Stupid is as stupid does and no one does it better than the NFL now , with the exception of the Federal Government …

Stupid is as stupid does and no one does it better than the NFL now, with the exception of the Federal Government …

Take nothing away from the incompetency of the NFL but Roger Goodell’s handling of the Ray Rice ” affair” and the actions of the Baltimore Ravens’ front office has left a great deal to be desired , along with the lack of a response from the hierarchy of the NFLPA and many of their most senior members . It seems rather idiotic, certain team owners are coming to defense of the NFL Commissioner , one of whom is Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones , who finds himself as a defendant n a civil suit, in a complaint filed by a female, who claims she was sexually harassed by the high-profiled publicity seeking owner. Jones and his legal representatives deny the claims of the plaintiff, dismissing them as nothing more than a nuisance suit and annoyance from someone seeking monetary compensation in a frivolous claim. Of late, there have been far too many negative stories encapsulating the NFL concerning the misdeeds of players , league executives and owners. Indianapolis Colts’ owner Jim Irsay in a plea deal with State Attorney General’s Office in Carmel , California, had his DUI case pled down to a misdemeanor , with his serving no jail time, simply paying a fine and accepting to do community service.


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The San Francisco Forty Niners are now having to deal with the negative publicity surrounding defensive player Ray McDonald , his attacking his pregnant fiancee’, and punching her in the face and head. McDonald has admitted his guilt, hitting his fiancée and with the case now under investigation, it seems staggering that Niners’ CEO Jed Yorke and GM Trent Baalke believe that the legal path of the issue has precedence over many punishment the franchise might deem appropriate in leveling against the player. The public outcry against the Forty Niners has been widespread, with the print and television media pointing to the hypocrisy of the statements made by Baalke , York and head coach Jim Harbaugh concerning the matter. Needless to say, other than the few curt words by McDonald, it has been left to his legal representatives to plead the case for their client.

Over the past eighteen months Roger Goodell’s decisions have become as equally baffling, as has his tenure since succeeding Paul Tagliabue as the NFL Commissioner. Needless to say, the calls for his being asked to step down have been growing but he has the clear support of many of the NFL’s most high-profiled owners including Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft , Steve Bisciotti , Woody Johnson , Daniel Snyder , Steve Ross , Dean Spanos and Pat Bowlen . I can only surmise the owners feel Goodell in spite of his mistakes can and will learn something from this episode while seeking to be more communicative and providing more leadership as the league’s highest-ranking executive. Based on his current and past record , I do not believe we are likely to see a vast improvement in how the commissioner handles such issues and that includes the NFL’s ongoing legal issues with current and older veterans and the issue of head trauma cases and their continued action of seeking legal recourse.

The league and Players’ Union (NFLPA) behind a closed door deal with the plaintiffs’ attorneys , were not only audacious, but smacked of greed, with many of the plaintiffs not being made aware of the negotiations at the time when the case was being litigated in the US Federal Court . Yet, at the end of it all, there was Goodell suggesting the case and the settlement in question was a just one. Thankfully, a US Appellate Court Judge threw out the settlement , issuing a statement that the final compensation figure was in fact far too low , asking that the league furnish him with more details as to their financial records and detailing an in-depth breakdown of how the NFL’s revenues are derived .

As the Roger Goodell tries to explain his latest pratfall, with the league hierarchy rallying behind to show their support for the beleaguered league executive, one has to ask how much more can the NFL actually handle before Goodell’s own position comes under scrutiny? Another catastrophe on such a scale and quite possibly not only will the owners be questioning the commissioner’s stewardship but also many of the NFL’s corporate endorsers but also their broadcast partners as well. There may well the analogy of there being no such thing as bad publicity , but bear in mind , the league now has almost broad base of female supporters who are now showing their disgust and disdain in Roger Goodell’s handling of the Ray Rice affair , without the idiocy of the various league spokespersons suggesting the NFL does not condone domestic violence.

