A higher standard of what ? More bullshit and then some ? …

A higher standard of what ? More bullshit and then some ? …

.Nothing good can now be obtained from the indifference and lack of consistency being shown by the NFL hierarchy and several of their franchises as they come under persistent attack from the media and women’s groups alike , for their lack of dealing with the issue of domestic violence and spousal abuse. Take into account this has been an ongoing situation , which the league and union (NFLPA) have failed to discuss in spite of repeated incidents involving a number of the league’s players. Commissioner Roger Goodell has remained steadfast in his opinion the league is doing enough to deal with this acute issue , having brought in several women to recommend and in working with former FBI Director Louis Freeh to come up with a credible plan to deal with the matter and further deflect the continued criticism the league has received from almost every corner of the public’s attention and view.


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Unfortunately , this is all too little , too late , when the NFL itself has repeatedly failed to punish players for their egregious behavior , while apathetic fans are calling for the matter to be dealt with purely by the justice system. In large part the US Justice System has far too often failed the victims of such crimes , especially in the numerous cases of sexual assault , where far too often , it has been left for a State Attorney General’s Office to obtain a plea deal from a defendant simply to obtain a guilty plea without having to go to trial , or when there is a judicial case , more often than not , the leniency of sentences applied to such crimes , do lead many to wonder how is justice being served ? Anger management classes and the chance the league itself will actually welcome you back , after having beaten a spouse does make this issue seem to meaningless, when it comes to the case of domestic violence.

These cases have now been highlighted by the incidents surrounding Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens who is now taking legal advice about whether or not he can appeal his indefinite suspension by the NFL. The player will be provided a lawyer by the union , as is customary in such cases, where a player seeks to appeal a suspension . The Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson now finds himself in the midst of a firestorm after his being charged with child abuse charges and his lawyer , Rusty Hardin now seeking to quell the latest allegations that this was not the first such incident of Peterson abusing a child . Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton (Rep- MN) has called on the Vikings to suspend the player pending the outcome of the investigation now being conducted in the state of Texas by the state’s Department of Child Welfare working in conjunction with the Texas State Attorney General’s Office . Minnesota Vikings’ owners, Zygi and Mark Wilf reinstated Peterson , having conferred with the team’s Chief Legal Counsel , but have stated the matter remains under review pending the outcome of the investigation ongoing in the state of Texas.

Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers having been charged with domestic violence was still allowed to take part in the Panthers’ most recent game , albeit , head coach Ron Rivera stated he felt the player warranted still being a member of the team. It is clear the league hierarchy have not given teams any indication as to how they should treat such matters and there seems to be no consistency in terms of how the league treats these incidents . To further heighten the ongoing absurdity , Jed Yorke and Trent Baalke of the San Francisco 49ers have seen fit to have Ray McDonald on the team’s roster even after the player recently acknowledged in a press interview with members of the local press in San Francisco , he had in fact been involved in an argument with his pregnant fiancée, where he is said to have physically assaulted her. Whatever else might be needed for the Niners to take some form of action after his admittance, has to leave everyone in a state of bewilderment about the sheer absurdity in the reasoning of Yorke and Baalke . I would suffice to say , the league itself has to be wondering when and where the next incident will come from, to further blacken the eye and image of the league , while apathetic fans continue to gesticulate and make prognosis as to what is still said to right about the NFL.

In trying to now justify the NFL’s stance would be in a similar vein of suggesting the Congress has been prudent in how they have dealt with the economy and pieces of cumbersome legislation passed which has left the country still in a quagmire. The Federal Reserve for all of its prudent gauging of the economy, has created a false premise under which on a daily they are selling billions of dollars in Treasury Bonds, merely to keep the government and the economy afloat while suggesting the country itself is on an even keel. Nothing could be further from the truth , as now being witnessed in the jobs’ marketplace . Federal Reserve Chairperson Janet Yellen has to sleepwalk us through the subterfuge her agency creates . The league , likewise , has created its own charade of being able to deal with its own underlying issues , when in fact it is lacking credibility , leadership and where the owners are simply looking for their lapdog , Roger Goodell to steer a course , where the only thing that matters are rising revenues , profits and to take one or two knocks to its image, while what they deem to be an image makeover is nothing more than window dressing.

