News, views and a whole lot of crap from the world of sports …

News, views and a whole lot of crap from the world of sports …

Well once again as we approach a festive period , in this case, Christmas and all of the alleged joy it is meant to bring .Sports’ fans are left to ponder what is happening within the realms of professional sports. The NFL remains a complete farce and once again we had a Thursday Night Game which failed to live up to expectations. The Arizona Cardinals (11-3) found a way to eke out a victory over the rather inept St Louis Rams. Cardinals’ head coach Bruce Arians , believes incumbent starting quarterback Drew Stanton has what it takes to lead the team all the way to the Superbowl . Based on the events of the last night’s contest , I believe the head coach is delusional and definitely jumping ahead of himself !


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For the present Arizona has the best record in the NFC and will be looking for home field advantage throughout the postseason. The NFC West, where Arizona has a comfortable lead over their closest rivals , is now a division, which is theirs to lose . As to the continued idiocy and buffoonery by some, who believe the San Francisco 49ers (7-6) were good enough to gain double-digit wins for the season , well their year has been completely turned upside down with the head coach Jim Harbaugh no longer being seen in a favorable light by the front office led by CEO Jed Yorke and GM Trent Baalke. Whether not Harbaugh returns next season is now open to a great deal of debate and conjecture. The Niners have a divisional clash on Sunday afternoon against the defending Superbowl champions the Seattle Seahawks and that contest will certainly be a ” make or break game ” for the team.

Colin Kaepernick will certainly have to now prove his worth beyond his audacious contract , one which he now has to live up to in more ways than one.

With the Cleveland Browns (7-6) still in the thick of things within the AFC North and fighting for their very lives, looking to make the postseason for the first time in almost twelve years , it remains to be seen whether or not this team can make that premise a reality. Head coach Mike Pettine has decided to sit starting quarterback Brian Hoyer in favor the team’s draftee Johnny Manziel and so the era begins for a player, many believe lacks the maturity to play in the NFL. The Browns’ coaching staff may well live to regret this decision, should the team fall at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals (8-4-1) when these two AFC North teams meet in a decisive and pivotal division game on Sunday afternoon. Manziel will get the chance to show what he is made of and perhaps persuade his doubters and actually prove to them , he is the future of this franchise.

The NBA season continues with a number of teams already in complete disarray. The Toronto Raptors (16-6) and Golden State Warriors (20-2) are the respective conference leaders within the league as we reach the first quarter of the NBA’s eighty-two game schedule. Undeniably , there is still a long way to go before the season reaches its climax , but already we are beginning to see the frustration among the fans as well as a number of players , because of the continued poor play of the teams. Needless to say , teams such as the New York Knicks (4-20) , Philadelphia 76ers (3-19), Detroit Pistons (3-19) , Charlotte Hornets (6-15) , Minnesota Timberwolves (5-16) and Los Angeles Lakers (6-16) are no longer having to prove why they are so inept . Just take my word for it they are and will remain so over the course of the season based on their current play. Neither of the teams mentioned, have shown any signs of real competitiveness and clearly that has been shown in the results seen this season.

For all of the praised heaped upon Phil Jackson as a head coach , it has to be said, the expectations and his being able to work a miracle by turning around the misfortunes of the New York Knicks have been way beyond his control. The team is in complete disarray , with no signs of life now being shown. The situation will not be helped with Carmelo Anthony being sidelined due to an injury and as the team’s best player and offensive threat , it becomes easy to understand how dire the situation has become for the franchise. Jackson was brought in to head up the Knicks’ operations and now as the Head of Basketball Operations as well as holding a position as a Senior Vice President, the former head coach is witnessing the fact , the job of an executive is not as easy as first thought. Add in the culture of the New York Knicks’ fans and fan-base who have been starved of success for years and weight of expectation from the perceived savior, may well be now in doubt.

The indignity now being suffered by the New York Knicks apart from their dire record and the fact they are on a ten-game losing streak adds to the ineptitude witnessed from this team. Their last victory came in defeating the lowly and even less effective Philadelphia 76ers in a 91-83 win , which took place on the 22nd November , 2014. Hard to say where there are meant to be any positives to be found concerning the Knicks without delving further into the fact, they have a rookie coach , Derek Fisher and a coaching staff who are clearly out of their depth . The team’s next game will be on the road when they face the Boston Celtics (7-13) at the TD Banknorth Gardens , in Boston , Massachusetts on Friday evening .