Repeatedly, over the last several years a litany of players have fallen afoul of the law concerning domestic abuse , with many being merely given a slap on the wrist by the league hierarchy or the justice system itself , has been an abject failure in treating such crimes , by meting out a fitting sentence for the defendants concerned , thereby leaving the victims to feel the system has further let them down and having not given them any legal recourse. It should be noted, NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith has remained remarkably silent on this issue of domestic violence, but has maintained , where he feels his members are being railroaded by the league , they will be rigorously defended. Somehow , I do not believe Smith fully comprehends the gravity of the situation and the outrage there happens to be concerning a social plague among his members, in terms of their behavior , of which the fans themselves are also showing their apathy concerning this matter. Then again, it seems to be nothing new and simply the norm when it comes such an issue , as it may well take the murder of a female victim , before the matter is actually taken seriously by the league , union or then fans .

Week one in the NFL did not really tell us a great deal , but I do believe there was an indication that the NFC East still remains highly overrated , and the results were clearly there for all to see . The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants opened their season with inexplicable losses , with Tony Romo leading the way for the Cowboys with another mediocre performance in Dallas’ 28-17 home loss to the San Francisco 49ers. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback’s NFC East counterpart with the New York Giants, Eli Manning did not fare much better in his team’s mauling at the hands of the Detroit Lions , succumbing the NFC North based franchise losing 35-14 . Jay Gruden’s inauspicious start as head coach of the Washington Redskins , was signaled in with a mediocre performance in his team’s loss , a 17-6 defeat to the Houston Texans. If this is a sign of things to come this season within the division, then fans of the teams in question will be in for a dire year. It may well be too early a call, but Robert Griffin III in spite of his performance for the Redskins was far from inspiring in terms of his leadership in the team’s loss to the Texans, but yet he remains Washington’s best chance of winning when a game is said to be on the line. Kirk Cousins may well be waiting in the wings but in this contest , Gruden’s and the team’s woes were typified by a <a href=””&gt; secondary which was extraordinarily inept in just about every facet of the game .

I was never impressed with the NFC East even with the praise being heaped on the teams and the belief that Nick Foles , Robert Griffin III, Tony Romo and Eli Manning being thought as being among the elite of the league’s quarterbacks . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and nothing as of yet suggests to me either of the quartet can be considered among the league’s best at the position. Manning has not been able to reproduce the form which guided the Giants to two Superbowl victories, in six years . Tony Romo as we all know, his postseason forays have not been a thing of beauty and his excuses for those poor performances are beginning to wear thin. Nick Foles was able catch everyone by surprise last season , but head coach Chip Kelly has yet to learn his defense has to be able to contribute to his team’s victories. The same can be said of the Washington Redskins and it remains to be seen whether or not Jay Gruden and his coaching staff can get the team to perform more stoutly on defense, but also be more competitive on offense.

Bill Belichick, forever the head coach everyone loves to hate and with just cause, cannot exorcise the demons of his egotistical behavior. It is either his way or the highway, even when failing to admit he might be in the wrong. A monumental mistake in allowing the departure of Wes Welker , caused some uproar among the fans , angered his franchise quarterback Tom Brady , but it has been his failure draft players who have been productive on the team’s defense over the past five seasons which has led to the Patriots’ failings in the postseason during the time-span in question. As if to start the year off with even more drama, Bill Belichick made the decision to trade Pro Bowl offensive guard Logan Mankins to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers prior to the start of the season . Again drawing the ire of Tom Brady, but with GM Nick Caserio and Belichick stating Mankins’ reluctance to take a pay cut was the primary reason for the team’s decision to make the trade . In 2013 , Brady made available an additional $12 million to the franchise to assist in keeping Wes Welker , only for the head coach and general manager to bungle the entire negotiation process , which saw Welker sign with the Denver Broncos , adding another lethal weapon to Peyton Manning’s arsenal for the season. . It begs the question, if Brady’s largesse was not good enough to broker a deal , then how was it this time around, they could fail so miserably in not being able to persuade the lineman to stay, knowing full well what he meant to the organization by way of his leadership and productivity ? The excuses proffered up, comes across as lame and without merit.

