It’s the economy and this time also, it’s the NFL, stupid …

It’s the ‘ economy ‘ and this time also, it’s the NFL, stupid .. ..

When George H W Bush succeeded Ronald Reagan to become the country’sforty-first President, it was felt he inherited an economy and a bright prospective era to lead the US to even greater prosperity. Unfortunately, Bush’s economic template set forth and his own ideas as to the direction the country ought to be heading, went South with, such rapidity that it was beyond belief, but of no real surprise to those who had their doubts as to the merits of his legacy as President. While he served the country with dignity , which is all one can really ask of the Commander-In-Chief, the question also has to be what accountability is there when we have an executive who skirts the Constitution and the laws of the land for political and personal gain ? These questions are most certainly being asked of and aboutBarack Obama , the nation’s forty-fourth President.


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Roger Goodell succeeded Paul Tagliabue and it was seen as the mentor handing over the keys to a Ferrari to his protege’. In the subsequent years , Goodell has managed to force this vehicle the NFL right off the road and into an abyss of sheer ineptitude both on and off the field of play. Image-wise, the league is now at an all-time low and with the recent reinstatement of NFL running back Ray Rice, many have now began wondering whether or not Goodell can remain in his position as the league’s highest-ranking executive. The commissioner for the moment, still has the backing of some of the most prominent franchise owners in the NFL, namely Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, Steve Bisciotti, Jed Yorke, Arthur Blank, Dean Spanos, Jim Irsay and Woody Johnson.

While many now question whether or not the NFL can withstand another high-profiled incident, we should be reminded the league has withstood a great deal more and manage to survive, but what has brought this moral blight into the spotlight, has been the league’s mishandling and lack of understanding concerning the issue of domestic violence and spousal abuse. I mean hell, you simply have to look at the idiocy of Roger Goodell’s statements in the aftermath of the Ray Rice incident, the lack action from Steve Bisciotti and the Baltimore Ravens’ front office executives, never mind the coaching staffled by John Harbaugh whose own actions were not only troubling, but also, his lack of candor on the matter.

Ray Rice’s arbitration case found in his favor, leads to his automatic reinstatement, but now comes the question as was to which NFL franchise will likely sign the player to their roster, knowing full well they are most certainly going to face a backlash by some fans , the press , women’s groups (NOW) and most certainly a number of the league’s corporate sponsors. We have seen the financial loss and cost to Adrian Peterson as well as the Minnesota Vikings , and with that franchise’s season already in tatter and no signs of real leadership amongthe playing staff, you have to wonder how they will go into their inaugural season in their new multi-billion dollar stadium and the likelihood of being without the best player in that franchise’s history. It seems inconceivable team owner, Zygi Wilf will seek to retain Peterson’s services when fans , corporate sponsors and certain areas of the press are calling for his dismissal from the team once and for all. His current suspension ongoing until the end of the season might not be seen as harsh a punishment for his transgression, but one has to also bear in mind that this was not the first such incident involving the player , but the first where he was charged by law enforcement and the act of child abuse for which Peterson pled guilty and now has to undergo parenting classes , probation and financial penalties , beyond the legal costs of his case.

The results this season in the the NFL, have not been unlike any other year and with it comes the poor coaching , lack of real playing ability among the teams and the players , in many ways I believe to the over expectations of the fans ! Prognosticators making predictions as to who the best teams are likely to be, are purely doing so to create a debate which will be ongoing throught the season and let’s be honest, that debate certainly doesn’t hurt the odds-makers in Las Vegas whose lines are used to lure in the bettors like insects being drawn to an incandescent light. The “house always wins” and they generally, do with a greatdeal of ease .

Coming into week fourteen there is still a great deal to play for , with several divisions still up for grabs as well as the conference berths determining which teams will be added alongside the two top seeds from each conference as well as the divisional winners. Being brutally honest, the NFC has now become a minefield, with far too many of the top teams showing not only their inconsistency, but alsotheir vulnerability in so many ways.

