If it is greatness you’re looking for you won’t find it here, as something rotten smells in Denmark and within the NCAA

If it is greatness you’re looking for you won’t find it here, as something rotten smells in Denmark and within the NCAA

I have long-held the contention that the NCAA and just about everything it represents has been a charade and a farce! Furthermore , the apathy of the fans of collegiate sports might be just as asinine as the institution itself , without going into greater detail than suggesting that this charade now underway about a legitimate way of deciding a national champion at the FBS Level for football can be done with the empaneling of publicly respected individuals. It would not be so bad were it not for the fact the panel members sought are in some respects no more versed in collegiate athletics than perhaps a truck driver would be knowledgeable enough in providing you with his thoughts on molecular biology or Sarah Palin’s thoughts on the US economy and the country’s foreign policy.


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NCAA President Mark Emmert was summoned to appear at a Senate hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC , where he was quizzed by members of the Senate Commerce Committee on the inner workings of the NCAA and the institution’s continued aversion to paying student athletes while in school.. One has to bear in mind, currently, Collegiate Athletics’ governing body is the main defendant in a class action lawsuit now underway in the US Federal Court , where a resulting loss could see the NCAA pay out tens of millions of dollars in damages for the use of the athletes’ likeness to market and sell college merchandize without their permission. This suit was brought by former UCLA and NBA player Ed O’Bannon , for what he says are purely for moral reasons and the fact collegiate athletics remains a complete sham without their being any clear transparency being shown by the NCAA and the major college conference and educational institutions in the way these monies are disbursed within collegiate athletics. I have read some of the most asinine claims and statements by conference commissioners and by fans, suggesting that the system itself is not broken , but the issues that continue to affect college sports, stems from the violations of the athletes themselves. Such a suggestion , is no more valid than making a claim, the NCAA can actually deal with their ongoing issues without any outside oversight. The NCAA failed the victims of the Penn State ‘ scandal ‘ miserably,without the university and the state’s governor Tom Corbett seeking to enact a cover-up, without the supporters of Joe Paterno trying to apportion blame elsewhere for Jerry Sandusky’s heinous actions and the lack foresight shown by the now deceased head football coach. The scandal, still permeates through the school’s campus and it can never be forgotten no matter how many changes are put into place by the Board of Trustees of Penn State.

Mark Emmert remains an enigma and a conundrum all rolled into one, having succeeded the late Myles Brand as the NCAA’s highest ranking official. During his tenure, Emmert has shown that his interpersonal and communicative skills leave a lot to be desired without having to delve into his past administrative history , which seems to be littered with a great deal of controversy and claims of incompetence , graft and corruption. Perhaps, those were the qualifications sought by the executive search firm hired by the NCAA as they sought a successor to Myles Brand ? There can be no other reason for the hire than Emmert’s past actions and therein lies one of the numerous reasons why this institutional body cannot be taken seriously.

Emmert’s appearance in front of the members of the Senate Commerce Committee proved to be embarrassing and equally distasteful with the fawning of the members fawned over not only the NCAA President but also several current and former college athletes who gave testimony to the convened members of the congressional panel. Senator Claire McCaskill in her questioning of Mark Emmert concerning the issue of on campus sexual assaults which has been on the increase over the past decade, of which over seventy-percent (70%) of all sexual campus crimes go unreported , a staggering figure when judged against the national average. Emmert would suggest the NCAA does take the sexual assaults seriously, especially where the majority of the victims are women. Victims of such crimes are always reluctant to come forward and report that they are victims of rapes or an assault because they are not likely to be believed or subjected to further degradation by either law enforcement or the educational institution itself.

The NCAA, an institution primarily presided over by men among its most senior ranks, simply has no idea how to deal with sexual crimes, much less Mark Emmert being able to provide the Senate Commerce Committee with a satisfactory explanation about how the institution now plans to discuss future incidents of campus sex crimes. It should be noted, current Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston still remains a person of interest in a sexual assault claim made by a female victim. The player’s legal representatives first suggested that the claims were false, only to then claim that the sex between the two , was consensual. Tallahassee Police Department came under severe criticism by State Attorney General Pam Bondi for the lackluster and lack of professionalism in the conducting of the original and later investigation for the Florida State player, who has since fallen afoul of the law for his theft of groceries from a well-known grocery store chain within the state of Florida. Winston’s public apology rings hollow, very much like the university’s failure in reprimanding the athlete for his actions.

