Pressed to report a story even when it has no merit , sports’ journalism is getting from bad to worse …

Pressed to report a story even when it has no merit , sports’ journalism is getting from bad to worse …

Well the big story in the NFL as the teams were mandated to cut their rosters by 4.00 PM Saturday afternoon, was the decision by the St Louis Rams to cut their much heralded seventh round draft pick defensive lineman Michael Sam . As the league’s first openly gay player, a great deal was made of the fact, leading to a rather unsavory story reported by cable sports’ broadcast and programming outlet ESPN as to Sam’s showering habits and his not being allowed to shower alongside his now former teammates . What this has to do with NFL football can only be addressed by what the outlet believes to be relevant to the game , but in reality , it simply points to the fact ESPN would rather create a furor, rather than reporting on stories that actually has their viewers enthralled. Simply call it, “gutter journalism” at its lowest , as espoused by the broadcast outlet. The fact of the matter is , ESPN remains unchallenged in an arena , which it has dominated for years and will continue to reign over , because their competitors are not much better and that includes the print media.


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With Sam being waived by the NFC West based franchise , it seems unlikely the player will be picked up by another franchise before the regular season begins. Teams in need of an offensive lineman will likely take a look at Michael Sam even if his productivity with the Rams during the preseason was said to be no more than adequate. A great deal may well have been made of the player being the first openly active gay player seeking to make his debut in a regular season game , but the constant microscopic view the lineman was placed under , may well have proved to be too much for the former Missouri player to bear.

One of the more surprising deals that took place prior to the roster cuts was the New England Patriots’ decision to trade Logan Mankins to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers , a team definitely in need of defensive line help. As unpalatable as this was said to be for Patriots’ fans , the excuses now being proffered up by Bill Belichick and GM Nick Caserio seem ridiculous and insulting to the fans and to the player who was caught off-guard by the trade. Tom Brady , quarterback for the team was said to be angered by this deal, but has not voiced a public statement on the matter. Bear in mind, Brady in 2012 made $12 million available to the Patriots for them to keep the services of wide receiver Wes Welker , only for Welker to then sign with the Denver Broncos , after the incompetency shown by the front office.

New England will be seeking to make a successful defense of their AFC East title, while also seeking to make another return to the postseason. For Brady , his old and teammates , this will prove to be a tough task , as undoubtedly they will be seen as a target with a bulls’ eye on their back. A great of that will come from their divisional rivals where the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets are viewed as to two teams likely to prove to be New England’s biggest challengers during the season and their regular season meetings. The first of New England’s regular season tests will come in week one when they face the Miami Dolphins to open their schedule at Sun Life Stadium in Miami ,Florida,.

Logan Mankins will begin his career anew with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and for Lovie Smith and the Buccaneers’ acquisition of the player can only be of benefit to the younger defensive players on the team’s roster . Mankins can provide the type of leadership so lacking on a franchise for several players , something I believe Buccaners’ fans have not always been intuitive enough to acknowledge, because of their real lack of understanding what the NFL is actually about , beyond their belief if it simply being about the best or highest paid player on the roster.

Lovie Smith in his first season as coach of the Buccaneers, will himself, face as a stern test as he leads his team into the season and a NFC South division where the Carolina Panthers , New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons will be looking to prove themselves the best in the division. Tampa’s first game of the regular season will see them face Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa , Florida,. Ron Rivera and Newton will try to prove the Panther’s season in 2013 was no mere fluke , with the quarterback having his best season in the NFL since being drafted by the franchise in the 2011 NFL Draft . I believe the Panthers can prove to be a success this season within the NFL , but a great deal of that will be predicated on their play, but even more so upon the growing maturity level shown by Cam Newton , as he has become the visible and vocal leader of the team.

