Saying goodbye to an icon ……

Saying goodbye to an icon …

Well, as baseball continues to wind down its regular season schedule and play the biggest stories at the start of the season and still ongoing remains the winding down of Derek Jeters’ career with the New York Yankees . Jeter and his teammates have put up a solid front ,but it now appears he and the team are likely to miss the postseason for the first time since 2011, having not been part of baseball’s postseason fare in either 2012 or 2013.


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Though Joe Girardi and his managerial staff have guided the team to a respectable placing within the AL East , a second place finish to the likely divisional winners the Baltimore Orioles will be considered a major disappointment , as too will their failure to gain an AL wildcard berth where the team remains 4 ½ games out of the wildcard spot and where Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners are the two leading candidates. With twenty-one games yet to be played in the schedule before the end of the season, it will be interesting to see what the New York Yankees are capable of achieving between now and the culmination of the year. Inconsistencies all round, have been one of the things to plague this New York team along with a string of injuries throughout the season. It should also be noted the pitching staff have failed to live up to the preconceived notions many might well have had, in spite of the impressive debut of Masahiro Tanaka , their Japanese import signed to a major deal at the behest of Hank Steinbrenner . All well and good, until you realize , Steinbrenner’s alleged intent was to have the team’s payroll for this year to be considerably lower than the $200 million , for which Yankees now have the second highest payroll in all of baseball behind the Los Angeles Dodgers and their near $250 million in salary commitments.

Coming off a three-game series’ loss (2-1) to the Kansas City Royals the New York Yankees will now take on their perennial rivals the Tampa Bay Rays in a three game series to be played at Yankees Stadium in New York City , New York , beginning Tuesday , 9th September with the final game of the series on Thursday , 11th September.

Derek Jeter , continually the vocal leader of the New York Yankees, ever since he was made the captain of the team, for this season he has been his resolute self with his all-round play. To define the shortstop’s career , is hard to put into words , a five-time World Series’ champion , multiple All Star, Gold Glove winner , AL Rookie of the Year , but never a winner of the AL MVP. Try figuring that one out in terms of the decisions made about on the scale of the recipients of the award and the reasoning why he has never won the most recognized regular season award bestowed upon a player. I can only surmise the voters from the BBWAA (Baseball Writers Association of America) failed to recognize the name of Jeter on the ballot or they chose not to vote for the player for some reason ! Derek Jeter may not be leading the team in hits or batting average or runs batted in , but he has the respect of his teammates, managerial staff but more so the organization and what he has meant to the Yankees’ history and legacy.

Whether or not Jacoby Ellsbury will be seen as the heir-apparent to Derek Jeter in providing the New York Yankees with the type of leadership sought, but Ellsbury has provided the Yankees with the type of performances and play expected of the former Boston Red Sox player. The only question one might have concerning one of the Yankee’ high-priced free agent acquisitions , will be his resilience and health issues , in not being able to remain injury-free all season long during his career. If Ellsbury can continue to show the style of play exhibited this season, then the New York Yankees are likely to have some success in the future. For now, their season will be one, where they will have to play at a consistently high level while seeking end on a high note. With Alex Rodriguez not returning to the New York Yankees until the 2015 season , Brian Cashman might have to think long and hard about the future makeup of the roster .

The 1992 MLB Draft was quite lucky for the New York Yankees and the successes down the years in terms of the development of Andy Pettite, Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada guaranteed a great deal of the success during the mid to late nineties , when the franchise had unprecedented success in terms of their AL East divisional titles , AL pennant successes , World Series’ appearance , with four championship titles coming during the reign of Joe Torre as the Yankees’ manager. .

Jeter’s retirement , with this being his last season of a two decade long career , when, he made his debut for the ball-club during the 1995 season, with his first game being against the Seattle Mariners in an 8-7 loss in the contest on 29th May , 1995 played at the Kingdome in Seattle, Washington . Jeter can consider the events there, placed him on the path in becoming one of the New York Yankees’ greatest players , where his lists of accomplishments now place him among the pantheons of the game as well as one of the most respected players in Yankees’ history.

It is hard not to be extremely critical of the Houston Astros as a baseball franchise and their record over the past four years . It has left great deal to be desired , while team owner , Jim Crane and GM Jeff Luhnow remain in complete denial about the lack of competitiveness of the team as well their financial predicament . The firing of Bo Porter was of no great surprise, but this asinine belief that their young players would lift them out of their continued doldrums, can only be put down to the lack of insight shown by the protagonists of this baseball club and the incompetence shown by Porter and his managerial staff during his tenure .