New England began its season with an away game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium in Miami , Florida. It was seen as very much as an easy win , if the team simply played at a competent level . It was definitely not the case, with Tom Brady being outshone by the opposing quarterback on the day , as Miami were allowed to stroll through this contest barely breaking sweat. The Patriots’ woes , once again was the secondary , with the offense itself, being equally abysmal . Ryan Tannehill of the Dolphins played like a Pro Bowl caliber player ,while Brady was languid , seemingly disinterested in the outcome of the game.

This 33-20 loss by the New England Patriots was pretty much systematic and endemic of what this staff has been about , with Bill Belichick showing very little passion, Complacency sets in , with their being little signs of urgency from a number of the players on the team. Darelle Revis is proving at this stage of his career, his best years have passed him by and Rob Gronkowski is far from being game fit, much less being at his very best in spite of his claims.

In week two the New England Patriots will be the guests of the Minnesota Vikings(1-0) as the visiting team hopes to get back to winning ways. Minnesota for its part will be looking to prove their week one result was no mere fluke and finally the team might have a starting quarterback capable of actually getting the job done after the .inconsistency shown by the often injured and under-achieving Christian Ponder. Matt Cassel may well have the starting quarterback position , but he has become a journeyman and it will be only matter of time before Mike Zimmer makes the decision to insert Teddy Bridgewater in the starting role . Cassel has yet to show the level of consistency needed to make the Vikings a credible challenger within the NFC North , let alone within the NFC .

The Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints put on an exhibition this past Sunday that may well have had fans excited as the two NFC South teams went about trying to blow each other out of the water . Now while the NFL might believe this was the type of game the fans love to see, what was clearly apparent, was the fact, both teams were simply mediocre in terms of their respective defenses . With over one thousand yards of offense amassed during the game both defenses were simply nondescript if not mediocre throughout the entire contest.

Drew Brees and Matt Ryan in recent years may well have been two of the better quarterbacks in the NFL and their prowess while unquestioned to a degree , yet it begs the question , if the two players are going to be asked to air the ball the majority of the time of the time for the Saints and Falcons it is likely to lead to the teams having to play a great deal more cautiously in terms of the pass offense , because any mistake by the quarterbacks could prove to be costly . With Sean Payton and Mike Smith looking to take the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons to the postseason this upcoming year , the NFC South is likely to become one of the more competitive divisions within the the league this season.

In week two the New Orleans Saints will take their show on the road to face the Cleveland Browns , while the Atlanta Falcons will also be in the state of Ohio to meet the Browns’ instate , divisional and AFC rivals the Cincinnati Bengals in what is likely to be two of the day’s more intriguing games .



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In light of the issues now providing major problems for the NFL in terms of the commissioner’s haphazard handling of the Ray Rice affair , do you feel that Roger Goodell should step down from his current position and hand in his resignation to the league hierarchy ? Or you of the opinion his judgment at the time concerning the matter and the punishment rendered initially was correct? Also if there is any action to be taken against Ray McDonald of the San Francisco 49ers with the player having admitted his actions publicly , then what do you feel ought to be the appropriate action to be taken by the league? Your thoughts on this and anything else you feel relevant to the subject matter is welcomed.


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(1) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who is now facing mounting criticism to re-sign after the league’s poor handling of the Ray Rice affair. The Baltimore Ravens’ running back has since been banned indefinitely by the league , with Goodell suggesting there is a a possibility for the player to return to the NFL at some point in the future . To further compound the statement the commissioner went on to suggest that the league office was not in possession of the taped incident showing Rice assaulting his then fiancee’ Jenay Parker , whom he has since married . The tape in question was sent to the NFL by an unnamed source thought to be a member of law enforcement in Las Vegas , Nevada. However, it has been noted that the source had an in-depth conversation with a league employee who had seen the tape upon its arrival . The original airing of the incident was aired by entertainment news’ website . AP Photo/ Mick Charles …

