You can’t tell me enough about what I already know .

You can’t tell me enough about what I already know .

Week seven of the NFL came and went in almost a blur and once again as in previous weeks the same level of mediocrity remains within the league . A number of the results were not too surprising with the San Francisco 49ers being on the wrong side of a lopsided result, but yet, some apathetic individuals still believe the Niners are a ten to eleven-game winning team at this stage of the season. The team has become ill-disciplined lacking in leadership but above all, the coaching staff and head coach Jim Harbaugh have lost the confidence and the connection between themselves and the players.


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Though the Forty Niners were on the road in their visit Sports Authority Stadium to play the Denver Broncos in Denver , Colorado , were a complete embarrassment to the NFC West based franchise, who now find themselves behind the hard-charging Arizona Cardinals (5-1) who might just be the surprise team within the NFCthis season.

If the problems of the San Francisco 49ers are not transparent to those who doubt that they have issues , then clearly these individuals are nowhere as knowledgeable as they believe themselves to be. At 4-3 it is hard to envisage how the Forty Niners will win at least six of their remaining nine games, given the lethargy shown over their last five games (3-2), where they are currently on a one-game losing streak . With the team on a bye in week eight , their next game will not be until the 2nd November when they host divisional rivals the St Louis Rams . The game should see Colin Kaepernick and his teammates prevail , but a loss would surely put a dent in their season’s ambitions .

Dennis Allen might well have been the first coaching casualty of the NFL season it is my belief Rex Ryan is now hanging on by his fingernails as the New York Jets (1-6) have become mournfully inept and routinely inconsistent under the head coach’s tendencies during their season in 2014. Though they fought gamely against a less than impressive New England Patriots’ team in a Thursday night contest , the game can be best summed up by the lack of creativity shown by the Jets and the very fact that New England was not at its very best. If there is one thing which could also signify the Jets’ season, then it would have to be the playof Geno Smith , the team’s quarterback. Smith’s if anything in week seven, among AFC starting quarterbacks was one of the worst performing starters and when adjudged against the rest of the NFL , one could suggest the player was beyond woefully inept.

Jets’ GM John Idzik is likely to stick with Rex Ryan for the immediate future, rather than firing the beleaguered head coach. Ryan for his part has become somber and somehow unable to explain the reasons why his team has been performing so poorly. In 2013 and 2014 the New York Jets’ draft classes have been not only poor , but the players chosen have not lived up to expectations and now with the acquisition of Percy Harvin , I doubt whether or not the fortunes of this team is likely to change.

When the New York Jets host divisional rivals(AFC East) the Buffalo Bills in week eight, we are likely find out a great deal about the mindset of Rex Ryan’s players as they try to resurrect their season .

There has been little to suggest that the New York Jets were even capable of winning the AFC East and from a defensive or offensive standpoint, the team leaves a great deal to be desired . Rex Ryan’s future I now believe will be judged on a game-by-game basis , and loss to the Bills will seriously impact the decision that could be made by the front office as to his job security.

I do not believe there is or can be, a more inept division than the NFC South this season, with the play of the quartet of teams in question, being far from perfect . The Carolina Panthers (3-3), leaders> of the division have been less than impressive through the six games of their schedule . The Panthers coming off a rather embarrassing loss to the Green Bay Packers are not the dominant team seen in 2013 , where they won their division with consummate ease and then entered the postseason as one of the NFC’s best teams.

Rivera head coach of the Carolina Panthers has seen starting quarterback Cam Newton remain sidelined for much of the season due to a recurring injury which has led to the Panthers’ passing game to be rather indifferent .Newton’s performance in the game against the Packers was less than stellar but the real loss I believe was the organization to allow Steve Smith to leave the franchise and join the Baltimore Ravens in March of 2014 . Smith remains the Panthers’ all-time receiving yards and receptions’ leader , far surpassing his nearest rival in the category. Since joining the Ravens the veteran has simply been able to show that he can still be productive while aiding his team to very good start to their season within the AFC North .

John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens will be looking for build on their lead within the division when they take on the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati , Ohio , this upcoming Sunday. For the Bengals and Marvin Lewis this is a “must-win game” , if they are to have any real chance of making the postseason. Joe Flacco has the full complement of offensive weaponry to now make an assault another attempt at a deep playoff run. Something the franchise clearly needs this season , if it is to somehow rid itself of the less than welcomed image after their handling of the Ray Rice debacle .

