The fault lies in their play, but you could also say the stars …….

The fault lies in their play, but you could also say the stars …….

Inasmuch as I love the game of baseball , I have to admit this might be one of the worst seasons on record in recent history. The AL East is barely recognizable and the level of play in what is said to be the best division in baseball has been truly dire. Defending World Series’ champions, the Boston Red Sox have now become an afterthought as the season has progressed. Say nothing of which, a great deal is being made out of a rivalry between the Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays , which resonates about as much as a rancid piece of cheese that has been left out for days on end, merely sticking up the joint. Buck Showalter and the Baltimore Orioles merely have to play .550 baseball or better to have the division sewn up for themselves and thereby win their first AL East crown in over a decade.


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If the Baltimore Orioles were to falter, then the likely recipients of their fall, would likely be the Toronto Blue Jays , whose play this season has been moderate though not overly inspiring. John Gibbons and his managerial staff , have a team that appears to be on the cusp of achieving something special this season, but a great deal of the success they are seeking will be dependent on the play of many of their seasoned veterans on the team’s roster, as well as the coaching acumen shown by Gibbons and his staff. The Blue Jays will be the guests of the Seattle Mariners when the two teams meet on Monday afternoon, with Drew Hutchinson taking the mound for the visiting team against Felix Hernandez of the Mariners. The game itself could provide us with something of a precursor as to the ambitions of two teams wishing to remain in the midst of the wildcard hunt if not their respective divisional races .

Buck Showalter and his team , will play host to the New York Yankees at Camden Yards , in Baltimore , Maryland on Monday afternoon. For the Yankees, their season now seems to be fading fast , as too are the hopes of team captain Derek Jeter and the team making the MLB postseason. For Joe Girardi , this might well have been a season where injuries may well have played a part in his team’s faltering , but in large part it has come down to the lack of productivity from his pitching staff and the inconsistency of the offense of the players. Jeter in his twentieth and final season with the franchise , may well go down as of the Yankees’ greatest players and given the ball-club’s achievements and their captain’s own astonishing career , it must be said, his departure from the game of baseball will be seen as the end of an era.

Hope springs eternal, but year in and year out the Tampa Bay Rays have simply promised more than they can deliver for their forlorn fans. In spite of the idiocy of some among the Rays’ fan-base, who will continue to make excuses for a front office which now seems devoid of real creativity. The recent trade of All Star pitcher David Price put an end to any chance the Rays might have had for the postseason. Price, being traded to the Detroit Tigers gives the AL Central based team a leg up on their divisional rivals in their chase for the division, while the Rays themselves continue to languish at the mid to lower end of the wildcard contestants .

Six and a half games out of the wildcard placing and the Tampa Bay Rays remain a long shot for one of the two AL berths. Consistency remains the key , but this team has not remained consistent in terms of winning series much less winning games over the course of the season, when needed . All of the enduring optimism from Joe Maddon cannot make up for the fact this remains a very average team in spite of claims at to the depth of their pitching. As good as the rotation may well seem to be, you simply cannot discount how woefully inconsistent their offense tends to be. Whatever leadership is said to be on the team , no one can seem to point to a vocal leader, certainly not Joe Maddon with his ongoing whimsical anecdotes and the same can be said of their all too less than knowledgeable fans. Excuses are now the norm from almost every quarter when it comes to the organization, be it from the local media, the fans or from members of front office and their ongoing cries of either disillusionment, or the simple fact they have become defeatist. Whining from the likes of players such as Chris Archer simply amplifies one of the ongoing issues within the organization and the lack of a competitive spirit.

If there is one manager within baseball who is expected to succeed this season , then it would have to be Mike Scioscia of the Los Angeles Angels . With a team that is said to possess one of the strongest lineups in the AL from a batting standpoint, there should be no reason for the Angels to falter this season. Everything Scioscia and his staff have asked for, has been granted by team owner Arte Moreno and GM Jerry Dipoto , along with a six-figure payroll for a team which now has the best player in the game among its lineup. If there are doubters as to the talents of Mike Trout , then I would gladly like to hear the arguments from those who think to the contrary ! ! Albert Pujols may well command the respect of his peers within the game, but the Angels are now Trout’s team for him to lead and his teammates willingly follow his lead.

