For your consideration ………

For your consideration ….

It is that time of year once again where pundits are out making their prognostications for the upcoming season within Collegiate Football as well as the NFL. Given the fact both institutions continue to fail their fans consistently, albeit , a number of idiots are clamoring for the latest piece of idiocy from the NCAA and BCS for an empaneled body to come up with a format in deciding a playoff system to decide a national champion at the FBS Level . Claims are continually being made format as now being described cannot work , but what really likes at the heart of this all is actually the disbursement of revenues as divided up between the major conferences making up the BCS system. If the fools who continue to bitch and whine cannot see it for themselves , then they are as dumb as they look.

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NCAA President Mark Emmert remains in a position of power but his lack of understanding of so many issues within collegiate athletics, truly belies his lack of intelligence. Emmert and senior members of his institution, remain slow in enacting safety measures that protect female victims from on campus sexual assaults , without the colleges themselves actually being proactive in such measures. The statistics are there to bear this out and it has been a damning indictment of a number of major college campuses up and down the country , including Florida State , home to last season’s BCS national champion and Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston , himself the subject of alleged rape incident , where he remains the only suspect. Winston’s legal representatives have repeatedly changed their story concerning their client’s guilt, without one having delve into the player’s other off the field issues, where he was charged in the theft of grocery items stolen from a prominent Florida grocery store chain. Jameis Winston’s apology wore thin, when you consider the player had the means to pay for items stolen but somehow this has been all overlooked by the press and Seminoles’ fans alike without the favoritism shown the player by the Tallahassee Police Department after this latest incident.

In the preseason polls , Florida State are ranked number one after their unbeaten season in 2013 and narrow victory in the national championship game. Quarterback Jameis Winston will be looking to fortify his status as a likely first round draft pick and being taken as the top passer in the draft. Unfortunately, this was not the case for the Seminoles’ Heisman Trophy predecessor Johnny Manziel when he was taken down in the depth charts of passers picked in the 2014 NFL Draft . Whether or not the decision came by way of the player’s attitude or simply because general managers around the league failed to be impressed by his Combine Workouts, has as much to do with the never-ending stories within the print and television media. Reporters and NFL analysts alike simply clamored for anything related to the Texas Aggies’ quarterback , even when the stories were innocuous and mundane.

Manziel will have to prove himself as he looks to impress staff of the Cleveland Browns as well as their fans and the press alike. Whether or not he can beat out Brian Hoyer for starting role during the preseason and enter the regular season as the starting quarterback on the team remains to be seen. The franchise has a great deal vested in Johnny Manziel , because his success will play a great part in the furtherance of their ambition of the franchise and owner , Jimmy Haslam who remains beset by his off-field ongoing legal problems . Mike Pettine head coach of the Cleveland Browns seems to be convinced his rookie quarterback shows all the signs of maturity since joining the franchise, but there will always continue remain doubts about Johnny Manziel’s maturity and leadership skills. While the player has admitted his mistakes as a college player, upon entering the ranks of the NFL and its bright lights , it would seem he has learned absolutely nothing from his collegiate experience and the problems which followed him there. Needless to say, with all of the negative publicity which has followed the NFL recently the league can ill afford more negativity to follow while the league hierarchy continues to make a complete ass of itself with their asinine statements. Never mind the fact we now have apathetic fans and professional pundits alike showing their own stupidity with their lame ass comments concerning these recent events.

From my own standpoint, in spite of their draft and off-season acquisitions , I do not believe the Cleveland Browns will prove to be a major contender within the AFC North or the conference this upcoming season. There are still too many issues on the roster which have not been fully addressed and Brian Hoyer is being asked to do way too much based on minimal experience of playing time in the NFL. How this is meant to equate with the team being viewed as legitimate divisional or playoff contender , does seem far-fetched. Cleveland will open their regular season with a divisional game at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania when they are the guests of the Pittsburgh Steelers . That contest should prove to be very interesting for two teams seeking to bounce back after a somewhat horrific season in 2013. A win is of utmost importance for both franchises, as they each seek to get 2014 off to a rousing start .

