Brackets,jackets and tip-toeing around the patently obvious …

Brackets,jackets and tip-toeing around the patently obvious …

The seedings have been decided upon for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and quite rightly so. The Kentucky Wildcats having ended the season ranked number one in the nation, as well having an unbeaten season bearing a 34-0 record will enter the tournament as its prohibitive favorite, to win it all . John Calipari and his coaching staff head into the Tournament knowing, the first slip-up made, will essentially put to an end a season where a great deal more was expected.


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Players on this Wildcats’ team know a winning season and the NCAA Tournament title will certainly insure great deal of plaudits and the near- certainty of a high draft position in the upcoming NBA Draft this upcoming June . With three consensus first round draft picks among this roster of stars. The names of Karl Anthony Towns , Willie Cauley-Stein and Dakari Johnson simply stand out, as players likely to be taken in the top-ten picks of the first round of the 2015 NBA Draft. If not, then there is something seriously wrong among the general managers and head coaches within the NBA at this juncture.

The four seeds in the regional tournament of the NCAA Championship are Kentucky, Villanova , Duke and Wisconsin . All four teams are in regional draws which will have their pot-holes along the way . where at least one or two upsets are likely to take place as the tournament progress. Opening salvos will be fired in the when the first four teams take to the court on the 17th and 18th March , 2015, as the NCAA Tournaments gets underway to decide the Men’s national champion.

Mike Krzyzewsk and the Duke Blue Devils will certainly have their work cut out for them in this tournament, as their path is unlikely to be easy. As the top seed in the South Regional phase of the Tournament where their biggest challengers could very well be other than their own complacency a , will be the other seeded challengers in the regional phase , with those topping the list said to be , Gonzaga , Georgetown (Hoyas) and Iowa State. As talented as the this Duke team might be considered to be , I do not believe this will be the year in which Mike Krzyzewski guide the program to their fifth national title , all coming under the coaching acumen of the renowned head coach.

With either Derrick Rose or Joakim Noah missing from the Chicago Bulls’ lineup at some point of the season, it easy to understand the reasons why the team has continued to struggle in the aftermath of having lost their League MVP point guard to another season-ending injury , likely curtailing Rose’s long-term future and the rest of his career. Add in the fact, the ongoing relationship between head coach Tom Thibodeau , GM Gar Forman and Head of Basketball Operations John Paxson , is now said to have reached an all-time low, and one wonders how the franchise can gain anything meaningful out of this all, should they fail to make the playoffs .


Bulls’ forward Jimmy Butler is seen here with Tom Thibodeau . In the absence of either Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose . It has been left to Butler to provide the bulk of team’s offense over the course of the season. Thibodeau’s relationship with the organization has been tenuous at best often becoming heated between the coach and executives, John Paxson and Gar Forman . Courtesy of USA Today/ ..

Not only has the rancor between the head coach and the front office said to have reached an unacceptable level , but it is believed with Thibodeau unwilling to resign, there is no likelihood Paxson or Forman will make the decision to fire their beleaguered coach and their having to honor the remainder of his contract. With Derrick Rose sidelined, it has been left to his teammate Jimmy Butler to step up to the plate in the absence of his more heralded teammate to lead the team by example.

With the Cleveland Cavaliers now raced to the top of the Central Division of the Eastern Conference , the Bulls are now left having to wonder, what to make of their season , while also seeking to play catch-up within the conference. A nine-point road loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder , a road defeat . Butler and his teammates’ next contest will be againstthe Indiana Pacers whom they host on Wednesday evening at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois ,.

In the contest between the Thunder and the Bulls, point guard Russell Westbrook continued his scintillating displays where he almost posted another triple-double . Easy to now understand why he become a consensus favorite for this season’s League MVP. Consider the fact also, Westbrook has been doing this all in the absence of his teammate , Kevin Durant.

Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Scott Brooks must be now salivating at the thought of Durant’s imminent return and the chance of his teaming up once again with Westbrook, to provide one of the most dominant and productive duos in the NBA. With only fifteen games left to be played in the remainder of the regular season, it will be interesting interesting to see how the teams acquit themselves as the season winds winds down .

