A la-carte menu ? As the world turns, the NBA still meanders

A la-carte menu ? As the world turns, the NBA still meanders

Early in the season , the NBA was in awry as the return to the league of two its most high-profiled and visually recognized faces made impact-ful returns to franchises where initially their names were made. With LeBron James having left the Miami Heat after a postseason of angst and tremendous disappointment with the Heat falling to the San Antonio Spurs in five games , James felt it best to resume his career elsewhere and where better than with the franchise where he got his professional start , having been drafted as the number one overall draft pick in the 2003 NBA Draft?


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Phil Jackson’s return to the New York Knicks was treated with equal regale as the former player and eleven time championship winning head coach was introduced to the convened press fans as the Head of Basketball Operations and SVP with the New York based franchise. While this might well have been somewhat surreal , the reality has been as the season got underway for the Knicks with a new head coach Derek Fisher and coaching staff in tow , the real issues for the team this season has been the fact winning has become something of a rarity on the road or at home.

The four-time or League MVP’s return to the Cleveland Cavaliers was heralded as a coup-de’-gras for team owner Dan Gilbert and fellow executives . The fans in their appreciation , simply went out and began a feeding frenzy , as they purchased LeBron James’ memorabilia and season tickets , single-game home tickets for the team’s games at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Ohio,.

Now at the midpoint of the season and it would be fair to suggest both the the Cavaliers and Knicks have failed miserably in meeting the expectations of the fans and NBA analysts alike and I believe it is reflected in their conference and divisional standings ! The Cleveland Cavaliers as of the 13th January have gone 1-10 in their last ten games, losers of seven consecutive. Only the New York Knicks have managed to exceed the futility exhibited during that spell .

I certainly believe the woes affecting both the Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks comes down to the fact both teams are in transition having changed their coaching staffs during the off-season , with the hire of David Blatt in Cleveland and Derek Fisher with the Knicks. While Blatt’s experience in Europe goes without question , his NBA experience has been this season’s ” baptism of fire” and the same with his New York counterpart. As to this idiocy , Phil Jackson will provide Fisher with his coaching acumen and insight , well that has failed to take place at any point during this season , as seen with the team’s record and play.

LeBron James led his teammates to their last victory on which came by way of ” downing ” the Charlotte Hornets on the 2nd January , 2015. New York with their recent player upheaval , last gained a win when they defeated the Boston Celtics on the 12th December , 2014. If there is any frustration brewing within the front offices of the Cavaliers and Knicks then it is not being outwardly shown by the respective executives.

Derek Fisher and the Knicks will continue their quest for a meaningful victory when they face what appears to be a rejuvenated Milwaukee Bucks’ team coached by Jason Kidd . LeBron James and his teammates will face a Los Angeles Lakers’ team sorely in search of something meaningful to their season. . Kobe Bryant’s presence has been as competitive as usual but his being sidelined , leaves the Lakers missing real offensive output and no one on the ready to step up and follow the veteran’s lead.

Having a billionaire owner in the NBA hasn’t done the league any harm, by way of the image of the teams or having the owners display their often outrageous behavior . As to the idiots , who have tried to suggest because of the philanthropic deeds of some , it outweighs their pubic comments , my question to those fools , what happened to common courtesy and decency ? Hiding the veils freedom of speech, without facing the fact such behavior has its ramifications, seems to be lost on those , who continually to use this premise as a proxy.

Mikhail Prokhorov , the Russian billionaire and owner of the Brooklyn Nets . For this past fiscal year the Eastern Conference based franchise has seen mounting financial losses and a team not in sync with the ambitions sought by their owner. Hard to see how the Nets can try and justify entering the season with a payroll exceeding $90.4 million and little to show for it by way of respectability within the NBA. Lionel Hollins and his coaching staff have struggled to get this team of overpaid stars playing with any semblance of credibility. A six-game losing streak has not helped the Nets’ credibility or standing in the belief the team is simply good enough to be viewed as a legitimate playoff contender , no matter how mediocre the East Conference just happens to be . Granted , injuries have plagued the Nets this season , but it should not be considered an excuse for a franchise , which in recent years has been known more for trying to outspend their rivals , rather than for their achievements on the court . As if to further emphasize how bad the Nets are , their current six game losing streak places them as the eighth seed 1 1/2 games ahead of the Charlotte Hornets and a game behind the sixth placed Miami Heat. The Brooklyn Nets’ last victory came on the road when they defeated the Orlando Magic , with a two-point road win (100-98) .

