Born to be bland or simply being bland ? ………

Born to be bland or simply being bland?

If there has been one thing I have learned in the past few weeks, it has been the sheer apathy, stupidity, gullibility and complete lack of understanding of the American public and sports’ fan in general. Case in point, remains the real outrage in the death of Missourian teenager Michael Brown . While the teen’s death was tragic and the outrage by residents valid, their behavior was less than beneficial for their community at large. In the case of the Ferguson Police Department and their lack of professionalism, could be seen in the fact, the changing stories concerning the suspect’s death as it emanated from the agency after Brown’s at the hands of a six—year veteran of the force.


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Now with the federal government interjecting themselves in the midst of this tragedy , it begs the question, if they and others are so angered by this, then why no outrage in the other two hundred and fifty-four deaths to have taken place over the past eighteen months nationwide at the hands of a member of law enforcement ? In many of these cases , the alleged suspects were unarmed , but somehow this is all overlooked by those seeking to point out law enforcement is often being placed in an impossible situation.

From my own perspective this also comes down to the experience of the police officer and his training . Placing these officers in a training incident is completely different from what actually takes place in life. Speaking as a ten-year veteran of the British Royal Marines, where I faced armed and unarmed suspects while on active duty, it all came down to specific training and the having the help of my fellow comrades around me at the time. While I valued them being at my side, I have no doubt Officer Darren Wilson regrets the death of Michael Brown but what may well now begin to incense those within the city of Ferguson is the $250,000 raised in support of the officer . One has to wonder, where and what will be the intent in the use of these funds? ? While this whole debacle plays out, consider , in the city of Ferguson where its demographic makeup of fifty-six percent African-American , the number of officers on the city’s Police Force with a minority background is less than two percent . of its real makeup. Race has played a part in this whole melee and those who view to the contrary are clearly without a clue . Incidents such as this are on in the increase not on the decline , if only one would care to see these incidents as and when they arise.

As baseball is on the cusp of entering the final two months of its regular season schedule , a number of teams are seeking to enter the divisional and wildcard races wanting to gain a berth in the postseason. In 2013 , we saw from the play of the Boston Red Sox and what a team is capable of doing when actually playing as a team. John Farrell, the Red Sox’s manager was able to catch their opponents off-guard as the postseason got underway in 2013, with the team then going on to win their third World Series title in the past eight years .

It has surprised me to see how far the fall from grace within the AL East the reigning World Series’ champion and their season has spiraled completely out of control. GM Ben Cherington now seeking to gut the team’s roster with the departure of several mainstays from last season’s championship winning team. You simply have to ask, how could things have gotten this dire without their being any sense such a dilemma could have been placed within our midst. Of the departing players, perhaps the biggest surprise was the decision to send Jon Lester to the Oakland Athletics , whose ambitions will have been strengthened with the addition of the pitcher.

Boston’s woes have been twofold this season but in reality , what has plagued the team has been the lack of leadership from anyone on the roster this season. Even a seasoned veteran such as David Ortiz has been rarely noticeable , with Ortiz having something of mundane season in comparison to his exploits in 2013 and during the postseason, where he would end up being the World Series’ MVP after his offensive onslaught against the St Louis Cardinals during the series. , At 56-74 , firmly rooted at the bottom of the AL East the Boston Red Sox are losers of nine of their last ten games, stemming back to their last victory over the Houston Astros, their equally inept AL counterpart , whose own season, is one mired in mediocrity .

The Boston Red Sox’s loss to the Seattle Mariners at Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts , on Sunday afternoon was simply one more indicator of what has been wrong with the team all season long. I fear they will get no respite when they take on the Toronto Blue Jays on Monday , when the two teams meet at the Rogers Center , Toronto , Ontario. On the mound for Boston will be Clay Buchholz when he faces off against J A Happ of the Blue Jays. In all likelihood , John Farrell and the coaching staff will use the remainder of the season to assess the team and their younger players hoping to make an ongoing contribution to the organization with a view of being given a full-time position on the starting roster in 2015.

Baseball has always been proud to boast its history and the very fact it was the very first professional team sport in North America to be integrated. The historic day on which Jackie Robinson took to the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers may well have changed history , in the aftermath of Branch Rickey’s social experiment . Yet here lies the hypocrisy and even less significance of the event , the game and its owners at the time, . still had no wish to have an African-American umpire officiate a Major League Baseball game . Acceptance of Robinson or not , baseball still remained in the dark ages even with Robinson’s feats during his rookie season with the Dodgers.

