The Killer Elite ….

The Killer Elite

Well, baseball season (MLB) is almost upon us , with certain position players due to report to their respective teams within the next few days. For a number of franchises , this off-season has proven to be dramatic, suspenseful and dare one say, even exhilarating ? The MLB Postseasonprovided us with several stories and theplot-lines came thick and fast , so much so,that not even the script writers of Hollywood could have provided us with more drama. Who could’ve foreseen the Kansas City Royals blowing the frames off the doors, as they brushed aside their postseason opponents with a great deal of ease , only to succumb to the wily experience of Bruce Bochy, his managerial staff and the players of the San Francisco Giants , in dramatic fashion of an intense seven-game thriller of a World Series. A perfect ending to the 2014 MLB regular and postseason. Some might say, the Cinderella Story of the Royals would have been the perfect ending, but it was not to be, simply because the lack of postseason experience on the Royals’ roster of last season.


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With baseball’s Winter Meetings taking place in the aftermath of the Fall Classic, deals were being made with an alarming speed and regularity. Topping them all , was Giancarlo Stanton’s record- breaking deal with the Miami Marlins. Leaving many flabbergasted and surprised by the contract’s value and length , never-mind where the financial resources might be coming from, considering the Marlins’ menial attendance record for the Marlins’ Ballpark, in Miami , Florida and the fact, since its inception, it has been rarely filled to capacity. That asides, should Mike Redmond and his coaching staff not have this team not in a position to win the NL East or actually gain a postseason berth. The common thread of thought, appears to be the front office led by Michael Hill will be quick to pull the trigger on dealing Stanton elsewhere, rather than having to bear the brunt of a $25 million payout, in the first year of the deal.

From my own standpoint, I believe the Miami Marlins will be hard-pressed to make a serious enough challenge against what appears to be not only something of a revamped Washington Nationals’ lineup , but also on paper, what might be the ” deepest” roster in the entire National League (NL). It will be interesting to see how these two NL East teams are likely to fare over the course of their regular season series in 2015. If the Marlins are to have any semblance of success this season, then Giancarlo Stanton and his teammates will have to be playing their very best baseball right out of the starting gates on Opening Day of the regular season schedule. A one hundred and sixty-two game arduous slog, will prove to be a matter of attrition, stealth and a great deal tenacity on the part of the players and managerial staff, as things begin to play out.

Rob Manfred has succeeded Bud Selig as the MLB Commissioner and as the highest-ranking executive within the game. Whether or not Manfred can succeed where his predecessor repeatedly failed, will be dependent upon how he deals with the issues that have bedeviled baseball and the league hierarchy’s often contentious relationship with the MLBPA (Players’ Union) . The union’s recently elected Executive Director , Tony Clark is a former player whose career in the Majors could be deemed passable. Clark’s predecessor, Michael Weiner’s death cut short his tenure in an executive role, leaves the newly elected union leader as the players’ voice in the collective bargaining agreement for all issues involving the game, beyond the union’s own failure to deliver their concise formal statement on the matter of steroid abuse and the still prevalent deliberate misuse of performance enhancing drugs at the Major League Level and especially within the Minor League , where it now seems to rampant, but widely reported by the mainstream media, whose priority just seem to be the events as they unfold at the Major League Level. Yet, they would have the fans believe, their reporting of their so-called facts, has never been clouded or simply a white-wash, when it comes to the truth or their un-avowed bias of their reported stories .

Coming off his first win of the AL MVP, of which in the future I am sure there will be others, Mike Trout will be looking to cement his position as not only the best young player in baseball, but also the best player to have been drafted in the game since 2009 , the year he was taken by the Los Angeles Angels. Trout in his brief career in the Majors to date, has now become the best player on the Angels’ starting lineup, which has been devoid of leadership. Some might believe it to be an astonishing statement, when you consider the fact, there are experienced veterans on this team, where Albert Pujols , Josh Hamilton and C J Wilson are the most recognizable names. The fact remains however, Mike Scioscia and his managerial staff have not put the Angels in a serious position win the World Series in spite of their most recent appearance in the 2014 postseason . The Angels’ missteps there were well-chronicled and something of a major disappointment to their fans after the team’s triumph in succeeding the Oakland Athletics as the AL West divisional champions.

