The ugly side to sports is no different from its image in general , still goddamn ugly

The ugly side to sports is no different from its image in general , still goddamn ugly

For the past few weeks I have been intently assisting a friend get his newly established and relocated business off the ground. He and his family moved across the county to reestablish his Caribbean styled family restaurant here in the small rural town of Dundee, Florida . Like everything else that involves the reshaping of a business , along with it comes a great deal of bureaucracy, in dealing with a new municipality as well as with a state governmental agency . Top-heavy , with way too much bureaucracy and with their being no intelligence in sight . The same could be said for the state of play in the world of professional and collegiate sports, where leadership is definitely lacking but the sheer ineptitude and apathy of the fans would have you believe that there is some integrity and leadership within the hierarchies of the NFL, NBA , NCAA , MLB , NHL and FIFA . With the latter being a prime example of how the world’s most popular sport while not lacking appeal is still mired in controversy , along with ongoing corruption at the highest levels.


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My friend’s restaurant is off to a flying start but his issues remain, in dealing with the town and the state for varying reasons, as to the degree of difficulty. The sign that adorns the restaurant is not visible to the passing vehicular traffic, because of the trees that border the pedestrian sidewalk. The trees were planted by the town , with a grant provided by the state, but it remains the municipality’s duty to have those trees properly maintained. Yet, when having made a request to the town manager, we were informed because the shrubbery is along a state highway, the responsibility in seeking any changes would have to come with state approval. It would not be so asinine , were it not for the fact the town received the grant from the state for the beautification project, with the planting of the trees. Go figure, a municipality that defers to the state, because they cannot make pertinent decision that actually affects the town more than the state.

The NFL continues the hyping of its off-season, with the meaningless news of rookies who are told are now said to be setting their training camps alight with their understanding of the playbook and their acknowledgment of their more experienced peers. Far be it for me to suggest, but the preseason is nothing more than a parade , with the regular season being the true test of the rookies’ character and skills. Jadeveon Clowney of the Houston Texans will have a great deal to prove in his rookie season , along with the considerable hype that also followed Johnny Manziel , who was a first round pick of the Cleveland Browns . For the Browns this might be a season where the disasters of 2013 are likely to be revisited. Mike Pettine and his staff have a great deal to prove, as do the players under his tutelage.

Given the Browns’ on and off the field issues in recent seasons, I personally do not see the team making any inroads within their division or the AFC once the season gets underway . Cleveland will begin their season with an away game against divisional AFC North rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers in a contest to be played at Heinz Field , in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ,on the opening weekend of the 2014 week one regular season schedule . Pettine and his team are likely to have a season of ups and downs but nothing that would suggest they are likely to seen as a major contender within the AFC this season.

If the NFL cannot find a way to keep itself out of the spotlight, you can rest assured that it will be left to either Roger Goodell or one of the league’s team owners to make a complete ass of themselves. The NFL Commissioner continues to wax on lyrically as to the ever increasing profits of the NFL, but his continued failure to discuss the most acute issues that the NFL continues to face is another reason why the league continues to have ongoing problems. Goodell lacks leadership grit and the owners remain selfless self-serving bastards. It would be idiotic to try to suggest otherwise now.

Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins continue to be on the wrong side of an argument and debate that neither he or the franchise can win. No matter what type of magnanimous gesture is made by the Redskins’ owner , it will never be enough to appease the Native American Indians across the country. While I believe there to be a great deal of hypocrisy on both sides of the debate concerning, using the word ‘ Redskins’ as it relates to the franchise’s name. The fact that the United States Patent Office has seen fit not to renew the Redskins’ trademark of the name, smacks of government interference in a matter that should be either dealt with in the courts or through an amicable settlement between the parties concerned.

The US Trade & Patent Office stated that their why not renewing the Washington Redskins’ trademark agreement stemmed from the fact, they believed the term “ Redskins” was a derogatory use the word that denigrates the Native American Indians. Perhaps that governmental agency needs to take a look at what the Department of the Interior is presently doing as it relates to the tribes across the country to truly comprehend the meaning of the word ” denigrate ” and the meaning also of the word derogatory . Native American Indians may well be and their lands are deemed sovereign, but their treatment by the federal government remains reprehensible and often scandalous . Simply consider the lack of proper education in spite of the statistics continually spewed by the governmental agency in question , with their also being a prolific rise in drug use and crime but yet they feel the using of the word Redskins to be derogatory in this day age. If things were not so fucked up I would take less in delight in lambasting not only Department of the Interior , but also a Congress and Administration that remains clueless on so many fucking issues , that it should be viewed as criminal and extremely calculated .