While the NFL tries to dig itself out of an ever-deepening hole, through their own sheer stupidity and by the encouragements of idiots such as ESPN’s on air analyst Stephen A Smith . One has to counter the impression being created by this league , it is indeed in touch with the fears of women, who are the victims of assault. Roger Goodell continues to show how out of touch with reality he remains , while Smith showed what a contemptible asshole he just happens to be. Furthermore, with some male fans using the analogy of being politically correct and freedom of speech to excuse the act of Ray Rice’s behavior , while ignoring the very fact this widespread behavior is now almost rampant within the NFL, with the league hierarchy itself , doing very little to punish the players themselves , who are guilty of acts such as spousal abuse or battery . Never mind the fact , the NFLPA (union) as led by Executive Director DeMaurice Smith has said very little publicly about the abusive behavior of his members, but yet we are led to believe this league values the support of female fans? Nothing remains further from the truth and it will continue to remain that way, as long as the NFL continues to ignore the repeated wake up calls by such incidents being repeated by its players.

The ACC this season will look to reaffirm its status as a top program in college football. While the BCS title win by Florida State may well support the claim, I believe the power within collegiate football rests in the SEC by way of the litany of top-flight programs within the conference. Nick Saban and Alabama will be looking to reaffirm its position within the conference, while the Florida Gators and Wil Muschamp will be looking to show his players will be playing with a great deal more consistency than shown in 2013. September 20th should prove to be a very interesting date on the collegiate football calendar when Florida meets Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at Bryant-Denny Stadium .

Week one of the college football season and programs within the FBS will begin their preamble to decide a national champion. With so much being at stake the Florida State Seminoles and Jimbo Fisher seeking to make a successful defense of their national title. I firmly believe the task will be beyond the team, because it is so difficult to win back to back titles within the game. The Seminoles will begin their defense against the number seventeen ranked Oklahoma State (Cowboys) in what may well prove to be game all about offense , with some defense thrown in for good measure. The SEC itself remains a formidable powerhouse in terms of the teams within the conference and the competitiveness there as witnessed over the past two seasons.

Will this season’s champion come from within the SEC? Well that remains to be seen, but all paths to another national championship are likely to pass through the conference.

Two national titles has a way of legitimizing a coach’s resume and credibility , but the cloud under which Urban Meyer left the Florida Gators , only to return to the coaching ranks of college football to head to the program at Ohio State (Buckeyes) has left an unpalatable taste in the mouths of Gators’ fans. Meyer in no uncertain term has been critical of his former employer, most notably suggesting he was not to blame for the behavior of a number of players who ran afoul of the law as well violating NCAA rules. What might be even more asinine when taking the former Gators’ head coach’s statement , is the very fact he was extremely lax in reprimanding many of the players, most notably Aaron Hernandez whose legal troubles in the NFL have been well chronicled. Meyer succeeded Jim Tressel whose career with the Buckeyes, while having brought about a great deal of success , the latter years proved to be extremely controversial and extremely distasteful, with their being a lack of honesty from Jim Tressel , his coaching staff at the time , and the culpability of AD Gene Smith and former university President Dr E Gordon Gee.

Urban Meyer and his team will have a great deal to prove this season and in Braxton Miller lies the hopes of the Buckeyes over the course of their schedule . Miller is likely to be among the top contenders for his year’s Heisman Trophy , if his play remains consistent and at an extremely high level . Ohio State will begin their season against Navy, in what is likely to a lopsided contest between the two teams. The Big Ten Conference and the Buckeyes’ schedule as usual, remains as soft as a baby’s ass, but Ohio State fans will seek to overlook the fact.

While I have never been truly enamored with college football , I am beginning to feel in watching the games, I am merely witnessing a somewhat mediocre version of the NFL in all of its alleged glory, with even greater pretentiousness within this environment. Like the NFL, college football above all else, is a money-making behemoth with their being little to show for it all at the end of the day , by way of the alleged benefits for the student athlete. The NCAA and conference commissioners continue to live in the “land of make belief” , with no one ever addressing the real issues now ravaging this sport and the collegiate athletics in general. Mark Emmert remains clueless, while carefully treading water, as he recently accomplished, when questioned by a congressional committee concerning the safety of women on college campuses who are the victims of sexual attacks. Emmert’s responses were in many respects, very much like the recent idiotic statements attributed to Roger Goodell and the NFL’s Assistant Chief Legal Counsel Adolpho Birch . Clearly, all three individuals, do not understand the debate as it now currently exists and the ongoing issue of violence against women by male athletes . The NCAA , NFL and those presiding over collegiate athletics , along with the universities have a long way to go before they can convince female fans much less sports’ fans in general. The issue of on campus violence against women , the issue of the player misconduct in the NFL, and the issue of spousal abuse remains a dire result of the inaction by the NFL and the hierarchies mentioned.



