No quick takes just a take …….

No quick takes just a take

The NBA postseason still remains a mess , with the clouds still hovering over a rather unsavory episode that neither the press or the fans fully comprehend . Instead it has been the constant apathy among both parties, that continues to be clear as everyone tries to make sense of Donald Sterling’s comments and the fact the NBA hierarchy chose not to reprimand the Los Angeles Clippers’ owner for his prior actions. This whole incident, has cast a giant shadow over this entire postseason , where the quartet of teams now remaining and now playing in the Conference Finals must now be wondering if there are likely to be any other events likely to overshadow the postseason , as it meanders towards a conclusion.


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With the Eastern and Western Conference Finals now taking shape , it is becoming clear that the defending NBA champions the Miami Heat are going waltz their way towards a third consecutive Finals’ berth , with their opponents the Indiana Pacers , having all but given up in making the series an actual competitive contest . The first game of the Eastern Conference Finals was won by the number one seed, with the belief being that Frank Vogel’s players were ready to avenge last season’s Conference Finals’ loss , but within the space of five days this Pacers’ team has fallen back down to earth and have shown the competitive nature of a docile cat afraid of their own shadow.

Now up 3-1 in their series, LeBron James must now be relishing the fact, that he and his teammates are now five wins away from securing a third consecutive NBA title.

If the contest in the East is said to be lacking in drama, then game three has breathed life into the Western Conference Finals with Serge Ibaka’s presence for the Oklahoma City Thunder and their contest against the San Antonio Spurs. Ibaka’s presence has given renewed energy to the Thunder , who now seek to overcome a 2-1 deficit , where a pivotal game four contest tonight , will tell us a great deal about the makeup of this team and whether or not they are indeed capable of defeating a Spurs’ team looking to make a quick return to the NBA Finals and seeking to avenge last season’s loss to the Miami Heat.

The coaching merry-go-round has begun in earnest with Steve Kerr having shunned the overtures by Phil Jackson to succeed Mike Woodson as the head coach of the New York Knicks . If that situation was not as asinine as it now looks , consider the fact that for the second time in four years Mike Brown has been fired by Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert and that particular organization. I am beginning to feel that Gilbert , has little acumen, when it comes to owning a professional sport’s franchise , much less knowing what it is needed to make that an outright success ! As for this idiocy , that LeBron James would seek to rejoin that franchise to play alongside Kyrie Irving now makes about as much sense as James joining the Sacramento Kings because in being paired with DeMarcus Cousins would make that particular franchise a legitimate contender for an NBA title.

As if the comedic travails of the Cavaliers were not idiotic enough as they now seem to be , in conjunction that with of the New York Knicks , then consider the ongoing idiocy now unfolding within the front office of the Los Angeles Lakers . Anyone now believing that the Lakers would now be a desirable destination for anyone seeking to further their NBA coaching career either has to be delusional or a downright idiot to believe that the franchise under the auspices of Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss has any inherent idea about what they are actually doing. These past two seasons alone, should prove to anyone with an ounce of common sense that a great deal of intelligence is lacking within the alleged acumen of both front office executives. Mike D’Antoni’s resignation and the next fallout with his actions , speaks volumes about the sense of unrest , that there was said to be within the Los Angeles Lakers as a franchise this past season. Beyond the team being uncompetitive , excuses in part could be made for the absence of Kobe Bryant , but the team was lacking heart and there was never any leadership forthcoming from the coaching staff or seasoned veterans on the team’s roster . Buss’ search for a successor to D’Antoni , is now likely to be a long drawn out protracted process that is likely to be speculated upon by an ever-growing circle of fans and observers alike.

Well, so much for the NFL Draft , the expectations thereof and the first round of the process, befitting the idiocy of the hyperbole and drama that surrounds this annual event, now becomes one of the teams now looking to sign their draftees to their rookie contracts. If that was not enough, the one player where a there was said to be great deal of scrutiny of and where he would likely be picked, still draws a great deal of news , for all the wrong reasons . The Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Johnny Manziel seems to be drawing as much undesired attention to himself without yet having proven himself worthy of the stories now unfolding .

