Act like you’ve got a pair , …balls that is

Act like you’ve got a pair , balls that is ……..
Strangely enough, hearing a sports’ fans continue to opine on the ills within the game, be it baseball, football, basketball or hockey. My take on it all, if your teams suck , don’t just look at the players , but also the coaches and owners in particular . How they act , will trend to give you a clear idea as to whether or not they know how to handle real adversity. The NBA season remains in its infancy , but we already witnessing several teams struggling to step away from their own ineptitude . There were high hopes for the New York Knicks after Phil Jackson was brought in , to lead their Basketball Operations where GM Steve Mills would be ultimately answerable to Jackson within the Knicks’ hierarchal organization . Owner James Dolan remains the one constant within the organization , whose decision-making continues to come into question. Granted , the franchise remains popular among its fan-base , profitable and still the most valuable team in the NBA.


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Nine games into the regular season and the New York Knicks are 2-7 , just above the win-less Philadelphia 76ers(0-7) within the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference . For rookie head coach Derek Fisher it would be fair to suggest having seen his team get off to such a sluggish start should be cause for concern. The players themselves have been lackluster with only forward Carmelo Anthony actually showing signs of life .

In their two most recent games the New York Knicks suffered a six-point home loss to the Atlanta Hawks , then followed that up again with another defeat , where their guests, the Orlando Magic inflicted more pain upon what has become a troubling start to the Knicks’ season. Fans of the New Yorks, all too often, tend to point to the positives about their team , one , mainly from an offensive standpoint they can put up points on just about anyone , what they fail to indicate has been the very fact the team simply has no idea how to defend leading their ever increasing issues , which have yet to be addressed by Derek Fisher and his coaching staff

New York came into the season with one of the highest payrolls in the NBA , but nonetheless , Phil Jackson and Steve Mills felt they could live with just as long as the players lived up to expectations . Hard to believe this current roster is no better than the lineup from last season that failed to make the NBA Playoffs . As good as the New York Knicks believe themselves to be , this is not a team currently showing it can compete with the best that the NBA has to offer. Next up for Derek Fisher’s team will be a home game against the Utah Jazz , a contest which will likely tell us a great deal about the mindset of the host.

For two straight years the Chicago Bulls (6-2) have been heavily reliant on Derrick Rose being around for the long haul . In 2012 and again in 2013 , the Bulls’ point guard was felled by an injury . Come full circle and here we are , already wondering about the fitness of Rose after another injury scare. I doubt Tom Thiboadeau wants to head into the next three to six weeks of the Bulls’ schedule without their most prized asset .

In their two defeats the margin of victory for the Bulls’ opponents have been less than seven points in each case. This points to the fact Chicago remains a resilient defensive force , one of the best in conference as well as the entire NBA .

The departures of Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer , two of the Bulls’ best scoring options from last season may well prove to hinder the team’s chances this season, but there is every reason to believe with the addistion of Paul Gasol and the ever-improving play of Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson , Joakim Noah , Mike Dunleavy and Aaron Brooks , there is every reason to believe the Chicago Bulls can make a long and spirited run during the NBA Playoffs for this season . Chicago’s next scheduled game will be a match-up with the surprise of the team of the early part of the basketball season, the conference leading Toronto Raptors.

There will come a time when a price has to be paid for the alleged belief the NBA and its idiocy of a soft salary cap has been of benefit to the game. Not unlike the idiocy within baseball (MLB) , where Bud Selig and his successor Rob Manfred are still mired with their own hierarchical ineptitude . It begs the question, which idiotic fans of professional basketball actually has a clue as to what happened with regard to the economic vagaries of the NBA . Last season the Philadelphia Sixers’ willingly ” tanked “ the final quarter of their schedule , all with the hope gaining a lottery pick from the NBA Draft . Sixers’ owner Joshua Harris has given cart-blanche to ruin the franchise while fans think nothing of the destruction now taking place . Win-less and off to an 0-7 start , there seems to be clear evidence that this team cannot win a game no , matter who the opponent just happens to be .