Away from that specific issue for the Washington Redskins , they will embark on a new season with the new head coach and coaching staff in tow. Jay Gruden will now be given the task of turning things around for the team after a year of lackluster results and performances , with many questioning the leadership and playing ability of Robert Griffin III. Add in the fact, Griffin’s teammate Kirk Cousins sought to extricate himself from an organization that simply had lost a sense of direction. Snyder remained in the background while Mike Shanahan and Kyle Shanahan ran amok , with team GM Bruce Allen showing no sense of urgency in seeking to calm the maelstrom within his sight. I have always felt that the four teams within the NFC East were overrated along just about every element of the teams’ play within the division. As to the season by Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Nick Foles , does anyone really believe that he will be able to replicate those performances in 2014? Add in the fact the Eagles saw fit to rid themselves of their best offensive weapon last season when they allowed DeSean Jackson to leave as a free agent. Safe to say, that the Eagles’ loss will be the Washington Redskins’ gain.

This past NBA postseason showed once again why the NBA remains suckers’ game if you are always willing to bet on what you believe to be a sure thing. As to the idiocy of those, whose only explanation to favor the Miami Heat was because of the presence of LeBron James on the Heat’s roster . Last I looked James was yet to make the ascent where he can thought of as being on the same plateau as his idol Michael Jordan , whose postseason exploits have been well chronicled. Miami’s decisive 4-1 series loss was enough to suggest how overrated the Heat were said to be without having to witness LeBron James’ labor in these Finals without very little aid coming from his teammates. As to this asinine notion, that their Big Three should remain together , the real issue should be with an aging Dwyane Wade offering a mere measure of the player he was six years ago , the inconsistency of Chris Bosh and a bench whose only apparent virtue appears to be as a band of cheerleaders for their four-time League MVP winning teammate. Rashard Lewis has aged faster than an octogenarian with the early onset of Alzheimer’s and Ray Allen’s shooting can now be placed on the same level as Dick Cheney on a pheasant hunt, not likely to be the target he’s aiming for , but he is liable to hit something near.

James’ decision to opt out of his contract now creates a feeding frenzy within the NBA, with general managers around the NBA scurrying to make salary cap space available , as they seek to land one of the big fishes among the list of ” highly prized “ free agents currently on the market. Joining LeBron James , is his close confidante Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks and the possibility seems remote that the pairing could now land on the same team making that franchise a legitimate title contender.

So now for the second time in six years, the fans will be placed in the midst of this drama, as James serves notice, that he believes himself bigger than the game. It would not be so bad, if the first merry-go-round of this circus were not staged , with ESPN journalist Jim Gray , all but licking James’ sphincter and testes, while asking some of the most asinine questions posed to an athlete concerning their future. As to James and his posse of clown advisers, stating that the player’s fee, for that now infamous diatribe and garbage went to a needy cause , of the Boys & Girls Club of America. For a player who was one of the league’s highest paid players and with a reputed $40 million annually in off-court earnings. I believe the $250,000 paid out by ESPN would have been a small price to pay, had James simply donated that money to the charity himself, rather than Gray making the statement and interview had a measure of journalistic integrity to it all. That would be suggesting that the plot-line for a thirty minute porn flick, does have a measure of artistic integrity in terms of the portrayals on-screen. Everyone knows how to fuck and I guess faking an orgasm does come easy (pardon the pun) when you have practiced the art several times over. James and Gray were not very versed and the interview itself, was simply one more reason why ESPN can no longer be taken seriously as sports’ programming network .