Manziel’s maturity level was continually questioned throughout this NFL Draft process and it may well have led to what many believed was the justification his being drafted so low . From being thought to be the likely first quarterback taken in the Draft , the player was taken as the twenty-second overall pick by the beleaguered Browns , who were in search of a passer for more competitive than the now departed Brandon Weeden than many of the quarterbacks to have filled the position for the franchise over the past eight seasons . As to why Johnny Manziel would feel it necessary to be seen in Las Vegas at a UFC , albeit , that it was on the weekend , but with the player and his agent trying to suggest, that the party and “Playboy Image” was said be surrounding Manziel was nothing but a creation by the press and his detractors , in no way should be seen as a detriment about his skill-set as a player. Those issues, may well be overlooked, if the rookie can lead the Cleveland Browns to a successful season in 2014. For head coach Mike Pettine and his coaching staff , their futures as well as that of the Browns’ fan-base, will be looking to the young rookie to bring about what they feel to be some long and overdue success to a franchise, that has seen very little success over the past decade.

Johnny Manziel will be given every opportunity to display his craft over the Browns’ preseason where he is likely to share a great deal of the playing time with the team’s likely starter Brian Hoyer . Though on the team’s depth chart , Manziel is likely to be seen as third in that role behind Tyler Thigpen , with a fourth alternative being Connor Shaw. Cleveland’s opening regular season schedule , begins with a week one contest at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania, against their AFC North rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers on the September 7th , 2014. Manziel, as the Heisman Trophy winner , undoubtedly has a great deal of expectation to live up to and without the other added distractions, the player must now prove his detractors that he is indeed capable of leading this franchise to some semblance of success, while also displaying the skill-set we all witnessed during his collegiate career with Texas A&M and his tenure with the program.

I am sick and tired of hearing repeated and the most banal of excuses, about why a team that becomes hamstrung by injuries cannot compete during the MLB season. Unless, that the players lost to the roster represents more than one half of their front-line starters , then there should be no reason for the constant whining of the fans. And therein lies the idiocy recently and claims concerning the under-achieving Tampa Bay Rays and a team that was said to have the best pitching roster within the Majors , as well as being capable of winning ninety to ninety-five games this season. A languid start has seen this team fall short of what many felt that Joe Maddon’s playing staff were capable of achieving at this point of the season , albeit, the Rays compete in one of the most competitive divisions in all of baseball . As contentious as the AL East is known to be , several of the teams there can now be judged and now be said to be under-achieving, including the defending World Series’ champions the Boston Red Sox , who now find themselves rooted at the bottom of the division , eight half games behind division leaders, the Toronto Blue Jays.

Toronto for its part, coming off a rather lopsided victory over the Tampa Bay Rays , were never thoroughly tested at any point , during the game played at the Rogers Center , in Toronto , Ontario , on Sunday afternoon . If the Rays are said to be a flawed team , then this contest against the Blue Jays , gave the fans every reason to see why , with their being mental lapses throughout the game, both competitively , as well as mentally . The two teams are set to meet again on Tuesday afternoon , with Alex Cobb of the Rays facing the Blue Jays’ Mark Buerhle in what should be a very good pitching contest .

Call me naïve, but I have always felt that “spending big “ , does always necessary means a team will , ” win big “ , when it comes to the World Series ! Case in point , has to be , both the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees , as this season’s two biggest spending teams by way of their payrolls. This season alone the two ball-clubs will combine to surpass almost 20 % of the over $ 3.1 billion that will be committed in team payrolls , with several of their players being among the highest paid in the game by way of their annual salaries or the contracts or contract value .If that is not an ongoing indicator about how out of whack the game of baseball has become, by way of the economic imbalances . Then I for one , would like to hear a concise explanation from any baseball fan, who now believes that the game can be self-sustainable with the ever-increasing contracts among the top teams , while their mid and small-market counterparts, are left in their wake !

In 2013, both the Dodgers and Yankees were atop of the spending pile , in terms of payroll commitments , with only the Los Angeles’ based franchise making the postseason , where they fell to the St Louis Cardinals in a rather lopsided NLCS Pennant Series. Out-managed and outmaneuvered by a stealth Cardinals’ team in the series , that Don Mattingly, as the manager of the Los Angles Dodgers, will be under even greater pressure and scrutiny to take this team further into the postseason this year , than he was able to do in 2013. That stinging failure, still lingers deep within front office of the Dodgers, with owners Peter Guber and Magic Johnson among the partners showing their concern , as to the team’s failings this past postseason.

