Imagine things getting really bad, before entering the 2015 NFL season, it’s not as far fetched as it seems

Imagine things getting really bad , before entering the 2015 NFL season , It’s not as far fetched as it seems

Over the last few days, I have been inundated with so much work, leading my group of research analysts within our section of a large department within the firm where I am currently employed . Trying to stay abreast of the news’ stories in the world of sports is not unlike sifting through a bucket full of fecal matter , looking for the feel-good story of the moment. In the world of golf , Tiger Woods is still trying to figure out if he can still play the game, much less compete at a high level. Well , based on his season , thus far and in 2014 .

I think we can all agree, Woods’ game has sank to an all-time low , without idiots still suggesting that he’s the ticker that still moves the needle within the sport. That was true at the height of his game , when he was winning tournaments at more than a thirty per-cent clip. That has not been the case in over four years , but you would be hard pressed to convince the idiots , who are still sipping from the porcelain pot that Woods continues to defecate and urinate in. . Such has been the apathy of the anal retentive sports’ fan who can be found in the country.


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In the NFL , the off-season has proven to be more of a surprise than any of us could have imagined. Needless to say , many may well be questioning the moves made by Chip Kelly as he has literally made the decision to tear apart his roster of last season, seeking to build a team more to his liking and built around what he believes will make the Eagles winners. Trading away one of the best performing quarterbacks in the NFL over the past two years, is not a convincing way of assuaging and trying retain the loyalty of a fan , especially a Philadelphia Eagles’ fan, who are known to be not only weary , but also lethal to players, whom they believe are not fit to wear an Eagles’ uniform. Nick Foles’ departure was not only a shock , but has many questioning, who is now running the show in terms of player personnel decisions. Is Kelly, as the head coach or is it GM Howie Roseman ?

In 2015, I am not so sure the Philadelphia Eagles will be a force to be reckoned with , not if Chip Kelly is relying on Sam Bradford to be the quarterback to lead this Eagles’ team ! In what I believe to be a puerile NFC East division , the likelihood of their being competitive football being played there this season , will be dependent upon the coaching acumen of Chip Kelly, Tom Coughlin , Jason Garrett and Jay Gruden . If they should fail, then things will be simply mediocre throughout much of the season .

If there is one thing we know to be true and it is the very fact , no matter how hard they try to rid themsleves of the label of being inept. The Oakland Raiders will not fail to confound us by simply making it a reality. The Raiders over the past six seasons have been the epitome of a franchise waywardly heading nowhere , while casting off head coaches like a quick change artist , changing from one outfit to another. The same can be said of the litany of players who have come and gone over that time-span. Jack Del Rio has been brought in by GM Reggie McKenzie and team owner Mark Davis , with a view to his being able to turn around the fortunes of one of the NFL’s most downtrodden franchises in recent years.

Consider the fact , Oakland has not won the AFC West or made the NFL postseason in over eight years , and only then can you comprehend how bad things have been for the organization. Then take into account , in recent years , profitability for the Raiders , has been hard to come by, in spite of their having some of the most loyal fans in the entire NFL . Yet , the franchise remains one of the most valuable in the NFL .

Oakland’s last appearance in the postseason came during the 2002 season when they won the AFC championship game , only to then fall to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Superbowl , who were being coached a former Raiders’ head coach Jon Gruden . In the subsequent years , abject failure has been the name of the game, while one or two players have made something of a name for themselves donning a Raiders’ uniform.

While I believe Jack Del Rio to be a good coach , I am not so sure if is the right coach or capable enough a being to lead, what in all likelihood will be at its core , a team filled with players who were cast-offs from elsewhere. Add in the fact, the team’s quarterback , Derek Carr will be asked to place the Raiders on his inexperienced shoulders , having had relatively little success in the NFL during his short career . It might be far too bold a suggestion to make , but in this upcoming NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders cannot afford to fail .

Jim Harbaugh’s departure from the San Francisco 49ers was a clear case of a front office dissatisfied with a head coach, who simply had lost control of a team , which lacked discipline and one where many of the players thought themselves above the law , while having inflated egos . The issues of Ray McDonald and Aldon Smith have been well-chronicled without delving further into the less than amicable relationship which had deteriorated during its final days between the Niners’ former head coach , GM Trent Baalke and team CEO Jed Yorke. Photo opportunities featuring Harbaugh and Baalke or Harbaugh and Yorke , had become a rarity. It has to be said, when the two senior executives are said to be distrustful of their head coach , they are in fact sending a clear message, that his tenure , is about to be cut short . No amount ill-conceived diplomacy and well-wishing, upon Harbaugh’s departure could hide the fact, Trent Baalke and Jed Yorke wanted Jim Harbaugh out of San Francisco , faster than a high-speed train.

