Bored to your wit’s end, don’t think, just do something …

Bored to your wit’s end, don’t think, just do something …

With the regular season of the NFL coming to a close and the postseason about to reach its penultimate stage, there is not a great deal for the erstwhile sports’ fans to really their teeth into. The NBA season remains one of missed opportunities , the over-hyping of teams and players , the asinine and apathetic ongoing morass of comparing players of one era to another of the past. If you lack the intelligence to realize the fact, this type of debate is merely there to create conjecture then you are simply as dumb as you look in trying to perpetrate this ongoing premise.


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MLB (baseball) continues to lapse into its own continued cesspool of inequality, between the have’s and have nots , never mind the ongoing stupidity of the franchise owners’ continued pursuit of overpaying for mediocre talent, while serving up a banal on-field product. Let us not forget also, the sport has its own cabal of self-absorbed and egotistical bastards currently playing or in retirement. Curt Schilling still remains aggrieved he was denied induction into Baseball’s Hall of Fame , blaming his not garnering enough votes because of his political beliefs . I guess this is why those of a Conservative ‘bent’ cannot understand why their pompous and supercilious behavior grates on the nerves of the rank and file, not that those on the other side of the political aisle are any better to begin with.

The 2015 season will present us with the return of Alex Rodriguez in the New York Yankees’ pinstripes as the disgraced third-baseman seeks to resurrect his tarnished career and reputation after his year-long league mandated suspension. Personally, I do not believe the addition of Rodriguez to a Yankees’ lineup devoid of talent and leadership will see the team winning their division much less adding to their tallyof World Series’ titles. There remain far better teams in baseball not just within the AL East, but also the American League and baseball in general. It will be interesting to see how Rodriguez fares in his first eight to ten games of this upcoming season within MLB and whether or not he can regain the form that made him one of the best players in the game with the use of steroids and dare one say , without it ?

Monday 6th April when the Yankees take to the field in their home opener of the regular season against the Toronto Blue Jays , Alex Rodriguez will have a great deal to prove without the added pressure of the press monitoring his every move on and off the field of play.

At the halfway-point of the NBA season, let’s just say the failure of several teams should not come as any major surprise. LeBron James does not walk on water and he can only be asked to do so much , can only succeed when he is surrounded by talent commensurate to his own very intimidating skill-set. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ record is currently a true reflection of what this team is said and meant to be about. Personally, I never bought into the premise of James’ return to Cleveland would to immediate success, in spite his playing alongside the caliber of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love . Anyone with an ounce of common sense, still has to realize this team is only as good as the players on the court and the coaching acumen of the staff led by David Blatt. And the head coach’s lack of NBA experience has led to the Cavaliers’ current issues both on and off the NBA court. An impressive win over the Los Angeles Clippers was very good indeed, but against the top teams in the Western Conference, Cleveland has not fared very well at this point of the season.

OK, so the season in the NFL provided more excitement off the field than anything witnessed on the field , with the continued misconduct of the players and ineptitude shown by Roger Goodell , the team ownersand of course not to be left out of the equation, the continued piousness of the NFLPA (union), whose unwillingness to address or reprimand the egregious behavior of their members continues to be not only baffling but also astonishing. Needless to say , with the imminent start of the Aaron Hernandez murder-trial we will either get to see the gullibility of the jurors as they remain awe-struck or the incompetence of the prosecuting attorneys, conducting the case on behalf of the State of Massachusetts’ Attorney General’s Office . A guilty verdict does seem likely , but it would come as no surprise , if the jurors made a mockery of their judicial system , with a not guilty verdict or the District Attorneys simply showing how inept they just happen to be. Trusting them to even indict a ham sandwich , would not necessarily prove to be that difficult were they handed concrete evidence , but hey , look at the makeup of the US Congress and the litany of legal minds within the federal legislative chambers and then ask yourself , how competent and productive have those morons been ? Answers , please on a legal size paper, cursive writing, in no less than five-hundred words.

