Death, taxes and other certainties in life and sports

Death, taxes and other certainties in life and sports

Well, this past weekend the NFL opened their postseason schedule and once again the league simply did not fail to disappoint. If you consider the result of the Arizona Cardinals going into Carolina to face the Carolina Panthers and the Cardinals’ loss to their NFC rivals an aberration, then consider that to be a real disappointment. All season long , Arizona found ways to win, withtheir offense or a resolute defense.


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On Saturday afternoon , Ryan Lindley as the starting quarterback for the visiting team was being asked to lead to the Cardinals in his first postseason contest to a victory, which would have been Arizona’s first in over five years. Their last coming in the 2009 postseason in a high-scoring contest against the Green Bay Packers .

Both Ryan Lindley and the opposing quarterback Cam Newton had their highs and lows in during the game between the Arizona Cardinals and Green Carolina Panthers. Yet you could not help but feel the Cardinals came into this contest as the prohibitive favorites but there was an even greater possibility they could come away from this contest with the defeat. Bruce Arians may well have placed a great deal of faith in his quarterback , but you simply got the feeling Lindley’s postseason inexperience would lead to his and the Cardinals’ own undoing.

You can either love or hate the Dallas Cowboys. America’s Team and the empathy some might have towards the franchise, can be either one of loathing or under-handed appreciation . I have never really been a great admirer of the Cowboys or the larger than life presence of team owner , Jerry Jones ! Sunday afternoon , Dallas had as their guests Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions in their wildcard match-up .

The Cowboys were seeking their first playoff win in almost six years and it should serve as a kindly reminder, why this franchise has been so overrated during the time-span in question, when each year inexplicably bumbling buffoons continually decide to make the Dallas Cowboys perennial favorites to win the Superbowl or at least be a contender within the NFC. In a season where the NFC was so mediocre and yes I am taking into account the Philadelphia Eagles managed to notch a double-digit tally by way of wins , but somehow as only Chip Kelly can , his propensity to believe that only offense can win games led to the Eagles’ chance and demise in winning the NFC East. I can only conclude the former Oregon head coach simply doesn’t know how to spell the world defense or comprehend its meaning as determined by their statistical standing in the category and their failure to make the postseason.

Dallas came away with their victory over the Detroit Lions and I can’t help but wonder beyond the errant misjudgement by the officials , I believe the Lions were simply overawed by the occasion . Matt Stafford and his teammates all but had this game sewn up and well within their grasp during the latter stages of the contest but they somehow found a way to screw things up without Ndamokung Suh actually contributing to the loss, with his never-ending stupidity. The Cowboys came away the victors and the Detroit Lions , just like the city, were bankrupt of creativity and ideas when it mattered the most. At least they can take heart in the fact their infamous 2008 season still remains intact when it comes to sheer ineptitude .

Dallas will certainly have to raise the level of their play when they face the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round of their game to be played at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin, Sunday , 11th January, 2015. Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers will take their show on the road when they face a stern test by taking on the Seattle Seahawks . If that Seahawks’ offense gets going, then the Panthers are likely to be on the wrong end of a lopsided loss .

While some may well have their doubts about the Indianapolis Colts because of the inconsistency shown this season , but you simply cannot deny Andrew Luck’s play for the team has been the main reason why the Colts are now in the postseason for the third consecutive year , and the belief he might just be the best quarterback to have been drafted in the NFL since 2008. Now you may well disagree with the statement in question, but simply take a look at the facts as they stand and then decide for yourself.

Luck and his teammates clinically took apart with the ease of a surgeon performing a routine procedure . The Bengals were never remotely in this game and it begs the question, where do Marvin Lewis and the coaching staff now go from here concerning this team ?

In the day’s other AFC contest, the Baltimore Ravens and Joe Flacco put an end to the quest of Ben Roethlisberger seeking a third Superbowl victory to add to his resume’ . The Pittsburgh Steelers may well have won the AFC North , but they were far from being the best team within the division . Statistics may well tend to create the illusion and perception of competitiveness , but when it came to determination , there was none to be found from anyone on the Steelers’ roster during this game . This is likely to be the game played in a Pittsburgh Steelers’ uniform by their defensive player Troy Polamalu after a distinguished career with the franchise.

With a great deal of bravura the signing of Phil Jackson and his being brought in to head the Basketball Operations of the New York Knicks , was meant to herald in a new chapter for the NBA franchise. The legendary NBA coach has a resume’ unmatched by no other coach in NBA history and the feeling was , if Jackson’s presence alone, was enough to reignite the Knicks, then all would be right with the world . Unfortunately, those behind this idiocy, failed to acknowledge there was not an experienced head coach leading the coaching staff and the very fact, beyond Carmelo Anthony the talent level on the roster was extremely poor if not threadbare . As to the feeling Iman Shumpert was an adequate foil to Anthony’s abilities on the team , well let’s just look the facts this season and how that all bears out . Shumpert’s offense and defense are at best , average and the player is not and never will be a game changer on any level .

I can only surmise the choice of Derek Fisher to coach this team was simply one of vanity by Phil Jackson and the fallacy that the ” Triangle Offense “ would still be be effective in today’s game. Jackson may well have not correctly assessed the basketball acumen and IQ of this roster , because plainly put , this Knicks’ team simply isn’t good enough to comprehend the concept, much less put it into effect with any semblance of success. Fisher’s players have already accomplished a season’s first, by being the first team to accumulate thirty or more losses on the season . This may well have not been part of the Knicks’ plans for the year , but clearly things have now gone terribly awry for the franchise and with the lack foresight from anyone within the front office led by Phil Jackson and GM Steve Mills .