It would be an almost two decade long wait , before fans would actually witness an African-American official umpire officiate a Major League Baseball game , when Emmett Ashford would be afforded the honor and privilege of the historic milestone. On the 9th April 1966 Emmett Ashford made his official debut as an MLB umpire where he would remain an active official for five years before being asked by then Commissioner Bowie Kuhn to take an advisory role and take to official speaking engagements as a way of luring more African-American officials to the game. In the decades leading up to Ashford’s being made an umpire , the thought process was that Ashford and many of his peers were simply not equipped to officiate a baseball game. Common place thinking within the league hierarchy and with many of Kuhn’s predecessors and the Caucasian players at the time, felt African-American umpires lacked the intellect to officiate a game much less go through and meeting the qualifications needed. . Speaks volumes as to the ongoing hypocrisy within baseball and how historians have chosen to simply record the game’s history , simply leaving out the more distasteful events within baseball’s history at the time .

The NBA at this moment in time might have two of the biggest prima donna athletes within its realms, with Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers . Both players are coming off disappointing seasons , with Bryant being of little help to the Lakers and their season , which floundered and was submerged in the depths of mediocrity . For James his departure from the Miami Heat could not have been quick enough , after his and the team’s disappointment of being totally embarrassed by the San Antonio Spurs in a rather lopsided NBA Finals . The fact of the matter remains , the Miami Heat of this past season was simply a pale shadow of the team which successfully defended its 2013 NBA title . Exposed like the Emperor without new clothes , some of the more asinine prognosis from fans alike , were as if, those offering up their summations simply had their lips firmly pressed against the ass of LeBron James, without looking at the players he was surrounded by this past season and their lack of real productivity during the regular and postseason .

LeBron James having returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers will have a new supporting cast and coaching staff at his disposal. Make no bones about it , David Blatt may well be the rookie head coach , but in reality , he will merely be a conduit for James’ ongoing ambitions and little else beyond that. This is a major gamble on the part of the team owner Dan Gilbert and the Cavaliers’ organization , as anything less than a playoff berth with the NBA title thrown in for good measure will be seen as a failure by analysts and fans alike. Having been made the prohibitive favorites by the odds-makers in Las Vegas as well as by the NBA pundits , there will be even more pressure being placed upon the shoulders of LeBron James this season than ever before. No doubt there will be some Miami Heat fans who would like to see him fail this season , whereas, others will be thankful for the success he brought to the franchise during his four-year stay . Yet, for all the success and publicity which came with James’ tenure, it now places the Miami based franchise right back at square one, with a team that is likely to be on the decline. Dwyane Wade is no longer able to play at a very high level , given his age and declining skill-set, but somehow he will be asked to lead what in essence will be a very average roster in spite of the coaching acumen of Erik Spoelstra .

Kobe Bryant is now in the waning years of what has been a magnificent Lakers’ career, albeit that he may well never be thought of as the greatest player in the franchise’s greatest players . He certainly has to be viewed as being among the top-ten players in Lakers’ history but where he might belong on that particular ladder will be a matter of debate for years to come. . Now while I believe an athlete should be paid what he or she believes they are worth, there comes a time where common sense has to prevail when it comes team payrolls and the outlandish salaries one now tends to find within the NBA and baseball in particular. Nowhere else can find athletes on this scale being rewarded for doing so little. Doubt my word, then simply look at the make-up of the payroll scales within baseball (MLB) and basketball at present. Bryant in a recent interview , stated he believed many of the marquee players within the NBA are undervalued in terms of their salaries. Last I looked, neither Joe Johnson or Amare’ Stoudemire could be considered elite players within the NBA , but the two remain among the highest paid players in the league and on the rosters of their respective teams, the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks .

Bryant in a recent interview granted with members of the press, in a statement at the time which was overlooked remains under the impression players are greatly undervalued by the NBA and specifically their organizations . Forgive me for saying this but Bryant’s two-year $48.5 million deal signed with the Los Angeles Lakers might well feel a pittance to the player, but what he has failed to notice in a time of economic blight the majority of NBA fans would find his whining an absolute insult and very narcissistic. His annual salary currently tops all NBA players in the league and is five hundred times the median income of an employee in the US workforce. Take into account Bryant earns considerably more from his off the field activities by way of commercial endorsements and his annual income tops $45 million a year . Somehow, I hardly feel that members of the Bryant household are starving , without actually acknowledging the player’s estimated $250 million fortune . It is at times like this , one has to wonder if Bryant actually shows any common sense when making such a statement , without the reporter granting the interview coming up with the claim Kobe Bryant’s statement is representative of many of his peers .