Winston while remaining in school , can now look forward to a year in which he will look to heighten his value to Florida State, as well as looking to enhance his value as a future first round draft pick in the NFL Draft . Short term memory remains the norm within the NFL, no matter when there is said to be a lack of character among the prospective players looking to make their mark in the NFL. A cautionary tale can be provided with the fall from grace of New England Patriots’ tight-end Aaron Hernandez and his continued legal issues without delving into what were already clearly troubling signs during his collegiate career at the University of Florida . The excuses made by his former head coach, Urban Meyer and by the Patriots’ organization was simply another sign, where the NFL and another collegiate educational establishment simply did not care about a troubled individual with a litany of psychological problems.

The convening of a Congressional Committee and its empaneling can be about as insightful as watching paint dry or watching flies congregate around an elephant’s ass, as it begins to defecate. Which begs the question, why are these committee members there to begin with and how productive are they once in Congress? Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) , a fellow member of the Senate Commerce Committee, spent more time regaling the press , convened members and Mark Emmert about his collegiate career at Stanford as a wide receiver on the school’s football team, than asking any meaningful questions of Mark Emmert about the direction of the institution he presides over and the increase of sexual assaults on college campuses across the country. If that were not enough, Booker would go on to suggest that his college years were difficult, because he and teammates spent far too much time reading play books than studying. .Am I missing something here, but getting a free ride as a student athlete is nowhere as arduous as the congressman was trying suggest ?

Academic fraud on a college campus where a respected coach presides over a college program believed to be among the best in the nation ? Legends were built under Dean Smith , as he cemented a legacy and where fans got to see a young Michael Jordan excel at the collegiate level , garnering a national championship at North Carolina (Tar Heels)before embarking on his now legendary NBA career. Roy Williams, who took over from Smith’s successor Matt Doherty in 2003, was already a well-respected coach before coming to coach the Tar Heels’ program. Williams is now at the center of a scandal that is likely to blow the roof off the program in Chapel Hill as well as the Dean Smith Center where this storied program play their home games. Far be it for me to suggest, but Williams, his assistants and the school’s AD Bubba Cunningham will have a great deal of explaining to do if the allegations are proven to be true. Allegations leveled are of the head coach turning a blind eye to current and former players failing to meet academic requirements and their being widespread cheating, encouraged by members of the coaching staff, is unlikely to sit well with everyone , especially among the diehard Tar Heels’ fans.

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports & AP (Associated Press)

Dean Smith’s former players backing Roy Williams in wake of North Carolina’s academic scandal

By Pat Forde , Yahoo Sports

Dean Smith is alive but absent, his remarkable mind ravaged by the effects of dementia. While that has caused deep mourning among those who know and love the legendary former North Carolina basketball coach, there is one small sliver of relief regarding his current condition.

He is unaware of the ongoing integrity crisis that has engulfed the program he built into a national model.

“I’m tired of it,” said former Smith-era player Richard Vinroot. “I want it fixed. I want it to end.”

The NCAA recently announced it has re-opened its investigation of an academic scandal at Carolina. That figures to follow the tracks of the school’s ongoing (and latest) investigation of itself. Those investigations follow the drip-drip-drip of allegations of classroom shortcuts – and other embarrassing headlines – at a school that once proudly considered itself the ultimate intersection of competitive excellence and off-court class.

“It pains me greatly,” Vinroot said. “I have such high regard for Coach Smith. I revere him.”

Vinroot is a former mayor of Charlotte and one-time Republican nominee for governor of North Carolina. Smith, a staunch and outspoken Democrat, cited player loyalty over party loyalty when supporting Vinroot’s gubernatorial bid in 2000.

