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There seems to be a disconnect in the world of sports at present with so many stories now ongoing. The NFL provided fans with its usual litany of events which have blotted the horizon. Off the field, the saga of Adrian Peterson has taken center-stage.The league hierarchy has seen fit to pursue the Minnesota Vikings’ running back and his refusal to meet with the league to discuss their ongoing issues as to what they believe fitting a punishment. Adrian Peterson plead his case within the legal system in the state of Texas, where Peterson and the District Attorney’s Office agreed to a plea deal. The running back has already sat out nine of the Vikings’ ten games this season , leading to their miserable standing within the NFC Northand conference.


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Coming off a road loss to the Chicago Bears,dropped the Minnesota Vikings to a 4-6 recordwithin their division, with little to suggest Mike Zimmer and his coaching staff have any idea how to take theteam out of their present rut. The league’s handling of the Peterson saga has left many wondering how Roger Goodell’s inconsistency in dealing with player misconduct can be so incomprehensible. This whole saga along with the Ray Rice episode casts a dark image over the NFL and the league’s continuous misguidance and the statements now coming from their head office. Rice is in the midst of an arbitration hearing where he seeks his reinstatement back into the league may well be the last straw for the commissioner, as he seeks to resurrect his own standing among the fans. Goodell is still backed by the team owners, but one more misstep by the commissioner could lead to calls for his ouster by at least one senior franchise owner , if they feel the NFL’s image has been dragged further into the dust.

The Vikings’ fate now lies in their own hands with their being no sign of an imminent return of their Pro Bowl running back , well at least not by week twelve of the NFL season. In their upcoming game the Minnesota Vikings will play host to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers has been on a blistering pace this season as he and his teammates seek to sow up the NFC North with a number of the leading competitors suddenly falling by the wayside. Green Bay for its part , took care of the Philadelphia Eagles with a robust 53-20 victory , inflicting the Eagles with their biggest loss of the season. Somehow , I get the feeling Chip Kelly and his team have yet to learn the meaning of the word defense , let alone playing conservative football. The “gung-ho” attitude seems to be prevalent with the Eagles.

Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles will certainly get their chance to hop back into the saddle when they face a disappointing Tennessee Titans’ team in week twelve of a home game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the 23rd November, 2014,. With Nick Foles currently sidelined due to injury Mark Sanchez will continue in the role as the team’s starting quarterback.

The Oakland Raiders’ (0-10) season continues to no avail with the team on a ten-game losing streak, showing no signs of life as the season has progressed. Raiders’ head coach Tony Sparano could very well in the throes of his last gasp of coaching the franchise, with team owner Mark Davis and GM Reggie McKenzie likely to make the decision to fire their head coach at the end of the season. The futility shown by the team has been comparable to the Detroit Lions’ season of 2008 when during their sixteen-game schedule, the Lions failed to win a game.If there is fault to be apportioned , concerning the ineptitude of the Raiders , then it rests squarely on the shoulders of both Reggie McKenzie and Mark Davis , as they have repeatedly squandered the opportunities offered to make this franchise competitive. It is hard to believe the last time the Oakland Raiders won a divisional title , the AFC West or made the postseason came in 2002, the year in which they also won the AFC championship , only to then lose to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Superbowl. In the aftermath of the postseason appearance, things have steadily gone downhill for the franchise, with their fans simply reliving the past of a bygone era of the Raiders.

It is difficult to suggest there are any bright spots to be found on this current Raiders’ roster. Quarterback Derek Carr has struggled to maintain a presence for the team. Defensively , the Oakland Raiders find themselves in a familiar position and with defensive coordinator Jason Tarver struggling to get this secondary going it has become abundantly clear to understand the many reasons why the Raiders have been so inept, without also pointing an accusing finger at Tony Sparano and offensive coordinator Greg Olson .

Darren McFadden , Maurice Jones-Drew, Andre Holmes , Denarius Moore , Sio Moore , Khalil Mack and the veteran Charles Woodson have floundered for the Raiders over the course of this season. When the Raiders play host to the Kansas City Chiefs at the O.Coliseum in a Thursday night game , there will be a great deal riding on the contest. Oakland will be seeking to gain their first win of the season, while Andy Reid and the Chiefs will be looking to get a leg up on the Denver Broncos , as these two teams fight it out for divisional supremacy within the AFC West. I would dare say, the San Diego Chargers (6-4) have no wish to be left out of the equation, as they remain a game behind both the Broncos and Chiefs for the divisional lead.