San Francisco’s demise last season was as much of their own making as was the inconsistency shown by quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his teammates throughout much of the season . Kaepernick for his part having had initial success with a Superbowl appearance, making the postseason in each of his first two seasons in the NFL, fell back down to earth in 2014 , with uneven performances during the Niners’ schedule. While I believe the quarterback played a part in the team’s obvious inconsistencies , the majority of their problems came from the lack of discipline instilled into the team by Jim Harbaugh as the season began to spiral out of control.

Harbaugh is now in charge of the Michigan (Wolverines’) program , seeking to place that school’s footballing glories back upon a pedestal where their fans believe it belongs.

For the San Francisco 49ers, their upcoming season under the leadership of a new coaching staff led by Jim Tomsula could prove to be rather interesting for a number of reasons beyond the new head coach’s lack of experience. If the Forty Niners cannot overcome the continued and recent ascent of the Seattle Seahawks , their ongoing and growing confidence. Then , there is every belief , that it will be Pete Carroll and the Seahawks once again walking away with the NFC West divisional crown with effortless and consummate ease.

There is no denying, while in college Reggie Bush had a sensational career ,but unfortunately, a great deal of it, was built upon a web of deceit and lies , carried out with such bravado and countenanced by the atheletics department of USC (Trojans) while Mike Garrett was the Athletics Director of the program . Garrett played the role of the unassuming unknowing administrator , when in all probability , he was aware as to the machinations , all consuming , wheeling and dealings , which denoted academic fraud within the basketball and football programs , beyond Bush’s acceptance of money from known and unknown parties , while a student athlete at USC . The fact, Pete Carroll left the program, with such speed, all under the guise of accepting the millions of dollars thrown at him by Seahawks’ owner and billionaire entrepreneur Paul Allen can be read in a number of ways. None of which, has Carroll smelling like a bouquet roses and looking good at the time of his departure, with his refusal to provide any insight as to what he he might have known about the allegations at the time , surrounding Reggie Bush and number of other players under his tutelage as head coach of the football program.

With Garrett fired , Pat Haden was brought in to clean up the mess , with Lane Kiffin being hired to succeed Pete Carroll . Kiffin’s tenure at USC was riddled with inconsistency and a great deal of controversy , with the coach having repeatedly stretched the limits of what was deemed acceptable by the NCAA concerning a number of growing infractions , all of which Lane Kiffin claimed, he felt were within parameters set by not only the school, but also collegiate athletics’ governing body. Playing the fool , obviously came easy for Kiffin , and he still acts like a fool , while a member of the coaching staff of Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide of Alabama .

Reggie Bush’s first five seasons in the NFL were spent with the New Orleans Saints where his successes were fleeting and nondescript . Now with his fourth team of his nine-year career, having entered the NFL as a first round draft pick of the Saints in 2006 . Bush now hopes to resurrect his stalled career having 0532i signed one-year $2.5 million deal with the San Francisco 49ers during the off-season. I am not so sure what Bush can bring to Niners at this stage of his career and I certainly don’t believe him to be a better running back than Frank Gore , who San Francisco allowed to leave as an unrestricted free agent , with Gore joining the Indianapolis Colts. What that might suggest about the Forty Niners , might well have a bearing as one of the reasons why this team didn’t to get anything meaningful done during the course of last season. If the coaching staff believed Frank Gore was unproductive , then there has to be something seriously wrong with their mindset. Aging veteran or not, Gore was not one of the primary reasons San Francisco failed so miserably, ending their season with an 8-8 record .

Heading into this season Colts’ GM Ryan Grigson will have to deal with the issues of extending the contracts n of head coach Chuck Pagano and their perennial Pro Bowl quarterback Andrew Luck. You would think , the choice would be an extremely easy one to make . Yet, for some reason Grigson has found a way to bring about extreme tension between himself and Pagano as well the player, who has guided the franchise to playoff appearances in each of his first three seasons in the NFL. It might not take a rocket scientist to assist the general manager to make a quick decision, but if he is need of help , then there are several hundred of these engineers and scientists to found at Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) as well as on the campus of MIT . WTF !

Luck will be in the final year of his original four-year $22.5 million deal signed as a rookie in 2012. Don’t laugh , but by comparison, Jay Cutler last season earned almost as much as Luck has made in his first three seasons in the NFL . You have to pat on the back the decision-makers within the Chicago Bears’ front office for having the temerity of not only offering Cutler that outrageous seven-year $126 million deal , but also the asinine notion of current Bears’ head coach John Fox , whose opinion appears to be Cutler can still guide the Bears to a great deal of success at this stage of his career . Given a choice between Jay Cutler and Andrew Luck , even if I were blindfolded , I would still be able to pick Luck over Cutler, while smelling the stench which still can be tracked, by the fecal matter the Bears’ quarterback calls a career .