There can be no denying whoever comes out of the Western Conference as the representative in the NBA Finals will be battle-tested and ready to take on their Eastern Conference opponent. Year in and year out the teams in the West have been involved in their annual dogfight for the right to the conference representative. Last season the San Antonio Spurs posted a 62-20 record , best in the conference and then played with a great deal of resilience on their way to a fifth NBA title .This season Spurs’ head coach Gregg Popovich has the team playing with the usual type of consistency one would come to expect of the champions with the coach resting his mainline stars as he sees fit . No fines being meted out by Adam Silver , but then again , what would you expect when his predecessor, David Stern treated the league as if it were his own personal fiefdom and stomping ground , with his imbued idiocy and piousness .

To overlook San Antonio at this point of the season by , waxing on lyrically about teams such as the Golden State Warriors , Portland Trailblazers , Houston Rockets , Memphis Grizzlies and Dallas Mavericks would be extremely foolish , but it does seem to be the norm at present . Nonetheless, as the season progresses, we will get to see the best of this team and the conference in general .

James Harden has proven to be an extremely productive player for the Rockets this season and even more versatile than anyone might have imagined. Harden has been by far the best player on the Rockets’ roster leaving no one in any doubt who is more pivotal on the team . Dwight Howard is simply an adequate foil for his teammate’s exploits as Kevin McHale guides Houston with the aim of making the playoffs.

Currently, the third seed in the West , with a record of 27-11 the Houston Rockets are comfortably placed to make a solid run during the second half of the season. Next up for McHale and his players will be a game against the Orlando Magic at the Amway Arena in Orlando , Florida on the 14th January , 2015.

Mark Jackson outlived his usefulness in the state of California and in particular, his tenure with the Golden State Warriors . It was one thing to try and force feed your beliefs upon the players, but it is another to then repeatedly ignore the warnings from your employer , concerning your behavior and intent . Jackson’s ideology led to his demise, without delving into the issues of his hypocrisy. Joint team owners , Joe Lacob and Peter Guber wasted no time with the hiring of Steve Kerr to succeed his predecessor and Kerr to for his part, has imparted a great deal of wisdom , player oversight, but above all a keen eye for details as well as coaching acumen , which has been of a great deal of benefit to this young Warriors’ team . Perhaps there’s room for learning for the likes of Derek Fisher and Jason Kidd, from someone with Kerr’s abilities ? The Warriors are riding high with the best winning percentage in the league and on course to break the franchise record for most wins in a season . Led by players Steph Curry , Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes this is not a team solely built around offense , but clearly under the auspices of head coach Steve Kerr, this team will also willingly play defense when called upon to do so.

Golden State’s current seven-game win streak is not their best of the season, but it does point to the fact how consistent the team has become over the course of the NBA schedule . The Warriors’ most recent game , saw the team simply trounce the Utah Jazz by an eleven-point margin and prior to that , clinically dismantled the Cleveland Cavaliers with the utmost of ease . A home game against the Miami Heat on Wednesday evening at the Oracle Arena in Oakland , California will tell us a great deal about the Warriors and their season-long quest to be seen as legitimate contenders within the NBA. I am inclined to believe this Steve Kerr team could make things extremely difficult for their conference rivals over the remainder of the season and into the playoffs !

There are no do-overs in the NBA and it is something which will not be afforded the likes of the Los Angeles Lakers with their abysmal season , they will not be offered the opportunity of reversing their tide of mediocrity on any level . With their fans pointing to the future and hopes of obtaining marquee free agents in 2016 , 2017 and 2018 , perhaps it hasn’t occurred to their myopic fans , team owner Jim Buss , GM Mitch Kupchak and SVP Jeanie Buss have failed miserably in placing a competitive product on the court over the past two seasons without taking into account their current situation . It begs the question , where is there any common sense to be found within the organization beyond the idiotic pragmatism being imbued by Jeanie Buss , in the wake of the sheer stupidity exhibited by her brother and Kupchak ? If it is her belief the franchise will be competitive three years from now , then surely , she can show a morsel of evidence to support her claims ? To paraphrase Don King ” only in America ” or in this case, only in the mind of a Lakers’ executive would you hear such absurdities .