The Arizona Cardinals (9-1) keep on winning even with the sidelined Carson Palmer not being able to contribute a great deal to the team’s success this season. Head coach Bruce Arians, I believe is a justified front-runner to win the NFL Coach of the Year Award , but a great deal may well be predicated upon whether or not he can lead this team to their first divisional title(NFC West) since 2009 . You can either make the assumption the Cardinals are doing it all with “smoking mirrors” or state the San Francisco 49ers (6-4) and Seattle Seahawks(6-4) have been very inconsistent. The fact of the matter remains neither 49ers or the Seahawks have been able to match the consistency of the divisional rival , all season long.

Inasmuch, as the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks were dominant last season within the NFC West and the NFC as a whole, this season , both teams have played “second fiddle ” to the upstart Cardinals, who are a mere two gamesaway from clinching themselves a postseason berth within the conference. Peter Carroll and Jim Harbaugh can only hope Arizona slips up over the remainder of their schedule , allowing either of their teams an entrance into the postseason. Arizona will hope to inch closer to that goal when they play the Seattle Seahawks at Century Link Field on Sunday afternoon in one of the best games scheduled during week twelve of this season.

Nothing in life is ever deemed to be fair, unless you happen to be privileged, by way of social status and wealth. The same might be said of the NFL seedings as the postseason beckons. Unfortunately, the league hierarchy under NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has never seen fit to revamp the system in order to allow teams with a better record than a divisional winner to be given a higher seeding. Looking at the prospect likely to unfold within the NFC South and we could very well see a team with a sub .500 record make their way into the postseason and at the same time deny another franchise a higher ranking (seeding) a berth. Granted, the wildcard entrants allows the the next four teams below the top two seeds within a conference , their chance of advancing further . I cannot help but wonder, how a number of these teams are likely to feel, should a 7-9 or 8-8 team from within the NFC South make it to the playoffs ! To say the the quality of football seen within the division where the Atlanta Falcons (4-6), Carolina Panthers (3-7), New Orleans Saints(4-6) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-8) reside gives credence to the fact the NFL is urgently in need of a dearth of talent as well as several really good head coaches would be an understatement. All four teams do not possess a winning record and for head coaches, Mike Smith , Ron Rivera , Sean Payton and Lovie Smith , this might be the worst season of their collective careers as a head coaches within the NFL .

The Buccaneers coming off their second win on the season , defeating the lowly Washington Redskins embodied the sheer ineptitude seen all season long within the NFC South. Perhaps, the lone bright spot on the Buccaneers’ season has been the play of their rookie wide receiverMike Evans who provided a scintillating display of speed and maturity beyond his years. How the Buccaneers go about resurrecting their season will be determined by the mindset instilled into the team by head coach Lovie Smith.

Smith will take the Buccaneers on the road to Soldier Field in Chicago , Illinois to face his former team the Chicago Bears whose season now seems to be spiraling out of control , with quarterback Jay Cutler being harangued from all quarters for his lack of leadership and dire performances this season. Marc Trestman might now be emerging as one of the leading candidates among the coaches whose heads are likely to be on the ” chopping block”. Trestman and GM Phil Emery could very well be on the outs once this season is over. Lovie Smith was fired in his last season with the Bears , having narrowly missed the postseason in 2012. A winning record (10-6) that year seemed to be lost on the Bears’ front office and the admirable effort made by Lovie Smith and his coaching staff that season. All signs now seem to be point to the fact the Chicago Bears may well seek to trade Jay Cutler rather than retain his services . His tenure with the Bears has seen more lows than highs and it must be said his contract with the team has not proven to be a prudent investment.