Bryant is no longer the best player in the NBA , nor does he actually hold a great deal of sway among his peers . Granted , he has now become one of the league’s elder statesmen , but do you believe Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs would have the temerity to have made such a statement to a member of the convened press? I think not ! This is all about Kobe Bryant wanting to heard , because over the past season he was rarely seen on-court due to his injury laden season and even if he were on the court , I seriously doubt his presence would have improved the outcome of the Lakers’ season given the team’s poor play all-round over the course of their schedule.

Byron Scott succeeds Mike D’Antoni as the Los Angeles Lakers’ head coach and while Scott has the blessing of former players Magic Johnson , James Worthy and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar , their sentiments will mean very little as the Lakers embark upon this season . A revamped roster , totally different from last season’s lineup will be what Scott and his coaching staff will have to work with . A divisional title is definitely out of the question this season, given the strength and depth of talent on the Los Angeles Clippers , but there might well be a remote possibility of the Lakers contending for a playoff berth in the Western Conference if they can play with a great deal of consistency over the course of this upcoming season.

Twenty-four seven remains the NFL news’ cycle and the primary reason it has surpassed MLB, NBA and NHL as the most popular professional team sport in the country. The league feeds its fans even with the remotest of tidbits, merely to keep them insatiable and interested in the game even when things are at their most dire in the NFL. Granted , a number of the league’s ills have more to do with the incompetency of the hierarchy under Roger Goodell’s uninspired leadership . The boorish behavior of the players both on and off off the field of play without delving into the criminal antics of a number of the franchise owners around the NFL. I will continue to question the play within the NFL and their reasoning behind a preseason which means absolutely nothing and where the league feels it necessary to still charge full price for an exhibition season , where very little matters in the order of things. Hyperbole surrounds several of the rookies drafted this off-season and in particular the Cleveland Browns’ rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel is still proving he has yet to mature as an individual , while his play on the field has been far from scintillating. Nevertheless , the idiotic calls are already upon us for Manziel to be the team’s opening day quarterback in week one of the regular season .

Cleveland will have one of the easiest schedules in the entire NFL this season with their only having to face two playoff teams from last season , in the Cincinnati Bengals and New Orleans Saints . As to those who believe Johnny Manziel is now ready for his professional debut and curtain call in a regularly scheduled NFL game. I would hasten to add, given the woes of the Browns in 2012 and 2013 with Brandon Weeden at the helm as the Browns’ quarterback , it would be in the fans’ best interest to have the rookie sit on the bench for the moment. Those within the media still yearning to see Manziel center-stage will be the first to rip him apart should he prove to be a monumental bust.. Very little has been made about the player’s lack of maturity and leadership skills since his entry into the NFL, but here we are , and boneheaded assholes are now calling for Johnny Manziel to be made a starting quarterback in the NFL .

Manziel will likely get his chance at some point during the season but it will be ultimately be predicated upon the play of Brian Hoyer and the thought process of Mike Pettine and the Browns’ coaching staff .

As if their drafting of Michael Sam was not about to bring a great deal of attention to the St Louis Rams , the knowledge their starting quarterback Sam Bradford will be lost to the team for the regular season, having torn his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) will be a big blow to the ambitions of Jeff Fisher and the organization. Bradford’s career in the NFL has seen its fair share of ups downs . More downs than ups and the likelihood of his NFL career now abruptly coming to an end without his achieving a great deal during his tenure.

With teams now having to make roster cuts bringing their rosters down to seventy-five players, before final cuts at the culmination of the preseason , where the final fifty-three man rosters will be set . It seems imperative Jeff Fisher will be looking to obtain a seasoned veteran quarterback or perhaps make a trade for a backup player at the position . The alternatives for Fisher in terms of the Rams’ current depth chart , provides very slim pickings , if it is your wish to have your choices being made from the following list of candidates , Shaun Hill , Garrett Gilbert and Austin Davis . Somehow , I do not believe they are likely to make an opposing defense quiver in fear as to explosiveness of the Rams’ offense be it on the ground or through the air . Fisher believes Shaun Hill has the experience to lead the team throughout the season , but I believe the player’s lack of in-depth experience and play in general makes it all but a certainty, the Rams will seek a trade for a quarterback with proven ability .

