Put a ring on it ………….

Put a ring on it ……….

In the past few days, the interest in witnessing the mounting speculation after LeBron James chose to opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat has been dramatic and somewhat idiotic. Joining James in the same attempt are teammates Udonis Harlem, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh . The angst caused to Heat team President Pat Riley and team owner , Micky Arison , as they now seek to resell all three core players and Haslem on the idea of taking less money for the betterment of the organization, seeking to move forward and be much more competitive. It was very clear that not only were the Miami Heat overrated but those who bought into the idiocy, that they were the best team in the NBA , simply had no damn idea what they were talking about, much less looking at. The way where the Heat were humiliated in the NBA Finals, was clearly indicative of why the NBA’s Eastern Conference is so damn mediocre without the ongoing asinine insinuation that neither the Heat or the league hierarchy are to blame for the league’s ongoing woes and lack of competitiveness within the conference and its divisions .


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LeBron James has now not only sought to alienate himself among the fans of the NBA, but there are now likely to be questions about the player’s legacy and where he stands among the all-time greats of the game. Selfishness and narcissism are now the words that come to mind when perhaps describing LeBron James. Yet in large part, the team’s woes of the postseason and specifically why the Miami Heat failed so miserably as a team and individually, with their being absolutely no leadership being shown on or by anyone on the roster during the NBA Finals. A lopsided 4-1 series’ loss , was about as clinical a defeat that a team has suffered in the NBA Finals’ series in recent postseason history. As to what this all suggests about the Miami Heat as an organization , can be best summed up by those who are now seeking to make excuses for the Heat’s loss, while not seeking to acknowledge any great deferment to their opponents, the San Antonio Spurs. This was simply because they are not glamorous enough an organization but yet this has been the garbage, sold to NBA fan-base by the league hierarchy and specifically by David Stern during his tenure and it looks as if that same passage will be taken by his successor Adam Silver .

Now pardon for me saying this, but this asinine notion, this past NBA Draft by comparison was on par with the famed 2003 NBA Draft class , which brought us LeBron James as the number one overall pick, and also included Carmelo Anthony , Dwayne Wade and several other notable aspirants from that year. The hype and melodrama that surrounds this idiotic circus continues to show us why the process tends to be one monotonous bore, not unlike the comedic spectacle of the drafts of MLB, NFL , NBA and NHL . Like a badly acted and played out Latin tele-novela soap opera , it is becoming increasingly more difficult to understand why this idiocy is televised annually. for each the four major professional team sports. The drama that is said to be warranted by this all , is no better than a political debate between two opponents with nothing to say, but who are also so dumb founded clueless, one has to be worried about the political climate and the direction that the nation is now heading in. The same things, equally can be said about the state of each, within professional basketball, football, ice hockey, baseball and baseball.

The drama that will now follow LeBron James, as he seeks to force the Miami Heat to offer him a max contract which is in no way in the organization’s best interest will, also hinder the process of them seeking to get better. As to the assumption that the drafting of Shabazz Napier gives Pat Riley even more credibility in luring James to remain with the franchise. Ask yourself the question ,how will the general manager and team President seek to bolster the franchise, when the top player of that team, shows his discontent with the franchise, merely, because he was unable to win a third consecutive NBA title? His supporting cast, was simply not good enough and he also was unable to show any ability as a team leader. James, is certainly a great player, but he cannot be placed on the same plateau as his idol, Michael Jordan .

From afar, I have admired Jason Kidd as a great player and perhaps among the top twenty-five point guards in NBA history. His ascent into NBA coaching though rushed, the success attained the Brooklyn Nets while impressive . One has to admit that were the Nets playing in the Western Conference I seriously doubt that their year-end record would have garnered them a postseason berth, in spite of the alleged talent on the roster . Having made the postseason their exit from postseason play was as swift as butter melting off a hot knife.Their loss to the Miami Heat was a lopsided affair with seasoned veterans Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett almost nowhere to be seen in that series. How Joe Johnson , remains the NBA’s highest paid player in terms of contract value and among the top forty players in terms of annual salary , is as mystifying as the idiocy of Ted Cruz now being seen as a future Presidential candidate , among the GOP fraternity of mind bending loons. There are some things that one can prove in the world of sports and politics, but in the case of Johnson and Cruz, it remains a mystery as well as being comedic, in nature .