OK, so we know the NFL to be a league bereft of any real intelligence among the players, union (NFLPA) under the leadership of DeMaurice Smith , the NFLPA’s Executive Committee , Roger Goodell and the league hierarchy in particular . With the league now taking what they believe to be a tougher stance on the issue of domestic violence involving the players. It begs the question, why has it taken so long for the NFL to act with such action without the statement forthcoming from Smith , stating due process has to be followed concerning players charged with domestic abuse and violence? Perhaps, I am mistaken but the Players’ Union has done little to discuss the issue over the years or since DeMaurice Smith succeeded the late Gene Upshaw to become the union’s highest ranked executive. As to Roger Goodell’s own mindset concerning this matter , it would be fair to suggest the commissioner’s own lack of communicative skills , beyond making himself look an imbecile , anything he now says concerning the issue , would seem to too little and far too late in spite of the league’s actions in dealing with Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice . The NFL remains homophobic, misogynistic ,racist in many respects, but with it most definitely being clouded in secrecy , something the league would strongly deny.

With the news now coming of the arrest of San Francisco 49ers’ player Ray McDonald , who was arrested at his home and has now been charged with domestic abuse and violence . The Niners as a franchise this off-season have faced several issues concerning the behavior of several players on their roster , of which the ongoing issues of Aldon Smith seem to be something which simply will not go away and which has been poorly handled by Jed Yorke , team CEO and GM Trent Baalke .

Smith will be lost to the 49ers for the first nine games of the regular season, after the punishment meted out by the NFL , but it remains to be seen how they will now treat the issue of Ray McDonald , pending the legal process being played out within the Californian Legal System.. The NFL has the right to suspend a player for conduct harmful to the league , something agreed to by the Players’ Union in their last collective bargaining agreement , but it would seem to be an issue the executive committee and the players’ representatives believe allows the commissioner far too much latitude , in dealing with punishing their members , concerning misconduct . It is my belief the players in the NFL, are simply looking to weaken a rule , while ignoring the misconduct of their members !

LeBron James made his surprise return to the Cleveland Cavaliers , leaving the Miami Heat in sheer turmoil , with a much weakened roster and Heat President Pat Riley in sheer apoplexy concerning the upcoming season . The Monster Riley created was never going to be a dynasty even with four appearances in the NBA Finals , eking out just two series’ victories . Poor price to pay for teams upon which, fans and analysts were heaping far too much praise without looking at the rosters of both teams at the times of their triumphs and defeats.

Away from the happenings of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the latest NBA star said to be dissatisfied with his current situation is the Boston Celtics’ point guard Rajon Rondo , who is said to have demanded a trade, formerly lodging a request with Celtics’ GM Danny Ainge . The general manager and lead managing partner , Wyc Grousbeck will have to look at and take Rondo’s demands seriously. A disgruntled player on a young roster seeking leadership is likely to prove disastrous for Brad Stevens and his coaching staff , if there said to be no sense of leadership coming from a seasoned veteran, without Stevens’ inexperience coming into question..

In a season of sheer mayhem , the Boston Celtics were simply abysmal on all fronts with Rajon Rondo having a poor season alongside his teammates , as they endured defeat after defeat, with their being rarely a series’ win for the young team. Stevens proved he is still learning on the job , while Danny Ainge has done little in seeking to bolster the roster this off-season , last season or even by way of this past NBA Draft .

The real signs of the Celtics’ struggles were long seen, prior to Doc Rivers’ departure , with neither Ainge or the head coach seeking to build for the future after the team’s last triumph in the NBA Finals. Instead, there was this idiotic belief the team then built around a core of Kevin Garnett , Paul Pierce , Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo. They may well have won the highly contested finals , against a Kobe Bryant led Los Angeles Lakers’ team but , in reality , the series was over before it started, because Rivers out-coached his opposite number, Phil Jackson, was something of an uneventful chess match.

It will be tough season for the Boston Celtics with or without Rajon Rondo, because the team has no real depth or a proven scorer , with the team’s top scorer last season being , Jeff Green , while Rondo was sidelined for much of the year seeking to recover from an injury . Green’s 16.9 per game average would be meager when adjudged against the top scorers within the Eastern Conference let alone the rest of the NBA and from an offensive standpoint the Celtics’ productivity was menial to say the very least. To state how dire the Boston Celtics have been , you simply have to look at how the team performed defensively and their season record (25-57) which was simply a reflection of the team.