That was Dean Smith, to those who played under him: a mentor and ally for life, extending well past the player/coach relationship. David Chadwick, senior pastor of Forest Hill Church in Charlotte and another former Tar Heel under Smith, wrote a book, “The 12 Leadership Principles of Dean Smith.” The first principle he cited: “The Reciprocal Law of Loyalty.”

“He had an unyielding loyalty to us,” Chadwick said. “That’s why we had that fierce commitment to him, because he had that commitment to us.”

Smith cultivated something of a Camelot aura in Chapel Hill – it was Duke before Duke, and before Duke had the taint of Corey Maggette and Lance Thomas to deal with. The UNC players and coaches were all part of something special, and forever bonded in the making of it. Which is why this disorienting journey from Camelot to crucible has the Carolina old guard dismayed.

Click on link to read in full.

Farcical and downright stupidity can now be the only reason why many the Tar Heels’ former players are jumping to the defense of Roy Williams and the allegations being made. A scandal of this size came into being or compromised the integrity of the program under Dean Smith, but in many respects one should be at all surprised at the claims or allegations now being leveled at Roy Williams. He is simply one of many coaches within collegiate sports, who have conflicted with violating NCAA rules. Accountability and oversight was never the highest priority within collegiate sports and it will continue to be that way even with the NCAA flexing their muscles , but therein lies idiocy of that premise, as Emmert seeks to punish some programs with impunity while excusing others. Let us not forget also, the continued incompetency shown by the investigative arm of the NCAA, where the Infractions’ Committee, who having misplaced evidence in their investigation of the University of Miami program chose to make up and then proceed to lie in how they obtained the very same evidence.

University of Miami President Donna Shalala has requested an appeal of the decision of the NCAA’s probation and other sanctions placed on the Canes’ program , for which she has yet to receive a response from Mark Emmert or from a high-ranking subordinate within the NCAA. Collegiate Athletics’ governing body should have their antitrust and tax exempt status removed by the Congress, but with the lobbying power of the institution and the money spent to curry favor with the members of the House and Senate , the ongoing hypocrisy is likely to continue, while congress members play at the role of being tough legislators. In reality, they are nothing more than money hungry members, simply looking to prolong their stays within both Federal legislative chambers

Judge Claudia Wilken will preside over the case where Ed O’Bannon is the lead plaintiff in a multi-jurisdictional proceeding . While the NCAA will fight the case as a defendant with the legal power at their disposal, I cannot help wonder, if Mark Emmert’s own efforts forestall the obvious, is simply another way of appeasing conference commissioners such as John Swofford, Larry Scott , Mike Slive and many of their peers. They are seeking to ward off this case, while trying to keep the monies pouring into their treasure chests . Billions of dollars are at stake and the chances are even with a loss , the litigation process would be prolonged with an appeal being lodged in the Federal Appellate Court . A loss for the plaintiffs and this all can be put to rest , with the stain and stench of the NCAA still within our midst.



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Are you of the opinion the NCAA represents the best interests of the college athlete? Alternatively, do you feel the institution to be outmoded, with far too much beyond its scope concerning collegiate athletics? Leave comment as you see fit and thanks as always for the continued support of this site !


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(1) Jameis Winston of Florida State is seen here with team head coach Jimbo Fisher as the pair celebrate becoming BCS National champions in 2013 . The Seminoles had a tremendous season outplaying their opponents and performing to the highest of standards ending the year ranked number one in the polls . AP Photo/ Matt Mason ..

(2) NCAA President Mark Emmert is seen here addressing members of the Senate Commerce Committee up on Capitol Hill , in Washington , DC . Emmert faced some tough questions from certain members of the committee , but in large part there was a great deal of posturing by the NCAA President and his inquisitors . Getty Images / Mark Hurst …

(3) Sen. Claire McCaskill , D-Mo., asks a question of former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel, President Barack Obama’s choice for defense secretary, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013, before the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on his nomination. McCaskill relished the opportunity to quiz Hagel on the issue of Israel’s right to defend itself and brought similar determination in her quizzing of Mark Emmert as a member of the Senate Commerce Committee. AP Photo/Susan Walsh