Baseball’s ‘ Fall Classic now has the two final teams seeking to be this season’s World Series’ champions . Who would have guessed at the start of the season the last two teams standing would be the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants ? This has been the year where just about everything went right for the Royals after almost three decades of being in the wilderness . Opposing managers , Ned Yost of the Royals and Bruce Bochy of the Giants could very well be considered favored candidates as Managers of the Year within the AL and NL , given the success of their teams . If the postseason has taught us anything this year , it has been the divisional champions were simply paper tigers and the teams who won the AL and NL Pennants were deserving of their accolades.

When James Shields takes to the mound at Kauffmann Stadium in Kansas City , Missouri to face the Giants’ Madison Bumgarner , the long await for the Royals’ fans will have ended as the ball-club seeks to win their first title since 1985. I would like to think this will be series, likely to be one of the more memorable World Series’ contests of recent seasons ! Yet , I somehow get the feeling, this might be a contest or should I say a series of games , where one team is likely to perform admirably, while the other simply falls apart, because of the pressure . There can be no denying the Kansas City Royals’ postseason foray has been one of the great stories in recent MLB postseason history , as they remain unbeaten , outplaying their opponents, while not being placed under any great pressure.

As this World Series’ schedule unfolds , it will be interesting to see how the two opposing teams handle the pressure . What we already know and it is , the San Francisco Giants will be seeking to add their own piece of history to the game , seeking to win their third title in the past five seasons. Bruce Bochy has been front and center, managing the teams in question , showing the guile and managerial acumen not often seen by many of his contemporaries .

The College Football season has turned into a barnstormer and burner, with coaching reputations being torn asunder. The angst now seen and shown by fans of the Florida Gators cannot be underscored, as the team has another terrible season , with their being calls for not only the ouster of Wil Muschamp , but also his decapitation . Somehow, I wasn’t aware the ire of the fans were so wrought with anger . Needless to say, Muschamp’s tenure with the program is about to come to an abrupt end once the schedule comes to a close. There is no way AD Jeremy Foley can justify his being retained for another season , given the team’s poor showing in the SEC and their play over the course of this season .

If only to emphasize how bad the season has been for the Gators , consider their showing in their most recent game against the Mizzou (Missouri) Tigers , where just about everything one could imagine going wrong for Florida happened , as the events of game unfolded . I doubt the team has been this incompetent under a coaching Muschamp coaching staff in quite a while . Florida should consider itself considerably lucky the margin of defeat was simply twenty-nine points as the Mizzou Tigers could quite easily have scored fifty against a team, lost in its own ineptitude .

A bye-week for the Florida Gators will provide no respite as the speculation continues to grow concerning a likely successor for Wil Muschamp. Dan Mullen has let it be known , he has no interest in the position or leaving his current program the Mississippi State (Bulldogs) the number one ranked team in the country . Florida’s next scheduled game will pit them against Georgia Bulldogs (6-1) . Safe to say, a win will be utmost on the minds of the Gators’ players and the coachinfg staff , as their season and standing continues to spiral downwards.

The spiraling idiocy of the Florida State (Seminoles) and their handling of the ongoing issues concerning their Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston is a case of damage control handling by simply playing with a stick of dynamite or an unpinned hand grenade . At every juncture, the school’s handling has been a template of what not to do. AD Stan Wilcox remains indifferent and clearly out of touch with reality. Now Jimbo Fisher has suggested the latest allegations of Winston signing some 1000 pieces of memorabilia is unfounded and without foundation . The matter has been substantiated with the memorabilia company stating Winston’s signature was authentic . If the player is said to have financially profited from this exercise then clearly he has violated an NCAA edict , but it appears the head coach , Jimbo Fisher is jumping out on a limb coming to the player’s defense . Given the fact, there has been a pattern of behavior with Winston and his behavioral issue, with he and his lawyers are now willing to settle with a victim of a sexual assault and his being charged with theft from a state wide known grocery store chain , it does leave many wondering, what else can go wrong with the quarterback and that is also in light of his recent suspension.

For the Seminoles they remain unbeaten this season , but have now slipped down the rankings to number two in the nation. In their most recent game Florida State overcame a feisty Notre Dame team winning the contest 31-27 . The contest was one , which in many ways has indicated the struggles of the Seminoles this season. Jimbo Fisher’s players have become complacent albeit the coaching staff might suggest otherwise .

