I came to warn Caesar, not to praise him

I came to warn Caesar, not to praise him

Well, the big story in the NFL at present is the league hierarchy’s apparent punishment of the New England Patriots and their Superbowl MVP winning quarterback Tom Brady . The player and the franchise were punished for their apparent actions during the AFC Championship game victory over the Indianapolis Colts . As serious as the claims are said to be, with the league fining the Patriots $1 million , Brady being suspended for four games and having forfeit two future draft picks in the NFL Drafts of 2016 (first round) and 2017 (fourth round) . I am not so sure what this fine will or actually make a dent in the tens of millions of dollars in of revenues reaped annually by the New England Patriots ! If the findings in the Ted Wells’ report are anything to go by , then I believe the punishment should indeed fit the crime . Unfortunately, the scales of Justice within the NFL when meted out under the auspices of Roger Goodell , it often tends to be that of a parent merely scolding a child,by merely spanking them across their backside and then telling them not to do it again.


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Wells’ report finds that members of the Patriots’ staff were uncooperative and evasive during their investigation and in many instances are said to have refused any of the questions being asked of them by the league’s investigators. To my mind , the NFL now seeking to be arbiters of some form of justice, is somewhat like the investigations conducted by the Roman Catholic Church and the sexual abuse that rocked the church over the past ten years. Simply passing the buck, or obfuscating their own responsibility has become something of a widespread pattern of behavior and stupidity by the NFL.


GLENDALE, AZ – FEBRUARY 01: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft on the podium following Super Bowl XLIX against the Seattle Seahawks at University of Phoenix Stadium on February 1, 2015 in Glendale, Arizona. The Patriots defeated the Seahawks 28-24 . Kraft was a main supporter of Roger Goodell succeeding Paul Tagliabue as NFL Commissioner . Roger Goodell has yet to issue a public statement on the findings from the Wells’ Report , leading many to believe he is seeking to distance himself , as a way of seeking to be impartial. Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Don’t look now, but some fans still believe this league can overcome this type of bad publicity, while remaining popular. During this past season, the league has found even more ways of shooting itself in the foot , without the apparent aid of anyone else helping them along the way. Goodell , as NFL Commissioner , has even admitted he made mistakes. Well Roger they’re piling up and I seriously doubt we will be seeing the last of your now comic and epic mistakes ! If there were to be an Oscar awarded for the portrayal of stupidity , then the commissioner would have the inside track and be the leading contender for the award.

Tom Brady is likely to challenge his suspension (four-games) with the backing of the NFLPA (union) and the likelihood , he will mount a defense , stating the league’s investigation was not only biased , but lacked credibility . Team owner

From my own standpoint , I find this whole spectacle to be one big charade , with the league simply looking to save face among its fans while seen to be doing the right thing . The media for their part seem intent with the fanning of flames and also showing their ongoing stupidity. Yet, what else would be expect from the cabal of buffoons , who cover the sport in print , on the radio and on television ? There remains a great deal more to this ongoing spectacle as it is likely to played out in the coming weeks , if not months.

For the Indianapolis Colts, in the aftermath of their lopsided loss , there has been nothing of note coming from within the organization by way of public statement . GM Ryan Grigson and team owner Jim Irsay have remained silent . Something of a shock from the Colts’ owner , given his penchant for making rather asinine statements . But I believe Irsay’s silence has more to do with the fact he was one of the more prominent owners who supported the hiring of Roger Goodell to succeed Paul Tagliabue as NFL Commissioner. Best not to show opposition to the beleaguered executive and simply have others outside the game voice their indifference as the league stands behind their man , even as his repeated pratfalls continue to make a mockery of the NFL .

Mandatory rookie camps are not yet officially in session , but already the unthinkable has happened with Jacksonville Jaguars’ draftee and line backer Dante’ Fowler , with the player being lost to the team for entire preseason and regular season . Given the plight of the Jaguars last year, Fowler’s loss will be seen as a disaster. For head coach Gus Bradley and his coaching staff this now provides them with the opportunity to assess their options within the team’s secondary. LaRoy Reynolds will now have to prove himself worthy partner to seasoned veteran, Geno Hayes as the Jaguars seek to bolster a defense which stumbled throughout much of last season.

Jacksonville Jaguars’ quarterback Blake Bortles, this will be the season where will either see the progress in the player’s ability or has often been the case with so many second-year starting passers their regression . Bortles is expected to lead this Jacksonville team with the expectation of their being able to compete in what is likely to be a fairly competitive AFC South division.

