If we build it they will come ,but what happens if we don’t ? Who gives a fu#k?

If we build it , they will come , but what happens if we don’t ? Who gives a fu#k ?

The NFL yearns for an NFL franchise back in the city of Los Angeles, but here lies the continued idiocy of the issue. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell knows the very fact , the city has severe financial budgetary woes, but still, as usual, the league will try to suggest the addition of a franchise would be of benefit to the municipality and the state . California and its legislature are odds over how to deal with the state’s fiscal issues and Governor Jerry Brown has yet to come up with a satisfactory solution and both legislative chambers in Sacramento , continue to bicker among themselves as who is ultimately to blame for the financial morass. Brown’s predecessor former Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger was like a ” bull in a China shop” during his tenure as the state’s top elected official, having, not come up with one economic solution for the state’s economic crisis. If that were not enough, the debt has increased, along with a litany of other growing issues for the state, with several municipalities statewide facing severe budget crunches.


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California might well be one of the most populated states in the country and the city of Los Angeles might well have the nation’s second largest advertising market behind New York City , but the underlying issues are , teams that were once domiciled within the city chose to leave for a litany of reasons. Clearly , if those reasons have not been addressed and clarified by the league hierarchy and the primary political leaders at the municipal , county and state levels , then the likely return of a franchise to the city of Los Angeles will not come about for the foreseeable future. Teams such as the San Diego Chargers , St Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders are said thought to be the likely franchise that would benefit from brought to the city , because of the uncertainty concerning their various stadium issues .

The Chargers are currently playing in the archaic Qualcomm Stadium and were team owner, Dean Spanos to uproot the team to move the franchise , then the organization would be subject to a large financial penalty , having broken their existing lease with the city of San Diego, who are the owners of the municipally owned venue. Mark Davis , owner of the Oakland Raiders , long dissatisfied with the O. Coliseum in Oakland, California , would like nothing better than to return to the city of Los Angeles where the Raiders’ name and franchise still resonates with reverence among some NFL fans. Yet, it is my belief, there still remains a deep hatred of the franchise by a large sector of Los Angeleans, because of the antics of Davis’ father the late Al Davis , and how he left Los Angeles, when he took the franchise out of the city under a cloud of suspicion. The Raiders still have a long and passionate fan-base across the nation , but their greatest stronghold remains among the greater Los Angeles area and within the city of Oakland . Whether or not, that would prove to be enough of a lure for the envisioned return of a franchise back in Los Angeles, remains to be seen.

The St Louis Rams had a presence in Los Angeles, when they were known as the Los Angeles Rams , but their later move, to St Louis Missouri, brought about a name change and then the change in ownership, with the franchise now owned by billionaire businessman Stanley Kroenke . His other sporting interests also include the Denver Nuggets , Colorado Rapids , Colorado Mammoth and Arsenal FC of the English Premier League (EPL) , with retailers Dick’s Sporting Goods , also being a part of Kroenke’s other business and sports’ holdings , through his Kroenke Sports Enterprises holding company.

If the NFL can continue without an NFL franchise being within the city of Los Angeles for over a decade , then I see no reason why they cannot continue to be without a team for the foreseeable future ! It is not as if the fans of the league within Los Angeles, have made an impassioned plea to the league hierarchy for the return of football to the nation’s second most populated city . This whole issue has been driven by the NFL , the team owners and specifically of late, by Roger Goodell , who saw his predecessor’s attempts failed miserably , with Paul Tagliabue in the end acknowledging , the time simply wasn’t right for the return of an NFL franchise to the city . What has brought this issue back into focus, have been recent events surrounding the pending sale of the Los Angeles Clippers , which now seeks the approval of the NBA Board of Governors and com league hierarchy before billionaire Microsoft co-founder and former Chairman Steve Ballmer becomes the NBA’s newest franchise owner. Ballmer , if nothing else, now becomes the wealthiest owner in the NBA and perhaps the wealthiest of owner in all four major professional team sports . I guess that when the Clippers meet the Brooklyn Nets during the 2014-15 regular season, both Steve Ballmer and his opposite number Mikhail Prokhorov , can compare notes, concerning the size of their respective fortunes and which of the two franchises , does indeed have the better team ?