This season might prove to be a horse for a different course as I expect the A’s to rebound back after a disappointing sojourn in 2014 ! If there is one thing I do know, it is not to underestimate a general manager such as Billy Beane , whose portrayal by Brad Pitt in the hit movie ” Moneyball” has just about everyone convinced they could become a great front office executive in Major League Baseball. Separating fact from fiction, we all know what Beane has been able construct and quite remarkably succeed in repeating, and that is to make the A’s competitive team in spite of a cash-starved ownership group and the very fact , Bud Selig has somehow refused to come to the organization’s aid in assisting them to obtain a new baseball stadium. Though somehow , the former commissioner was front and center when Citi-Field, Yankees’ Stadium and Marlins’ Ballpark took shape at the expense of the taxpayers within the cities of New York and Miami , where the final cost exceeded for all three venues exceeded $2.3 billion ($2,300,000,000). Never let it be said, Selig doesn’t know how to maneuver his way around the corridors of power, while making so many political dignitaries at the municipal , state and federal level look like complete morons. Personally, I don’t believe it to be that difficult a task whether or not it’s a Democrat or Republican, whose largesse is being sought. Simply look at the idiocy of the political bickering now taking place at the national level and the continued partisan discord between both parties and then ask yourself, why you would be willing to trust a congressional member from either party , let alone someone at the municipal or state level ? Add in the fact, Bud Selig’s, greatest accomplishments as commissioner could be written on the back of a first class stamp and be posted to the North Pole , addressed to Santa Claus, for all of the use that would do. Yet I digress, as Claus based on a fable, has been far more successful in bringing joy to many , than anything accomplished by Selig during his tenure as the lead executive in Major League Baseball.

Mike Trout has more than repaid the Angels’ faith in him, which has resulted in a contract commensurate to his talents. Trout’s maturity is there to be seen and he has most definitely become the face, voice and undoubted leader of this team. As to whether or not his teammates are now willing to follow his lead can be best judged by your perception of their overall performances during the 2014 postseason, where Trout I believe, led by example, but there was no one else around willing to assist their teammate.

Angels’ GM Jerry Dipoto has to be wondering , if not second-guessing himself as to whether or not it was prudent investing over $300 million of team owner Arte Moreno’s money into acquiring Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton. Moreno is known to be a shrewd businessman with a keen eye for detail and seeking out deals, which will more than maximize a return on that particular investment. Having made his name showing a keen eye for an investments specifically in the world of sports and broadcasting. One thing becoming abundantly clear at this juncture and it is, with each passing season where Mike Scioscia comes up short, he one step closer to becoming the next managerial casualty in the world of baseball. If Scioscia fails this season, then he is likely to become one the first casualty of an ongoing policy which has become the norm not just in baseball but in professional and collegiate sports. The dismissal of a coach or manager, as the case maybe.

The Angels will begin their regular season schedule with a three-game series against the Seattle Mariners , with the first of those games on 5th April, 2015 at Safeco Field in Seattle , Washington,. However, before Los Angeles embarks upon their regular season schedule, they have their Spring Training Schedule and the chance for Mike Scioscia and his staff to assess their non roster invitees as well as their newly acquired players from this off-season. Chances are, several players will play their part in contributing to Angels’ endeavors over the course of their schedule.

For the third straight season the Los Angeles Dodgers will enter the year with the highest payroll in baseball. Several of the players on the roster are among the highest paid players in the game by way of their salaries and contractual compensation. With the franchise having failed miserably in the postseasons of 2013 and 2014 , each time falling to their nemesis the St Louis Cardinals, most notably in the NLDS last season.

Magic Johnson has been the front officeimage of the Dodgers’ organization, but now with Andrew Friedman having been brought in to oversee the franchise’s Baseball Operations, it does appear Johnson will have to take a back seat to to the new front office executive as he looks to create a resurgent and competitive on field product this upcoming season. That tall order has led to the departures of Matt Kemp , Josh Beckett and several other players during the off-season as Friedman looks to provide Don Mattingly and his staff with the tools needed for the Dodgers to win their first World Series title since 1988 .