With rumors now percolating Jeff Fisher may well approach the Philadelphia Eagles as to the availability of Mark Sanchez , there seems to be no rival of questions and assumptions that can be made concerning the Rams’ present situation . It would be unlikely Chip Kelly or anyone from within the front office of the Eagles would seek to trade Sanchez , with his being the only experienced backup on the team’s roster to replace Nick Foles should the incumbent starting quarterback go down to a prolonged injury. St Louis will open its regular season schedule against the Minnesota Vikings at the Edward Jones Dome Stadium in St Louis , Missouri on the 7th September , 2014. This should prove to be an interesting contest between two teams seeking reset their goals in 2014.



What thoughts if any do you have concerning the points raised within this article and do you believe baseball , basketball and the NFL are in the places they need to be , in light of the ongoing issues nationwide ?



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(1) Michael Brown Sr and Leslie McSpadden listen to a speech as they await the funeral of their slain son , Michael Brown , shot by a Ferguson City Police officer . Brown and McSpadden have asked that the protests be kept at a minimum also asking for quell to the violence that has taken place in the small suburb. AP Photo /Charlie Riedel …

(2) Officer Michael Brown of the Ferguson City Police Force , a six-year veteran , took the life of teenager Michael Brown, an alleged suspect in a theft from a convenience store in the city of Ferguson. Missouri . Brown’s death and the anguish caused has led to rioting and violence with the state governor , Jay Nixon and local civic leaders calling for peaceful demonstrations , rather than the lootiy=2014> d acts of theft being witnessed in the aftermath. AP Photo/ Michal Bennett …

(3) Michael Brown , was college bound, but somehow his death, has led to the nation once again being embroiled in the issue of race relations , crime and the lack of training among many of the nation’s police agencies . AP/REUTERS/ Thomas Charles ….

(4) Brock Holt tags out Seattle Mariners’ Kendrys Morales, left, at third base after Kyle Seager reached on an infield single in the first inning of a baseball game in Boston, Sunday, Aug. 24, 2014. Boston Red Sox’s 8-6 loss led to the Mariners sweeping the series 3-0 , further adding to Boston’s embarrassingly inept season . AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

(5) David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox has been unable to lead the team with the same amount of dexterity shown in 2013 , leading many to believe if the player is still capable playing at a truly competitive level when facing real adversity on a team which is said to be floundering. AP Photo/ Paul Matthews …

(6) Emmett Ashford , first African-American umpire signed by the major leagues, confers with California Angels’ Manager Bill Rigney at Palm Springs, Calif., on March 13, 1966 as the Angels played the Chicago Cubs. Ashford was making his first appearance as a plate umpire between major league teams. He was signed from the Pacific Coast League at the close of last season. AP Photo/George Brich …..

(7) Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers in what is likely to be his last professional season in the NBA continues to make waves . Unfortunately, as one of the league’s elder statesmen , the player believes he can speak for many of his peers . AP Photo / Chris McIntyre …

(8) Sam Bradford is escorted from the field during a preseason game played against the Cleveland Browns . The quarterback is likely to be lost to the Rams for the remainder of the preseason and the entire regular season schedule . A severe blow to player whose career in the NFL seems to have been injury riddled in recent years . USA Today / Rick Osentoski ….

(9) St Louis Rams’ quarterback Sam Bradford sits on the sidelines of a regular season game played against the Dallas Cowboys . The player’s career now seems to be threatened after suffering another tear of his anterior cruciate ligament , the second such injury suffered by Bradford to very same knee injured in 2013 . AP Photo/ Mark Miller …




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  1. Unfortunately , the events of Ferguson , Missouri belie the fact , that America remains afraid and caught in a f#cking lie that, it has moved on from the issue of racial intolerance and bigotry . Never mind the frigging apathy of idiots and their notion that this is a nation of being all inclusive .

    The US remains divided along lines of race , economic status and the have and have nots , much of it being parlayed by bigots and certain areas of the political hegemony , known as the US Congress .

    Far be it for me to suggest , but the Boston Red Sox season has been pi$sed away because their pitching and hitting has been so damn poor over the course of the season . GM Ben Cherington will have to gut the team and rely on the players within their farm system or simply go out and get some productive free agents during the off-season .

    Kobe Bryant can either shut the f$ck up or simply go away , as no one wants to listen to his dumb ass any longer ! Undervalued and underpaid ? Is he frigging kidding ?

    Highest paid NBA players by contract and salary (top 50 in each category).