LeBron James will be seen as a very poor version of what the NBA seeks in the second coming of Michael Jordan. The league hierarchy , still yearns for someone to carry that mantle, but unfortunately since Jordan’s retirement the players seeking to fill those shoes have repeatedly come up short. The Miami Heat player can now toy with the emotions of the Miami Heat and in particular with the fans and Pat Riley . However, should he seek to bolt from a franchise for a second time , his legacy will not only be further tarnished, but I do believe the fans around the league will not be so forgiving the second time around.

Unless I am mistaken, the season in which baseball yearned to see some great play from some of the game’s best teams , has in essence provided us with something of a letdown. The defending World Series’ champions the Boston Red Sox have performed nothing like what you would come to expect of a ball-club seeking to make a successful defense of their title. It is becoming hard to explain why John Farrell’s players have performed so badly, as we come to closing out the first half of this baseball season. The always competitive AL East remains a two-horse race at present with the Toronto Blue Jays leading the Baltimore Orioles followed by the big spending coffers of the New York Yankees . Rounding out the division we have the Red Sox followed by the last placed Tampa Bay Rays .

The Rays have proven to be pitiful and no amount of idiotic excuses can be made for the poor play from the team . Winning a series for this franchise, has become about as customary as witnessing a solar eclipse of Halley’s Comet crossing the sky at high-speed. Far be it for me to suggest , but now might be the time for fans in the Tampa Bay area to look elsewhere for their excitement this Fall ,as this franchise is unlikely to be playing any part in the Fall Classic.

Rays’ manager Joe Maddon known for serving up a great deal of rhetoric, has rarely called out his players even when they have performed poorly. Leadership is certainly lacking among the Rays and with seasoned veterans on the roster such as David Price, James Loney, Jose Molina , Evan Longoria and Erik Bedard , it is becoming extremely difficult by the second to suggest that there are any signs of a positive note to be witnessed from this team. Coming off three consecutive losses to the Pittsburgh Pirates at Tropicana Field in St Petersburg, the Rays will now hope for more luck on the road when they are due to face the Baltimore Orioles in a four-game series to be played at Camden Yards in Baltimore , Maryland. That series will tell us a great deal about the temperament of the Tampa Bay Rays and the direction that they are said to be heading in. The first of the quartet of games will begin on Friday 27th June ,2014 with Alex Colome taking to the mound for the Rays against a yet to be named opposing pitcher.

The longer Mark Emmert remains as the NCAA President the less credibility he continues to have. His change of tone, concerning the issue of collegiate athletes being paid is another reason why the NCAA cannot be taken seriously when it comes to addressing this matter. Whether or not, if he is being pressured by major conference commissioners or by the university presidents, it is becoming abundantly clear that Emmert’s lack of leadership and communicative skills will ultimately lead to his own undoing. Collegiate Athletics’ governing body now finds itself as a major defendant in a class action lawsuit in which one of the leading plaintiffs is former UCLA (Bruins) basketball star Ed O’Bannon . The Bruins’ star and his joint plaintiffs claim that their likeness was being used without their permission and whereby the NCAA and the colleges have profited greatly from using their images, in selling a wide assortment of sports’ paraphernalia. With the billions of dollars reaped and the claims made by the NCAA and the collegiate establishments that these funds are used for the benefit of the student athlete .That case is becoming hard to prove, when neither the NCAA or many top-tiered sports’ programs are willing to open up their books for public scrutiny. In spite of the outcry from the public , the NCAA has been able to harness their lobbying power to make sure that Congressional leaders and members are quick to avert their eyes and ears, in seeking to make changes in the antitrust exemption status granted to collegiate athletics’ governing body as well as the four major professional sports’ governing bodies.

The world’s most popular sport of soccer and the sport’s international governing body staging the World Cup in Brazil, in this quadrennial tournament being seen as a grand stage to raise the profile of South America’s most powerful economy. Staged at a cost of over $12 billion , the country is also facing a great deal internal strife ,with their being a great deal of opposition in the staging of the World Cup while there is a growing chasm between the rich and the poor within the country. Needless to say , the government states that those issues will be fully addressed once the tournament is over but for the moment soccer is now being played on the grandest of stages with the host nation being viewed as a consensus favorite.

