It is , all about me !

It is , all about me !

They are willing to talk the talk, but not often enough do they walk the walk. I find it rather disingenuous, when I read or hear an analyst’s or sports’ journalists using an athletes’ background or ethnicity , to suggest that they have been through a troubled life . In recent months. we have seen the hypocrisy of today’s athlete manifest itself in a some ways and following suit, have been the anal retentive fans , through their own ignorance and stupidity seeking to make excuses for the behavior of these athletes. Nowhere has this been more clear than within the NBA and NFL , where there the respective hierarchies seem to be just as idiotic as the players themselves.


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In the NBA , perhaps the player with the biggest image and profile , is that league’s four-time regular season MVP and current member of the of two-time defending NBA champions , the Miami Heat . Globally, LeBron James has become a superstar , and he might now be the closest thing that the fans have seen to Michael Jordan , since the six-time NBA champion walked away from the game for the final time. James, like Jordan, has closely manicured an image that has seen very little major controversy. Granted, Michael Jordan’s private life has seen some controversy, with his penchant for gambling and what was said to be a multi-million dollar divorce from his now ex-wife Juanita Jordan . The former NBA great and current owner of the Charlotte Hornets is now seeking to make that franchise a competitive entity within the league and so far Jordan and the reviews of his achievements have not exactly been favorable.

For much of his playing career , Michael Jordan stayed out of the political fray , choosing not make his thoughts felt on a range of subjects , even when one of his main corporate sponsors Nike Inc was facing charges of using child labor in the Far East to make apparel that bore the Nike and Jordan name . Somehow , the league and then NBA Commissioner , David Stern did not feel it proper to step in and even make a statement on the matter , even when it became abundantly clear that Nike was in fact ethically wrong, without an admission of guilt on their part.

Phil Knight over the past decade , has tried to create a much softer and socially conscious image of the company he founded , which also made him an extremely wealthy individual . Nike remains one of the most recognized names in sports’ apparel manufacturing, with a global presence on all seven continents. Their presence will be seen and felt at the 2014 FIFA World Cup , where they are one of the tournament’s major corporate advertisers. on soccer’s biggest international stage and the world’s second biggest sporting event behind the Summer Olympics, upwards of 1.7 billion people will be watching this month-long tournament to decide international soccer’s next world champion..

Today’s athlete, rarely speaks out on any type of political issue or social injustice. When they seek to do so , their response tends to be either innocuous or actually downright idiotic, almost as if, they are uninformed and lacking an education, much less being knowledgeable on a specific issue. Prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics , LeBron James was questioned about his thoughts on the actions taken by the Chinese government at Tiananmen Square in the Chinese nation’s capital. The player’s response was befuddling and somewhat idiotic , but then again, I would not have expected anything less from someone who now espouses education and being informed. Yet , here is a player, who simply eschewed a college education , because it was widely known that he would have been sanctioned by the NCAA, coming under a great deal of scrutiny by college athletics’ governing body for what is believed to be unsolicited monetary payments made indirectly to James and a member of his family. James for his part , with his battery of advisers , tries to now represent himself as a spokesman for his peers.

In light of the recent controversy surrounding Donald Sterling , it was once again rather amusing to hear LeBron James suggest that if the league hierarchy did not take action against the beleaguered Los Angeles Clippers’ owner , he and many of the peers would take action , by simply failing to show up for the remainder of the NBA postseason . I believe the player’s bark is actually worse than his bite and his stance was nothing more than a show of strength , that in reality , his proposed action would never have taken place.

As great a player as LeBron James is said to be , he has yet to truly step into the fray and be truly vocal on any type of issue. Handing out bicycles as part of a philanthropic effort , means nothing, when on the other hand , you brazenly suggest that your biggest wish, is to become a billionaire and shower your teammates ostentatiously, while within earshot of the Miami home venue , you have over 7,500 homeless individuals, sleeping on the streets , many of them children and US military veterans. A further case can be made, about how out of touch with reality the NBA and their players are said to be. In what was known to be a very emotional case, where the justice system failed miserably , the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman held the nation spellbound for weeks, as the trial unfolded on national television. The failure here, was not only shown by the incompetency of Florida legal system but also the complete lack of intelligence of the jury and the incompetence of the State’s Attorney prosecuting the case. Somewhat reminiscent of the incompetency shown by Christopher Darden and Marcia Clarke , in their handling of the OJ Simpson ” trial “ in Los Angeles County two decades ago. Simpson , as we now know, is incarcerated , for kidnapping and taking two victims hostage , while he and his accomplices are said to have confronted his victims , with a view to gain what was said to be his personal property. You win some and you lose some.

