peppers is Jared Allen (69) , whose departure from the Minnesota Vikings to remain in the NFC North , having signed with the Bears. The rivalry between these two players will continue as both seek to climb up the ladder , as each seeks to make a dent in the active sacks’ mark , where the all-time record is held by Hall of Famer …. Bruce Smith with 200 sacks . AP Photo/ Kevin Freeman ….

(3) Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler (6) is seen here on the sidelines during a game played against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania on the 22nd December , 2013. Also pictured is head coach Marc Trestman , whose team would suffer their biggest loss of the season , suffering a humiliating 54-11 defeat at the hands of the Chip Kelly coached Eagles. AP Photo / Phil Matthews …

(4) Russell Wilson (3) of the Seattle Seahawks is congratulated by his opposite number , Peyton Manning (18) of the Denver Broncos, after the Seahawks’ surprisingly easy triumph in defeating the Broncos 48-3 in Superbowl 48 played at the MetLife Stadium , in East Rutherford , New Jersey on the 2nd February , 2014 ., Manning had one his worst postseason performances of his illustrious NFL career. A shakeup has already began within the Broncos’ roster, with a number of notable departures during the off-season , led by Eric Decker and Champ Bailey , both seasoned veterans with the franchise. AP Photo / Chris Hall ……

(5) New York Jets’ quarterback Geno Smith is seen here with head coach Rex Ryan after the two celebrate a home victory during 2013 in a a game played at MetLife Stadium , in East Rutherford, New Jersey,. The player was somewhat unflattering with his displays , during the season , blowing hot and cold , where there was a preponderance throw interceptions at the most inopportune of moments , while leading the team to rather sub-par record within the AFC East . Excuses are now being made for the rookie quarterback , although he was said to be one of the most efficient passers entering the NFL Draft last season. Somehow that all seemed to be lost on his proponents, who continue to show their apathy . Smith’s play rarely improved during the latter half of the season , leading the franchise to now acquiring veteran Michael Vick as his backup for the upcoming season. Getty Images / Tom Clarke …..

(6) Terrelle Pryor (2) of the Oakland Raiders is seen here being congratulated by head coach Dennis Allen after a ninety-yard . twelve-play drive during the game played against the Pittsburgh Steelers at the O Coliseum in Oakland , California , last season . Pryor was traded by the franchise , having acquired Matt Schaub as a free agent during the off-season . Allen was said to be openly critical of Pryor’s agent, Jerome Stanley , who criticized the organization, for what he believes to be the mistreatment of his client, by the Oakland Raiders . Terrelle Pryor and Stanley , have since parted ways, without their said to being any acrimony between the player and his former agent. AP Photo / Rusty Shaw ……….

(7) Eli Manning (10) of the New York Giants and Philip Rivers (17) of the San Diego Chargers will be forever be joined at the hips after the events that were unfurled during the 2004 NFL Draft , after Manning and his father , Archie Manning refused to join the Chargers . After the hostilities wore off , Manning would join the Giants with Rivers ending up in San Diego. How different things might have been , had the Giants’ quarterback plied his trade in California , remains a bone of continued speculation , with the player having led the franchise to their two most recent Superbowl victories , both over the New England Patriots . AP/REUTERS/ Anthony Shaffer ………….



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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

10 thoughts on “The what if premise and what could or would, actually happen …”

  1. The NFL has released its 2014-15 NFL schedule and three regular season games will be played in London at Wembley Stadium a bastion of English Premiership (EPL) soccer and the venue where the FA Cup Final is staged .

    With all of the off-season trades with Julius Peppers going to the Packers and Jared Allen now with the Bears , it will be interesting see how both of these players fare when their respective teams meet as NFC North rivals meet this upcoming season .

    Are you sold on the fact that the Bears are now said to be a great deal better with the departure of Julius Peppers , albeit , that his replacement is veteran Jared Allen ? At the same time , given Jay Cutler’s career over the past three seasons and his not being able to lead the franchise deep into postseason since 2010 , how do you see the team faring this season with Cutler leading the attack under the coaching acumen of Marc Trestman and his coaching staff ?

    tophatal ……


  2. The Indianapolis Colts (11-5) are said to have the easiest schedule of the NFL’s thirty-two teams based on the records of their opponents from last season .

