Liar , liar , pants on fire ………..

Liar , liar , pants on fire ….

Liar, liar, pants on fire

In recent years the NFL has really gone through so many pratfalls , many of them of their own making . Image problem , well let’s just say while idiot fans champion the popularity of the brand and sport , with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , simply espousing the league’s ever increasing revenues , you simply have to wonder if the NFL does have a compassionate side. In conjunction with the NFLPA (Players’ Union) , the league’s handling of the issue for game based injuries , in particular the matter of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy ) and other neurologically based disorders. For the better part of the past two decades, the well-chronicled issue has remained a hot topic debate. Now, in light with the ongoing stories of the bureaucratic mismanagement of the Veterans Administration (VA) and the calls for the firing of VA Secretary General Eric Shinseki .

(4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ wide receiver Mike Evans , center is seen here with team GM Jason Licht ,left, is also seen with team head coach Lovie Smith , far right . Evans provides a receiving threat that the team rarely possessed last season . AP Photo / Collin McMillan …..


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The issues of the NFL and how they have dealt with the injuries of their retired veteran players and how the US military veterans are now treated by that governmental agency , does seem to bear a remarkable resemblance. Therein, lies the idiocy of the fans, who continue to make light of this topic with their inane comments, that the players themselves knew the risks when they first entered the NFL . Perhaps , if the league chose not to subvert a great deal of their own in-house research conducted by their own medical staff and researchers , this matter could have been handled with more authority and urgency . Instead, both Goodell and his predecessor Paul Tagliabue, hid behind a veil of secrecy, deceit and lies.

There are now several cases at various levels within the Justice System where the NFL is now a lead defendant in numerous civil suits brought by current and retired players. In recent days, former Miami Dolphins’ quarterback and Hall of Fame inductee Dan Marino, has added his name, to a suit , that seeks unspecified and punitive damages. That civil suit details what the player believes were actions, that sought have himself and many of his peers to be subjected to use painkillers and antidepressants , to remain on the field during a game. While I believe that there is a great deal of justification in the players taking this route, with a civil suit , I do believe that there that has been a great deal of hypocrisy on the part of the team owners , league hierarchy and specifically the Players Union , itself ! That body’s Executive Director DeMaurice Smith has proven to be no different from that of his predecessor the late Gene Upshaw in taking this matter with a great deal of urgency and actually doing something proactive. A settlement that in some circles was greeted with a great deal of derision , awarded 2,300 players $ 775 million , with a further $1 billion being set aside , for what Roger Goodell suggested would be in-depth research into the cause and effect of neurological disorders , suffered during an NFL game .

With their own prior research, the league and commissioner suggested, there was actually no cause and effect , with their being absolutely no connection between the issues in question. Now an about-face , and here we have the NFL seeking to show its compassionate side without any admission of guilt on their part. Meanwhile , the union with a vested interested in this issue ., has simply done little to benefit their retired veterans on the matter . As I alluded to earlier, the glaring similarities of the league’s actions and that of the VA and Barack Obama’s own handling of this issue, now shows why the NFL and government remains a damn farce , where they are simply lacking real leadership , much less leaders, who really can be viewed as individuals who have any credibility.

With further evidence about how much of a mess, this whole chapter has become , it is now being reported that Dan Marino will withdraw his name from the civil suit against the NFL . As to the reasons behind this change of heart does seem ambiguous and unclear, by the Dolphins’ legend. My belief behind this all, stems from the fact, Marino’s credibility will come into question. His private life remains in turmoil in spite of his act of contrition, after repeatedly denying he was the father of a child born to a former CBS female intern . An act, the quarterback suggests was completely out of character, which brought about some unwanted attention and a great deal of embarrassment for himself and his family.

The more this story remains in the spotlight, with no real conclusion in sight, the less credibility there remains within the NFL , its hierarchy , union and among the owners themselves . There has been way too much rhetoric coming from the league, along with the usual amount of pragmatism one would come to expect from a group of individuals, where greed remains the key and their being little compassion from anyone within the groups mentioned.