(4) Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee members (L-R) Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) , Sen. Edward Markey (D-MA) and Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) listen to testimony during a hearing about the future of unmanned aviation in the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill January 15, 2014 in Washington, DC. The committee heard testimony about the Federal Aviation Administration’s policy on unmanned aviation systems and about the privacy and freedom issues surrounding their use. Getty Images North America / Chip Smodevilla

(5) Roy Williams head coach of the North Carolina Tar Heels is now under siege with claims current and former players receiving monetary and unspecified gifts , as well as their being academic fraud within the basketball program , with certain members of Williams’ coaching being fully aware of the violations being perpetrated. Former Tar Heels’ player Rashad McCants has made a number of clams concerning the allegations without suggesting that he was in fact part of activities taking place . UPI / Chris Hendricks …



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36 thoughts on “If it is greatness you’re looking for you won’t find it here, as something rotten smells in Denmark and within the NCAA”

  1. The NCAA takes sexual assault cases about as seriously as Josef Mengele believed that his work with the Jews was of benefit to mankind . We all know that Mengele was carrying out the order of his superiors , but he also reveled in the misery and destruction caused . It is the same way with the governing body of collegiate athletics and just about everything the institution itself stands for .

    Meanwhile , the anal retentive college sports’ fan meanders along with the belief that the NCAA actually represents something good within college sports . That might be dumbest thing anyone could ever believe about the entity in question . Bear in mind Congress remains in complete denial while allowing the NCAA to remain tax exempt and no likelihood of losing their antitrust and tax exempt status . One wonders why all of the fu#king hypocrisy of Congress to begin with when they are in fact receiving millions of dollars annually from the NCAA by way of their lobbyists . That is not democracy at work but sheer corruption of the highest order and then some

    Roy Williams , another collegiate coach placed upon a pedestal who in reality , like many of his peers within the game today might be as dirty as they come .

    “Hey guys you know I’m a baller and what better than have a Kardashian playing with and licking your balls ” ! Former Tar Heel Rashad McCants , seen here with Khloe Kardashian



    1. Tophat,
      First off, McCants is a disgruntled stool pidgeon. Nobody on either side embraces snitches. Besides, how do we know that the rat is on the up? Coach Williams resign? If any of this common NCAA occurrence happened at Chapel Hill, the HOF coach is well buffered.
      Tophat, Howard Stern could learn something from you on your “shock” paragraph about Dr. Mengeles. Poor taste to even reference those morally bankrupt war criminals.


      1. Ronbets

        McCants may well feel somewhat disgruntled but you simply cannot deny the fact that something unsavory was going on within the Tar Heels’ program . Were this Dean Smith would there be more outrage or shock concerning the allegations ?

        Howard Stern was always about himself as a shock jock . Let me ask you this , if Mengele was said to be so heinous then what of the US government itself and their experiments that knowingly targeted African American soldiers during WWII ? What is the apparent difference other than the actual death toll and lack of contrition by the government then and now ? Come on man , you ought to know better , rather than simply seeking out something which in all honesty y is being used now more out of empathy to feed the frenzy and dictate a foreign policy that is out of touch with reality .

        Where was the US on issues such as the genocide taking place in countries such as Rwanda , Belgian Congo and Bosnia ? Need I ask about the issue of apartheid in South Africa and the US’ unwillingness to support an international embargo of that country ?

        tophatal ………………..


      2. Ronbets

        How do you feel about the US aiding Israel annually with over $6 billion in direct and discretionary aid but cannot even help its own US military veterans ? And you’re questioning my using Mengele with regards to an article ? There have been far worse war criminals and dictators than Josef Mengele since WW II , but Americans can balk at that while continually bringing up the plight of the Jews . Read about the treatment of the Falashi’s (Black Jews originally from Ethiopia ) now in Israel their mistreatment in that country (Israel) and and it might just open your eyes .

        tophatal …………….


  2. NCAA has become self-serving….no real regard for what it had been intended for…..protect student athletes.


  3. Al Clements

    The institution we have come know as the NCAA might be one of the most corrupt sports’ governing bodies across the globe , including FIFA (international governing body for soccer) , IOC (organizers of the Olympics) , MLB , NFL and each of the major hierarchies for boxing , WBA , WBC , IBO , IBF and the WBU .