Sixers’ head coach Brett Brown and his coaching staff have been far from inspiration for this team . Nerlens Noel , Luc MBah a Moute , Jason Richardson , Tony Wroten and Michael Carter-Williams are simply not enough to lure anyone to see the Sixers play . It is pretty much safe to say this season beyond being viewed as an eyesore is far from being desirable for the NBA . Yet , there you have it , with the league hierarchy unwilling to intervene when an organization shows an obvious unwillingness to compete . As to suggesting who the best player on the Sixers’ roster might be , well given what you might see as desirable , I would leave that choice in your hands ! Michael Carter-Williams having been a Rookie of the Year might just be the lone asset on this team .

Two consecutive losses for a combined eighty-five points defines mediocrity in the NBA. Philadelphia’s next game will be on the road when they face the Houston Rockets led by e James Harden and .Dwight Howard . The contest will be a decidedly lopsided affair favoring the home team.. Make no bones about it , the NBA remains a brand is in need of some real coaching talent beyond Gregg Popovich , Erik Spoelstra, Rick Carlisle and Doc Rivers .

Denver Nuggets’ (1-6) head coach Brian Shaw was overlooked when he sought to succeed Phil Jackson as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers . The Nuggets’ record this season reflects how bad this team just happen to be . In the Nuggets’ most recent game the team gave up eighty-four points in the first half of a contest against the Portland Trailblazers . Blazers’ players Damian Lillard , LaMarcus Aldridge and their teammates had a field-day in wiping the court with the Nuggets in their twenty-three point victory over their divisional rivals .

Beyond Kenneth Faried , Ty Lawson and JJ Hickson , there is absolutely nothing to suggest the Nuggets are capable of competing in the NBA . Team owner Stanley Kroenke and GM Tim Connelly have not shown the acumen to suggest they have the best interests of the fans let alone the league , but yet consumers are asked to tolerate this type of ineptitude not just from the Denver Nuggets, but with several teams around the league . Some fans are willing to show their apathy and ignorance by simply pointing to teams who are winning and not the dire consequences which . take place when the franchises are far from being competitive .

When the Nuggets face the Indiana Pacers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse , in Indianapolis , Indiana the meeting between these two teams should prove to be an caution as to the meaning of ineptitude based on the play of the two clubs this season.

Adam Silver the successor to David Stern as NBA Commissioner, seeks to spread his global brand and professional basketball remains the most popular sports’ brand North America has exported around the globe , far exceeding the reach of MLB , NFL and NHL . Silver has been engaging, while offering little to suggest he is the right person to be leading the NBA. As an executive he has been quick to point out that he believes the federal government should legalize gambling on all professional sports nationwide with their being tight restrictions , due diligence and oversight for the proposed statute. Given the lobbying presence of the hierarchy (NBA) up on Capitol Hill , is anyone actually surprised by Silver’s comments on the issue ? Sorry , but the commissioner is now creating a conflict of interest for his sport because , there are likely to be serious ramifications and misgivings should there be the slightest slightest impropriety within the game by a player coach or executive seeking to decide the outcome of a game by giving a less than forthright effort.

Granted, given the lax play at this point of the season , might I suggest , things might well have gotten off to the start neither Silver the league and the world of sports? College sports specifically football and basketball are aware of the problems encompassing their respective sports and it would be fair to suggest the monitoring by the NCAA under the leadership of Mark Emmert has been less than adequate. Yet , these are some of the issues likely to be faced by the NBA and Adam Silver , has not suggested if the league will seek to monitor the wagering , lines offered on the games and the final results. All well and good in the commissioner’s eyes , but once Pandora’s Box has been opened , the chances of it being closed will be remote .



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At this point last season the NBA was still in its infancy but then too., there were signs the league would be in for long and arduous year of rather mediocre play . What if anything has been the most disappointing aspect of the league this year ? By all means simply leave a comment as you see fit on on this and anything else you believe relevant to this article.