Of late the Astros might be showing some resilience having gone 7-3 in their last ten games among the best in the Majors , but consider the fact they are 24 ½ games out of first place within the AL West and 15 ½ games out of the wildcard berth simply, is an indicator about how bad this team just happens to be. Houston’s recent defeat of the Oakland A’s at O Coliseum in Oakland , California ,on Sunday, would have provided a boost for the Astros and interim manager Tom Lawless , as he has been given the task of managing the team until the end of the season.

The Houston Astros will now go on the road to face the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field , where Robinson Cano will be further looking to enhance his status as a legitimate AL MVP candidate for this season , while the Mariners look to guarantee themselves a wildcard berth for the postseason . A three-game series between the two teams will begin as of Monday afternoon . The first game of the series, will pit Brad Peacock of the Astros against Felix Hernandez of the Mariners in what is likely to be to a very good pitchers’ duel. Houston will need to be at their very best over the remainder of their schedule simply to avoid another one-hundred loss season as their fans have been accustomed to, in three of the last four years .

As great a manager as Ron Washington has been for the Texas Rangers and the dour year for the team , his personal resignation, having come as a shock to the organization and fans of this franchise. Washington has not given a detailed pubic reason behind his abrupt resignation, other than to say it is for personal reasons. GM Jon Daniels reluctantly accepted the manager’s decision and thanked him for his contributions to the baseball franchise during his tenure.

However , in light of Ron Washington’s personal demons and his well-chronicled battle with regard to substance abuse and addiction to cocaine , one could speculate the manager has fallen back into a cycle of substance abuse, even after previously taking a leave of absence from the baseball franchise for a stint in rehab. Baseball’s hierarchy , somehow believe there is a need for mandatory drug testing of the players for banned substances , but they have failed to make their managers and coaching staffs of the teams part of the collective bargaining agreement that covers the players through the deal reached with the MLBPA . One has to ask why neither Bud Selig or his recently named successor Rob Manfred did not feel that the managers within baseball should be covered by such an edict ?Clearly , a case where the league hierarchy believe the managers can do no wrong, but the players have to be held to a much higher standard in terms of a code of conduct . That would not be so comical, given, Selig and the owners’ systemic failings in dealing with the now decade-plus era of steroid cheats and baseball’s lack of understanding and acting with some voracity in going after the players in question.

There may well be a great deal of respect for Rob Manfred and his deftness in dealing with the labor issues within baseball , but in terms of his being seen as a “new broom” called in to clean house , there is likely to be the still idiotic pratfalls seen with Manfred’s predecessor Bud Selig, as the incoming commissioner has been as Selig’s side for several years.

Out of the divisional race within the AL West and no hope of gaining a wildcard berth , all that is left for the Texas Rangers this season is nothing more than respectability and a sense of urgency. Having the worst record within the game of baseball , simply gives us all an indication to how bad this season has been for the Rangers without Ron Washington’s resignation being added to the storyline for this dire year . Texas’ quest is now to give their fans something to believe in , while leaving the ownership to make a decision in which direction their managerial search will now take in terms of finding successor for Ron Washington. Tim Bogar has been given the job of interim manager until the end of the season, but it is my own belief the Rangers’ front office will seek a more high profiled replacement for the recently departed manager! ! Bogar and the team will begin a three-game home stand against the Los Angeles Angels on Tuesday , and it is likely this series could prove decisive for the Angels as they seek to dethrone the reigning AL West champions the Oakland A’s and win their first divisional crown since 2009 when they made the postseason, only to fall to the New York Yankees in the ALCS in six games, losing the series 4-2 , with New York going on to win their twenty-seventh World Series’ title, defeating the Philadelphia Phillies .

Taking the mound for the Rangers in the first of the three-game series against the Angels will be Colby Lewis as he faces off against Hector Santiago in this all divisional contest which currently favors the Los Angeles Angels in the season series.



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With Derek Jeter’s career coming to a close , do you believe his accomplishments place him among the all-time greats in New York Yankees’ history or has the hype and persona which has surrounded the player made him a bigger personality ? Also, what do you believe the future of Houston Astros and Texas Rangers will be after such a disastrous year within Major League Baseball?