The NBA players’ response, in showing solidarity with the victim Trayvon Martin was to take the action of wearing hoodies and standing to attention in a moment of silence. As to what this ultimately signified , can be best left for the players themselves to answer, in particular LeBron James and his teammate Dwyane Wade , who in the aftermath of their actions could not succinctly explain what was achieved. The tragedy here was that Trayvon Martin’s slaying was just one of countless deaths that have been similar in fashion, to have taken place in the state of Florida during the past eighteen months and it should not matter concerning the ethnicity of the victim. It should be noted also , that prior LeBron James’ entry into the NBA in 2003 , David Stern saw fit to use as a sales’ gimmick the genre of gangster rap to market the NBA brand to America’s youth , while on the streets of Los Angeles , teens and gang members were being needlessly gunned down. Unfortunately, neither Stern, nor anyone from within his odious group of subordinates, saw fit to proffer up an apology. I guess even when you are an autocratic asshole , you see no wrong in your actions, even when they are lacking in taste ? Meanwhile, the players themselves , whose majority remains African-American in its makeup, did nothing, by way of any type of vocal protest against the commissioner’s actions .

The NBA remains a hotbed of controversy , ran by a bunch of incompetent buffoons , where the owners are simply about greed and wealth . Never mind , that you still have a union that remains in complete disarray. No Executive Director and no real consensus, on how they are likely to deal with a legal suit of which they are the defendants and the likelihood of a loss could lead to a multi-million dollar payout in a settlement, should they lose the case.

While LeBron James leads his teammates in a rematch of the 2013 NBA Finals as they seek to make a successful defense of their title against the San Antonio Spurs . Around the league , the coaching carousel began, with the notable rebuff by Steve Kerr , as he turned down the opportunity to become the next head coach of the New York Knicks . I guess that as impressive a head coach as Phil Jackson was said to be , as an NBA Executive he is still steering his way through the maelstrom of continued idiocy within the Knicks’ organization . Adding insult to injury , I believe was the decision to sign an aging Lamar Odom to a team that remains in disarray and where there is no guarantee that the team’s best player , Carmelo Anthony , will be a part of the playing staff for the upcoming season.

As Jackson tries to bring a sense of normalcy to the Knicks after a season of disappointment. Anyone who believes that the eleven-time championship winning head coach can bring about overnight success for one of the NBA’s most famous franchises , will have to wait for a considerable amount of time before that situation is likely to materialize.

Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown , never one not to let his voice be heard , has been extremely vocal and critical of many of today’s top athletes . He has not been afraid to call Los Angeles Lakers’ star Kobe Bryant “soft” and someone caught up in his own self-importance. Brown may well be right , but those criticisms valid or not , this is not the place where such a debate should take place, without both parties being ready to discuss the issue. Bryant for his part is something of a hypocrite by suggesting he does indeed take a great deal of interest in the issues that affect not only the African-American race , but the nation in general . Unfortunately, Bryant’s words mean nothing, when his deeds , mean little and where his own immaturity and credibility continues to come into question and under a cloud of suspicion. . Bryant after the barrage of criticism leveled at him by Brown , tried to suggest that the Hall of Fame great didn’t know what he was talking about . The Las Angeles’ guard may well have not been aware that Brown stood alongside such luminaries as Dr Martin Luther King , Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X , as the triumvirate stood up for equal rights , being at the forefront of the Civil Rights’ Movement and the fight for equality for African-Americans. Lower Merion High School in Pennsylvania, might well have fallen short in the education of Bryant , albeit , that the player has also lived abroad , in Italy , while his father , Joe Bryant sought to pursue a professional basketball career in Europe.