    Bryant’s $250 million fortune makes him look a real crass asshole without the slightest morsel of intelligence , let alone understanding what is happening across the country from an economic standpoint but as some idiots rightly suggest he has a right to speak his mind. Unfortunately , in Kobe Bryant’s mind the only thing that has ever mattered has been his own well-being. His statement speaks volumes to his lack of intelligence and sense of self importance .

    “Kobe is simply a punk @ss bi#ch ” ! Actor, activist, former NFL player and Hall of Fame inductee Jim Brown . NGtrttnne

    Jim Brown was correct in his remarks . that, Bryant is soft and completely unaware of what is happening around him in the world .

    tophatal ……………


  2. Can Andy Reid and his coaching staff lead the Kansas City Chiefs deep into the postseason in 2014 , with Alex Smith also proving why he’s one of the better quarterbacks in the AFC based on his performances since being acquired by the Chiefs ? This will be a very interesting season for the AFC South based franchise as they seek to challenge the dominance of the Denver Broncos over the past two years within the division as well as within the conference .

    From left to right, Chiefs’ GM John Dorsey, Alex Smith and Andy Reid.

    Divisional games between the Broncos and Chiefs will prove to a very good indicator of what to expect this season , without factoring in the San Diego Chargers into the equation . Had to leave out the Oakland Raiders as they remain as pitiful as ever . Their preseason results might well be a reflection of what is likely to happen this season for the Raiders.

    tophatal ………..


  3. No damn chance of the Tampa Bay Rays sneaking up on anyone within the AL East , not after their being hammered mercilessly by the Baltimore Orioles in a 9-1 pounding which was so embarrassing to watch . Any thoughts Rays’ fans had about making the postseason can definitely now be discounted along with the idiotic extraneous ravings of Joe Maddon and the fans .

    “It’s as the rapper Drake says Joe ‘ We started at the bottom ‘ , but in our case we’re still there

    Joe Maddon and Evan Longoria .

    Devoted to the Rays and their fans . Enjoy .

    Maddon has always been something of a optimist and pragmatic , but common sense of late has been found wanting in the Rays’ manager and his belief in what has been a very average team all- round .

    MLB news

    MLB schedule 26th August

    MLB probable pitchers

    MLB results 25th August

    MLB standings (division) and .wildcard standings



  4. The learning curve might just have been way too high for the St Louis Rams seventh round draft pick , defensive lineman and touted player Michael Sam . If the news’ reports are to be believed the player is unlikely to make the final cut and the team’s roster . All this for one of the most hyped stories of the NFL in the aftermath of the NFL Draft and this preseason . Beyond that, Jadeveon Clowney is proving to be the “real deal “ for the Houston Texans and that might bode well for one of last season’s worst secondaries in the entire NFL .

    “My favorite position would be to get tight underneath the center but for now I’m aiming to get in with my teammates on the Rams ” .

    Michael Sam .

    Another player still finding things hard just happens to be the Browns’ Johnny Manziel who many pundits believe ready to be the team’s starting quarterback in their opening day game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week one .

    Other rookies are seemingly making a smooth transition into the NFL with their play . Blake Bortles , though not spectacular , has proven to be steady for the Jacksonville Jaguars and is likely to their starting quarterback in the Jaguars’ season opener .

    With final roster cuts due to be made at the culmination of the week four preseason schedule , it will be interesting to see the list of players cut( jettisoned) by their respective teams and which late round draftees were unable to make their teams’ rosters .

    NFL news

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    tophatal …..


  5. If the Tampa Bay Rays’ offense could hit for #hit then they would be hitting #hit , but when you look at the team’s offense and pitching in comparison to the AL and MLB in general then you can understand why the team has been so frigging awful without delving into the stupidity of their fans and the continued belief they are contenders within the AL and AL East .

    It looks as if the New York Yankees are looking to make a last minute run in terms of gaining a wildcard berth in the AL in the run-up to the postseason .

    tophatal ……


  6. Just when I thought , I would have a peace of mind concerning the New England Patriots this season , the front office makes the decision to trade defensive lineman Logan Mankins to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for tight end and Buccaneers’ offensive player Tim Wright and a pair of undisclosed picks .

    “Miami ? Wha’ dya mean I’m on the next plane out of Boston to Tampa ? Are you $$cking kidding me ” ?

    Logan Mankins

    Courtesy of

    Logan Mankins traded to Buccaneers from Patriots

    By Gregg Rosenthal , NFL Editor

    The New England Patriots are usually good for a surprising roster move or two before the season. They out-did themselves on Tuesday.

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced that they have acquired six-time Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins from the New England Patriots in exchange for Tim Wright and a draft pick. NFL Media’s Albert Breer reports it’s a fourth round pick. Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer first reported the trade.