To now understand how dire things have become for the New York Knicks , consider the fact at the start of the season the franchise did their utmost in getting Carmelo Anthony to re-sign with the team with the player signing a five-year $124 million deal , tying him to the Knicks for the next years. Now comes word, the front office is said to be contemplating trading the NBA All Star and former scoring champion , but the premise would be based on Anthony waiving his no-trade clause. Anthony is not due to become a free agent until 2019 and his $ 22.5 million salary is not necessarily cap-friendly to a team wishing to acquire the player much less obligate themselves to the remaining four years on his current deal. Undoubtedly, Anthony would be a desired player by a franchise looking for offensive firepower , but it is my belief the forward’s desire would have wish to be traded to a credible contender. The New York Knicks for their part are obviously seeking pieces which would complement their roster while looking to the future , whatever that may well be. Though this current situation is by no means the fault of Phil Jackson, it is my belief his arrogance and sheer complacency in not seeking improve the roster during the off-season, has led to this current debacle. For years this franchise has stumbled with their repeated pratfalls and lack of sheer insight as to what what was needed to improve their plight , without delving into the fact team owner James Dolan remained negligent in his responsibilities as the senior executive within the Knicks’ hierarchy. Come full circle and the New York Knicks are now heading aimlessly nowhere and an organization without a clue as what to do next .

It becomes asinine when fans try compare the careers of players from one generation to the next , before one of the athletes in question has actually retired .Yet like the ever anal retentive idots within the sports’ world, there will always be the fan or pundit seeking make an argument as to the merits in such a case . With Los Angeles Lakers’ guard Kobe Bryant recently passing the plateau of 30,000 career points , the lead among active players and placing him among the top-ten all-time scorers in NBA history. Now as Bryant inches closer to the career points’ total of the player the greatest in the game’s history , the comparisons are now being made between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan . The former Chicago Bulls’ great, his career being well-chronicled , as been littered with accolades at every level of the game and it should be noted Jordan won an NCAA title at the collegiate level , whereas, Bryant made the jump straight from high school directly to the professional ranks of the NBA, forgoing a college career. Both players have won multiple NBA titles , Jordan’s six to Bryant’s five. Each has been a recipient of the Finals’ MVP Award and League MVP Award. Yet, the comparison should end there , because Bryant has become an anathema and petulant child, now resorting to chastising his teammates and the Lakers’ organization , publicly . Something, Jordan chose not to do publicly , and it was only with the advent of the breakup of the championship winning team in the Bulls’ last triumph under the auspices of general manger Jerry Krause , where the player was critical of the Bulls’ organization. specifically of Krause and his wish to breakup the winning team from that season. The similarities can end there , in-as far as the players may well have been critical of their respective hierarchies .

Kobe Bryant now finds himself in something of a dilemma as he plays on an uncompetitive team short on talent and coaching prowess being brought to the table by Byron Scott and his coaching staff. One could go as far as to suggest, Scott might be doing an even worst job than his two previous predecessors, Mike D’Antoni and Mike Brown , two former Lakers’ coaches who simply struggled to lead the franchise to any type of meaningful success during their respective tenures. Steve Nash remains unavailable to the team and Jeremy Lin , has proven to be about as useful as a dish-cloth being used to mop up an oil spill in the middle of an ocean. Beyond Lin, Carlos Boozer and Jordan Hill , there is very little to suggest the Lakers can survive the long haul of an eighty-two game schedule , let alone remain being competitive.

With a 6-16 record the Lakers find themselves at the bottom of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference 13 1/2 games behind the division leading Golden State Warriors . To put it mildly , the Lakers are no longer the best NBA franchise in the state of California , a mantel they have held for a number of years , in particular in recently history , up until the 2012-13 season .