In a division where now, three of the four teams are above .500 , the Los Angels Dodgers find themselves 4 ½ games behind the hard charging San Francisco Giants , who themselves have the best record in baseball with a 33-19 mark . Now in spite of Josh Beckett’s recent superlative outing in pitching a no-hitter in the team’s 6-0 trouncing of the Philadelphia Phillies . I still believe that the Dodgers will be hard pressed to equal their feat of last season , in running away with the NL West divisional title . It will indeed, take a great deal more than the Dodgers’ pitching , of which the rotation is plentiful in terms of their starters , if the team is to be truly successful this season . The effort will have to be collective one , with the offense being the primary emphasis , if Don Mattingly’s players are to obtain their first World Series’ appearance in over twenty-five years , with that feat being accomplished in 1988 , with their 4-1 triumph over the Oakland Athletics .

The Dodgers followed up that victory over the Phillies , with two positive results against the Cincinnati Reds . Those teams will meet again on Wednesday the 28th May at Dodgers’ Ballpark in Los Angeles , California , with Homer Bailey (4-3) taking the mound for the Reds against his NL counterpart Clayton Kershaw (3-1). As the Dodgers go this season, so rests the fate possibly of Don Mattingly’s long-term future with the ball-club , with the likelihood, that the team’s failure might well lead to his ultimate dismissal . However, his leading the franchise to that long-awaited World Series’ triumph would certainly cement his legacy in the annals of Dodgers’ postseason history , as being one of the few managers to have led the ball-club to a series’ victory in baseball’s showcase finale.



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The sports’ world is forever in search of stories that will whet the appetite of the fans and generate the debates , discussions , call them what you will. For the most part, without those tidbits to actually to nibble on, there is simply nothing to lure us in and to keep us galvanized on the events taking place at any given moment . What recent events, have piqued your interest in the world of sports and has there been a sports’ story , that you feel that has in some way been over exposed in terms of its coverage ? Chime in with your thoughts as you see fit on this and anything else you feel to be relevant.


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(1) MIAMI, FL – MAY 26: Frank Vogel of the Indiana Pacers looks on against the Miami Heat during Game Four of the Eastern Conference Finals of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena on May 26, 2014 in Miami, Florida. The Pacers face the Miami Heat in a pivotal Game Five , on the brink of elimination from this season’s NBA postseason with a 3-1 deficit now staring them in the face. Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images …

(2) Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) drives to the basket over Indiana Pacers forward David West (21) during the second half of Game 4 in the NBA basketball Eastern Conference finals playoff series, Monday, May 26, 2014, in Miami. The Heat defeated the Pacers 102-90 . AP Photo/Lynne Sladky ……

(3) Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs handles the ball against Kendrick Perkins of the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first quarter during Game Four of the Western Conference Finals of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at Chesapeake Energy Arena on May 27, 2014 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This series is now tied at two games apiece (2-2) with the Thunder having overcome a 2-0 deficit . Ronald Martinez/ Getty Images …

(4) Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder look on in Game Four of the Western Conference Finals against the San Antonio Spurs during the 2014 NBA Playoffs on May 27, 2014 at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma. Getty Images / Andrew D Bernstein ….

(5) Cleveland Cavaliers’ team owner Dan Gilbert ,left, is seen here with Mike Brown , center and team GM Chris Grant . Brown was fired for the second time during his second stint with the Cleveland based NBA franchise . Likewise , Chris Grant was not given a contract extension by the Cavaliers with his being succeeded by David Griffin , who has now has sole responsibility for player personnel decisions as well as seeking a new successor to fill the vacant coaching position. AP Photo/ Gary Mason …..

(6) Johnny Manziel of the Cleveland Browns is seen here on NFL Draft Day , having just been selected by the franchise , where he is likely to be third on the team’s depth chart . Manziel has been the center and focus of news’ media attention in recent weeks , but over the past weekend the player was seen at UFC event in Las Vegas Nevada , in the lead-up to the Browns’ OTA’s (organized training activities) , with many questioning his willingness to be team player and shying away from the constant glare which he seems to seek out at almost every opportunity. Erik Burkhardt , Manziel’s agent , has suggested , it has been the press seeking out his client, rather than the player placing himself in front of the media . In a recent turn of events, a lawsuit has been filed against Johnny Manziel by an unnamed victim . claiming sexual harassment in which the plaintiff is seeking $25 million in damages . Burkhardt claims that the lawsuit is frivolous, without merit and will be challenged within the Florida courts , where the suit was originally filed. AP Photo / Martin Jones ….