    The Buccaneers’ offensive line has been a disaster this preseason following the loss of Carl Nicks to retirement. Mankins immediately adds credibility to the line, although Buccaneers fans have to be worried that they are once again investing in a big name that is on the downside of his career.

    Mankins, 32, was still a high quality starter last year for New England, even if he hasn’t been quite as dominant as early in his career. Trading him is a strong statement by Bill Belichick that he no longer views Mankins as an elite player. Finances are certainly a factor too. Breer points out that Mankins’ 2014 cap number is just over $10 million more than Wright’s $498,333 cap number.

    Wright feels like a somewhat small part of the deal. He was reportedly not even a lock to make the Buccaneers’ roster as recently as a week ago when coach Lovie Smith called him out publicly. Wright is a talented “move” tight end that can line up as a receiver out of the slot. He adds another weapon to a thin tight end group in New England, but he’s ultimately a role player.

    Click on link to read in full .

    GM Jason Licht has pulled off a real coup-de-gras in getting Mankins so cheaply , whereas the Patriots now seem to be going younger in various parts of the team’s roster and overall makeup.

    If the Patriots are doing this in order to avail themselves of cap space to sign Darrelle Revis to a long-term contract then they are complete idiots , because at this stage of his career , Revis is on the downside and there is no upside at all concerning the cornerback other than his tutoring his younger teammates at the position on the Patriots’ depth chart .

    NFL cornerback stats( 2013 regular season)

    tophatal ……..


  7. Perhaps it is me but for Minnesota Timberwolves’ owner Glen Taylor to be publicly ripping Kevin Love for seeking to .join the Cleveland Cavaliers is simply asinine when the T’wolves’ front office had done little in seeking to come to Love’s aid by way of acquiring players to bolster the team’s roster over the past two years . The franchise was often uninspiring with their draft picks, especially since 2010 , which tells you all you need to know concerning their ambitions and thriving for success. You only have to look at the Timberwolves’ record since 2009 to see how awful the franchise has been .

    “Flip and I know basketball and I can tell you this , Kevin Love is an absolute disgrace to this game we love ” . Glen Taylor (left) and Flip Saunders .

    As to Minnesota’s upcoming fortunes this season , one can only hope head coach Flip Saunders and his coaching staff has a minute idea as to what they are doing and what the expectations of the fans might just be .

    Courtesy of SB Nation

    Timberwolves owner rips Kevin Love following trade to Cleveland

    By Matt Conner

    Taylor says he never wanted to trade Love, but he’s quite happy with the return on the deal.

    Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor spoke out about the recent trade of franchise star Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers. More than that, he used it as a opportunity to criticize the three-time NBA All-Star.

    The Timberwolves introduced several new players, including players received in the trade, at the Minnesota State Fair on Tuesday. Taylor said Love was going to have to adjust to being a third wheel behind LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

    “I question Kevin if this is going to be the best deal for him because I think he’s going to be the third player on a team. I don’t think he’s going to get a lot of credit if they do really well. I think he’ll get the blame if they don’t do well. He’s going to have to learn to handle that.

    Taylor also criticized Love’s defensive effort and that he got away with things in Minnesota that he might not in Cleveland.

    “I think he’s around a couple guys are awful good. Now I’m not saying that Kevin’s not good, but I think where maybe he got away with some stuff, not playing defense on our team, I’m not sure how that’s going to work in Cleveland. So I would guess they’re going to ask him to play more defense. And he’s foul-prone,” Taylor said.

    Click on link to read in full.


    Glenn Taylor is a dumb idiot, who has done little for the franchise since assuming ownership . Like many of his peers , he is simply stupid , with very little acumen concerning basketball , let alone showing a keen awareness concerning the business side of the NBA .

    The NBA has gladly welcomed the folly of teams and mediocrity , while idiot fans have continued to suggest that Adam Silver and his predecessor are not at fault for the mediocrity of the brand put on display . I say that is simply a load of bullshit , because if the league hierarchy actually showed any goddamn common sense by simply seeking to level the playing field with things such as a hard salary cap and forcing the teams to abide by that mandate , then the league would not be in such dire straits with regard to lack of real competitive play as witnessed in the Eastern Conference and the divisions there . Instead , the league stands behind a mediocre brand and the selling of player individuality , rather than that of its teams .