Picture gallery.

In the lead-up to the NFL regular season what are you hoping to see from the teams during the preseason ? Do you also believe the college football season will be extremely competitive?


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(1) The BCS national championship trophy for which the 125 FBS programs will contest their competitiveness to be anointed national champions . UPI ….

(2) 2013 Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston is seen here with Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher as the two celebrate their national title victory over Auburn . AP Photo/ Michael Burton …..

(3) Cleveland Browns’ quarterbacks Brian Hoyer (6) and teammate Johnny Manziel (2) are seen here during the team’s preseason practice. Head coach Mike Pettine hopes to see a valid contest between the two players , who are hoping to succeed former starter and now Dallas Cowboys’ backup quarterback Brandon Weeden . AP Photo/ Michael Walsh…

(4) Ohio State Buckeyes’ head coach Urban Meyer left is seen here alongside the team’s quarterback Braxton Miller (5) . Miller is being viewed as a likely candidate for the 2014 Heisman Trophy . Getty Images / Harry Howe …

(5) Bryce Petty of Baylor (Bears) will be hoping to lead the team to even greater success this season . Petty an impact player for the Bears in 2013 , seen as a consensus first round draft pick for the 2015 NFL Draft . Getty Images / David Moss …



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20 thoughts on “For your consideration ………”

  1. I am not so sure this NFL season much less the collegiate football season will be anything special or something to take pride in ! Over-hyped (NCAA) along with a formulaic system which favors only the top-tiered programs within the FBS but specifically the BCS .

    Could the NFL season have gotten off to a much worse start than with the ignorance shown by the likes of Adolpho Birch , Roger Goodell and Tony Dungy ? Three of the dumbest a#sholes involved in the NFL in any capacity .

    Oh we ought to really give Dungy a pass because he is a Christian but doesn’t have the common decency to address the issue of women being abused by their male partners , yet his frigging dumb #ss feels the league would be harmed by an openly gay player ? What fuc#king sort of reasoning is that when under his very nose , Warren Sapp was beating the #hit out of this ex-wife , while being coached by Dungy ? Oh yes , we can overlook that type of behavior , making asinine excuses . Dumb fans with little common sense or moral value whatsoever .

    Johnny Football , much like LeBron James , fans will be force fed their bull$hit all of this season . Is there anything worthwhile in Cleveland ? Chime in with your concerning the city and its sports' landscape .

    tophatal ………………….


  2. If there is likely to be one player under the microscope this season., then it will be the New York Giants’ starting quarterback . Eli Manning . Over past two seasons the player’s stats and performances have been to the detriment of the team and placed Tom Coughlin’s job in jeopardy . If he (Manning) fails this season then the Giants will have to rethink their situation as it regards the two-time winning Superbowl quarterback and his long-term future with the organization .

    A perplexing Eli Manning .

    A playoff berth should be the minimum goal sought by the New York Giants this season , even if they are part of a really mediocre division . All four starting quarterbacks within the NFC East will be under even greater pressure to succeed this season . I guess we will find out if Nick Foles is as good as the claims being made .

    Foles of the Eagles

    Top paid NFL quarterbacks by contracts and by salary .

    tophatal …………..


  3. If Tony Romo believes the fans will get to see the best of him this season then what have the fans been witnessing over the past ten years ?

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Tony Romo: No pain in back : The best is yet to come

    OXNARD, Calif. — Tony Romo turned 34 in April and is coming off his second back surgery in less than a year, but the Dallas Cowboys quarterback sees himself playing the best football of his career in 2014 and beyond.

    “I feel personally like I’ve just started to come into the player that wanted to be six, seven years ago,” Romo said after the Cowboys’ first training camp practice Thursday. “I think — and I’ve said it before — but I think over the course of the next four or five years, you’ll see the best version of me that I’ve had throughout my career. That’s for a lot of different reasons. But I really believe that, and I believe that will show as we go forward. So I’m excited about that. As my body continues to get healthier and healthier, it’s going to be better.”