The Los Angeles Lakers are equally abysmal at home as they are on the road , further enforcing the fact they cannot win anywhere , let alone provide an opponent with some meaningful competition . Coming off a 98-95 victory over the Sacramento Kings their next opponent will be defending NBA champions the San Antonio Spurs in a game to be played at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. The resilience shown by Los Angeles could go a long way in defining the remainder of their season and whether not drastic changes are likely to be made at the trade deadline by GM Mitch Kupchak .

You have to admire rapper, entrepreneur , budding media mogul and now owner of an upstart sports’ management empire , seeking to challenge the likes of CAA , Top Rank , IMG , Golden Boy Promotions Inc as the next big thing in sports’ management and promotions. Jay-z , having accomplished a great deal as a musical artist , has now set his sights on becoming not only a boxing promoter , but also the manager of a stable of fighters. His fledgling agency RocNationSpotrts under the umbrella of parent company RocNation has entered the field of boxing promotions and management. Having been granted a license by the New York State Athletic Commission , his company will now seek to sign up and coming fighters to his stable of established sports’ personalities and athletes. Nevermind his coterie of renowned musical talent within the RocNation empire. Anything, which furthers the profile of boxing and can drag it out of the depths of mediocrity has to be seen as a welcomed thing , but given the lack and dirth of talent , I am not so sure, Jay-z will be as successful in this endeavor as he has been with his other commercial enterprises . Far be it for me to suggest , with the likes of Victor Cruz , Geno Smith , CC Sabathia , ,James Young said to be having indifferent seasons within their respective sports. It has to be said, an upswing of sorts , is needed for the agency. The biggest high-profiled athletes within the agency remain , Robinson Cano, Kevin Durant , Ndamukong Suh and Dez Bryant .

Boxing needs a dose of fresh air and creativity, because the likes of Don King and Bob Arum have been about as beneficial for the sport as the US Congress can be likened to have been of benefit to the country over the past six years. Inactivity, continued partisan bickering and infantile behavior, have become synonymous on Capitol Hill , just as much as it can now be witnessed within the sport of boxing. Needless to say, there are those who might think otherwise , perhaps due to their ongoing stupidity and complete lack of intelligence.

MLB’s Winter Meetings are not yet in full swing , but there has been abundance of trade activity since the postseason came to an end. A newly crowned World Series’ champion in the San Francisco Giants , and the witnessing of the largest individual contract being signed in professional sports’ team history, when Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins signed an outrageous $325 million deal , far dwarfing the next biggest contract in baseball. Needless to say, there are those , now questioning the wherewithal within an organization , which has been just as quick to jettison high-salaried players , as it has been to feign poverty , while team owner and billionaire art dealer Jeffrey Loria continues to pull the wool over the eyes of the Marlins’ fans as well as the league hierarchy , whom it appears have willingly let Loria get away with his unscrupulous behavior. Yet, baseball remains a law unto itself , with their being very little financial prudency being shown by the teams let alone with some of the most senior leaders within the league’s management .

Can anyone actually justify the $25 million salary paid to outgoing commissioner, Bud Selig , this past season or the fact , his successor Rob Manfred is likely to be paid in excess of that sum in 2015 ? All of this, coming at a time when a number of teams can barely survive on their gate revenues and still turn a profit even with endorsement deals from major corporate sponsors and that is without taking into account the ever growing payrolls around the league .

The Miami Marlins were far from convincing last season within an NL East division, which was sub-par and mediocre . One only has to understand that fact , in seeing how easily the the division’s winner , the Washington Nationals were brushed aside with the utmost ease during the postseason. Miami for its part, will continue to make good on its promise, to bolster their roster for the upcoming season with a number of deals, as they seek to make themselves competitive , in face of the alleged stiff competition within their division , the NL and the league. This might be just as good as it gets for the franchise, before they are back to ways of old , and the jettisoning of high salaried players.


Picture gallery.

During 2014, which major sporting event has provided you with the greatest pleasure and which to your mind has been the most disappointing ? Chime in with a comments as you see fit on this and anything else you believe of merit concerning the subject matter.


Picture and slideshow gallery details below.
(1) St. Louis Rams’ Kenny Britt (81) sits on the field following an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014 in St. Louis. Arizona won 12-6 . AP Photo/Tom Gannam ..