Opening up this week’s schedule will be an all NFC clash between the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears when these two teams meet at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday night , 4th December , 2014,. Marc Trestman and the Bears are as much as in need of this win as are the Cowboys. The opposing quarterbacks Tony Romo and Jay Cutler are at the point in their careers where looking ahead doesn’t seem to be as advantageous or beneficial when you consider what they have achieved up to this point, during their tenures in the NFL.

From my own perspective, this game between the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears will be either highly entertaining or a complete eyesore. Contests between two teams have either been exhilarating just understated and a great of that has been predicated upon the play of both Romo and Cutler during those games. With the Bears and Cowboys coming off losses in week thirteen, trying to determine winner between these two teams, will be like trying to separate soiled diapers from the rest of the family’s dirty laundry . Not an enjoyable prospect at all .

You can either choose to harangue Eli Manning and the New York Giants (3-9) for for a forgettable season and the fact that the two-time winning Superbowl quarterback has been just as responsible for the team’s poor play as his teammates and the entire coaching staff of head coach Tom Coughlin who should consider himself extremely lucky if he asked to return for next season. All the signs seem to be pointing to the fact, he will join a list of at least four NFL head coaches likely to lose their jobs at the end of this season, if not sooner.

As of seven straight games the New York Giants have not endeared themselves to their fans or the analysts covering the NFL and if anything, they have now become the butt of so many jokes , that it has become extremely hard to try and justify how anyone can still consider Eli Manning to be among the best quarterbacks playing in the NFL. Without his postseason record the player has very little fall back on to even remotely justify those previous claims. This being a team , coming off a loss to one of the worst teams in the NFL when they fell the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10). In watching the Giants play has become a constant reminder why the NFL can at times be exacerbating as well as overrated by means of the alleged quality of the teams. New York has become a complete anathema unto itself , with a defense sorely lacking> and an offenseas incompetent as any to be found in the NFL today.

Eli Manning and the Giants will be seeking to gain their fourth win of the season when they go on the road to face the Tennessee Titans (6-6) at LP Field in Nashville , Tennessee,. The odds might narrowly favor the home team but at this juncture that is about anyone’s guess as to the outcome of this game. The hype surrounding Giants’ wide receiver Odell Beckham may well be great, but when measured up against the team’s incompetency witnessed this season, can someone explain to me what it all means at the end of the day ? Comments at this juncture are more than welcome !

New York Jets’ Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath believes there will be sweeping changes be sweeping changes made to the Jets’ roster as well as within the front office at the end of this season. Duh ! That has to be blatantly obvious to anyone with an ounce of damn common sense , but then again we are talking about the New York Jets, where common sense and intelligence have not necessarily gone hand in hand when it comes anything concerning this organization has tried to achieve over the last two seasons. Let’s just say, this franchise has become an affront to anything one might have found decent concerning the NFL . Has there been any time over the last year and a half when Rex Ryan’s position might have been in more jeopardy ? His coaching ability has come more into question this season than at any other time during his tenure and that is without his belief in second-year quarterback Geno Smith , whose play this season has me now wondering why the franchise was in such a haste to get rid off Mark Sanchez , simply because of the infamous ” butt fumble ” incident and his apparent lack of command in securing the ball during a game. By comparison Smith’s play makes Sanchez look like the second coming of Joe Montana. The Jets’ starting quarterback and his back-up Michael Vick just might be the worst tandem and that is with due respect to the teams who are equally as inept as the AFC East franchise.

A Monday night loss to the Miami Dolphins has sealed the Jets’ fate and almost certainly made them among the teams likely to have first round pick among the top ten in the 2015 NFL Draft . As to whether not the New York Jets will make the choice of a quarterback their primary pick remains to be seen but given the evidence on display with Smith and Vick , it is my belief that is the likely route to be taken by whoever the general manager is likely to be. John Idzik’s position is just as much in danger after just two seasons as the lead personnel executive for the franchise. That situation is likely to become even more dire should the Jets fall to the Minnesota Vikings when the two teams meet this Sunday at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis , Minnesota ,.

How the mighty have fallen and the fall from grace for Washington Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III might be the most unexpected thing we have witnessed this season. Often injured , performing poorly and now head coach Jay Gruden has seemingly lost all faith n the franchise quarterback and the face of this organization on the field of play. The fact that back-up Kirk Cousins has been just as inept. It has been left to the team’s third-string quarterback , Colt McCoy to lead this franchise to two of their three wins this season, all of this by a player whose salary ranks him among the
lower echelons of the NFL’s quarterbacks.