Week two in the NFL brought about some highs and lows . The Seattle Seahawks were quickly brought back down to earth , suffering their first regular season loss and loss of any kind since December , 2013 . Last season’s Superbowl champions seemed almost invincible in their week one victory over the Green Bay Packers , but somehow the Philip Rivers’ led San Diego Chargers got the better of Richard Sherman and his teammates. Sherman for his part, had little to say after the team’s loss , which might suggest his bravado has been quelled for the moment. How the Seahawks recover from the defeat will tell us a great deal about the team and whether or not there is still justification for them to be viewed as a legitimate candidate to make a successful defense of their title. Seattle will play host to the Denver Broncos this upcoming Sunday in a rematch of their Superbowl duel with the AFC West based franchise.

Far be it for me to suggest , but when a head coach makes the statement , ” we need to get and play better ” . I feel it is very much a warning sign , things are very much in danger of getting worse , with the likelihood the coach’s job might be in danger ! Dennis Allen of the Oakland Raiders has seen his team get off to an 0-2 start and there seem to be no signs of life from anyone of the roster. There were great hopes that they had a player in Derek Carr capable of leading the Raiders as the franchise’s starting quarterback , but the being placed into the lion’s den as a rookie has shown that the player still has a great deal to learn , with the alternatives at the position being exceedingly thin. Veteran quarterback Matt Schaub is certainly not the answer with his best years now in a rear view mirror , rather than being ahead of him.

The Raiders’ two opening season losses have been by margins of five and sixteen points and with the team’s defense being among the worst in the NFL. If those defensive issues cannot be addressed by Dennis Allen and his coaching staff , the possibility of the Raiders being remotely competitive within their division will not be a reality at all. Never mind the fact the head coach’s position is likely to be in jeopardy. Oakland will need to find some semblance of life if they are to avoid going 0-3 through the first three games of their schedule. Dennis Allen will take the Raiders on the road in week three , where his team will face the New England Patriots (1-1) in an all AFC clash at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro’ Massachusetts ,.

Terry Pegula seems destined to become new owner of the Buffalo Bills, who are surprisingly are off to a 2-0 start within the NFL , with the team responding to Doug Marrone’s apparent coaching philosophy for this season. Whether or not these changes have come about by way of the draft or through free agent acquisitions. There now seems to be a new resolve about the team and the organization in general. Buffalo leads the AFC East , though it is still early in the season, the Bills will seek to make further inroads into the year when they play their next scheduled game , a match-up against match-up against the San Diego Charges on Sunday afternoon at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park , New York,.

A home win for the Bills would push their record to 3-0 and place them with a very good lead within the division. It would certainly place pressure on the New England Patriots , reigning divisional champions whose own regular season start has been underwhelming even with taking into account their lopsided victory over the Minnesota Vikings in week two. What this might now suggest about the Patriots will be put to the test for Bill Belichick and his players over the course of this season . For Tom Brady , as he approaches the twilight of his career , it has to be said the quarterback remains as hungry as ever for another postseason appearance with a Superbowl victory being the ultimate goal , for the three-time winning Superbowl player. New England’s contest against the Oakland Raiders will give more of an idea as whether not this team is capable of making another postseason ,for which many NFL prognosticators believe the Patriots are once again capable of achieving.

The Carolina Panthers are the only unbeaten team in the NFC South , both the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not looking anything like serious contenders within the division. I have long-held the contention that neither the Saints or Buccaneers can play consistently and both defenses on the pair of teams in question are at best , average , if not worse . Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons continue to disappoint , even if they are now 1-1 within the division. Mike Smith’s job is likely to be on the line this season if the Falcons fail to compete , a divisional title or a playoff berth has to be the goal for the team . Anything short of those goals and team owner Arthur Blank is likely to make the call for the firing of Smith along with several members of the coaching staff . GM Thom Dimitroff may well find his job will also be in jeopardy if Atlanta fails , as he and Smith have been the primary architects of the current roster through the draft and most recent free agent acquisitions .

With Cam Newton being sidelined in week one , the Panthers won convincingly and then followed up with an emphatic victory over the vastly overrated Detroit Lions . From my own perspective , I believe with the disastrous starts by the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers they will be hard pressed to make a real battle of the division and the NFC overall. In week three Carolina will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers , while the Falcons will play hosts o the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans will entertain the beleaguered Minnesota Vikings .



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This NFL season has been nothing short of ridiculous with the audacity of the league hierarchy as led by Roger Goodell and their belief by simply making a number late proactive moves the adverse publicity can be turned around. Having hired Louis Freeh to oversee an investigation and seeking advice from number of women’s groups has been nothing short of idiotic on the part of the NFL. Goodell and the owners have simply lost sight of the mere fact they have done little to truly address prior bad acts of the players , as well as dealing with numerous issues which have affected the league over the years. Do you believe the NFL can recover from the adverse publicity it is now receiving and has the league done enough to deflect the negativity it is now engulfed in ?