    This current mess involving the Tar Heels’ head basketball coach Roy Williams will undoubtedly tarnish the program and school’s reputation. It will not matter who now comes to his defense , even if it is the legendary Dean Smith , himself .

    If the stories are proven to be true, then Williams should immediately resign , saving himself and the University of North Carolina further embarrassment .



    1. Chris Humpherys

      Nothing at all has changed about the NCAA , since Mark Emmert took over after the untimely death of Dr Myles Brand . The institution ( NCAA) has become an outmoded and even more corrupt entity . Yet you had individuals trying to suggest that it had some merit along with their backing of a new format for determining new champion at the FBS Level in football. That would be like taking suggestions from the members of Congress in determining whether or not the nation is in the midst of an economic recovery and then asking the members there to point out the indicators .

      If Emmert cannot relate to the matter of sexual assaults and hazing seriously on a college campus, then what would make anyone believe that this dumb mother-##cker (Mark Emmert) has the slightest interest in the well-being of the student athlete, much less students in general ?

      tophatal ……………


  4. Tophat,
    I liked Morgan Freeman versus the new avatar. That poor guy has no idea what she’s talking about and about to do. LOL


    1. Ronbets

      The original picture (header) was actually of Nelson Mandela , a personal hero of mine ! Now in his place, I have substituted this good looking Englishman of Caribbean descent ., who’s seen talking with a fellow volunteer in the town of Dundee , a rural Central Florida community where I now reside . I am too sexy for my own good ! I guess the American females tend to love that about the English guys . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Cory Booker spent more time in that Senatorial hearing regaling the audience about his college career at Standford than actually grilling Mark Emmert on the issue of campus sexual assaults , poor academic standards at a number of so-called prestigious college programs .

      What are your thoughts on this latest story concerning Roy Williams and the Tar Heels men’s basketball program ?



      Is she about to become an admirer of LeBron James ?

      tophatal ………………….. i


  5. Ugh, you HAD to bring up Penn State didn’t you?
    While heinous, it’s interesting that everyone can hold onto that scandal and not let it go, victims of ESPN, as the worldwide leader also managed to purposefully not bring out the Syracuse scandal at all, since there were ties to them… and look, now that’s under the rug and no one even brings it up. Penn State is doing all the right things now and trying to move on from this.


  6. KP (thewifehatessports.com)

    Even if you are Penn State graduate , even you had to be disgusted that the trustees sought to cover up that mess . Even worse , Tom Corbett , a board member and governor of the state was culpable in the coverup , The university’s alumni association are a bunch of fu##ing hypocrites , much like the morons within the Catholic Church and their hideous and odious behavior concerning the sexual abuse scandal , Is this country (US) filled with a bunch of apathetic hypocritical @assholes ?

    What has the university really done to move on ? I mean Bill O’Brien could not escape the stigma , while coach of the football team in the aftermath of a dumb @ss such as Joe Paterno and the heinous actions of Jerry Sandusky .

    Only in the US can you find a lack of intelligence among the sports’ fans , who seem to be of the opinion that they have a modicum of intelligence .

    tophatal …………


  7. Tophat,
    You naming other mass murderers is a poor deflection on your choice of words. By using Dr. Mengele aka “The Angel of Death” in the same paragraph as NCAA policies is far-fetched. Fact remains your use of a child torturer/killer in that sentence was ludicrous. Shock is fine but not over the line.
    How do I feel about the US aiding Israel? It’s an absolute must to ensure their survival. This administration should be prosecuted for illegally printing green backs. This will eventually lead to double digit inflation and bankrupt our nation.


    1. Ronbets

      The Angel of Death in the same sentence as the NCAA . How thoughtless of me and what of the NCAA’s indentured slavery of student athletes in order to reap billions of dollars , annually under the pretext of providing for the student athlete .

      America remains a goddamn oxymoron on a wide array of issues and you fall for this bull$hiit ?