FIFA President Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter , no stranger to controversy , having faced allegations of graft and corruption without his ever being indicted for any of the charges lodged against him. Others have somehow fallen on the sword, willing to take the blame for an executive who continues to point an accusing finger at the press for making the false accusations concerning his actions during his tenure as FIFA’s highest ranking executive.

This tournament has not been without controversy and the biggest of them all deals with the unsportsmanlike conduct of Uruguayan international Luis Suarez as he bit an Italian defender during a game between the two teams. With his team having qualified for the second round phase of the World Cup , fans now wait to see what punishment will be meted out against the player. This disgusting act was missed by the game’s officials but picked up by the cameras televising the game. Blatter and the FIFA Committee on Player Conduct will reexamine the incident, but it is s already becoming clear that the punishment levied against Luis Suarez is likely to be severe. The Uruguayan contingent have until Thursday midnight, to come up with an explanation as to the player’s behavior and the reasons behind his actions. Suarez has brushed aside this latest mea-culpa,but with his past behavior and having fined twice before for similar actions, FIFA can ill afford to have the player be let off the hook. Personally, I believe that Suarez should be suspended for the rest of the tournament, but I also find it rather bewildering that the Uruguayan delegation has not seen fit to offer a public apology for their player’s wanton misconduct.

Officiating at the World Cup has been very inconsistent with a number of on-field mistakes being made during the games , many of them proving to be costly for several of the teams on the wrong end of a decision. Reigning champions, Spain have fallen from grace and their exit in the first round stage has been a complete shock. Meanwhile, host country, Brazil , has found a consistent rhythm, after a somewhat indifferent start to the tournament. Their best player, Neymar Jr , is certainly justifying the raves reviews received, as he and the team go on their quest for a fifth World Cup title. Jose Felipe Scolari , as Brazil’s head coach is under a great deal of pressure to deliver a long-awaited title, but all roads will have to go through either Germany or the Netherlands , as both European teams have been among the most impressive of the participants playing in the tournament.

England’s failure comes as no great surprise with the team’s efforts having been ridiculed in the press back in the UK. Roy Hodgson’s tenure as the team’s head coach is likely to come to an abrupt end with his resignation being sought or being fired. Let’s just say the high expectations as one of the favorites is a thing of the past and will remain so for the foreseeable future as the country no longer produces the talent necessary to be seen as a legitimate World Cup contender.

For Jürgen Klinsmann and Team USA, the team’s pivotal final game in the first round on Thursday night is a make or break contest for both teams. Although a tie would benefit both teams , with each qualifying as the top two within their group standings. I believe it would be suicidal were both to rest on their laurels and simply play for the draw , as their opponent in the knockout stages is likely to be team that neither can afford to take lightly. As to this contest, it could very well be one where we get to see the best of this USA team , with Klinsmann missing one of the team’s best offensive players in Jozy Altidore. Whatever the outcome of the contest, it must be said that team has exceeded the expectations of their fans and I believe the majority of analysts in general covering the game for ESPN.



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In light of the recent news’ stories what do you believe to be the most interesting thing that is now happening in the sports’ world ? With team USA’s upcoming match against Germany, are they likely to be triumphant? Last but not least, what are you views on LeBron James choosing to opt out of his contract and what part is it likely to make on the decisions to be made by the NBA’s general managers ?


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(1) Seen here are the Orville Mongol restaurant owner and Dundee town Mayor Sam Pennant . The recently opened restaurant has become a downtown attraction and the center for numerous activities among the residents in the town.

(2) Jamaican Style Grill & Lounge DBA Golden Tropical Bar & Grill . The restaurant offering Jamaican styled cuisine is located in the downtown center of Dundee, located in Eastern Polk County , Florida . Seen here, pictured from left to right , Chef Donovan, Mayor Sam Pennant , Town Commissioner Bertram ‘Bert’ Goddard, Dorothy Mongol, Commissioner Steve Glenn (background) and restaurant owner Orville Mongol . The restaurant offers of a variety of Jamaican dishes featuring delicacies known among the West Indian community . Also served are vegetarian meals for those who prefer a health conscious diet , but in general patrons can find something on the menu that will be to their liking .