Having no wish to be dismissive of Jay Gruden and the Redskins , this mess was of their own making , right from the beginning, from the very moment Griffin first went down injured and the very fact there was an extreme rush to have the player back on the field, but at the same time the quarterback has done himself no favors with his sporadic play and lack deference to his teammates and coaching staff while believing himself privileged . Now that he has been humbled, it also appears his career with the Redskins could come to an abrupt end. Rumors are now circulating the franchise might be prepared to listen to offers for their beleaguered first round draft pickfrom the 2012 NFL Draft . However, before that scenario comes into being Griffin and the team will have to play out their season schedule, hoping to gain some semblance of consistency over the time-frame in question.

Fedex Field will be the scene of the crime when the Redskins play host to the St Louis Rams in week fourteen. The Rams for their part will be looking to make things more difficult for their opponents in a “statement game” for both NFC franchises .

Ex NFL players tend to have a high regard for their insight on the game, even when N their own careers tend to be nondescript and offering very little by way of success. Such as been the case, with Shaun King, former quarterback in the league and whose own career failed to provide any memorable highlights on his stops around the NFL.

King in a rather blatant statement, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback has been candid in his belief Johnny Manziel will be a ” complete bust “ in the NFL . Right or wrong, Shaun King has provided little clarity as to his reasons why, Manziel will be a failure, other than to declare his love-fest for Teddy Bridgewater the second quarterback taken in this season’s NFL Draft . The initial calls were for Manziel to be inserted into Mike Pettine’s lineup from the very start , but I believe the over-zealousness came from everyone thinking Manziel would be an instant “smash” leading the the Cleveland Browns to instant success, merely because of his college career. Pettine chose instead to go with Brian Hoyer as the Brown’s starter this season, with the team having a great deal of success while in the divisional hunt for the AFC North crown. The Browns face a tough conference game when they play host to Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts in what is sure to be one the highlight games during this weekend’s schedule.

Have I missed something, but this constant idiocy of there being a need for an NFL franchise outside North America seems to be taking on new tones stupidity by fans without a damn clue as to what is exactly entailed in acquiring a team from its very start-up , never-mind the underlying costs ? So much so, that when I hear this bull#hit being g be reawakened and talk of a team in London , England. I have to ask myself which imbecile will be prepared to stump up the half-billion dollars ($ 500,000,000) or more needed to make this all a reality ! No one seems prepared to answer the question, but many , are all too willing to offer up where a new franchise outside North America ought to be. Well, if there’s yet to a renewed interest from vested parties in the topic, other than Jerry Jones offering his laughable ideas on the subject . given the fact his franchise might be on the cusp of missing the postseason. Is it possible Jones is seeking to take the spotlight off Jason Garrett and Tony Romo, even if it is momentary ?

The wealthiest individuals in the United Kingdom have shown little interest in owning an NFL franchise and if anything, they know they can derive even greater revenues from owning an English Premiership soccer team than a franchise an NFL team. Profitability might be skewered, but the global exposure is far greater from Premiership soccer than their being calls for the NFL across the globe.

Proponents of the issue will continue stir the pot on this matter , issue while being able to offer little of note to the ongoing debate. The one thing we are able to gather from this all and it is , there is less appeal for an NFL franchise in the city of Los Angeles at present, even when you have the likes of Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Dodgers’ ownership group seeking that to be their next goal, beyond bringing a World Series’ crown to “City of Angels”. For two years in succession the Dodgers have failed miserably in that particular quest and in reality , their concentration should be centered on what ails the team, rather than their egos being massaged by another commercial sports’ endeavor outside of baseball. Los Angeles may well house the nation’s second largest ad-market, but its appetite NFL franchise does not appear to be all that palatable at present. Certainly not with the city having to deal with its fiscal woes, even with the local political dignitaries trying to convince their residents this would be in the best interests of their city.



Picture gallery.