All is fair in love and war . Granted, LeBron James has proven himself to be something of a warrior this season, as the Cleveland Cavaliers seek to justify themselves as the best team in the Eastern Conference. Their record suggests otherwise when compared to that of the high-flying Atlanta Hawks , who might just be the surprise team the regular season within the NBA . Hawks’ head coach Mike Budenholzer certainly has to be considered one of the leading favorites for this season’s Coach of The Year Award , as it would a complete travesty , were he not among the top vote-getters for the prestigious accolade.

(7)    Alonzo  Mourning   now a  senior   executive  within   the  Miami  Heat    organization   has   been  extremely  critical  of    former   Heat   player    LeBron  James   after  his   decision  to  leave  the  franchise  and    return  to  the   Cleveland   Cavaliers  .  Mourning ,   failed  to   suggest   why  Heat   failed  to  surround   James     with   players   complementary  to   his    skills    capable  of   actually   of  being   competitive   enough  to  have   won   last    season's   NBA  title  .   Getty   Images/  Paul  Miller

Alonzo Mourning now a senior executive within the Miami Heat organization has been extremely critical of former Heat player LeBron James after his decision to leave the franchise and return to the Cleveland Cavaliers . Mourning , failed to suggest why the Heat failed to surround James with players complementary to his skills capable of actually of being competitive enough to have won last season’s NBA title . Getty Images/ Paul Miller

At present, Atlanta and the Golden State Warriors are the only teams with fifty victories or more to their respective resumes`. A possible Finals’ meeting between the two seems a reality, but I believe it to be unlikely given the competitiveness of the Western Conference. Steph Curry and his Warriors’ teammates are having a terrific season , albeit, many would not have considered this to have been one of the teams to beat at the start of the year, with the transition of easing in a new head coach, and Steve Kerr assuming the reins after his predecessor, Mark Jackson’s idiotic decision to alienate himself by foistering his hypocritical beliefs outside the game , upon his players and then to some extent , denigrating the organization . Joint team-owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber had no other choice but to dismiss Jackson, ” freedom of speech” rights or not . There is no longer any space for outright bigotry within the realms of sports , let alone the fact , the former head coach showed a great deal of disrespect for the franchise, with his inflammatory remarks .


Former Golden State Warriors’ head coach Mark Jackson , foreground and his successor , Steve Kerr. This season the Warriors have not only the best record in the NBA , but the team also happens to be the league’s , most potent offense , leading the NBA in a number of offensive categories . Getty Images

If Mark Jackson wishes to make a point , then let him do so while not representing Warriors and most definitely, if he choosing to express his personal beliefs, it should not be done in such a venal way, with his wantoned disregard of others , his own ethnicity and historically what African Americans have gone through in this country, without then seeking denigrate others, because of their own sexuality. Obviously, Jackson’s own religious beliefs and his comprehension of Biblical teachings, indicates his lack of intelligence and compassion. This has nothing at all to do with “political correctness” having run amok, but more to do with simple bigotry . You don’t cry ” fire ” in a crowded theater , or show downright bigotry of others , without their being severe consequences , and those wishing to excuse such behavior are simply naive or just imbeciles.

In what turned out to be a surprise overtime win over the reigning NBA champions , the San Antonio Spurs . New York Knicks’ head coach Derek Fisher suggested the team should be rewarded for the efforts in this victory. Unfortunately, victories for the Knicks have been few and far between.

If Fisher is of the opinion his players ought to rewarded for those victories , then he sure as hell does not hold these very same players accountable, for the losses amassed over the course of the season. Fisher has shown as a rookie head coach, he still has a great deal to learn , and learning on the job when you have an inadequate group of players , and a front office which remains clueless, it becomes patently obvious to see why this franchise has been a complete mess and the ongoing butt of so many jokes around the NBA. Those subscribing to the fact Phil Jackson remains a basketball genius should really rethink that whole synopsis and realize it has been his ego and complete lack of knowledge in assessing talent which has also led to this debacle. Next up for the Knicks will be a road trip to visit the equally abysmal Minnesota Timberwolves on Thursday evening.