As this NFL off-season comes more into the spotlight, as teams prepare for the upcoming preseason and then their regular season schedules . A number of franchises have sought renegotiate deals or cut some players, from their rosters. Meanwhile, this season’s group of rookies have begun to acclimatize themselves with the rigors of the NFL at the professional level. Jadeveon Clowney , beyond all the hype has seen his teammate and defensive counterpart JJ Watt show to him that it will not be that easy to just simply step unto an NFL field and believe that an opponent will simply pay him homage and respect.

For Clowney, before he gain that respect , he will have to pay reverence to those before him and to many of the players he is likely to face over the course of this season . The Houston Texans are expecting a great deal out of the number one pick from the 2014 NFL Draft. A losers of fourteen consecutive games , once they entered their week three schedule of last season, it was easy to understand why the Texans fell apart at the seams under the coaching of Gary Kubiak and his coaching staff . The woes of the Houston Texan were well-chronicled, to the point where many wondered if the team and staff could actually dig themselves out of the hole created. At season’s end, their record of 2-14 was a true reflection of the Houston Texans and how bad this team was said to be.

Bill O’Brien, who succeeded Gary Kubiak , after his expected dismissal, will now look to resurrect the fortunes of this franchise , where there are not seen to be many major challengers to the Indianapolis Colts’ and their dominance of the AFC South in recent years. Houston’s regular season meetings with Andrew Luck and his teammates , should provide us with a great deal of evidence about the aspirations of the team. Those two regular season contests in week six and fifteen , may well be something , O’Brien can use as a gauge, about where the Texans will need to be, in order that they are considered a legitimate threat within the AFC this upcoming season.

The firing of Greg Schiano , as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the aftermath of another horrendous season by the franchise, in reality , was of no great surprise . Schiano’s brash demeanor, simply could not hide the fact, he was clearly out his depth as a head coach in the NFL . He brought absolutely no discipline to the team from a coaching standpoint and once again, the idiotic claims by Buccaneers’ fans, there was a sense of consistency to the Buccaneers , was nowhere to be seen , all season long. Beyond that, the franchise then had to the issues of their troubled former quarterback Josh Freeman , whose career with the franchise can be best characterized by saying it was simply one of abject failure. Indeed this organization has not had a quarterback with any great sureness in several years and that includes their Superbowl winning quarterback Brad Johnson , whose 2002 season was understated even with the Superbowl victory among his personal achievements.

Schiano’s firing and the Buccaneers’ decision not to extend the contract of GM Mark Dominik , has led to a new structural hierarchy within the front office . Jason Licht replaces Dominik and the return of a former Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ assistant Lovie Smith to claim the reins of Greg Schiano , begins a new chapter for the organization. Smith’s coaching philosophy is one of a defensive mindset , with the players being held accountable and where the opportunities that arise on offense are duly taken . With Greg Schiano , it was simply a hodgepodge of schemes , with no clear path about what was being achieved. . As damning an indictment as that statement appears to be , the truth cannot be overlooked and the Buccaneers in 2013, were one of the worst performing teams in the NFL , in a wide variety of areas. At no point in the season could one believe that this team was actually in with a chance of winning the NFC South , much less be viewed as a legitimate contenderwithin the NFC . This preseason, a number of dubious prognosticators are now suggesting that this might be the year that the Buccaneers actually turn things around. A few off-season acquisitions and a moderately average draft will not put this team in the driver’s seat within their division. If anything, the Buccaneers at best are likely , to be no better than the third or fourth best team within the NFC South and record within the conference was a clear reflection of who they are within the league as a whole last season.

I believe Lovie Smith brings a great deal more credibility to the role as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he does a proven track record, unlike that of his predecessor . Granted , the issue of this organization I believe stems from the ongoing mindset of the Glazer family and where their intentions truly lay. Is it their ownership of the NFL franchise or the ownership of the far more successful ownership of their English Premiership (EPL) team Manchester United ? Within both entities, over the past six weeks we have seen some major upheavals . The firing of David Moyes as manager of the EPL giants after only a year, was welcomed in all circles because of David Moyes’ continued mishandling of team affairs and his level of incompetence . Certainly, United’s failure to win a domestic trophy and their poor showing in the UEFA Champions League played a part in his own downfall. Moyes’ successor , is the no-nonsense and highly regarded Dutchman Louis Van-Gaal , who is likely to be more demanding of his players, while taking more input from the members of his coaching staff and the team in general . Something, David Moyes was unaccustomed to doing throughout his entire tenure with Manchester United.