If Danny Ainge does agree to Rajon Rondo’s request , then there are likely to be a bevy of suitors for one of the league’s best point guards, of which the player is of a proven pedigree in terms of his productivity. Among the top of the list among the teams seeking to acquire the Celtic’ point guard would be the Houston Rockets as they seek to replace the recently departed Jeremy Lin . Not to be counted out of this scenario are the Sacramento Kings , Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers , Charlotte Bobcats , Memphis Grizzlies , Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks , Denver Nuggets . Dallas Mavericks and the Milwaukee Bucks . Rondo has made it known to the front office , were he traded to the Sacramento Kings , he would not sign or be part of any part of a sign and trade deal with the franchise, limiting the Celtics’ wishes on that front. Rondo is not due to become a free agent until 2015 , and his $12.9 million salary for this season does not seem to be that much of an impediment for any of the teams pursuing the point guard. Boston will begin its their schedule against the Brooklyn Nets when the two teams meet at the TD Banknorth Gardens Pavilion in Boston , Massachusetts, on the 29th October , 2014.

I will say this repeatedly , if you write a story and give it the teeth in terms of context , then you will have the world believing the article . Nowhere is this more representative than with regard to the coverage afforded to politics and the stories that emanate from the White House , House and the Senate. Before you know it , the nation buys into the bull#hit and the idiots who call themselves Conservatives and Liberals try to dissect and disseminate the fecal matter emanating from the government without the on air political hacks trying to make sense of it all. The same can be said of how MLB and the NCAA seeks to ingratiate themselves with the fans and media alike, with the stories from both sporting edifices . Baseball with their informing the fans and press alike that Rob Manfred in succeeding Bud Selig will bring about a new era within the game , is somewhat like suggesting we have seen bipartisanship within the Congress during the Presidential terms of Barack Obama . Baseball remains distrustful of the MLBPA , while its ongoing incompetency in dealing with a number of issues shows no signs of improving.

Meanwhile, the NCAA and the FBS programs within college football is seeking to persuade the public and fans they have finally got it right in terms of their proposed format for a playoff system to decide a national champion in football. The truth of the matter remains , unless the money is shared evenly among the college conferences rather than the majority of it going into the coffers of the major college conferences and institutions , then the fans of the game will continue to be defrauded with a system , that is simply a joke . As to this idiocy of an empaneled committee being the best arbiters of determining how a system can be used to decide a national champion. Perhaps, I might suggest those behind that folly simply watch an episode of American Idol or any one of the other litany of inane talent shows now deemed to be a reality show finding their way onto the nation’s broadcast outlets

Mark Emmert and the educational institutions presided over by the NCAA need to be doing more , concerning not only the widespread allegations of academic fraud on campus, but also the criminal and felonious behavior concerning the sexual misconduct and sexual assaults that take place on college campuses across the nation , on a daily basis , Somehow, this all gets overlooked because the only thing deemed important is whether or not the defending national champions Florida State (Seminoles) can possibly make a successful defense of their national title . One ought to bear in mind their Heisman winning quarterback from last season Jameis Winston still remains a person of interest in a sexual assault, while the school itself is under investigation by the Department of Education and by US Justice Department and how they deal with their in-house investigation of such crimes. Dr Garnett S Stokes Ph.D, President of Florida State has not issued a public statement on the investigation by either of the federal agencies in question and it begs the question if he is unable do so , then why has there not been any type of statement by the school’s athletics department much less from the AD Stan Wilcox ? Yet sources close to the school have speculated on the fact , they will be taking some form of action against Jameis Winston and his not having upheld a code of conduct, as expected of student athlete of Florida State. So let me get this straight ,

Winston and his legal representatives , whose stories have changed far more often than a newborn baby’s diapers, concerning the alleged sexual assault , but somehow the athletics department , institution can see nothing wrong at all concerning the player’s conduct ? Never mind the fact of the incompetency shown by the Tallahassee Police Department in their original investigation of the incident and where there are said to have been allegations of collusion between the athletics department and the law enforcement agency . Something, which has been clear from the days when Bobby Bowden coached the football program and where many of the players under his tutelage ran afoul of the law, but were left untouched . Coincidence, in such an instance, where it concerns the police and the committal of a crime by a Seminoles’ athlete ? I think not !