New York Knicks’ head coach Derek Fisher is seen here two of his assistant coaching staff Jim Cleamons and Kurt Rambis , as they discuss a pregame strategy in the lead-up to a game to be played the franchise’s home venue , Madison Square Garden , New York City , New York . On the road as well as at home the franchise has simply been pitiful , having been the first team this season to have lost in excess of fifty games , with a league-leading fifty-three defeats as of 17th March , 2015. AP Photo / Mark Warren .

With both the Knicks and Timberwolves likely to be part of the Lottery Pick for the right to the top pick in the upcoming NBA Draft , it will be interesting to see which of the two teams in question or one of their other fellow banal franchises will be joining them as part of this ongoing facade created by the league to seek in the Draft process.


Picture gallery . Narrative can be viewed by clicking unto the formatted picture shown.

The NCAA Tournament will likely create a great many thrills and spills, with one or two surprises along the way, in terms of the results. This tournament will ultimately provide us with another D1 collegiate champion in Men’s Basketball. Given the excitement created in last year’s tournament, with the 2015 NCAA championship now underway, let all of the excitement now begin. I may well be wrong , but I do not believe there is now an outright favorite for this year’s NBA title , and granted, there have been two or three teams over the course of this season who have proven themselves worthy favorites or perceived contenders. Yet, a caveat remains , buyer beware, beyond stating the obvious , the only conclusion and sure thing , has been the winner from each conference championship will have an equal chance of being named the NBA champion for the 2014-15 season.

Which programs do you believe will rise to the occasion and become this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Champion ? With NBA regular season now winding down , which teams do you believe have been the biggest disappointment to the league and to the fans ? Also which franchises from the Eastern and Western conferences, will be the Finals’ contestants for this season?





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NCAA Men’s Basketball

2015 Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament

Opening round of the NCAA Tournament.



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NBA results 17th March and schedule 18th March


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27 thoughts on “Brackets,jackets and tip-toeing around the patently obvious …”

  1. Phil Jackson has no idea about building a winning team, much of his success was grounded in the fact the franchises where he won , the teams were already, ready-made and in place for him to win.

    Anal retentive fans with the IQ of a gnat , would rather spend their time pointing his successes of the past , than looking at what he is currently presiding over as the lead front office executive in charge of the Knicks’ personnel decisions. Yet I am being told of the intelligence of fans in the NBA and sports in general ? What a load of f##king bul$hit !

    Fans here (US) are no more intelligent , when it comes sports , than they are in the world of political debate , and actually being aware of what is happening around them from a political standpoint .

    It’s now all or nothing for John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats. Anything short of winning the NCAA title and we might as well consider their season an outright failure in spite of going 34-0 during the regular season.

    ” I’m telling you now Joe , this game is going to $hit with point guards who don’t pass , hog the ball and who just wanna score ! Never mind the fact we now have f@#gots declaring their love and wanting to play in the NBA ” .

    Former Warriors’ head coach Mark Jackson seen here with team executive Joe Lacob.

    Bigotry and racism exists in the world of sports but ongoing apathy and @ssholes making excuses rather than facing facts indicates this country cannot escape its guilt , sordid past or willingness to have an honest dialog on the fact the issue has never been properly addressed or discussed with any degree of intelligence.

    Mark Jackson apart from being a homophobic , he is a complete @ss .

    Jackson and his wife Desiree Coleman-Jackson at the True Life Worship Center . Unfortunately , ‘ forgiving ‘ or ‘ forgiveness’ , ‘tolerance ‘ , and acceptance are not a part of his or her vocabulary . Makes for a mockery of their faith , but I guess , once a hypocrite , always a hypocrite .

    Tophatal …….


  2. Miami Heat executive , Alonzo Mourning decries the fact LeBron James left the franchise to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers . Yet , nowhere does he mention the fact during the off-season the front office did little if anything to bolster the roster at all .