Away from the field of play, the recent death of Glazer family patriarch Malcolm Glazer, there has been renewed speculation that the family may well seek to sell one , if not both of their professional sporting interests. Tampa resident Eddie DeBartolo Jr , former owner of the San Francisco 49ers is known to be seeking a return to the NFL in some capacity. In the UK, the continued calls for the sale of United continues unabated, because of the lackluster showing of the team, but more so, because of the family’s incompetence in their ownership of the soccer club and then their placing the club with a mountain of debt , that still stands at unprecedented level . That figure in some circles, is being reported to be as high as $1 billion and as low as $600 million . The real issue, is whether or not this upcoming season, will the club fall in line with the UEFA mandate of the “Fair Play Act” , in meeting the financial requirements to be eligible for all UEFA sanctioned club competitions ? The financial windfall the Champions League provides, is something that the club counts on, beyond the revenue derived from the domestic competitions in the England of which the two most important are the Premiership and the FA Cup . Competitions where Manchester United have attained a great deal of success in recent years, as well as throughout their history.

Joel and Bryan Glazer have been emphatic, that neither Manchester United, nor the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be put up for sale, but I cannot help, but wonder , if their appetite has not been whetted by the recent $ 2 billion bid made by Steve Ballmer to buy the NBA’s beleaguered franchise the Los Angeles Clippers ? Pending, the league’s approval, that will be the highest price paid for an NBA franchise in league history. We also witnessed in 2013, the Los Angeles Dodgers being purchased for the seemingly unbelievable price of $2.156 billion . This sum, I believe in many ways, was forced upon the winning syndicate by the behind the scenes shenanigans of MLB Commissioner Bud Selig , in demanding that the sale not only take place , but his forcing his will upon the presiding judge in the US Bankruptcy Court, in the state of Delaware.

Far too often in recent years we have seen the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fail to live up to expectations and I do not believe that this season will be any different . A new coaching staff , rookies and the inexperience of second year starting quarterback Mike Glennon is a great deal to ask of a team , where last season in their old guise they simply fell apart at the seams .

If Glennon is not up to the task, the insertion of a durable veteran such as Josh McCown is by no means a guarantee of success for the Buccaneers. Their rivals within the NFC South , the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints are likely to be considerably better than they were in 2013 , by way of the NFL Draft and through their own off-season acquisitions . It is highly unlikely that Ron Rivera , Mike Smith and Sean Payton would have stood by and waited to see what was being done by the Buccaneers . But this has been the mindset of the moronic tendency of the print and television media within the Tampa Bay area, with their prognostications concerning the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ upcoming regular season . How many times, have they and the fans got those assessments wrong and would they be willing, to admit that fact ?

The Buccaneers’ draft class of Mike Evans , Jenkins Seferian , Charles Sims, Kadeem Edwards , Kevin Pamphile and Robert Herron are thought to be the players Lovie Smith believes will be able to complement his roster and be productive throughout the course of this upcoming season. Their preseason schedule should prove to be interesting , with their first contest being against the Jacksonville Jaguars, at Ever-Bank Field in Jacksonville , Florida on Friday 8th August , 2014. The remaining three exhibition games will be against the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins . The team’s first regular season contest will be a home game at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers , reigning NFC South champions. Tampa needs a sound regular season start and what better way than to obtain a win against a divisional rival , who this season has to be viewed as one of the favorites within the NFC .