      . Mengele’s own practices were then secretly used in the furtherance of medical science by the US government and you’re questioning my statements ? What planet are you living on ? I guess The Tuskeegee Airmen were deserving of being inflicted with syphilis to see how it would benefit mankind , and that would sit well with you then ? So much goddamn hypocrisy !

      Israel has no wish to seek peace not as long as the US is there to bail out their @ss repeatedly through their armament sales which is actually being paid for by the US taxpayer , just in case you had not noticed . King Abdullah of Jordan came with a peace treaty that would have guaranteed a lasting peace , which had been agreed to by the Palestinians , Israel and within the US Congress , only for it to be shot down by AIPAC and Benjamin Netanyahu once he become Prime Minister , but somehow that gets lost on the docile American public , who are dumb enough to believe that the Middle East and Israel can survive in its present state . America remains the primary source of issues , that are the root cause of the problems, because successive administrations simply do not understand the real underlying issues in that country much less the entire Middle East region .

      How are you going to prosecute an administration for actually abiding by a law signed into being by George W Bush that many of the current members of Congress voted into being (enactment) ? Is this really the dumm-ing down of America in the true sense of the word ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! It never ceases to amaze me concerning the lack of insight and intelligence among US electorate . .

      tophatal ……………….


      1. Ronbets

        Those so-called wetbacks are actually doing the work that most Americans would rather not do , but yet when it comes to talk of a minimum wage there remains so much fu$king hypocrisy on both sides of the political aisle , as well as on the issue of immigration reform . Now what ?

        tophatal ……………..


  8. Ronbets ….

    So now HBO is having a discussion on race and sports ? I guess Jack Johnson , Ali , Jackie Robinson , Hank Aaron and Jesse Owens , Arthur Ashe and Lee Elder would feel so proud that it is actually being addressed in some form . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    A little bit of misogyny and racism goes a long way in this day and age , especially when you have had @ssholes such as David Stern and Roger Goodell presiding over the NBA and NFL . But then again , that is the sporting landscape in America , where the fans remain as docile as ever , while seeking to make excuse of bad behavior and their not believing that there is a place for common decency .

    tophatal ………………


  9. Tophat,

    Jack Johnson , Ali , Jackie Robinson , Hank Aaron and Jesse Owens , Arthur Ashe and Lee Elder. 7 outta eight were top notch pioneers for their race. I have an exception to one though. While my friends, neighbors and fellow countrymen were being blown away by the VC and NVA, this guy(Cassius M Clay) is being touted by the Muslims to become a conscientious objector. Never mind he was participating in the bloodiest sport in the world, he’s quoted as saying “I aint got nuthin against those Viet Cong.” Regardless of the courts overturn, in many eyes this tarnished his image permanently.


    1. Ronbets ……..

      Let me ask you this, what was the premise of the US heading to Vietnam ? Did Muhammad Ali not have a right to voice his opinion . never mind that a a decade or so earlier African Americans having barely being afforded the right to vote were still being treated like pieces of fecal matter . Bear mind also , the US military was not fully integrated (African Americans fighting alongside their Caucasian counterparts and being afforded the right to move up the military ranks ) until almost a decade after WWII has ended . So explain to me how Ali tarnished his image with his belief ? I can understand the idiocy of Jane Fonda , with her whining , but then again when was Hollywood would ever known to tackle a subject in any great depth without putting their asinine spin on it ? Fonda still doesn’t understand her actions or shows any contrition .

      In many eyes Ali tarnished his reputation in also speaking up about the fact that African Americans were being marginalized and hounded by whites ? Only a frigging moron would actually believe that Ali wasn’t speaking the truth on that very issue . Then again African Americans in this country , have spent more time with their head buried in the sand or simply towing the line of their white slave masters .

      Here’s also the idiocy of the Defense Department and US military in general . In the aftermath of that has gone on concerning Bo Berghdahl , they are now allowing this cowardice b#stard to return to active duty . What damn sense does that make , might I ask ?

      “I want my Mommy ” !
      Bo Bergdahl

      Courtesy of the Wall St Journal

      Latest destination in the wild ride of Bowe Bergdahl: active-duty unit

      By Dan Lamothe

      Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s whirlwind year has included the following: captivity in Pakistan, an exchange for Taliban officials in Afghanistan that yielded his freedom, and a highly publicized and politicized debate about whether the Obama administration botched the handling of his case.