(2) Indianapolis Colts’ team owner Jim Iray who recently ran afoul of the law for a DUI and the possession of a controlled substance This was not Irsay’s first legal entanglement for such an infraction and it has been repeated pattern of behavior with the team owner . Irsay has seen been suspended by the league with a six-game ban and $500,000 fine , with a warning of any further misdeed on his part will be met with a much sterner punishment and possible sanctions . Getty Images/ Chris Russell …

(3) Jerry Jones , owner of the Dallas Cowboys is seen here with his son , Stephen Jones , a senior front office executive with the franchise . The elder patriarch , a long time supporter of Roger Goodell now finds himself entangled in a rather unsavory legal wrangle where an exotic dancer is claiming sexual harassment by the team owner . The plaintiff is seeking a legal and financial recourse from Jones for his alleged actions which he and his legal representatives denied ever took place. AP Photo/ Paul Bishop

(4) From left to right San Francisco 49ers’ CEO Jed Yorke , team head coach Jim Harbaugh and GM Trent Baalke . The three individuals are now having to deal with issues of Ray McDonald and his actions in having attacked and beaten his pregnant fiancee’. The franchise believes the matter can be best dealt with by law enforcement before any action can be taken by the organization . McDonald has admitted his actions in an interview with the local press but it is not known what his plea might be when and there is said to be any legal action taken against the player. Courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle ….

(5) DeMaurice Smith , executive director of the NFL Players Association, talks with the media after negotiations with the NFL involving a federal mediator broke down without an agreement on Friday, March 11, 2011 in Washington. Smith has remained somewhat passive when it comes to the issue of player misconduct concerning the players within the NFL and it has only been in light of the indefinite suspension of Ray Rice where has chosen to speak out publicly on the matter . AP Photo/Alex Brandon ….

(6) Tom Brady (12) of the New England Patriots hands off to teammate Stevan Ridley (22) in the first quarter during a game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium on September 7, 2014 in Miami Gardens, Florida. The Dolphins defeated the Patriots 33-20 in the contest. Getty Images North America / Mike Ehrmann …




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14 thoughts on “Stupid is as stupid does and no one does it better than the NFL now , with the exception of the Federal Government …”

  1. Can Goodell and the rest of the bogus fu#king a#sholes within the NFL simply shut the fu#k up once and for all ? A bunch of frigging hypocrites who themselves are the fathers of daughters and who may or not have a spouse , sister , niece , mother or another close female relative but yet their actions in dealing a with issue of player misconduct concerning spousal abuse belies their understanding of the issue . Throw in the apathy of the fans and you have the added idiocy of it all.

    Well the Baltimore Ravens got their victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers , but they cannot escape the bad stench and taste they have left around the NFL and in the minds of the fans . One individual with his idiotic prognosis states he believes the NFL and the Ravens are misplaced in how they have dealt with Ray Rice. Obviously this @ss doesn’t see this as a bigger issue that has been widespread around the league which had been barely and poorly dealt with by the NFLPA . DeMaurice Smith is proving to be a complete moron when it comes to the misdeeds of his members , especially those involved in the crime of domestic violence and spousal abuse . Will it actually take the death of a player’s wife or girlfriend before the league actually takes this matter seriously or will the pragmatism continue with the league and the dumb @ss fans in general ?

    tophatal ………


  2. The New England Patriots got off to a really disastrous start with a loss in their game to the Miami Dolphins , a road defeat to their divisional rivals . I wonder if they will fare any better in their week two contest against the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis , Minnesota on Sunday afternoon ? Patriots versus Viking in their head to head contests

    NFL news and news from around the league .

    NFL team injuries

    NFL schedule week two

    NFL standings (division) .

    tophatal ………..


  3. The NFL has become soft on crime much as in the same way the federal government’s war on drugs has become a big joke ! Billions wasted as the US sends tens of millions of dollars south of the border to countries such as Bolivia , Mexico , and Colombia to fight a war of futility and absolute stupidity . Who are the DEA , FBI , much less the US Justice Department really aiming at and fighting in their futile operation ? In the same way , what have the NFL hierarchy and union done to actually get the players to rein in their heinous actions ? DeMaurice Smith is a frigging hypocrite and the NFL coaches are a bunch of pussies ,for being so damn soft .