There is no denying Washington Redskins’ owner Daniel Synder has continued swinging for the fences , making audacious moves either via free agency or through the NFL Draft. Having acquired both Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins in the now heralded quarterback class of 2012. Things now seem to have taken a turn for the worst with neither Griffin or Cousins being able to perform adequately for the team this season. Injuries asides, with both quarterbacks having been sidelined at some point during their schedule. Jay Gruden’s faith in third string quarterback Colt McCoy was short-lived in spite of the player leading the Redskins to two of their three victories on the season. Neither side of the Washington Redskins’ offense seems to be clicking . On the wrong side of a lopsided defeat suffered at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has embodied the Redskins’ season and justifiably shows why they remain at the bottom of the NFC East.

Washington will head West to face the San Francisco 49ers and Colin Kaepernick, as the host team looks to keep abreast with the Seattle Seahaws while still trailing the Arizona Cardinals by three games within the NFC West. This particular division was orginally viewed as a two-horse race between the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks but this season along come the Cardinals to upset the applecart and turn everyone’s world upside down . There is a reality beginning to set in, either the Seahawks or Forty Niners could quite possibly miss the postseason if things continue as they are. In a recent discussion with an acquaintance , he made the statement that he felt San Francisco were still capable of notching double-digit wins and still make the postseason . Given the inconsistency shown by the team , their possible failure in missing the NFL’s end of season showcase spectacle, could come back to to haunt Jim Harbaugh and his coaching staff.

Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seawhawks are the defending Superbowl champions and their quest to make a successful defense of their title doesn’t yet appear to be in jeopardy , but there has to be a cause for concern for a team which has been sporadic with their performances over the course of the season. Russell Wilson has continued with his progress and now seems to be on his way to joining the elite players at the position within the NFL . Century Link Field in Seattle, Washington will be the ” place to be” as the red hot ticket game of the day on Sunday when the Seahawks host the Arizona Cardinals and it will be interesting to see how opposing quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Drew Stanton will fare in this highly anticipated contest with their being so much at stake for both teams.



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With the NFL season almost three-quarters of the way through its schedule, what do you feel has been the most disappointing event to have taken place during the year ? Also , which teams are likely to make a spirited push to gain a postseason berth as the schedule now becomes more suspenseful for the fans and the franchises with so much at stake ? It has been a learning experience not only for the rookie head coaches in the NFL this season but also for the rookies and sophomore players seeking to make their presence felt in the league. Simply chime in with your comments on this and anything else you believe relevant to this article and thanks as always for the continued support of this site as it has always been appreciated !


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(1) Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson pictured here , has been reportedly suspended without pay for the rest of the season as the league hierarchy continues with their own investigation and possible further disciplinary action against the player for conduct detrimental to the league. Peterson reached a plea agreement with the State Attorney’s Office in Texas, after his being charged with child abuse . It was not the first time the player had been investigated for such an action. However, this latest incident was the first , in which law enforcement and Texas Dept of Child Welfare saw fit to file charges against Peterson . The league’s handling of this matter has come in for a great deal of criticism , with much of it being leveled at Commissioner Roger Goodell . Getty Images / Hugh Parker …

(2) Matt Forte (22) of the Chicago Bears runs past Sharrif Floyd (73) of the Minnesota Vikings during the third quarter on November 16, 2014 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Bears defeated the Minnesota Vikings 21-13. Getty Images/ David Banks …

(3) Jay Cutler (6) of the Chicago Bears tries to score on a run but is stopped by Xavier Rhodes (29) of the Minnesota Vikings during the third quarter on November 16, 2014 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. Speculation has began mounting the Bears will seek to trade the quarterback after a troubled season with the franchise. GM Phil Emery has not issued a public statement on the matter but there appears to be mounting speculation a trade is likely . Cutler is still owed $16.5 million of his original $126.7 million deal signed in 2012 of which $54 million was guaranteed . Getty Images /David Banks …

(4) In the foreground Oakland Raiders interim head coach Tony Sparano and the team’s GM Reggie McKenzie . The Raiders are off to a dismal start this season , having gone win-less and they are now 0-10 , still seeking their first victory of the season . McKenzie and team owner , Mark Davis recently traveled to San Antonio to visit with local politicians , with a view to gauging their interest in having the franchise relocate to the city . No details were imparted by the franchise and the NFL have not made their thoughts known on the issue , where league approval would be sought before such a move could take place. AP Photo/ Philip Davis …

(5) Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback Drew Stanton (5) attempts a pass during a game against the St Louis Rams . With Carson Palmer still sidelined, Stanton has been inserted into the lineup stepping up from his backup role on the roster . The Cardinals have the best record (9-1) in the NFC and the league overall. Arizona seeks to upset the apple cart by dethroning the Seattle Seahawks the NFC West champions for this season . AP Photo / Matthew Osgood ….