I will say this, for Trent Baalke, as the general manager of the San Francisco 49ers as he has busy during the off-season, in acquiring players in such a creative way, while also trying to stay within the salary cap . Yet , his biggest accomplishment might well have been in succeeding to have Colin Kaepernick sign a five-year contract extension for a quarterback who if anything, has made the Niners, a team to watch for the foreseeable future . Kapernick now has the weapons to succeed , but the question remains , has he grown as a player, showing maturity, as well as the potential leadership qualities sought by head coach Jim Harbaugh ? These are the traits that will be genuinely sought by the Niners’ coaching staff and their fans as the team embarks on their preseason and regular season schedule. A postseason berth and the likelihood of a Superbowl appearance are the ambitions of the Niners , where Kaepernick, can seek to avenge the loss suffered at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens in 2013.



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Your thoughts on the points raised within this article and how best do you believe that the NFL can best solve the ongoing legal issues that they are now embroiled in ?


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(1) Hall of Fame quarterback , Dan Marino and now an NFL analyst with CBS , who at first signed on to be plaintiff in a legal suit against the NFL , concerning the league’s actions in forcing players to deliberately take painkillers and other prescriptive medications , that may well have caused unnecessary harm and other health issues. Marino has since withdrawn his name from the suit, but has not offered a full explanation as to the reasons , behind the change of heart. Getty Images / Paul Matthews …..

(2) NFLPA Executive DeMaurice Smith ,left. is seen here with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell . Smith has been extremely critical of Goodell and his handling of Indianapolis Colts’ owner Jim Irsay’s sobriety issues and the fact the owner has now received his second DUI in the past five seasons . It was widely known that Irsay’s issues were ongoing and that his dependency upon alcohol and wide variety of narcotics (cocaine, marijuana and Oxycontin). While his criticism may well be valid , Smith is not without blame as it relates to his own lack action concerning the issue of retired NFL veterans and their being unable to receive their rightful medical benefits. AP Photo / Glenn Mitchell ….

(3) The Houston Texans’ Jadeveon Clowney ,left, is seen here with the team’s General Manager Rick Smith as the player addresses the convened press at the Texans’ Reliant Stadium in Houston , Texas. Having signed his rookie contract , Clowney now becomes a part of a team that will be looking to revamp its reputation as one of the league’s worst performing defenses in 2013. AP Photo / Samantha Mitchell ….

(4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ GM Jason Licht , left, is seen here with the team’s number one first round draft pick , wide receiver , Mike Evans , center and team head coach Lovie Smith . The head coach and executive hope that Evans can provide a deep receiving threat they sought last season , but was rarely seen during last season , leading to the franchise having one of the worst offenses in the NFL in 2013 . AP Photo / Samantha Morton ……

(5) Buccaneers’ starting quarterback Mike Glennon (8) is seen here with teammate and seasoned veteran Josh McCown . Lovie Smith has emphasized that Glennon remains the starter but it is clear that McCown is there to challenge the second-year player for that position. AP Photo / Rick Barnes …

(6) Colin Kaepernick (7) is seen here with San Francisco 49ers’ head coach Jim Harbaugh . Kaepernick , already with back to back postseason appearances to his career as well as a Superbowl appearance now hopes to lead the franchise to another appearance in the NFL’s biggest showcase event of their postseason. Getty Images / Sam Harris …


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32 thoughts on “Liar , liar , pants on fire ………..”

  1. Can someone explain to me how in God’s name anyone thought that this first settlement (US Federal Court) between the NFL and some of their retired veterans had any validity to it ? Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith did not have the best interests of those veterans at heart much like that clown Barack Obama and his continued rhetoric and pragmatism , concerning the ongoing issues within the Veterans Administration . Where is the fu$king outrage from the public concerning that issue but yet fans can bitch and whine about things that are nowhere as important .

    Apathy is no longer a rarity among some sports’ fans but a genuine trait just like DNA .

    As great as some believe that the Buccaneers off season has gone , with their acquisitions and draft class . The team will be viewed as no better than the third or fourth best franchise within the NFC South . I firmly believe the Panthers and Saints are far in way the two best teams within the division with Cam Newton finally showing that he has matured as a quarterback and as a leader on that Panthers’ team . Also, he might now be the best quarterback in the division based solely on his play last season .

    tophatal …………..