While I believe the Dodgers to be a good team, they are far from being a great team and that is what is needed in the postseason if the franchise is to make it their ambition to win a world title. NL MVP and Cy Young winner in 2014 Clayton Kershaw , teammates Zack Greinke , Adrian Gonzalez and Yasiel Puig will have to show a great deal more than what was witnessed during 2014, especially during the postseason.

Don Mattingly and his team will begin their regular season with a home game at Dodgers Ballpark in Los Angeles California against the San Diego Padres on the 6th April, 2015. For Matt Kemp, it provides the player with the chance to renew old acquaintances with former teammates, as he gets the chance to play at the stadium where some of the most famous exploits of his career took place. Padres’ GM A J Preller and team manager Bud Black will be looking to make this team worthy challengers to the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants this season within the NL West , which I believe will be one of the toughest divisions in all of baseball this upcoming season.

Where would we be without some drama being provided by baseball’s most illustrious ball-club? This season will be the first time in over two decades , where the now retired Derek Jeter will not be part of the New York Yankees’ opening day lineup. Major changes have taken place within the organization , among the playing staff, with several players departing , while the Yankees seek to reshape the roster, which at its core, is still one, with several players at the twilight of their careers . It cannot have escaped anyone’s notice, in the midst of this all, Alex Rodriguez was welcomed back into the fold, but I feel that the player, while being closely scrutinized, he likely to make another misstep and as before, then look to apportion blame elsewhere for his own misdeeds, as so often been the case over the past eight and a half years. If nothing else, Rodriguez has been more consistent off the field with his repeated lies than he has been on the field for the Yankees during the time-span in question.

The New York Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman has continually been afforded the means necessary to craft a team, he believes capable of winning a World Series, but last season’s disastrous showing had more to do with disjointed performances and an aging roster riddled with injuries throughout the year. Out the window it appears, has been the notion of paring down payroll to a manageable size , because clearly Cashman , Joe Girardi , the managerial staff and ownership place no faith in the organization’s farm system. Granted, a number of players made appearances at various points during last season, having been promoted up from AAA, but I believe, it had more to do with Cashman being at a loss, not willing to splurge and taking something of conservative approach. Now it all comes down to, which player on the roster can Joe Girardi look to , in providing the leadership necessary for the Yankees to be successful this upcoming season ?

The New York Yankees have a great deal of money tied up in players , such as Alex Rodriguez, C C Sabathia , Masahiro Tanaka , Mark Teixeira , Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran . Salary commitments for the New York Yankees in 2015 will top $210 million , which pales into comparison to the monies being paid out this year ($267 million) by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Inasmuch, as many try to point out there is parity within the game of baseball, there is nothing at all to really bear this out, because in essence, what it all does come down to more than anything else_______ talent on the field of play and extremely good managerial skills. Overlooking that premise and simply using the analogy of parity suggests pragmatism and laziness on the part of those watching the game. However, it should be noted, of the participants in last season’s postseason, several were among the top paying teams in all of baseball.

I certainly do not believe Alex Rodriguez can or will provide the leadership sought by Joe Girardi ! Among the players on the team, where the trait needed for team success to become a reality, the most likely candidate would appear to be Jacoby Ellsbury, a player ,whose career with the Boston Red Sox was well-chronicled, albeit, his last season and a-half with the franchise was more injury riddled, with a noted decline in his productivity . Last season , there were glimpses of Ellsbury back to almost his very best and providing the leadership sought which will surely be missed with the retirement of Derek Jeter ! The Yankees will kick off their regular season schedule with a three-game home series’ opener against divisional rivals the Toronto Blue Jays , beginning on the 6th April, 2015. The AL East , where both teams reside, will likely prove to be another competitive season, with the Baltimore Orioles looking to fend off the challenge of their their divisional foes in defense of the divisional title , while also seeking to steer away the rest of the AL and their NL opponents in 2015.



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What are you hoping to see come out of the first two months of the MLB season ? Also, at the half-way point of the schedule which teams and players do you believe will have made something of a statement as to their intent ? Merely leave a comment as you see fit on the questions raised and anything else you believe relevant to the article.