(6) Washington Redskins’ quarterbacks Robert Griffin III(10) , Kirk Cousins (8) and Colt McCoy (16) . McCoy has accounted for two of the team’s three wins this season, but for some apparent reason Jay Gruden does not appear to have any implicit faith in the third-string quarterback . This off-season there is likely to be a major upheaval of the playing roster with a number of players being traded or simply waived . GM Bruce Allen and Gruden will be left to make the decisions but there is likely to be a great deal of input from team owner , Dan Snyder . Getty Images / Matthew Robbins .. .

(7) A.J. Green (18) of the Cincinnati Bengals catches a pass as Rafael Bush (25) of the New Orleans Saints defends during the second half at Mercedes-Benz Superdome on November 16, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Cincinnati defeated the Saints 27-10 in the contest . Getty Images / Kevin C Cox …

(8) Drew Brees (9) of the New Orleans Saints calls an audible during the first quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals at Mercedes-Benz Superdome on November 16, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Getty Images / Kevin C Cox

(9) Wide receiver Mike Evans (13) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is tackled by corner-back Bashaud Breeland (26) of the Washington Redskins late in the third quarter at FedExField on November 16, 2014 in Landover, Maryland. The Buccaneers beat the Redskins 27-7 in a lopsided game . Getty Images / Patrick McDermott ….

(10) Colin Kaepernick (7) of the San Francisco 49ers meets his opposite number Russell Wilson (3) of the Seattle Seahawks center-field after a game between the two teams. This season both the Forty-Niners and Seahawks are having to play catch-up to the Arizona Cardinals who lead the NFC West by a three-game margin heading into week twelve of the NFL season. AP Photo / Mark Harris



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Where’s the soap ?

The 0-10 Raiders have been the butt of so many jokes this season , but here’s a butt and two boobs , I for one am not laughing at ! Round and juicy , and pleasing to the eye.

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  1. The Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson loses his arbitration case and has been suspended until the end of the regular season without pay . Unfortunately, the player only has himself to blame for his naivete and sheer stupidity .

    ” Adrian has proven to be a real disappointment . It wouldn’t have been so bad had he been caught with a hooker or doing some crack but beating a child is unconscionable , especially as he got caught . What is it with these dumb African American athletes ” ? Vikings’ owner Zygi Wilf

    So much for team owner , Zygi Wilf hoping to use the franchise career leader in touchdowns and career rushing yards as a main selling point to attract fans for the Vikings’ new stadium . You simply can’t defeat stupid, as has been the case with Wilf and Peterson .

    “So what if I beat my kid with a switch , would you want me rape my pregnant girlfriend or beat my soon to be wife ? F#ck y’all . I love my son ! ” Adrian Peterson

    He’s daddy’s boy , that’s right . And it’s his right to to whip his @ss like a slave on a plantation , in order to discipline him . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    The front office of the Vikings sold the fans a “bill of goods” , conned the state legislature and showed what a dumb @ss Governor Mark Dayton (R-MN) was said to be . Dayton was originally against using public funds to build the mult-billion dollar venue, before lobbyists on behalf of the franchise twisted his arm and that of state legislature to approve a finance bill for the new stadium . What’s a billionaire sports’ franchise owner to do nowadays other than to con the f$ck out of the public as well local and state politicians , never mind the @ssholes within Congress ?

    ” I make no apologies , as I voted against it before I saw the error of my ways signing this bill into law . I would also like to thank the M&M Consultancy Firm LLC for providing myself and my esteemed colleagues within both legislative chambers with some additional insight on this bill put before the legislature and my signing it into law ! Mark Dayton .
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    Tophatal ……………


  2. It’ll either be feast or famine in terms of the Thursday Night Game as these scheduled weekly events this season, have at times proven to be an embarrassment for the teams participating and the home fans in attendance supporting their team.