The obstacles now facing the Indianapolis Colts will be getting past the New England Patriots be it in the regular season or postseason . Clashes between the two franchises became synonymous with the careers of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning . There is no reason to believe the Colts will be seriously challenged within the AFC South this season . The Tennessee Titans are still struggling to find an identity , the same can be said of the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars , who were among the least competitive teams in the NFL last season .

A great deal is now being made of the NFL Draft and the choices to be made by the teams seeking become relevant within the league. Clearly, with so much conjecture and debate over what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will do as the team with the number one pick in this Draft. The possibility of the Buccaneers not choosing either Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston , two players believed to be the consensus two top picks in this year’s draft could come as a shock. Yet , this might not be as big a surprise as pundits believe it will be. Personally, I simply do not put much into the machinations of the NFL calendar at this time of the year ! These college players will either prove to be good or extremely bad and by no means ____ is it a guarantee, a player taken as the top pick is a guarantee of success. The last player taken as the number one pick to have led his team to the Superbowl , was in fact Eli Manning taken in 2004 by the New York Giants . Two Superbowl victories coming from the arm of Manning sealed his legacy, but since that victory, the Giants’ quarterback has not been consistent or led the team another postseason appearance since 2007. Make of it what you will.



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What do you believe will be the likely outcome of this NFL Draft by way of the player taken as the number one overall pick ? Based on the needs of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers , do you believe it is imperative the franchise take a quarterback or a player of need at another position ? Chime in with your thoughts on this and anything else you believe to be of relevance to the subject matter.



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Brackets,jackets and tip-toeing around the patently obvious …

Brackets,jackets and tip-toeing around the patently obvious …

The seedings have been decided upon for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and quite rightly so. The Kentucky Wildcats having ended the season ranked number one in the nation, as well having an unbeaten season bearing a 34-0 record will enter the tournament as its prohibitive favorite, to win it all . John Calipari and his coaching staff head into the Tournament knowing, the first slip-up made, will essentially put to an end a season where a great deal more was expected.


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Players on this Wildcats’ team know a winning season and the NCAA Tournament title will certainly insure great deal of plaudits and the near- certainty of a high draft position in the upcoming NBA Draft this upcoming June . With three consensus first round draft picks among this roster of stars. The names of Karl Anthony Towns , Willie Cauley-Stein and Dakari Johnson simply stand out, as players likely to be taken in the top-ten picks of the first round of the 2015 NBA Draft. If not, then there is something seriously wrong among the general managers and head coaches within the NBA at this juncture.

The four seeds in the regional tournament of the NCAA Championship are Kentucky, Villanova , Duke and Wisconsin . All four teams are in regional draws which will have their pot-holes along the way . where at least one or two upsets are likely to take place as the tournament progress. Opening salvos will be fired in the when the first four teams take to the court on the 17th and 18th March , 2015, as the NCAA Tournaments gets underway to decide the Men’s national champion.

Mike Krzyzewsk and the Duke Blue Devils will certainly have their work cut out for them in this tournament, as their path is unlikely to be easy. As the top seed in the South Regional phase of the Tournament where their biggest challengers could very well be other than their own complacency a , will be the other seeded challengers in the regional phase , with those topping the list said to be , Gonzaga , Georgetown (Hoyas) and Iowa State. As talented as the this Duke team might be considered to be , I do not believe this will be the year in which Mike Krzyzewski guide the program to their fifth national title , all coming under the coaching acumen of the renowned head coach.

With either Derrick Rose or Joakim Noah missing from the Chicago Bulls’ lineup at some point of the season, it easy to understand the reasons why the team has continued to struggle in the aftermath of having lost their League MVP point guard to another season-ending injury , likely curtailing Rose’s long-term future and the rest of his career. Add in the fact, the ongoing relationship between head coach Tom Thibodeau , GM Gar Forman and Head of Basketball Operations John Paxson , is now said to have reached an all-time low, and one wonders how the franchise can gain anything meaningful out of this all, should they fail to make the playoffs .


Bulls’ forward Jimmy Butler is seen here with Tom Thibodeau . In the absence of either Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose . It has been left to Butler to provide the bulk of team’s offense over the course of the season. Thibodeau’s relationship with the organization has been tenuous at best often becoming heated between the coach and executives, John Paxson and Gar Forman . Courtesy of USA Today/ ..

Not only has the rancor between the head coach and the front office said to have reached an unacceptable level , but it is believed with Thibodeau unwilling to resign, there is no likelihood Paxson or Forman will make the decision to fire their beleaguered coach and their having to honor the remainder of his contract. With Derrick Rose sidelined, it has been left to his teammate Jimmy Butler to step up to the plate in the absence of his more heralded teammate to lead the team by example.