If the Los Angeles Angels are to have things their own way, then they will have to overcome what is proving to be a very competitive and resilient Oakland Athletics’ team , who are not yet ready to relinquish their dominance of the AL West , much less the defense of their divisional crown. The two teams this season have proven to be highly combative in their seasonal meetings with the A’s currently holding a lead in those contests (6-3) in 2014. The most recent contest between the two divisional rivals, ended with an emphatic 7-1 mauling of the Angels by the A’s at Anaheim Stadium , in Anaheim, California on the 11th June.

Three-and-a half games separate the Oakland A’s and Los Angeles Angels within the AL West , but Mike Scioscia’s players seem to be in the driver’s seat in terms of the wildcard berth at present by virtue of a better record than their two closest rivals the Detroit Tigers and Seattle Mariners . Tuesday pits the Angels against the disappointing Philadelphia Phillies , with CJ Wilson on the mound taking on Jerome Williams , when these two teams meet at Anaheim Stadium. The Tigers will face off against the Pittsburgh Pirates with the opposing pitchers being Robbie Ray against Edinson Volquez of the Pirates , in a game being played at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ,. Seattle will square off against the Toronto Blue Jays , with J A Happ looking to improve on his 8-6 record for the season , when he opposes Chris Young at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington. All three contests should prove to be interesting and highly competitive given what is likely to be at stake , at this point of the season.

It doesn’t seem so long ago, where fans thought of the Texas Rangers as an organization likely to succeed at the highest levels of the game. Hall of Famer and Rangers’ great Nolan Ryan held sway as a senior executive within the organization , but then wheels on the Texas juggernaut became deflated and then suffered a large puncture. Ryan was made the scapegoat for the ball-club’s ills , but in many respects it was simply the arrogance of the franchise , starting with the front office , down through the managerial staff and several of the players , some of whom are no longer with the organization. GM Jon Daniels and manager Ron Washington are now left holding the bag , as the team now wades through a season of sheer mediocrity. The Texas Rangers and Colorado Rockies now share the worst records in the entire Major Leagues, a sad indictment of two teams showing little ambition this season.

In all likelihood, this will prove to be Ron Washington’s last season with the Texas Rangers , because it seems highly unlikely he will be asked to return for next season. The team has become listless , uncompetitive , totally lacking in leadership both and off the field of play. Having assumed the contract of Prince Fielder in a trade that simply made no sense whatsoever , the Rangers have now burdened themselves with an unproductive slugger whose prime came and went at least three or four years ago . As to what this indicates about the mindset of Jon Daniels and the ownership group of the Rangers is anyone’s guess , but clearly, this was a catastrophic blunder on the part of the organization in acquiring the player from the Detroit Tigers.

Fielder has been limited to forty-two games this season, having been placed on the sixty-day disabled list(DL) , likely to miss the rest of the season and undergoing neck surgery. Injuries asides, which has plagued the Rangers for much of the year, it has been a lack of leadership all-round which has played its part in the team’s lousy play and record (46-71). If Texas are to now any real signs of life, then their current series against the Tampa Bay Rays which resumes today when the two teams meet at the newly renamed Global Life Park in Arlington , Texas. Jeremy Hellickson of the Rays will face opposing pitcher Nick Tepesch of the Rangers in what should prove to be a riveting pitchers’ duel.

If the Texas Rangers are to avert a disastrous season then series such as the one being played against the Tampa Bay Rays will have to be won decisively and the consistency has to be maintained over the remainder of their schedule. Ron Washington’s long-term future is now intertwined with his team’s play, and if failure is to play a part in the ongoing drama now unfolding, the manager is likely to become a managerial casualty during the off-season along with several other possible candidates around the game of baseball.

Call me naïve, but I believe the NL Manager of The Year is likely to be Matt Williams of the Washington Nationals . Williams seems to have managed to achieve the impossible, having his team play with a great deal of consistency while keeping at bay the Atlanta Braves , Miami Marlins and New York Mets out of contention for the divisional crown in the NL East. In his first season as the manager of the Nationals, it now looks as if the incumbent manager has been able to do what his predecessor Davey Johnson failed in doing and that is getting a team mixed veterans and youth to believe in themselves. A great of the credit has to go to Matt Williams and his managerial staff , the faith shown in the staff by the ownership group and GM Mike Rizzo . The Nationals’ billionaire owner Ted Lerner and his partners are certainly intent on bringing a World Series’ title to the ball-club and are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve the goal.