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(1) New York Yankees’ team captain Derek Jeter receives a standing ovation from the crowd prior to the game against the Kansas City Royals played at Yankees Stadium , in New York City, New York , on , on Sunday , 7th September ,2014 . The Royals blanked the Yankees 2-0 to keep a slender lead over the Detroit Tigers within the AL Central , providing MLB with the tightest divisional race in all of baseball. AP Photo /Kathy Willens …

(2) Kansas City Royals’ second baseman Omar Infante’s miscue allows Derek Jeter to reach second base on a hit by Martin Prado who reached first base on the error by Infante during the game played on Sunday afternoon at Yankees Stadium in New York City, New York . AP Photo / Kathy Willens …

(3) New York Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi ,left, is seen here with one of the team’s 2013 acquisitions ,catcher , Brian McCann and the team’s senior managing partner Hal Steinbrenner . McCann was signed to a five-year $85 million deal making him one of the highest paid players at the position in baseball. Getty Images North America / Maddie Meyer …

(4) Jacoby Ellsbury of the New York Yankees who was acquired by team as a free agent , after Ellsbury was not re-signed by his former team the Boston Red Sox . AP Photo/ Martin Dennis …

(5) HOUSTON, TX – APRIL 22: Houston Astros manager Bo Porter (16) , left and general manager Jeff Luhnow wait near the batting cage prior to the start of the game against the Seattle Mariners at Minute Maid Park on April 22 , 2013 in Houston, Texas. Luhnow fired the Astros’ manager this season (2014) after another disastrous year by the team with them showing no real signs of competitiveness on any level within the AL . Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

(6) Texas Rangers’ GM Jon Daniels is seen here with Prince Fielder (center) and former team manager Ron Washington . Washington offered his resignation to the franchise, offering little by way of an explanation other than to suggest the reasons for his decision were personal . Fielder has seen very little playing time and offering little by way of productivity for the Rangers, having spent a great deal of time on the DL this season . To further exacerbate the situation the Texas Rangers remain on the hook for the majority of Fielder’s remaining contract , which does not expire until 2021 . AP Photo / Philip Trent …

(7) New York Yankees’ legends , top row from left to right , Yogi Berra , Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth , Joe DiMaggio , Elston Howard, Micky Mantle , Thurman Munson , Reggie Jackson and Derek Jeter . Upon his retirement there is likely to be a very contested debate about where Jeter will rank among the all-time Yankees’ greats. The one thing which cannot be denied is that Jeter has been among the most successful players of his era among the New York Yankees. Archives UPI /Getty Images …



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18 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to an icon ……”

  1. Derek Jeter is likely to go down as perhaps among the top-fifteen or twenty players in the New York Yankees’ history . No mean feat , when you consider the history and legacy of some of the club’s greatest players . If there is said to be a real issue , it could well be since Joe Girardi became the Yankees’ ,manager, apart from the team’s success in 2009 , the pickings have been fairly lean , while they have dealt with a litany of issues concerning Alex Rodriguez and an aging roster in from 2010 through to this year in particular .

    Personally , I do not believe GM Brian Cashman has a great deal of faith in the New York Yankees’ farm system , which has clearly been the case since 2010 .

    New York Yankees standings since 2010 and the club’s record against opponents since 2010 .

    Derek Jeter

    Jeter’s last season is likely to seen as a tearful farewell for the player as he greets well-wishers across the country over the remainder of the team’s schedule in 2014.

    ” Joe I really don’t know what to do , as I can’t pull a rabbit out of my @ss let alone a hat ” ! GM Brian Cashman and Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi (left).

    If the Yankees can’t win by using fair means then what does it tell you about Girardi and his managerial staff ?

    Courtesy of NY Daily News

    Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman also largely responsible for Michael Pineda pine tar incident

    The Yankees are more to blame for this than a pitcher gone desperate after getting cuffed around by the defending World Champion Red Sox. They’ve owned up to it, with Cashman wondering publicly about the organizational failure here, and good for them for doing so.

    By Anthony McCarron , 25th April, 2014

    BOSTON — Whatever you think of Michael Pineda’s intelligence, or lack thereof, in the wake of Sticky Fingers II, the whole mess could’ve and should’ve been prevented by the Yankees, long before a panicked Big Mike reached for the pine tar and smeared the goo on his neck.