Jason Kidd having led the Nets to the postseason in his first year as the Brooklyn Nets’ head coach, sought to have more of a say in the day-to-day running of the team’s operations , leading to a clash with team GM Billy King and the Nets’ billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov . King has the ear and the implicit faith and trust of the owner, but it was the coach’s indifference in not being given a greater role as a reward, for his guiding the franchise to a conference semi-final berth, led to a parting of the ways. It would seem that Jason Kidd’s ego is as big as his opinions, in the belief that his rookie season is a reflection of what he believes makes him a great coach. Somehow, those opinions were not necessarily shared by those within the Nets’ front office , coaching staff or among the players themselves.

The fact that Kidd has seen fit to pursue a position with another NBA franchise whose coach was still in that position. not only reflects the lack of respect that the Nets’ head coach has for his peers, but it also reflects the duplicitous nature and double standards within the NBA. Larry Drew may well have known that his job was in jeopardy but the lack of respect shown him by Herb Kohl and the Milwaukee Bucks’ organization> shows that franchise to be just as conniving as Kidd himself. Drew was fired , not because of his failure as a head coach, but simply because Kohl sought to displace a coach he did not believe fits the mold of what he desired in a professional basketball coach. The Bucks’ as an organization, have failed miserably over the last seven years and the front office remains a prime example of what happens to an NBA franchise that has no one with the acumen to really make the right personnel decisions necessary. Their failure beyond being a reflection of a Bucks’ team heading nowhere , was also an even greater reflection Herb Kohl’s own failures as an owner. The rumors are now widespread that he will seek to sell the team to an owner willing to keep the Milwaukee Bucks in the greater Milwaukee area. Yet, that predicament will be solely based upon the willingness of the potential new owner not wishing to move the franchise.

Kidd may well come in riding on a white charger and be seen as some type of savior, but my own thoughts are, he has made a monumental mistake , while burning several bridges behind him ! The lack of action by the league hierarchy, in not fining Jason Kidd , for pursuing a coaching position that was not vacant, has been symptomatic of an organization which continually makes up the rules as it goes along, but also one that will condone some of the most repulsive behavior, while moronic assholes, who call themselves NBA fans, try to justify an idiot such as David Stern, of being a real benefit to the NBA. One could liken that to Hillary Clinton’s thoughts on what it is to being a pauper and what it is to being extremely wealthy. Clueless, as well as being extremely dumb.

The more things are said to change, the more they remain the same and the very fact, Donald Sterling has the NBA hierarchy, the team owners and his estranged wife , Rochelle Sterling within his cross-hairs, will prove to be a real embarrassment to the league. I read one patron’s comments on another side during which he stated that the league could enforce the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers from the now disgraced owner. That may well be true, but consider the fact, Sterling’s racial tirade was not unlawful , but simply the uttering of a racial bigot. Now consider , the NBA as a league , where misogyny among the players is considered a sign of masculinity and bravado, while the league’s intolerance of a player’s homosexuality is considered taboo and off-limits. All of this, from a league hierarchy, whose former commissioner sought to use racial stereotypes to sell his brand on the domestic and global market .Am I missing something here , but half a century on from the civil rights’ era and the alleged leaps and bounds that are claimed to have been made, are merely a charade and nothing more than a baby still learning to walk. Understandably, that child is likely to take repeated stumbles, but how many more can the NBA really afford to take at this juncture ? Where is the outrage and common decency among the fans, who fail to call out a league hierarchy and its union for being so inconsistent and incompetent on so many damn social and NBA related issues ?