    Romo, who is entering his eighth full season as the Cowboys’ starter, would not go into those reasons, but he did address the current state of his back. He had a discectomy last December that kept him out of the Cowboys’ Week 17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. He was held out of competitive drills in organized team activities and minicamp to make sure he was 100 percent for training camp.

    Romo said he will spend three to four hours a day doing rehab, maintenance or strengthening exercises for his back. He said there is no pain in it.

    “They’ll definitely get sick and tired of me over here in the training room and just all the areas around the facility here because you’re going to want to get inflammation and all that stuff,” Romo said. “If anyone’s ever had surgery, you have to do all those things. A back, any time you’ve ever had a back, the smart people change the routine going forward. They make sure that they commit to a routine that’s going to give them the best chance to be strong in all the other areas you need to be.

    By Todd Archer , ESPN

    Click on link to read in full.

    ” I know a good play when I see one coach ” ! Romo and head coach Jason Garrett

    Dallas Cowboys’ news

    Dallas Cowboys’ regular season schedule

    Dallas Cowboys’ roster

    Dallas Cowboys’ transactions

    tophatal ………..


  4. The NCCA is big business. It’s all about the money. Nothing ore nothing less. pay the players. Cut the crap. Have a real playoff eight teams. and then have the championship game January 1st. Start the playoff in December. The top two seeded team gets a bye. Juts like the NFL. The NFL. It’s preseason. Let’s see what happens when the season starts. It is time to look at the players. Shit can the bowls. Where does the billions of dollars go? Whose pockets are being lined with the money.


    1. bobby gee

      I like the idea concerning the playoff format for College Football , but neither BCS and the NCAA can agree on that ,much less how the monies can be disbursed, yet you have frigging idiots suggesting an empaneled body can somehow come up with a format agreeable for all of the interested parties . Like I said, the goddamn fans are so frigging clueless .

      The NFL and the game itself has become about money , not the competitiveness of the teams . Now you have the league hierarchy and union(NFLPA) culpable in the ongoing litigation , where veteran and some recently retired players are suing the league . If that is not indicative of an institution devoid of leadership and values , then what is ?

      Roger Goodell remains a damn hypocrite and a lying sack of $hit .


      1. It has been always about the money since the beginning. Without it the game can’t grow. What is now about the love of money. This is different that money. Love it of is a killer.


  5. bobby gee

    We know it to be true but herein lies my issue with both the NCAA , BCS (making up the major college football conferences ) , NFL , NBA , MLB and NHL , have all been living a lie with regard to their altruism . Never mind the idiot fans with their never ending stupidity as to their ideas concerning the economic of sports in general . It has always been the consumer , who ends up suffering from the diatribe and absolute crap of a brand served up by way of the games in college football , the NFL , NBA , NHL: and baseball . Look also at the escalating salaries within football , basketball , hockey and baseball . For that , are the fans to be thankful with their ongoing inanity and then coming up with the statements such as a venue can be built for the Tampa Bay Rays , one of baseball’s worst supported teams . In the city of Tampa, fans of the baseball organization are so fu#king dumb, that is beyond belief .

    Rays’ owner Stuart Sternberg not only lacks ambition , but that a$$hole lacks foresight and the financial acumen to turn around the franchise’s fortunes . Once again seen with the trading away of the team’s best pitcher over the last two seasons in David Price .

    tophatal ………..


  6. Well the NFL kicked off its preseason with several games last night with their being no real surprises as to the results . It gave fans the chance to see primarily some of the teams’ second stringers , rookies and guys seeking to make final team rosters the chance to convince their coaches and the staffs they are ready for the NFL . For many it might well be the only real chance they are likely to have .

    NFL news

    NFL preseason results week one

    tophatal ………..


  7. The Hoyer-Manziel drama is rather interesting, but if it’s really going to be that close, then let’s face the facts… it’s going to be Manziel in Week 1. They have invested a lot in him, and judging by the headlines and the jersey sales, the fans want to see him rather than Hoyer.