    Having Michael Beasley or Danny Granger does not make this team competitive . Neither do intermittent glances of either .Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh allegedly at their best . So much for the asinine idea of the Miami Heat being able win a title in their present guise . Over their last eleven games the Miami Heat have not been overly impressive at all .

    Results so far in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament . One or two , surprises but nothing deemed to be a major upset .

    In the NBA it is more of the same as per usual.

    When the New York Knicks and the Minnesota Timberwolves tip off in their game on Thursday evening , is it really a worthwhile television event that ought to be watched , considering the respective records of both teams and how bad they have been ,all season long?

    Tophatal ……………


  3. So in a game which pitted the worst of what the NBA has to offer , showed that in spite of our prayers the New York Knicks cannot get out of the way of their own incompetence while the Minnesota Timberwolves are not much better .

    In the NCAA Tournament we have our first big upset of the competition , with number three seeded Iowa State fell to the lower seeded University of Alabama (Birmingham) in a rather surprising loss 60-59 in a result which was in no way reflective of the contest , with Iowa simply falling apart at the seams in the game .

    Elsewhere the Baylor Bears fell to Georgia State , 57-56 , eleventh seed UCLA (Bruins) dropped Southern Methodist (#6) , 60-59 .

    The top ranked Kentucky (Wildcats) made light work of taking down Hampton in a lopsided contest 79-56 , to open up their schedule in the tournament .


    NBA news

    NBA results 19th March, 2015 and schedule for 20th March .


    NCAA Men’s Basketball news

    NCAA Tournament Brackets

    NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament results 19th March , 2015

    NCAA Tournament schedule 20th March

    Tophatal ………… .


  4. Jim Boeheim and Syracuse had a disastrous season in 2014 , beyond their being allegations of improprieties by the program concerning a series of serious violations within the Athletics Department and the basketball program itself .

    Can Boeheim (pictured) really be trusted to tell the truth under any circumstance ?

    Boeheim says it is his intent to appeal any sanctions , while also insisting he will coach another three years at Syracuse .

    ” I follow the lead of Jim and simply do , whatever he says ” .

    Orangemen assistant head coach Mike Hopkins (pictured above)

    Boeheim would rather absolve himself of any responsibility rather than being held accountable . Not unlike any other coach who believes himself above the rules and statutes of a program and those laid down by the NCAA .

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Jim Boeheim: Penalty ‘unduly harsh’

    SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said Thursday that the NCAA sanctions imposed on him and his program for violations that occurred for more than a decade were “unduly harsh” and that he will appeal them.

    Boeheim, who announced Wednesday that he would retire in three seasons, maintained that he did not have any “personal involvement” in findings outlined by the NCAA.

    “Although the infractions report does not find that I had personal involvement in any violations of NCAA rules, the Committee on Infractions has asserted that for the past 10 years, I did not promote an atmosphere of compliance within the men’s basketball program, and I did not monitor the activities regarding compliance of those within the program,” Boeheim said, reading from a prepared statement.

    “This could not be further from the truth. This is far from a program where student-athletes freely committed academic fraud. I believe the penalty is unduly harsh.”
    More from

    As Jim Boeheim prepares to step down, Syracuse’s administration can save itself trouble by keeping the rest of the Orange’s coaching staff intact, Jeff Borzello writes. StoryInsider

    In ESPN The Magazine’s MLB Preview Issue, Howard Bryant writes that college basketball coaches such as Jim Boeheim hold themselves high as molders of young men. But when you remove their masks, the truth isn’t so pretty. Story

    Boeheim confirmed that he discussed his plan with the university’s chancellor to retire after three more seasons but that he will take things year by year.

    Meanwhile, sophomores B.J. Johnson and Ron Patterson will be leaving the program and look to transfer elsewhere, multiple sources confirmed to ESPN on Thursday.

    Click on link to read in full .


    Tophatal ……


  5. Can a coach such as Jim Boeheim , ever be trusted to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth ? I’ll let you be the judge of that !