    “I’m here to win championships , not one , not two , not three , not four , but at least five ” . Kevin Love seen here at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland , Ohio, home to the Cleveland Cavaliers . ‘

    ” There comes a time of year where you have to make certain decisions that are in the best interests of my family and myself . This was one such decision , unlike before ” . LeBron James

    Far be it for me to suggest but these idiot fans who believe that David Stern has been of real benefit to the NBA , have simply stood around with their heads buried the sand or stuck up their own @ass, while not looking at the real ramifications of his actions and his own lack of awareness of the misdeeds of the players , union and a number of the team owners within the league .

    Minnesota Timberwolves’ profile

    Minnesota Timberwolves’ front office

    Minnesota Timberwolves’ payroll and active contracts

    Minnesota Timberwolves’ roster (2013) and coaching staff

    Minnesota Timberwolves’ team stats and individual leaders

    Minnesota Timberwolves’ overall team play stats

    Minnesota Timberwolves’ divisional record and conference standing


    NBA news

    Minnesota Timberwolves’ news

    NBA transactions


    Stern’s protagonists should spend more time kissing less @ss and watching more of this , as they might be more enlightened rather than showing their continued stupidity. s

    tophatal …….


  8. If anyone doubts the fact that the NBA has now become sedentary and merely a means to an end , with a number of players singularly minded about making money and individual achievement , rather than team glory . Look no further than the endorsement deal just finalized between reigning League MVP and Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant .

    Durant a new client of Jay-z founded company , RocNation Sports has signed a twenty-year $250 million deal with the sports’ apparel company Under Armour . One minority investor in the company is none other than Los Angeles Lakers’ guard Kobe Bryant , who recently claimed he and several of his peers are vastly undervalued and underpaid .

    Courtesy of International Business Times

    Kevin Durant Shoe Deal: Could $250 Million Under Armour Deal Nudge The NBA Star To The Wizards?

    By Anthony Riccobono ,

    Durant of the Thunder .

    Kevin Durant might be on the verge of signing a historic shoe deal with sportswear apparel company Under Armour, based in Baltimore, for a reported $250 million. Accepting such a contract, which is worth more than the value of any NBA player’s contract, could affect the future of his NBA career.

    The 25-year-old did not take part in the free agent frenzy of the 2014 offseason that culminated with LeBron James’ return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Carmelo Anthony’s re-signing with the New York Knicks. Throughout the summer, there was increased media speculation about the teams interested in James and Anthony while Durant remained comfortably in Oklahoma City.

    Durant currently has two years left on his contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder, which will pay him over $39 million. In the summer of 2016, all eyes may be on the current Most Valuable Player and his next contract decision, and there has already been talk about Durant’s future. The 6’10 forward has spent his entire career with the Thunder organization, quietly signing a five-year extension in 2010 with no rumors or suggestions that he considered playing elsewhere.

    Click on link to read in full.

    One has to wonder how and what the NBA hierarchy believes the benefits are when they cannot rein and choose not curtail teams’ expenses by way of the payrolls . Those with the idiotic belief , the market simply can bear it all , are damn well naive and have little if any knowledge, concerning sports’ economics .

    Highest paid athletes globally

    Highest paid athletes by sports (includes men and women)

    tophatal ….


  9. Once again into the throes of ineptitude with the Tampa Bay Rays as they succumb to another loss , this time to the Baltimore Orioles . If there has been a team which has failed to live to expectations this season , then the Rays would have to be atop of the list of those teams followed closely by the Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox within the AL .

    On Wednesday , the Rays will again be the guests of the Baltimore Orioles when the two teams meet at Camden Yards (Orioles Ballpark) , Baltimore , Maryland . The season series between the Baltimore and Tampa have become something of a lopsided affair , as has been the case over the past six seasons.

    Drew Smyly of the Rays will be looking to put the team backing on the winner’s trail in this contest against the O’s Kevin Gausman .

    MLB news

    MLB results 26th August

    MLB schedule 27th August

    MLB probable pitchers

    tophatal ……..


  10. Leave it to NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith to continue to show his and his union’s hypocrisy when it comes to their lack of understanding and the issue of domestic violence . In light of the behavior of not only Ray Rice , but for Smith as an attorney and seeing the repeated misbehavior of his members and the union seeking not to address the issue head on, his recent statement , is not only condescending , but it shows his complete lack of respect for women . He is no different from his NFL counterpart , Roger Goodell , who has never imparted a word of intelligence concerning issue , either .

    Courtesy of PFT (Pro Football Talk)

    NFLPA on domestic violence penalties: If we believe due process rights are violated, we’ll intervene

    By Josh Alper

    The NFLPA has weighed in on the letter sent by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to team owners on Thursday concerning the increased penalties for domestic violence.