The Lakers are likely to fix their woes by spending a great deal of money to acquire a a free agent, because they sure as hell haven’t shown the acumen to draft a player of any note over the past eight years . Yet I digress , because what use is it to point out those facts when their fans are simply oblivious to such realities ? Snooze , you lose __________ bit#hes .


12-27 is a sold recipe for disaster and a season and it not have been concocted up any worse , even without injury woes of Kobe Bryant . The eighteen-year veteran is now on the decline and nowhere near the competitive force which once made him the most dominant player in the league. Those years are long gone and we rarely now see those moments of brilliance from the future Hall of Fame inductee. As if to further exacerbate the ongoing idiocy to be found within the Lakers’ organization, head coach Byron Scott believes it will be in the franchise’s best interests to rest their veteran guard once the team is out of playoff contention. Perhaps there is a great deal of naivete’ on my part , but at 12-27 , the Lakers’ chances of making the playoffs this season are beyond remote, when you consider the team sits 11 1/2 games out of the eighth and final playoff position within the Western Conference and they not even close to being competitive enough to challenge within the Pacific Division for the divisional title. Byron Scott must believe in divine intervention or he remains the eternal optimist at heart.

Having won just three of their last ten games , hopes of the Los Angeles Lakers being able to pull themselves out a mess of their own making, is something I have no wish to see ! This team was simply assembled from ill-fitting pieces, with no real means of assuring victory on any level , at home or on the road. A three-point home loss to the Miami Heat , shows the Lakers continue to do themselves no favors and simply in the self implosion mode as it relates to their season . One seriously doubts in their next contest they will fare any better when they face LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Staples Center in Los Angeles , California on the 15th January ,2015.



Picture gallery .

As the first-half of the NBA season comes to a close, what do you believe to be the best the league has had to offer their fans and what do think has been the most disappointing aspect of the league this season ?


Picture and slideshow gallery details .

(1) Dennis Schroder (17) of the Atlanta Hawks attempts to control the ball against the Philadelphia 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center on January 13 , 2015 in Philadelphia. Getty Images / Jesse D. Garrabant

(2) LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers drives the ball past Alex Len of the Phoenix Suns of the NBA game at US Airways Center on January 13, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona . Getty Images / Christian Petersen

(3) Bismack Biyombo of the Charlotte Hornets goes for the tip off against Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs at the Time Warner Cable Arena on January 14, 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina . NBAE/ Getty Images/ Brock Williams-Smith

(4) Mason Plumlee of the Brooklyn Nets backs up to the basket against the Memphis Grizzlies as Zach Randolph seeks to make the defensive play in the game at the Barclays Center on January 14, 2015 in Brooklyn. NBAE/Getty Images Jesse D Garrabant

(5) Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans handles the ball against Greg Monroe of the Detroit Pistons on January 14, 2015 at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills. Getty Images / Allen Einstein

(6) Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls handles the ball against John Wall of the Washington Wizards on January 14, 2015 at the United Center in Chicago. . Getty Images / Joe Murphy

(7) Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors handles the ball in a game played against the Miami Heat on January 14, 2015 at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif. Getty Images / Noah Graham

(8) Cleanthony Early of the New York Knicks shoots the ball against the Charlotte Hornets during the game on January 10 , 2015 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. The Knicks were on the wrong side of a lopsided loss to the Hornets . Getty Images/ Nathaniel S Butler

(9) Jeanie Buss and her brother Jim Buss are co-owners of the Los Angeles Lakers . The team has been through a rough season and seemingly out of contention in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference . The Lakers have also struggled when Kobe Bryant has been out of the lineup and not much has gone right for head coach Byron Scott and his coaching staff over the course of the season . AP Photo / Giles Parrish




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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

15 thoughts on “A la-carte menu ? As the world turns, the NBA still meanders”

  1. The NBA has become somewhat like McDonalds ., as they serve the fans and consumers a disproportionate sized brand, that hasn’t been good in quality for a numbers years , while still making a profit not necessarily through growth or consumer confidence , but charging high prices to go alongside their bloated and extortionate television contracts , which the idiotic executives seem only willing to pay the price , because they know in the end they can charge their customers whatever they like.

    What does it suggest , that while Carmelo Anthony is sidelined for the New York Knicks the best player on the roster has been Quincy Acy ? How fu#ked up are the Knicks to begin with and which moron is still of the belief that either Derek Fisher or Phil Jackson has any freaking idea as to what the hell they’re doing ?