    I guess Tony Dungy has nothing to say about Ray Rice or Ray McDonald , but his dumb @ss can come out with the statement that he would not have drafted Michael Sam because of the adverse publicity it would cause a team ? I wonder what type of publicity Dungy believes Rice and McDonald have caused the NFL with their actions ?

    “I believe Ray Rice and Ray McDonald to be good men , but they need to be taught to make that blow really count”

    Tony Dungy

    It may well take a player killing his wife or girlfriend , before assholes within the NFL actually come to their senses .

    ” If you look at how I conducted my investigation of the wrongdoings at Penn State you will see that no one got off lightly . Louis Freeh .

    Roger Goodell has now asked former FBI Director Louis Freeh to conduct an in depth investigation as to when and where this tape was said to have been delivered . Another case of window dressing by the league , as it looks to absolve itself from any type of responsibility .

    tophatal ………..


  4. Jim Irsay can’t get out of his own way and ongoing stupidity , while further placing the Indianapolis Colts into another embarrassing situation . It is one thing for the players to be running amok but when it comes to owners such as Irsay , Jimmy Haslam and allegedly Jerry Jones , then it shows a lack of real authority and real leadership within the upper echelons of the league hierarchy . While this all happens , the print and television media will seek to soften the blow in not making the NFL overly responsible for the gross misbehavior of the players and owners .

    The Colts got harangued and beaten like drum in week one when they played the Denver Broncos . Andrew Luck did not fare well against his predecessor Peyton Manning , when these two gifted quarterbacks met in their first game of the regular season .

    tophatal ………


  5. Week three of the College Football season .

    Alabama has a 41-0 victory in week two and somehow they fall in the national rankings . And fans are meant to believe this new format will add some legitimacy to it when part of the whole scenario and playoff format will take into account the ranking when formulating their system ? Good luck with that idiocy .

    Further emphasizing what remains archaic about the NFL and sports in this country as it relates to social issues . Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson turns himself to law enforcement where he is charged with child abuse for beating his son with a switch .

    Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

    Adrian Peterson booked on child injury charges, out on bond

    Minnesota Vikings’ star running back Adrian Peterson was briefly detained in a Texas jail early on Saturday charged with injuring a child, according to the website of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

    Peterson was held on a $15,000 bond early on Saturday morning and was released within about 30 minutes, jail records showed. He was indicted by a grand jury in the county north of Houston, and police issued a warrant for his arrest on Friday.

    The charges come on the heels of the NFL indefinitely suspending Baltimore Ravens three-time Pro Bowl running back Ray Rice for domestic violence.

    The National Football League’s Vikings said in a statement they would drop Peterson from the team’s roster for Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots as the team looks into the matter.

    “The Vikings are in the process of gathering information regarding the legal situation involvingAdrian Peterson,” the team said in a statement.

    A two-year-old boy fathered by Peterson died in October 2013 after being allegedly assaulted by the mother’s boyfriend in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The man, Joseph R. Patterson, was indicted on second-degree murder charges.

    Click on link to read in full.

    The player and his lawyer , Rusty Hardin (famed attorney who represented baseball player Roger Clemens) state Peterson disciplined the child , because this was the way he was punished by his parents as a youth . Pardon me for saying this, but Adrian Peterson is a grown man, with an imposing physical stature and a mere slap on the ass may well have been enough to actually scare this child rather than the alleged abuse and perhaps trauma which his son is likely to have suffered . Bear in mind , the child is not the player’s custody , as he only sees him through visitation rights granted through the legal system, as Peterson and the child’s mother are not together or were ever married.

    One more black eye for the NFL while the story concerning Ray McDonald still remains duly untouched by the San Francisco 49ers and their idiocy in stating they would rather see law enforcement takes its course in the charges of McDonald beating his pregnant girlfriend . Can someone tell me where there is said to be any goddamn credibility with the NFL let alone the major hit they are taking in terms of their PR ? Meanwhile , idiot fans believe the league will make a full recovery from this all .