Kobe Bryant now lives the life of luxury and in no way can he understand the plight of the African-American , much less the economic divide between the rich and the poor in the country at present. Any thought, he understands those issues, have never been mirrored in any action that he has undertaken within the city of Los Angeles , as he has often stood aloof from many of his peers , while seeking out the press only when he believes it right, to belittle the Lakers’ organization led by owner Jim Buss and GM Mitch Kupchak , or a number of his teammates . Less than ten miles away from the Staples Center , a hotbed of violence remains and at no time has Kobe Bryant ever spoken out on the issue of gang violence, that continues to be a pandemic within the city . Brown for his part, has been front and center , in seeking to be a mediator and negotiator , in the stemming of the rising tide of gang violence , rising proliferation in the use of hard drugs . Last I looked, the likes of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, were not voicing their opinions on such issues , but merely looking to try and uphold their pristine images , while selling their overpriced wares to an unsuspecting public. Get the feeling their alleged biggest concerns have nothing at all to do with the pubic at all , but merely a facade created by their agents and litany of advisers and handlers alike ?

The now departed head coach Mike D’Antoni after his abrupt resignation, has left the Los Angeles Lakers’ franchise without a head coach for the second time in the space of eighteen months . Now the Lakers, are left in search of another coach, while the playing staff itself has become uncompetitive and old. Bryant is at the end of an illustrious career and it seems highly unlikely that he will be guiding this franchise to another NBA title anytime soon.

In the aftermath of the Jonathan Martin , Richie Incognito “affair” , it was simply amazing to witness the incompetency of the NFL , Roger Goodell and the complete ambivalence of the Miami Dolphins’ organization . Even worse were the actions of head coach Joe Philbin and his coaching staff, who claimed that they were completely unaware of Incognito’s behavior . The fact that a member of Philbin’s own coaching staff, was also subject to a torrent of racial abuse, without his knowing was simply farcical and actually comedic. With Mike Pouncey , also having joined Richie Incognito in orchestrating the abuse of not only that coaching assistant but also Jonathan Martin., leads me to believe that the Dolphins as an organization, was simply bereft of intelligence as well as accountability within the franchise . Say nothing of which, team owner Stephen Ross made the idiotic statement of his wishing to see those involved be punished to the full extent and with every measure possibly allowable by the NFL. The league’s punishment of Pouncey was soft , while Incognito’s career which now seems to be on hold , is likely to find himself back in the NFL at some point in the future . Mike Pouncey for his part, still believes he did nothing while stressing that he has put the episode behind him. As to the idiocy of those who question Jonathan Martin’s soft nature , I wonder how many of those anal retentive fans, believe that racism and misogyny is the right environment for the NFL ? Fu#k you all , with your downright stupidity , complete lack of education and intelligence.

The NFL’s elite players are often seen as their quarterbacks , running backs and wide receivers . We know that the likes of Peyton Manning , Drew Brees and Tom Brady can be seen to uphold that age-old tradition, of having the league be seen in a positive light . It must be said , in spite of the pratfalls of Roger Goodell and the league hierarchy , I am not so sure that the NFL is completely out of the woods as of yet ! Goodell has seen fit to be less than economical with the truth, in dealing with a litany of issues , none more so, than the constant rhetoric of the commissioner and his dealing with veteran players and neurological disorders. Strange as it seems , the hypocrisy does not just stop with the league hierarchy but also with NFLPA (Players’ Union) and the current players in the league , whose whole approach to this issue, remains completely mystifying. Elderly retired veterans of the NFL , are having to cry foul , on how they have been mistreated , with the denial of benefits and only now , has the NFL seen fit to discuss the matter head on . Meanwhile, the likes of Manning (Peyton) , Brady and Brees remain silent on the matter , not wanting to upset the apple cart and that of the union hierarchy. Credibility seems to be lacking all-round , in a number variety of aspects concerning the league’s conduct and practices.

I was once told that the world that we currently live in a world where things have changed and where we now have a dialog between the masses and the races that make up the country . Personally , I believe that simply to be a great deal of garbage , because, when we still have athletes owners simply wanting to behave like assholes , and their actions go unchecked , with the equal stupidity being shown by fans with their ongoing apathy. It simply shows the signs of the country having made no real advancements socially or economically at all. The voices of such luminaries as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Muhammad Ali, Tommie Smith, John Carlos , Arthur Ashe , Bill Russell and Jackie Robinson are now left hanging in the wind , while today’s athletes spoiled by wealth , have nothing meaningful to say.