To understand how inept the New York Knicks have become , consider the fact they are now on an eleven-game losing streak and they seem incapable of winning at home or on the road . With Carmelo Anthony now sidelined by an injury , the chances of the New York Knicks being competitive, much less putting together a winning streak now seems more remote than ever. The team’s last victory, came in a road win over the Boston Celtics on the 12th December , 2014 with the six-point defeat of their conference rivals .

Sunday night, brought even more incompetence from the New York Knicks as they succumbed to the Milwaukee Bucks in a thirteen-point loss (95-82) at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York . Their task will not be any easier in their next game when they face the Memphis Grizzlies at the FedEx Forum in Memphis , Tennessee ,.

At 5-31 the Knicks’ projected win total for the season will be 15-67 and it is hard to imagine how this organization can take away anything positive out of such a mediocre display and the ongoing optimism being shown by the fans . With the trade deadline due on the 19th February and you get the feeling some drastic moves are likely to be made as the Knicks look to salvage something out of the season while looking to the future . The only asset on the team is Carmelo Anthony and though there have been rumors the player had been approached by senior executives , requesting his waiving of the no-trade clause in his contract and such a move would suggest they are willing to abandon any future hope rebuilding the franchise with Anthony as the centerpiece for their future livelihood. Having signed a five-year $124 million deal , at the start of this year , one could imagine this would not sit well with the Knicks’ fans were the player traded and their being left with almost nothing in return , even if there were some pieces added to the roster seen as a positive sign . The rationale behind the maneuver would still come as a shock , but this has been a mess of the Knicks’ own making , one presided over by the lackadaisical and nonsensical approach to the franchise taken by owner James Dolan . Profitability seems to have been his only concern with regard to the organization rather than the on-court product. Come full circle , the Knicks seem to be back at square one and no real idea what approach they ought to be taking.

The death of ESPN sports’ anchor Stuart Scott at the age of forty-nine , was a reminder of one’s mortality . Scott’s untimely demise cast a giant shadow over the NBA this past weekend , as his association and love of the game was well-known . He befriended many of the game’s top players and his passing was known to be heartfelt not just within the player fraternity , but also among the league hierarchy , general managers and team owners . Anyone who witnessed his 2014 ESPY Award speech after his accepting the Jim Valvano Award had to be taken aback by his humility , eloquence , challenges he met , while undergoing chemotherapy and other medical treatment, as he and his family sought a cure for the diagnosis of his cancer ailment. Stuart Scott became the gold standard for many of the African-American journalists who would later join the broadcast outlet . Yet, his professionalism , personality and passion stood out, as he covered sports in such an unbridled way , leaving us with a number of catch-phrases , which will live on even after his passing.


Keifer Sutherland presents Stuart Scott with the Jim Valvano Award at the 2014 ESPY’s . Scott’s full speech is seen here in its entirety.

The Winter Meetings are over within MLB (baseball) and teams won’t yet be making any major preparations concerning Spring Training , but a number of players sidelined due to injuries, still in the process of rehabilitation , while looking to the upcoming season . Trades came and went with a number of surprising moves . Nonetheless , baseball will likely enter this upcoming regular season with team payroll commitments topping $ 3 billion ($3,000,000,000) for the third successive season .

The San Francisco Giants coming off their World Series’ triumph , their third in the past five years ,will have a bulls’ eye as a target on their backs , as each of the league’s twenty-nine other teams will be looking take them down , in particular, anyone of the fifteen from the AL . A tough season ahead awaits the Giants, as baseball’s latest dynasty looks to add to its illustrious history . Bruce Bochy and his managerial staff will be looking to add to their legacy , while the team itself, must know the task ahead will be a difficult one . The NL West is likely to be competitive , with the main challenge coming from what will be a somewhat revamped Los Angeles Dodgers’ team.

Meetings between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants this season will have some added flavor to it all , as Don Mattingly and his staff would like to prove the defending World Series’ champions are not the only ” team in town” or the best in the state of California. Did I hear someone mention the Los Angeles Angels , Oakland A’s and San Diego Padres ought to be added into the mix ? That would be great were it not for the fact recent postseason success seems to be lacking for the teams mentioned.

Baseball’s Hall of Fame for 2015 have been announced , with the new additions as well as the hold-overs from years past are on the ballot for the BBWAA’s approval and final voting . The continued hypocrisy shown by the Baseball Writers Association , their ambivalence and dare I say it lack of transparency with their process indicates to me the continued farce of the institution and all it claims to represent. With their being no clear stance being taken by them concerning players associated with the ‘ steroid era’ which still casts a giant smear and shadow over the game indicates to me , much like baseball’s ambivalent and clueless hierarchy the sport definitely needs to be infused with creative ideas and leadership. You simply have to look at the makeup of the senior-most executives in the game’s upper ranks to realize that fact and their current length of tenure .

Several of the names on this season’s Hall of Fame Ballot are certainly credible , but several are tinged with more than controversy ,concerning their possible association and the use of steroids or other illicit substances . Roger Clemens , Barry Bonds , Gary Sheffield , Sammy Sosa , Curt Schilling and Mark McGwire to name but a few , put into perspective what we are likely to witness over the coming years , if their names are reappointed to the list, having failed to be inducted. Randy Johnson , Pedro Martinez , John Smoltz , Nomar Garciaparra , Carlos Delgado , Aaron Boone and Cliff Floyd lead the list of first-time nominees .