There is no denying Jameis Winston is an extremely talented player , but an NFL team isn’t likely to take a flier on him given his recent issues and it does not bode well for his standing for the NFL Draft of 2015 where he is likely to be seen as consensus top-ten first round pick . From my own standpoint, I believe he is likely to meet the same fate as his predecessor of Heisman winners, when Johnny Manziel slipped down the pecking order of quarterback candidates , as he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns . If anything , it was an emphatic slap in the face for the player and many of his protagonists , who felt he would be a top-five pick and the first quarterback taken in last season’s NFL Draft.

The fate of the Seminoles’ season will lay in what they are to achieve between now and the end of the regular season schedule . before the panelists go about making their decisions in the the new formatted playoff system to determine the national champions. Controversial as this may be , it still will not provide a satisfactory outcome for those who prefer the old flawed system or something widely different , with the preference still favoring programs of the major conferences , specifically those who made up the BCS system . Next up for the Seminoles will be a game on the 30th October , when they will face Louisville . From thereon-in, Florida State’s fate lays in their own hands. Are they good enough to make a successful defense of their national title ? That would be dependent upon the various views now part of the whole conversation concerning the topic.

We are now a week away before the opening night schedule of the NBA season with the defending champions the San Antonio Spurs looking to make a successful defense of the title they won with a great deal of ease “downing “ the overrated Miami Heat . With the core of their team back and their newly crowned Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard looking to make this season more emphatic than last year in which the Spurs were so dominant .

With San Antonio returning with a roster intact with a few additions , the real story in the NBA has been the departure of LeBron James from the Miami Heat to rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers the franchise where James first made his name and where the legend began. The four-time League MVP will be joined also by Kevin Love in a newly revamped roster which will also have point guard Kyrie Irving also a part of the team’s lineup coached by rookie head coach David Blatt. Cleveland is now seen as the predetermined favorites within the Eastern Conference this season to make it to the NBA Finals . I believe the Cavaliers to be a very good team but I am not so sure they are actually good enough to win the conference title outright . Granted , when you have a player of LeBron James’ caliber , things are made a great deal easier , but other than Shawn Marion , Mike Miller and James Jones, there is no one else on the roster with postseason experience, without taking into account the postseason coaching experience of Blatt’s coaching staff .

The Cavaliers will begin their regular season schedule against the New York Knicks at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, on the 29th October, 2014. For LeBron it will him give a chance to renew an old rivalry against Carmelo Anthony as well as the Knicks . If their past regular season contests are anything to go by, then these two teams should put on quite a show for the fans in attendance that evening.

Gregg Popovich will lead the Spurs as they begin the defense of their title when they take on the Phoenix Suns , as the Suns seek to make a renewed attempt at resurrecting their fortunes . Suns’ head coach Jeff Hornacek and his coaching staff will use this contest as an initial gauge in their process of improving. Last season the Phoenix Suns were less than competitive within their division and the Western Conference . If Hornacek can instill the discipline he showed as a player with the Utah Jazz and he Phoenix Suns , then the Suns could be well on the way to having a meaningful season in the NBA, but I believe it will remain a work in progress for this team .



Picture gallery .

During the past week what event do you believe highlighted as a news’ story has grabbed your attention and piqued your interest ? Also which story do you believe has been the most overblown in terms of reporting ? Chime in with your thoughts by way of a comment as you see fit .


Picture and slideshow gallery.

(1) Ned Yost(3) of the Kansas City Royals looks on during batting practice before Game One of the 2014 World Series at Kauffman Stadium on October 21, 2014 in Kansas City, Missouri. The Royals would go on to lose game one 7-1 to the Giants in first of the seven-games series in the 2014 World Series . Getty Images / Elsa Martinez …

(2) Quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) of the San Francisco 49ers walks in the tunnel with teammates as he prepares to face the Denver Broncos in a game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on October 19 , 2014 in Denver, Colorado. Kapernick on the Broncos would go on to losing the game to Denver 42-17 . Getty Images / Justin Edmonds …

(3) Quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) of the San Francisco 49ers is sacked in the third quarter by defensive end Malik Jackson (97) of the Denver Broncos as cornerback Bradley Roby (29) comes in at the end of the play at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on October 19, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. Getty Images / Justin Edmonds …

(4) New York Jets’ GM John Idzik left is seen here with the team head coach Rex Ryan . The Jets are off to disastrous start to their season with a 1-6 mark , firmly rooting the team at the bottom of the AFC East without a chance of making the postseason . AP Photo / Mark Thomas ..