Picture gallery .

Do you believe that today’s athlete can be positive, without being seen to hurt their corporate image by simply speaking out on a social issue ? Or should that aspect of their lives, be left private and the public not be made aware of their thoughts on such matters ?


Picture and slideshow gallery details below.


(1) Miami Heat forward LeBron James shoots the ball during practice on Saturday, June 7, 2014, in San Antonio. The team plays Game 2 of the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday. James leads the team in scoring during this current series against the Spurs , with things now even at one game apiece (1-1) after Sunday’s narrow two-point victory by Miami . AP Photo/Eric Gay …

(2) Michael Jordan , team owner and Chairman of the Charlotte Hornets , hopes that with a new franchise name and .logo the team can resurrect past glories while seeking to be competitive within the NBA. Getty Images North America / Jeffrey Hodges …..

(3) Phil Knight , founder of sports’ apparel company Nike Inc. With annual revenues exceeding $8 billion , the company is one of the most powerful business enterprises in all of professional and collegiate sports. Knight in recent years has tried to soften the image of the company , while also seeking to make it socially responsible. Nike is a corporate sponsor of some of the biggest names in sports across the globe . UPI / Christopher Mitchell ….

(4) Members of the Miami Heat are seen here wearing hoodies , as they show solidarity and support in the aftermath in the death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin . However , very little was achieved by the stance , with the players themselves saying little about the case or the very fact Martin’s death, was one of several, where a young unarmed African-American teen was gunned down by an assailant. The determination the Florida ” Stand Your Ground Law” has become a subject of great debate within the state , with no real consensus about how this statute can be reviewed and changed within the state legislature. Getty Images / Chris Robinson …..

(5) Phil Jackson a SVP & Head of Basketball Operations for the New York Knicks, having been rebuffed by Steve Kerr who accepted the vacant coaching position with the Golden State Warriors. Jackson now seems to be down to secondary alternatives. A person speaking in with anonymity has stated that the former Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers’ head coach has his eyes firmly set on hiring Derek Fisher currently a point guard with the Oklahoma City Thunder . Fisher is said to be keenly interested in coaching within the NBA . but there are those who believe that the Knicks might not be the perfect fit for the veteran point guard. AP Photo / Austin Pearce ….

(6) Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown , left, has been critical of Los Angeles player Kobe Bryant , pictured right . Brown’s stinging act of the player has set of a wave criticism within the print and television media who have come out in support of the NBA players. However, there are those who feel that Jim Brown’s pointed attacks are not without merit and where by comparison it would seem that Bryant and a great many of his peers would shy away from many hot-potato topics merely to appease their corporate sponsors. AP Photo/ Robert Hall ….

(7) Drew Brees , left , and Peyton Manning , two of the most revered quarterbacks now playing in the NFL . During their destined Hall of Fame careers , both players have done a great deal within their respective communities , with their philanthropic and humanitarian efforts , but have rarely placed their names or let their thoughts be known on certain political topics. Even the issue of the denial of rightful benefits to veteran NFL players , neither Brees or Manning were seen to offer their thoughts on the matter. A distinct belief , was with their union being part of the legal suit where in part the NFLPA was a co-defendant in the suit . It was best left to the legal counsel of the Players’ Union to publicly comment on the matter . Getty Images North America / Scott Halleran …..

(8) From left to right Bill Russell , Jim Brown , Muhammad Ali and Lew Alcindor, more commonly known today as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The quartet joined together to speak up vocally on the rights of African-Americans and their struggles during the Civil Rights’ era , with all four being supporters of Dr Martin Luther King Jr . Unfortunately , in today’s world of sports such voices are rarely heard being vocal on any type of real social injustice , because of the athletes not wanting to scare of their major corporate sponsors . Russell , Brown and Alcindor backed Ali , at a time when he was made a pariah for his objecting to be drafted to fight the war in Vietnam, a conflict that the boxer felt was unjust and senseless. Time Magazine …….. all rights reserved .