As a die-hard New England Patriots’ fan , not only am I looking forward to Sunday’sAFC Championship Game game between New England and the Indianapolis Colts, but the fans will be get the privilegeof seeing one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL’s history by way of Tom Brady as he faces the young upstart hoping to rewrite the Colts’ history books as well as further enhancing his reputation as the best quarterback to have been drafted in this league since 2006. It is hard to question the success of Andrew Luck at this juncture , with his this having led the Colts to the postseason in each of his first three seasons in the NFL. Tony Romo is now conducting his own investigation as to the reasons why he’s failed so miserably in the postseason, while the Dallas Cowboys’ fans continue to walk around with their heads shoved up their own proverbial @ss, unwilling to accept the patently obvious.

Romo while very good in the regular season, he is like a baby takings its very first steps when it comes to postseason play in the NFL . And all of the bitching , whining and seeking to blame game officials for another postseason loss cannot make up for the fact the “Dallas Cowgirls” are what they are and meant to be , soft as butter melting off a hot knife !

The two opposing quarterbacks in Sunday’s AFC contest , will both be wearing number twelve, so at least someone with that number will also be on hand in the NFL title game on the 1st February, 2015. Oh by the way , don’t hold you breath waiting for any excitement to be provided next weekend in the league’s annual “schmuck-fest” of the NFL Probowl Game, as the opposing captains Cris Carter and Michael Irvin, each in their own unique way try and lively up that particular idiotic event with their character and levity. There’s more action to be found in a dead corpse than anything you are likely to see from what has repeatedly turned out to be an uncompetitive and meaningless gathering of players, simply turning up to ensure their guaranteed contractual incentives have been met and not much more beyond that.

The momentum is building up towards this season’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and though brackets have yet to be set, fans of the college game are up, for the one time of year on the sporting calendar where everything else takes a back seat, as this tournament takes center-stage for an exciting month of games from the sixty-five original participants.

John Calipari and his Kentucky Wildcats sit atop of the rankings , unbeaten and playing very much like the best team in the nation. Perennial powerhouse programs Duke (Blue Devils) , Kansas Jayhawks and Florida (Gators) have made some uncharacteristic slip-ups with losses you wouldn’t normally associate with the programs at this stage of the season , but they are likely to place them in good stead as they move forward. However, with the Blue Devils having suffered two consecutive losses , I am not yet saying it’s time to throw the baby out with the bath water , but there now seems to no sense of urgency with this Mike Krzyzewski coached team . Those back to back losses coming against North Carolina State and Miami (Hurricanes) , has me wondering what is the current mindset of the Blue Devil players and who among them will likely to step up to the plate and assume the role of the leader on the roster . The first of the two losses in question, against North Carolina State explained a great deal about Duke and what appeared to be a lack of preparedness for the contest . Yet , the defeat suffered at the hands of Miami might have been even more inexplicable as the team simply lacked cohesion throughout the entire contest. Yet, the defeat suffered at the hands of Miami might have been even more inexplicable as the team simply lacked cohesion throughout the entire contest. If neither Quinn Cook or Jahil Okafor are scoring for then the Blue Devils will likely suffer a loss .

Saturday afternoon saw Mike Krzyzewski take his team on the road to Louisville , Kentucky to face Rick Pitino and his Louisville Cardinals in a game which pit two of College Basketball’s most well-respected, celebrated and successful coaches in a contest, best described as entertaining and thrilling. Duke came away with an eleven point victory setting the Blue Devils back on track, while also seeking to cement themselves as legitimate contenders this season within the ACC .