Picture and slideshow details below .

(1) Roger Goodell , beleaguered NFL Commissioner , who has s to deal with the news that two major corporate endorsers are disatisfied with the league’s recent handling several scandals which has engulfed the nation’s most beloved pastime . Billion dollar commercial behemoths McDonalds and Inbev SA (makers of Budweierser Beer and several other global brands) have been extremely critical of the NFL’s handling of the Ray Rice affair and other recent headline making news deemed negative for the NFL. AP Photo / Paul Cross …

(2) Prime Vikings owners Mark Wilf ,left and Zygi Wilf see fans lining a second-floor railing Monday in the Minnesota Capitol. Having won the state legislature’s approval for new stadium the franchise now find itself beset by the episode now surrounding the guilt or innocence of Adrian Peterson and allegations of child abuse. Both Mark and Zygi Wilf have made the decision to have Peterson sit out the Vikings’ regular season schedule pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation of the allegations . The player is being represented by famed Texas attorney Rusty Hardin . Getty Images / Peter Marsh …

(3) Carolina Panthers’ defensive end Greg Hardy , who has been charged with domestic abuse and violence , and is now awaiting trial on the charges . The player meanwhile has to deal with negative publicity surrounding his actions as well as the criticism aimed at the Panthers’ franchise. AP Photo / Carol Harris ….

(4) Dennis Allen head coach of the Oakland Raiders is off to another disastrous season with his team playing haphazard football and lying at the bottom of the AFC West division. AP Photo/ Paul McGregor ….

(5) Terry Pegula , the new owner owner of the Buffalo Bills and also owner of the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres . UPI / Tim Matthews ….

(6) Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ head coach Lovie Smith watches as the team’s quarterback Josh McCown makes a pass during a team practice session. The Buccaneers are win-less and struggling to make sense of their season under their new head coach. Tampa Bay Times / all rights reserved ….



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Stupid is as stupid does and no one does it better than the NFL now , with the exception of the Federal government


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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

18 thoughts on “A higher standard of what ? More bullshit and then some ? …”

  1. There seems to be all this talk of the NFL surviving the ongoing criticism with such advertisers as McDonalds . Inbev SA , Radisson Hotels , even Coca Cola , with the NOW (National Organization of Women ) now questioning the league’s latest faux-pas , does anyone really believe this league can continue with their idiocy ? If anyone of the major corporate entities would make the decision to cease doing business the players and franchises even if on a miniscule basis , how soon do you think before the NFL would actually get the message ?

    Roger Goodell still continues to show that he is a pompous as#hole without a fuc#ing clue what he is actually doing , with almost every decision he makes .

    Week three of the NFL kicks off with a Thursday night game between the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers . In all likelihood this contest is not likely to be entertaining , given how bad both teams are said to be at present and their standing within the NFC South .

    Still looking for something to celebrate this season . Mike Smith and Matt Ryan

    “Coach how do you feel about Thursday night’s game ” ? ” To tell you the truth I was thinking about how to tell the wife I didn’t get the gallon of milk she wants ” . Lovie Smith


    tophatal …………


  2. Oops ! Another player is being deactivated by an NFL franchise ? Why am I not surprised by this at all ? Now the Arizona Cardinals has a miscreant within their midst , with a player threatening to throw a female out of a window after verbally abusing and threatening her with physical violence . The good ol’ boys club of the NFL and the never-ending #ucking denial of the fans who believe the US Justice System can best deal with this all. What a bunch of unintelligent frigging morons .

    The system treats victims of abuse and sexual crimes with utter disdain and it has been repeatedly proven the system is not only flawed but more often than not , it sides with the defendants rather than a victim .

    tophatal ……


  3. It’s the power of the almighty dollar and the almighty win, Al.

    Hardy beats his girlfriend and throws her down onto a sofa of loaded guns and is free to play football.

    Will the last person in the NFL to have any sense please turn out the lights?


  4. Chris Humpherys (SportsChump)

    The NFL has become an annual $10 billion behemoth lacking in leadership , with a hierarchy remaining clueless , a union that remains hypocritical within in its leadership, from its Executive Director , Executive Committee to its Board of Player Representative , never-mind the sordid behavior among the owners , where Jerry Jones , Jimmy Haslam and Jim Irsay have now become the poster boys for idiocy , sordid behavior and hypocrisy . To top it all , we now have the NCAA and Mark Emmmert burying their heads in the sand but fu#king moron fans are all on board with their apathy and stupidity .