Of the newest nominees , I believe the John Smoltz, Pedro Martinez , Curt Schilling are the most likely to obtain seventy-five per-cent of the votes needed to gain their induction into Cooperstown ! Borderline , are Carlos Delgado , Nomar Garciapparra , with the remaining candidates being considered for induction at some point in the future. Now while many decry the fact Pete Rose has not been inducted into the game’s most prestigious fraternity , let us remember Rose failed to acknowledge his misdeeds , lying repeatedly to anyone willing to listen , stating he did not break one of baseball’s most ” cardinal sins” , betting on the game . OK , one can bring up the Black Sox ‘ scandal’ as one of the game’s most stained chapters , yet those directly involved , paid a price , which can never be forgotten , overlooked or wiped from the pages of baseball’s history. It remains an indelible mark and reminder of one of the game’s most sordid chapters and a reason why, the rules are in place to be obeyed and not to be broken , purely for financial gain.

From my own perspective , while I believe the Hall of Fame to be a noteworthy bastion where the greats of the game are eulogized and immortalized in print ! I am not so sure many of the game’s most recent candidates , are really worthy of the accolade of induction. Here is my issue with these individuals , why were they so silent and was the choice their own or mandated upon them by a union (MLBPA) who to this day ,in many ways were just as complicit in the fraud perpetrated on the fans by the steroid cheats. Less we forget also , Bud Selig’s handling of the affair , culpable or plausible deniability , lack of action from the league hierarchy and baseball’s team owners . If you are still looking for common sense and intelligence within this sport , there is none to be found at all , in spite of opinions to the contrary.



Picture gallery.

Over the past seventy-two hours which of the most recent sporting events stands out the most ? Just state your reasons why and what outcome you would like to see in the future, concerning the points raised within this article.


Picture and slideshow gallery details below.

(1) Quarterback Cam Newton (1) and fullback Mike Tolbert (35) of the Carolina Panthers celebrate after Tolbert caught a second half touchdown pass against the Arizona Cardinals during their NFC Wild Card Playoff game at Bank of America Stadium on January 3, 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Panthers defeated the Cardinals to go on to the divisional round of the postseason where they will face the Seattle Seahawks . Getty Images/ Rob Carr

(2) Cam Newton (1) of the Carolina Panthers runs to congratulate Fozzy Whittaker (43 ) after his 3rd quarter touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals during their NFC Wild Card Playoff game at Bank of America Stadium on January 3, 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Getty Images / Robb Carr

(3) Cam Newton (1) of the Carolina Panthers and Ryan Lindley (14) of the Arizona Cardinals exchange words after their NFC Wild Card Playoff game at Bank of America Stadium on January 3, 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Getty Images North America / Streeter Lecka

(4) Quarterback Andrew Luck (12) of the Indianapolis Colts calls a play at the line against the Cincinnati Bengals in the second half during their AFC Wild Card game at Lucas Oil Stadium on January 4, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Colts annihilated the Bengals in contest which was not remotely competitive. Getty Images / Andy Lyons

(5) Owen Daniels (81) of the Baltimore Ravens tries to avoid a tackle by Troy Polamalu (43) of the Pittsburgh Steelers during their AFC Wild Card game at Heinz Field on January 3, 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Getty Images /Jamie Squires

(6) Troy Polamalu (43) of the Pittsburgh Steelers looks on from the bench against the Baltimore Ravens during their AFC Wild Card game at Heinz Field on January 3, 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Steelers would fall to the Ravens in their postseason clash . Getty Images / Jamie Squires

(7) Tim Hardaway Jr(5) of the New York Knicks shoots against Beno Udrih of the Memphis Grizzlies on January 5, 2015 at the FedExForum in Memphis. The Grizzlies inflicted the Knicks’ with their twelfth consecutive loss and placing them among the bottom rung of teams with a sub.500 record . Getty Images / Joe Murphy

(8) Carmelo Anthony (7) of the New York Knicks , pictured in this montage with Phil Jackson Head Of Basketball Operations for the New York Knicks . There is mounting speculation the organization might seek to trade the player with their season now asunder and no chance of making the NBA Playoffs . AP Photo / Chris Palmer

(9) San Francisco Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy , left , celebrates with the team’s catcher Buster Posey after the Giants’ game seven triumph in the 2014 World Series in the series’ finale played against the Kansas City Royals at Kauffmann Field , in Kansas City , Missouri,. This was the third postseason finale series’ win of the past five seasons for the San Francisco Giants . AP Photo/ Mark Powers .

(10) Barry Bonds , left and Roger Clemens , two players whose names have been routinely linked to the use of steroids within the game of baseball . Bonds a seven-time NL MVP and Clemens , himself a seven-time recipient of the Cy Young Award , are both on this season’s Hall of Fame Ballot List , as they were last season . It remains to be seen whether both will be looked upon favorably by the voters from the BBWAA (Baseball Writers Association of America) at the time of voting. AP Photo/ Tom Marsh

(11) Pete Rose the all-time hits’ leader in Major League Baseball is seen here with his fiancee’ Kassie (Kim). The former Cincinnati Reds’ player and manager yearns to be inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame and even after his act of contrition , apologizing for lying to the league hierarchy , he has yet to receive a reprieve , with his lifetime ban being lifted by MLB . UPI Archives @ all rights reserved

(12) From left to right , John Smoltz , Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling . Quite possibly seen as the three leading candidates to be inducted in Baseball’s Hall of Fame . Randy Johnson a former teammate of Schilling , when the two combined to lead the Arizona Diamondbacks to their sole Word Series’ triumph, is also considered a contender for the esteemed honor. AP Photo / John Marshall



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The late Stuart Scott , who died at the age of forty-nine , due to complications from cancer.

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  1. It seems Phil Jackson isn’t as dumb as he has been acting after-all , initiating a three-team trade that got rid of dead weight , by trading the mediocre Iman Shumpert , the perennial psychotic and schizophrenic JR Smith . Not the that additions to the New York Knicks’ roster will do the team any good

    ” I know that Mike and Scottie won’t be coming through those doors anytime soon , nor will Willis , Patrick or Bill Bradley , but I’ll work with the crap I’ve got ” .