(3) Pictured are Jadeveon Clowney (above) and Johnny Manziel . Both players were part of the 2014 NFL Draft class of this year . Clowney and Manziel are hoping to productive contributors for their respective teams this upcoming season . AP Photo/Gerry Mason …

(4) Washington Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III is seen here with team owner Dan Snyder on the sidelines during a game in 2013 played at FedEx Field in Landover Maryland . After an indifferent season last year the Redskins hope to bounce back with a new attitude and coaching staff led by Jay Gruden who succeeds fired former head coach Mike Shanahan . Dan Snyder faces mounting criticism from Native American Indians as well as the US Patent & Trademark Office , with the franchise’s refusal in changing the name of the team. The owner has routinely sought the input from Native Americans on the issue but a great deal of the negotiations between the two parties have become highly animated . Getty Images / Paul Ross …

(5) LeBron James is seen here with Miami Heat Team President and part owner , Pat Riley . With James opting out of his existing contract , it has led to a feeding frenzy among the NBA’s general managers as they seek to make available cap space , in quite possibly making a play to lure the Heat player. LeBron James , a four-time League MVP and two-time Finals MVP has yet to make a decision on his immediate future beyond the decision but most are of the opinion he will remain with the Miami Heat. Although were he to leave the franchise , there would be a great deal of disdain for a player, who now seems to make this type of a maneuver a routine occurrence when things are not to his satisfaction. AP Photo/ Mary-Ann Phillips ….

(6) Pitcher David Price (14) of the Tampa Bay Rays is taken off the mound by manager Joe Maddon (70)of the Tampa Bay Rays after walking J.J. Hardy of the Baltimore Orioles to load the bases during the seventh inning of a game on May 8, 2014 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. There now seems to be mounting speculation that the Rays will seek to trade the 2012 AL Cy Young Award winner at or prior to the trade deadline , with the team at present floundering within the AL East . Getty Images North America/ Brian Blanco …

(7) Former UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon is seen here talking to the convened press to discuss his civil suit against the NCAA . O’Bannon whose brief career in the NBA was understated lodged his suit in US Federal Court seeking punitive and unspecified damages for what he says, was the unauthorized use of image to sell merchandize by the collegiate athletics’ governing body . The NCAA has reaped billions of dollars annually from merchandize sales but there seems to be no figures indicating how much is plowed back into the college programs nationally . NCAA President Mark Emmert who suggested that he believes that student athletes should be paid a monthly stipend has since shied away from that stance stating that the rules in place are satisfactory for the NCAA and the educational institutions.

(8) NATAL, BRAZIL – JUNE 23: Luis Suarez of Uruguay looks on during press conference at the Dunas Arena in Natal on June 23, 2014 in Natal, Brazil. It remains to be seen what form of punishment will be rendered against the player after an unsavory incident that took place between Uruguay and Italy during their group match . Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images …

(9) MANAUS, BRAZIL – JUNE 22: Clint Dempsey of the United States walks out to the pitch prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil in the Group G match between USA and Portugal at Arena Amazonia on June 22, 2014 in Manaus, Brazil. Photo by Stuart Franklin – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images ……



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40 thoughts on “The ugly side to sports is no different from its image in general , still goddamn ugly”

  1. So now I’m suppose to feel some type of empathy as LeBron James bores the nation with his nonsense ? This being same athlete in spite of his talent comes across like a self absorbed @sshole and a great deal more . Earning in excess of $50 million annually on top of an estimated $200 million fortune has not taught the player an ounce of humility .

    “The decisions I make in life are always life changing . You know each morning it is so difficult to decide between Cheerios and Special K ” .

    LeBron James

    Tampa Bay Rays bringing a ray of unwanted sunshine into the lives of every Rays’ fan and meanwhile, they will continue with their stupidity of the franchise’s need of a new ballpark, when there’s barely an attendance averaging 20,000 per home game . They will remain clueless , because intelligence within that fanbase is clearly lacking !

    Team USA is in need of handsome win and not play for a draw because their second round opponent is likely to prove to be a much stiffer opposition faced than in their first round matches .