Boxing longs for a charismatic figure to prolong its existence and to be face of its future. Over the last decade it has been left to Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao to represent its present persona, one which can be best described as lackluster. Neither of these two multifaceted boxers have sought to face each other at the peak of their careers, instead choosing to harangue each other with jibes and idiotic petulant taunts. Now with 2015 in its infancy, there seems to be a reality setting in for both fighters, that if both are to be viewed as among the best ever to have ever to have stepped into a boxing ring, then a meeting between the two have to take place. A multi-million dollar payday awaits both fighters will the split likely to be split of 60-40, favoring Mayweather, which sees the Las Vegas based fighter have the biggest payday of his heralded unbeaten career. $110 million for one fight might well seem outrageous but if this bout takes place, then look for Floyd Mayweather not only boast about this payday, but also his name being placed along the likes of Muhammad Ali , Rocky Marciano , Joe Frazier, Marvin Hagler and “Sugar” Ray Robinson , boxers deemed to be among the greatest of any era to have stepped into a boxing ring.

Executives within Top Rank Inc and Mayweather Promotions Inc , speaking on the condition of anonymity, have stated both fighters , Mayweather and Pacquiao are prepared to put their differences aside and make this fight a reality at some point in 2015. From my own standpoint, with both fighters past their prime, this bout should have taken place five years ago. Unfortunately , for a sport now dying on its knees, common sense has never been a driving force behind anything sought to make the sport remain relevant. In the midst self deprecating idiocy consider the fact the sport of boxing does not have an undisputed champion on any of their weight divisions , most notably among the heavyweights long seen as the most prestigious division in all of boxing. It has been almost a decade since Lennox Lewis ruled the roost as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. Since then, there have been a litany of claimants to the crown, where until recently, in one form or another the Ukrainian siblings, Wladmir Klitschko and Vitali Klitschko held at least one version of the belts, signifying themselves, as a title-holder within that specific weight category.

With Vitali Klitschko having retired last year , the WBC crown was on the line and Bermane Stiverne became the most recent recipient and claimant of the title. On Saturday night, Stiverne made his first defense of the crown when he faced challenger , Deontay Wilder in their title clash at the MGM Grand Casino Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas , Nevada, on Saturday, 17th January , 2015,. Stiverne’s first defense, would be his one and only , as he was pummeled mercilessly by the challenger, who won by a unanimous decision, with all three ringside officials scoring the Wilder the winner, by wide margin. So now we have an unbeaten homegrown US born fighter, whose record was simply padded , having not met anyone of note in a thirty-three fight career, with 32 KO’s and only one of his fights having gone the distance. If this what fight fans believe, adds credibility to the world of boxing, then sadly , they remain delusional and completely out of touch as to what currently ails this sport. A proposed unification bout between Deontay Wilder and Wladimir Klitschko appears to be on the cards, but I won’t be holding my breath for the proposed event to take shape and materialize, Let’s put it bluntly, boxing has seen its heyday long past and we are currently witnessing its death knell, with a lackluster bunch of characters leading it off into a massive graveyard of buried carcasses. Not much more needs to be said, beyond that !

If UFC President Dana White wants to be taken seriously , not only as an administrator and a legitimate representative within the world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), then he will have stop with his boorish behavior , pomposity and be more consistent in his rulings. White’s behavior has been less than gracious with his comments concerning many of the genre’s most prominent fighters who placed the sport on the global map over the past decade. Imagine former NBA Commissioner David Stern mocking either Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson at the height of their careers, when the NBA as a sport, was far more popular than both MLB and the NFL combined . It would have constituted ridicule and dare I say it a great deal of backlash against the then commissioner. However, in the case of White , he continues to backtrack on the comments attributed to him or dismissing the statements made as being taken completely out of context. Now the UFC President has to deal with a situation of his own making and one where his stewardship of this sport must come into question.

Jon Jones , the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, having recently defeated challenger , Daniel Cormier , for his record-breaking ninth title defense , suddenly saw his pristine image come crashing down with an almighty fall. Jones having tested positive for cocaine use , a I might add which cu is manadatory for all UFC title bouts , the UFC hierarchy knowing full well the test results, prior to the scheduling of UFC 182 , where the title defense was made, allowed the champion to go ahead with his bout. Yet all of this seems to have been overlooked by not only the fans but also the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) whose own integrity in recent years, has come into question alongside that the commissioner who presides over this particular state agency, which covers all professionally sanctioned sporting events within Nevada. The fact , that both boxing and MMA falls under the NSAC’s governing umbrella, comes as no surprise, but what now comes as a surprise , must be depths of of malfeasance and incompetence now taking place, with White either being complicit in this all or his just turning a blind eye, all for the sake of the “Almighty Dollar” .