    As a die-hard Patriots’ fan , I am hoping that the team can fare well this season based on what looks like a pretty tough schedule . At the same time , I do believe that Brady and the team will have to raise the level of their play beyond what was witnessed last season during the regular and postseason !

    The players such as Brandon Spikes , who having left the Patriots , became critical of the organization , essentially calling Belichick a slave driver, equivalent to being a plantation overseer . I don’t recall Spikes complaining , while being under contract to the Patriots and enjoying playing alongside a Hall of Fame bound player such as Tom Brady .

    “God didn’t put me on this earth to be no house ni#ga or kiss the white man’s @ss ” !

    Brandon Spikes

    NFL news



  3. Former NFL quarterback , Bernie Kosar believe his being deprived of being on television is because of his slurred speech . How about the fact , that after continuous hits and numerous concussions during his NFL career , the player is now suffering with possible CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and the early onsets of Alzheimer’s disease ?

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Bernie Kosar believes he’s off TV for slurred speech

    CLEVELAND (AP) —Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar believes he’s been unfairly sacked as a TV broadcaster.

    Kosar has been removed as a color commentator for Cleveland’s preseason games by the team. The Browns said Wednesday night he was being replaced by Solomon Wilcots, who will work with play-by-play announcer Jim Donovan.

    SCHEDULE: Key games for all 32 teams

    Kosar contends he’s been removed because of slurred speech he attributes to “a direct result of the many concussions I received while playing in the NFL.”

    “This is very unfortunate,” he said in a statement, “as I believe my football acumen and ability to describe what is happening on the field, has been well received by Cleveland Browns fans.”

    The 50-year-old Kosar estimates he has had more than a dozen documented concussions. He has been in pain for more than a decade, but said last year he found some relief through treatments at a wellness facility in Florida.

    MORE SCHEDULE: Top 10 games to watch

    In announcing their decision, the Browns said they were in discussions with Kosar about “potential new roles” on pregame telecasts and on the team’s website.

    “We want Browns fans to look forward to seeing and hearing his continued contributions and analysis,” team president Alec Scheiner said.

    Kosar played for Cleveland from 1985-92 and retired in 1996. The gangly quarterback from Boardman, Ohio, led Cleveland to three AFC title games. He remains one of Cleveland’s most beloved sports figures.

    Click on link to read in full.


    One would think that beyond deeming their decision to be one of business, the Browns’ front office would seek to be seen as compassionate and perhaps reduce the former player’s role as a broadcaster , rather than removing him as they have done , causing some embarrassment for the organization .

    tophatal ……………….


  4. Could this be the last opportunity that Peyton Manning is likely to have to make the postseason with the Broncos ? Last season , all year-long the team was amongst the in the league but in the contest that they were heavily favored to , win they ended up drawing a blank and completely embarrassed themselves and their fans in one of the worst losses witnessed in Superbowl history .

    In spite of the moves engineered by John Elway in the off-season , I am not so sure that this newly revamped team will be good enough to win the conference championship at season’s end ! Your thoughts on that and perhaps the team you believe is capable enough to win the AFC title game and perhaps the Superbowl itself ?


    Manning (background) & Elway . Their last chance at doing something special this season ?


    Denver Broncos’ news

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    tophatal ………….


  5. The Lovie Smith era in Tampa begins and it will be interesting to see what the coach and Jason Licht will do to improve the team for this upcoming season . After last season’s fiasco with Greg Schiano in the NFC South and this contention with Buccaneers’ fans that they’re knowledgeable , but in fact , they were never that bright to begin with, along the ownership led by Joel , Avram and Bryan Glazer , who this week fired Manchester United manager David Moyes after a year of sheer ineptitude by the English soccer team . In the space of a year , this family have hired and fired two coaches , because they were so fu#king clueless to begin with , much like the Tampa Bay area, when it actually comes to their knowledge of sports in general ! The area itself , might well be the worst in the entire country when it comes to the moribund ineptitude of their professional sports’ franchises .

    No way in hell the Buccaneers will rebound to win the NFC South as there are nowhere good enough to take down the Saints or Panthers and quite possibly the Falcons , given the fact that all three teams are likely to improve , in terms of their own roster personnel changes .