    Mark Emmert and Ed O’Bannon , two individuals whose legacy will not necessarily be memorable , other than being involved in a lawsuit .

    tophatal ………………


  2. Ah so the NBA kicked off their off-season with the always monotonous idiocy of their NBA Draft , with the Cleveland Cavaliers once again getting the top pick for the second time in three years . Things would not be so bad , but they have an overbearing jackass as the franchise’s owner . Dan Gilbert may well be a billionaire but his acumen as a sport’s franchise owner is on par with the intellect of Marco Rubio and John McCain combined .

    tophatal ………………….


  3. The ref’s have been bad. It sure looks like a fix. The “D” has been very bad. Sepp Blatter is a crook and he needs to go. You can see this effect throughout the World Cup. Two ref’s are needed. Grading of officials are needed. Brasil and Argentina were given a free pass into the round of sixteen. Brasil has the easiest of the draw. Chile, Colombia, or Uruguay given me a break. Luis Suarez needs help. Fours is a start. He should be banned for life and fined one million dollars.


    1. bobby gee

      Instead of this World Cup tournament being remembered for some very good play , it is now becoming a complete farce, because of the bad officiating . Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter refuses to address the issue while suggesting that the criticism of the referees are groundless .

      FIFA is and will remain averse to change and that is simply another example of how archaic the institution remains , because of their ongoing idiocy.

      A Uruguayan elected official has called Claudio Chellini a cry-baby an a cheat . Another reason why that country remains a frigging farce economically and politically .

      tophatal ………..


      1. Blame on some else when in reality Suarez was wrong and he did it. Tis typical Liberalism Blame on the moon, stars, Republicans, Conservatives when in reality it is their policies that cause the mess in the first place.


        1. bobby gee

          I liken the idiocy within FIFA under the leadership of Sepp Blatter to the Neanderthal leadership of Bud Selig in baseball, David Stern in the NBA , Roger Goodell in the NFL , Gary Bettman within the NHL and Mark Emmert within the NCAA . Yet, there are fans within the world of sports who would swear some of these executives have been of benefit to their respective governing bodies . That is akin to suggesting that the US Congress actually knows what the hell they are doing while being led by a lame duck President who at present is seated in the , White House .

          I have repeatedly expressed my opinion that sports’ fan here in the US are far from being the most enlightened or intelligent of individuals , as they can be easily led to a bucket full of fecal matter and be told that is in fact a piece of filet-Mignonand actually believe it to be true .

          tophatal ……………….


          1. They are corrupt. In it for the bucks, The media morons believe the Bull shit. Not one of the state turn and state controlled Media at ESN ever talk about Sepp Blatter. If the truth be known this all of their own making.


            1. bobby

              What gave you the impression that anyone of the American born analysts covering the World Cup , actually knows who Sepp Blatter happens to be ? It is not as if they have any real insight on the game to begin with , even if they were allegedly former players themselves . As to the US born hosts and commentators, they are indeed just as clueless as the former players themselves . It is simply comedic to even listen to Bob Ley when he gives an opinion .

              “Cristiano Ronaldo looks good in his tight shorts , so much so , that I now have an erection that I have beat my meat for the team ”

              Bob Ley of ESPN

              tophatal ………………..


              1. That crap cracks me up. I expect these fools to educated themselves. Read press from all over the world. I mean Blatter has been in the headlines how many years now?


                1. bobby

                  These idiots are opinionated and the majority of the time they simply do not know what the hell they are talking about . I have begun streaming the World Cup games via the British television stations , because I know there will be knowledgeable individuals covering the games and providing the viewers with a great deal more insight than the absurdity found on ESPN with morons such as Taylor Twellman , Alexi Lalas and Bob Ley .

                  tophatal …………….


                    1. An imbued passion for the game is what drives the fervor in the UK and in certain parts of the world in terms of soccer . In the US , it still remains a novelty, with the idiots who are not so open minded mocking the game, because they believe that there is not enough excitement created, with their being no real offense seen by comparison to the high scoring games seen in the NFL and baseball (MLB) .

                      tophatal ………………………


                    2. Futebol runs a triangle offense . It is a ton geometry right angles, left angles and taking the right angle on both offense and defensive ends. It is tension time especially when a team needs a goal the tie of the win to avoid being sent packing. Many mock the game. It is wrong. The mocking needs to be directed to who is in charge FIFA Sepp Blatter.