Throughout this NFL season what do you feel might have been the biggest obstacle overall the league had to overcome ? Was it the adverse publicity because of continued player misconduct ? Or was it, the lack truly entertaining games over the course of the schedule at present ? By all means take time to offer up your thoughts on the matter as you deem fit.



Picture and slideshow gallery details below.

(1) George H W Bush, the forty-first President of the United States of America . His Presidency has often been ridiculed, as one , lacking in depth and stature. Bearing in mind , those who have succeeded him , one can see it as high praise or simple ridicule .

(2) Left , Barack Obama , President and the current occupant of the White House. Right , Roger Goodell , NFL Commissioner and the NFL’s highest ranking league executive. Both men have been rounded on by the press and public alike for their autocratic rule and lack of communicative skills . It is difficult to suggest, which of these two executives might be viewed as the most incompetent in their respective positions. Washington Times / Keith Cardell …

(3) Arthur Blank , owner of the Atlanta Falcons and one of the most prominent backers of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. This season , Blank has seen his team falter within the NFC South and there seems to be an ongoing feeling thought, head coach Mike Smith will not be asked to return next season . Getty Images / Darren Woods …

(4) Adrian Peterson(28), left and Ray Rice (27) , perhaps two of the most despised athletes professional teams sports at present.. Rice having won his arbitration hearing hopes to sign on with a new team before the end of the season . Something that on the face of it seems unlikely , but given the propensity of this league to routinely overlook a player’s egregious behavior the former Ravens’ running back could on a roster before the end of this season. Peterson has been suspended by the league hierarchy in adherent to the NFL Personal Conduct Policy . His return to the NFL this season seems unlikely and it remains to seen if the Minnesota Vikings will cut all ties with the player. AP Photo/ Ed Harper …

(5) Tony Romo (9) of the Dallas Cowboys and Jay Cutler (6) of the Chicago Bears . The two players will lead their respective teams in the Thursday night game which opens the week fourteen of the NFL schedule. This will be the third career meeting between Romo and Cutler over the course of their professional careers. Dallas Morning Star ….

(6) Eli Manning (10) of the New York Giants reacts after throwing an interception in the third quarter against the Dallas Cowboys at MetLife Stadium on November 23, 2014 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Dallas would go on to defeat the Giants 31-28 . Getty Images / Al Bello

(7) Eli Manning(10) of the New York Giants throws a pass against the Dallas Cowboys in the first quarter at MetLife Stadium on November 23, 2014 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Getty Images / Al Bello …

(8) Robert Griffin III (10) is seen here on the sidelines with Washington Redskins’ head coach Jay Gruden during a game against the Houston Texans . The Texans would go on to defeat the Redskins 17-6 inflicting another loss for Washington . AP Photo/ Sarah Aldridge …

(9) Shaun King former NFL quarterback with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Arizona Cardinals . King is now an NFL analyst with NBCSports and covers the league, offering his insight on the game. Courtesy of NBCSports …

(10) Johnny Manziel,left , is seen here with his Cleveland Browns’ teammate Brian Hoyer. It has been Hoyer who started the season taking the majority of the snaps with the rookie contributing sparingly this season for the team . USA Today / Tim Fuller …



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  1. “Why is it everyone tries to put me down ? I’m doing a far more credible job than Roger Goodell ! Hell, people who mess with me , usually get the axe one way or another . Have you not seen what happened to the likes of Eric Holder and Chuck Hagel ? What does Goodell do ? He keeps on letting the players , play in the NFL . That’s not a good executive and the buck always stops here, when I choose to have it, stop here . I inspire confidence . Stand with me , America . Barack Obama

    “Unlike the President , I am a man of few words and let my actions speak for themselves . Besides , I am not a brother from another mother who happens to be biracial, that’s my take and I’m sticking to it ” Roger Goodell

    I’m no admirer of either political party in this country , but Conservatives who are genuinely of the belief that Obama is a closet Communist , nee’ Socialist are so out of the loop and frigging dumb , that they haven’t looked at his nominees for the US Federal Court system as Judges . Many of the candidates appointed were not placed on the bench by executive order, but given the ” green light “ by the Senate Judiciary Committee and then passed by the Senate . Several of those judges were either centrist or conservative leaning . Now explain that sh#t to me succinctly if any so called Right wingers can ?