The NBA (basketball) may well be a great sport to be a spectator of, but in reality what has it now become ? Billionaire team owners , narcissistic players and a brand that in no way is a true reflection of a sport that in its heyday, really had the fans speaking in glowing detail about their teams. It has now become about the “me mentality” , not just among the players , but also among the owners and front office executives as well .

Phil Jackson cannot walk on water, nor can he turn water into wine or feed a crowd of thousands with several basket of bread and fishes Yet , New York Knicks’ fans believe him to be the NBA’s answer to the Messiah. Eleven NBA championship rings can place you in rarefied air but Jackson is no miracle worker as of yet , when it comes to the New York Knicks. As to this asinine notion that Carmelo Anthony will remain in New York because his wife and son enjoy the lifestyle . Last I looked , it was Anthony who was the breadwinner in the household, while his wife, La-La Anthony remains a D-List celebrity and a BFF of reality show star Kim Kardashian.. If the player truly wants to pursue the furtherance of his NBA career, then he has to see that the “writing is on the wall” and a move elsewhere would be in his best interests. His pursuit of that elusive first NBA ring is now beginning to take on epic proportions by way of the Knicks’ incompetence as an organization , before and since Phil Jackson joined the front office to head up the team’s Basketball Operations.

. Jackson’s first personnel move was the acquisition of Lamar Odom and with the departures of Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton , I can only assume beyond cap room flexibility this will afford Jackson the chance to prove to Carmelo Anthony that he does mean business in seeking to improve the roster . If the move in the acquisition of Odom was meant to impress anyone it certainly did not impress Carmelo Anthony and only a fool would see the maneuver as a positive. Phil Jackson’s assessment of talent is questionable at best, but there is no denying his legacy as a head coach. Yet, I believe he has no wish to step back into the scorching cauldron of being a head coach in the NBA once again. The fans may yearn for his return but Jackson’s ongoing health issues and his wish to be around his family remains the primary reason he has chosen not to return to the league and redefine his legacy as perhaps the NBA’s best coach in the league’s history. ‘

The move that will either impress or intrigue Knicks’ fans, was the hiring of Derek Fisher to succeed Mike Woodson as the new head coach of this franchise. The relationship between Jackson and Fisher is one of mutual respect, but I am not so sure that will be enough, as the pair set about rebuilding the team .It was clear last season the Knicks were a flawed team in several areas , with Carmelo Anthony being the sole bright spot on an otherwise moribund roster.

As the NBA’s off-season takes a path of uncertainty with the legal assailment of the veracity of Donald Sterling’s legal suit against his estranged wife Rochelle Stein-Sterling and her selling of the Clipper’s franchise. The buyer, billionaire former Microsoft Chairman Steve Ballmer is likely to pull the plug on his $2 billion bid for the franchise , if this legal case becomes protracted. Sterling also has a two potentially damaging legal suits against the NBA and its commissioner Adam Silver that will likely embarrass the institution even more so than their apparent inaction in not dealing with Sterling’s egregious behavior. The league remains an archaic fraternity and institution where leadership is truly lacking, with the owners, simply acquiescing to just about every idiotic edict rung down by idiots such as Adam Silver and David Stern, throughout the years , simply because , financially it made them a great deal wealthier . There is little common sense to be found within the NBA among its upper echelons and within the front offices of the franchises there, without looking at the ongoing hypocrisy of the game’s leading players.



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As Andrew Wiggins , Jabari Parker , Joel Embiid and the other rookies are made welcome to the NBA, I wonder what story will be prescient a year from now in the league and which team will have been triumphant in the NBA Finals ? Simply leave a comment on this and anything else you believe to relevant to this article.


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(1) Miami Heat President Pat Riley, left, and owner Micky Arison look at the NBA Championship trophy during a public celebration for the team in Miami, Monday,June 25, 2012. Having made four consecutive appearances to the NBA Finals from starting in 2011 , the Heat fell to the San Antonio Spurs in this past season’s NBA Finals in a lopsided 4-1 series’ loss. The front office will now embark on a rebuilding process while seeking to bring back their core of NBA All Stars in LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. AP Photo/J Pat Carter ..