    When the Kansas City Chiefs (7-3) are the guests of the Oakland Raiders (0-10) on Thursday evening at the O.Coliseum (Alameda County Stadium) in Oakland, California , the game is likely to be a lopsided affair .

    The Raiders have been unable to stop the run or the pass all season long and the main reason why they are almost at the bottom of the defensive standings in the NFL .

    With the trade deadline coming up it will be interesting to see what moves are likely to be made , in light of the impending free agents and uncap friendly salaries on the table . Is it possible the Minnesota Vikings might seek to move Adrian Peterson rather than retain the player ? He will be of no use to the team whatsoever with and his suspension being upheld by an arbitrator is further proof of the matter .

    I believe the Chicago Bears are likely to move their quarterback Jay Cutler before the end of the season or at the culmination of the NFL calendar year! Cutler has proven to be far from convincing for the Bears and his contract remains favorable to the team as they will not take a major hit in terms his salary or the cap .

    There are at least 100 reasons why Jay Cutler is not worth the guaranteed or contract he is being paid by the Bears . One million dollars apiece for each of the $127 million payday for this chump !

    Top cap hits quarterbacks (2014)


    NFL news


    Tophatal ……..


  3. Of the games to be played this Sunday and then on Monday , several will be riveting because of the stakes involved . There are several divisional races too close to call and there are conference berths up for grabs which could very well end up determining the fates of several head coaches and their staffs around the league.

    GM John Idzik may well come to the conclusion , Rex Ryan and his coaching staff must be relieved of their duties at the end of the season . The New York Jets have performed poorly and neither Geno Smith or Michael Vick have provided the team with the stability needed, much less Ryan being competent to coach the Jets to any overall semblance of competitiveness or overall success .

    In the last five seasons includingthis year this might be the worst year on record for the New York Jets. They have simply been awful in just about every facet of the game. Rex Ryan and his team are scheduled to meet the Buffalo Bills in n an all AFC East divisional clash , where the Bills are in need of a win if they are put some pressure on the Miami Dolphins .

    Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have a comfortable lead over their divisional rivals heading into their week twelve meeting with the Detroit Lions at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough , Massachusetts this Sunday.

    Tophatal …………….


  4. Results in week twelve of 2013 when things were moving along not necessarily to everyone’s expectations.

    Many of the teams were also having their issues as the season was beginning to wind down , where it reached an exciting climax in the postseason . .

    Teams coming into this week’s schedule will see a number of franchises jockeying themselves within> their divisions and conference as the postseason is coming into view .
    NFL news

    When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the guests of the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois on Sunday it will provide the visitors with the chance to make some inroads in the divisional lead within the NFC South held by the Atlanta Falcons(4-6) . Atlanta will play host to the Cleveland Browns (6-4) who are locked into a tight divisional race within the AFC North.

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    Injuries’ report in week 12 (2013)

    NFL transaction (2013 [November])


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    Tophatal …………….


  5. Former New England Patriots’ running back LeGarrette Blount is likely to resign with the Patriots having been recently waived by the Pittsburgh Steelers where he made minimal contributions to the team’s rushing offense this season . Blount spent 2013 with New England where during the postseason the tailback broke the single game rushing franchise record for the Patriots.

    Blount (29) is seen here alongside Bill Belichick after a Patriots’ victory over the Buffalo Bills .

    Courtesy of ESPN

    LeGarrette Blount returning to Pats

    Free-agent running back LeGarrette Blount, who was released by the Pittsburgh Steelers on Tuesday, agreed Thursday to a two-year deal with the New England Patriots for the veteran minimum plus incentives, according to a source.

    The running back was in New England early Thursday morning, a source told ESPN’s Josina Anderson. The deal reunites Blount with the team for whom he rushed for nearly 800 yards in 2013 before signing a two-year, $3.85 million deal with the Steelers in March.

    The 247-pound Blount joins a Patriots running back group that includes overnight sensation Jonas Gray (who rushed for 201 yards against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night), Brandon Bolden, pass-catching specialist Shane Vereen and rookie James White.