With the Cleveland Cavaliers now raced to the top of the Central Division of the Eastern Conference , the Bulls are now left having to wonder, what to make of their season , while also seeking to play catch-up within the conference. A nine-point road loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder , a road defeat . Butler and his teammates’ next contest will be againstthe Indiana Pacers whom they host on Wednesday evening at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois ,.

In the contest between the Thunder and the Bulls, point guard Russell Westbrook continued his scintillating displays where he almost posted another triple-double . Easy to now understand why he become a consensus favorite for this season’s League MVP. Consider the fact also, Westbrook has been doing this all in the absence of his teammate , Kevin Durant.

Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Scott Brooks must be now salivating at the thought of Durant’s imminent return and the chance of his teaming up once again with Westbrook, to provide one of the most dominant and productive duos in the NBA. With only fifteen games left to be played in the remainder of the regular season, it will be interesting interesting to see how the teams acquit themselves as the season winds winds down .

All is fair in love and war . Granted, LeBron James has proven himself to be something of a warrior this season, as the Cleveland Cavaliers seek to justify themselves as the best team in the Eastern Conference. Their record suggests otherwise when compared to that of the high-flying Atlanta Hawks , who might just be the surprise team the regular season within the NBA . Hawks’ head coach Mike Budenholzer certainly has to be considered one of the leading favorites for this season’s Coach of The Year Award , as it would a complete travesty , were he not among the top vote-getters for the prestigious accolade.

(7)    Alonzo  Mourning   now a  senior   executive  within   the  Miami  Heat    organization   has   been  extremely  critical  of    former   Heat   player    LeBron  James   after  his   decision  to  leave  the  franchise  and    return  to  the   Cleveland   Cavaliers  .  Mourning ,   failed  to   suggest   why  Heat   failed  to  surround   James     with   players   complementary  to   his    skills    capable  of   actually   of  being   competitive   enough  to  have   won   last    season's   NBA  title  .   Getty   Images/  Paul  Miller

Alonzo Mourning now a senior executive within the Miami Heat organization has been extremely critical of former Heat player LeBron James after his decision to leave the franchise and return to the Cleveland Cavaliers . Mourning , failed to suggest why the Heat failed to surround James with players complementary to his skills capable of actually of being competitive enough to have won last season’s NBA title . Getty Images/ Paul Miller

At present, Atlanta and the Golden State Warriors are the only teams with fifty victories or more to their respective resumes`. A possible Finals’ meeting between the two seems a reality, but I believe it to be unlikely given the competitiveness of the Western Conference. Steph Curry and his Warriors’ teammates are having a terrific season , albeit, many would not have considered this to have been one of the teams to beat at the start of the year, with the transition of easing in a new head coach, and Steve Kerr assuming the reins after his predecessor, Mark Jackson’s idiotic decision to alienate himself by foistering his hypocritical beliefs outside the game , upon his players and then to some extent , denigrating the organization . Joint team-owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber had no other choice but to dismiss Jackson, ” freedom of speech” rights or not . There is no longer any space for outright bigotry within the realms of sports , let alone the fact , the former head coach showed a great deal of disrespect for the franchise, with his inflammatory remarks .


Former Golden State Warriors’ head coach Mark Jackson , foreground and his successor , Steve Kerr. This season the Warriors have not only the best record in the NBA , but the team also happens to be the league’s , most potent offense , leading the NBA in a number of offensive categories . Getty Images

If Mark Jackson wishes to make a point , then let him do so while not representing Warriors and most definitely, if he choosing to express his personal beliefs, it should not be done in such a venal way, with his wantoned disregard of others , his own ethnicity and historically what African Americans have gone through in this country, without then seeking denigrate others, because of their own sexuality. Obviously, Jackson’s own religious beliefs and his comprehension of Biblical teachings, indicates his lack of intelligence and compassion. This has nothing at all to do with “political correctness” having run amok, but more to do with simple bigotry . You don’t cry ” fire ” in a crowded theater , or show downright bigotry of others , without their being severe consequences , and those wishing to excuse such behavior are simply naive or just imbeciles.

In what turned out to be a surprise overtime win over the reigning NBA champions , the San Antonio Spurs . New York Knicks’ head coach Derek Fisher suggested the team should be rewarded for the efforts in this victory. Unfortunately, victories for the Knicks have been few and far between.