                    3. bobby

                      Idiots tend to mock what they simply do not understand and the game of soccer is a prime example of that . Fans of the NFL remain insular and believe that to be the best sport on the planet , but there is a real reason why it struggles to catch on around the globe and why NFL Europe became a monumental bust with the league losing tens of millions of dollars with a disastrous experiment .

                      Paul Tagliabue learned absolutely nothing from that idiocy and it is the same now with Roger Goodell’s wish to bring a franchise to Los Angeles as well as at some point in the future a franchise in Europe .

                      tophatal ……….


                  1. It should. Sports in America has turned into a politically bastion of Liberalism and deceit. Many of us are tied of this bull crap. NFL, NBA, and MLB are so expensive who can afford to go to the games. A family of four cost a small fortune to attend


  4. Andrew Wiggins may well be looking to make a fashion statement . In all honesty I just hope his game is better than the sense of sartorial elegance on display at the NBA Draft , simply for the Cavaliers’ sake and their fans . Dan Gilbert as the team’s owner is already an @sshole, without the player bringing further ridicule on the franchise .

    ” I’m big Pimpin’ Commissioner , now where ‘dem ho’s at ” ?

    Wiggins taken number one overall in the 2014 NBA Draft , seen here with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

    tophatal ………………..


  5. The good the bad and the ugly . Why the Tampa Bay Rays are continuing to stink up the AL East and will continue to do so in large part for the remainder of the season , In essence , this team has no heart and the managerial staff remains damn clueless along with the front office . By the trade deadline their ace pitcher David Price is likely to be put on the trading block because the organization is aimlessly heading nowhere .

    MLB news

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    MLB results 26th June

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    tophatal ………..


  6. bobby

    Idiots tend to mock what they simply do not understand and the game of soccer is a prime example of that . Fans of the NFL remain insular and believe that to be the best sport on the planet , but there is a real reason why it struggles to catch on around the globe and why NFL Europe became a monumental bust with the league losing tens of millions of dollars with a disastrous experiment .

    Paul Tagliabue learned absolutely nothing from that idiocy and it is the same now with Roger Goodell’s wish to bring a franchise to Los Angeles as well as at some point in the future a franchise in Europe .

    tophatal ……….


  7. bobby

    Sports in general in the US , is a multi-billion industry and the charade u> that permeates through it remains a joke . The NFL , NBA , NHL and MLB simply do not care about the fans, yet idiots , will believe any bull#hit force fed them by morons such as David Stern and Roger Goodell .

    Look at what is now happening concerning the NCAA and the double standards there concerning its President Mark Emmert and the legal case now playing out in US Federal Court . A loss for the NCAA would have some serious ramifications for collegiate athletics’ governing body as well as each of four professional team sports and that is something that should be welcomed at the same time provide those leagues as a warning sign of the apparent direction they are heading in .

    Courtesy of Fox Sports

    Trial of Ed O’Bannon antitrust lawsuit vs. NCAA concludes

    The trial of the Ed O’Bannon antitrust lawsuit vs. the NCAA concluded Friday after 15 days of testimony.

    O’Bannon and others are asking for a ruling that would give basketball and football players the right to seek a share of revenues from their sports for use of their names, images and likenesses (NILs) in broadcasts and videogames. A broad outline of a plan sketched by the plaintiffs would give players equal shares for each year they play, with the money paid only after an athlete leaves college.

    O’Bannon, the former UCLA star basketball player who heads the lawsuit on behalf of current and former Division I student-athletes in men’s basketball and football, told the Los Angeles Times that, “these are huge steps, for the athlete, for the student, for all of us.”

    NCAA chief legal officer Donald Remy was confident as he left the court.

    “The plaintiffs have still not been able to articulate an antitrust theory,” Remy told the Times. “It’s a challenge because it isn’t there. . . . I feel comfortable and confident that the NCAA has put forth a case that sustains the benefits of a collegiate model –€” today, yesterday and tomorrow.”

    NCAA President Mark Emmert testified during the trial, aruging that amateurism is the core of college athletics, saying any effort to pay players would destroy a framework that has been in place for more than a century and cause many schools to either abandon sports or refuse to play other schools that do pay.