(2) St. Louis Rams quarterback Shaun Hill (14) reacts after the Rams turned the football over on late downs late in the second half of an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014 in St. Louis. Arizona won 12-6 . AP Photo/Tom Gannam …

(3)St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher left, talk with Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians following an NFL football game Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014 in St. Louis. Arizona won 12-6 . AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

(4) San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) scrambles from Oakland Raiders linebacker Miles Burris (56) during the second quarter of an NFL football game in Oakland, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 7, 2014. San Francisco would go on to lose the game 24-13 . to the Raiders. AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez ..

(5) Johnny Manziel will be making his first professional start in a regular season game when the Cleveland Browns take on the Cincinnati Bengals in an all AFC North clash on Sunday afternoon , the 14th December during week fifteen of the NFL regular season schedule. AP Photo/ Reece Carr …

(6) New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony reacts after a foul in the third quarter against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Madison Square Garden in New York City on March 4, 2011. The Cavaliers defeated the Knicks 119-115 . There now seems to be mounting speculation the Knicks might be willing trade the player with their season now spiraling out of control , but it would take Anthony to waive his no-trade clause to facilitate such a deal, likely to involve multiple teams and several players. UPI/John Angelillo

(7) Michael Jordan, left and Kobe Bryant whose careers are not intertwined by a great many meetings on the court , but clearly Bryant’s game was modeled on Jordan’s iconic stature . UPI / Roger Powell ……

(8) Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins having signed the most lucrative deal in baseball history hopes lead the franchise to greater glory this upcoming season . The organization has also signed their NL Rookie of the Year , pitcher , Jose Fernandez (16) to a long-term deal , using both players as marketing chips to lure fans back to Marlins Ballpark , in Miami , Florida . A venue, which in recent seasons has been sparsely attended . Miami Herald / Octavo Figueroa …



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  1. Yeah, like I’m suppose to really care that Jay-z wants to conquer the world of boxing ? Hell, it’s not as if the sport is still relevant to begin with . If neither Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquaiao want to fight each other , much less fight by popular consensus the best two welterweights outside the duo mentioned . Why should I believe they are likely offer an opportunity to Kell Brook or Amir Khan

    “Yes I know it’s a hard knock life , that’s why I’m entering the world of boxing . Be on the lookout for RocNation’s debut of Throne Boxing . Ivy Blue , daddy loves you ” ! Jay-z


    Mayweather and Pacquiao , have their handlers cherry-picking tomato cans , as opponents , so that they can beat the #hit out of those guys while earning multi-million dollar purses . That’s how $$cked up the sport has become , as it’s being ran into the ground by a bunch of corrupt promoters .

    Kell Brook (left) and Amir Khan . They could either fight each other in an eliminator, with the winner becoming the next challenger for Floyd Mayweather’s welterweight title . Khan is the mandatory # 1 challenger in the WBC rankings (holder , Mayweather) , whereas , Brook is the IBF welterweight champion .

    The Los Angeles Lakers edge the San Antonio Spurs in a thrilling overtime game in the NBA . Yet, it still points to the fact the Lakers remain a moribund team with an egotistical @sshole as their best player , who now cares only about himself and not his teammates .


    Katerina Hartlova loves to bounce up and down on ” big joysticks” .

    Scrubbing bubbles , me likes !


    Tophatal ……..


  2. If Johnny Manziel loses this game in any way against the Bengals , he will be accused of being unpolished and ill-prepared . It will not bode well for the Cleveland Browns , head coach Mike Pettine and the front office , with their being so much at stake for the franchise if the Browns fall to the Bengals .

    From left to right , Mike Pettine , Justin Gilbert , Manziel and GM Ray Farmer .

    Whether intentional on the part of the Browns, this season has been more about their draftee Johnny Manziel, than it has been about the franchise and their accomplishments this year.

    Cleveland Browns news

    Does anyone really give a $hit about the Miami Marlins at this juncture ? I think not !

    Friedman of the Dodgers

    Andrew Friedman the new Head of Baseball Operations for the Los Angeles Dodgers has already began to restructure not just the Dodgers’ roster of this past season, but also pare down the payroll . This might not be the last of the moves by the franchise as they seek bolster a team that under-achieved last season during the postseason , losing the NLCS to the St Louis Cardinals .

    Tophatal ……………..