Matt Williams and the Nationals will be seeking to make their first postseason appearance since the 1981 MLB postseason and the team reaching the NLCS and their 3-2 series’ loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers. With a four-game lead over the Atlanta Braves within the NL East and Fredi Gonzalez’ Braves looking nothing like reigning divisional champions, it has to be said Washington now has the division practically sewn up. The high-flying Nationals will take their show on the road, when they meet the New York Mets at Citi-Field in Flushing , New York, in the first game of their three-game series against their divisional rivals. Doug Fister of the Nationals takes the mound for the visitors against Rafael Montero in a pitching contest between two of the NL’s best young pitchers. It will be interesting to see how the season now pans out for the Washington Nationals where star players Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg will be seeking to make their mark over the remainder of the season for the team.

Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper were first round draft picks by the Washington Nationals in 2009 and 2010 respectively, with both players now seen as major reasons why the team is now having some semblance of real success. Yet, until the ball-club itself has made a deep run in the postseason with the pair in question contributing to the success , what we have witnessed so far, are the players living up to the expectations first seen as collegiate players and then within the Nationals’ farm system before their debuts in the Big Leagues. MLB agent Scott Boras will no doubt be making sure both of his clients are likely to be handsomely rewarded when their existing contracts are due to expire. Boras has certainly made his presence known among the general managers around baseball , where he has proven to be a thorn in the side of these front office executives. His zealous representation of some of baseball’s most high profiled and highest paid players by way of their contracts and salaries , has been a major reason why their remains a financial imbalance among the haves and have-nots within baseball .

Some of the individual regular season awards will be hard to decide but I believe we could well see repeat winners for a number of the top prizes. Clayton Kershaw seems to be an odds on favorite to repeat as the NL Cy Young Award winner, and in the AL, the award is being fiercely contested by Chris Sale , Felix Hernandez , Rick Porcello and Jon Lester . League MVP in the AL is Mike Trout’s to lose, albeit, many believed he would have been a worthy winner of the award in 2013, only for the voters to go with Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers. Though this season both Jose Altuve and Robinson Cano are staking valid claims as worthy candidates, but Trout’s all-round presence and contributions have greater weight than either of his competitors for the award.

NL honors for League MVP is not a foregone conclusion, but Troy Tulowitzki, Justin Morneau , Yasiel Puig , Andrew McCutchen and Giancarlo Stanton are making solid claims why they should be atop of everyone’s list for the award. The rookies and their debuts within the AL and NL will simply be about the impressions made and how dynamic they happen to be. Hard to believe however, Derek Jeter during his playing career, having won the AL Rookie of the Year Award , was never afforded the prestige of winning the AL MVP. The AL Manager of The Year Award , I believe will come down to Buck Showalter of the Orioles, Bob Melvin , Ned Yost and John Gibbons, should he be able to pull off of the improbable and lead the Blue Jays to a divisional win in the AL East.



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As baseball enters the final third of its season what has impressed you the most in terms of the teams’ play or that of a player’s? Chime in with your thoughts as you see fit, on this and anything else you believe to be of importance.


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(1) Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell , left, is seen here with David Ortiz. This season the Red Sox have been abysmal , showing little competitive spirit within their division ,lying in fifth and last place within the AL East , often described as the toughest division in all of baseball . AP Photo/ Dave Walsh …

(2) A pensive Buck Showalter looks on from the dugout during a regular season game being played by the Baltimore Orioles . Getty Images North America / Steve Jones …

(3) Jays slugger Jose Bautista , right, is congratulated by manager John Gibbons after hitting a walk-off single in the 10th inning to beat the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 . After a slow start, Bautista is posting better numbers, but the Jays need him to start producing the way he has in the past . This year the Toronto Blue Jays are definitely looking like divisional contenders . within the AL East while seeking to make inroads on the Orioles’ lead within the division . REUTERS/ Mark Blinch ….