      Now, it will include the following, too: a new active-duty unit.

      Army officials confirmed the move on Monday morning, saying the sergeant has completed the final phase of his reintegration process and will be assigned to U.S. Army North and Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston.

      “He will now return to regular duty within the command where he can contribute to the mission,” Tatjana Christian, a spokeswoman for the Army, said in an e-mail. “The Army investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding the disappearance and capture of Bergdahl is still ongoing.”

      The news was first reported late Sunday by the New York Times. Bergdahl will take a new job even though he could still face charges as a deserter — an investigation into how Bergdahl fell into the hands of insurgent forces in eastern Afghanistan in 2009 is still ongoing, and it’s likely that he will be among the last to be interviewed, CNN reported. That is a somewhat common practice in federal investigations as authorities work their way toward the main subject of an investigation.

      Click on link to read in full .

      America still doesn’t understand the global issues even with moronic buffoons regaling us from both sides of the political aisle. You have a State Department led by John Kerry who is still out of complete touch with reality and it has been that way for several decades with his predecessors and administrations . .


  10. continuing…………
    It’s too bad Mr. Clay and Ms Fonda didn’t get together. Similar beliefs. They both aided and abetted the enemy.


  11. Look never look to Washington DC for answers. The answer is always more government and more tyranny. The NCAA has been about the money since its inception. The lie told is we care about the athletes and it is all about giving you a freed education. Nothing is free. These kids play form it with their bodies. And in the end many of them are physical wrecks and mental wrecks for life. Dave Megassey wrote a Book Meat on The Hoof. This was about his days playing for Texas under Daddy D.


    1. bobby gee

      I have never looked to the government (British or US) to solve a problem , as more often then not they tend to make a frigging mess of things . Case in point , this recent fine levied against Citigroup (Citibank) for manipulating the rates charged to customers who held sub-prime mortgages .

      Tim Geithner who as Treasury Secretary promised more oversight failed to do just that when it came to the banks on Wall St . Meanwhile , we had a President (Obama) chastising those banks , while accepting the those very same institutions' bankrolling his campaigns in 2008 and 2012 . Such frigging hypocrisy all-round from both political parties .

      The NCAA remains an affront to collegiate sports in general .

      tophatal ……………….


  12. Tophat.
    I was being deployed via US Navy ship to SE Asia. We were by some remote islands by the China Sea. One of the sailors kept saying he missed his mother, etc. He jumped overboard……get this, with a lifejacket on. The whole squadron had to circle in their man-overboard drill until they plucked him from the sea. This took a few hours and the sailors were pissed. Needless to say, the pussy was given a painful “blanket party”. I wish that on Bergdahl and then some.


    1. Ronbets

      How in god’s name isn’t Bo Bergdahl inside Ft Leavenworth (prison) after what are said to be his repeated acts of cowardice and his dereliction of duty is beyond me ! In my ten years plus in the Royal Marines , I never witnessed acts as the ones now leveled against Bo Bergdahl for his actions. His fellow Army servicemen have died in vain seeking his release , but yet the Defense Dept under Chuck Hagel and that oaf Barack Obama have made light of their deaths . This is simply Benghazi all over again , but where the loss of military lives is seen as acceptable collateral damage .


      “I say we call on Harry Reid for some advice as I don’t like the look of things , after my picks went up in smoke in the NCAA Tournament ” . Obama & Chuck Hagel

      There can no succinct explanation to justify his return to active duty when there seems to have been no in depth investigation of Bergdahl’s alleged mental health claims of him suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) . If that were the case then let the public be made aware of those facts , rather than what now appears to be a complete coverup instigated by the Defense Department at the obeisance of Obama .

      tophatal …………….