The NFL sees the city of Los Angeles as providing a revenue windfall, with what they believe to be untapped resources and the tens of millions of dollars that can be provided as an extra revenue stream . The likelihood also, would also bring about a rise in value of any franchise now residing in the city. That however is purely speculative in nature , with the basis for that coming from this unprecedented value in the sale of the Clippers . Granted, we should not have been really surprised by this all, when in 2013, a private consortium led by Mark Walter , Todd Boehly , Magic Johnson and Peter Guber , paid over $2 billion for the Los Angeles Dodgers , with many suggesting that MLB Commissioner Bud Selig , pulled strings behind the scenes, to insure that the winning bid, would be extortionate high and absolutely preposterous . The NFL, like any other business entity, is simply about making money for themselves and their known associates, in this case, the owners and adjunct , joint interests . With billions, reaped annually, in revenues , the league has almost reached its zenith, in terms of exposure with regard to the North American marketplace. And where, there are said to be untapped streams , it is hard to see how the league can actually have a major presence there, without their being a franchise or a large following of fan-base within close proximity. In the case of the city of Los Angeles , the choices within the state, beyond the college programs within the Pac 12 , the craving for the NFL at the professional level is not necessarily hard to gauge, but the question one might have to ask, are the fans ready to accept the alternatives ?

It is hard to put Philip Rivers’ career in the NFL into context , as I believe he was dealt a lousy hand . Were it not for selfish attitude of Eli Manning and the connivance of his father Archie Manning , during the events of the 2004 NFL Draft and the aftermath of the behind the scenes backdoor dealings that were said to have taken place . Manning found himself with the New York Giants and Rivers, having been taken by the San Diego Chargers as Eli’s replacement and the rest as they say , “ is history “ , with the New York Giants going on to success, with their two Superbowl victories and Peyton Manning’s younger sibling leading the franchise to those triumphs. Philip Rivers for his part, has labored over the years , with repeated changes in the team’s lineups , changes in the coaching philosophies of the coaches he has played for and the complete denial of the Chargers’ front office that the supporting cast that surrounded Philip Rivers was never truly good enough. At the same time , when you have the likes of Antonio Gates and LaDanian Tomlinson, as part of your offensive artillery and you are still failing miserably , there has to be something wrong either with the play calling or there just doesn’t seem to any type of real vocal leadership on that team .

Coming off a 9-7 season , in what was a highly competitive AFC West division , the San Diego Chargers’ third place finish might well have been extremely disappointing , but it was not without merit in 2013. Consider the teams within the AFC who made the postseason , but who were nowhere near as competitive as the Chargers showed themselves to be over the course of last season .

Chargers’ head coach Mike McCoy and GM Tom Telesco will seek to have this team for the 2014 season ready to play, with their main aim likely to be, dethroning the Denver Broncos as the divisional champions , with a mindset also in making the postseason . That task is likely to be a very tall order with the Broncos certainly having gotten better with their off-season acquisitions, but also by way of the NFL Draft . The same claims can also be made of both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders , albeit , that the bone of contention remain that the Raiders are likely to find a way to make a complete mess of their season , as they have done for last the decade . Mark Davis GM Reggie McKenzie continue to mystify not only the franchise’s fans but also, the majority of fans and analysts, who cover the NFL. The Raiders’ draft history and trades , still remain a source of ridicule and amazement , with many of those players becoming complete busts in a short space of time , while the franchise has paid out millions in terms of bloated contracts . Oakland will enter into their season with a number of expectations, of which the biggest is likely to be , not to repeat last season’s form or performances that resulted in another last place finish within the AFC West.

While I believe that the AFC West will once again provide the fans with a great deal of excitement this upcoming season . I firmly believe, that the San Diego Chargers could very well pull off a major surprise by making things extremely tough for both the Broncos and Chiefs during 2014 ! As great as Peyton Manning and his teammates were said to be last season , that Superbowl defeat , suffered at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks , was damaging psychologically , as well as physically for the franchise. Seen as the consensus favorites, to waltz through the postseason, that match-up against the Seahawks was further proof , how overrated the Broncos were said to be , with that lasting impression of a downtrodden Peyton Manning exemplifying how disappointed he and his teammates were , with their overall performance against Pete Carroll’s players.