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(1) New York Knicks’ front office executives from left to right owner James Dolan, Phil Jackson SVP & Head of Basketball Operations and GM Steve Mills . The team is off to a bad start and hindering their chances within the division and Eastern Conference. Derek Fisher and his coaching staff struggled to find any form of consistency from the playing staff this season . AP Photo / Barry Gill …

(2) Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has been limited in his play this season through eight games , having only appeared in four contests for the team at this point of the season. Head coach Tom Thibodeau may well seek lessen the minutes for the point guard over the next month as he seeks to regain full fitness . Bulls’ general John Paxson may add his input advising Thibodeau because of the franchise’s immediate and long-term investment in the player . Getty Images/NBAE/ Clark Jones …

(3) Head coach Brett Brown center is seen here with members of the Philadelphia 76ers’ coaching staff and players . The teams remain win-less and struggling to make leeway this season. Team owner Josh Harris has shown few signs that he seeks for the Sixers to be competitive over the course of this season, much to the dismay of their fans and several former players including Allen Iverson , who has been critical of the organization. AP Photo / Marcus Shaw ….

(4) Denver Nuggets’ head coach Brian Shaw and the team’s point guard Ty Lawson are seen here on the sidelines during a game . The Nuggets are far from being competitive this season and the fans are now voicing their displeasure with the team and play of the Nuggets. AP Photo / Bob Foster ..

(5) Josh Kroenke left , is seen here alongside his father Stanley Kroenke of the Denver Nuggets . The two are senior executives within organization . The elder Kroenke is also the owner the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche as well as Premierleague soccer team Arsenal . Getty Images / Tim Johnson …

(6) (6) Adam Silver commissioner of the NBA has issued the statement he would like to see legalized wagering for all professional sports, as well as at the collegiate level . Silver believes it would be of great benefit to the NBA but in his comments he made has stated little of how he believes the federal government can mandate a statute covering legalized gaming . The NBA has offered very little , by way their team owners, general managers or the players, . leading many to believe this whole scenario was not thoroughly well thought out . Clearly, Silver since being elected commissioner of the NBA , has sought to stamp his authority , identity on the league and creating the type of dialog that places him front and center of what is likely be a controversial debate . Getty Images / Harry How …

(7) Allen Iverson whose retirement from the NBA after a distinguished career winning a League MVP Award and multiple All Star appearances and litany of franchise records for the Sixers . Iverson has been extremely critical of his former team , management and the front office staff concerning their lack of competitive spirit. AP Photo / Matthew Miller … ….



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25 thoughts on “Act like you’ve got a pair , …balls that is”

  1. Adam Silver has shown himself to be no different from his predecessor David Stern . The present leader of the NBA hierarchy has proven to be an imbecile very much like his predecessor and anyone who believes Silver has the slightest idea of concerning the issues the league faces should look no further than his lack of action when the outrage arose concerning not only Donald Sterling but the continued inaction with the behavior of Orland Magic owner Rich DeVos . Idiots who brush of DeVos’ statements as being mild and a matter of free speech, is an @sshole and a frigging moron .

    To the left former Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling a racist and to the right an avowed homo-phobe and racist Rich DeVos . The next time I hear an ignorant as#hole try to excuse DeVos’ behavior as mild , I would suggest that f$cking moron go defecate in a pot and then eat the sh#t that has just left their bowels .

    Remind me again why anyone would believe the NBA and the play there has been exemplary ?

    Looking at the play of the Denver Nuggets , Orlando Magic , New York Knicks , Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia Sixers is downright scary and comedic .

    As to the merits of the Dallas Mavericks it’s clear their fans remain delusional when they continue to state the team remains a perennial contender , but are a team who simply can’t defend worth a sh#t on either end of the court during the regular and postseason. .

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    tophatal …………….