(2) Jun 5 , 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) talks to San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan (21) during the second quarter in game one of the 2014 NBA Finals at AT&T Center. Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

(3) Newly installed New York Knicks’ head coach Derek Fisher , left , is seen here with the team’s Head of Basketball Operations Phil Jackson . Fisher signed a five-year $25 million deal to become the team’s head coach and the pairing will now seek to rebuild the roster while hoping to convince Carmelo Anthony to remain with the franchise. AP Photo / Rick Brown …

(4) Jun 13, 2013; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Brooklyn Nets general manager Billy King (left) listens as head coach Jason Kidd speaks during a press conference to introduce Jason Kidd as the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center in Brooklyn , New York ,. Kidd has since departed from the franchise after a disagreement with the organization concerning his duties . The former NBA point guard has since succeeded Larry Drew as the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. Courtesy of USA Today Sports/ Brad Penner …

(5) Larry Drew , former head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks , whose ouster has many questioning the integrity of not only the NBA but also the Bucks’ front office and specifically the behavior of Jason Kidd , who sought the position before Drew’s firing by the franchise. Getty Images / David Mason ….

(6) Donald Sterling is seen here with his estranged wife Rochelle Sterling at a Los Angeles Clippers’ game played at the Staples Center in Los Angeles , California ,. The two are now involved in a bitter court battle, where Donald Sterling is now challenging the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers’ franchise to Steve Ballmer . The deal having received the approval of the NBA’s Board of Governors is being challenged in the US Federal Court , by the beleaguered owner. Sterling also has two legal suits against the league hierarchy and its commissioner seeking unspecified and punitive damages. A long and protracted legal battle would prove costly for the NBA and a loss of that case , could lead to a multi-billion dollar payout were the decision to go in Donald Sterling’s favor. Getty Images North America / Kelly Bishop …..

(7) Bill Self , left , head coach of the Kansas Jayhawks is seen here with the team’s center Joel Embiid who was taken as the third overall pick in the first round of the 2014 NBA Draft . Embiid plagued by back and foot injuries is hoping to make a solid contribution to the Philadelphia 76ers this upcoming season. AP Photo / Nestor Gomez ….



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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

20 thoughts on “Put a ring on it ………….”

  1. You can’t blame Donald Sterling for exposing the NBA’s continued hypocrisy along with the team owners , general managers , players and the union itself . Sterling , however , will also have to prove that he is competent and that his wife did indeed act without his full consent in the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers . The NBA for its part will have to prove that the Clippers’ owner did in fact contravene the league’s covenants with regard to his actions , something which will be hard to prove given the issue that on several occasions they(league) did in fact let a number of his actions go unpunished, while allowing fellow owners to slide with their own egregious behavior .

    Meanwhile , the sheer apathy and stupidity of the fans themselves is being seen, with their own ongoing stupidity and excuses being brought to the fore , concerning apportioning blame elsewhere specifically on Sterling's paramour V Stiviano . Simply utter bullk$hit on their part when they overlook the lax attitudes of NBA Board of Governors , David Stern and Adam Silver .

    V Stiviano and Donald Sterling at an upscale restaurant and the facts speak for themselves .

    Yet . an avowed homo-phobe such as Rich DeVos is treated with kid gloves by the league hierarchy. Way to go NBA , under the tenures of both Adam Silver and David Stern , being the $$cking hypocrites that they are , along with the players .

    “Twelve Years A Slave ” was this year’s Oscar winner for Best Movie , while the league itself always had an avowed racial bigot among its fraternity along with a number of homophobes . Oh yes , America has indeed made so many advancements in terms of race relations. It continues to point to the fact that Obama is the President and Clarence Thomas is a US Supreme Court Justice . Meanwhile , LeBron James can’t explain his idiotic stance concerning the death of Trayvon Martin or the lame @ss insistence that he and his fellow players were prepared to boycott this past NBA postseason . What an absolute crock of fecal matter ($hit) !

    tophatal ……………….