    While Blount could help the Patriots this year, there is also an aspect of looking to the future, as running backs Stevan Ridley (currently on injured reserve with a torn ACL), Vereen and Bolden are all scheduled for free agency after the season.

    The Steelers waived Blount less than 24 hours after he left the field before the end of the 27-24 win over the Titans because the fifth-year veteran was upset he did not receive any carries in the game. He went unclaimed on waivers.

    Last season with the Patriots, Blount rushed for 772 yards on 153 carries, an average of five yards per attempt, and scored seven touchdowns. He rushed for 189 yards against the Bills in the final week of the regular season and followed that up with 166 yards on the ground and four touchdowns against the Colts in the playoffs.

    He rushed for 266 yards and two touchdowns this season but carried the ball only five times in the Steelers’ past two games and did not gain a yard.

    Click on link to read in full.

    With Blount back into the fold and Stevan Ridley sidelined due to injury , it will be interesting to see how effective the player can be in aiding New Englands’ offense over the remainder of their season .



  6. It now looks if the Oakland Raiders (0-10) are on their way to infamy having started their season with a loss and they’re now on a ten-game win-less streak . It remains to be seen if head coach Tony Sparano and his coaching staff will be back for next season as this team has yet to show any type of resilience over the course of this season .

    For the Raiders their season is not going to be made any easier as they face their divisional rivals the Kansas City Chiefs in a home game being played at the O Coliseum in Oakland , California , tonight with an 8:00 PM kickoff .


    Oakland Raiders news



  7. Are you kidding me ? All that was being asked of the Kansas City Chiefs (7-4) was simply for them to head into Oakland and take down the Oakland Raiders(1-10) at the O Coliseum , to come away with a road win . Instead these idiot players of the Chiefs lay a goose egg in their loss the Raiders . The victory was the first of the season twelve games into their schedule , which still places the team at the bottom of the AFC West as well as having the worst record in the conference and league. Kansas has simply proven to me they are “pretenders”, rather than ‘ contenders’ in the NFL this season .



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    Tophatal ……………


  8. I’m trying figure out what to make of the New Orleans Saints this season , a team which seems intent on playing down to the level of their opponents , as borne out in their record within NFC South and against the rest of the NFL !

    With all four teams within the division(NFC South) , all with records sub.500 . It could very well lead to the fact the winner of the NFC South will actually be a team with a lesser greater record within the conference failing to make the postseason . Further indicating how dire the league and season has become in 2014 with some really bad teams , as reflected in many of the results , including last night’s shocker between the Kansas City Chiefs (7-4) who lost on the road when they faced the Oakland Raiders(1-10) at O. Coliseum in Oakland , California in another ” disastrous ” Thursday night game .

    The Saints will play host to the Baltimore Ravens at the Mercedes Benz Superdome on Monday night in a non-conference clash where both teams are in need of the victory to bolster their standing within their respective divisions.

    ” What’s up white boy ” ?

    Brees and Flacco

    Drew Brees and Joe Flacco have been indifferent over the course of the season and it will interesting to see how the two square off against each other in this contest.

    Here we have talk show host Maury Povich addressing the status of quarterbacks , Matt Ryan , Eli Manning , Jay Cutler and Tony Romo .

    Tophatal …….


  9. Can the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-8) notch their third win of the season when they take on the Chicago Bears(4-6) in a home game to be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa , Florida on Sunday afternoon ?

    There will be a great deal of pressure being placed on the shoulders of Jay Cutler after his indifferent displays over the past three weeks and that of the team in general . A loss for Chicago , Marc Trestman , Cutler and GM Phil Emery can pack their bags and get the hell out of Chicago. All three have proven to be incompetent @ssholes of the highest order .

    Chicago Bears news


    Tophatal ………………….


  10. The Dallas Cowboys are winning but their performance was far from convincing against a New York Giants in a game they should have won with far more ease than the late comeback win .

    Eli Manning once again has proven he is now on the downside of a good career though not overwhelming with two Superbowl wins , basically has summed up his career and that has been it .

    Quarterback performances in week 12 , good , but not exceptional .