  3. I think you continue to sell Arians and his Cardinals short. I’m not saying they’re Super Bowl contenders but boasting the best record in the league, particularly playing in that division is certainly worth nothing.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      I’ve never sold Bruce Arians short, as I believe him to be on of the best coaches in the entire NFL ! Anyone with an ounce of common sense could see that, in light of how he handled the Indianapolis Colts in the absence of Chuck Pagano in 2013 when the Colts’ head coach had to almost two thirds of the season as he underwent chemotherapy for Hodgkins’ Lymphoma . In his absence Arians guided the team to the postseason . Was it something you overlooked ?

      Arians has instilled discipline into the team’s > defense and the Arizona Cardinals have been able to win games playing conservative football and having a stymieing defense that does not allow too many teams to either pass or run on them , let alone score points . Do also bear in mind, the Cardinals are now doing it all with Drew Stanton as their quarterback instead of Carson Palmer . Something that fans have actually failed to acknowledge . Stanton has not made many mistakes and simply takes care of the ball by being efficient and not careless . That is all that could be asked of a player with limited playing experience overall as a starting quarterback in the NFL .

      The NFC West remains a good division It has been that has become about, how complacent the San Francisco 49ers are and the very fact the blow-back now being aimed at Jim Harbaugh instead of the lax attitude of the players , specifically , quarterback Colin Kaepernick , his offense and that of the secondary who have seemingly taken a step back .


      Tophatal ……….


  4. Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota fulfills the thinking that he was deserving of the win in gaining college football’s top individual prize . His win of the Heisman Trophy places him ahead of the curve and the likely top pick for the 2015 NFL Draft . However , based on the standings at present , a quarterback is not likely to be taken by the first team with the privilege of having the first pick.

    Hopefully , Mariota can end up with a team where his skills are complementary to their needs .

    Tophatal ………..


  5. If a player is said to be only as good as his last game , then I guess what we all witnessed on Sunday by Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Johnny Manziel cannot be considered an aberration . Idiots were calling for this clown (Manziel) to be inserted into the team’s lineup at the start of the season , because it was said, he offered them the best opportunity of winning . Well the events of yesterday , simply proved he was not ready at all .

    Reminds of a scene from the Tom Cruise , Ken Watanabe box office hit ” The Last Samurai ” See below for the scene in question .

    In the aftermath of Manziel’s inept performance , the player is suggesting he’s capable of playing better than that , I beg to differ , as there were questions not only about his character , but also his maturity , readiness for the professional ranks of the NFL and his overall complacency and unwillingness to learn .

    Head coach Mike Pettine blundered erroneously in this decision and it has likely cost the Browns their chance of making the postseason.

    “No thes best is not yet to come ” .

    NFL news

    Cleveland Browns’ news

    Need one say anymore on the matter, as it relates to Johnny Football ?

    Tophatal …………..


  6. There was definitely no dogged determination shown by the teams during the weekend’s contests in the NFL . Also , once again we are left to witness another Monday Night Game where the two opponents are providing the attendees and viewers with a monstrous contest. The matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in Chicago , Illinois is yet another reason why this season has been so damn dire , in spite the views of a number of fans trying to suggest otherwise.

    If ever there was ever meant to be a damning indictment as to the countless reasons why Jay Cutler of the Bears is overpaid then tonight’s contests is providing numerous evidence as to the reasons why. Cutler’s three interceptions thrown have amply assisted the Saints’ cause in their cruising to victory in this game .

    New Orleans’ inevitable win will throw the tepid NFC South into a division where the likely winner , shows no real talent overall, in terms of competitiveness .

    The league standings might be now providing us with a pointer as to who the likely first round draft choice might go to for the 2015 NFL Draft.

    Marcus Mariota having won the Heisman Trophy this year the Oregon Ducks’ quarterback might well be viewed as a consensus top-five first round pick overall. On the other hand Mel Kiper Jr will continue to talk down the merits of the player with his biased opinions , in order to favor a player where he’s known to have curried a relationship with the agent of the player or players he is known to like. It remains the mantra of the college assessor of alleged talent with his obvious bias bloviate opinions. This being the same buffoon, who once described Akili Smith as a perennial Pro Bowl player destined for a long and successful career in the NFL .