(9) Arthur Ashe , US Tennis player and a Grand Slam tournament winner, who during his career , became the first African-American , male or female to be ranked number one in the world. Ashe was also vocal supporter for the boycotting of South Africa at a time when the US’ policy on apartheid was favorable , while the rest of the world had began to impose sanctions on the country of South Africa . Yet the idiocy, that Ronald Regan played a part in the political change in the climate of the South African nation remains a complete fallacy and flight of fantasy of ” Reaganites” who try to portray the former President as someone who was compassionate , understood that particular conflict and situation . UPI/REUTERS/ Paul Drew …..




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17 thoughts on “It is , all about me !”

  1. More power to the idiots out there who feel that it is not an athletes’ place to speak out on social issues of economic and racial injustice . I can only surmise , in their world they are blinded by apathy and complete frigging stupidity , like many of today’s prominent athletes ,. LeBron James’ asinine stance that he was prepared to lead a players’ revolt if the NBA hierarchy did nothing about Donald Sterling was almost as impact-ful and riveting as the Heat’s bench contributions throughout the NBA playoffs.

    As to the players in the NFL , I can’t help but wonder , for all of the alleged machismo within that fraternity the IQ might be barely above normal . Jared Allen’s antics and his asinine rant about being taxed too much . I wonder if his fu#king dumb #ss realizes that his pay is well in excess of US median income and above what is deemed the poverty level of the average American ?

    Oh , and we can always see where Major League Baseball and their players fly their flag . Ran by an asshole , where the union itself is devoid of intelligence and not one prominent player there is ready to speak up vocally on the issue of steroids , racism that still exists within the sport or MLB half-as#ed attempts at luring minorities here back to the sport , Yet, they are willing to have many of their big market teams spend tens of millions of dollars creating baseball academies in Latin America , the Far East , Africa and Europe .

    I guess with their being little interest in the antics of the MLB Draft , Bud Selig’s dumb a#s has to look for an out ” to create some sort of excitement along the way . Because it sure as hell isn’t happening in the Big Leagues in terms of this season’s play .


    Change ? Fu@k that bull#hit , today’s he athletes are about themselves ! In the interest of creating an image what you see is what you get as created by their agents and their group of advisers made up of lawyers and image consultants . Role models ? No and they will never been seen as such , because , when it comes to common decency they don’t understand the meaning .

    tophatal ……………..


  2. Most of the modern day athletes are morons. They could blow their nose chew gum and walk at the same time. Who gives a crap what Kobe thinks, he’s a fool. Jim Brown earned my respect even though I don’t see eye to eye with him all the time. Dittos for Arthur Ashe and Kareem Abdul Jabber and Bill Russell. I hear enough stupidity repeated and spewed out by the state run and state controlled Media both sports and news. the last thing I want to hear is a fool like LeBron James Kobe Bryant of some other moron speak about nada. Arthur Ashe wrote a book in the 1970’s called Levels of a Game. it maybe out of print.


    1. bobby gee

      Modern day sports, has become a complete farce with some fans now simply living in the moment of the here and now , not seeking to actually see what may well have taken place in the past . In terms of the competitiveness of today’s NBA . Well to put it in a nutshell, if you love the highlight reels of slam dunks , very little defensive play and the putridity of the Eastern Conference . Then today’s NBA is the game for you . The coaching in the league is close to an all-time low , the play has become mediocre and the league itself is being ran by a bunch of fu#king morons , with the owners not too far behind .

      The players and their union have become narcissists , caring little about the fans in general . That situation is also mirrored within the NFL , NHL and MLB . Anyone who cannot see that fact is a complete frigging @sshole !

      tophatal …………………..


  3. Very few know the history of the NBA. It was a huge sign Blacks need not apply This is how the Harlem Globetrotters began. In those days under Abe Saperstein these cats could flat out play and beat the pants off of most NBA teams. This was the only place for black men to play besides the east coast league. The NCAA was the same in both football and hoops.


    1. bobby gee

      What really changed the face of basketball , actually took place at the collegiate level when Don Haskins took the Texas Western , later to be named the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) to the Finals of the 1966 NCAA Tournament that beat a highly favored Kentucky Wildcats’ team that had Pat Riley as a player on the . roster . At the the time the Wildcats were coached by Adolph Rupp , who was an avowed racial bigot , although historians try to portray him in a more endearing light . That shocking victory of a predominantly all Black team upsetting a Caucasian team shook up basketball at the Collegiate and professional level of the sport and forever changed the landscape altogether.