    Pardon me for saying this, but the bitching and whining can stop as both the Democrats and Republicans have each used the ” Nuclear Option” to get justices appointed at the Federal Level . It should not matter how it was done but why it was done and the fact that the Congress has continually moved at a snail’s pace because these as#hole Federal legislators are so #ucking absorbed with their piousness and self- importance.

    Speaking of which , why the #uck has Paul Ryan (R-Wisc) now come out of the wood-works once again? This moron as Mitt Romney’s VP running mate, could not eloquently get his points across on a wide variety of subjects prior to and during this last Presidential election,. but yet he was thought of as a fiscal budgetary hawk ? That is the biggest crock of fecal matter to have slid off a shovel since John McCain thought it made sense to have Sarah Palin as his VP running mate in 2008.

    “Look , I’m just saying this is what Michael Brown should have done , but perhaps because of the color of his skin and the officer feeling threatened , he, Officer Wilson had to discharge his weapon . Just don’t quote me on this . But I’m really here to tell you I hate Obamacare just as much as everyone else in America . The fact that my fellow Congressmen and I, have the privilege of getting life-time medical care along with our immediate family members, along with better coverage than most , should not be seen as a slight to the public at large . It’s just the way things worked out and how we finagle the system to our benefit . ” Paul Ryan

    Tophatal …………


  2. Sooner or later the idiot team owners in the NFL will have to come to their senses and get rid of Roger Goodell . You cannot tell me, in light of the ongoing mess they can be entirely satisfied with his tenure as NFL Commissioner .

    Another Thursday Night Game and likely , another frigging disaster ! Last season , in week fourteen we had similar games , where the end results were monstrous . Never mind the play of the players and the teams .

    Crazy , how at this point of the season there have been no significant trades as teams jostle for divisional supremacy and a postseason berth .

    If the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers can’t get their $hit together , both are likely to miss the NFL postseason .

    Eli Manning and the New York Giants are bringing a whole new meaning to the word mediocrity , with only the Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars , who have had longer losing streaks in the NFL this season .

    ” I can’t tell you how much I love being Peyton’s younger brother , because when I visit his home , I get to touch his League MVP trophies ” ! Eli Manning .

    Tophatal ………………..


  3. I preface this by saying who the f#ck is Shaun King and what has he ever done in the NFL that has been worthwhile ? Mind you it is clear to see , a number of his points are valid concerning Johnny Manziel . Yet , I wonder why King hasn’t meted out the same type of criticism towards Geno Smith of the New York Jets ? Is it a racial thing ? What’s up with that my ###ga ? LOL . LOL,LOL !!! Like Michael Jackson said , it doesn’t matter ” If you’re Black or White , unless you happen to live in Ferguson , Missouri , that is .Yeah, yeah, yeah .

    “By looking at me you might think I’m a large angry Black Man , but if you look beneath the surface you’ll see that Popeyes’ Chicken made me this way ” . Shaun King , former NFL quarterback for the Bucs and Cardinals .

    Michael Jackson ……. “Black or White ”



  4. Having spent over $ 2 billion to purchase the Dodgers ,how much does anyone believe Magic Johnson and his partners with the baseball team will ultimately have shell out to either lure an NFL team , buy one or simply pay the franchise fees , with the hope the league hierarchy votes for a new franchise ? A conservative figure would be upwards of $1- $2.3 billion . The figure does not include the cost of a venue which likely the new owners would be seeking the municipality to finance as has often been the case with NFL franchises and the financing for their new venues and yes that includes the House That Jerry Built , where connivance on his part led to extremely dubious legislation being passed to afford the Dallas Cowboys large tax-write offs and deferment over the next two decades.

    “If I can get an NFL franchise in Los Angeles, it might divert the fans’ attention away from how bad the Los Angeles Dodgers have been during the postseason in 2013 and 2014 ” . Magic Johnson

    Here’s something the city of Los Angeles ought to be doing and that is dealing with the plight of the homeless veterans in their city (over 100,000 in the greater LA area) who have been burdened with bureaucratic paperwork at the state and federal level . How ’bout them apples, rather than continually kissing the @ss of the NFL in the hope of getting an NFL franchise ?