    Here are two stories concerning the 49ers which shows the inherent stupidity within the organization led by CEO Jed Yorke and GM Trent Baalke .

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Bell: 49ers under scrutiny for Ray McDonald stance

    By Jarrett Bell

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Jim Harbaugh has had as strong of a voice as anyone in the NFL when it comes to denouncing domestic violence. The San Francisco 49ers coach insists that he won’t tolerate it.

    There is no gray area, Harbaugh has repeatedly declared.

    It’s a quick ticket to get off the team.

    “There is no understanding for domestic violence,” Harbaugh told USA TODAY Sports. “No understanding for striking or abusing a woman in any manner.”

    Despite that unrelenting stance, when the 49ers hit the practice field on Thursday afternoon, Ray McDonald lined up at his customary position at left defensive tackle.

    It is a matter of due process flying in the face of the domestic violence firestorm.

    With widespread fallout from the case of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, the 49ers are under immense pressure to make a statement underscoring Harbaugh’s tough talk.

    McDonald was the first NFL player arrested after Commissioner Roger Goodell announced a tougher domestic violence policy, nabbed at his home in San Jose on suspicion of domestic abuse on Aug. 31, three days after the NFL’s announcement.
    McDonald hasn’t been formally charged, but was taken into custody after police responded to a 911 call and noticed bruises on the arms and neck of his pregnant fiancée.

    But the 49ers won’t sit him down. It makes you wonder whether they are merely paying lip service, or have obtained information that they believe will clear McDonald’s name.

    “Ray McDonald is not Ray Rice,” 49ers CEO Jed York said during a radio appearance this week.

    “This is completely different,” 49ers guard Alex Boone told USA TODAY Sports, comparing McDonald to Rice. “There’s no video of Ray (McDonald) hitting a woman. They’re still going through the process of the investigation. So it’s really apples to oranges.”

    Yeah, no video. Perhaps still photographs.

    Click on link to read in full.

    The next idiot who suggests the NFL has a handle on things and have taken the correct approach in dealing with this current mess, can go off and simply remain in the middle of the Gobi Desert .

    Courtesy of Time Inc

    The 49ers Debacle Proves the NFL Still Doesn’t Get It

    Broadcaster Ted Robinson made a faux pas about Janay Rice. Defensive tackle Ray McDonald got arrested for beating up his girlfriend. Guess which one got a two-game suspension?

    By Charlotte Alter

    In the wake of the PR disaster caused by the Ray Rice scandal, NFL teams are thrashing around for ways to prove they take domestic violence seriously. They’ll throw anyone under the bus–as long as he’s not a valuable asset on the field.
    Why We Shouldn’t Be Surprised That Fans Are Still Supporting Ray RiceO.J. Simpson and Ray Rice: How Domestic Violence Has ChangedNigerian President Hijacks #BringBackOurGirls for Election NBC NewsWhat You Don’t Know About George Clooney’s Wife-to-Be NBC NewsNot One Drop: Can California Towns Survive Life Without Water? NBC News

    San Francisco 49ers broadcaster Ted Robinson was suspended for two games this week after he suggested on KNBR radio Monday that Janay Rice, who was knocked out by then-boyfriend Ray Rice in a much-discussed elevator dispute, was “pathetic” for going on to marry Rice after he hit her.

    Meanwhile, defensive lineman Ray McDonald was arrested Aug 31st for felony domestic violence, but 49ers CEO Jed York said he will continue to play until “an entire legal police investigation shows us something.” Probably has nothing to do with the fact that McDonald is a starter who made three tackles that helped the 49ers win 28-17 against Dallas on Sunday, right?

    Robinson, who made “insensitive” comments but has never been publicly accused of physical violence, will sit out for two games. McDonald, who was arrested on domestic violence charges after police were called to his home and found his fiancée with “visible injuries,” is scheduled to play this Sunday.