If Fisher is of the opinion his players ought to rewarded for those victories , then he sure as hell does not hold these very same players accountable, for the losses amassed over the course of the season. Fisher has shown as a rookie head coach, he still has a great deal to learn , and learning on the job when you have an inadequate group of players , and a front office which remains clueless, it becomes patently obvious to see why this franchise has been a complete mess and the ongoing butt of so many jokes around the NBA. Those subscribing to the fact Phil Jackson remains a basketball genius should really rethink that whole synopsis and realize it has been his ego and complete lack of knowledge in assessing talent which has also led to this debacle. Next up for the Knicks will be a road trip to visit the equally abysmal Minnesota Timberwolves on Thursday evening.


New York Knicks’ head coach Derek Fisher is seen here two of his assistant coaching staff Jim Cleamons and Kurt Rambis , as they discuss a pregame strategy in the lead-up to a game to be played the franchise’s home venue , Madison Square Garden , New York City , New York . On the road as well as at home the franchise has simply been pitiful , having been the first team this season to have lost in excess of fifty games , with a league-leading fifty-three defeats as of 17th March , 2015. AP Photo / Mark Warren .

With both the Knicks and Timberwolves likely to be part of the Lottery Pick for the right to the top pick in the upcoming NBA Draft , it will be interesting to see which of the two teams in question or one of their other fellow banal franchises will be joining them as part of this ongoing facade created by the league to seek in the Draft process.


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The NCAA Tournament will likely create a great many thrills and spills, with one or two surprises along the way, in terms of the results. This tournament will ultimately provide us with another D1 collegiate champion in Men’s Basketball. Given the excitement created in last year’s tournament, with the 2015 NCAA championship now underway, let all of the excitement now begin. I may well be wrong , but I do not believe there is now an outright favorite for this year’s NBA title , and granted, there have been two or three teams over the course of this season who have proven themselves worthy favorites or perceived contenders. Yet, a caveat remains , buyer beware, beyond stating the obvious , the only conclusion and sure thing , has been the winner from each conference championship will have an equal chance of being named the NBA champion for the 2014-15 season.

Which programs do you believe will rise to the occasion and become this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Champion ? With NBA regular season now winding down , which teams do you believe have been the biggest disappointment to the league and to the fans ? Also which franchises from the Eastern and Western conferences, will be the Finals’ contestants for this season?





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War is coming ….

War is coming ………….

Well, baseball has began its season, by way of their exhibition games throughout the month of March before the regular season commences on the 5th April , 2015.


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If nothing else this season, will likely tell us a great deal about the teams who will seek to usurp the San Francisco Giants who are the reigning World Series’ champions. Bruce Bochy and his managerial staff will be looking to get his newly revamped team prepeared for the rigors of the 2015 regular season schedule.

The Giants with their World Series’ MVP and ace starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner will be looking to replicate the form shown during the postseason . Inasmuch, as the fairy tale of the Kansas City Royals may well have provided the fans of baseball something to be really excited about , at the end of the day, the Royals simply were not good enough to defeat the Giants in the “Fall Classic” .

With NL teams such as the Cincinnati Reds, Los Angeles Dodgers , San Diego Padres , Milwaukee Brewers , St Louis Cardinals , Atlanta Braves , Miami Marlins and Washington Nationals likely to prove to be formidable challengers to the San Francisco Giants this season, it certainly will be interesting to witness what unfolds over the courseof the schedule in 2015.

Bruce Bochy and Giants’ GM Brian Sabean have worked tirelessly to make the franchise one of the most competitive in all of baseball and that has certainly been the case over the past seven seasons with San Francisco having won three NL Pennants and three World Series’ titles during that time-frame. Dominance has been the name of the game, along with frugal spending and drafting of players and great acquisitions by the front office . Once the regular season gets underway for the Giants, it will be interesting to see how the team fares over the course of their schedule.

If there is one player that will have something to prove in 2015, then it would have to be the three-time AL MVP and New York Yankees’ third baseman Alex Rodriguez . A year-long league mandated suspension and Rodriguez will resume his already controversial and already tarnished baseball career under the microscope of the fans, print and television media alike. The player’s somewhat less than contrite apology, may well have fallen on deaf ears , but, it has been his temerity to challenge the Yankees’ organization in seeking to void certain incentives of his contract that may well leave many in bewilderment as to the size of Alex Rodriguez’s ego and the fact he still remains in denial, concerning his misdeeds.

Joe Girardi and his managerial staff get off to a 1-1 start to the exhibition season during the month of March. The team will begin a split series against the Philadelphia Phillies on Friday, then have games against the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals to round-out their weekend schedule series of contests. It might not prove to be enough of a gauge, to judge where players might need to be, as they enter into their regular season schedule, but Girardi knows if the Yankees are to fare well and improve on last season’s disastrous showing in the AL East , then the level of their play will have to be great deal better than seen in 2014. From my own perspective I believe Alex Rodriguez will be hard pressed this season to reproducethe form , that once made him one of the best players of his generation , with or without the stain of the steroids, he is known to have to used at various stages of his well now well-chronicled career.