  2. Jerry Reinsdorf and John Paxson have to be worried with regard to the ongoing health of Derrick Rose . This team does not have a wealth of scoring on the roster and though the defense is among the best in the NBA , they will need a great deal more offense than is being currently shown when they go up against the best the West has to offer should they make the NBA Finals . Moreover , this regular season though they are off to a great start , there is little to suggest Rose and his teammates are good enough to take down the likes of the Cleveland Cavaliers , Toronto Raptors at present , though I believe the Raptors will fade away during the latter half of the season as they have repeatedly done over the past five seasons .

    The Eastern Conference of the NBA will prove to be as odious as usual with the play being dire , littered with incompetency from the teams and players .

    tophatal ………..


  3. Unless I’m mistaken the Detroit Pistons are still playing in the league ? Team owner , Tom Gores , former GM Joe Dumars and current GM Jeff Bower are are still ruining this franchise , being clueless in terms of their free agency acquisitions and draft classes in 2014, 2013 , 2012 and 2011 .

    The Pistons have been ever so pitiful this season, so much so that I for one couldn’t tell identify the name of one player on the roster much less, who coaches the team .

    Detroit has fallen so far down the depth chart it is hard to imagine how they will rise up from the depths of mediocrity .

    Pistons’ GM Jeff Bower and head coach Stan Van Gundy, right.

    Who’d have though Van Gundy would get a gig coaching another NBA franchise ?

    tophatal ……………


  4. New York Knicks’ fans should no longer try to feign stupidity , because we all know it comes naturally to them . I mean, how else can you explain their naivete concerning the team and their belief they are capable of competing in the Eastern Conference let alone the Atlantic Division .

    JR Smith proved in their most recent loss to the Orlando Magic , his basketball IQ is no better than a cerebral challenged individual or someone in an induced coma due to a head injury .

    Chuckin’ up bricks and sucking #icks , that’s JR Smith of the New York Knicks .

    tophatal ……….


  5. So many teams are having seasons they’d rather forget and still the NBA hierarchy lauds this game with a great deal of hypocrisy and idiocy . No common sense to be found with Stern’s successor Adam Silver and the mere fact the coaching in the league has become dire . There are now very few top-tier coaches in the NBA .

    Adam Silver, with his statements on legalized gambling , sought to deflect attention away from how mediocre the NBA remains at present . Look no further than the lack of defense on view and a number of the results by way of margins (points differential) .

    There can be no great comfort in seeing the continued struggles of the Boston Celtics , Los Angeles Lakers , Philadelphia 76ers , Brooklyn Nets or the New York Knicks .

    NBA news

    NBA results

    NBA standings (division)

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    Tophatal …………….


    1. Chris Humpherys(@SportsChump)

      Consider where both the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks stood within their respective divisions and conferences at the same stage last season as 14th November 2013 . Then look at their team statistics at that very same point , and then ask yourself what has really changed in that time beyond the trades and NBA Draft .

      Granted , there have been the coaching changes taking place, with Byron Scott replacing Mike D’Antoni and Derek Fisher succeeding Mike Woodson . Yet for all of this the one main constant has been the very fact the owners in question Jim Buss of the Lakers and James Dolan of the Knicks still remain damn clueless as to what is needed make their teams competitive and actually successful .

      It is extremely easy to understand why both the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks have been so inept to start the season . Neither team can actually defend worth damn . The statistics for Lakers and Knicks also bears this out .

      When the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks meet in their season series this year, it will be interesting to see how the two teams fare against each other .

      The meetings between Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony have been well chronicled during their careers in the NBA and with both playing on truly bad teams there is nothing to suggest the fans are likely to be entertained .

      Tophatal ……..


  6. Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs has now reached 25,000 points in his professional NBA career . While it has been a long time coming , there can be no denying what a great performer he has been for the franchise .

    This was the seventy-eighth meeting over the course of the illustrious careers of Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan , two of the greatest players of their generation and undoubtedly the duo are among two of the greatest of any era in the NBA’s history .

    Bryant and Duncan

    Courtesy of USA Today

    As Kobe faces Duncan for 78th time, comparison unavoidable

    By Sam Amick, USA Today

    LOS ANGELES – When Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan square off for the 78th time Friday night, it will be nothing like the good ol’ days for two of the league’s preeminent oldie-but-goodies.