      Don Haskins (pictured above)

      tophatal ………


  4. Al… All I’ve got to say about racism in America is that I was under the impression the people of this country had been making a lot of headway toward true equality and then President Obama took office. It’s been getting worse ever since. I believe in treating people the way I want to be treated and that’s color blind… I’m not a Michael Jackson fan by any means (a generational thing! LOL!) but this says it all to me…


    1. Bob Green

      I can well understand what you’re saying . . Raised in part by a single mother, who taught my two younger siblings and I , that we should respect everyone not determined by their race , but by their deeds and how we would like to be treated ,

      Truly emphasized , when I joined the British military (Royal Marines) as a teen , where my fellow comrades came from differing ethnic and religious backgrounds . Our only concerns then , , were , did we have each others’ back while on active duty in far flung places such as Ireland (latter part of the active troubles with the IRA) and then when serving in North Africa . I learned a great deal from those experiences, as it made me more of a man ., than I ever thought I might be . Grew up real damn fast , because of those experiences !

      In the case of Michael Jackson , he lost his ethnicity long before his death and I do not believe that he truly realized what he had become . He was enabled by his immediate family to become a medically and drug dependent fool . As to the family seeking damages in his wrongful death, the blame lies with his personal physician Conrad Murray and not the promoters , AEG Live .

      tophatal ……………….


  5. Actually a lot of pros have gotten a free ride because they play at a level that NO ONE else can. Dumbasses abound everywhere, across all venues. The problem is that the media pays attention to star athletes…Years ago George Murphy became a Senator from California….many believed he should not have been cause he was an ACTOR….same for Ronald Reagan…..AND our love for athletes results in us listening to the dribble some put forth……Time to appreciate what they DO, not what they SAY.


    1. Al Clements

      Players such as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have nothing meaningful to say whatsoever on a wide range of topics . Bryant for example remains a complete a#shole and Jim Brown was right in his summation concerning the Lakers’ player ! As to LBJ (James) , his answer when posed the question about the events of Tiannanmen Square , shows how damn clueless he just happens to be . In reality, these athletes are are of a similar vein to Sarah Palin and her lack of intelligence , but idiots on the “Right” think of her as being accessible and intelligent ? Fu#k no !

      James’ answer to the question was so scripted and of complete embarrassment to himself .

      tophatal …………..


  6. Brian Hoyer is now said to be beating out Johnny Manziel in the team’s preseason OTA’s . Is anyone actually surprised by the fact or were there meant to stars shooting out of Manziel’s asshole each time he took to the football field even during practice ?

    Last I looked based on the NFL Draft Manziel wasn’t viewed as a top-ten player much less one of the best quarterbacks during this whole process . Given the fact the Browns have failed miserably in their quarterback endeavors over the past eight seasons . Does anyone now feel that things are likely to change ?

    tophatal ………


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Nike will continue to make money whether or not they are involved in college sports . They will likely add at least $1.2 billion in revenues just from the exposure in the World Cup tournament . .

      All I am interested in seeing is how far the NCAA is likely to take this lawsuit should they lose to Ed O Bannon’s suit which is now playing out in US Federal Court . If that loss is or majority or unanimous decision as a defendant in the case, they stand to lose tens of millions that they will have to pay out to current and former student athletes . NCAA President Mark Emmert is simply full of crap in terms of his ambivalence when dealing with the issue paying student athletes . Grounds for an appeal by the NCAA would be extremely tough given the merits of the case .

      tophatal …………


        1. Chris Humpherys

          Nike has always had a presence in college sports from the days of its co founder Bob Bowerman , who trained track great Steve Prefontiane . Once they became powerful enough to begin dictating the landscape, what do you think was happening ?

          How little one knows about Nike .

          Bowerman and track great Steve Prefontaine .

          tophatal ……………………


        2. Chris

          It is not Nike’s presence we should be concerned with, but the culpability of the NCAA , the conferences , their conference commissioners and their continually hiding behind this charade , that they represent the best interests of the student athlete . College sports is basically ” shamateurism ” or indentured slavery . Anyone who believes that to be to the contrary is and will remain a dumb ##cking @sshole !


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