  2. Sterling doesn’t have an aversion to stereotypes at all .

    If the NAACP doesn’t get it , then it shows that organization is being ran by a bunch of incompetent fools !


    “Yas sir Massa , does I do good for you ” ?

    tophatal …………….


  3. We might do an article on the weasel Jason Kidd but make no mistake that you would be doing yourself a disservice by comparing Kidd with LeBron. By opting out James has done nothing surprising, reprehensible or immoral.


    1. fantasyfurnace.com/Hank

      Jason Kidd was already a douche to begin with ! Less we forget, he was charged and found guilty of spousal abuse, for which he sought anger management as part of his punishment , rather than being sentenced . We have seen his unsportsmanlike conduct , witnessed this past season when he intentionally tripped an opposing player on the sidelines of a Nets’ game being played at the Barclays Center . This was done deliberately , for which he denied the act, only to then later apologize for it all .

      Kidd is a repulsive piece of $hit ,. along with the league hierarchy . As to LeBron . let’s not place him on a pedestal as of yet , because it is already clear that he has a dark side to his this facade ., created by his agent and posse of handlers , In 2003 ,. prior to his entering the NBA Draft , he was already on the take , monetarily , and this was prior to his declaration of entering the draft. No way, he would have been eligible to enter college as student athlete . Also, before the incident of Eagle ., Colorado , how was Kobe Bryant being painted in the print media ? How soon we forget altogether .

      LeBron James is being LeBron James , having not really shown a great deal of maturity in his ten years as a player , Great talent and that has been it , but as an individual prepared to speak out on a social issue or anything pertinent , he comes across as a complete as$hole ! Simply look at his responses concerning the death of Trayvon Martin , the Donald Sterling affair and when the Olympic Games were held in Beijing , China , his statement concerning Tiananmen Square . James is not as intellectually bright as some make him out to be . Leave it to the idiots from ESPN such as Chris Broussard , Stephen A Smith and Tim Legler to continue kiss and lick his sphincter because they believe that brown-nosing will get them everywhere .

      tophatal ……………..


      1. Not debating what you’re saying Al. I just said that you should not not compare James’ opting out to the callousness of what Jason Kidd did last week. I’m not referring to either of their past personal or professional misgivings.


        1. Hank

          During the tenure of David Stern < , more was done to promote the players than the teams and when they ran afoul of the law because of their moral dilemmas , we had dumb @ss fans only seeking to apportion blame on the players and not the league hierarchy itself for also creating some of the mess we have witnessed , Everyone has harangued Donald Sterling for his reprehensible behavior , but , I have yet to hear any Orlando Magic fans calling out their franchise owner , Rich DeVos for being a homophobe and just as egregious with his behavior as the Clippers’ owner . Are the fans here in the US that apathetic , dumb and so frigging clueless ?

          : Stern during the nineties even used racial stereotypes and gang violence and gangsta’ rap to promote the NBA game and he’s still given a goddamn pass by lame assed fans .

          Such has been the hypocrisy of the NBA that DeBVos’ son , Dan DeVos called for Donald Sterling to be punished with impunity , but that dumb #ss , did not make mention of his father’s equally distasteful behavior . And people carry on as if the NBA has some credibility to it ? How the hell can it , when you have idiots such as David Stern and now Adam Silver running the show ?

          Pamela DeVos , seen here with her father , Rich DeVos and her brother , far right , Dan DeVos ,

          tophatal …………………


  4. As I said over at http://thewifehatessports.com, my thoughts on LeBron are simple: His legacy will take another downward spiral if he goes anywhere other than Cleveland or Miami. He’s been with the Heat for four years now, so we are borderline over it. Him going back there, no big deal. Cleveland would be the best story, to head back, make amends, and try to win a title for that big-time sports town. But if he goes title hopping, watch out…


      1. I don’t think it can be compared to Jordan, really. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll go down as one of the best players in this generation, but he’s just a different player in the Finals. Jordan took over games more frequently, and he never got blown out in the Finals, like what happened to James and the Heat.
        With that being said, I think his legacy can change, and the 2010 Decision nightmare can be eliminated now that he’s going back to Cleveland – and as I mentioned at thewifehatessports.com, this can go down as one of the best sports stories ever, if he’s able to bring that town at least one title.