    Phil Jackson, center , to his left , team owner James Dolan and far right GM Steve Mills .

    What more can you say about team , which has lost thirteen of their last fourteen games ? I know what you can say ___ they’re frigging hopeless and a ##cking embarrassment to the NBA .

    Phil Jackson cannot walk on water , nor can he feed the multitude of Knicks’ fans with five loaves and two baskets filled with fish , but he sure as hell knows , how keep turning chicken s@it into even larger portions of chicken s@hit , as the team’s record has emphasized this season .

    New York will again have their work cut out for them when they face the Washington Wizards on Wednesday , 7th January , 2015 .


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  2. The losing teams from this past weekend in the NFL , will clearly have to reset their thinking with regard to the make up of their rosters . Baltimore’s clinical demolition of the Steelers was clear sign , Pittsburgh with several of their players way past their prime , especially defensive player Troy Polamalu are no longer credible contenders in the NFL .

    It was the hit that showed Troy (43) was getting old and no longer great . He’s way too frigging slow right now and past his sell by date .

    I’m not saying James Harrison (92) is slow but AARP has began processing his membership and that’s all you need to know .

    Polamalu’s teammate , James Harrison should have stayed retired , as he barely contributed to the team this season much less during this postseason , leading to the Steelers’ timely demise in the wildcard round of the schedule .

    Pittsburgh Steelers’ news

    Tophatal …..


  3. The Los Angeles Dodgers committed themselves to spending over $200 million in 2013 and 2014 . Each time in doing so they fell short in the early or latter stages of the MLB postseason of the respective years in question . So does that mean in order for them to make it to the World Series they will have to spend over $300 million on their roster for this season ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Inquiring minds need to know and it is a question that has been asked and must be answered .

    “Magic you do know the ball we play with in this game is much smaller than the ball you’re use to playing with in the NBA ” ? Don Mattingly . ” Don’t worry Don, my homies are use to playing with big and small balls ” . Magic Johnson , co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers .

    Don Mattingly’s record as the manager of the Dodgers is not overly impressive in spite of his being mentored by none other than Joe Torre . Mattingly doesn’t possess a ” killer instinct “ and he sure as hell doesn’t demand enough of his players , much less being able to point to anyone on the team as being a leader on or off the field of play. The Dodgers are a soft team with an overrated reputation and a bunch of self-absorbed executives within the front office .

    Los Angeles Dodgers’ news and press releases .

    Tophatal …………..


  4. The death of Stuart Scott is sad, , but there is a lesson to be learned from his eloquence , humility , but above all his professionalism and love of his craft beyond the esteem to which he was held within the NBA fraternity .

    Courtesy of NBA news

    Longtime ESPN sportscaster Scott dies at 49

    By Rick Freeman , Associated Press

    (AP) — Stuart Scott, the longtime ”SportsCenter” anchor and ESPN personality known for his enthusiasm and ubiquity, died Sunday. He was 49.

    Scott had fought cancer since a diagnosis in late 2007, the network said, but remained dedicated to his craft even as he underwent chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

    ESPN President John Skipper said in a statement that Scott was ”a true friend and a uniquely inspirational figure” and that his ”energetic and unwavering devotion to his family and to his work while fighting the battle of his life left us in awe, and he leaves a void that can never be replaced.”

    Scott accepted the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the ESPYs in July. During his speech, he told his teenage daughters: ”Taelor and Sydni, I love you guys more than I will ever be able to express. You two are my heartbeat. I am standing on this stage here tonight because of you.”

    On Sunday morning, NFL Network broadcaster Rich Eisen’s voice broke as he reported the death of his good friend, with whom he worked on ”SportsCenter” broadcasts.

    ”I love this man,” Eisen said.

    ESPN anchor Hannah Storm called him ”our colleague, our friend and our inspiration” as she reported the news. On the network’s NFL pregame show, Chris Berman said, ”Stuart made ESPN what it is, he made us better people.”

    Born in Chicago, Scott attended high school in North Carolina. After graduating from the University of North Carolina in 1987, Scott worked at three TV stations in the southern U.S. before joining ESPN for the 1993 launch of its ESPN2 network, hosting short sports update segments.

    He often anchored the 11 p.m. ”SportsCenter,” where he would punctuate emphatic highlights with ”Boo-ya!” or note a slick move as being ”as cool as the other side of the pillow.”

    Click on link to read in full .


    Berman , Scott (center) and Keith Olbermann (right)

    As a personality and anchor Chris Berman pales in comparison to Stuart Scott .

    Tophatal ……………


  5. Inductees into Baseball’s Hall of Fame should in actuality be filled with shame , especially those recipients of the accolade over the past five years . They're all a bunch of sycophantic hypocrites ! Choosing to remain silent, while the steroid era wrought havoc on the game , yet these as#hole s whispered and laughed , while profiting greatly for the misdeeds of others .

    A game of hypocrites ruled over by aging Caucasian males with the IQ of a dried piece of fecal matter .

    Tophatal ……………


  6. Fans of the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks are simply delusional , pragmatic and apathetic idiots . But I guess those words are far too difficult for them to understand , otherwise they would acknowledge the teams have been awful , all season long . Their respective divisional , conference and league record overall is a clear reflection of that very fact . Yet they’re now pinning their hopes on pixie dust and gross stupidity. I’ve read one moron stating those are critical of Knicks are doing so out of jealousy. How and why the fu#k would anyone be jealous of the New York based franchise ? Last I looked they hadn’t won anything of merit in four frigging decades . Knicks’ fans come in all shapes and sizes giving credence to the fact , the Dumming Down of the nation at large .