(4) Los Angeles Angles’ GM Jerry Dipoto ,left , is seen here with Mike Trout center and team manager Mike Sciocsia . Trout was the recipient of the Jackie Robinson Award as AL Rookie of The Year. Trout has been spectacular for the Angels over the past three seasons leading the team in a number offensive categories. AP Photo / Mark Daniels …

(5) Texas Rangers’ manager Ron Washington left is seen here with GM Jon Daniels . The team has failed miserably this season and with Prince Fielder limited to forty-two games , now on the sixty-day disabled list . The Rangers are mow mired in mediocrity , while having one of the worst records in all of baseball. A great deal of the failure has been attributed to Daniels’ capricious off-season moves via the free agency market and several other far-reaching trades, saddling the team with Fielder’s exorbitant contract . AP Photo/ Jack Marshall …

(6) Washington Nationals’ manager Matt Williams greet Bryce Harper at the end of the game , where the Nationals were victorious in a home contest played at Nationals’ Ballpark in Washington , DC . AP Photo/ Garry Mason …


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20 thoughts on “The fault lies in their play, but you could also say the stars …….”

  1. How time flies and even the league hierarchy still brashly casts aside the fact they stalled the 1994 MLB season by calling a strike and shutting down the game for the season , a shortened season of only one-hundred and fourteen games for some teams . .

    The idiocy led to a number of far-reaching ramifications not just within baseball, but for the other three major team professional sports, each having their own labor stoppages , including two , by the imbeciles who lead the NHL (hockey) .

    ” Selig ruined my career ” . Matt Williams current manager of the Washington Nationals .

    In 1994 Matt Williams was in with a genuine chance of breaking the then single season home run record of Roger Maris . Only for Bud Selig to bring the curtain down on the season and therein changing the way fans would now view the game.

    Bud Selig’s stupidity put a halt on a genuine chance for Matt Williams to break Roger Maris’ single season home run mark of sixty one home runs . A record since stained by Barry Bonds .

    This day in MLB history .

    tophatal ……………..


  2. As a die-hard O’s fan since birth, it is rather exciting to see the team in good position to take the division. The Machado injury is concerning, considering he’s a major key to the team’s success. Wieters was too, and the Joseph-Hundley combo have filled in nicely. I still don’t think Toronto has the pitching… have to rely on an inconsistent Dickey, and a young Stroman in the rotation.


  3. KP /

    For me when I look at the Baltimore Orioles , I see a team which over the past four seasons was either too reliant on their pitching one season or it had to be their offense . There seemed to be no real balance in terms of the makeup of the team.

    Now this season, everything seems to have fallen into place until these recent spate of injuries affecting the overall lineup in terms of the pitching and offense. Yet , given how good Buck Showalter happens to be as a manager , I believe they will actually prevail within the AL East this season .

    I am not yet a firm believer in the Toronto Blue Jays because of the lack of experience among the coaching staff and beyond the play of Dickey , Jose Bautista and Jose Reyes , there isn’t really much to the depth of the team overall . Your thoughts on my analysis ?

    tophatal ………………


  4. As we’ve discussed, Al, this is a pretty poor year for the AL East.

    Although thanks to the overall suckiness of the division, Rays fans are led to believe their team still has a chance.

    Wishful thinking on their parts.


  5. Chris Humpherys (SportsChump)

    At the start of this season on paper this Rays’ team was lauded as being so good and having the best pitching rotation in the AL as well as MLB altogether . On paper means not a goddamn thing , as well as the excuses being made by fans including yourself concerning injuries . The Atlanta Braves suffered the very same issues with their rotation , but yet they are still able to contend within the NL East . So explain to me what the real issue just happens to be other than the fact this Tampa Bay Rays’ organization expects more with so little .

    I look at the A’s and see what they are and have been able to achieve with Billy Beane , who might just be the best general manager in all of baseball . Imagine what Bean would be able to do with the Oakland A’s , were he afforded the resources of teams such as the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox .

    Off the beaten path , but how much of an idiot is one of your so-called esteemed patrons ? He remains a moron of the highest order . Claims he understands something about the game of golf, but in reality he is a complete fool . Tiger Woods remains a draw for the game, but he is no longer the best player on the PGA Tour and has not been in over four years . If he cannot see that , then he needs to sit down and take a look at the game of golf in depth once and for all and who created the legacy (Lee Elder and Calvin Peete) for Woods in the first place .

    tophatal ………….


  6. Rob Manfred will succeed Bud Selig as the next baseball commissioner , further emphasizing why the league lacks credibility , Manfred has been at Selig’s side for almost two decades and has provided him without as much sound advice as Barack Obama has received from his Cabinet and members of the Democratic Party .. Which amounts to fu#k all , at the end of the day , considering how inept a President he has become during a lame duck second term .