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The stories remain for all to see and to bear witness to, but how many of us are really interested in getting at the truth or does it come down to the fact the attention span of most sports’ fans comes down what is the next big event to take place and the likely result ? Chime in with your thoughts on this and anything else you believe worthy to discuss concerning the article.


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(1) Michael Sam , a seventh round draft pick of the St Louis Rams . Sam was cut by the organization and can be resigned by the team as a member of their practice squad , but there has been no statement by head coach Jeff Fisher addressing the matter. AP Photo/ Rick Farrell …

(2) St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher, left, and general manager Les Snead hold a pre-draft news conference at the team’s practice facility, Tuesday, May 6, 2014, in St. Louis. The Rams are scheduled to have two picks in the first-round of the NFL football draft on Thursday. Snead and Fisher made the decision jointly with the coaching staff to release their seventh round draft pick Michael Sam in the lead-up to the regular season . AP Photo/Jeff Roberson …

(3) Logan Mankins of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers watches from the sidelines as the Buccaneers take on the Washington Redskins during a preseason game this exhibition season . Mankins was traded by the New England Patriots in a surprise move in August . Getty Images/ Paul Fowler …

(4) DeMaurice Smith , often an outspoken critic of the NFL and in particular of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , who he believes acts outside the limits of his jurisdiction, in meting out punishment to players who contravene the league’s rules . Smith insists that the league’s new mandate concerning players involved in allegations of spousal abuse and domestic violence should be dealt with judiciously within the legal system . However in light of the growing issue , Smith and his members have done very little to discuss the matter head on . AP Photo / Hannah Mitchell …

(5) Boston Celtics’ general manager Danny Ainge ,left, is seen here with the team’s point guard Rajon Rondo . A member of the team which won the 2008 NBA title , Rondo has requested a trade from away from the Celtics and it remains to be seen how the matter will be dealt with by the franchise’s front office in granting the player’s request. AP Photo/ Michael Howard ..

(6) Aldon Smith (99) and Ray McDonald (91) of the San Francisco 49ers are two players on the team to have fallen afoul of the law in recent months . Smith has been suspended for the first nine games of the regular season for repeated violations of the league’s conduct policy . McDonald was arrested at his home on charges of domestic abuse and violence against his pregnant fiance’ . Neither the NFL or anyone within the Niners’ front office has issued a statement concerning Ray McDonald’s arrest. Team CEO Jed Yorke and GM Trent Baalke are being kept abreast of the legal ramifications through the team’s Chief Legal Counsel, Hannah Gordon and the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department . Getty Images / Paul Hughes …

(7) NCAA President Mark Emmert who presides of collegiate athletics’ governing body seems to be more focused on increasing the NCAA’s revenues estimated to be in excess of $1.65 billion annually from licensing and marketing agreements which does not include television rights fees for the broadcast for the sports which fall under their umbrella. Emmert only recently has begun to discuss the issue of on campus sexual assaults of which 50 schools are now under investigation jointly by the Education Department and the US Justice Department concerning the lax investigating rules of many of the academic institutions. AP Photo / Hazel Groves …




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18 thoughts on “Pressed to report a story even when it has no merit , sports’ journalism is getting from bad to worse …”

  1. If Michael Sam can’t now find a team willing to take him then it appears highly unlikely he will be part of any roster by start of the regular season , much less by either week’s two , three , four , five or six . Far too much was made of the player’s sexuality and ESPN’s scurrilous reporting and allegations as to what was said to be the player’s relationship with his now former teammates , simply shows how low the broadcast outlet will sink to , to report a story .

    Meanwhile , as a broadcast partner the NFL under Roger Goodell’s leadership have allowed the network to get away with the story , without refuting the content , , albeit , Jeff Fisher’s tepid response showed little support for Sam at the time , and was merely being done to somehow the St Louis Rams’ ass and image .

    Danny Ainge had better be able to get something of value in seeking to trade Rajon Rondo , because without the point guard , this upcoming season is likely to be more disastrous than seen last season when the team finished with a 25-57 record . I firmly believe the Boston Celtics will not be competitive and are likely to win no more than 35 games , not really a credible enough tally to send them into the NBA Playoffs , not based on the standings within the Eastern Conference last season.