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(1) San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner , left, and manager Bruce Bochy stand by the trophies after their 3-2 win against the Kansas City Royals in Game 7 of baseball’s World Series Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014, in Kansas City, Mo. Bumgarner’s scintillating postseason displays were just one of the many reasons why the Giants prevailed in a drama driven and thrilled packed World Series . AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

(2) Oct 29 , 2014; Kansas City, MO, USA; MLB commissioner Bud Selig (right) presents San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy (left) , chief executive officer Larry Baer (middle) and general manager Brian Sabean with the Commissioners Trophy after game seven of the 2014 World Series against the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium . Charlie Neibergall/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports

(3) Howie Kendrick (47) of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is congratulated by teammate Albert Pujols (5) after driving in the game winning run in the tenth inning to defeat the Oakland Athletics 4-3 at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on August 28, 2014 in Anaheim, California. Far right , is Angels’ outfielder Mike Trout. rtfied;a222) Getty Images North America / Lisa Blumenfeld

(4) Mike Trout (27) celebrates with Mike Scioscia (14) of the Los Angeles Angels after hitting a home run in the first inning against the Kansas City Royals during Game Three of the American League Division Series at Kauffman Stadium on October 5, 2014 in Kansas City, Missouri. Getty Images / Jamie Squire

(5) Giancarlo Stanton is seen here hitting a home run off Jonathan Pettibone during a game against the Philadelphia Phillies . The Marlins’ slugger signed a $325 million contract with the franchise, making it the most expensive deal in baseball history and the most expensive in any of the four major professional team sports in North America . AP Photo / Alison Fisher

(6) A pensive looking Alex Rodriguez looks up from the dugout to the scoreboard during a game . The New New York Yankees’ third baseman has not played in regular season game for the ball-club since the latter half of the 2013 season . Having sat out all of last year due to a league mandated suspension, Rodriguez will be returning to a team , missing two of its most popular players after the retirement of Derek Jeter and the departure of Ichiro Suzuki who during the off season signed a one-year deal with the Miami Marlins . It remains to be seen whether or not Alex Rodriguez can contribute to a team lacking leadership and a great deal of productivity in terms of overall offense. AP Photo / Keith Slocum

(7) New York Yankees’ teammates Derek Jeter , left and Jacoby Ellsbury leave the field after a game between the Yankees and Los Angeles Angels . Jeter’s retirement after a two-decade long career with the organization , leaves a tremendous void and vacuum, with their now being viewed as what is likely no real on-field leadership. Ellsbury might be seen as the ideal replacement for such a role. but there doesn’t appear to any signs from management or the front office as to whether or not Jacoby Ellsbury will succeed Jeter as the captain of the New York Yankees . A role of stature which has only ever been held by five players during the franchise’s illustrious history during the past four decades. AP Photo / Keith Wallace



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11 thoughts on “The Killer Elite ….”

  1. So Alex Rodriguez will make his return to baseball in the New York Yankees’ lineup. Considering the fact it has been just over eighteen months since the third baseman last played a game for this team . Why would anyone be at all concerned other than idiots who have always supported this conceited @sshole __ Rodriguez.

    Alex Rodriguez has long since been productive for the Yankees and has simply been stealing money from this ball-club under the guise of being a baseball player .

    “I’ve no idea what you’re talking about, as I have every intention of staying clean when I pass both Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds for the all-time career home runs’ lead ” .

    Alex Rodriguez

    Chicks dig A Rod because he brags about his money and the size his of sh-long .

    Over the last fifteen years , there have been very few players to have won more than one AL MVP Award . Yet , I expect by the end of his career Mike Trout will have won at least three more of these prestigious awards , simply because he is that good and stands head and shoulders above just about every other player in the AL .

    The addition of Ichiro Suzuki may well prove fortuitous to have the player in Miami Marlins’ lineup , but I do not believe they have depth among their pitching staff or in terms of their offense to exact any type of challenge to either the Atlanta Braves or Washington Nationals . I’d add in the Philadelphia Phillies , but that has been a team on the decline over the past three years at least .

    How potent will the Marlins’ offense be , with the addition of Ichiro ?

    Baseball has a litany of issues and the mess inherited by Rob Manfred as MLB’ newest commissioner , indicates to me nothing has or will essentially change with regard to the ineptitude shown by the league hierarchy .