    “Rob listen to me , I say you force another labor stoppage in 2015 because it is what the game needs to keep the fans in check ” . Bud Selig and Rob Manfred .


    ” Rob Manfred has become the new MLB Commissioner and there goes Condoleezza Rice’s shot at further fame, but she does get to sit on the panel that will decide new playoff format for College Football . Didn’t she also say she was interested in becoming the next NFL Commissioner ? ”

    Joe Biden and Barack Obama .

    tophatal …………….


  7. MLB news

    MLB results 14th August

    MLB schedule ( 3 days at a glance) and probable pitchers 15th August .

    MLB standings (divisional) and wildcard standings

    The Tampa Bay Rays beat up on the Texas Rangers with such ease it was an embarrassment . How bad are the Rangers and will Ron Washington be around to manage the team next season ?


    “We win as a team but when we lose , you can put the blame on me ” ! Ron Washington , manager of the Texas Rangers .


    Akon …. Sorry, Blame it on me ”

    tophatal ……….


  8. The Atlanta Braves are proving to be a real disappointment this season , giving up leads , runs , losing games and series with alarming regularity . GM Frank Wren at the end of the season may well have to look at the managerial staff and in particular the average job done by Fredi Gonzalez .

    The Braves’ manager remains ” far too soft “ with the team and has not held them accountable at all for their mistakes or lack of passion for the game.


    GM Frank Wren and Braves’ manager Fredi Gonzales (right)

    NL East standings and a more comprehensive look at the division .

    tophatal …………..


  9. A unanimous vote by team owners as Rob Manfred becomes the tenth MLB Commissioner of baseball . Once again the game remains clueless and espoused by this vote.

    Manfred may well be seen as great litigator and someone who has brought about what is said to be meaningful dialogue between MLB and the union (MLBPA) , but in all honesty the peace in question remains tenuous at best , with their still being a great deal of distrust between the two parties . Baseball’s hierarchy and the union have failed the fans miserably in terms of how they have dealt with the “steroid issue ” .

    tophatal …………..


  10. MLB news

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    MLB results 15th August

    Great win for the Tampa Bay Rays in their 5-0 drubbing of the New York Yankees . A solid all-round effort from the team in their home game at Tropicana Field , in St Petersburg , Florida . The series will resume today with Shane Greene of the Yankees on the mound facing off against Drew Smyly of the Rays. Sunday’s game features Hiroki Kuroda against Jeremy Hellickson .

    tophatal ………


  11. The Tampa Bay Rays drop another clunker and have essentially placed themselves out of the wildcard hunt with their continued inconsistency and ineptitude . Fans of this franchise remain clueless , ignorant and apathetic . They are nowhere near as bright as some claim them to be . because in reality , they along with the front office of the organization are without a clue .

    MLB news

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    MLB schedule three days at a glance

    MLB probable pitchers

    MLB standings (division) and wildcard standings

    This week in MLB history . On this day in MLB history .


  12. Brad Ausmus and the Detroit Tigers have frittered away their chance of winning the AL Central , unless the Kansas City Royals implode over the remainder of their schedule which appears to be unlikely given the consistency currently being shown by the team .

    New York Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi is clearly delusional if he believes his team can still gain a wildcard berth and make the playoffs . The play of the Yankees has become far too inconsistent beyond the injuries faced by the lineup over the course of the season. New York are 3-7 in their last ten games and that is hardly the sign of a competitive baseball club.

    MLB news

    MLB standings (divisional)

    MLB standings (wildcard)

    MLB schedule (three days at a glance)

    MLB results 20th August

    tophatal ………..


  13. The pitching duel yesterday between Alex Cobb of the Tampa Bay Rays and David Price of the Detroit Tigers might well have been the best in the games played on Thursday afternoon.

    Both players excelled in an atmosphere filled with vibrancy as Price pitched against his former team .

    A 1-0 loss by the Tigers places the AL Central based team further behind their divisional rivals the Kansas City Royals, who lead the division while seeking to make the postseason for the first time in almost two decades after their World Series’ victory in 1985 .

    tophatal ………


  14. Over the last twenty or thirty games there has not been better team in all of baseball than the Kansas City Royals who are now running away with the AL Central division where they are likely to succeed the Detroit Tigers as that division’s champion for this season .

    The Royals with their menial ($90.4 million) payroll against that of their more resourceful adversaries this season have been able to compete with a great deal of surprising success.

    tophatal ……….


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