(5) Missouri quarterback Maty Mauk (7) scrambles out of the pocket as Florida defensive back Keanu Neal (42) moves in during the first half of an NCAA college football game in Gainesville, Fla., Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014. AP Photo/John Raoux

(6) Missouri coach Gary Pinkel , left, and Florida head coach Wil Muschamp chat at midfield prior to the NCAA game between Missouri and Florida on the 18th October , 2014 ,. AP Photo / John Raoux ….

(7) Jameis Winston (5) , quarterback of Florida State is seen here on the sidelines with head coach Jimbo Fisher during a game . The embattled player is having a torrid time both on and off the field, as his reputation has taken a battering , as well as the program’s own problems with their handling of Winston’s behavioral issues . AP Photo / Carter Burris … ….

(8) Cleveland Cavaliers’ head coach David Blatt ,left , is seen here with the team’s general manager David Griffin at a formal press conference to introduce Blatt as the franchise’s new head coach . The Cavaliers embark on a new season with a revamped roster headed by their acquisitions of LeBron James , James Jones , Mike Miller and Kevin Love . Getty Images / Keith Jones .. ….

(9) Jeff Hornacek shows off his shot as he is introduced as he is introduced as the Phoenix Suns’ new head basketball coach during an NBA basketball news conference, Tuesday, May 28, 2013, in Phoenix. AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin




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  1. So the Kansas City Royals were found wanting in game one as James Shields was unable to go no more than 3 1/3 innings for his team as they were brushed aside 7-1 in the opening game of the 2014 World Series . Hopefully, this is not a sign of things to come as this series unfolds , as it would be a shame for this all to end in a lopsided series’ loss for the AL Central based franchise .

    Call me naive , but after the San Francisco 49ers’ lopsided 42-17 loss to the Denver Broncos , I cannot see the team winning seven of their nine remaining games to gain double-digit wins for this season . The remaining games on their schedule are from easy with a number of them being against teams with winning records .

    The Cleveland Cavaliers will face a tough schedule especially in terms of the games where they will be playing several of the playoff teams from the 2013 season . Each have made major changes to bolster their rosters , as they look forward to this season’s schedule .

    Jeff Hornacek had an admirable career as a player . If the players on Phoenix Suns’ roster can learn anything from him , it will be how to conduct themselves professionally in just about every aspect of the game , if the franchise is to succeed this season.

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  2. Seminoles’ head coach Jimbo Fisher might be as fu#king dumb as he looks . Once again he’s prepared to stand by Jameis Winston , a player who has repeatedly brought the program into disrepute with his behavior .

    Winston’s lawyer , David Cornwell is now questioning Florida State’s student code of conduct system and how the students adjudicate the misdeeds of athletes who have fallen foul because of misconduct . Obviously , Cornwell is looking for an out in order that the ‘noles’ quarterback can continue his collegiate athletic career . Fisher and AD Stan Wilcox remain frigging clueless .

    ” Why y’all nig#as just don’t stop hatin’ on me ? I’s been good for this school , You feelin’ me ? I fu#ked a bitch , she didn’t like it and cried rape. There’s plenty more ho’s out there and I’m gonna fu#k ’em now and when I get into the NFL . Ain’t nuthin’ stoppin’ me , not even this bi#ch I’m hearing about called Ebola . ”
    Jameis Winston

    “Jameis is a misunderstood young man , just like another of my clients, namely Ryan Braun” . David Cornwell , high-priced attorney to star athletes .


    “What more can I say ? I lied, I got caught and it will never happen again . Pinky swear ”
    ! Ryan Braun

    tophatal ……….


  3. Of the staple of games the NFL fans have been asked to endure on a Thursday night this season , perhaps tomorrow night’s game between the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers is likely to be the best . The winner is likely to be viewed as by far the best team in the AFC this season .

    Game two , tonight , in the World Series could provide the chance for the Kansas City Royals to even the series against the San Francisco Giants . Should they go down with an 0-2 deficit , I don’t believe the Royals would be capable of winning the next three on the road against the Giants , in spite of what they have already achieved on the road in their prior games in the wildcard , ALDS and ALCS .