    Is there really difference in terms of the quality and what they’re actually purveying ?

    Are you lovin’ it ?


    I’m wondering how Jerry West might be feeling right about now ?



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    Tophatal ……………


  2. The Los Angeles Lakers are very much like the New York Knicks simply incapable of winning anywhere . Be it on the road or at home , but here’s what both are good for , if they were a roll of issue taper ……….





    How to spot a Lakers’ or Knicks’ (above) fan , they’re always praying for the team’s next win while seated on the pot . It’s really their only form of relaxation as more often than not , they suffer from either IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or LBS (loose bowels’ syndrome) . I don’t believe there’s an APP for that yet , but you can bet they’re working on it in Silicon Valley .

    Got it ? Good .


    Tophatal ………………


  3. Baseball great , Atlanta Braves’ legend and Hall of Fame inductee Hank Aaron is now said to be an interested investor, willing to join a consortium likely to buy the Atlanta Hawks . Given the current form of the Hawks and their record this has to be seen as a win-win situation for the franchise .

    Never was a truer word spoken !

    Courtesy of ABC News

    Hank Aaron bidding for the Hawks

    By Marc Stein , ABC

    Former baseball home run king and Atlanta icon Hank Aaron has joined a group of current owners from the NBA, Major League Soccer and Italian soccer’s storied Serie A that is seeking to purchase the Atlanta Hawks, according to league sources.

    Sources told ESPN.com that the group is spearheaded by Memphis Grizzlies minority owner and vice chairman Steve Kaplan, Indonesian billionaire sports and media magnates Erick Thohir and Handy Poernomo Soetedjo and former Grizzlies CEO Jason Levien, who is the current managing general partner of DC United in MLS.

    The deep-pocketed consortium, sources say, also includes a select and diverse group of prominent investors, including Aaron and other Atlantans.

    Kaplan and Levien declined comment Sunday.?

    Said Allen Tanenbaum, Aaron’s longtime business adviser, when reached Sunday night by ESPN.com: “This is a private process and he’d like the private process to play out.”?

    ?After a historic two-decade run of slugging in which he shattered Babe Ruth’s all-time record by hitting 755 home runs, Aaron has ?spent much of his post-playing career as a baseball executive as well overseeing a business portfolio that has featured numerous car dealerships and restaurants. Sources say Aaron’s devotion to Atlanta as a city and his longstanding fondness for the Hawks as a basketball fan led him to join this group of bidders.

    The 1982 Baseball Hall of Fame inductee, whose 715th homer in April 1974 ranks as one of the most indelible images in the annals of American sport, founded the 755 Restaurant Corporation with wife Billye in 1995.

    Click on link to read in full.

    If Magic Johnson can join a bunch of billionaires as a co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers , then why not Aaron becoming a part-owner in an NBA franchise ?



    NBA news

    Atlanta Hawks’ news


    Tophatal ……………..


  4. Delusions of grandeur are still ongoing and rife within the Los Angeles Lakers’ organization . SVP & co-owner Jeanie Buss believes the franchise will become resurgent and competitive within three years. Perhaps I’m mistaken but when Kobe Bryant retires likely to be within two years , what will left on the Lakers in terms of the roster , never mind any marquee free agent signing on with a franchise where the coaching staff is nonplussed and without a clue ? Marquee free agents around in 2015 , 2016 , 2017 and 2018 might not be willing to sign with Los Angeles unless the owners , general manager have a strategy and direction their known to be heading in .


    “Jeanie do you think the fans will notice if I left the building to take a #hit ?

    Jeanie & Jim Buss , co-owners of the Los Angeles Lakers .

    ” I gave Phil , a night of unbridled passion , oral sex and still he chose the New York Knicks over the Los Angeles Lakers . What’s up with that ” ?


    Los Angeles Lakers

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    Tophatal ………


  5. With Jimmy Butler proving to be a great foil for Chicago Bulls’ point guard Derrick Rose , this team could prove to be a dangerous foe in the Eastern Conference over the remainder of the season .

    Derrick Rose (left) and Jimmy Butler .

    Bulls’ head coach Tom Thibodeau has the players playing some great ball and looks as if Rose has gotten over his injury woes. Let’s just hope he can last the entire season and into the playoffs .