    Manfred’s latest idea ,is to quite possibly tinker with the strike zone . If the officials differ , in how it’s defined , what would make Rob Manfred believe a new edict would make the game or things any better ?



    MLB news

    Tophatal …..


  2. All four teams within the AL West will have something to prove this upcoming season . In all likelihood failure by one if not two of the ball-clubs in question, could lead to the dismissal of the managers of those failing teams.

    Mike Scioscia is most definitely on the hot seat , as I cannot see how much longer GM Jerry Dipoto and team owner Arte Moreno can have any patience with their manager in, spite of last season’s success within the division and their playoff appearance , which still led to an early demise .

    Tophatal ….


  3. So let’s see , the signing of Joe Maddon to a five-year deal as the Chicago Cubs’ newest manager was meant to ring in a new era for this franchise ? GM Jed Hoyer and Baseball Operations Chief & SVP Theo Epstein have had four years to try and turn things around and during that time , they have failed to achieve anything of note , much less the ball-club achieving marginal success by way of a winning record within the NL Central during the time-frame in question. Now the fans are meant to get excited because of the presence of Maddon ?

    From left to right , Jed Hoyer , Joe Maddon and Theo Epstein . ma</

    Now if you would told me they were getting excited because of the New Madden game , that I would have understood , but on the part of the Cubs’ fans , this is sheer lunacy .

    The St Louis Cardinals , Pittsburgh Pirates and quite possibly the Cincinnati Reds will be the teams worth watching within the division, as they fight it out among themselves for divisional supremacy. Meanwhile, the Cubs will be left to fend for themselves, while waiting for the scraps off the table.

    Chicago Cubs’ owners the Ricketts’ family have spent more time and money seeking renovate certain areas of Wrigley Field in Chicago , than they have spending money to bolster the team’s roster where at present , there is very little by way of truly great talent .

    Chicago is said to have a great farm system with some stupendous talent, but that in of-itself won’t be enough to take this ball-club out of the doldrums, as the current playing staff has to rise above mediocrity and their level of play has to be extremely better. Joe Maddon and his newly revamped coaching staff will have to be at the very top of their game throughout this entire regular season schedule. Anything less than a .500 record will be deemed a great failure , as the Cubs seek a win of the NL Central and an automatic postseason berth , preferably not as a wildcard entrant.

    Chicago Cubs’ news

    Tophatal …………….


  4. Perhaps I’m mistaken , but with the Los Angeles Dodgers and their $267 million payroll for this season . How can anyone seek to equate the issue of their being any type of fiscal prudence being shown by any of the teams within baseball when this type of egregious opulence is being shown ? Granted , the Dodgers have limitless revenues in terms of their operations , much it through their two-decade $3.8 billion television deal .

    Dodgers’ manager Don Mattingly ,left , is seen here alongside Mariano Rivera , Magic Johnson and lead managing partner Mark Walter .

    The Dodgers remain something of farce on that front beyond their annual salary commitments , the team has several players on the roster who are among the highest paid ball players in baseball as well has having some of the largest contracts in the game. For the second successive year baseball’s Opening Day payroll will top $3 billion ($3,000,000,000) .

    Andrew Friedman and Dodgers’ team President Stan Kasten. Friedman’s immediate superior is Kasten , a former high ranking executive with both the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals .

    Andrew Friedman has been brought in to be the Head of Baseball Operations for the Los Angeles Dodgers , a role which effectively gives him a great deal of power , covering player and managerial personnel . I get the feeling Don Mattingly’s position with the franchise will be tenuous, should the Dodgers fail this season.

    Los Angeles Dodgers’ news

    Tophatal …………..


  5. It’s back to the same old story in Major League Baseball ___ , Pete Rose wants in ,as to being nominated for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame . The league hierarchy wants him to remain out , albeit , their motives remain absolutely hypocritical and idiotic . However, it’s all left to the BBWAA , who are not the brightest of individuals when it comes to deliberating an issue let alone reporting in-depth and with facts on the game of baseball , instead it’s their avowed bias that is often being reported rather than facts and information to enlighten a reader or an observer new to the game of baseball .