(7) Toronto Blue Jays’ Adam Lind celebrates a home run with third base coach Luis Rivera , left, during the fifth inning of a baseball game in Toronto on Tuesday, May 27, 2014. AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Aaron Vincent Elkaim ……

(8) Tampa Bay Rays’ Alex Cobb reacts after getting hit by a ball from Toronto Blue Jays’ Jose Reyes during the fifth inning of a baseball game in Toronto on Tuesday, May 27, 2014. AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Aaron Vincent Elkaim ……

(9) Starting pitcher Josh Beckett (61) of the Los Angeles Dodgers throws a pitch in the ninth inning during a game in which he threw a no-hitter against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park on May 25, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Dodgers won 6-0 . Getty Images North America /Hunter Martin ….

(10) Starting pitcher Josh Beckett (61) of the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrates with teammates after throwing a no-hitter during a game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park on May 25, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Dodgers won 6-0. Getty Images/ Hunter Martin …….

(11) Starting pitcher Josh Beckett (61) of the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrates with teammates after throwing a “no hitter” against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park on May 25, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Beckett became the first MLB pitcher to throw a “no-hitter ” this season, joining select group of players to have accomplished the feat in baseball history. Getty Images /Hunter Martin …..

(12) From left to right , seen are Peter Guber , Stan Kasten , Mark Walter and Magic Johnson , who make up part of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ senior managing partner and ownership group for the Los Angeles’ based franchise . The ball-club was purchased for a record-breaking sum of $ 2.156 billion in 2013 , making it the largest purchase in North American sports’ history for a professional sports’ franchise. AP Photo / Matt Peters ….



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29 thoughts on “No quick takes just a take …….”

  1. If the Heat closes out their series tonight , with an emphatic victory over the Pacers , will both Roy Hibbert and Paul George make complete assholes of themselves ? No need to answer that question , as their play in these Conference Finals and throughout much of the postseason has been a clear indication of that ! Lucky for the Pacers , they caught LBJ and his teammates on an off-night .

    Who would have thought that both the Lakers and Knicks would be without a head coach at this point in the NBA season ? Go figure ! Real ineptitude within the front office of both hierarchies .

    Johnny Manziel continues to court controversy . like a fly hovers around an elephant’s ass after it takes a $hit !

    Simple solution within baseball . All of the teams with six-figure payrolls ($ 100 million and above) split into one league , play each other all season long and the others play among themselves . Those two teams with the best records, simply play each other in a revamped World Series’ format and do away with the present bull#hit as we now know it to be, as it serves no real purpose !



    Kind of reminiscent of the Knicks’ and Lakers’ season , filled with great expectations , but over-inflated . But it was always amusing to watch . LOL,LOL ,LOL !!!

    tophatal ……………………………..


  2. Squared at two games apiece(2-2) , it will now be interesting to see if the momentum is now with the Oklahoma City Thunder or the San Antonio Spurs regains control of the Western Conference Final series . Tim Duncan , Manu Ginobli , Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard have to stamp their authority on this series rather than allowing Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook to dictate the pace of the game and this contest outright . Game four showed the Spurs to be a lethargic and aging team , albeit , that the Spurs’ bench is said to have the best depth in the entire NBA . That clearly was not on display during the game four contest , by any stretch of the imagination .

    The fifth game of this conference finals will be a pivotal contest for both teams and the winner is likely to be in the driver’s seat .

    tophatal ……….



  3. Tophead your email lead-in said, “Browns’ quarterback Johnny Manziel on the wrong side of a multi-million sexual harassment lawsuit ”
    Come on do you due diligence here. The kid already had 2 strikes against him. Besides, the lawsuit is an obvious hoax…………..The return address on the lawsuit letter is CNN Headquarters. LOL


    1. Ronbets

      I knew the suit was a hoax , but my point here , has been all along , Johnny Manziel and his agent Erik Burkhardt have continued to place themselves in the situation , where the player’s judgement continually comes into question . At what point , do you think it matter to them both , that it becomes an embarrassment for the player as well as the Browns ? We saw the kid’s actions with regard to his denials concerning his accepting payment for an autograph signing that led to that farcical half-game suspension by the Texas A& M Aggies and then with the NCAA conducting an even bigger coverup somewhat with their nonsensical and meaningless investigation of the matter . NCAA President Mark Emmert and his office remains a complete joke !