    “They want to know everyone is playing by the same rules,” he said. “They want to know the other teams consist of student athletes just like them.”

    Judge Claudia Wilken has called for both sides to file closing briefings by July 10 and is hoping to have a ruling by mid-August.

    Click on link to read in full.

    It should be interesting to see how the judge adjudicates when coming to a decision .

    tophatal ……….


  8. The World Cup continues and ESPN still labors under the misconception that their home grown analysts , actually have an idea as to what they are talking about . Listening to Bob Ley , Alexi Lalas and Taylor Twellman has to grate on one’s nerves , as each has proven to be a major disappointment in terms of presentation and their ongoing analysis of the event . Anal would be the definitive word to use in each case. !

    So while , LeBron , Wade and Bosh opt out , this whole charade clearly show the Big Three of the Miami Heat are selfish bastards . Granted , they could resign with the franchise for less salary but the Heat would still face an uphill battle in getting the players needed to make them competitive . This club remains vulnerable in so many areas not just competitively but also from a financial standpoint .

    Their drafting of Shabazz Napier , on paper looks good , but it also shows that Pat Riley as a front office executive is simply about acquiring talent through free agency and not about building a roster from the ground up much less nurturing and developing talent .

    One more reason to now believe that the baseball season is still woeful as there are no real standout teams really playing well at present .

    MLB results (29th June)

    MLB standings and wildcard standings


  9. There was a great deal of conceitedness within the Nets’ front office with Mikhail Prokhorov , Billy King and the now former head coach Jason Kidd , who lobbied for Larry Drew’s position with the Bucks , even when Milwaukee had not yet declared the position vacant prior to Drew’s firing .

    Bucks’ owner Herb Kohl and the front office are conniving bastards as they did little to aid their head coach to make the team more competitive .

    Kidd should be fined and sanctioned for his actions but as we all know Adam Silver much like his predecessor , picks and chooses the battles he believes he can win with ease .

    NBA news

    Brooklyn Nets

    Milwaukee Bucks news

    tophatal ……………….


  10. Oh, this Redskins story… for years and years no one said a word and now the way society is today, it just ends up in negative headlines every day. Snyder is a die-hard fan of the team, and has been for his entire life. That’s why he’s so stubborn to change it. It’s a shame that the name is being viewed like this now, especially since people today don’t even consider it in that manner, and many never have. As a die-hard fan of this team for my entire life, it’ll be tough to keep on rooting for them, if the name is changed, especially to something that doesn’t even feel like the team, or is a name that’s terrible, like Pelicans. I might have to consider switching to my town of birth, Baltimore, and the Ravens. The only reason I never had a love for the Colts is that they had already left the team prior to my birth.



      Native American Indians have more to worry about than feeling aggrieved by the name change of an NFL franchise . I believe that they are still being mistreated by the federal government by way of the Department of the Interior and their ongoing negligence . Not unlike the way in which we have seen the US military mistreatment by the Department of Veterans Affairs (Veterans’ Administration) .

      tophatal ……………..


      1. Since we are bringing the government into this, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous how many gov’t officials continue to worry about this story, and bring it up, when there are so many more important things that need to be addressed in this country. Misguided. It’s likely just for good pub and most of those that even bring it up, just are looking to increase popularity for a future election.


        1. KP

          The DOI (Dept of Interior), like the other cumbersome and bureaucratic agencies of the federal government cannot do a damn thing with any degree of success. Simply look at the ongoing failure within the Department of Veterans Affairs and yet we have a President who has no damn backbone whatsoever , much less any degree of leadership skills .

          Former PGA Tour golfer , Notah Begay III was at the forefront of the Native American demonstrations concerning the Redskins’ name change but prior to 2012 , his charitable foundation and the Redskins’ own charitable organization headed by Dan Snyder and wife , worked in conjunction with one another on a variety of Native American issues , Now all of a sudden he is critical of the NFL franchise ?

          tophatal ……………


  11. Al Clements

    Old school , new school . Let me introduce to your new teacher . Let me know if she can teach you anything new ? LOL , LOL, LOL !!!


    Pupil Clements, what is the meaning of pi and would you to like to eat some ?

    tophatal …………………………..


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