    Pete Rose

    Rose has to be in need of the money to take care of his wife’s (Kiana Kim) very ample assets .

    In dedication to Pete Rose.


    Baseball Hall of Fame


    MLB news

    Tophatal …………..


  6. Baseball (MLB) has sank to a new all-time low with the North American LLWS champions’ North American representatives from last year , being stripped of their title , results voided and now in disgrace , after their accomplishments . All of this because , the senior executives from the Chicago chapter sought to flout LLWS’ rules by redrawing boundaries to acquire players who lived outside their zoned districts . If that doesn’t indicate to us all that the game can’t get its sh#t together then what will ? It’s not as if Bud Selig or anyone on or within the league hierarchy has any goddamn idea as to what the hell they’re doing , but we have also have damn well naive fans still proselytizing with their ongoing stupidity and with their views on the game which more often that not makes no frigging sense when baseball is in the midst of damn intellectual and competitive meltdown . The game at all levels needs to look at itself from the inside out and stop looking at the business side of solely making money when there are so many deeply entrenched issues that it has failed to deal with it adequately, while the media for their part , have been of no help whatsoever, beyond continuing with their piousness .

    MLB at all levels, even down to the Minors remains a damn joke , without any real leadership and an iota of common sense on display. If anyone believes Rob Manfred is likely to make changes for the better , then think again, because this is the same guy who as the hierarchy’s legal counsel, countenanced the soft sentencing for Ryan Braun’s suspension in all likelihood the tepid stance taken against Alex Rodriguez throughout his sortie of making the league’s executives look like real dumb #sses .

    Tophatal …


  7. As I am now an avid Atlanta Braves’ fan for the past three seasons having switched allegiance from the Miami Marlins to the Braves , simply because of the repeated lies and conceit within the ownership group led by Jeffrey Loria. I now find myself at a crossroads after the inexplicable moves made by newly installed GM John Hart , which came with the blessing of team President John Scheurholz .

    What the hell were the Braves thinking in allowing both Jason Heyward (right) and Justin Upton (pictured above) to leave via trades to the St Louis Cardinals and San Diego Padres ? Goddamn sheer lunacy on the part of the Braves’ front office .

    Gone are two of the best offensive players the franchise has had in their recent history , with the departures of Jason Heyward and Justin Upton , along with that also , went two players who were also superb defensive assets . This upcoming season will be truly a challenge for Fredi Gonzalez and his coaching staff , because if there is any blame likely to be apportioned , then the vast majority of it , should fall squarely on the shoulders of Gonzalez , who remains far too lax , not demanding more of his players , resulting in their complacency , which was greatly on display for the bulk of last season .

    The NL East is likely to be a two-horse race between the Braves and Wshington Natioinals as I believes to still be the two best teams within division , and also because of the depth of their respective rosters . Washington for its part made a big splash with the signing of Max Scherzer , fortifying the starting rotation for a pitching staff viewed as one of the very best not just in the NL but also in the entire Major League (MLB) .

    Miami for their part shocked the baseball with their unabashed and intentional big-money signing of Giancarlo Stanton to such a ludicrous deal, which is likely in the long run , will lead the ball-club in falling off their already a precipitous financial precipice .

    Loria and his organization has never been a well-ran ball-club as witnessed by their woes on and off the field in 2012 . The failure of the team under the management of Ozzie Guillen , beyond his brash and outrageous behavior and statements showed a sign of ill-discipline , lack of respect and a ball-club with no common sense or intelligence to be found among its executives .

    Atlanta Braves’ news

    Miami Marlins news

    Tophatal …….


    1. Chris Humpherys (SportsChump)

      Didn’t Derek Jeter build a 20,000 sq ft compound mansion outside Tampa ? I’m sure also that either Fox Sports , MLB Network , TNT Sports or ESPN will seek to lure the former Yankees’ short-stop take up a position with either of the broadcast outlets as it would be such a coup to have a player of his stature on their broadcast panel as an MLB analyst .

      At the same time , I am sure there’s a chic out there looking to taste some of Jeter’s maple from its tip down to the bottom end of its girth .

      MLB and news

      New York Yankees’ news

      Latest Derek Jeter news

      Active hits’ leader

      Career hits’ leader




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