    DeMaurice Smith is a frigging asshole and his belief that his members should be given due process , while also stating Goodell exceeds his latitude remains a joke. In the NFLPA’s (Players’ Union) collective bargaining agreement clarified by a majority vote and signed as an agreement with the the league , the union gave away their rights , while obtaining a larger slice of the revenue sharing pie . Now this moron is now seeking to suggest the commissioner exceeds his powers ? Clearly , as a lawyer, Smith doesn’t understand the meaning of the words negotiated contract . Roger Goodell for his part, has been and remains a damn poor NFL executive on all counts and his recent statements concerning the issue of domestic abuse and violence by players , simply shows he has no clear idea how rampant the situation has become .

    All thirty-two teams in the NFL over the past eight years , have had a player embroiled in a domestic dispute and it is the one statistic the league tends to hide away , much like their statistics concerning traumatic head injuries . Another issue the league has handled poorly while dumb ass pathetic fans throw up their asinine statements of it being a violent sport and the players knowing what they were getting into . Are these the same $$cking morons who believe it to be the same case concerning military veterans suffering the same type of injuries after being deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq ?

    Mark Emmert , proving , like Goodell , he has no idea or intellect to deal with the real issues that remain troubling for the NCAA . Fans meanwhile, want a playoff system to determine a national champion in College Football. That will work out fine , with the continued truth , the major conferences will always have the upper hand . And this is meant to make that landscape all the better ? I guess we ought to have Congress repeatedly convening in DC to make decisions for us , as to how our lives should be ? Oh fu#k , they already do and look at how that seems to be working out .

    tophatal ……….


  2. Niners’ head coach Jim Harbaugh states , he would not have or tolerate a player who is a spousal abuser or a proponent of domestic violence to be on the team . Yet at the same time , he won’t rush to judgment concerning the actions of Ray McDonald , who doesn’t deny beating his pregnant fiance’ .

    “I believe Ray’s fiance’ should have been ducking and diving rather than her taking a bitch slap to the head, but that’s just my view ” ! Jim Harbaugh .

    Makes me wonder how he feels about having Aldon Smith, (repeated gun offender & league substance abuser ) and Ray McDonald still being part of the roster without delving into past issues of players since his tenure began as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers . So much goddamn hypocrisy around the NFL even among the lame ass dumb NFL head coaches . Not to be left out of this all are former head coaches such as Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden and their thoughts on the issue of domestic violence .

    Jim Harbaugh is beginning to feel the pressure and the weight of expectations for the team this season . Anything short of the NFC West title , a deep run in the postseason to at least the conference championship game will be seen as a major disaster for the San Francisco 49ers . Meanwhile , Niners’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick will have to show his game has improved and he can now be thought of as an elite quarterback in this league . He’s certainly now being paid like one . So why not begin to live up to those credentials .

    The Niners’ games against the . Seattle Seahawks will be of particular intrigue this upcoming season as the fans will get the to see, two of the very best teams in the NFC by far . No one else even remotely comes close within the conference . Those two contests in week thirteen and fifteen could go a long way in determining who might actually win the NFC West .

    NFL news

    San Francisco 49ers’ news

    tophatal …………


  3. First it was Logan Mankins and now it’s Ryan Mallett , that Bill Belichick and Nick Caserio believe will be of benefit for the New England Patriots in trading away both players in the past thirty days . Somehow , I think the Patriots’ head coach general manager are clearly delusional in terms of their mindset concerning the team this season .

    New England Patriots’ news

    New England Patriots’ transactions (August) and in September .

    tophatal ………


  4. The Dallas Cowboys will be adding Michael Sam to the team’s practice squad . Meanwhile , head coach Jason Garrett was heard asking Jerry Jones if pictures of actress Jennifer Lawrence could be added to the team’s coaching staff for good luck , measure and in bringing about some novelty to their situation , and a little bit of insight as well , given how mediocre the team was said to be last season .

    ” My selfie’ now that I’m Cowboy and the only thing coming out of Dallas this season , will be strays and @@ys ” . Michael Sam

    NFL news

    Dallas Cowboys’ news


    Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence (& below).


    tophatal …………….