With the absence of Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva from the octagon, Dana White has suddenly realized , Jon Jones’ stupidity and the fact Ronda Rousey has no credible challengers leaves his sport in something of a quandary , because there have been no real breakout stars currently drawing fans to the sport in even greater masses than witnessed in the past five years. Jones’ mea-culpa , has White hoping Silva’s return to the octagon for a third saga of a trilogy against Chris Weidman will bring about a welcome return of fans , along with the possible return of the former welterweight champion GSP (St Pierre). The Welterweight Division division at present has become something of farce with St Pierre’s successor , Johny Hendricks losing his title in his very first defense. with a less than striking performance. Far be it for me to suggest, but Dana White should not only be bending over trying to kiss his own @ss, but he should also be practicing pressing his lips firmly against the sphincters of Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre , requesting that they ” pucker up ” , while he also slips his tongue into their orifice, giving them some welcomed pleasure after the undue criticism leveled at both fighters and former champions.


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What to your mind in recent weeks, has brought about your close attention in the world sports, be it on the field of play or away from it ?


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(1) Doug Baldwin of the Seattle Seahawks holds aloft the NFC Championship trophy , after the Seahawks’ late game heroics and then overtime play , earned the team their victory and second successive Superbowl appearance . Seattle will meet the New England Patriots in Glendale , Arizona on the 1st February , 2015 in Superbowl 49 . AP Photo / David J Phillip …

(2) Members of the New England Patriots’ secondary celebrate after the team’s 45-7 blowout victory over the Indianapolis Colts . Patriots MVP of the game was running back LeGarrette Blount who had another astonishing postseason performance with a three touchdown game for the Patriots . This will be the franchise’s sixth Superbowl appearance in the last fourteen years all coached by Bill Belichick . AP Photo / Chris Moore …

(3) Andrew Luck (12) , left, of the Indianapolis Colts is congratulated by Tom Brady after the Patriots’ victory over the Colts . Luck remains win-less in four attempts against the Patriots in his professional career with this 45-7 loss the biggest defeat during his postseason appearances for the Colts. AP Photo / Adrian Myers …

(4) Curt Schilling currently a baseball analyst with ESPN , voiced his disapproval having been omitted from being inducted into the 2015 Baseball Hall of Fame class , claiming his omission was because of his political beliefs. Schilling could provide no proof to substantiate his claims , further opening himself up to the inevitable ridicule , which most certainly will come his way . Getty Images North America

(5) Having sat out the 2014 season due to a league mandated year-long suspension Alex Rodriguez will return to the New York Yankees in 2015 , hoping to reestablish his career and lead the franchise to another World Series title , with the ball-club’s last appearance in baseball’s Fall Classic coming in 2009 . His presence on the team will likely come under close scrutiny throughout this entire season, as he will once again will have to shrug off any suggestions of returning to the use of PED’s (performance enhancing drugs). AP Photo / Barry Young …

(6) LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers looks to move against the Los Angeles Clippers during the game on January 16 , 2015 at STAPLES Center in Los Angles , California . Getty Images/NBAE/ Andrew D Bernstein

(7) Marshall Plumlee (40) , Matt Jones (13) and Jahlil Okafor (15) of the Duke Blue Devils celebrate with fans following their game against the Boston College Eagles at Cameron Indoor Stadium on January 3, 2015 in Durham, North Carolina. Duke defeated Boston College 85-62 . The Blue Devils seeking to avoid a third successive defeat this season defeated the number sixth ranked Louisville Cardinals 63-52 . Getty Images North America / Lance King

(8) Floyd Mayweather (left) considered the linear champion within the welterweight division has actively suggested he wants to fight Manny Pacquaio , but in the five years since a fight was first proposed to take place , a bout has never taken place . Mayweather remains unbeaten , the Filipino fighter has encountered a number of losses along the way , while recently coming back into form avenging his loss to Timothy Bradley and then successfully defending his version of the welterweight crown (WBO) in a rather nondescript bout against Chris Algieri .