    The New York Knicks have been win-less in their last fourteen games , with the emphasis on the word win-less

    . If that isn’t an indication mediocrity then someone tell me what is ?


    Granted , earlier in the season it was the Philadelphia 76ers taking it to even greater heights of ineptitude, but then again , moronic fans have tried to suggest this had nothing at all to do with the changes instigated by the dumb @ss David Stern , the very same executive who tried to use gangsta rap lyrics and the music to purvey the NBA brand to the youths of America , but I digress . What the ##ck would Stern know about being socially responsible ?


    ” Change The World ” ….. . Eric Clapton

    For the lame @ss Knicks and Lakers’ fans out there and their lack of intelligence .

    Tophatal ………


  7. Decisions, decisions , decisions

    LBJ made two, both were said to be for either economic and competitive reasons. The first worked out OK , as he went off to Miami and made it to four straight NBA Finals’ appearances, with two wins , two Finals’ MVP Awards and then returned to Cleveland, still pulling down the “big bucks” . Yet, for all of that, can we actually say he’s now entirely happy with his situation and with the Cleveland Cavaliers given their year-long inconsistency ?

    Carmelo Anthony on the other hand, had the chance to go elsewhere for less money and play for a bona-fide contender and idiots are suggesting he remained in New York for the sake of his family and the fact, he felt playing for Phil Jackson was the right thing do, because of famed coach’s impressive resume’ . Last I ,looked , Jackson wasn’t the executive who built the winning rosters, which landed the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers multiple titles and morons seem to be forgetting that actual point . So can someone explain to me now,. how has this all profited Carmelo Anthony from a competitive standpoint , never-mind the fact the Knicks are currently on a fourteen game losing streak ? Where is the goddamn intelligence among many sports’ fans , especially with their @ss kissing , lack of intelligence ?

    LBJ has to be ruing the day, he made the decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers . David Blatt as the team’s head coach , is a fish out water and it shows with his lack of in-depth coaching experience when it comes to the NBA and his staff of assistants don’t seem to be providing him with much insight at all .

    Tophatal …….


  8. Decisions, decisions , decisions

    LBJ made two, both were said to be for either economic and competitive reasons. The first worked out OK , as he went off to Miami and made it to four straight NBA Finals’ appearances, with two wins , two Finals’ MVP Awards and then returned to Cleveland, still pulling down the “big bucks” . Yet, for all of that, can we actually say he’s now entirely happy with his situation and with the Cleveland Cavaliers, given their year-long inconsistency of play ?

    Carmelo Anthony on the other hand, had the chance to go elsewhere for less money and play for a bona-fide contender and idiots are suggesting he remained in New York for the sake of his family and the fact, he felt playing for Phil Jackson was the right thing do, because of famed coach’s impressive resume’ . Last I ,looked, Jackson wasn’t the executive who built the winning rosters, which landed the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers multiple titles and morons seem to be forgetting that actual point . So can someone explain to me now,. how has this all profited Carmelo Anthony from a competitive standpoint , never-mind the fact the Knicks are currently on a fourteen game losing streak ? Where is the goddamn intelligence among many sports’ fans , especially with their @ss kissing , lack of intelligence ?

    LBJ has to be ruing the day, he made the decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers . David Blatt as the team’s head coach , is a fish out water and it shows with his lack of in-depth coaching experience when it comes to the NBA and his staff of assistants don’t seem to be providing him with much insight at all .

    Tophatal …….


  9. Congratulations on this year’s Hall of Fame inductees ! Craig Biggio , Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson and John Smoltz . No room for either Pete Rose as is customary or for Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens . Ah well, #hit continues to roll downhill with regard to baseball’s ongoing hypocrisy and with the BBWAA. Yet, you’d be hard-pressed to hear a fan willing to acknowledge that very fact.

    From left to right , Biggio, Martinez, Johnson and Smoltz .

    MLB news


    Tophatal ………….


  10. So Bruce Allen is apparently out as the general manager of the Washington Redskins? Kids picking boogers out of their nostrils (nose) have found more success , than Allen has been known to have as GM with either the Buccaneers or Redskins when it comes assessing and drafting real talent . Yet here it is folks, the bogus Rooney Rule remains a fu#king sham and it will continue to be that way, as it was merely the NFL’s policy for putting icing on a cake known to already taste really bad . See / link inset for the justification of these comments .

    Rod Graves , pictured far right, was used as the “Token Uncle Tom” to appease the league fraternity , ,but yet when all was said and done, the Redskins went with a somewhat less experienced candidate in Scott McCloughan .


    If you want to know why Bruce Allen was relieved of his duties, then listen to this asinine and inane postseason interview by the now outgoing executive.

    For his part in his rookie season Jay Gruden at his best measures up to Jon Gruden at his worst in a similar capacity . Nothing else needs to be said . Not that Jon was that great a coach when it also came to assessing talent .

    “I’ve picked boogers from my own nose as well from my kids’ and I must say if I’m as successful in that endeavor, then it proves I am damn well better than Bruce Allen ” !

    Scott McCloughan .

    NFL and news from around the league .

    Washington Redskins’ news


    Tophatal ………..


  11. Ted Cruz or Rand Paul or Sarah Palin might stand a better chance of being elected President than either Roger Clemens , Mark McGwire , Sammy Sosa , Gary Sheffield , Barry Bonds or even Rafael Palmeiro , never mind Pete Rose for their induction into the Hall of Fame .

    Were Donald Trump to throw his hat into the ring seeking the GOP nomination for President , then I would rather see one of those cheating douche bags being inducted before Trump even makes it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue !

    Cruz (left) and Rand Paul , crazy like a pack of rabid hounds . Ted Cruz is said to have a brilliant legal mind but yet to stymie a bill about be to passed in Congress , this ass#hole sought to delay by speaking in excess of 5 hours reciting nursery rhymes , talking about his kids and reading Theodore Geisel’s Green Eggs-n-Ham . I guess it’s truly representative of Conservative ideals and the Tea Party , not that their counterparts the Democrats are any better to begin with . Meanwhile , Rand Paul can’t make up his mind if he’s a closet racist or simply doesn’t like minorities , with the exception of the Jews .

    Which is of the two, is said to have a greater grasp on reality ? Can you decide ?

    Personally , Donald Duck gets my vote over Donald Trump .

    Tophatal …………


  12. Gregg Popovich really does need to take a look at the mental aspect of the San Antonio Spurs’ players after last night’s inexplicable one-point loss in the waning seconds of the game against the lowly and half-competitive Detroit Pistons.

    Detroit may well have won six straight, but this team is not the second coming of The Bad Boys . What the hell were Spurs’ thinking at critical points during this game ?

    NBA results

    Tophatal …………


  13. I’m sorry but UFC President Dana White , is a self-absorbed hypocrite ! He had to have been aware of Jon Jones’ (positivecocaine) test results before the UFC182 took place at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas , Nevada , this past Saturday .

    “Y’all ni#gas just don’t understand , ‘coke’ (cocaine) is the breakfast of champions and Kings ” .

    Jon Jones

    Jones took the often mandated test , prior to the bout UFC Light Heavyweight title defense against Daniel Cormier and the tests came back in time for the hierarchy to have either cancelled or have the bout instigated with a promotion of the under-card , but instead White chose to proceed and go ahead with the fight .

    Calling Tyrone, calling Tyrone .

    Jones making an asinine apology for his being caught and now known to be coke’ addict (cocaine) , all hidden under his well manicured image of being a nice guy. It may well hurt the Light Heavyweight Champion adversely or it could open him up to a new group of fans .

    Jon Jones has often portrayed himself as a role model for young kids, but now one sees him in a new light , showing him to be nothing more than a frigging hypocrite and a self-absorbed narcissistic as$hole and a great deal more .


    UFC news

    Tophatal ……………….


  14. If it was the New York Knicks’ intent on sucking this season , then they sure as hell are making a worthy effort of the task . So much so , Jenna Jameson is in the process of filing a lawsuit in US Federal Court for copyright , patent , intellectual property infringement , irreparable harm to her image , emotional and financial loss . Simply because, the Knicks have sucked so bad oi for the vast majority of the season .

    As a now retired porn star , Jenna Jameson (pictured above) remains involved in the business as a producer and distributor of adult entertainment . Loss of income and livelihood, because of the egregious actions of the New York Knicks has begun to do her image irreparable damage . She’s no longer approached on the streets by young men, asking her how she sucks a ##ck , instead they point to images of the current players on the Knicks’ roster and the fact they have now refined the art of sucking , albeit, they have yet to start suck each others’ d#cks . Perhaps , that’ll be the next thing being taught on the agenda by Derek Fisher and his coaching staff in in conjunction with the instructions of Phil Jackson as the Head of Basketball Operations for the franchise .

    He may not mast#rbate a lot , but when he does, he has a bottle of Dos Equis in one hand and his #ick in another , while watching the New York Knicks at play .



    NBA news

    NBA results 7th January , 2015

    NBA standings

    NBA standings (conference)

    NB: Statements made above , are being done purely for entertainment purposes only and in no way are they meant to be taken as the opinions and views of anyone else , but the contributor . If you’re unable to comprehend that fact, then seek life elsewhere, as well as an ounce of intelligence, if that is at all possible .

    Tophatal ………….


  15. Terrelle Pryor has been signed by the Kansas City Chiefs . Chiefs’ starting quarterback Alex Smith first remarks after the signing … ” f#ck , did I now just dodge a bullet ” !

    ” We’ve just signed who ? I thought Richard died some years ago and his daughter Rain wasn’t a tomboy ? Oh , snap , my bad , you meant we signed Terrelle Pryor ” . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Alex Smith in his postseason interview .

    ” My dad told me growing up as a young girl ‘ I could be anything a I wanted to be ., just as long as I wasn’t a $5-.00 wh#re ” . Rain Pryor

    “Peyton , everyday and in every way. I intend to get better and better, until I am the best damn black quarterback in the NFL ! I know it’s tough on Teddy , EJ , Cam , Geno and Michael , , but I’m gonna be the man ” !

    Terrelle Pryor


    NFL news

    Kansas City Chiefs’ news


    Tophatal ……………


  16. Another loss for the New York Knicks their thirteenth consecutive defeat and the forever eternal , apathetic and optimistic Knicks’ fans simply cannot understand this team sucks and Phil Jackson has no real idea how to fix what ails the team . I mean what is Jackson’s track record as NBA front office executive , other than the title wins as a head coach ? He has never assembled a championship winning team over the course of his coaching career and it seems to be the issue that everyone seems to be overlooking as the jump on this rather ridiculous bandwagon . I mean Phil’s choice of Derek Fisher as head coach of the team with Kurt Rambis as his lead coaching assistant is simply asinine and beyond belief .

    Fisher is now learning on the job and the team’s play is simply a reflection of not only the their record but also a sad reflection how bad the Knicks just happen to be at present .

    All of this idiocy that the organization will be able to marquee free agents for next season is beyond belief , because as of now there is no certainty the team will be competitive now or at some point in the future. If things now carry on as they are , will Jackson believe it worthwhile to retain Derek Fisher as the head coach , given his failures this season and overall lack of experience ?