  2. Tophat,
    What makes you think that Baalke scored a major coup by sigining Kaepernick? CK unpolishd kid that gets flustered in crunch time and is nowhere near the elite status that he’s getting paid for. 61 mill guaranteed? WAF joke! Many of you have falling for the hype. I’ve scouted this kid since his Reno days. Good but occassionaly becomes brain dead. FACT: Excluding the woeful Az Cards last year, he passed for over 200 yards in just 5 of 17games. A dismal 91 versus Carolina in good weather btw. When his legs go from the pounding he’s been taking from LBs and DBs, what you’re gonna have is another RG3.


    1. Ronbets

      Let me pose this question . Colin Kaepernick receives that contract from the Niners with Trent Baalke believing it to be the best for the franchise . Now look at what the Bears did with Jay Cutler making him the highest paid quarterback in the NFL by way of his contract value and salary . Then look at the postseason career (1-1) of Cutler and then (4-2) Kaerpenick’s and you tell me who’s said to be more overvalued ?

      Which of the duo do you believe , is the better quarterback ?

      It’s not my feeling that any quarterback is worth more than $15 million a year much less worth being given a $100 million deal but the general managers and owners are simply lost and delusional . I believe you should only be rewarded when you produce on a consistent basis likewise with the NFL and their quarterbacks . As an analyst, that is how I am compensated and when I miss , then I am likely to see slide in my numeration package (salary) . Wouldn’t want it any other day .

      Highest paid quarterback by contract and salary

      Highest paid player by salary and contract .

      Solemn day yesterday , with it being D-Day and the commemoration of the Normandy Landings. I’ve been to that area several times as a youth and adult . It may well have been the thing to convince to join the British Royal Marines .

      Your thoughts on the release of Bo Bergdahl and do you believe that he ought to be court-martialled for dereliction of duty and AWOL ?

      Bergdahl in captivity

      Does California Chrome win the Belmont Stakes and thereby win the Triple Crown ?

      California Chrome and his jockey Victor Espinoza . Both are chasing equine racing history .

      tophatal ……………


  3. The NFL can go to hell They are the new king pins on the block of the drug cartels. The Blow hards at ESPN support the NFL drug pushers yet talk about protecting the players. What a crock of shit .


  4. bobby

    The NFL , much like MLB , NBA and the NHL remain a goddamn joke and the apathy among the fans appears to be no different at all . They tend to be so fu#king clueless , that it doesn’t bear thinking about . The NFL does not have a comprehensive drug test and Goodell remains blithering idiot , much like his counterparts Adam Silver (NBA) , Garry Bettman (NHL) and Bud Selig , within baseball . One wonders why those hierarchies cannot be taken seriously , albeit that you have fools who believe that those leaders and their predecessors have some credibility .?

    tophatal …………..


  5. Tophat,
    I’m not a cryer, but watching NBC’s Normandy 70 with Brian Williams brought out the Kleenex. Once in a great while I run into WW2 vets @ the VA. Upper 80 and 90+ year old heroes from the “Greatest Generation” are quickly becoming extinct. I hear stories not only of Nazi atrocities, but Japanese brutality. The MF’g VC musta taken notes.
    Bergdahl? I think you know my opinion on that coward. They shudda also thrown in his dad as part of the package for release. This country needs a Commander in Chief with some prior military service. Hell, even the Reserves. Reinstate the Draft with eligible inductees serving a minimum of one year active duty……..similar to Israel.

    The Triple Crown? I bet NO CC won’t win. Why? Victor Espinoza is average.

    QB discussion? Later.


    1. Ronbets

      Odds appear to be against California Chrome but racing, does need a Triple Crown winner, if only to bring back even more fans to the sport .

      I’ll wait to read you observations on the quarterback scene at present . I have to admit once Brady , Brees and Peyton Manning depart from the NFL , it could lead to a downplay in terms of their being truly great quarterbacks coming into being over the next five seasons . The likes of Luck , Russell Wilson , RGIII and Cam Newton will have to carry on that legacy .

      tophatal …………..