    NFL news

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    NFL weekly leaders

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    NFL standings (division)

    NFL standings (conference)

    NFL standings (league)


    Tophatal …..


  7. GM Trent Baalke general manager of the San Francisco 49ers says a decision will not be made on the imminent future of the head coach Jim Harbaugh until after the end of the season. Now let’s see what type of decision is there to be made ? The team is out of the divisional hunt for the title , a postseason berth is now beyond their grasp , never mind Harbaugh has lost control of the team during the midst of the season, with undue complacency , quarterback Colin Kaepernick being more concerned with his tattooed arms and his publicity exposure than his play for the Niners over the course of the season, without delving into the fact there was no leadership to be found among the players , let alone from the coaching staff.

    So what type of decision will Baalke have to make in conjunction with CEO & owner Jed Yorke ? Is there no damn common sense to be found within the Niners’ organization ?

    Trent Baalke (right) and Jed Yorke (left) of the San Francisco 49ers are seen here with incoming head coach Jim Harbaugh. The relationship between the coach and front office executives, is now said to be lukewarm if not fractured , with their being a great deal of displeasure in Harbaugh’s handling of the team this season. All signs seem to be pointing to , that Jim Harbaugh will be relieved of his duties at the end of the season. A Superbowl appearance , divisional title and multiple playoff appearances do not seem to be enough to persuade either Trent Baalke or Jed Yorke they should stick with Harbaugh into next season.

    With Jon Gruden having signed a contract extension with ESPN , his name can be crossed off any list of potential candidates the front office might have seen fit to interview for the possible vacant head coach’s position .

    ” A conflict of interest having two jobs simultaneously working for ESPN and being a head coach of an NFL franchise ? There’s no conflict of interest at all. Hell, I was being paid by you guys to provide my insight on the NFL , as well as being paid by the Buccaneers on the three remaining years of my final contract with the franchise . So where’s there meant to be a conflict of interest” ? Jon Gruden


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    Tophatal ………..


  8. Of all the teams looking to make a big splash during this off-season as the Winter Meetings got under way the Chicago White Sox having been left for dead in the wake of the dominance of the Detroit Tigers have been given the go-ahed by owner , Jerry Reinsdorf to start spending lavishly on acquiring free agents like they’re an endangered species.

    Ultimately, one can only hope that Reinsdorf knows what he’s doing, having dodged a bullet as the owner of the Chicago Bulls with the injuries woes the team’s point guard Derrick Rose and the long-term financial investment they have made in the player. By comparison the biggest commitment the White Sox have to a player is the deal with Jose Abreu .

    I certainly believe the White Sox can be competitive this upcoming season , but I do not think they possess the weapons necessary to come close to taking down the Tigers and that is even if the AL Central champions end up losing their Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer as a free agent . Signs are , Scherzer , his agent and the front office led by Dave Dombrowski remain at impasse over a contract .

    Max Scherzer wants to be paid like a superstar , but other than 2013 , his performances have been somewhat pallid and staid for the Tigers.


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    Tophatal ……..


  9. The penultimate game of the season and the NFL remains in a flummox .

    The AFC seems almost set in terms of the teams guaranteed a postseason berth, whereas the pitiful NFC is a conference where mediocrity is well represented in the NFC South , NFC East and NFC West.

    As usual, Thursday Night is likely to provide us with another monstrosity of mess with a contest likely to be undeniably boring and without competitiveness .

    Is anyone really interested in seeing a meaningless AFC game between the Tennessee Titans (2-12) and Jacksonville Jaguars (2-12) at EverBank Field , in Jacksonville , Florida ? Idiots are trying to suggest that this conference has been competitive . Simply look at the results but above, all the play of the teams in terms of defense and offense . There you can truly see what is so clearly wrong with the NFL at present while apathetic @ssholes try and suggest otherwise. One also has to take into account the lack of real apparent coaching talent in the NFL .

    Jay Gruden couldn’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag and Tony Sparano is simply proving he is not fit to be a head coach in spite of his experience with the Miami Dolphins and now the Oakland Raiders .

    Lovie Smith simply is proving he can’t delineate talent from a pile of fecal matter or through his experience of handling a dumb @ss such as Jay Cutler .