    The San Francisco 49ers (7-4) could very well miss the postseason with their record good enough to lead a number of divisions a but not good enough to lead the NFC West much less garner a postseason berth based on their current pace .

    Tophatal ……..


  11. Not only are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers actually devoid of leadership , but the only bright spot on the roster happens to be wide receiver and rookie Mike Evans’ talents are being wasted on a team which has no offensive line and can neither defend the pass or the run for that matter . Lovie Smith and his coaching staff are as much to blame for the team’s continued ineptitude as GM Jason Licht is said to be great in assessing great .. NFL talent . Something which the Buccaneers have not had in several years in terms of the makeup of a productive roster.

    The in the NFC South has been inept in every aspect with none of the teams actually being impressive over the course of the season .

    Tophatal ……..


  12. Another bad Monday Night Game and the NFL still cannot get over the fact the quality of games being served up is particularly bad and yet the consumers don’t seem to be livid at all .

    The New Orleans Saints are not deserving of being thought of as a competitive team. Sean Payton no longer merits being called a good coach let alone being thought of as a great head coach. His teams can’t play defense and from an offensive standpoint , Drew Brees’ season can be best described as being mediocre . Last night the Baltimore Ravens had their way with the Saints throughout the game with the home team not being able to do a damn thing , losing to the Ravens 34-27 .

    Can we all agree that it’s now time for the New York Jets to fire head coach Rex Ryan after the team’s bewildering loss (38-3) to the Buffalo Bills . Ryan has not only lost control of the team, but the players are fuc%ing gutless and lacked the will or passion to play ?

    At no point during the game were the Jets remotely in with a chance of winning, much less playing with any tenacity .

    During this game Geno Smith and Michael Vick combined in going 17/13 for 165 yards 0 touchdowns and one interception and Jets’ fans are optimistic that Smith can still be productive ? Anal retentive most definitely . As for Vick his career in the NFL has been a complete waste of time and space in terms of it being chronicled for any type of ##king legacy !

    NFL news

    NFL results week twelve


    Tophatal ………..2014/11/25 11:32 AM


  13. With the race tightening up in the AFC North , is there a possibility the Cincinnati Bengals might fire Marvin Lewis if he fails to take this team to the postseason ? The Bengals have definitely been very inconsistent and great of deal of that comes down to their lack of defense more than Andy Dalton’s lack of consistency this season .

    Dalton (14) has proven he has what it takes to take the Bengals to the postseason but what the team is lacking , might well come down to head coach Marvin Lewis .

    Cincinnati Bengals profile

    Cincinnati Bengals’ schedule

    Cincinnati Bengals statistics (2014)

    Cincinnati Bengals news

    Tophatal …….. 2014-11-25 05:27 PM


  14. Playoff picture is finally coming into shape here in the NFL, Al.

    Looks like the Niners aren’t gonna make it. If you believe the rumors, Harbaugh will be coaching elsewhere next season.

    The AFC has some pretty decent teams this season. It’s a shame the Bills won’t see the post-season after they year they’ve had.

    12 of the 16 teams in the AFC are .500 or better.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      The San Francisco 49ers blew their wad like an octogenarian male who needs the assist of Viagra to make them perform . Their defense has become a joke and the team overall lacks discipline and it has proven to be one of the contributing factors to their demise this season.

      Idiots who ought to know better, were making the assumption that this team was still capable of notching double-digits wins for the season. That task now looks completely beyond them with three games left on their schedule . Based their play over their last five games , they might not even win all three , let alone two of the three contests .

      Jim Harbaugh has been complacent . along with the coaching staff and the players and not much else needs to be said beyond that !

      Twelve of the fifteen teams in the AFC are above . 500 doesn’t mean squat , if only six make it to the postseason , leaving nine on the outside looking in, from outside a dirty window , in other words describing the play within the conference this season . .

      The simple reason the Buffalo Bills didn’t make it , they were never consistent enough and never took hold of the opportunities that came their way during the season . Another sob story for a p#s ant team in the AFC , that wasn’t worth s%oit .

      NFL news

      NFL week fifteen results

      NFL weekly leaders (week fifteen )

      NFL team stats

      NFL standings (division)

      NFL standings (conference)

      Tophatal ………..


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