    Chicago Bulls’ news


    Tophatal ……


  6. So let me get this straight, an NBA game took place in London , England at the O2 Arena , when the New York Knicks played the Milwaukee Bucks who were to be viewed as the home team in this contest on Thursday afternoon the 15th January , 2015 .

    Bucks’ head coach Jason Kidd is well known to Knicks’ fans as he was a player for the franchise for one season during the 2012-13 NBA schedule.

    ” So your Mom is a queen ? Damn man , that’s bad “. ‘melo and Harry third in line to the throne in the United Kingdom

    The outcome of this contest between these two Eastern Conference teams was never really in any doubt , because of visiting team’s road record and record overall within the NBA this season , one of the poorest in the entire league among the thirty teams .

    Fisher, . court-side watching in earnest .

    Even if this game had been played on the war-torn streets of Kabul Afghanistan , the Knicks would still have had their @ss handed to them on a silver platter .

    What goddamn positives, can the New York Knicks have taken out of this game after a double-digit loss , this being their sixteenth consecutive defeat ? Only a pragmatist or a dumb @sshole , would try and suggest to the contrary concerning the Knicks . Not that their fans were ever that bright to begin with .



    NBA news

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    New York Knicks’ news


    Tophatal ……….


  7. Where do the New York Knicks now go from here after this latest defeat , a loss suffered at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks ? This was the franchise’s fifteenth consecutive loss where defense wasn’t even in evidence by the Knicks’ players. A damning indictment of the very fact Derek Fisher and his incompetent coaching staff , are as equally abysmal as the players which includes the bench as well as starters.

    O2 Arena in London , England was the latest scene of the Knicks’; ongoing incompetency of which Phil Jackson doesn’t seem to be intent to be taking any credit for this malaise , simply hiding in the background of his executive office alongside the franchise’s laissez-faire owner James L Dolan , perhaps the most imbecilic franchise owner in the entire NBA .



    NBA news

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    NBA schedule 18th January

    This month in NBA history


    Tophatal …………


  8. Mikhail Prokhorov was said to be the consummate businessman and entrepreneur . Now with the Russian economy taking a nosedive and their banks in need of cash, because of massive withdrawals and the tanking of the Ruble , one has to ask , question with his NBA franchise losing in excess of $120 million in the last fiscal year , having paid the luxury tax and outlay of players’ salaries ? What is next for the franchise ? It also begs the question, will the Russian billionaire continue to bankroll this franchise where the team continues to perform poorly ?

    The Brooklyn Nets are pitiful with there being a complete lack of leadership and where a veteran such as Kevin Garnett is unproductive and providing very little leadership for the team both on and off the court .

    Deron Williams is no longer or should I say he was never at any point considered to be an elite point guard in this league in spite of the claims NBA analysts and fans in recent seasons . At best Williams is simply serviceable at the position and not among the caliber of players such as Chris Paul , Tony Parker , Russell Westbrook , Steph Curry , John Wall and Damian Lillard , to name but a few .

    Brooklyn Nets’ news

    Tophatal …………


  9. Games to be played as of Sunday 18th January should prove to be entertaining and competitive. Of those contests the best match-ups would appear to be contests featuring New Orleans Pelicans (19-19) versus the Toronto Raptors (26-12) at the Rogers Center in Toronto , Quebec , the Utah Jazz (13-16) taking on the San Antonio Spurs (24-16) and finally Oklahoma City Thunder (18-20) facing off against the Orlando Magic (15-27) . These three games might not feature the most prominent of teams within the league but these are the type of contests that simply create a measure of the games witnessed over the course of the season .

    Tophatal ………………….


  10. How to spend $90.4 million and get nothing in return by way of the players’ stats, team’s record , standings in their division , conference and record overall.

    Is this really the best the Brooklyn Nets can offer their fans ? Well it ought to be expected , considering when it comes to professional sports as far as the NBA is concerned the franchises in the state are simply pitiful when it’s all said and done , without touching on the professional franchises within the NFL , the divisions within MLB , and those of the NHL . Need one say anymore on the matter ? I guess not !

    The Nets are 2-8 in their last ten games , barely holding unto the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference and their likelihood would be a first round knockout victim in the playoffs were the postseason to start today.

    Lionel Hollins’ playing staff were simply pitiful in their lopsided loss to the Washington Wizards where the result was already a foregone conclusion by at least midway through the fourth quarter . Home losses for the Nets are like Pixie Dust to be found on the ground .

    Tophatal …………….


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