    The game two starters I believe are quite evenly matched with Jake Peavy of the Giants taking on Yordano Ventura of the Royals .

    San Francisco Gaints versus Kansas City Royals at Kauffmann Stadium in Kansas City , Missouri ,.

    tophatal ………


  4. The $hit could hit the fans if these deliberations are said to be true , concerning the Atlanta Braves and the impending future of Jason Heyward and Justin Upton . Granted both players had indifferent season’s for the team , but overall , the Braves’ underlying issues had more to do with the lax approach of manager Fredi Gonzalez and the entire coaching staff . Atlanta’s record bears this out and their standing not only within NL East , wildcard final standings , but also within baseball’s final team standings .

    A horrendous season , from a team capable of doing far better , with a fan-base who actually deserved better than what was served up by the players over the course of the year.

    Courtesy of

    Braves could rebuild if they part ways with Heyward, J-Up
    Corner outfielders will both be free agents at end of next season

    By Mark Bowman of

    ATLANTA — Looking back on the disappointing season the Braves recently completed, one could argue that Jason Heyward was the club’s most valuable player and Justin Upton was the most influential offensive contributor.

    But with the Hot Stove season set to start in a week, there is reason to wonder whether Heyward and Upton will both be back in Atlanta for the 2015 season.

    Staring at the possibility that both Heyward and Upton could both exit via free agency next year, the Braves have to evaluate whether it would be wise to trade at least one of those corner outfielders in exchange for a group of players who could either make an immediate impact or, maybe more importantly, fortify the club as it attempts to enter SunTrust Park in 2017 with a strong product.

    Braves president John Schuerholz, interim general manager John Hart and assistant general manager John Coppolella have spent this past month tirelessly reconstructing the front office and evaluating a crop of talent that is currently weak at the Minor League level. Coppolella has spent a portion of this week at the club’s Dominican Republic academy with Gordon Blakeley, a veteran scout who was recently hired to serve as special assistant to the general manager.

    Before deciding whether Heyward and Upton will return next year, the Braves will first determine whether Hart, Coppolella or possibly Kansas City’s Dayton Moore will end up becoming their full-time general manager. Whoever is guiding Atlanta’s roster reconstruction process over the next few weeks and months is destined to be quite busy.

    Click on link to read in full.

    From left to right , BJ Upton , Jason Heyward and Justin Upton .

    If there has to be a player that the Braves should let go , I believe it should be BJ Upton and not his younger sibling , Justin Upton .

    John Hart and John Schuerholz will have some serious decisions to make concerning the makeup of the team for next season and thereafter . The loss of both Heyward and Justin Upton would be immense given their range of productivity from an offensive and defensive standpoint .


    Hello my lovely !

    Two scoops of that , would definitely fit the bill !


    tophatal …………….


  5. Perhaps I’m mistaken , but if the New York Yankees had flaws on their team of this past season then they were pronounced and effects were seen throughout the roster ? Having read an article on the site Rant Sports , I can see many of the contributors there and the patronage, clearly have little knowledge about the game of baseball. If they believe the only issue [ (ERA 3.75) eighth of fifteen AL teams] for the Yankees was their pitching , then obviously they have not been watching the team all season long . Needless to say the offense cannot be left out (11th of 15) of the equation as well , as it was equally abysmal .

    Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner will have to seriously look at the makeup of the roster and their projected payroll for the upcoming season . Very few of the team’s recent trades over the past four seasons have actually paid off in terms of value and productivity .

    New York Yankees’ news

    New York Yankees’ 40 man roster

    New York Yankees’ free agents

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  6. So there’s said to be no quarterback controversy for Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ head coach Lovie Smith he makes a decision between recovering starter Josh McCown and backup Mike Glennon before Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings , a team desperately in need of a win in their already troubled season . Both Buccaneers’ quarterbacks have been uneven in their play , but that is not only issue facing Smith and the team in general , as the defense has repeatedly had lapses leading to their poor results and play throughout the season. Other than a lackluster victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers , Tampa has been abysmal and there is nothing the to suggest they will eke out a victory over their conference rivals in their scheduled week eight contest .

    ” Jason and I have a thing going on as we’re trying to sink this franchise deeper into mediocrity and obscurity . “ Lovie Smith (left) and GM Jason Licht .