    This franchise is no better of now than when Isiah Thomas ruled the roost as head coach and President of Operations of the New York Knicks .

    Boneheaded idiots , have continued to drink the Kool-Aid ,while firmly pressing their lips against Phil Jackson’s sphincter (@sshole) in sheer adulation .

    Tophatal …………


  17. Curt Schilling is proving to be as big an ass as we already knew him to . His latest barb , relates to the fact he wasn’t inducted into the Hall of Fame because of his political leanings and the fact he’s an avid Republican . Hey Curt , shut the f#ck up, because no one cares or give a #hit what your political leanings are . The four players due to be inducted were far more deserving than your self-opinionated and boring ass .

    You (Schilling) bitched and whined , when your now bankrupt company fell asunder because of gross mismanagement , wholly seeking to blame the state of Rhode Island , even after your receiving millions of dollars in taxpayers’ funds from the state.

    Courtesy of NY Daily News

    Curt Schilling says Hall of Fame snubbed him for being Republican

    ‘I know that as a Republican, that there’s some people who really don’t like that,’ Schilling said a day after getting denied entry into Cooperstown for a third straight year while suggesting that fellow pitcher John Smoltz was voted in for being a Democrat.

    By James Uribarri , NY Daily News

    It’s not just steroid users who aren’t welcome at the Baseball Hall of Fame, according to Curt Schilling.

    The former pitcher, who was denied entry into Cooperstown for a third straight year Tuesday, claimed that being a high-profile Republican caused some voters to leave him off their ballots.

    Schilling hinted as much Wednesday in an interview with Boston radio station WEEI by suggesting that newly elected Hall of Famer John Smoltz got the necessary votes for induction because of his supposed Democratic leanings.

    “[Smoltz] is a Hall-of-Famer. And I think the other big thing is that I think he’s a Democrat, and so… I know that as a Republican, that there’s some people who really don’t like that,” Schilling said.

    Click on link to read in full.

    Entry into the Hall of Fame isn’t a divine right , it’s attained by your deeds on the diamond and how you conduct yourself as a player and human being . Granted, the likes of Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth (racists) do leave a lot to be desired , but it should be noted , when these two legends were at the height of the fame , players of color were looked down upon as being lower than fecal matter . Now we have Schilling complaining he was denied entry , because of his political views . What the $#ck !

    Schilling isn’t even sure of John Smoltz’s political affiliation , yet he states Smoltz is a possible Democrat. Clearly , Curt Schilling has an axe to grind . I am surprised he didn’t cast assertions against Pedro Martinez for being Hispanic or Randy Johnson for being a tall skinny bastard or Craig Biggio for being of Italian descent . LOL,LOL LOL !!!

    I wonder if Schilling would have been just as opinionated were one of the inductees African-American or Jewish ?

    Baseball will never be able to escape its stereotypical racist past past and as#holes like Curt Schilling simply drag it down further in terms of the game’s perceived future , without the incompetency of the league hierarchy , clueless $#cking owners , general managers and overly incompetent union . Nothing else needs to discussed concerning the matter unless there’s an as$hole out there willing to come in support of Schilling ?

    Tophatal ……………..


  18. John Hart , former Cleveland Indians’ general manager, succeeded Frank Wren to become the current GM for the Atlanta Braves . Now having been installed in the position has sought to cut the dead weight from last season’s roster . Gone are Justin Upton and Jason Heyward , two very productive players when at their very best.

    Braves’ catcher Christian Bethancourt

    John Hart has signed AJ Pierzynski to a one-year deal . Pierzynski in the last few years he has been unproductive as catcher both from a defensive and offensive standpoint . If he is being brought into mentor Christan Bettancourt , I simply do not believe this to be a shrewd move at all ! Bethancourt doesn’t a veteran such as AJ Pierzynski to serve as his mentor or tutor at all .

    AJ Pierzynski whose career was a varied one serving his time with a number of teams .

    From left to right , John Hart , team President John Schuerholz and former manager Bobby Cox

    Atlanta Braves’ press releases

    Tophatal ………


  19. Another day and night in the NBA , yet there seems to be no respite for the teams and players .

    The New York Knicks get blown out again and it has become a absolutely embarrassing to watch this team play . In a home defeat they suffered a twenty-four point loss to the Houston Rockets in a 120-96 annihilation in-front of another almost sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden in New York City , New York.

    The K nicks simply cannot do a damn thing right on or off the field of play , but yet their lame ass fans are seeking something positive out this ongoing mess . Which marquee free agent will actually want to sign for an organization where the front office seems to be as equally inept as the entire coaching staff ? I mean what if anything , has Phil Jackson actually brought to the organization this season beyond name recognition ? Absolutely nothing at all .

    Jackson and the Knicks are said to be getting their own reality show on TLC entitled ” Phil & The Knicks Plus 15 (consecutive losses) & Counting ” . Similarities should not be misconstrued with the channel’s now defunct reality show ” Jon & Kate Plus Eight ” Here’s the thing , both were dysfunctional even if the family show was so scripted that it defied logic and reality . As for the Knicks their play this season has not defied logic at all , even if it’s unscripted .

    ” Spike Lee , who;’s a good friend of mine pitched me the idea of a reality show following us through my first year . So I thought , why not ?

    Jon & Kate Plus Eight . Over-hyped and just as dysfunctional as the Knicks . LOL,LOL !!!

    Tophatal ……..