    From Joe Girardi and his staff, all the way up to GM Brian Cashman’s group in the club’s corridors of power, the Yankees are more to blame for this than a pitcher gone desperate after getting cuffed around by the defending World Champion Red Sox. They’ve owned up to it, with Cashman wondering publicly about the organizational failure here, and good for them for doing so.

    But why do they keep insisting that they made the potential consequences clear to Pineda? No matter what they say, the message wasn’t driven home enough to keep Pineda from what he describes as a last-second act before he went to the mound for the second inning. Now he’s suspended for 10 games, and the rotation and roster, which plays a man down for 10 days, are both compromised.

    Did he really get that not only would the Red Sox be looking for anything suspicious, but so would an army of hi-def cameras, with technology so good these days that they can probably count individual nose hairs? Did Pineda, a shy, 25-year-old man-child who struggles with English, really understand that he’d be suspended and his wonderful start to the season would be questioned if he were caught a second time?

    The Yankees say Girardi and pitching coach Larry Rothschild laid it all out for Pineda after cameras caught him with goop on his right palm while he pitched against Boston on April 10 at the Stadium.

    But it’s fair to wonder if something was lost in translation. Or without translation. Pineda, who is from the Dominican Republic, does not do media interviews through a translator and sometimes has trouble grasping questions from English-speaking reporters. He said he had those conversations with the Yankees in English in part because he wants to practice it.

    Click on link to read in full.


    Now what for the New York Yankees ? It seems there draft classes in 2004 , 2005 , 2006 , 2007 , 2008 , 2009 , 2010 , 2011 , 2012 and 2013 have yet produce any major stars . It has been a system of inept failure on the part of the organization for the better part of a decade in terms of picks .

    tophatal ……..


  2. True indeed. Not a Yankees’ fan, but anyone who doesn’t respect what Derek Jeter has done in the game of baseball is crazy.

    Been MIA lately Alan. Good to see you’re still chomping at the bit.


    1. Blog Surface

      I can understand that , with regard to the inaction . I’ve been reassigned at work and my downtime has proven to be far too hectic , when at home . Can’t get around dealing with repairing friends’ computers as well as dealing with volunteer work in the rural town, where I live in Central Florida .

      With regard to Derek Jeter , how can anyone not respect the player ? Granted , he has remained silent when in many respects , his voice would have been welcomed , when it came to the issue the steroid cheats and the whole charade of the era , the nineties in particular . Yet , I guess , it came down to towing the line like the rest of the idiots within the game , made up of the league hierarchy led by Bud Selig , the owners and era of Donald Fehr as Executive Director of the MLBPA (Players’ Union) .

      Jeter’s real hits were actually quantified by the hot chicks , he laid the wood to . ‘

      Another plus sign for Jeter was the number of females who tasted his maple bat . . Kudos to him on that particular score , most definitely !

      tophatal …………….


  3. In their home series opener on Tuesday night , the New York Yankees fall to the Tampa Bay Rays , leaving the home team with another loss endangering their chances of gaining a wildcard berth in the AL . Yankees’ starter Hiroki Kuroda was absolutely abysmal managing to go only 3 1/3 innings during the game as he faced off against the Rays’ Chris Archer in the contest .

    Game two on Wednesday is a must-win game for the Yankees if they are to have any chance of winning the series much less squaring it at this juncture with game three on Thursday evening . That day (Thursday ) will also commemorate the thirteenth anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy , the attack on the Pentagon as well as the downing of United Flight 93 in Shanksville , Pennsylvania .,.

    Rather poignant articles were written and coverage by MLB was apt in light of the tragedy.

    A poignant moment from the 2001 World Series as the victims of 9/11 are remembered in a moment of silence .

    These two teams will resume the season long series at Tropicana Field in St Petersburg, Florida . Those games , three in total , will begin on the 15th September , game two on the 16th , with the final game beginning on the 17th of this month .

    This this week (2nd week in September) in MLB history .

    This day (September 11) in MLB history .

    MLB news’ coverage from September 2001

    tophatal ……………


  4. MLB news

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    Standings as of 10th September 2013 divisional and wildcard

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    She’s showing great dexterity in using both hands .

    Worth getting out of bed, getting wet for and then some !

    This chick is such a tease and we know why don’t we ?