    Click on link to read in full.

    Now Roger Goodell has called in Louis Freeh to investigate the league and how they dealt with the missing tape of the Rice incident and other matters as it relates how the NFL deals with domestic violence . As usual it’s more window dressing by the NFL where there is no common sense to be found within the league hierarchy and within upper echelons of the NFLPA .

    tophatal ……….


  6. Well…..dirty laundry will eventually be cleaned. What I find funny, not ha ha funny, how private doings become public knowledge. Agree that actions of all involved is totally wrong, but how does this impact some more important events like ISIS, the continuing other problems in the world? Seems the media has become the Star magazine of the airways….forget that the govt is in shambles, priests are probably still abusing kids, the Ferguson Mo thing is still there, killings in Pittsburgh, NYC and other places are again on the rise…..WE have to go after the NFL cause it is football season.


    1. al clements

      The Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) seem to be struggling to find some consistency this early in the season . Mike Tomlinson’s players seem ill-prepared for each of their first two games with the results , showing there seems to be lacking in the team beyond leadership from a number of their seasoned veterans . They all need to be on the same page if they are to have any chance of winning the AFC North this season .

      Pittsburgh Steelers’ news

      tophatal ………..


  7. al clements

    The NFL has always been the bar against we the fans have judged our sports by , but the continued incompetency shown by Roger Goodell with his still being backed to the hilt by the team owners is now becoming unfathomable and comedic in nature , never mind the gross stupidity and apathy of the fans. I believe the league is now an affront to women and how they view the issue of domestic abuse and domestic violence . In reality, the NFL has remained homophobic , misogynistic and above all without leadership.

    In terms of domestic let alone a cohesive foreign policy , Barack Obama remains damn clueless , with the advice being provided to him by the CIA , FBI , NSA and State Department a complete goddamn joke. Obama has become a lackluster leader , indecisive and nowhere as competent as some would still try to suggest. I mean, anyone with an ounce of common sense could see the rise of entities such as Boko Haram , Al Shabaab , ISIS and Jemal Islamiyah , but the US had its head , shoved so far up its own fu#king ass , it would not have been able to discern daylight from sunlight , let alone anything else.

    Listening to the likes of John Kerry , Chuck Hagel , John McCain , Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham is a joke . Less we forget , both Al Qaeda and the Taliban are still fu$king over the US , in Afghanistan and Iraq .

    tophatal ……………..


  8. Week two scores in the :NFL with the late evening games still to take place .

    Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson was forced to sit out today’s game against the New England Patriots with the front office stating all options remain on the table concerning the player’s immediate future . If it means his contract being rescinded and his being waived, then it is likely to happen , in light of the adverse publicity the franchise and the NFL is now facing after their extremely poor handling of the Ray Rice ” affair ”

    Is it me, but could the Green Bay Packers be the worst team in the NFL at present , given their performances in their first two games of the season ? The New York Jets are making Green Bay look every bit the incompetent team witnessed in week one against the Seattle Seahawks . Unfortunately , for Pete Carroll and his team , they are being quickly brought back down to earth by the San Diego Chargers at the moment .

    NFL standings

    NFL standings (conference)

    NFL standings (league)

    NFL team stats week two

    NFL players’ stats week two


    No real overwhelming surprises in College Football but you can bet there is likely to be in the AP rankings .

    NCAA conference standings

    tophatal …………….


  9. Seattle Seahawks’ loss the San Diego Chargers was their first regular season defeat since December , 2013 . Philip Rivers simply got the better of an erratic Seahawks’ secondary in this contest.

    I have already seen enough evidence to suggest the New York Giants , Detroit Lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not going to have very good seasons . Collectively, their play overall is simply terrible with all three NFC teams having among the worst secondaries in all of football .

    tophatal …..


  10. Two weeks into the NFL season and I have no reason to believe the NFC East , North North and NFC South are going to be entirely competitive . The teams there just are pedantic , lacking real passion to play with any grit whatsoever .