(9) UFC President Dana White is seen here standing at the dais , while UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones speaks to the convened press at a press junket publicizing UFC 128 . The fighter recently tested positive for cocaine use, prior to his most recent title defense against Daniel Cormier at UFC 82 . It is alleged White knew of the positive test results but allowed the contest to go ahead rather than promoting one of the under-card bouts from the event . Something the UFC President refuses to address publicly , while expressing the fact Jones was fined $25,000 and mandated his taking a drug rehabilitation stay at a facility . It has since come to light Jon Jones merely had an overnight stay at a drug prevention facility and is now back in training for his next title defense. No formal statement has been forthcoming from White on this latest new,s but has led to a number of fighters now questioning Dana White’s leadership and inconsistencies when dealing with fighters known to have violated the UFC drug policy . MMA World / Outright Features Inc. all rights included @ copyrighted material

(10) LAS VEGAS, NV – JANUARY 17: Deontay Wilder (L) connects on WBC heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne during their title fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on January 17, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wilder took the title with a unanimous decision. Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

(11) LAS VEGAS, NV – JANUARY 17: Deontay Wilder (L) celebrates after going 12 rounds with WBC heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne during their title fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on January 17, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wilder took the title by unanimous decision. Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images




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19 thoughts on “Bored to your wit’s end, don’t think, just do something …”

  1. There must have been some point in the game where Aaron Rodgers had to be thinking we better not f#ck this up . So said , so done.

    Complacency can be a real son of a #itch when you play footloose and fancy-free with such a situation as it came back to bite the Packers in the proverbial @ss .

    Meanwhile , Tom Brady took the Indianapolis Colts behind the woodshed as he and his teammates taught Andrew Luck and his padres a lesson in humility and respect , never-mind the @ss kicking which ensued .

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers must rue the decision and the day , they allowed LeGarrette Blount to leave the team as a free agent . Since then, the franchise’s offense , passing , receiving and rushing has been woefully inept and that includes last season , even with the effectiveness and emergence of rookie wide receiver Mike Evans .

    Tampa as an organization , is bereft of damn intelligence, as well as an effective coaching staff and team . All of which was reflected in their results , divisional , conference and overall league standing .

    Guys from the Pewter Report can carry on with their continued idiocy , with their @ss kissing , when assessing the problems of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they remain completely clueless concerning the franchise.


    Tophatal …………….


  2. Alex Rodriguez and Curt Schilling , please seek life elsewhere or better yet, just eat $hit and die !

    Place two hypocrites in the same room and you end up with Alex Rodriguez (pictured below) and Curt Schilling .

    Alex Rodriguez

    Sunday’s results in the NBA , what have we actually learned from it all ? Simple enough ,. a number of teams are way overrated while others are mediocre and very few carry a dearth of talent needed to be truly competitive and that has been reflected up to this point of the season . Meanwhile , the New York Knicks can’t frigging buy a win , much less exact one by actually winning a game on an actual NBA court , but yet , dumb @ss fans are still falling over themselves wanting to suck on Phil Jackson’s testes like a baby calf suckling on a cow’s tit.


    Life in general, currently for a New York Knicks’ fan


    Knick’s fans can relate to the above picture .

    Tophatal ………….


  3. Dana White simply adding further adding to the notion , when something is need of fixing , you fix it , but when it’s not in need of fixing you don’t go and simply fu#ck things up by making it worse . He has become an egotistical as$hole and bastard , very much in a similar vein of Donald Trump , another clueless dumb mutha-###king moron ! Both seem to have an answer for something while knowing not a fu#king thing about anything at all.

    Deontay Wilder has no talent …. simply look at his record and actual dead carcassesz they have placed in the ring for him ti fight. Now frigging morons are hyping up this guy as if he’s the best heavyweight boxer to hit the deck running over the past decade.