  5. The San Francisco 49ers will let due process play out concerning Ray McDonald . Oh , so he can slap about his pregnant fiance’ , . which the player has readily admitted , but the ownership sees nothing wrong in that ? How fu#ked up is the NFL in the first place and where are their priorities ?

    “She didn’t duck fast enough so she got what she deserved “ ! Niners’ Ray McDonald .

    The 49ers are not going to punish the player as of yet , even when it is within their right to do so, because of the collective bargaining agreement with the union (NFLPA) . but they are prepared to wait on the failures and incompetency of a league hierarchy so out of touch with reality and a state legal system , backed up with a logjam of cases and no real leadership from within the state Attorney General’s Office in California,much less in Santa Clara County, itself.

    tophatal ………


  6. The Denver Broncos’ wide receiver Wes Welker gets suspended for four games , having tested positive for a banned substance . Welker suffered a concussion in a preseason game for the team , this being his third such concussion in the past eighteen months and the tenth overall of his career . One has to ask what type of medical protocols does the NFL have in place to regularly test players for any type of neurological disorder ? Also what steps have been taken by either the Broncos or New England Patriots , the wide receiver’s former team to test and what were their findings ?

    Repeatedly , we are told by the league , specifically by Roger Goodell , that they have protocols in place , but the league’s own records seem to dispute the fact without the idiocy , laissez-faire attitude of the NFL and the union’s executive committee and their Executive Director DeMaurice Smith as to the care and well-being of the players. Anal retentive fans cannot even succinctly put together any type of debate , disseminating the NFL’s arguments, because they are nowhere near intelligent enough to even understand the basics concerning the issue , Instead , their simple idiocy is all one tends to read or hear concerning the issue !

    Wes Welker of the Denver Broncos.

    Courtesy of

    Wes Welker suspended four games for PED use

    By Gregg Rosenthal ,

    Wes Welker suspended four games for PED use

    Wes Welker u won’t be available for the start of the season, but it has nothing to do with the concussion he recently suffered.

    Welker has been suspended four games for violating the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy, the team announced Tuesday evening. According to NFL Media’s Albert Breer, Welker’s appeal happened two weeks ago and parties were notified today that he lost the appeal.

    In a email sent to The Denver Post, Welker said that he was “as shocked as everyone” at the decision.

    “I want to make one thing abundantly clear: I would NEVER knowingly take a substance to gain a competitive advantage in any way,” the email said. “Anyone who has ever played a down with me, lifted a weight with me, even eaten a meal with me, knows that I focus purely on what I put in my body and on the hard work I put in year round to perform at the highest levels year-in and year-out.”

    Breer reports that Welker’s positive test came in May, so the suspension doesn’t hit the Broncos brass as a surprise. They are far more well-equipped to handle the loss on the field than most squads. Emmanuel Sanders looked fantastic in the preseason, and he’s better playing out of the slot than on the outside. Tight end Julius Thomas can handle a lot of the dirty work between the numbers where Welker resides. Veteran Andre Caldwell and second-round pick Cody Latimer should also get more snaps.

    Click on link to read in full.

    Suspended for use of amphetamines is simple idiocy because the player , his agent and the team should have known better , In this day and age , are athletes in general that damn stupid , especially in the NFL , NBA and MLB ? All of the horse$hit about the Wonderlic Test and players having gone to major Ivy League schools and in some cases some of the so-called best academic institutions in the country and yet their dumb @sses make these type of decisions. If the players are not prepared to consult with team doctors before ingesting a substance , then they only have themselves to blame. As to this bull#hit by Welker and his agent that the player’s reputation was on the line , well this proves his reputation belongs in the gutter as a dmub @sshole , without one iota of common sense or intelligence.

    First it was Von Miller , a teammate of Welker , his suspension came by way of not only testing positive for marijuana and another banned substance but also for the fact he tried to bribe an official from the laboratory that conducted the test and who made the results available to the league . Further emphasizing what I have said about the lack of intelligence among rank and file NFL players .

    tophatal …..

    tophatal ………….


  7. Week One is finally here, Al, at long last.

    Michael Sam is now a Cowboy, or at least a Cowboy practicer.