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have not won anything of relevance in over a decade and their last divisional title was over seven years ago . MLB counterparts the Tampa Bay Rays will remain a facade and , Joe Maddon will never be able lead the Rays to a World Series’ title , as there is no one on the team with heart or who can be seen as a heightened vocal leader , not even the highly overpaid Evan Longoria .

    In Stanley Cup this postseason we’re seeing why the Lightning are simply a one man team , with only Steven Stamkos worth watching among their roster .

    tophatal ………….


  6. The statists rule in our country, It is all about power from the one party rule Dem-Repubican Party. We will see how this call shake sout in the NFL. The Eagles need help on the “D”. We will see how Chip Kelly Drafts this year. The boo birds have a rough schedule we will see how the schmucks do. The draft is the draft and we will how these new kids will work out most will fall.


    1. bobby gee

      The US Congress has to stop the lobbyists and their free flow of money , simply perverting the whole process . in this country . What they’re doing has nothing at all to do with a democratic process and if it is meant to be freedom of speech, then show me where under the constitution where the Founding Fathers meant for this to be such a mess , where the electorate no longer has a voice in the process ? The billionaire Koch brothers , David and Charles Koch , Sheldon Adelson and George Soros have dirtied and muddied the waters and simply made the whole situation “stink to high heaven” . As for this whole democracy thing , the US long shied away from being democratic years ago and idiots on both sides of the political divide , should actually begin to realize that fact , rather than have their heads stuck up their proverbial @ss !

      Chip Kelly , his coaching staff and the Eagles’ front office are a bunch of idiots ! They spent all season long concentrating on offense and not enough on defense leading to their demise in the postseason .

      Nick Foles may well have been a pleasant surprise but they did themselves no favors in getting rid of DeSean Jackson after the wide receiver had a career year and one of the best offensive seasons by an Eagles’ player in several years . The Eagles may well be the team to beat within the NFC East, because I believe that the Giants have regressed , the Cowboys continue to remain a joke and I just can’t see Jay Gruden doing anything in his first season with the Redskins , unless the team catches the division and the rest of the league completely off-guard !

      tophatal ……………..


  7. For the New York Giants , if they cannot rebound after last season then the front office may well seek to revamp the playing staff with starting quarterback , Eli Manning’s position perhaps coming under the most scrutiny as the player has under-achieved for the team over the past two seasons . Manning, himself , knows that to be the case and he can no longer deny that fact. Also the organization has blundered in recent seasons with regard to the players drafted and the free agents that they have allowed to depart .

    Tom Coughlin and his staff will now have get this team prepared for the upcoming season , but their first order of business has to be getting last season’s rookie’s better prepared and then to assimilate their draftees into the lineup for their upcoming season , where the team is likely to be looked upon as being no better than the third or fourth best team in the division behind either Eagles or Redskins dependent upon how one might view the off-season moves made by both franchises .

    With the Redskins having landed DeSean Jackson it is felt that it provides their offense and Robert Griffin III a greater option in the passing game , because of Jackson’s speed and assertiveness . Yet , it remains to be seen how first-time coach Jay Gruden will acclimatize to the NFL as a head coach , albeit , that he has been an assistant to his brother Jon Gruden , while he coached the Buccaneers and Jay having spent last season as the offensive coordinator with the Browns .

    tophatal ……………..


  8. The Raiders had themselves a nice little draft, Al. Of course we both know it will only be a matter of time before they find out how to screw that up but you have to figure picking up both Khalil Mack and Derek Carr is at least a step in the right direction.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      The Raiders having a nice NFL Draft class is very much like suggesting you like the look of a naked Rosie O’Donnell . Please, simply look at the organization’s draft picks over the last seven years and then look at their record over that time-frame since 2005 . Tell me what you have seen from this franchise to suggest that Dennis Allen and his staff are capable of making the Raiders a legitimate contender within the AFC West which is one of the toughest divisions in the NFL with the resurgence of the Chiefs . Have you even looked at the Raiders’ schedule for this season and who many of their opponents just happen to be ? They will be lucky if they are able to 6-10 , much less 7-9 or even 8-8 this upcoming season . Oakland’s schedule might be the toughest in the NFL this season , among all thirty-two of the NFL’s teams .


      Thanks , but no thanks !

      tophatal …………………


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