    NFL news

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    NFL team stats

    Tophatal ………………….


  10. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots (11-3) having secured the AFC East title, their sixth consecutive win of the division, will now seek to gain the top seed in the AFC and with it a bye in the first round of the postseason .

    Brady and the Patriots will take their show on the road to face the lowly and now apparently disinterested New York Jets (3-11) in all divisional and conference match-up on Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford , New Jersey.

    This is likely to be the penultimate game where Rex Ryan is in charge of the coaching responsibilities for the team and franchise.

    The Jets’ duo of quarterbacks , Geno Smith and Michael Vick could also be using the game to showcase their menial skills , because the likelihood remains , neither player will be with the team next season .


    “Ni##a you suck ” ! No, you suck ni##a ” .

    Smith and Vick (right)

    New York Jets’ news and views


    NFL news

    NFL week sixteen schedule and a more detailed breakdown of the contests .

    NFL team injuries

    Tophatal …………….


  11. Jay Cutler’s career in the NFL has seen the Chicago Bears’ quarterback throw one hundred and thirty interceptions (130) for both the Bears and Denver Broncos .

    Coming into week sixteen of the team’s schedule the decision has been made to sit the often criticized quarterback . Why wasn’t this actually done earlier in the season , rather than it being left until now ? Are the members of the coaching staff of Marc Trestman that dumb , without taking into account the idiocy of GM Phil Emery signing Cutler to that ludicrous seven-year $127 million deal of which $55 million was in guaranteed money ?

    The Bears will have as their guests at Soldier Field in Chicago , their divisional rivals the Detroit Lions .

    Chicago already out of the running for the NFC North title , have also squandered their chances of a postseason berth in the NFC . Even if they are still playing for pride , there is absolutely nothing to recommend this team in terms of their play this season .

    The troubling thing concerning this contest , will be the fact Cutler’s replacement will be Jimmy Claussen , who will be making his first professional start in four years when he takes to the field for the Bears.

    Pertinent statistics as it relates to Jay Cutler .

    Single game interceptions, single season interceptions , active and career . There’s lot there that makes Cutler’s mea-culpa less than refreshing . He certainly is this generation’s answer to Jeff George .

    NFL quarterback stats (INT’s this season)


    ” If I were to take Jay under my wing and teach him a few tricks of the trade . I could certainly make him a much better quarterback ” !

    Jeff George


    Chicago Bears’ news

    Jay Cutler

    Dimwitted ? Or simply just an a$s ?

    Tophatal …. 2014-12-18 05:44 AM .


  12. Though there’ll be two games played on Saturday afternoon , as part of the week sixteen schedule . One contest stands out and it will be the game which pits the Indianapolis Colts against the Dallas Cowboys , with their being a great deal at stake for bot teams from a divisional standpoint with divisions being up for grabs as well fortifying conference berth positions .

    The opposing quarterbacks from the AFC and NFC respectively , are Andrew Luck of the Colts and Tony Romo of the Cowboys . The duo are among the most efficient and accurate passers in the league this season .

    Tophatal …………


  13. Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles need to win emphatically in their game against the Washington Redskins on Saturday afternoon . There is still a great deal to play for within the division where Dallas Cowboys lead the NFC East with one game to go in the regular season as of Sunday afternoon.

    A loss could put a damper on the Eagles’ hopes of gaining a high enough conference berth for the postseason merely because of the idiocy ongoing within the NFC South , perhaps a division which consistently been the worst in the entire NFL , all season long .

    Elsewhere , the San Diego Chargers will face a San Francisco 49ers’ team in complete disarray and turmoil . So much so , with the front office said to be contemplating the firing of Jim Harbaugh and the news emanating , Harbaugh’s old alumnus Michigan (Wolverines ) have offered the coach a compensation package worth $48 million over eight years . The figure if proven to be true would make the Forty Niners’ head coach among the highest paid coaches in collegiate athletics especially with regard to College Football where the salary of Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban is thought to be the highest in the game .

    Clearly , it is now all too ,little and too late for San Francisco to resurrect their season through a year of sheer complacency and a lack of leadership both on and off the field of play by the players and the coaching staff in particular .