      1. Tophat,
        What’s RG3 doing in there? He’s damaged goods that the Klanahans were instrumental in doing. Where’s Matty Ice?……How about Aaron Rodgers? Those guys aint chopped liver.
        However, there is a more pressing event that’s bugging the hell outta me I wanna discuss.

        California Chrome owner Steven Colborn hits the lotto with a 10k investment with his horse and rants on national tv today and also blasted Churchill Downs after the Derby. This system has been around for over a century and he has the nerve to call some owners/trainers cowards. This man was on a soapbox speaking like he had the tenure of the late Woody Stephens. What a whining fuken farmer.
        You don’t go off on an event sponsor that just made your team millions and blast them on national tv. Privately would suffice. That would be the classy thing to do. However, the hick Coburn and class are not synonymous.


        1. Ronbets

          California Chrome’s owner Steve Colborn proved what a whining @sshole he just happens to be . Is it any wonder that horse racing has become something of an afterthought as the so called “Sport of Kings” ? The racing here (US) is not all that great and the quality of the equine stock is overrated . Compared to the racing in Europe , the US is simply second-rate . Other than the fanfare that surrounds the Breeders’ Cup series and the Triple Crown series of races , there simply isn’t enough that is said to be great , taking place here in the US .

          Kyle and Mike Shanahan simply did not know how best to utilize the skills of RGIII and that showed in the player’s second year in the NFL , more to his regression as a quarterback overall . Can he recover ? I don’t see any reason why not when compared to the somewhat similar issues of Cam Newton and his tenure with the Carolina Panthers .

          In the case of the Redskins their issues on defense have never been properly addressed by Mike Shanahan during his tenure as the Redskins’ head coach . Daniel ‘Dan’ Snyder as the owner is more interested in style over substance , hence the constant failure of the franchise during his ownership . I seriously doubt that Jay Gruden will bring anything innovative or new to the table as the successor to Mike Shanahan !

          tophatal ………….


  6. Ronbets

    Being born in the UK and having the opportunity to travel extensively at a young age , I traveled to Normandy and visited Omaha Beach and also did the same thing at Flanders Field. If anyone who has ever been there , suggests that they have never been emotional after such a visit , then they would be lying . I have visited the Vietnam Memorial , in Washington DC as well as the state cemetery in Florida , located in Bushnell . Each time I have left those places , emotionally torn . I have an older friend who I came to know through his daughter , he served in the military as a nurse , but also saw action in Korea and his brother-in-law was a Medal of Honor , recipient , William “Bill ” Charette . His heroics were simply exemplary , above and beyond the call of duty .

    William R Charette CMOH recipient .

    His receiving his medal from Eisenhower .

    We’ve exchanged many stories prior to his death , concerning our military experiences .

    I believe that Bergdahl , should be facing a court martial under the code of the UCMJ ! It is has been said that on more than one occasion he (Bergdahl) left his post without any notification to a commanding officer or superior of any sort . An act of cowardice to my mind , with regard to his actions in Afghanistan !

    tophatal ……………….


  7. Wow, he was a Navy Corpsman Master Chief. These guys worked hand and hand with the Marines and are very well respected. I too was a Navy guy that did my tour on swift boats. The corpsmen in Nam were the most courageous men in our armed forces. No one fucked with these guys, especially during R & R. They were like sacred cows to both the Navy and Marines.


    1. Ronbets

      Upon until Bill Charette’s death , his brother-in-law , Bill Frazier , and I , were all great friends , often heading out to visit other veterans at their homes or various facilities around the state, His biggest regret he said , was the fact that he’d witnessed the deterioration of the Veterans’ Administration (VA) and the lack of competency there . It is sad that it now comes to the point where even the government cannot be trusted to have the best interests of its military servicemen and women as a priority . Barack and Eric Shinseki should be damn well ashamed of themselves .. More so Obama , with his constant pragmatism and idiotic rhetoric !

      tophatal ………….