    Feel the burn

    “Feel the burn” .


    tophatal ……


  5. So what’s to become of Jeter after he retires.

    Do you see him taking a position in baseball? Perhaps with the Yankees? Or does he just disappear.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the guy just kind of goes into seclusion for a while.


    1. I don’t know that Derek Jeter will leave the game on a permanent basis , as I believe he will be brought back to the Yankees’ organization in some capacity , just as Reggie Jackson has been . Jeter has stated that he would like to one day become the owner of Major League franchise , but I personally see him in front of the cameras as an analyst or a broadcaster/ commentator , either with a major broadcast or cable outlet .

      Another bad loss for the Tampa Bay Rays against the New York Yankees in a game where the Rays did not take advantage of the opportunities provided .

      MLB news

      New York Yankees’ news

      MLB results 11th September , 2014

      tophatal ……….


  6. Hank

    The game of baseball has changed since Derek Jeter played his very first game for the New York Yankees in 1995 . Within four years , he became the face of the Yankees , the team captain and his list of achievements may well make him among the top-ten or fifteen players in the club’s history . Now the closest player in the game today in terms of personality might well be the Los Angeles Angels’ outfielder Mike Trout . If he can achieve half the success of Jeter and remain grounded , he could well become the face of baseball for the next decade or more . Baseball is in need of a hero , an iconoclast and not these little piss ants , we have seen in terms of Ryan Braun , Alex Rodriguez or even the Nationals’ highly overrated Bryce Harper .

    tophatal ……………..


  7. If the New York Yankees fail to make the postseason , then where will the blame ultimately lay in terms of the offense , pitching or in essence the managerial staff or the team ? The ball-club’s remaining schedule is not one where you might think they are able to overcome their main rivals within the AL wildcard standings .

    Next up for New York is an away game against the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards , Baltimore , Maryland in a contest where the O’s can increase their lead in the AL East .

    New York Yankees’ news

    tophatal ………..


  8. Two more weeks before the end of baseball’s regular season schedule with the final games being played on the 29th September , 2014 . This past weekend’s results have not really shaken up the divisional or wildcard standings , but in essence several teams are now out of the hunt in terms of a wildcard berth having squandered their chances of being in the hunt.

    Atlanta has squandered their chance of making the postseason and winning the NL East . The team has been far too inconsistent with their pitching and offense throughout the entire season . Manager Fredi Gonzalez and his staff have been complacent and it will be now down to Frank Wren and John Schuerholz to reassess the lineup from top to bottom during this upcoming off-season .

    Atlanta Braves new

    Braves’ schedule month of September

    MLB probable starter for today’s Atlanta Braves game . Atlanta will play host to the Washington Nationals at Turner Field in Atlanta , Georgia , with Stephen Strasburg (11-11) of the Nationals taking on Ervin Santana (14-8) of the Braves , with two of the NL’s best starting pitchers facing off against each other.

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    tophatal …………..


  9. The New York Yankees held Derek Jeter out of last night’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays to the disappointment of Rays’ fans in attendance , hoping to see the team captain one last time. There was no comment from anyone within the Yankees’ front office for the decision to hold the player out of the lineup which ended in a 1-0 loss for the New York based franchise .

    In the NL East the Washington Nationals have now pretty much sewn up the divisional title having beaten the Atlanta Braves in a game where the home team was pretty much non-existent and the Braves’ pitching was ineffective .


    MLB news

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    tophatal ……..


  10. With only seven days left in the regular season , several of the divisions their designated champions with the Baltimore Orioles sewing up the AL East , the Washington Nationals in the NL East .

    Both Los Angeles’ based franchises , the Los Angeles Angels and the Los Angeles Dodgers Angels were barely troubled within the AL West and NL West respectively .

    The New York Yankees have failed miserably this season with Derek Jeter and the team bowing out rather ignominiously , not even being remotely in with a chance of gaining an AL wildcard berth .

    Joe Girardi and his staff were a major disappointment in not being able to motivate the players , with Brian Cashman showing his ingenuity now has more to do with the Yankees’ financial resources , rather than being able to assemble a competitive roster on all fronts .

    Next up for the Yankees will be a game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Yankees Stadium , with Drew Hutchinson of the Blue Jays taking on the mound facing off with Yankees’ Masahiro Tanaka being the opposing pitcher .

    tophatal ………………………….


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