    The union knew that the league was planning to put a new policy in place under the existing personal conduct policy and their statement shows no sign that they will fight against its implementation generally, but that they will step into individual cases if they feel that the due process rights of their members are at risk.

    “We were informed today of the NFL’s decision to increase penalties on domestic violence offenders under the Personal Conduct Policy for all NFL employees. As we do in all disciplinary matters, if we believe that players’ due process rights are infringed upon during the course of discipline, we will assert and defend our members’ rights,” the statement reads.

    Click on link to read in full.

    Far be it for me to suggest , but it is time for both Goodell and Smith to go !

    tophatal ………….


  11. Well, the finals games of the preseason took place last night and several teams performed up to par while others were something of a disappointment . Now comes the hard part as many of these teams have some major decisions to make in cutting their rosters from seventy-five down to a fifty-three man team.

    NFL news

    NFL week four preseason results

    NFL standings preseason

    NFL week one regular season games


    tophatal …………….


  12. The San Francisco 49ers have allegedly come down hard on Aldon Smith , which is such hypocrisy, given the repeated incidents involving the player since he was drafted by organization . This merely emphasizes the idiocy of the NFL and the lack of understanding within the league hierarchy and the NFLPA concerning the ongoing bad behavior of the players .

    If Smith’s record were any worse he’d be viewed as a repeated felon, but the league and Niners have been so lenient with the player, their action now seems laughable to say the very least !

    NFL news

    San Francisco 49ers news

    tophatal …..


  13. If Derek Carr is already outplaying , allegedly the Oakland Raiders’ presumptive starting quarterback Matt Schaub during the preseason then what does that tell you about the state of play within the organization as a whole ? Year in and year out, since Mark Davis assumed control of the franchise they have continued to be inept on all fronts , from their drafting of players to acquiring free agents . Reggie McKenzie /a continues to show that he is clueless in terms of assessing player personnel .

    Week one of the Raiders’ regular season schedule , they face off against the New York Jets in an all AFC match-up of two teams looking to make up for last season’s disappointments .

    Oakland Raiders’ news

    Oakland Raiders’ roster and team payroll .

    Preseason statistics for the Oakland Raiders .

    tophatal ,.,


  14. At 4:00 P.M today , teams will have to cut their rosters down to a final fifty-three man team , before they enter the week one of the regular season schedule .

    The New York Giants went unbeaten during their preseason schedule, but I would not read a great deal into the feat , given the unevenness of their play last season .

    New York will open up their season with a Monday night game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field in Detroit , Michigan ,.

    Terrelle Pryor’s career in the NFL now seems to be taking on a life of its own, dead man walking .

    NFL news

    NFL results preseason week four

    Week one NFL schedule

    tophatal …….


  15. Seventh round draft pick and St Louis Rams’ defensive lineman Michael Sam gets cut by the team today , Not necessarily the biggest surprise but certainly now a story the print and television media are likely to run with after ESPN’s unsavory story concerning , the player and his alleged relationship with his now former teammates . It seems unlikely Sam will be picked up by another team unless they are in desperate need of an offensive lineman in the lead-up to the regular season .

    St Louis Rams news

    tophatal ……..


  16. Neither the Sox nor the Rays, Al, have been able to put forth any sort of consistency this season. If anything, they’ve both been consistently bad.

    Their last two games are a perfect example. Friday night, the Sox go out and shellack Chris Archer in an 8-4 victory. The following night, Odorizzi one hits them with the Rays scoring seven.

    No wonder Maddon’s hair is grey.


  17. Chris Humpherys (SportsChump)

    The season series between the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bays has been a clear indicator as to how bad these teams just happen to be without looking at their respective records within the AL East never -mind the AL wildcard standings . There will be some major decisions that will have to be made concerning their respective roster and what their intentions are for next season .

    Red Sox GM Ben Cherington may well have the biggest decision to make concerning the the team’s makeup and the money they are prepared to spend under John Henry’s mandate .

    In the case of Stuart Sternberg and Andrew Friedman, it will once again will revert to how much money ? they can spend , as it simply boils down to that lone issue , as seen with regard to their payroll each season for the last four years in comparison to rest of baseball ( 2014, 2013 , 2012 and 2011 ) .

    Today’s game between the Rays and Red Sox should be intriguing with Clay Buchholz on the mound for the Sox against the Rays’ Alex Cobb .

    tophatal ……


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