    1. KP/

      The fans in Cleveland are simply idiots , without delving into the issues of Jimmy Haslam as the team owner and his off the field issues . Johnny Manziel proved nothing during week one of the preseason game for the Cleveland Browns . If he can prove himself by week three and four of their preseason , when he is likely to be facing the starters of the opposing teams as they ready themselves for the regular season . Then one might attest to the fact he is ready , not before then .

      Brian Hoyer gives the Browns the best chance to win now , even with his limited experience. All of the quelling you hear , it is simply head coach Mike Pettine not wanting to upset the applecart concerning the Browns’ fans with having witnessed two years of sheer ineptitude shown by Brandon Weeden during the course of his career with the franchise .

      If Johnny Manziel were given the starting role in one and two of the regular season and he failed miserably . there would be utter derision among the fans, with many calling for his head , as well as the head of Mike Pettine. Then what ? The Browns don’t have many alternatives beyond Manziel and Hoyer at the quarterback position . Cleveland remains a poor organization as an NFL franchise .

      As to the idiocy of fans vesting millions of dollars in Manziel jerseys , wasn’t the same thing done with another Heisman Trophy winner by the name of Tim Tebow ? We all saw how quickly his NFL career quickly sank without a #ucking trace . Is apathy that welcoming among US sports’ fans or are they all simply willing to be taken in by the latest fad or craze on the scene ?

      tophatal ………………


  8. Week two of the preseason and there are a number of games that look interesting but beyond the events , the real plot-lines will be the decisions made by the coaching staffs as they decide to cut players from their rosters in the coming weeks .

    Among the week two contests will be a possible match-up of two recent Heisman Trophy winners with Johnny Manziel of the Cleveland Browns facing off against the Washington Redskins led by Robert Griffin III .

    One team I believe will be under pressure to prove themselves this season will be the Atlanta Falcons , as I think head coach Mike Smith and his quarterback Matt Ryan have the most to lose in terms of their credibility . Neither has proven to be tough enough from a mental aspect to show their acumen in the postseason in recent years . In the cast of the quarterback , it is especially true in terms of the results and his play.

    “So this is what $100 million buys me , a quarterback who is 1-4 in the postseason ” ? Mike Smith , Arthur Blank (Falcons’ owner) & qb Matt Ryan

    The Falcons need to win big and win regularly over the course of the season within NFC South and the conference in general . Several teams there are on the cusp of having the chance to make the playoffs after their recent moves via the draft and acquisitions through free agency .

    NFL news

    Highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL by contract and base salary .

    Cap hit for quarterbacks

    tophatal ………..


  9. Week two of the NFL preseason and a slew of games will be taking place .

    Cleveland Browns’ head coach Mike Pettine says Brian Hoyer will get the start over Johnny Manziel when the team meets the Washington Redskins at Fedex Field in Landover , Maryland on Monday night . Manziel has to really prove himself if he wants to beat out Hoyer for the starting role as the team’s quarterback this season .

    NFL news

    NFL standings preseason

    NFL week two preseason schedule

    NFL preseason standings (2013)

    NFL preseason results ( 2013)

    NFL preseason teams’ stats

    NFL preseason players’ stats

    tophatal ……..


  10. Although this is just the preseason the Tampa Bay Buccaneers being usurped by the Miami Dolphins shows that Lovie Smith’s players are definitely a work in progress. There were barely any signs of life on defense or offense from the team .

    First came the Buccaneers’ debacle in their 16-10 defeat to the Jacksonville Jaguars and now comes the loss to Miami .

    The Buccaneers are now (0-2) in their preseason schedule with their next game being against the Buffalo Bills .

    NFL news

    NFL week two preseason results

    NFL standings (preseason/division)




  11. College Football officially kicks off this weekend and we have Josh Shaw , a player from USC (Trojans) lying about how he injured himself , leading to his being indefinitely being suspended . Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston still remains a person of interest in the alleged sexual assault of a female student from Florida State . But yet the NCAA and a new committee being empaneled to decide a playoff format for College Football believes that is the most important thing on their agenda as it relates to collegiate athletics .

    The NCAA has never given a flying #$ck about the education of the student athlete or their well-being , as they only concern has been the billions reaped annually from the broadcast outlets .

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Brennan: USC false hero story a fitting start to this college football season

    By Christine Brennan , USA Today .