    At least not for Bryant.

    While the San Antonio Spurs look fully capable of defending their title and winning a sixth championship during the Duncan era, Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers are mired in a campaign so miserable that executives the league over keep wondering when – a la 2007 – he’ll demand a trade.

    But the 36-year-old Bryant swears his loyalty to the Lakers is at an all-time high, saying recently that he still plans on retiring after next season in the same jersey he has worn since 1996. And even with the mounting losses, the eternally-confident Bryant still dares to dream about a day when he and Duncan – whose teams have won 10 of the 16 NBA championships since 1999 – can face off yet again with the Larry O’Brien trophy on the line.

    “I would love to get another crack at them in a playoff series,” Bryant, who leads the NBA in scoring at 26.7 points per game, told USA TODAY Sports this week. “I would love that. Some of my finest memories are against them.”

    Click on link to read in full.

    “Yeah , two thumbs up Tim , as you are more than deserving of the accolade ” !

    Duncan reached the feat in the Spurs’ victory over the fast declining Los Angeles Lakers (1-8) . No word as of yet , when Kobe Bryant will rain in with another tirade directed towards his teammates and the Los Angeles Lakers’ franchise .


    Tophatal ……..


  7. Interesting start to the NBA season and a lot of good information you tossed out here. By the way, for the first year, I’m now officially a part-season ticket holder of the Boston Celtics. It is only four games, so before you give me a hard time because they will not be any good… not a ton of games. But there’s some young talent and a lot of draft picks. This could be a good team soon.


  8. The Wife Hates Sports(@TheWifeHateSports/KP

    I know it’s going to be a long haul to this NBA season and for the Boston Celtics I know it will be particularly tough for them.

    This is still a young team at its core . Head coach Brad Stevens and his coaching staff have a long learning curve ahead of them and during that time , he and his coaches will still have a lot to learn and impart to the players.

    Unfortunately , GM Danny Ainge made the decision to rebuild the roster far too late as this should have been done at least three years ago , right or just after the franchise won its last NBA championship. Instead with an aging core built around Kevin Garnett , Paul Pierce and Ray Allen they battled on and they did not achieve a damn thing . Their opponents had far more athleticism and a greater skill-set, which all seemed to be lost on their redundant and ‘brain dead’ front office led by owner Wyc Grousbeck . Need I say anymore on the matter concerning the Celtics ?

    Tophatal ……


  9. Tonight’s schedule pits the two teams with the best records in the NBA when the Houston Rockets (9-1) and Memphis Grizzlies (9-1) meet in a Western Conference contest. I am not so sure this game will live up to the hype expected , given the fact the Rockets have been slipping in their play , and clearly evident in their most recent victory where the team combined to shoot under thirty-percent (30%) in the win over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    With those type of statistics I don’t care what time of the season it happens to be , shooting under 30% is an embarrassment to any team in the NBA , no matter who you are as a fan or analyst .


    NBA news

    NBA results 16th November

    NBA standings (division)

    NBA standings (conference)


    Tophatal ……………


  10. Kobe Bryant no longer has any real interest in winning an NBA title as he already has five titles to his credit , a League MVP and Finals’ MVP to place on his mantelpiece at home . If he can now move up the ranks in terms of career points , then that’ll be all he is actually concerned about . It’s not as if this present Los Angeles Lakers’ roster is competitive enough to win their division much less represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals . Let’s be real , the Lakers are no better than their last five games . And given their record , that is not saying a great deal about the franchise at this juncture .

    Elsewhere , is there any goddamn intelligence to found among fans of the New York Knicks ? These idiots believe themselves to be privileged and that Phil Jackson has become the franchise’s Messiah . Last I looked , Jackson wasn’t turning water into wine , nor was he walking on water or actually building a championship caliber team . Something that now seems to be lost on their anal retentive fans as usual .

    Triangle Offense or not , the Knicks cannot defend worth a damn on the road or at home .