    I wonder if Jerry Jones has to legally report how much money he’ll personally make off the selling of Michael Sam Cowboys jerseys.

    I just hope the good people of Texas give Sam a heartier welcome than they gave Charlie Strong.


  8. Chris Humpherys (SportsChump)

    Far be it for me to suggest , but I believe Michael Sam’s signing was done more to elicit and generate press worthiness news than his actually being needed by the team. With that said , you have to remember last season the Dallas Cowboys had not only the worst defense in their division , but also the NFC as well as the entire league and their final standing there , was proof of the very fact. I seriously doubt they will have improved that much under the schemes of /Monte Kiffin and the rest of the coaching staff who deal with the Cowboys’ secondary !

    Is is as we have already discussed to begin with , the NFC East might just be one of the worst divisions in the entire NFL without even looking at the play of the teams within the division. Very overrated from top to bottom . Jay Gruden is unlikely to make that big an impression as a first-time head coach in the league , even if it is coaching the Washington Redskins .

    Dallas Cowboys’ news.

    Washington Redskins’ news .

    tophatal ……..


  9. The NFL so what. The sports are more liberal and far left than the state run and state controlled Media. The EPL baby. KC has breaking out in violence. This didn’t make on the national media but a man murdered three older people. he was trying to steal car. Fun in KC


  10. bobby gee

    Consider the following , it costs on average $30 ,000 annually to house a prisoner / inmate within the state penal system but the Defense Department are spending on average $2 million per prisoner now held in Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) , Cuba , whereas US military veterans are dying in VA medical hospitals or simply being cast aside by the system , because of incompetency and top-heavy bureaucratic nonsense . The cost to the US taxpayer for their being detained approaches in excess of $700 million a year . Explain to me how that can be deemed OK , while US veterans old and young are being made to suffer ?

    Chuck Hagel as head of the Defense Department , the incoming head of the VA Robert McDonald and Barack Obama should be just as concerned with this issue, as they now seem to be over ISIS . Never mind the fact , any fool with an ounce of common sense could see the embers and rumblings of another conflict arising in the Middle East , which would be tied to ISIS , Al Qaeda and the Taliban .

    ” Ices really beautiful ices , that’s what I love about the hot humid climate of the Middle East ” ! Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ,left.

    “Look our veterans should consider themselves lucky , if they were suffering from the Ebola virus , my agency would be in the $hits , that’s for sure “.

    VA Secretary Robert McDonald , center .

    Conservative morons and Liberal buffoons for all of their commentary , simply lack the concise knowledge to even comprehend what is going on there , much less in the Horn of African and elsewhere around the globe.

    The State Department remains a damn joke , notwithstanding Barack Obama’s own idiotic ideas as to the state of play within the region . His dumb @ss has yet to get ahead or even figure out the machinations of Vladimir Putin . So why the $$ck would anyone now begin to take note of his (Obama’s) ideas or suggestions concerning any type of diplomatic remedy or solution ?

    Roger Goodell and the league hierarchy have been trying to dress up the pig that is the NFL and turn it into a sow . They have failed miserably , and the only reason why the league as such, remains popular , is because the alternatives in terms of the NBA and MLB < are so dire and lack real charisma .

    tophatal ……………..


  11. The FIBA World Cup Basketball Tournament is now taking place and Team USA is proving to be a dominant force , even with the fact , the roster is primarily made up of three major superstars and some second-tier players coached by Mike Krzyzewski .

    Through their Group C games the US have barely been challenged in their contests through five games played .

    Members of Team USA , from left to right , James Harden . Anthony Davis and Derrick Rose .

    Derrick Rose , Steph Curry and James Harden have been the most impressive players on the USA Team roster in the tournament . The team remains the firm favorites to bring home the World Cup title , which this competition is the second-most important international team tournament , outside the the Olympic Basketball Tournament .

    FIBA World Cup Tournament .

    FIBA news

    FIBA World Cup Group Standings

    tophatal …………..


    1. KP /

      The press blew this story up rather than taking time report the precedent being set and delve into the other social issues which went along with this whole story and its being . Michael Sam does have some talent , otherwise why would he have won the SEC Defensive Player of the Year Award while at the University of Missouri (Mizzou Tiger , who play in the toughest conference in all of College Football ?