    It is fitting that a made-up story about a Southern California football team captain jumping from a second-floor balcony to rescue his drowning 7-year-old nephew is kicking off the 2014 college football season.

    I have the feeling it’s going to be that kind of a year.

    Jameis Winston is back. Johnny Manziel is not. Braxton Miller wanted to be but couldn’t. The SEC is reloading after being denied a national title following a run of seven in a row. The Big Ten now stretches from the Atlantic Ocean almost to the foothills of the Rockies. Oh, and there’s going to be an honest-to-goodness college football playoff, which will be cloaked in mystery and might settle almost nothing.

    USC senior cornerback Josh Shaw is no Manti Te’o on the mythology meter, at least not yet, but he and his rescue story have become quite a distraction as the school’s season opener with Fresno State approaches.

    For that, USC in part has itself to blame. A number of athletic department officials expressed skepticism after talking to Shaw about his alleged leap of heroism last Saturday, yet they inexplicably went ahead and issued a news release on Monday trumpeting his tale.

    Click on link to read in full .

    Who are the idiots believing a panel can best solve what the NCAA and BCS have always been afraid to do , simply , because everyone had their hands in the bread basket and the $$cking cookie jar ?

    tophatal ………..


  12. Week one of the College Football season and already there seems to issues within the system , but more so , off the field of play concerning several programs.

    Biggest game on the schedule, has the number one ranked Florida State Seminole taking the field against the Oklahoma State (Cowboys), in a contest to be played at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Oklahoma,.

    Wil Muschampand the Florida Gators will face off against Idaho in the first game of their schedule , looking to build on last season which was somewhat of a major disappointment for the Gators and their fans.

    NCAA Football (FBS)

    tophatal …………….


  13. Steve Sarkisian succeeded Lane Kiffin as the head coach of the USC Trojans and yet the program still remains in turmoil . Players lying about how they sustained injuries , allegations of drug use and now racism within the athletics program and on the football team ? I guess this is what AD Pat Haden was brought in to quell , but somehow things there have gotten worse . Haden now sits on the panel which will be deciding the playoff format for Dl College Football . I believe he now has far more important things to deal with concerning the athletics’ program of the Trojans,. than a system which likely to be proved as being flawed .

    Courtesy of the Washington Times

    USC running back quits team, alleges coach is ‘racist’

    By Gregg Beacham , AP

    LOS ANGELES — Running back Anthony Brown has quit Southern California’s football team, and coach Steve Sarkisian was stunned Thursday by Brown’s apparent accusations of racism against him on social media.

    A photo of the words “Couldn’t play for a racist man!!!!” was posted on what USC said was Brown’s Instagram account. The posting was later deleted.

    “Sark treated me like a slave in his Office,” was posted in the caption to the photo, along with the hashtag “Fighton.”

    Sarkisian was told about the apparent posts from Brown, who is black, shortly after USC finished practice Thursday. The visibly disturbed coach called them “ridiculous,” saying Brown had shown no indication he felt slighted or insulted in their relationship.

    “If you ask anybody in our building, any of our players … that’s about the furthest thing from the truth,” Sarkisian said. “Quite honestly, I’m shocked.”

    Brown’s acrimonious departure is another blow to a program already reeling from the bizarre saga of cornerback Josh Shaw, who was caught in a lie about the circumstances in which he sprained both of his ankles last weekend. Shaw has been suspended indefinitely.

    Brown is a senior who played cornerback for the Trojans until this year, starting two games in each of his first three seasons. He played in only two games last year due to ankle injuries, racking up nine tackles at Notre Dame before missing the final eight games.

    He switched positions to running back for his senior year, but Brown missed most of training camp with a hyperextended elbow.

    “I had encouraged him to play,” Sarkisian said. “I wanted him to play. I didn’t want him to quit, and I thought he could get healthy.”

    Click on link to read in full.

    There may well be more to this story but the program still has to live down the infamy under Pete Carroll , much less the ineptitude shown by Lane Kiffin . Now this ?

    Hopefully, Sarkisian will have his team ready when they face Fresno State at the LA Coliseum in their first game of the season .

    USC (Trojan)

    USC (Trojans) football news

    USC (Trojans) football schedule

    Pac-12 football schedule

    tophatal …………..


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