Week one of the regular season, will see the San Diego Chargers pitted against the Arizona Cardinals in a Monday night game played at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Phoenix , Arizona . The Oakland Raiders will be the guests of the New York Jets , in an AFC contest played in East Rutherford , New Jersey . Denver will host the Indianapolis Colts, in a game, where Peyton Manning will renew old acquaintances, with his former team. Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs will host the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead Stadium , in Kansas City , Missouri , in what is sure to be an intriguing contest on the first Sunday of the NFL regular season .

With the teams around the NFL now conducting preseason practices with their organized team activities (OTA’s) , it will be interesting to see how the franchises and their rookies acclimatize to the rigors of this upcoming regular season. In 2013, we were asking, which players drafted , would be making a sizable impact on the season . In 2014 , it is likely to that very same premise arising along with, will this be the last opportunity for seasoned veterans such as Peyton Manning , Tom Brady , Philip Rivers and Tony Gonzalez to have one last opportunity to add to achievements to their illustrious careers with some postseason glory ? This is likely to a season where those questions are likely to be answered , with other areas of drama likely to be thrown in for good measure . What thoughts, if any do you have concerning this topic ? Also, do you believe, that the NFL is in need of a franchise within the city of Los Angeles for the fans there to still show an interest in the league ?

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(1) California Governor Jerry Brown (D-Ca) is being pressured by certain state and Los Angeles’ dignitaries to have a bill introduced within the state legislature that would see the state finance in part the building of a venue that would house a potential NFL franchise within the city of Los Angeles. Efforts , concerning private enterprise have either stalled or are bogged down by bureaucracy or have simply no real interest in the project. Meanwhile , NFL Commissioner is still pressing ahead with his efforts to bring about his bold ambition to succeed where his predecessor Paul Tagliabue failed . LA Times / Ernesto Torres …..

(2) Dean Spanos of the San Diego Chargers is seen here at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego , California , home to the franchise that he owns . AP Photo / Mark Thompson …..

(3) Mark Davis , owner of the Oakland Raiders , whose season in the NFL will come under a great deal scrutiny by fans and analysts in general . AP Photo / Tom Monroe ….

(4) Eli Manning ,left, is seen her with Philip Rivers . The two players were part of the 2004 NFL Draft class , with the pair of quarterbacks creating a great deal of drama during the draft process that year . AP Photo / Mark Fisher ….

(5) St Louis Rams’ owner Stanley Kroenke , seen here alongside the team’s head coach Jeff Fisher as the two discuss with the convened press their hopes for the team’s aspirations in 2013 . It is being reported that Kroenke would indeed be opened to the idea of relocating the Rams elsewhere., if he cannot get a new arena built for the franchise within the state of Missouri . The state’s legislature is not in a position to make the funds available for such a project in spite of calls, that monies can be raised , with small incremental increases in some state fees and services . Something that the state’s governor , Jay Nixon is set against and would likely veto , if he felt that this were not in the best interests of his state. AP Photo / Richard Hart …..



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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

8 thoughts on “If we build it they will come ,but what happens if we don’t ? Who gives a fu#k?”

  1. This emphasis for the NFL hierarchy for a rush to place an franchise in Los Angeles is simply about greed on the part of the league and has nothing to do with anything about the fans in the city , allegedly yearning a team . If that were the case, then the fans themselves would be pleading for a franchise .

    In reality , I have yet to hear or read any particular print matter , where they (fans) have declared their wish to see the return of football at the professional level to Los Angeles . Besides with USC (Trojans) and UCLA (Bruin) , would that not be enough , considering the success of both programs in over the past twelve years ? Also is this not simply another ploy by Roger Goodell to avert the eyes of the fans away from his ongoing incompetence , while once again forcing a city that has financial problems , to burden themselves with even more debt by doling billions , coming to the aid of billionaire owners of an NFL franchise ?

    Idiots will bitch and whine about the federal government taxing them way too much, but simply are not too concerned when their cities , county and state government spend money needlessly , on such programs when the actual infrastructure remains in damn tatters , Go figure !

    Recently , I had one idiot try to explain to me , the matter of public bonds and who actually makes money of such financial derivatives . Had that as#hole perhaps asked of me , my background , perhaps he would realize that I have financial experience in that field , as well having worked in the area of corporate and public financing .

    The Chargers will be hard pressed this season to make a serious run at the AFC West divisional title where I believe that the division is likely to be a two-horse race between the Broncos and Chiefs !