    ” I actually know how to run a business whereas, Donald Trump and Mitt Romney think they know how to run one or in Romney’s case , break them up and then outsource the jobs to China ” .

    Dana White

    Once a di#k always a f#cking dick ! Trump’s view of the world is very limited . As he can be seen when it comes to dealing diplomatically with a country like China.

    “Join me in 2016, as I seek the GOP nomination for President and if you’re not with me , then I understand you’re out getting your welfare check ! Fifty-four percent can’t be wrong can they ? Now when it comes to the economy and education , don’t expect me to work miracles, as my track record in Massachusetts’ as governor was a little shaky . ” Mitt Romney

    Tophatal …………….


  4. “Crack is whack ? Get the ##ck out of here ! I’m Jon Jones and I fu#ks me some young tight a$s ##tches , do “coke” and beat the #hit out of white guys who don’t know how the f$ck to fight in or out of the octagon . I’m Jon “Bones” Jones , ni#ga ! You hear me ? I ain’t Whitney Houston , that bit$h was fuc#ed up , really fu#ked up ” .


    Tophatal …….


  5. Gary Kubiak will succeed John Fox as the head coach of the Denver Broncos . I doubt Kubiak will bring anything new to the table given the mistiming of the Broncos’ defense during the postseason . The team’s failings were widespread where an overpaid defense failed to live up to the hype.

    Meanwhile , Fox will be asked to bring his ingenuity and guile to an organization where the owners and front office remained in complete denial throughout the entire season as Jay Cutler failed miserably with the quarterback actually questioning his benching by former head coach Marc Trestman.

    Tophatal …………….


  6. So now we’ve got Deflate-Gate as the New England Patriots are accused of altering the pressure of the game balls used , were under inflated , in the contest between the Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts played at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro’ Massachusetts , on Sunday afternoon . In the case of this controversy it is simple idiocy beyond the fact of the NFL leaving it in the hands of the host team to take care of the game balls . WTF is that all about to begin with and why are the officials there at all ?

    It remains to be seen as the league hierarchy conducts an ongoing investigation in the lead-up to Superbowl 49 on 1st February , 2015 with the event to be staged at the University of Phoenix Stadium , Glendale , Arizona ,,

    Tophatal ………


  7. How much more attention will the Los Angeles Clippers really want to draw to themselves in the aftermath of this past season fiasco ? I mean Donald Sterling has barely placed his feet outside the Staples Center and in shades of nepotism the head coach Doc Rivers signs his son Austin Rivers while waving a player to make room for the young Rivers, on the roster .

    Austin and Doc Rivers

    Far be it for me to suggest, given the Clippers’ somewhat indifferent season , I would have expected Rivers and the front office waiting until the trade deadline to acquire a player capable of providing a greater contribution than Austin Rivers has been able to do in his young career.

    Los Angeles Clippers’ news

    Tophatal ……………..


  8. Monday’s results in the NBA and what this means in terms of the current standings.

    Don’t look now, but the New York Knicks have just ended their recent sixteen-game losing streak and have begun a one-game win streak . NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio has called for a ticker-tape parade for downtown and declared a national New York Knicks’ Finally Win A Game Day . Phil Jackson will be given the keys to the city and a street will be named in his honor for another feat to mark the team’s already lackluster and ongoing mediocre season .

    New York in defeating the New Orleans Pelicans at home, are merely showing that a dog can at times lick the fleas off its own @ss when it needs to .



    NBA news and latest archived stories


    Tophatal ………


  9. In light of the Green Bay Packers’ unbelievable meltdown in their overtime loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game, what will it mean to Aaron Rodgers , should be end up winning this season’s League MVP Award ? I believe the Packers’ quarterback in spite of his brilliant regular season would rather forego the honor and prestige associated with the award for another Superbowl appearance ! .

    This off-season the Packers and the front office will have some notable decisions to be made , as they seek to bolster the roster , while preparing for the upcoming NFL Draft and any other changes likely to be made .