    I’ll be turning out the lights when it comes to the NFL real soon , because I have seen far too many of these incidents come to the fore and the response from this particular league remains a joke , with it being reactive rather than being proactive ! Too little is being done too late , when the danger signs incidents were already within their midst.

    tophatal …………..


  5. The number of players now being placed on the NFL’s inactive exemption list is beginning to look like a police blotter for wanted felons , never mind those on injured reserve . And we wonder why this league remains in a flux of not having any idea ?

    Tonight’s game between the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers , neither team can afford to lose , given how dire the NFC South as a division just happens to be. The New Orleans Saints at this stage of the season , look really bad with both the Buccaneers , Falcons and Saints in no great shape either . The quality of the quarterback play within the division has been mediocre overall .

    Two weeks into the season and this year’s # 1 draft pick , Jadeveon Clowney while being impressive for the Houston Texans , both he and JJ Watt have yet to find a solid rhythm which would give you the indication the Texans are for real . Unfortunately, for the Houston , Clowney is now on the team’s injured reserved list and there is little which can by the head coach concerning his injured defensive star.

    The Texans will face the New York Giants in week three , a contest of two teams heading in opposite directions. Houston may well be leading the AFC South , but it seems unlikely that will be the case by week six or seven . It has been a long while since the franchise has won a divisional title , much less made a deep run in the postseason .

    tophatal ………….


  6. Not only does the NFL have off the field issues concerning their players , but after last night’s disaster between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons , a contest which can be best summed up by a visiting team , in way over its head , but Lovie Smith and his coaching staff now seem to be dumb founded and absolutely frigging clueless in terms of coaching this group of players.

    Off to an 0-3 start , this is the third time in the last six seasons where the Buccaneers have gotten off to such a start to their season .

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are by far the worst team in their division , conference and the NFL as a whole , and that is without a doubt .

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ news

    tophatal ……….


  7. Seeking more transparency from the NFL is something like experiencing an agency of the Federal Government actually telling us all the truth for once. Roger Goodell and the league hierarchy are simply bereft of intelligence , much as they are unwilling to tell the truth or even be upfront concerning anything they tend to do .

    Meanwhile , they (NFL) are afforded enormous tax breaks at the state and municipal level , but fans seem to be OK with the bullshit and the absolute crap exhibited both on off the field of play , yet are prepared to bitch and whine about the behavior of the government ?

    tophatal …………


  8. Drew Stanton will make another start in his now ongoing career , as he is asked to replace the injured Carson Palmer of the Arizona Cardinals .

    If Stanton can actually lead the Cardinals with any degree of success garnering the team at least a postseason berth or quite possibly the NFC West , then there is a great possibility Palmer’s sojourn in Arizona could come to an abrupt end .

    Arizona will play host to the San Francisco 49ers at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale , Arizona on Sunday afternoon in clash of two of the NFC’s best teams at this stage of the season.

    tophatal ……..


  9. In an all AFC clash the New England Patriots will meet the Oakland Raiders , with Oakland seeking not to dig themselves deeper into trouble as their season has already began to spiral out of control . Dennis Allen , head coach of the Raiders will be extremely lucky if he survives this season, because the team has not even began to compete only level level and the coaching staff itself , is simply not being that good to begin with.

    Tom Brady’s career against the Raiders has seen the player have some of the best games of his distinguished career .

    tophatal ………


  10. The NFL is in shambles. Goodell finally apologized, but stated he wouldn’t resign. Goodell is one more ‘domestic abuse’ incident away from a ‘kick in the butt’ out of the league.


    1. Blog Surface (Christian)

      If the league hierarchy (owners) have not shown the common sense to get rid of Roger Goodell now , then what would make you believe one more incident of domestic abuse will do the trick ? Since the Ray Rice incident we have had the issues of the Niners’ Ray McDonald , the Panthers’ Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. The NFL like the vast majority of its fans are fu#king clueless and have no common sense or even a remote sense of decency .

      tophatal ……………


  11. After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers(0-3) being completely derailed in their 56-14 loss to the Atlanta Falcons . Is there a chance that Lovie Smith’s team is likely to reach an all-time low in terms of wins for the season and possibly approach the Detroit Lions’ woefully inept season of 2008 when they went 0-16 , the only time in league history since the NFL adopted a sixteen game schedule where a franchise has gone win-less for the entire season ?

    Personally , I do not believe this is a well-coached Buccaneers’ team and their draft classes in 2013 and 2014 have been greatly exaggerated in terms of talent . At best, I can see the Bucs winning no more than six games if that , this season . As to when the first initial win is likely to come now seems a matter hope and a prayer concerning the complete ineptitude of this entire roster .