    2. Ronbets

      I missed my mother while in the service , especially when I was serving in Ireland (gun fire became an everyday occurrence courtesy of the IRA) and then again North Africa . Yet , the fact of the matter was , my comrade in arms , became my immediate family and I placed my faith in them , in terms of my safety and the same was reciprocated by me in terms of theirs . I doubt that the same could be said of Bowe ‘Bo’ Bergdahl !

      tophatal ………


      1. Yes, Tophat, our service was what teamwork is all about. It’s not about me, but about us. I will admit to one thing though……..at times being scared shitless!
        You mentioned the shortcomings of the Veterans Administration. Damn, I don’t see it here. Maybe because of our big AF base @ Nellis? Maybe Harry “Pinky” Reid just takes care of his home state? What I heard about particularly in neighboring AZ is appalling.
        I mighta mentioned this before, but the graft and hustle by out sourced VA providers is rampant. VA pays IN FULL for preventative procedures and the private doctors bill the veteran a ‘small’ service charge. Some unsuspecting vets pay and never know they got taken.


        1. Ronbets

          The VA hospital in Miami was at the epicenter of the incompetence we have seen throughout this particular federal agency . Four years ago veterans subjected to and contracted Hepatitis B , because , syringes were being reused under the premise of saving money . The thing I asked , is what about hygiene in such instances , never mind the gravity of these men and women being placed in such danger , having been subjected to such degradation ?

          The law firm where I work , we do a lot of volunteer and pro-bono work on behalf military veterans in assisting them to get rightful medical benefits being denied wrongfully at the state and federal level .

          It is a downright sin and absolutely abhorrent that the government and in particular this administration continually mistreats these heroes without ever giving them their due , other than using them for a photo opportunity or for scoring some sort of political points during an election cycle .

          Walter Reed Center on several of their wards , fecal matter was found in emergency rooms , outpatients’ areas, in the rooms and wards , where several soldiers were actually hospitalized . If that is not a chronic sign of the incompetence , neglect , beyond the current bureaucratic buffoonery and deceit by senior executives within that agency. Then I for one, would like to know what is not !

          Each successive administration has ignored the plight of these men and women , while claiming that the VA’s budget has increased . In reality , that has not been the case , if you take into account inflation, the budget is no where in line with what is needed to run the agency efficiently , never mind their not being trained staff in certain areas needed . Psychotherapists , physical therapists , orthopedic and cardiovascular surgeons are all in demand , but yet we are continually being told that the veterans of this country does obtain the best healthcare possible and that the nation can supply . It is a bold-faced lie and it is time the government be held to task on the issue . The VA remains archaic behemoth , with their being too much bureaucracy , and their not making use of new technology in terms of their record-keeping .

          I still do volunteer work and other consultancy work by way of the Orlando office of our firm with vets in the Central Florida area .

          tophatal ……..


  13. I watched the Home Run Derby last night and the duel between Mike Stanton and Yoenis Cespedes was fantastic in part , but the latter rounds between the two finalists failed to live up to expectations . Todd Frazier was simply no match for the A’s slugger during the contest finale .

    To my mind the baseball’s Home Run Derby has become as irrelevant as the Slam Dunk Contest during the NBA’s own All Star Weekend Festivities !


    Cespedes on his way to back to back Home Run Derby titles (won in 2013 & 2014) .

    tophatal ……………


    1. Yep, Cespedes and Griffey Jr only guys to win bk 2 bk. They altered the format, but with that schmuck Berman, it’s not watchable. The original Home Run Derby was a continual series that was exciting. It pitted a format between 2 sluggers, with the winner advancing. 3 outs per inning and 9 innings with possible OT. You had guys like Mantle, Mays, Banks,etc. There was no hugging and high 5’ing. Current crap is a social event.


      1. Ronbets

        Yoenis Cespedes is a damn good player but the A’s success this season is not solely down to him. I would like to see the team succeed and face my Braves in the World Series this postseason . Chances of that happening seems remote given the inconsistency of the Atlanta Braves so far this year .

        Chris Berman simply makes me want to throw up in a paper bag each time I hear his damn voice on air, without having to see his dumb @ss on television .

        tophatal ………….


      2. Ronbets

        Guys like Barry Bonds , Alex Rodriguez , Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire never had any respect for the game and the continued apathy among some fans concerning the steroid issue shows the lack of intelligence within the country in general .

        tophatal ………….


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