With the San Diego Padres having made a big splash during the off-season with the acquisition of several players. It will be interesting to how the managerial staff of Bud Black will fare with an entirely new roster of players. The Padres’ biggest acquisition was that of former Los Angeles Dodgers’ slugger Matt Kemp who is expected to be the focal pointof an offense expected to contend within the NL as well the NL West this upcoming season.

While I believe Bud Black to be a very good manager , I certainly do not believe , because the Padres’ front office have gone out to make some very ambitious moves, it will ultimately lead to success by way of their possibly dethroning the San Francisco Giants as the NL Pennant winners ! It is going to take a great deal more than a $94 million payroll to bring about the ambitions sought by the organization. Granted, with the acquisitions of Matt Kemp and Justin Upton the franchise may well have appeared to have placed themselves in something of favorable position , but as I alluded to before it will take considerably more than brandishing a near $100 million commitment to make it all a reality in terms of a World Series’ title .

The San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants will be meeting on Saturday , 7th March in all NL clash at the Scottsdale Stadium in Scottsdale, Arizona in a preseason Spring Training game as the two teams get to acclimatize themselves with baseball and something of a re-acquaintance of sorts among divisional rivals . On the mound will be James Shields of the Padres facing off against Madison Bumgarner. At this early a stage in Spring Training these type of games do not necessarily tell you a great deal about the teams as each seeks to find a rhythm with the view ahead, being the preparation for the regular season onslaught of a one hundred and sixty-two game grueling schedule, for all thirty teams within MLB.

No matter which way you seek to slice and dice it , the year-round fascination with the NFL continues unabated . Yet, this is the one time of the year , when you have to wonder , if there is any real sanity to the game . The litany of movements by way of trades to have taken place, now seem to be not only mind-boggling, but also appear to a case of desperation on the part of the teams coming to such a decision. I am still intrigued how Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach Chip Kelly believes the team will be in a better position to win without, their Pro Bowl running back LeSean McCoy , having traded the player to the Buffalo Bills within the AFC East. The move will likely benefit the Bills, who are indeed in need of a great offensive force , after their rather lackluster season in 2012, where not only did the wheels fall off their wagon but the entire was simply nowhere to be seen on the field of play, as reflected in their year-end record .

For Rex Ryan the incoming head coach who succeeds Doug Marrone , fired by GM Dough Whaley , presumably with the view the new team owner, Terry Pegula wanted to start afresh, with an influx of new faces from the coaching staff on down to the player personnel roster . Given much Rex Ryan is known to have under-achieved with the New York Jets during the final two years of his tenure. I am not so sure there will be an immediate improvement in his record or that of the Bills’ fate this upcoming season.

The Seattle Seahawks’ failure in the waning moments of this past Superbowl provides with a story from two perspectives . It is that , of the losing team, having a chance at glory , taking the gambler’s route, failing , with the head coach , Pete Carroll falling on the sword, taking the blame for an utter ridiculous decision . The other was that of the winning team seeking to redeem itself after the allegations made , and yet to be founded, that there was any concrete evidence to suggest that orders came down from on high , head coach Bill Belichick or a member of his coaching staff ordered the tampering of the game or practice balls used in this most recent Superbowl. Granted, the stains of previous misdeeds have yet to truly dissipate , but I believe it to be more out of dislike of the Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick, rather than the team itself . On the other hand, the NFL cannot hold itself up , to be a game or brand that is above reproach , especially when one continues to look at the misdeeds of not only the players, teams and executives , but also the hapless and rather idiotic edicts and comments provided by Roger Goodell as the NFL Commissioner .

Anyone who truly believes Goodell has been good for this league , must be greatly in need of psychiatric help , if nothing else. If the only thing the commissioner can point to , are the ever increasing revenues within the game as his only evidence of any meaningful success , then there is something clearly wrong within the league , itself. The alleged popularity of the NFL is said to be at an all-time high , but I would beg to differ when it comes to the demographics of its female fan-base ! If any male fan, can legitimately point to the fact, that females fans have not been disgusted by what they have witnessed by way of the behavior of players such as Ray Rice , Greg Hardy , Ray McDonald and Adrian Peterson to name but a few, and still suggest, the league still has an even greater appeal among females. Then , there has to be a great deal of apathy if not stupidity on their part !

The NFL cannot get out of the way of its continued ineptitude by way of the league hierarchy , complete lack any type of accountability by its leadership but even more so by the lack of real leadership show among the union from its highest ranks on down to the off field conduct of the players and continued asinine apathy of many of the NFL’s so-called diehard fans .