    Dennis Allen and the Raiders are once again likely to finish a distant fourth within the division . Their record over the past six years may well bear this out in spite of their recent acquisitions and the recent draft class of the organization . MJD is likely to make a difference to their offense but their defense continues to be a work in progress . And who knows the idiocy that we are likely to see from both GM Reggie McKenzie and Mark Davis as the season progresses ?


    Lorde ….. M’Team’


    Such a waste , much like the Raiders have been over the past few years .

    tophatal ………………


    1. Chris Humpherys

      The only reason why this issue has resurfaced once again has come about because of the ridiculous price tag or should I say the idiotic ($2 billion) bid made by Steve Ballmer for the Los Angeles Clippers . Anyone with an ounce of common sense would realize in reality the franchise is overvalued . Therein lies the real situation of the urgency of the NFL in wanting a franchise in the Los Angeles area and what they feel will be bounty of revenues that could be realized .

      I mean , the so-called projects that are said to be in play, but not one of the teams that is said to be thinking about moving , has even acknowledged that they are interested . Yet , , Roger Goodell being the imbecilic asshole that he is , suggests that the city of Los Angeles is ready for a team . Who the f$ck is going to pay for the building of a new venue ? Certainly not the NFL or any of the owners but somehow he expects that the city should be willing to pay for the privilege of having team within their midst ? He obviously has no goddamn idea , as to the financial woes of that city or the state at present and he’s said to be a graduate with an Economics Degree ? LOL,LOL,LOL III Goodell is an unintelligent asshole , just like his former NBA counterpart David Stern .

      Stupid is as stupid does !

      tophatal ………………


  2. Chris Humpherys

    Neither ! The Rays are not going anywhere . Stuart Sternberg and his partners can barely afford to add to the team’s payroll , so why would anyone believe that they could afford to pay the city of St Petersburg the $25 million plus to break their existing lease with the city , who actually own Tropicana Field . This is the sort of continued idiocy that exists among the media , the fans within the Tampa Bay area and their lame ass opinions on that particular situation ,

    Tell me how the city of Los Angeles is going to finance a $1.6 billion venue for an NFL franchise with their ongoing fiscal woes which is even worse at the county and state levels ? Does anyone actually think for themselves nowadays or do they simply buy into the bull$hit of the print , television media and what the NFL tends to force down the throat of the fans ?

    NFL news

    tophatal …………..


    1. Chris Humpherys (SportsChump)

      You tell me where Stuart Sternberg is going to find the $25 million . to break the lease considering that it does not expire until 2027 ? And you have always suggested that the fans in Tampa are so well informed and intelligent ? Give me a break !

      Sternberg and Matthew Silverman have continued to bitch and whine but have never shown any fu#king good faith by even placing $1 million in escrow and suggesting that they can either seek the financing for a new venue much less seek the aid of the MLB hierarchy or that of the cities of St Petersburg or Tampa in reaching a solution . So explain to me how you envision the Rays making such a move ?

      All I have ever heard is that the ball club can move , but no goddamn idea as to how that can take place . You’ve never come up with a feasible suggestion and it is becoming clear that neither can anyone from within the Rays’ front office or from within the dumb @ss local print and television media , much less the Rays’ menial fan-base . Now what ?

      tophatal …………….


  3. A NFL team in LA makes sense….people will generate revenue for the City…if it is actually located IN the City…….Problem in Ca is the free medical care provided for just about everyone….the very high Hispanic population has created many problems that just cannot be easily addressed….You guys have seen the protests by Hispanics over the years wanting to reunite with Mexico…then of course you had the various riots and the drug gangs that are uncontrolled…..Then…you have earthquakes and wildfires, droughts all kinds of problems…and the big worry is the NFL?!?


    1. Al Clements

      What fans don’t understand at the moment is that the city of Los Angeles doesn’t have the money to fund the building of a new stadium. They are now on the edge of a financial precipice and they continue to struggle to actually to make that a reality . Look at the makeup of the city council and the continued in fighting . And yet fans and an ass like Goodell want Los Angeles city to pay for it all . All of the major private concerns who have said that they can build such a venue, have seen their own projects stall or come to a complete halt . So you tell me how much sense that still actually makes ?

    2. tophatal ….
    3. Like

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