      Manziel’s agent Erik Burkardt , center

      Burkhardt also represented Geno Smith , before the Jets’ player bolted to join rapper Jay-z’s company RocNation Sports

      Manziel might well be a great player, but he lacks the maturity to be taken seriously and at the first real sign of pressure and adversity within the NFL it will be interesting to see how he handles that or those obstacles .


    2. Ronbets

      Your thoughts on the following story and the lack of action taken by Roger Goodell concerning Colts’ owner , Jim Irsay ? Given the fact that the NFL Commissioner goes after players with impunity but does very little when it comes to the behavior and repeated transgressions of an owner what do you believe should now be taking place in such an instance ?

      DeMaurice Smith: Lack of Irsay discipline creates “credibility gap”

      Courtesy of PFT David Michael Smith

      The head of the NFL Players Association believes NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is showing less enthusiasm about disciplining an owner than he has previously shown about disciplining players.

      NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said in an interview with Sal Paolantonio on ESPN that players want to know why Goodell still hasn’t done anything about Jim Irsay, who was arrested in March and faces charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and operating a vehicle with a controlled substance in his body.

      “The commissioner understands that there is a significant credibility gap that exists in the National Football League now,” Smith said. “I think what troubles our players is the speed and the deliberateness of punishment that they have seen in the past when it comes to a player, there isn’t the same speed or deliberate action when it comes to an owner, and that’s a problem.”

      It’s fair to point out Goodell’s inconsistencies in handing out discipline, but it’s worth noting that Ravens running back Ray Rice was arrested a month before Irsay, and Rice hasn’t been disciplined yet, either. So Goodell isn’t always quick about handing down discipline for players.

      But when Goodell does hand down Irsay’s discipline, he needs to make it severe enough to show that he won’t go easy on the owners after earning a reputation for dealing harshly with players. If Goodell just gives Irsay the kind of fine that amounts to a rounding error for a billionaire like Irsay, Goodell will have some angry players on his hands.


      “Everyone knows that Peyton Manning was my #itch ” !

      Jim Irsay

      How many times over the past six years never mind the last decade and a half has Jim Irsay ran afoul of law enforcement concerning his sobriety and drug dependency issues ?


    3. Ronbets

      Off the beaten path , but your feelings on the mess within the VA (Veterans Administration) and all of this talk about action what ought to be taken ? It’s simply asinine to my mind when repeated administrations down the years have continued to ignore the plight of the veterans along with an under-staffed and top-heavy bureaucratic and aging behemoth of a governmental agency that annually has not seen their budget really grow in comparison to some federal agencies .

      Shinseki , (pictured) will be made the “fall guy ” in all of this mess , solely the reason his resignation was turned down , as Obama will use him as another scapegoat for his continued incompetency and that of the Veterans’ Administration .

      VA Secretary Gen. Eric Shinseki did offer his resignation to Barack Obama , once this latest set of incidents came to light, but somehow , as concerns are raised and inquiries are being requested at legislative levels within a number of Congressional Committees , not a damn thing has been achieved . There remains only rhetoric and damn pragmatism coming from the President and his circle of idiots !

      tophatal ……….


  4. It will be interesting to see how Johnny Manziel and his agent , Erik Burkhardt seek to proceed in light of what both feel is a frivolous lawsuit by this alleged female victim who has filed her civil suit within the Florida Legal system . If proven to be true , then Manziel will have a great deal of explaining to do, beyond the embarrassment caused to the Cleveland Browns’ franchise who are seeking to put the failed tenure of Brandon Weeden completely behind them .

    The death of patriarch Malcolm Glazer may well see the family forced into the sale of both Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well as English Premiership soccer team, Manchester United . Combined , both teams could realize as much as $3.55 billion , if a proposed sale of the pair of franchises were made .