Just when you thought there might have been some semblance of sanity within the NFL , leave it to the front office of the Chicago Bears prove us all wrong . With the firing of both Marc Trestman and former GM Phil Emery , you would have the impression that the Bears would be right back on track . No, that could never be, as they are intent on proving us all wrong . Wide receiver Brandon Marshall’s tenure with the franchise has now come to an end , with the organization having sent the player to the New York Jets . All of this, while they still have Jay Cutler and his $17 million salary on a their books , with his being a complete waste of space during his entire stay with the NFC North based team .

I have always maintained , Jay Cutler was never that great a quarterback to begin with , in spite of the many great attributes claimants believed he had . If that were the case then surely the Bears’ quarterback would have led the franchise to at least moderate success. Instead , it has been Cutler simply falling short at just about every obstacle possible , and that is without taking into account Phil Emery’s ridiculous decision to make him among the highest paid players in the NFL not only by contract , salary , but also at his position . Not really all that difficult to understand why there are so many idiot front office executives within the NFL and why they have an IQ barely above that of the counterparts in Major League Baseball or perhaps a member of the Kardashian family. I would also place members member of Congress in among the idiot general managers of the NFL, but it is plain for everyone to see both legislative chambers of House and Senate , when left to their own devices , they are unique and have no need to be harangued any further because , we will always be able to gain even more mileage with their continued stupidity , no matter what the circumstance .

At the time of the NFL Draft in April , it will be interesting to see if Jay Cutler will remain a part of the Chicago Bears or dangled as trade bait as the franchise seeks to move on from his years of inconsistency and lack of positive results .

It’s nut-crunching time in the NBA as the teams begin to enter the home stretch of the season. If franchises are indeed looking to play themselves in the conference and divisional contention . Then now would be the time to let their intent be known . Now is not the time to be raising the ” White Flag of Surrender” , unless you happen to be the Denver Nuggets , Los Angeles Lakers , Minnesota Timberwolves , New York Knicks , Philadelphia 76ers , Orlando Magic , Brooklyn Nets and the Sacramento Kings .

The aforementioned teams , have not only been a drag on the league this season, but in reality, anyone trying to suggest that something meaningful can be taken out of their play and the NBA in general, has definitely been missing the fact, that the quality of the basketball overall, has been dire, particularly within the Eastern Conference , which continues to be a monstrous eyesore for anyone watching the games in that conference . Things are liable to get a great deal worse , before we are likely to view them as getting any better .

As the debate rages on , </aas to who this season ought to be named League MVP , there can be no denying that over the past fifteen games played by Russell Westbrook . The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard has been putting up astonishing numbers , a great deal of it being achieved in the absence of his teammate Kevin Durant .

Westbrook has not only willed his team to some astonishing victories , but he has led by example , being extremely unselfish in aiding the Thunder achieve their goals. GM Sam Presti and head coach Scott Brooks must feel privileged in the fact , knowing with the loss of Kevin Durant the franchise has a player who has not only assumed the mantel of leadership , but has willingly embraced with open arms and actually flourished in the role. Unfortunately , in today’s NBA, there might be less than a handful of players in the league capable of such a role. Yet, here we are as fans, now mulling over who should be the League MVP for this season ?

As the Oklahoma City Thunder continue to make their way up the Western Conference ladder. The Golden State Warriors led by point guard Steph Curry have basked in the limelight of being not only the best team in the conference but by far the best team in the NBA throughout much of the regular season , up to this point in time. Curry, alongside , James Harden , Russell Westbrook and LeBron James are considered the front-runners the league’s highest regular season individual award . It will be very interesting to see how things pan out , and how the voters go about making their decision , as to who this season’s winner of the League MVP will be .

Phil Jackson the Zen Master , has seen the New York Knicks’ season blow up in their faces and yet the continued idiotic excuses of Jackson, having a plan is not unlike, the current Congress’ views on the world and where this country stands , as the “moral beacon of light ” to the rest of the world . No substance and absolutely , no real , planned strategy of note . Unless, Jackson was of the opinion , he would be to able throw fecal matter ($hit) up against a wall, then working with what sticks. I truly believe, this has been the premise the famed head coach chose to go with ! How else can you explain the idiotic hire of Derek Fisher as the team’s head coach and then seeing the team simply make one big pratfall after the other, throughout the course of this season ?