    Eli Manning is proving this season , he is not the player many witnessed win two Superbowls for the New York Giants in the space of six seasons .

    The New York Giants (0-2) are at the bottom the NFC East and in just about every facet of their game this team is simply inept and atrocious .

    In week one the Giants got shellacked by the Detroit Lions in a rout 35-14 and week two they did not fare any better going down at home in a 25-14 loss to the Arizona Cardinals . If by week five the Giants are sub.500 , then Tom Coughlin’s job could very well be in jeopardy because of this wayward team .

    The Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts provided fans with another reason why Monday Night Football can be good when you do have two competitive teams . Then again not all of the events from last night’s game , made it all fun to watch .

    The Oakland Raiders’ head coach Dennis Allen made the remark , ” we have to get better fast ” . In other words, if the team doesn’t get better , he will be ” canned ” by GM Reggie McKenzie and team owner Mark Davis. Nothing new when you consider the tenure in length of the last four head coaches of this franchise .

    Not only are the Raiders bad , but this team has become an embarrassment to the franchise , their fans and the division they play in . Yet year in and year out , their docile fans continue to live in hope . Things are liable to get a whole lot worse for the Raiders before they can actually get better .

    tophatal ………………………………….


  11. Noted veteran columnist Frank Defford is an ass if he believes the NFL hasn’t lost the support of fans , specifically women . Bear in mind, one of the world’s largest brewers, Inbev SA (makers of Budweiser brand of beers) , McDonald’s have all but issued a warning shot across the bow of the league and the recent adverse publicity it has received in its handling of the Ray Rice ‘ affair’ . Inbev sponsors the NFL to the tune of of $100 million annually and then has endorsements with several NFL players .

    Frank Deford

    Clearly , Deford doesn’t understand the economic clout of a major corporate sponsor of the league .

    Finally, Mark Wilf and his father Zygi Wilf have the ” balls” do what it should have done the moment Adrian Peterson was first charged with child abuse. Sitting the player while the Texas State Attorney General’s Office conducts their investigation along with the Dept of Child Protective Services is the correct thing to do.

    Courtesy of

    A-B InBev to NFL: ‘We Are Not Yet Satisfied’

    Brewer Issued Stern Warning to Troubled League

    By E J Schulz

    Anheuser-Busch InBev, one of the NFL’s largest advertisers and sponsors, has broken its silence on the league’s recent troubles in a stern statement that appears to put the NFL on notice.

    “We are disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have overshadowed this NFL season,” the brewer stated. “We are not yet satisfied with the league’s handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code. We have shared our concerns and expectations with the league.”

    Still, the brewer did not indicate that it is pulling its sponsorship or advertising. Asked to elaborate on what it wants the NFL to do, a spokesman said: “Unfortunately we are not prepared to share any additional details of our conversations with the league or our sponsorship activity at this time.”

    Asked to respond, an NFL spokesman said: “We understand. We are taking action and there will be much more to come.”

    The NFL yesterday said in a letter to teams and staff that it had retained the services of three female senior advisers to “help lead and shape the NFL’s policies and programs relating to domestic violence and sexual assault.” One of the women assisting the league is Lisa Friel, former head of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit in the New York County District Attorney’s Office.

    Click on link to read in full.

    As to George Attalah , a lawyer with the NFLPA (Players’ Union) , his asinine mindset , Rice wasn’t given his due process is utter bull#hit. The players’ union has never done a damn thing to rein in the bad behavior of the players but continually points to alleged good things they are doing in the community.

    Pardon me for saying this , but which act profits and hurts the image more ? A player handing out bicycles to kids during Christmas or that of several players beating a partner or abusing a child ?

    Attalah of the NFLA

    Smith of the NFLPA

    DeMaurice Smith Executive Director of the union has been remiss, never once speaking publicly about the continued gross misbehavior of his members but leaves it to subordinates such as Attalah to blow smoke up everyone’s ass with his idiotic rhetoric and reasoning .

    NFL news

    Minnesota Vikings


    tophatal ………….


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