  5. Chris Humpherys (SportsChump)

    He (Pat Riley) will get them back together , but the issue will be , is LeBron likely to take the lead and take a lesser contract , rather than a max contract that will , likely to see him being paid $120 million over six years ?

    If the Heat are not able to re-sign LeBron James , then they might as well start their rebuilding afresh , once and for all , Not one , not two , not three titles now seems to damn passe ‘ and laughable to say the very least , Yet , we had the assholes from ESPN and anal retentive fans buying into this alleged bullshit as to how great the Miami Heat were said to be ! They were a good team , but in no way frigging way can they be considered to be a great team by any stretch of the imagination . The US sports’ fans will buy into any piece of crap they are force fed without showing any insight of their own , because they are nowhere near as intelligent as they believe themselves to be . .

    tophatal ………………


  6. The potential breaking up of the band and this time no one can blame Yoko Ono . Miami Heat and in particular the front office hadn’t planned for this to happen , but now it has and Pat Riley is besides himself , as he seeks to offer LBJ a max contract with the hope that Bosh and Wade will take less pay for the upcoming season .

    ” Is LeBron James a new recording artist” ? Yoko Ono

    Personally , I cannot see LeBron returning to Cleveland as they are limited in what they can really offer him by way of the surrounding cast of players . Beyond Kryie Irving there isn’t really that much in spite of their recent draft class of this and last season .


    “Look it’s water under the bridge , I still love LeBron , dearly ” ! Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert

    Besides , will Cavaliers’ owner , Dan Gilbert be prepared to offer the franchise’s greatest player a profound apology for his past indiscretions and the ridiculing of James with the statement that the Cavaliers would win win an NBA title before he found any kind of success with the Miami Heat ?


    NBA news and archived stories

    Cleveland Cavaliers’ news

    Miami Heat news

    NBA transactions

    tophatal …………


  7. Wonder how long Sterling is goona be “news”? It’s similar to the Sandusky case…….Time for take whaever action needed……just do it.


    1. Al Clements

      Isn’t it ironic that a little over two years ago former Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt , who was in the midst of a messy divorce, had to sell the team , having placed it into bankruptcy proceedings ? Now we have Donald Sterling , owner of another Los Angeles’ based sports franchise now trying to stave off his estranged wife from selling the team , after his own stupidity ?

      What the hell is it with the Los Angeles’ sports scene in general ?

      tophatal ………….


  8. So LeBron James chooses to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers but herein lies the idiocy of this move . James felt harshly treated by team owner Dan Gilbert , who in no uncertain terms described the player as being selfish and immature . Gilbert who has now fired Mike Brown twice from his position as the head coach of the Cavaliers and now sees the past as being water under the bridge .

    The makeup of the Cavs’ roster while good is certainly not good enough to win the East much less the NBA title , but yet idiots are already prognosticating that Cleveland Cavaliers are the favorites to win it all . Much like they predicted that the Miami Heat would sweep their way through the postseason and to the NBA Finals . Well that didn’t happen as LeBron and his wussy teammates failed to show up in the Finals against the San Antonio Spurs .

    All of this talk about James wanting max contract does appear to be a joke as reported by that asshole Chris Broussard as James signs a .two-year deal paying $42.10 million .

    Chandler Parsons heading to the Mavericks where he will be offered way too much money for his mediocre play . Mark Cuban and his general manager Donnie Nelson are so frigging clueless .

    NBA news

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    NBA transactions to date

    Tophatal’s Blog

    tophatal …….


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