    The NFC South this season has been abysmal and might just be the division in the NFL based not only on the teams’ records but their play which has simply been awful .

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ news

    NFC South quarterback stats to date

    tophatal …………..


  7. A great win (7-2) for the Kansas City Royals in game two of the World Series , with the San Francisco Giants seemingly being unable to take advantage of the situations which arose during the game . Now it’s on to game three at AT& T Park in San Francisco when the series resumes on Friday 24th October with Jeremy Gurthrie of the Royals taking on the Giants’ Tim Hudson in what is likely to be a pivotal game in the series .

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  8. Denard Robinson has a breakout performance for the Jacksonville Jaguars in their game against the Cleveland Browns , but one seriously doubts the Jaguars will be able to keep the momentum going in week eight against their opponents the Miami Dolphins at Everbank Field Stadium in Jacksonville , Florida , this Sunday .

    RB stats in week seven .

    Week eight results 2013

    Week eight players’ stats

    NFL teams’ stats 2013

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  9. Philip Rivers and Peyton Manning are likely to let it rip in tonight’s game and they could be on their way to obtaining some scintillating statistics once this contest is over between two of the best teams currently in the AFC and the NFL by far . Granted , both the Arizona Cardinals , Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles might have something to say about that . Yet in no way can their quarterbacks measure up to what Manning and Rivers have accomplished this season in terms of their performances .

    The Seattle Seahawks’ trading away of wide receiver Percy Harvin , either has more to do with the player being a psychotic headcase , rather than his being great player. His joining the New York Jets will not add anything to the Jets’ offensive arsenal , simply because Geno Smith’s play this season continues to border on sheer incompetency . As to the idiotic article to be found within PFT ( where the writers state Rex Ryan believes his quarterback is showing signs of improvement . It is akin to suggesting the Ebola virus makes for a minor ailment and isn’t that harmful

    Smith has yet to show real signs of consistency or leadership , and he is only marginally better than his backup Michael Vick at this stage of the veteran’s career .

    The coaching staff of the Jets have failed to realize how inept the team just happens to be at this juncture .

    NFL news



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  10. In a game filled with some intrigue and great quarterback play , where we saw two teams of equal talent provide us with perhaps the best Thursday night game we have seen all season long , this specific night .

    Terrific win for the Denver Broncos as they beat the San Diego Chargers in a thrilling contest 35-21 .

    NFL news

    NFL week eight schedule

    NFL standings (division)

    NFL standings (conference)

    NFL player stats

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  11. So Los Angeles Laker’s co-owner and SVP Jeanie Buss is bemoaning the fact , no major marquee free agents sought to join the Lakers this off-season , pointing to the negative publicity the franchise and in particular Kobe Bryant has received with some stating Bryant has become a real self-absorbed player, singular minded and not much of team player or leader .

    With the loss of Steve Nash for the season , it will be interesting to see how the team will fare over the course of their schedule .

    Jeanie Buss ought to be concerned with the fact this team was so bad last season , with the results and standing being so abysmal .

    Courtesy of CBS Sports

    Jeanie Buss thinks you’re a loser if you don’t want to play with Kobe

    By Zack Harper , NBA Writer

    The scuttlebutt around the league this week has been whether or not the assertion that Kobe Bryant is the cause for the downfall of the Los Angeles Lakers is a fair one. Following an article in ESPN The Magazine about Bryant being blamed for the reason Jim Buss and the Lakers have been unable to put a halfway decent team around him the last couple of years, people have been discussing and debating how much credence goes with this theory.

    Whether or not Kobe was the cause of Dwight Howard leaving the Lakers after one season for the Houston Rockets or players like Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James never truly considering signing with a once proud organization, it’s clear that if you’re not coming to the Lakers because of Kobe, part-owner and president of the Lakers Jeanie Buss believes you’re a loser.

    Maybe this is a shot at Howard as much as it’s a personal and business feeling by Jeanie about the biggest Lakers’ star of the past decade. Bryant has accomplished just about everything you could want in this league and will go down as one of the best basketball players in the history of the sport. He’s always been a divisive character in this league and his style of play certainly puts the onus on him, which can detract away from individual and team goals of others at times. But it’s also led to an incredible and historic run of success in the NBA.