    The writers and editors of the Pewter Report have to be completely embarrassed concerning their analysis and prognostications concerning the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for this season , where there was a belief the team was good enough to vie for a divisional title and quite possibly a playoff berth in the NFC .

    In week four the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have to be ready when they take on the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ,.


    Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ schedule

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ team statistics (2014)

    Buccaneers’ roster and depth chart

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers active contracts and their payroll (2014)

    Buccaneers’ free agents


    Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ news (official NFL website)

    The Pewter Report

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers news (team’s website)

    tophatal ……………..


  12. Today’s games seem to be off to an exciting start in several cases , with several players making some notable contributions for their respective teams.

    Kirk Cousins seems to be making a pretty convincing argument he should be the Redskins’ starting quarterback rather than Robert Griffin III and given the inconsistencies of the 2012 #2 overall pick in the NFL Draft which is now a valid case .

    The Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles seem to be waging war against each other with the Redskins’ DeSean Jackson leading the way for the team in this game against their arch-rivals within the NFC East .

    As a die-hard New England Patriots’ fan , nothing would give greater pleasure than to see Tom Brady lead the team to an emphatic victory over their AFC rivals the Oakland Raiders ! In doing so , it would place the Pats back within the divisional race , rather than being seated behind the unbeaten Buffalo Bills who lead the AFC East at present .

    A really lackluster performance by New England in one of their worst performances against the Raiders in recent history . Tom Brady was very underwhelming with his own personal productivity as were his teammates during this game with their 16-9 victory .

    tophatal …..


  13. It is extremely hard to take the statements of Baltimore Ravens’ owner , Steve Bisciotti seriously , when he has no idea or a matter of decency when it comes to the issue of Ray Rice without dealing with the incompetency seen by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell . There remains some uproar concerning ESPN’s claims with regard to the Ravens being in receipt of the taped incident of Rice assaulting Jenay Parker , but it would seem rather idiotic for the outlet to publish such a story without there being some veracity to their investigation . This is also further compounded by the pragmatic comments coming from the commissioner over this specific case and his lack of being proactive in acting with force and making a real point the non toleration of domestic violence and spousal abuse by players.

    It is asinine for George Attalah and Adolphus Birch III (both legal counsels within the NFL hierarchy) speaking on behalf of the league but clearly not conveying any type of message or the truth concerning this acute issue.

    From left to right , Ravens’ President Dick Cass , GM Ozzie Newsome and team owner Steve Bisciotti .

    Yet another NFL Monday Night Game which was an extreme bore to watch because of the overall incompetency shown by the Chicago Bearsand New York Jets . Anyone who believes that Jay Cutler and Geno Smith are two of the better quarterbacks in the league , then there is clearly something wrong with their thought process and the quality of the quarterback play in the NFL and that of the teams.

    NFL news

    Baltimore Ravens news

    NFL standings (division)

    NFL standings (conference)

    NFL standings (overall)


    tophatal ….


  14. Well guys….my thoughts: IF they were not in the public eye…what the hell would have been said? Nuttin! As previously, domestics were always private matters….really (until police were called) I handled too many serious domestics to count. Most wound up settled with in some cases both being arrested and kids removed. There is never one who is completely right nor one completely wrong in a domestic. Courts didn’t even like to get involved unless SERIOUS injuries were involved.
    Sorry, but it is just the latest media bonanza to come down the pike…wait til some movie star hotlet is battered or another Whitney is found drowned.


    1. Al Clements

      Violence against women has been on the rise for a over a decade and even the US Justice Department’s statistics bear this out but yet , idiot fans and the NFL remain fu#king denial on the issue. What will it take for the league and fans in general to wake the fu#k up and realize this is indeed a really serious issue and not some Hollywood scripted drama being played out ? Oh , we need to have another death before Goodell and the dumb ass owners wake up and realize this is actually for real ?

      Ray Rice beats his fiancee and she marries him , then seeks to chastise the press for being so harsh on her husband . What the hell is wrong with that crazy bit#h ?

      Coming to your Sunday afternoon television screen near you , alleged abuser Ray McDonald who beat his pregnant girlfriend .

      “Like the Energizer bunny Jenay took a good whupping ,just kept on going and ticking . That’s what I love about this woman ” !
      Ray Rice and his now wife , Jenay Parker-Rice .

      Look at how the San Francisco 49ers are now dealing with Ray McDonald and the fact he beat his pregnant girlfriend , which the player has freely admitted doing in an interview but then pleads not guilty in the charges leveled against him in the California Legal System . The NFL and the Niners have not sought to reprimand the player and he has not been suspended by the league .

      tophatal ………….


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