  20. The four entrants into the Hall of Fame Class for Cooperstown ought to be thoroughly commended for the careers. of Craig Biggio , Randy Johnson , Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz were truly effective players in their chosen roles on their respective teams . However , in light of that fact I think it something of an even greater slight Mike Piazza still remains a non-member of the Hall given his career from a statistical standpoint and where he ranks among catchers to have played the game and those having played the position who are now enshrined . I would like to think that this would be addressed by BBWAA at some point in future either of the players eligible on 2016 or 2017.

    Piazza played his last Big League game during the 2007 schedule for the Oakland A’s in 2007 . Five years after his retirement , having met the eligibility criteria his first year of eligibility would have been 2012 .

    Is Mike Piazza (pictured) a worthy claimant to be inducted into the Hall of Fame ? Granted , his link to steroids might well have played a part into his not yet being enshrined . There are two trains of thought on the matter , were his actions actually deliberate or was it a genuine mistake , given the fact at the time , the league had no testing policy for any elicit banned substances ?

    Tophatal ……


  21. While earlier in the season it was justifiable to harangue the Philadelphia 76ers for their incompetent start to the season, over their last fifteen games played in the NBA , it has been the Minnesota Timberwolves matching the New York Knicks . for absolute futility with a fifteen consecutive game losing streak .

    NBA news and archived stories

    NBA standings (division)

    NBA standings (conference)

    NBA schedule 11th January

    NBA schedule 12th January

    NBA results 10th January


  22. The Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks came into this season not wanting to exemplify mediocrity , but instead they have actually passed our wildest expectations of the term by continually making a mockery of it all .

    Now apologists are seeking to make excuses for Phil Jackson and the coaching staff needing time to turn things around .

    Jackson doesn’t know how to assess NBA talent and Derek Fisher is not good enough to coach in the NBA , their D League , much less the WNBA .

    Lakers’ fans remain unintelligent buffoons. And anyone subscribing to the belief that Iman Shumpert is a good defensive player in this league , is clearly delusional and in need of psychiatric help .


    NBA news

    NBA standings (division)

    NBA standings (conference)

    NBA results 12th January , 2015

    NBA schedule 13th January


    Tophatal …………….


  23. So the Detroit Tigers’ and the front office led by Dave Dombrowski could not retain the services of Max Scherzer as the former AL Cy Young Award winner in 2013 signs a lucrative deal with the NL franchise the Washington Nationals , The addition to the roster alongside Gio Gonzalez and Stephen Strasburg will make the pitching staff an extremely competitive one and likely among the best in the National League and quite possibly one of the best MLB altogether.

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Nationals land RHP Max Scherzer

    Free-agent pitcher Max Scherzer has agreed to a seven-year contract with the Washington Nationals, a source confirmed Sunday night to’s Jim Bowden.

    The deal is for $210 million with half deferred, according to multiple reports. Scherzer reportedly will receive $15 million annually for 14 years. The deal also includes a record $50 million signing bonus, a person familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press.

    More from

    While laying out his top-10 MLB team ranks for 2015, Buster Olney questions whether a Max Scherzer signing even improves his No. 1 team, the Nationals. Story Insider

    A source had earlier told’s Jayson Stark that the Nationals wouldn’t have the financial flexibility to sign the right-handed Scherzer unless they have a trade in place to move starter Jordan Zimmermann and possibly shortstop Ian Desmond.

    As of Saturday, the source told Stark, the Nationals did not have trades in place for Zimmermann or Desmond.

    The Washington Post and CBS earlier reported the deal.

    Neither the Nationals nor Scherzer’s agent immediately responded to requests by The Associated Press for comment Sunday night.

    The NL East champion Nationals’ starting rotation already includes Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmermann, Doug Fister — Scherzer’s former teammate with the Tigers — Gio Gonzalez, and Tanner Roark.

    Click on link to read deal in full.

    The Nationals this season will be under a great deal of pressure after this deal , because if Matt Williams and this managerial staff cannot get the team over the hump , then several of the players will likely be jettisoned at season’s end .

    Tophatal …………..


  24. This off-season baseball hasn’t even remotely thought about shaking itself off out of its continued complacency , very much in a similar vein to last season and the transactions that took place then in comparison to now and the salaries negotiated for the newly acquired players.

    Max Scherzer was able to garner himself a seven-year , $180 million deal with the Washington Nationals . Yet the yardstick for this upcoming season remains Giancarlo Stanton’s outrageous $325 million contract. If the Miami Marlins fail to make the postseason , then questions will be asked and will have to be answered by the managerial staff , but most certainly of the front office led by Michael Hill .

    With the Nationals’ acquisition of Max Scherer the team is likely considered the prohibitive favorites to repeat as champions within the NL East . I certainly don’t believe that the Atlanta Braves , Miami Marlins , New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies have done anywhere near enough to be seen as likely contenders to dethrone the Washington Nationals this upcoming season .


    MLB news


  25. Former NL Rookie of the Year in 2003 , pitcher , Dontrelle Willis now wishing to re-pursue his career is a none roster invitee of the Milwaukee Brewers .


    Willis showing he can also perform with a bat . irm?p

    Willis who last pitched in the Majors in 2011 for the NL franchise the Cincinnati Reds will be hoping to repeat the form shown in 2003 and 2005 when he was at his very best , specifically when with the Miami Marlins .

    AL Rookie of the Year , League MVP and now second active among dthe active hits’ leaders, Ichiro Suzuki has agreed to a one-year $2 million deal which will see him join the Miami Marlins , likely boosting the team’s roster in terms of productivity from an offensive and defensive standpoint .


    Ichiro Suzuki most definitely a future Hall of Fame inductee . The player is a mere one-hundred-and-fifty plus hits from joining the 3000 hits’ plateau .

    🙂 t


    MLB news and press releases

    MLV transactions (January)

    This week in MLB history


    Tophatal …………….


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