    Bill Simmons calls Jim Boeheim press conference ‘high comedy’; more reactions

    Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim spoke at a press conference Thursday in his first public remarks since the NCAA report and Syracuse University’s announcement that he would retire in three years.

    Boeheim called the penalties “unduly harsh” and confirmed he will coach next year, though “beyond that I have no plans.” He also said he “fervently hopes” that assistant Mike Hopkins will become the next head coach, but said the the decision will ultimately be up to SU Chancellor Kent Syverud and the Board of Trustees.

    Basketball analyst Bill Simmons fired shots on Twitter, calling the situation “high comedy.”

    Click on link to read in full.


    ” My pen#s is the size of my ego and I can stick my ego and my pen#s wherever I want” !

    Bill Simmons

    That’s all we need, ESPN analyst Bill Simmons interjecting himself in the midst of this all , with his analysis on this whole situation , without delving into the fact as#hole such as Dick Vitale can’t see the woods but for the trees as he comes out in support of the beleaguered head coach . I guess hypocrisy within Collegiate Athletics delves way beyond the lack of character and integrity of the programs and the head coaches ?

    Vitale (pictured above) gives a new meaning to the words “brown nosing ‘ as he’d willingly not only place his lips against a coach’s @ss, , but he’d also be willing to stick his di#k in their rectum, simply to show his support as well , right or wrong .

    Tophatal ………..


  6. It looks like Scott Brooks and his coaching staff will be without Kevin Durant for the remainder of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s regular season schedule and the likelihood of Durant making a postseason appearance for the team . A potential first round match-up of the Thunder facing off against the Golden State Warriors might prove to be the best of the opening series of this postseason based on the current playoff picture.

    The weekend’s schedule of games beginning tonight could clearly define the outcome of the season within the divisions , conferences and standings overall as the season winds down .

    Oklahoma City Thunder news

    Tophatal ……….


  7. Remind me again , what $94.5 million can buy you in the NBA nowadays and why a team such as the Brooklyn Nets actually sucks ?

    Not so long ago a visitor to this site, actually showed his lack of intelligence about the NBA and sports’ economics , by suggesting the franchise can spend their way to winning a title . The last teams to do that with real success were the franchise’s of the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks with their wins of the championship. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would realize the Nets’ front office are simply frigging clueless when it comes to building a competitive roster much less a team capable of winning an NBA title .

    Upon looking at the Nets’ roster and the financial commitment to the players and salaries payable and it’s easy to see the reasons why the team has failed so miserably this season . The coaching staff remains a joke , alongside GM Billy King and team owner , Mikhail Prokhorov , who is rumored to be willing to listen offers for the NBA Eastern Conference based franchise . At best the team can’t be worth more than $1.6 billion , based on the over-inflated price of $2.1 billion paid by Steve Ballmer for his complete ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers .

    The Clippers for their part may struggle during this postseason , given the inconsistency of the team and their being without Blake Griffin over their past twenty games.

    NBA teams’ stats

    Tophatal …………………….


  8. One or two surprises last night in the NBA and again in the NCAA Tournament . Needless to say , it’s all part and parcel of the usual type of sporting event where just about anything can and is liable to happen .

    NBA news

    NBA results 20th March and schedule 21st March

    March 22nd schedule


    NCAA Men’s Basketball news

    NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament results 20th March

    NCAA Tournament schedule 21st March and 22nd March

    Tophatal …….

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Russell Westbrook posted his ninth triple-double of the season as he led the Oklahoma City Thunder to another win .

    Now in light of the absence of Kevin Durant , who will be lost to the Thunder for the rest of the regular and postseason , it will be interesting to see of Westbrook can maintain his current form while leading the team to their desired destination . What was impressive about the victory , the very fact it came over the best team in the Eastern Conference , the Atlanta Hawks . A team who might have the best depth of any franchise in the conference .


  10. Based on their last eight games , a playoff push by the Brooklyn Nets would be about as welcomed as a child being allowed to eat elephant’s dung, while its parents looked on , then making the claim , it was great parenting and great for their child .