    Eddie DeBartolo Jr , former owner of the San Francisco 49ers

    If there is to be a sale, then it could very well be that of Manchester United as there are said to several interested parties , including an Arab financed syndicate willing to put up over $2 billion to aid David Beckham and his former teammates to buy the team. At the same time , with Tampa resident, Eddie DeBartolo , apparently , no longer restricted to returning to becoming an NFL franchise owner , it will be interesting to see if the billionaire entrepreneur is indeed interested in buying the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Talking about real problems in baseball at present , the AL East looks really bad , where several teams have performed badly up to this point of the season . Surprisingly enough, it’s Blue Jays at the head of the pack , with the Yankees and Rays still looking to find some semblance of a rhythm .

    MLB news

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    MLB schedule 29th May

    MLB results

    MLB probable pitchers

    This week in MLB history

    This date (29th May) in MLB history

    tophatal ……………


  5. Are Larry Bird and Herb Simon really willing to take the risk of firing Frank Vogel and apportion blame solely on the head coach’s shoulders, when the real problem lays with the inconsistent play of the Pacers’ players in particularly with Roy Hibbert and Paul George . There’s no leadership forthcoming from George who in some circles , was being viewed as a top-ten player in the NBA .

    Paul George and Roy Hibbert ,right.

    Who’ll take the blame among the duo if the Pacers fail against the Heat ?

    Indiana Pacers news

    Indiana Pacers’ active contracts and payroll

    tophatal ……………


  6. As a once loyal Marlins’ fan , it has been interesting to see the growth and maturity of Giancarlo Stanton , who this season has been knocking the hide off the ball on his way to a NL leading tally in home runs in the Majors . That might be the only reason at present to actually watch the South Florida based team , because by mid- June I expect the team to begin falter over the remainder of their schedule !

    Giancarlo Stanton

    tophatal ……………


  7. Tophat,
    I can tell you first hand that the So.NV Veteran’s Administration has been ‘aces’ to me and the fellow vets that I know. Maybe, the big Air Force Base(Nellis) here might have something to do with it. However, I do notice some subtle corruption. Farmed out medical procedures always have a bit of ‘hustle’ to it. The non-VA providers try to charge the unsuspecting vet fees that have been already covered by the VA. Some suckers pay and the informed are told to disregard. Also, believe that they sell your phone # to independent medical providers for group sessions,therapy, etc.
    What happened in Phoenix is criminal. I think they’ll hammer the bad guys and attempt to improve. In spots, military service was the most traumatic time in my life and I’m know you’ve been there too. It’s no picnic when you pick up a loose glove with 4 fingers still inside.
    Also, to the VA’s credit they are pushing for suicide awareness. Too many kids are coming back with PTD and killing themselves. Last year a nurse asked me if I felt depressed. I told her I felt like crap. The red flag went up in her head. I hadda tough time wiggling outta that but explained the depression came from Gronkowski being interfered with and not catching Brady’s pass. Kinda drew a smile from her, but learned to keep my fuken mouth shut from there on.


    1. Ronbets

      I personally believe that the bureaucrats at the top-heavy Veterans Administration (VA) have done very little to fight for the rights of the vast majority of the veterans in this country ! We continually see the fabrication of statistics and that the budget for this agency, has been increased , but repeatedly, the fact has been , those alleged increases, have been offset by cuts elsewhere, and then made to look overly different .

      Barack Obama gives us all a great deal of rhetoric , but provides very little action at the end of the day ! The ongoing incompetency of his Presidency and his administration has become unimaginable in its magnitude , and this latest faux-pas with the naming and outing of the CIA Chief at Bagram AFB , just outside Kabul , Afghanistan , whether by sheer incompetency or being brazenly deliberate, this once again , shows the level of incompetency and malevolence of this President ! If he is a Constitutional Law Professor having taught that subject to college students , then how the hell can this ass continue to flout the legal process and not also hold those accountable around him to the same standards and laws , he believes should be upheld ?

      Ballmer (pictured above) , having missed out buying the Sacramento Kings will buy Clippers .

      So Microsoft Chairman Steve Ballmer is willing to pay $2 billion ($ 2,000,000,000) for the Los Angeles Clippers ? Who says, being a racial bigot and an @sshole doesn’t pay ? Donald Sterling , already a billionaire , along with his estranged wife will be $1 billion apiece, wealthier . Go figure .