      If an injury does happen with regard to a defensive player on the Dallas Cowboys’ roster at some point in their season , then I could see the possibility of his being called up from their practice squad . Now some might suggest his being drafted in the seventh round was valid , but I would not put a great deal of validation in the decisions now being made by many of the general managers in the NFL !

      tophatal ……..


  12. Another reminder why the NBA is being ran by a bunch of incompetent fu#king a$sholes , even with David Stern having stepped down as the commissioner. His successor Adam Silver is proving to be just as damn well incompetent as his predecessor in not reining in the disgraceful behavior of former Atlanta Hawks’ , owner , Bruce Levenson after his racist tirade in an e-mail , but now we have a follow up comment by the team’s GM Danny Ferry concerning an ethnic minority player, Luol Deng .

    Courtesy of

    NBA Hang Time

    Hawks say no more discipline for Ferry

    By David Aldridge , NBA Columnist

    The Atlanta Hawks have no current plans to further discipline general manager Danny Ferry past the internal punishment issued by team CEO Steve Koonin, according to a source involved in the process.
    Koonin said Sunday night that the team had punished Ferry for remarks he made during a conference call with Hawks owner concerning free agent Luol Deng in June. Reading from a dossier concerning Deng, Ferry said that Deng “has some African in him, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.”
    Subsequent to that disclosure, minority owner Michael Gearon, Jr., who had been on the conference call and taped it, said that Ferry continued the remark about Deng, adding that Deng was “like a guy who would have a nice store out front but sell you counterfeit stuff out of the back.” Gearon says Ferry then described Deng, as Gearon recalled, “as a two-faced liar and a cheat.”
    Gearon sent a copy of an e-mail he sent to co-owner Bruce Levenson soon after the meeting to a local Atlanta television station Monday night. In the e-mail, Gearon said he and other unnamed members of the ownership group were “appalled” at what they considered a racial slur, and consulted with an African-American former judge and an employment discrimination lawyer. Both the judge and the lawyer told Gearon that the team could be exposed to legal action or, at the least, would suffer greatly in the court of public opinion if Ferry’s remarks saw the light of day.
    “If Ferry’s comments are ever made public, and it’s a safe bet to say they will someday, it could be fatal to the franchise,” Gearon wrote, adding that he believed the team’s diversity within the organization had regressed since Ferry took over.
    That e-mail was what set off the team’s internal investigation into its practices, and which led to the subsequent discovery of an e-mail by Levenson two years ago in which Levenson decried the lack of affluent white fans attending Hawks games. That discovery led to Levenson’s announcement over the weekend that he would sell his share of the team. It is believed that Hawks partner Ed Peskowitz, Levenson’s longtime business associate, will also sell his share of the team.

    Click on link to read in full.

    All of this fu#king talk about their being no racism in sports and it is now spilling over into a league where the playing staff of the majority of the NBA’s teams is in excess of 70% ethnic minority . I wonder if the league hierarchy will give both Danny Ferry and Bruce Levenson a pass, as they had repeatedly done with Donald Sterling and another bigot among the NBA owners that crotchety mother-fu#ker Rich DeVos of the Orlando Magic ?

    The NBA is littered with so much goddamn hypocrisy , while being ran by bunch of Caucasian males, who are so damn clueless about race relations , as are many of the league’s predominantly white fans .

    “I’ve nothing against black players in the NBA , just as long as they know their place and to leave the white women alone ” ! Danny Ferry

    Michael Gearon who has taken over the Hawks may well have reprimanded Danny Ferry , but the league itself should also be doing something , by meting out some form of punishment to the Hawks’ front office executive.

    NBA news

    Atlanta Hawks’ news

    tophatal ……………….


  13. Ferry’s fellow peers are quickly jumping to his defense in suggesting his statements were not callous and meant no harm . The fact of the matter is , he repeated using what is deemed stereotypical epithets to describe African American players and players of certain ethnicity’s . If the league (NBA) is to held to higher standard , then it should be applicable to not team owners , but also the players and general managers .

    tophatal ……….


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