    With the Lakers being so down now as a franchise, it’s left the team and Bryant in particular open as targets. There is a seemingly insurmountable vulnerability with the last couple years of a contract that will pay him more than anybody in the league that also happens to coincide with the team being near the cellar of the Western Conference. Bryant can still be a spectacular scorer but whether it will mean anything in the landscape of this season outside of being a good show to watch and adding even more accolades and records to his résumé seems far-fetched.

    In reality, Bryant is whatever you want him to be for you. If you want him to be a demi-god of the league and still one of the most influential reasons for why you enjoy basketball, then he’s easy to see in that light. If you want him to be the scourge of the Lakers and the reason they can’t remain competitive, then you’ve got enough circumstantial evidence to believe that too. It’s up to you to decide what he means for your basketball world.


    Click on link to read in full .

    In happier times , Phil Jackson , Kobe Bryant , center and Jeanie Buss .

    There is no doubt in my mind this will be Kobe Bryant’s last season with the franchise . He will be in the final year of his $48.5 million deal , making him the highest paid player , annually in the league , based on average salary .

    The Lakers will begin their schedule against the Houston Rockets where their recent successes have been somewhat limited .

    The match-up between Kobe Bryant and James Harden in their series of games prior to this season , have been eventful contests and they are likely to be again this season also .


    Los Angeles Lakers’ news

    Me like ! …. 😎


    tophatal ………


  12. This World Series has been a great proven to be a great contest between the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants . Both teams have excelled in certain areas of the game during the postseason .

    The Giants have been great in terms of their hitting and pitching in their games against the Royals .

    Ned Yost’s team have proven to be equally prodigious in their play on both sides of the plate .



    tophatal ……………..


  13. Is there’s even a remote chance the Detroit Lions might consider trading wide receiver Calvin Johnson ? If the stories now percolating are said to be true the front office of the Lions might consider letting the player go with their season seemingly still with a great deal to play for .

    Jim Caldwell has a tough task ahead of him as tries to get his team ready to face the equally abysmal Atlanta Falcons in an all NFC clash _____ a game which could determine the fates of several players on the respective rosters.

    Worst game on the week eight schedule might just be the contest between the Oakland Raiders taking on the Cleveland Browns at Paul Brown Stadium in Cleveland , Ohio this Sunday .

    NFL news

    NFL free agents (2015)

    Free agent wide receivers (2015)

    Calvin Johnson’s contract



    tophatal ………..


  14. Another weekend of College Football with a great deal to play with a number of teams now positioning themselves for that final push over the four remaining games of the regular season , as they each seek to be part of the inaugural of playoff format .

    Defending national champions Florida State are favored in their next game when they take on Louisville on the 30th October , 2014 . The remaining schedule for the Seminoles is not seen as a tough one .

    Elsewhere in week nine there are some very interesting contests involving a number of the AP Poll’s Top 25 .

    In the SEC , Pac 12 and Big Ten , the likes of Alabama , Oregon , Oregon State , Stanford , USC and Michigan State will be seeking to make statement performances in their respective games .

    NCAA Football news

    NCAA Football week nine schedule

    USA Today Coaches’ Poll (Top 25)

    NCAA Standings (conference)




  15. So the Kansas City Royals have now taken a 2-1 lead in the best of seven-games in the 2014 World Series . A great performance by the members of Ned Yost’s team.

    Elsewhere in baseball the big story happens to be the sudden decision by Joe Maddon to leave the Tampa Bay Rays after several years in charge of the team as the franchise’s most successful and popular manager . I can’t help but wonder if Maddon was simply tired of the less than ambitious front office which in part was hampered by a lack of resources and the damn naivete of owner Stuart Sternberg . In large part also we had the sheer apathy and gullibility of the fan-base in the area who lacked knowledge and intelligence when it came to the organization .

    “I can’t even see Alaska or Russia from here ” . Rays’ former manager Joe Maddon . ‘

    Courtesy of

    Maddon opts out of contract, leaves Rays

    By Bill Chastain,

    ST. PETERSBURG — A second blow crashed down on the Rays’ universe Friday afternoon, when Joe Maddon exercised an opt-out clause in his contract. He will not return to manage the team in 2015.

    Maddon’s decision followed Andrew Friedman, who left his post as executive vice president of baseball operations with the Rays to take a newly created position with the Dodgers as president of baseball operations.

    Maddon had been signed to a three-year deal that was to run through next season.