    The Seahawks’ Cliff Avril makes a defensive play against Aaron Rodgers during Sunday’s game.


    Green Bay Packers’ news


    Tophatal ……………


  10. Incredible opening game on Sunday, Al. Should make for a great Super Bowl.

    Oh, and as you mention, it wasn’t only Jones’ credibility that was ruined after the drug test failure but that of the sport as well in turning a blind eye.


    1. Chris Humpherys (SportsChump)

      This recent NFC Championship Game might just be the best one the fans have had the privilege of witnessing over the past eight years. The Seattle Seahawks started off slowly and couldn’t find a rhythm as seen in the play of quarterback Russell Wilson who seemed indifferent and unsure of himself . However , once he found his stride , he simply torched the Green Bay Packers’ defense and their secondary .

      Green Bay for its part became complacent , and they should have closed out the game , rather than trying to be ” flashy “ in their play. Aaron Rodgers will live to regret this game over the rest of his career , especially if he fails to make another postseason appearance , which to my mind seems highly unlikely . I believe Green Bay to be the second best team in the NFC behind Seattle with the rest of the conference some distance behind .

      In the AFC Championship Game , I simply didn’t expect the the Indianapolis Colts to be exposed the way they were , with their defense once again letting them down . Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky really does need to address the issues on their secondary , even if it means letting go of several of the players , a decision likely to made jointly by head coach Chuck Pagano in conjunction with GM Ryan Grigson . I am still astonished the New England Patriots put up forty-five points in the game , a result I never saw coming in terms of the margin of victory. I am sure Vegas didn’t see that coming in terms of the spread !

      The UFC has become a frigging joke with Dana White as its President . The decision to allow the Jon Jones’ Light Heavyweight title defense to take place at UFC 182 had more to do with money , than White acting in the best interests and the integrity of the sport .

      Tophatal …………


    2. Chris Humpherys

      Over the last fifteen years each of the hierarchical executives who preside over the following sports ( NBA , NASCAR, MLB , NHL, NFL and PGA ) have ( created their own mea-culpas and pratfalls .

      David Stern , Mike Helton , Bud Selig , Garry Bettman , Roger Goodell and Tim Finchem . So why would anyone be surprised by the complete idiocy of Dana White at this juncture ? There is so much frigging apathy among sports’ fans here in this country and its self evident by the utter stupidity of the comments I have read on several sites within the blogging world . Sports’ fans here are frigging clueless and apathetic .

      Tophatal ………


  11. Here’s something for all of the apathetic Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks’ fans who are continued apologists for two teams whose seasons have now sank faster down a toilet bowl faster than several pieces of fecal matter . Look at their respective records over their last twelve games and then try to suggest there is something positive which can be taken away from it all ? If you cannot accept the fact these two franchises have been exceptionally mediocre , then you clearly have no idea what the hell you are talking about when it comes to the NBA beyond suggesting the idiocy of them acquiring free agents in future seasons .



    NBA news

    NBA schedule 20th January

    NBA divisional standings one year ago today .

    NBA conference standings (2014/01/20)

    NBA results 20th January , 2014

    NBA archives 3rd week of January 2014


    Tophatal …………


  12. First it was ‘Spy-gate’ and now it’s Deflate-gate ? At what point will the NFL hierarchy get their act together and actually do something right once and for all ?

    Now everyone under the sun feel it appropriate to blame the New England Patriots for this latest furor ? My question has to be , what the hell are the game officials (referees) meant to be doing prior to the game in terms of inspecting the game-balls to make sure they meet mandatory NFL standards of 15lbs PSI ? If the zebras aren’t on-board to get the job done , then Roger Goodell and the league hierarchy should be taking up this issue with the NFLRA (National Football League Refereess’ Association ) .

    If the Patriots were complicit in this mess , then they should be punished with impunity and if it means their losing first and second round draft picks as well as a large monetary fine ($2 million or more) , then so be it !



    NFL news from around the league

    Superbowl 49 (SBLXIV)

    Tophatal …………..


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