    Tophatal ………………….


  5. Would it be appropriate for either the Kansas City Chiefs or St Louis Rams’ organizations to play the song ” Black or White ” by Michael Jackson at their next home games in Arrowhead Stadium and Edward Jones Dome Stadium in Missouri ? Just asking that’s all .

    Perhaps , Missouri governor Jay Nixon might also be receptive in listening to the song as well ?

    “Off course it’s a tragedy when a young man of color dies at the hands of law enforcement, but look at this way , it saves on the overcrowding of the state’s prison system . Governor Jay Nixon .



    Tophatal ……………


  6. Looking down the list of quarterbacks to have started a game for the Washington Redskins over the last six seasons and you have wonder how things could have gotten so bad.

    Mike Shanahan and his son, Kyle were seemingly like a bunch of clowns , while they headed up the coaching staff . Now you have Jay Gruden and he’s proving to be no better than his brother Jon Gruden when he was at his worst . Neither Gruden to my mind , knows how actually assess talent much less have enough knowledge about talented quarterbacks in the NFL .

    Jon Gruden simply loves the sound of his own damn voice and his Chucky snarl .’enough said . Get it, good

    “Who ever heard of a 3′ (foot) midget playing quarterback in the NFL “? ” I am willing to try just anything , right about now , Jon ! Jon (left) and Jay Gruden

    “Of course I’m displeased with the situation at the moment as I’m being made to look a real idiot by the players and managerial staff” . Dan Synder , owner of the Washington Redskins seen here with his Cowboys’ counterpart Jerry Jones.

    Tophatal …….


  7. The Chicago Bears are now eliminated from postseason contention and clearly this organization will have to rebuild from the top on down . GM Phil Emery has proven to be a monumental disaster as a front office executive and there is clearly no leadership being provided by anyone on the field of play , much less from anyone on Marc Trestman’s coaching staff including the head coach , himself . Last night’s loss by the Bears at home simply epitomized the multitude of woes with regard to this team and the organization in general .

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  8. Coming into week fourteen of the NFL , where do we now actually stand ? Some divisions are such a mess they’re not worth deciphering . We already know the teams now said to be on the “outs” in terms of not being able to gain postseason berth. So it’s left to them to gain some sort of respectable league standing and then hope it’ll be beneficial when it comes to the NFL Draft in 2015.

    It seems crazy to think we have no major trades coming into this late a stage of the season compared to 2013 at the trade deadline .

    The New England Patriots head on the road to face the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium , San Diego , California, in what has to be seen as a “must win game” for both teams as they look to position themselves within their respective divisions as well as the AFC overall, coming down these final stretch of games of the season .

    Tom Brady and Phil Rivers will have to be at their very best in a contest where both defenses will be tested.


    NFL news

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    NFL schedule week fourteen

    Tophatal ……………….


  9. So let’s see, the Houston Texans’ defensive player , JJ Watt is seen as a legitimate contender for the League MVP ? Pardon me for saying this, but how the hell can anyone justify Watt’s legitimacy , even if he is having a great season, when he has been playing on a losing team , that is not even contending within their division much less the conference . This has been the sort of idiocy that drags down fools who show no real common sense . The award isn’t meant to a gift as a form of social benevolence or rewarding mediocrity by teams or their players, especially those playing for losing franchises . .

    Bill O’Brien and his team are having problems in their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10) .

    Texans’ wide receiver Andre Johnson has left the game with a concussion and it’s not known if he will make return to the contest.

    As Rex Ryan and the New York Jets are doing themselves no favors in their contest today . It seems idiotic GM John Idzik continues to stand behind and show support for the beleaguered Ryan and the idiocy of the head coach now blaming offensive coordinator Marty Morningwheig for the team’s woes this season gives even more credence that the Ryan ought to be fired . Last I looked , Rex Ryan seemed happy with the makeup of this roster, while coming out in support of quarterback Geno Smith , who might the worst passer in the NFL at the moment. If there is said to be a more mediocre quarterback , then by all means throw his name into the ring also .