    “Joe Maddon has exercised an opt-out in his current contract, a contract which was not scheduled to expire until after the 2015 season,” principal owner Stuart Sternberg said in a statement issued by the club on Friday. “We tried diligently and aggressively to sign Joe to a third contract extension prior to his decision.

    “As of [Thursday] afternoon, Joe enabled himself to explore opportunities throughout Major League Baseball. He will not be managing the Rays in 2015. Joe has been our manager for nine seasons, and the foundation of success laid during his tenure endures. We thank him for all that he’s meant to the organization.”

    The news came as a surprise, since Maddon told reporters at the end of the season that he wanted to stay with the Rays for the final year of his contract.

    “I’m surprised by it and disappointed,” said Matt Silverman, president of Rays baseball operations. “I believed that Joe wanted to be the manager of the Rays long-term. That was my intention and Stu’s intention, and we dove headfirst into discussions about an extension. But it takes two parties to reach an agreement, and we weren’t able to reach an agreement. And that’s how we got to this day.”

    Silverman explained Maddon’s opt-out clause.

    “In Joe’s contract, he had the ability to opt out if certain events took place, and one of those was if Andrew Friedman wasn’t an employee of the club,” Silverman said. “And the last several days, we worked with Joe to try and figure out a contract extension. And we engaged and made many offers, and it became clear from his responses that it was not an exercise that was going to lead to an outcome, so he opted out yesterday. And we are turning the page to begin the process to look for a new manager.”

    Click on link to read in full.

    I certainly believe the departure of Andrew Friedman led to Maddon’s decision and in large part there seemed to be a lack initiative being shown by the owners and the direction the Rays were apparently heading in . There was no leadership from among the playing staff and Evan Longoria it appears is simply on the field padding his stats while offering very little by the way of leadership in return . Joe Maddon’s successor will have a tough time making this team competitive in spite of everyone’s belief the Rays will remain competitive . Penny pinching in terms of payroll has simply embodied how the ball-club has survived over the years.

    The Tampa Bay Rays couldn’t get their stadium issue resolved and the dumb @ss fans in the Tampa Bay area were just as clueless on the issue, as the politicians locally and statewide without the ineptitude shown by the front office executives .

    Maddon’s nine years in charge speaks volumes as to what he was able to achieve as the Rays scrimped and penny-pinched over the greater part of his tenure .

    MLB news and press releases

    Tampa Bay Rays’ news

    tophatal …….


  16. So just when you thought things couldn’t get much more thrilling the San Francisco Giants were demoralized as Yordano Ventura of the Kansas City Royals dazzles with some fantastic pitching , while his team whacks out multiple hits in the second inning to score eight runs on their way to a 10-0 victory for the home team at Kauffmann Stadium in Kansas City , Missouri ,.

    Ventura on the mound showing his stuff .

    Game seven provides for another thriller, but the momentum now goes back to the Royals and it will one hell of game with two prominent pitchers on the mound for this contest.

    MLB news


    tophatal …………


  17. Should we be talking dynasty ? Or will it be about an astonishing year by a league upstart in the Kansas City Royals ? Well the question was soundly answered in game seven of the World Series on Wednesday night . Nothing else now , needs to be said !

    Fantastic achievement in Bruce Bochy leading his team to their third World Series’ in the past five years .

    Finally , a seasoned veteran , Tim Hudson has a World Series’ ring to go alongside his great career . The same can be said of Jeremy Affeldt and his career in the Big Leagues .

    Bumgarner and Giants’ catcher Buster Posey celebrate the team’s thrilling game seven victory .

    Madison Bumgarner deservedly won the World Series’ MVP as he was by far the best pitcher on either team throughout the series .

    The San Francisco Giants are and have been a ‘phenomenal’ road team during the postseason . Perhaps one of the best in recent postseason history .


    tophatal ………….


  18. Not content with behaving like a petulant child Stuart Sternberg and the rest of the idiots within the Tampa Bay Rays’ front office are now whining like children with the departure of Joe Maddon . The news of the franchise’s former manager in negotiation to become the Chicago Cubs’new manager has led to the Rays filing tampering charges with the league hierarchy . It wouldn’t be so bad , until you realize Maddon was the one who chose no to resign and extend his contract with the organization . So unless the legal counsel of the Rays can find due cause , then they have grounds for their action .

    tophatal …..


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