  8. Nice story is all I can add…..ya did a great job in this report. BUT…no amt of head protection will stop concussions……they know that….cause any sudden stop like against a brick wall makes the brain bounce onto the bony skull… to the other, such is life…and corpsmen are always heroes in my book


  9. Al Clements

    I know that no amount of protection can stop the concussions , but my issue remains with the NFL , the amount of deceit and lies perpetrated by Roger Goodell and his predecessor Paul Tagliabue on the matter . Meanwhile , you have frigging clueless fans who are not bright or enlightened enough to offer up anything other than the idiocy of the players knowing the risks . They might well have known, but how about the fact that the league hierarchy chose to hide a great deal of research that they themselves conducted on the issue ? How is it that , fans remain so fu#king apathetic and cannot see the NFL for what it just happens to be ? Goodell like David Stern , Bud Selig and Gary Bettman (NHL) are incompetent frigging morons !

    tophatal …………….


  10. I’m really interested to see how Bill O’Brien does as a head coach in Houston. It’s an interesting situation, because I think he’s a solid coach… fiery, and can do a good job in the NFL. He’s great with developing QB’s. Also, has any new head coach taken on so much talent in his first season? He’s going to be expected to turn this thing around rather quickly… and he just might do that. As for Clowney, well, the talent is there… he’s just going to have to mature quickly and work hard to become what will be expected of him as a top draft pick.


  11. In the end, it should be all for one and one for all when it comes to former players suing the league, whether Dan Marino’s name is associated with the lawsuit or not.

    The way this all went down, however, clearly didn’t paint Marino in the best light.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Dan Marino has always been a self-absorbed and conceited moron and that was definitely seen during the latter days of his career and the constant arguments that took place between he and Jimmy Johnson , who was the Miami Dolphins’ head coach at the time . Besides , his (Marino’s) private life became a mess with his behavior , in fathering a child , with an unmarried CBS Sports’ intern and his seeking to deny the child was actually his . Credibility issues or what ?

      You tell me, where Goodell has had the best interests of the veteran players of the NFL ? The current commissioner much like David Stern who you continually try to suggest has been for the betterment of the NBA . How so , when Stern has complicit in allowing the behavior of Donald Sterling and Rich DeVos to to unchecked , repeatedly , over the years ? What are you looking at half the time when you observe the issue of sports in general ? Or is it simply just apathy with the sports’ fans here in North America ?

      tophatal ………………..


        1. You’ve championed Stern as being a bastion of being a great commissioner have you not ? Yet he too like Goodell , have chosen to pick their battles in order to enhance their images , rather than dealing with the real underlying issues within their respective leagues . How Stern dealt with DeVos (repeated homophobic statements ) during his tenure or more to the point, his idiotic stance of teams’ bailouts in 2009 when that same season average ticket prices within the NBA went up on average over 12 1/2 percent. well above the rate of inflation , yet somehow he was selling $500 million bailout of twenty teams , as a reason for bringing financial stability stability to the NBA . These weren’t league funds being used , but his getting major financial institutions loan the NBA , while the league was sitting on a cash pile (billions) of its own .

          David Stern the omnipresent hypocrite of the NBA , whose successor showed that he possessed more balls than that ass, who has been given a meaningless position within the league hierarchy . Commissioner Emeritus ? What the $$ck is that all about ? Next up Sarah Palin being given an Honorary Doctorate (Hon. PhD) from Yale ?

          Sterling may well have been unto something concerning his observations of members of the Jewish faith . Then again, this is the same nut-job, who’s suggesting that he’s not a racist , while those fuc#ing idiots of the NAACP are still welcoming the disgraced NBA team owner with open arms .

          Marino and just about everything he stands for at present is a damn joke .


            1. Do I actually have to join the dots ? I mean , what . else needs to take place ? Pure apathy among fans in general ,much like your premise concerning the Rays and a proposed move from the Trop . Pie in the sky delusion and no common sense at all concerning an alleged suggestion. Stuart Sternberg can afford to spend $25 million to break the lease and you’re suggesting that the city of St Pete will compromise or that the city of Tampa will come to their aid ? Are the residents in Tampa prepared to have resources used to aid another selfish owner within their midst ? Get real for once Chris , the city (Tampa) has severe financial issues . or hadn’t you noticed ?