      Don’t look now , but Donald Sterling and his estranged wife have just duped the NBA and gotten richer from doing that also . .

      tophatal ……………


  8. Tophat,
    Ray Rice and now wife have gone on camera and are working on there relationship.Women aren’t objects to assault, but sometimes alcohol and passion smear judgement. Like Warren Moon, Rice deserves another chance. Sophisticated surveillance brings out events that have been happening forever.
    Goodell? Not a fan of him or his father. We must remember here that Goodell works for the owners. The last I knew, Irsay was an owner.


  9. Any man who raises his hand to woman in anger, has no respect for her or women in general ! I liken it to the fact , would they take the same action to female family relative , be it their mother or grown adult daughter ? Ray Rice is simply a misogynist who has no respect for women at all .

    The NFL remains an archaic bastion of racial bigotry and misogyny , albeit , that they hide behind such asinine idioms, as hazing and jocular , adolescent male bonding , as being the norm . John Jeffrey , Richie Incognito and Mike Pouncey are the things , that are so blatantly wrong with the NFL , along with the docile and buffoon like leadership of Roger Goodell ! The NFL Commissioner doesn’t possess a backbone, but a yellow streak of cowardice down his frigging spine .

    tophatal …………….


  10. Tophat,
    The plastic surgeon that performed the breast augmentation on the girl on the right should have his license stripped. Those aren’t attractive boobs. Obviously the victim will get the idea when ppl laugh at her self imposed deformity and when her back gives out at 35.


  11. Tophat,
    You think Howard Dean was somewhat a nerd with his emotional outbursts? When Ballmer was with MicroSoft he’d address conventions like a 13year old at a rodeo. I hope he grew up.


  12. Ronbets

    Women who are that amply endowed through breast augmentation either have self-esteem issues or just want to be seen as a view of sexual depravity . Personally , I believe anything more than a handful (pair of hands) is way too much to deal with !

    Your thoughts of the pics below ? Chime in as you see fit .

    Katie Weale

    When I go shopping for groceries , I never get this view when walking down the produce aisle !

    Feel the size just for pleasure .

    tophatal ……………..


  13. Chris Humpherys

    The only thing being sewn up by the Knicks at present , is their overblown and embarrassing ego and that of the front office and their obnoxious and clueless fans .

    ‘melo has yet to make a decision that will impact the Knicks and their cap space and hence the reason why Phil Jackson wants an answer that is imperative, as to his thoughts on the franchise . They need to have a coach in place before the beginning of the NBA Draft later on this month. Similarly , the Lakers are in the very same situation with regard to their coaching vacancy and the very fact that there appears to be now coach at the collegiate level or within the professional ranks among assistant coaches who are said to have shown an interest in that position .

    tophatal ………….


  14. Girl(top) nice.
    We have a porn star convention here annually. Girls are eager for R-rated photos. We had this skinny guy with us and he posed in the middle(cleavage) with myself and another guy on the flank. It looked like 2 guys and a headless mannequin in front of her. She swallowed up his head.


    1. Ronbets

      Porn conventions , are the ” bread and butter ” for these cities , when they stage them . Vegas loves them and they reap the benefits , with millions being poured into their economy each year . Chatsworth , California , remains the epicenter for the industry nationwide. And when you have that particular industry outpacing the legitimate Hollywood film industry .

      Over and under for the Kim-ye marriage and will there be a sex tape to go alongside their “joining ” ?

      Which of the Kardashian trio would you like to be pleasured by ?

      Do you believe that Donald Sterling stands a chance with his lawsuit against the NBA ?

      tophatal ……………


  15. The Tampa Bay Rays are now 10 1/2 games behind the AL East leading Toronto Blue Jays and one of the excuses I have heard, are the injury woes of their pitching staff . Unless I am mistaken the Braves have had the very same issue and have still managed to be competitive . Simply goes to show that some Rays’ fans are as dumb as they look even with their professed knowledge of the game .

    The Rays got rocked in a game played today by the Red Sox at Fenway Park and now look like an embattled and beaten team .

    Rays’ record in June of last year .

    How the Rays have fared this season

    in games overall.

    Joe Maddon and his coaching staff have their work cut out for them over the remainder of this season and I do not believe that they can regain the form needed in order to gain one of the two wild-card berths available within the AL to make the postseason .

    tophatal …………………


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