    As if to further emphasize how incompetent the Niners remain , they have now waived(cut) their defensive lineman of Ray McDonald after a second incident involving the defensive lineman with his name being associated in sexual assault case . The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office not only erred with regard to using due diligence , yet clearly, the incompetency wasn’t just with the NFL franchise , but also with the investigation conducted by Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

    NFL news

    NFL team transactions

    Tophatal ………….


  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers’(2-12) GM Jason Licht cannot be entirely happy with what he has witnessed this season from the team or the coaching staff led by Lovie Smith . The Buccaneers have performed poorly in just about every facet of the game. Now quarterback Josh McCown is said to be happy, his coach has once again shown faith in his abilities , with Smith actually stating McCown gives the Buccaneers the best chance to win. Laughable when you consider the team has not been to capture a multiple game winning streak during this season .

    Hard to suggest which of the two was said to be more confident coming into this season . Was it Lovie Smith (left) or Josh McCown ?

    Lovie Smith and the Buccaneers will have a home game at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, when they play host to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers (10-4) in a conference match-up .

    This could prove to be a game where the Buccaneers choose to be competitive or just lay down and die surrendering to their guests .

    Tophatal ………………..


  15. After a horrendous display in week fifteen for the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Johnny Manziel might get the chance to atone for the mistakes seen in the game against AFC North rivals the Cincinnati Bengals . Should Mike Pettine believe Manziel is deserving of a second chance rather than reinserting Brian Hoyer back into the lineup. Then the 2014 draftee might be given the opportunity to prove his worth when the Browns face the Carolina Panthers .

    This will be a contest where quite possibly the two opposing quarterbacks are former Heisman Trophy winners .

    If as expected , Ron Rivera believes Cam Newton is fit to play , then he will be on the field to lead the Panthers’ offense rather than his backup eight-year veteran Derek Anderson .

    Devoted to Johnny Manziel . He’s a wigger in the making . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Dip#hit Manziel . He and Geno Smith are cut from the same cloth and very much overrated

    NFL quarterbacks’ stats in week fifteen . Clearly, Johnny Manziel stood almost head and shoulders above everyone else in terms of his ineptitude against the Bengals.


    NFL injuries week sixteen

    Cleveland Browns’ news

    Carolina Panthers’ news



    Browns’ fans who just happen to be males , can only wish Manziel had provided them with this much pleasure in week fifteen ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!! (See below also for more fun filled a$s and tits)





    Tophatal 2014-12-19 10:09 PM EST ……………..


  16. There were two games of vital importance played today in the NFL , with a great deal riding on the line for the four participants.

    Somehow the overrated and often mind numbing Philadelphia Eagles (9-6) managed to lose a game against the pitiful Washington Redskins (4-11) . The loss may well place the Eagles’ chances of making the postseason in actual jeopardy as they will now be reliant on either NFC East leaders the Dallas Cowboys (10-4) stumbling when they face the Indianapolis Colts (10-4) led by Andrew Luck or another NFC conference aspirant falling to a loss .

    In the late game the San Diego Chargers (8-6) will be on the road when they remain instate to take on the San Francisco 49ers (7-7) at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco , California .


    NFL news

    NFL schedule week sixteen

    NFL teams’ injuries

    NFL standings (division)

    NFL standings (conference)

    NFL Playoff Picture (projections)

    NFL weekly leaders week sixteen

    NFL team stats week sixteen


    Tophatal ………


  17. I guess Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks do butt after-all , after their summary a#s kicking (34-6) of the Arizona Cardinals .

    . . Watch out folks , . the defending Superbowl champions are the ” real deal and might now be the best team in the NFC based on their last two performances alone . No one else in the conference even comes remotely close in terms of their play . .

    The Indianapolis Colts have become a parody and their humiliation at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys was a complete disgrace. That Colts’ defense was continually hideous throughout game . There is no way in hell , this Andrew Luck Luck led team can make a deep run during the postseason , not playing , as witnessed in this contest against the Cowboys !

    NFL news

    NFL results week sixteen

    NFL stats weekly leaders

    NFL teams’ stats

    NFL standings

    NFL standings (conference)

    NFL standings (league)


    Tophatal ……….


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