    Remind me again, why anyone would take any notice of what is happening in the NFC South ? This is by far the worst division in the NFL. Teams there , are just atrocious on all counts when judged against the rest of the league .

    If to further emphasize how terrible the NFC South remains , simply look where the week four games are at present 3:18 . The New Orleans Saints are manhandled (38-3) by Carolina Panthers . Hapless Lovie Smith and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue their mediocrity as the Detroit Lions are kicking their ass like a can being kicked down a sidewalk . Monday Night and the Atlanta Falcons are likely to fare no better when the continually overrated Matt Ryan and his teammates visit the Green Bay Packers .

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  10. Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers are doing their level best to make the Oakland Raiders look like world beaters and currently the best team in the NFL , which the Raiders are most definitely not. Who knew that the Forty Niners , this season would be a mere shadow of the team seen in 2013 ?

    There is definitely a disconnect with the Niners, their coaching staff led by Jim Harbaugh , as they have not been able to instill discipline into the roster and their complacency led to their defeat today against the worst team in the NFL , the Oakland Raiders . San Francisco became roadkill for the Raiders and now emboldened the team to actually perform better.

    NFL news

    San Francisco 49ers news

    Oakland Raiders’ news

    Tophatal ………


  11. It wasn’t long ago that many of us were calling the NFC South one of the toughest divisions in football, with it’s great quarterbacks.

    Yeah, what the hell happened to that?


  12. Chris Humpherys (SportsChump)

    A lot can happen in the space of two , three and four years , but here in 2014 , we’re seeing the NFC South make a stark decline . At present based on the play of quarterbacks in the division , would take any of them to build your team around ?

    Drew Brees , Cam Newton , Matt Ryan , Mike Glennon and Josh McCown have been equally horrendous at varying points of the season for their respective teams.

    Defensively , Atlanta Falcons , Carolina Panthers , New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers leave a great deal to be desired in terms of their play on both sides of the ball . The sad thing about this , other than the Buccaneers the remaining three teams are still in with a chance to win the division and then make the postseason . A wringing indictment as to how bad the NFC South has been this season with the overall bad play coming from all four divisional occupants .

    Of the coaches within the division who could possibly lose their jobs , I believe the most obvious has to be Mike Smith of the Falcons with GM Thom Dimitroff joining him on the way out the door ! Team owner , Arthur Blank cannot be entirely happy with what he has seen from the team this season. Not with a overpaid quarterback named , Matt Ryan who continued to live up to expectations .

    NFL week fourteen results

    Tophatal ………….


  13. Chris Humpherys (SportsChump)

    There are now three teams tied statistically for the worst record in the league , in terms of the conference the story remains the same as well as in the division . If based on the current NFL standings then the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-11) could be line to take the number one overall pick for the 2015 NFL Draft and if so , I believe they may well go with Marcus Mariota , because it is now abundantly clear the duo of quarterbacks on the roster , Mike Glennon and Josh McCown are just not capable of getting the job done for the team in any capacity .

    NFL weekly leaders

    NFL team stats week fourteen

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers news

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ draft history

    Tophatal ……………..


  14. Another Monday Night Game and perhaps this time we might actually have a competitive contest ? In an NFC match-up we will see the Atlanta Falcons travel to visit the Green Bay Packers in a game to be played at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin ,.

    For Matt Ryan of the Falcons this is likely to be one of the few remaining chances for him to lead this team to any type of meaningful success this season. The opposing quarterback in this game will be prolific Aaron Rodgers , hoping to take the Packers back in the postseason and to make a successful run to a second Superbowl title during his reign with the organization .

    It’d appear with the Packers having stormed out to a 31-7 lead after two quarters , it is now time to call it a day in this particular snooze-fest , with the Falcons not turning up to provide any type of competition in this game . What the hell was I expecting from another pis$ a#s weak NFC South team to begin with ? No wonder why teams within the division have been an utter disappointment all season , along with their coterie of truly poor quarterbacks .


    NFL news

    NFL weekly leaders (week fourteen)

    NFL teams’ stats

    Tophatal ………….


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