              Perhaps you could place a word in the ear of Rick Scott and have him either have the state aid the Rays . After-all he’s looking to take credit with his idiotic idiocy and claims of creating 400,000 jobs within the state because of his economic policies .

              tophatal ………………….


              1. You literally did not mention Dan Marino at all in that last comment? Is this a recording?

                What in the world does Dan Marino have to do at all with the Rays, David Stern or Rich Devos?


                1. The NFL paints itself as a fraternity that cares but nothing could be further from the truth.

                  Marino shows himself to be clown signing unto a legal action , then backing down , when he realizes his grounds for doing so seem idiotic . I mean the guy was never any part of a prior action but all of a sudden it’s now he comes out of the wood-works ?

                  If you cannot see that there has been a pattern of behavior within both the NFL and NBA as it relates to racial bigotry and misogyny, then I wonder what you have been observing down the years ? Shangri-la and Utopia ?

                  tophatal ……….


  12. KP

    The Texans have been overrated for years years during the tenure of Matt Schaub and the very fact their defense was simply abhorrent and have never been particularly good under Gary Kubiak . That being, said with the introduction of Jadeveon Clowney are things likely to change , given their division and the fact that the Colts are likely to have gotten considerably better than last season , especially in terms of their draft class and off-season team acquisitions . Also how good are the Texans likely to be when there’s no certainty as to who their starting quarterback will be and have you forgotten about Andre Johnson and his future as he seeks a way out ?

    Arian Foster ‘ain’t too proud to beg’ Andre Johnson to stay in Houston

    By Bill Brinson , CBS Sports

    Ain’t too proud to beg , Arian Foster

    The whole Andre Johnson saga in Houston is weird. The wideout would like to play for someone other than the Texans, mainly because he’s sick of losing and/or watching defensive backs run the other way with passes intended for him. But Houston could be better than expected, maybe. He also has this “giant contract” thing hanging over his head.

    At the very least, Arian Foster doesn’t want Johnson going. And he expressed his sentiments on Instagram with a photo of him holding a frowny face in front of Johnson’s picture and the Temptations “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” playing.

    Social media strategy at it’s finest, really.


    Johnson has been their best player since became a Texans starter .

    tophatal …………….


  13. It’s hard out there being a pimp when you ain’t got money to pay the rent
    . So whup that bi$ch . And now twice in two games the Miami Heat have been whupped like a bi$ch .

    Come now , who’s really that inclined to believe that this Heat team is actually better than last season’s winning team ? Any takers ? Going once , going twice ? Do I hear anyone stepping up to make a clear case for LBJ and his teammates , at all ?

    When you can’t think outside the box, it simply makes you naive and docile of thought .

    Terence Howard …… :It’s Hard Out There Being A Pimp ”

    tophatal ………………….


  14. Can someone explain how the respective front offices of the Patriots and Seahawks don’t believe it is in their best interests not to resign running backs Stevan Ridley and Marshawn Lynch , given their productivity over the past three seasons . It is not as if these players are already earning massive paychecks to with , given the payroll of the New England Patriots and .Seattle Seahawks .

    NFL news .

    New England Patriots

    Seattle Seahawks news

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  15. The NFL remains a joke and their substance abuse policy is equally as laughable . Redskins’ defensive player Tanard Jackson has now been suspended for the fourth time in his seven year career in the league for failing another drug test . Jackson explains that this suspension is different from all of the others because it was a mistake and miscommunication that led to his taking of a banned substance . What type of an @sshole is this player to begin with ? Does he honestly believe the fans and league hierarchy are susceptible to his ongoing bull#hit ?

    Tanard Jackson of the Washington Redskins

    Jackson a former Buccaneers’ player is a glowing image of the self absorbed athlete who will be protected by the NFLPA (union) at almost every juncture . An indefinite suspension , now mandatory , is the best thing that could happen to the player .

    NFL news

    Washington Redskins news

    tophatal …………


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