    The Nets are not deserving of playoff berth at all , But such has been the mediocrity within the Eastern Conference that any signs of life in terms of the play by the teams within the conference seem to be welcomed by anal retentive fans and those who continue to support the Nets .

    Brooklyn under the ownership of Mikhail Prokhorov has been a financially losing concern and even with calls for an NHL franchise to make the Barclays Center its home ,. it still will not change the fact that the NBA franchise remains a mess both financially and competitively . How about those apples #ssholes ?

    NBA results 22nd March

    Tophatal …………..


  11. One more win for the Golden State Warriors and they clinch the Pacific Division within the Western Conference , likely becoming the first team to qualify for the NBA Playoffs .

    Steph Curry has led the Warriors to the best record in not only the West but the best record in the NBA . Speaking of which , the team with the worst record continues to be a complete embarrassment to the NBA and there remains no f##king intelligence among the fan-base of the New York Knicks .

    The Knicks’ loss to the Memphis Grizzlies was as lopsided a defeat that the team has suffered all season long especially against a Western Conference based franchise.

    In the NCAA Tournament , things are beginning to play out , much as in the ways many of us had expected with the cream rising to the top . The real contenders are still left in the competition at this stage of the tournament .



    NBA news and immediate news from last night’s games

    NCAA Men’s Basketball news

    NCAA Men’s Basketball Bracket

    NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament results


    Tophatal ……….


  12. Next scheduled games in the NCAA Tournament take place on the 26th and 27th March providing us with the teams making the Sweet Sixteen . Then on the 28th and 29th , we’re down the Elite Eight . By the weekend our brackets should be set for Final Four with the championship game taking place on the 6th April , 2015 at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis , Indiana .

    Kentucky Wildcats versus the Duke Blue Devils would provide the fans with a potentially competitive game between two bastions of excellence in College Basketball .

    Take into account we also have two extremely brilliant head coaches who would be facing off against each other in this contest. John Calipari and Mike Krzyzewski are the among the best , the collegiate level of basketball has had to offer over the past twenty-years in the game.

    NCAA Men’s Basketball news

    Tophatal …………….

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  13. Do we really need to be enlightened anymore as to how bad some teams have been in the NBA , especially those with a sub. 500 record throughout much of the season ?

    Fifteen of the thirty teams in the league have a less than 50% winning ratio with the East Conference being responsible for the majority of the franchises in this particular category. Over their last fifteen games it easy to understand the reasons why so many of the conference’s teams have remained mediocre.

    Tophatal ………………..


  14. Congratulations to the New York Knicks and their notching their sixtieth loss of the season . One more on the list to be added to the notable achievements of Phil Jackson and his astonishing career in the NBA . Admittedly, this achievement will have to be stats added to the minus column , but for the Knicks and their dumb @ss fans they will count it as a win , because it actually denotes them being good at something for this 2014-15 NBA season .

    Being the worst in the NBA, does now actually count for something after-all , while being one of the most incompetent teams in recent NBA history .

    All of these lame @ss Knicks’ fans bowing to the porcelain pot that Phil Jackson defecates in , even with one idiot, suggesting Derek Fisher’s coaching staff was actually competent ? Who among the coaching staff of the former NBA player, has ever coached a team to a winning season , much less win on a consistent basis as a head coach ? Jackson’s first of many errors during the season and prior to its start, was in naming Fisher to become the Knicks’ head coach.

    NBA news

    New York Knicks news

    Tophatal ………………


  15. Wednesday’s results in the NBA and what this now means for the divisional and conference races.

    The Atlanta Hawks now seem to be guaranteed the number one seeding in the East , with the Golden State Warriors having already won their division with ease as well as locking up the top spot in the West .

    Games remaining are simply about the lower rung teams , two through eight jockeying for their final positions within each conference determined by wins accumulated over their remaining games.


    NBA results 1st April

    Schedule 2nd April

    This month in NBA history

    On this date in NBA history .


    Tophatal ………


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