    Bryant has now amassed in excess of thirty thousand points over the course of his professional career .

    “If the players can understand how a metronome works, then I believe they will be able to understand the Triangle Offense and put it to good effect ” . Phil Jackson & Derek Fisher , head coach of the New York Knicks.


    NBA news

    Tuesday night results r

    NBA seasonal statistics’ leaders

    NBA standings (division)

    NBA standings (conference)


    Tophatal ……………


  11. The NBA is having its struggles and the over the Cleveland Cavaliers has now taken on Biblical and idiotic proportions . This roster is not yet proving they are competitive and their record at present is really better no better than the team , the Miami Heat , which LeBron James chose to leave . Is there anything else which needs to be said at this juncture ? As to the idiot fans of the New York Knicks they are too frigging dumb to face reality , but instead they are carrying on as if Phil Jackson is a Messiah . They seem to forget the great teams coached by Jackson actually had bonafide stars . Instead all the Knicks have are Carmelo Anthony , his being backed up by a bunch menial has beens and jerk-offs .

    NBA news

    NBA results 20th November

    NBA standings

    NBA standings (conference)

    Tophatal …..


  12. As a woman NBPA President Michele A Roberts is doing a great disservice to women with her idiotic statement concerning the NBA’s twenty four game suspension of Jeff Taylor for his being charged with domestic abuse. Roberts states the collective bargaining agreement negates any such ruling by the league hierarchy. Unless Roberts has been under a toadstool for the past five to ten weeks ,she obviously has been delusional. Women are being battered and abused by their spouse or partner and she has the audacity to suggest the league’s actions were not right .

    So damn typical of a frigging lawyer whose only interests are to represent the clients but not take a look at the bigger picture and the fact her union has no fu#king policy in place to deal with the misconduct of the players who are members of the union.

    Michele Roberts Executive Director of the NBPA .

    NBA news

    NBPA news

    Tophatal …..


  13. At present what are the real issues facing the Cleveland Cavaliers and their indifferent start to the season ? A loss by the team and idiots are now suggesting LeBron James having a cold led to the Cavaliers’ loss to the Denver Nuggets . James’ idol Michael Jordan has more than once played a playoff game with a stomach virus and in one instance , with a temperature nearing 100 degrees . What type of fu#king bull#hit are these idiot NBA analysts now coming up with, merely to placate a player whose only wish is to be seen as the NBA’s answer to his idol ?

    The Cavaliers’ guard has now become a poor excuse as an individual and as a leader of this team . As losers of three straight games the Cleveland Cavaliers can only be judged as to what they currently are and not what some believe them to be. This current roster has no body of work behind it to be cast even remotely as a great team let alone a very good one .

    Can the New York Knicks’ (3-10) fans get off their f$cking high horses as to the merits of the team and now realize the fact they are only as good as their record suggests and not what Phil Jackson might be capable of doing .

    The Knicks have one of the worst records (3-10) in the NBA as of the 21st November, with only the Philadelphia 76ers (0-12) with a worst record in the Eastern Conference .


    NBA news

    NBA results 21st November

    NBA schedule 22nd November and for Sunday 23rd November , 2014

    NBA standings (division)

    NBA standings (conference)

    NBA season’s leaders

    NBA team stats (offense)

    NBA stats team defense

    NBA teams’ points differential

    Tophatal ………..


  14. NCAA Men’s Basketball
    season has already began and there have been some major surprises already . The Florida Gators’ noted program suffered a loss to instate rivals the Miami Hurricanes in a contest where the error prone Gators could not make up for throughout the game .

    Florida’s next contest will be against the Georgetown Hoyas on the 226th November , 2014. SEC program remains the standard against which all of the other conferences will have to be measured .

    NCAA Men’s Basketball (D1)

    NCAA Men’s Basketball news

    NCAA Men’s Basketball schedule (22nd November) and schedule for 23rd November i

    NCAA Men’s Basketball standings

    NCAA Men’s Basketball rankings (top twenty-five)

    Tophatal …………….


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