Heading into the month of March , and still there are no signs of life with the Knicks . Granted , the loss of Carmelo Anthony due season-ending surgery , led to even further disasters, but in reality , so much burden had been placed on the shoulders of the player , there was no damn way in hell, he alone could have led this team to any semblance of success , but yet anal retentive fools, were still buying into this plan of Phil Jackson. He’s been a legendary coach , but that is all he has been. Jackson is not a great assessor of NBA talent and it is something that alleged fans, seem to be forgetting or simply have no damn idea what they trying to elicit, by way of making an argument for their premise. last victory for the New York Knicks came by way of a rather curt performance in a home win over the Toronto Raptors on the 28th February . Next up for Derek Fisher and his players will be a road contest against the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center in Denver , Colorado on Monday evening. I would hazard guess and suggest is not likely to end favorably in the visiting team’s favor !

The New York Knicks may well have their eyes on the future , seeking to build by way of the NBA Draft and free agency . Generals go into battle , equipped with battle tested troops , armaments and a plan of action . Unfortunately, the Knicks entered this season, with nothing more than a a soup ladle, players not hungry or skilled enough to get the job done and coaching a staff , among the most incompetent in the entire NBA. How could anyone actually buy into the idiocy, Phil Jackson and his ego would be able to gain this franchise any semblance of success ?



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As we come out of a Winter of sports’ stories, which in many ways covered the gamut of social and competitive issues. What are you most looking forward to seeing, during the coming months within the sports’ world ?


(1) Players from the Kansas City Royals celebrate their victory over the Baltimore Orioles , which guaranteed their appearance in the 2014 World Series . It was not to be for the AL Pennant title holders , as they fell to the San Francisco Giants in a thrilling seven-game series . AP Photo / Mitch Cooper .

(2) San Francisco Giants’ GM Brian Sabean , left, is seen here alongside team manager Bruce Bochy , who looks admiringly at the NLCS Pennant Trophy , the third title won by the paring for the franchise in the last six years. Last season , the Giants would also go on to win their third World Series championship during the same time-span , leading to one of the richest eras in the Giants’ long and storied history. It remains to be seen how San Francisco will fare in 2015, but rest assured , the managerial staff will have the team prepared for each competitive adversity likely to be thrown their way. Getty Images / Danny Fisher

(3) Feb 26, 2015; Tampa, FL, USA; New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez (13) sits in the dugout as he waits to hit in the batting cage during Thursday mornings workout at George M. Steinbrenner Field . This season Rodriguez and his teammates will have a great deal to prove after a disastrous year in 2014 and rather lackluster performances by the team leading to a poor finish and record in the AL East. Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

(4) SAN DIEGO, CA – DECEMBER 19: Matt Kemp (27) meets with Manager Bud Black (20) of the San Diego Padres in the clubhouse after trying on his new uniform top after being traded from the Los Angeles Dodgers at Petco Park on December 19, 2014 in San Diego, California. Photo by Andy Hayt/San Diego Padres/Getty Images

(5) Former Philadelphia Eagles’ running back LeSean McCoy who was recently traded by the franchise to the Buffalo Bills . Getty Images

(6) Rex Ryan who has replaced Doug Marrone as head coach of the Buffalo Bills. Ryan will be expected to lead a newly revamped roster , as they seek to stop the continued recent dominance of the New England Patriots within the AFC East. The Bills have not won the the divisional title in several seasons and their last postseason appearance came in 1999 . Getty Images / Chris Thomas

(7) Seattle Seahawks’ running back Marshawn Lynch recently signed a four-year deal to remain with the Seahawks. Lynch sought a contract to make him at least one of the top five running backs in the NFL in terms of salary and contract value . A franchise tag was being bandied about by the Seahawks’ front office and in part by head coach Pete Carroll.

(8) Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler is seen here with his now former teammate Brandon Marshall . The wide receiver was recently traded by the Bears and the common consensus appears to be, the veteran quarterback will not be far behind , with his being shown the door. It is unclear however , if the front office will seek to use Cutler as trade bait for a team, in search of a veteran quarterback . Chicago for some inexplicable reason made the player one of the highest paid quarterbacks by salary and contract value . Cutler’s NFL career has been highlighted by a great deal of inconsistency and lack of postseason success . AP Photo / Mark Curry

(9) Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook is a ” man on a mission ” and that quest would appear to the the NBA title . However , over his last fifteen games the point guard has put up astonishing figures , leading the league in scoring , while being one of the leading candidates for the League MVP . Getty Images / Paul Miller

(10) In this June 10, 2014, file photo, New York Knicks president Phil Jackson smiles during a news conference in Tarrytown, N.Y. Jackson hears the question every time he walks around New York: How are the Knicks going to do? The Knicks’ President answers this way: “We believe we’re going to be a playoff team, and then we don’t know how far we’ll be able to go.” AP Photo/Seth Wenig

(11) NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 13: Head coach Derek Fisher and associate head coach Kurt Rambis of the New York Knicks look on before a game against the Toronto Raptors at Madison Square Garden on October 13 , 2014 in New York City, New York. Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images



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