Gus Bradley and his players will begin their preseason schedule with a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at EverBank Field in Jacksonville , Florida on the 14th August , 2015 . This will be the first of Jaguars’ quartet of contests making up their exhibition season. With the regular season getting underway on 10th August when the Jaguars will have as their guests the NFC South based Carolina Panthers led by Cam Newton . This game should tell us a great deal about both teams , especially with regard to the Panthers , their ascent , while there just happens to be the flagging fortunes of the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints. Matt Ryan is proving that his contract and game are more a of a hindrance , with his being unable to lead the Falcons to any type of meaningful win during the postseason. ” Father Time ” has begun to catch up with Drew Brees and his teammates , while Sean Payton looks like a desperatel man searching for answers.

I will say this for Trent Baalke and Jed Yorke , they are certainly putting on a brave face after the departure of Jim Harbaugh to the Michigan Wolverines . Mutual consent or not , the one thing we now realize was the very fact the San Francisco 49ers’ front office had lost all respect for their once revered head coach . A disastrous sojourn around the league in 2014, and the . inconsistency of not only Colin Kaepernick as well as the team , without delving into the off-field antics of several of the players. It led many to believe Harbaugh had lost sight of discipline and respect among the roster. A fractured relationship between the Niners’ head coach and the franchise’s lead front office executives was certainly the “ writing on the wall” and for the imminent departure of Jim Harbaugh . His successor, Jim Tomsula has a tough act to follow ,given his predecessor’s success with the Niners.

A rookie head coach , an organization in transition , upheavals and in recent years their biggest divisional rival has now ascended to become one of the biggest teams in not only the NFC but the entire league . So much of the 49ers’ perceived dominance in recent years with the quick rise of the Seattle Seahawks . Their divisional contests this season should prove to be thoroughly entertaining as Jim Tomsula seeks to match wits with his counterpart Pete Carroll. It will be interesting to see if Colin Kaepernick can rebound after a disastrous season in 2014. If not, then the Forty Niners will be in for a dire time this upcoming season among their rivals and the league enlarge.

San Francisco will kick-off their schedule with a Monday Night contest against the Minnesota Vikings at Levi Strauss Stadium in San Francisco , California , on 14th September , 2015.

If ever there was a franchise in the NFL whose constant scrutiny causes endless debates , then other than the Dallas Cowboys , the organization in question would have to be the Washington Redskins. With due deference to the Oakland Raiders and their lackluster performances over the last ten years. The Redskins have been embroiled in the sort of incompetence not often seen in the league , even with the bankroll of team owner Dan Snyder.

Political correctness asides , issues with the franchise’s logo and name , the question remains when will the Redskins have some semblance of success? . Robert Griffin III leading the team to a divisional title and a postseason appearance in 2012 , only to be followed up by two years of abysmal inconsistency and failure , speaks volumes as to how overrated this franchise remains. Jay Gruden is still trying to find his footing and also having to deal with the egos of Griffin and his immediate backup Kirk Cousins . If that wasn’t enough, throw in the fact Dan Snyder’s ego is as large as FedEx Field itself. In some respects. the Redskins’ owner models himself after Jerry Jones , but without having the responsibilities of being the general manage . A task currently undertaken by Scot McGloughan , whose first draft class with the Redskins is considered to be a success and perhaps the franchise’s best in the past six years.

The main issue facing Washington for the upcoming season, will be how to get the best out of Robert Griffin and an offense which sputtered , while also seeing a great deal of improvement from the team’s secondary, which seemed to give up point and yards at the drop of a hat throughout much of last season. Their regular season will prove to be a tough one , with all four teams within the NFC East looking to gain a competitive edge over a rival. Dallas , the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants will be looking to make point as to their ambitions for the season.

For Washington , if they and Robert Griffin are to have any semblance of success, then their first four games to start the season will have to be a resounding success with at least a minimum of three wins if they are to have any sort of momentum. Their first regular season contest will be against the Miami Dolphins at FedEx Field , Landover , Maryland, on 13th September , 2015. Match-ups between these two teams have proven to be entertaining and it would be the very first time that Robert Griffin has faced the Miami Dolphins in a regular season game . Likewise also , for his opposing number Ryan Tannehill of the Dolphins as he looks to prove himself to be one of the better young quarterbacks in the AFC.

It is not difficult to explain the reasons why San Diego Chargers have failed to make a deep postseason run during the NFL Postseason . The franchise has been ill-served by the numerous bad decisions made by a succession of head coaches down the years . From Mike Riley to Marty Schottenheimer , to Norv Turner and down to Mike McCoy, this franchise has simply stumbled from one season to the next. San Diego’s last postseason appearance came in 2013 , ending with a divisional round loss to the Denver Broncos with a 24-17 defeat. For Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers this was another heartbreak in an otherwise stellar playing career in the NFL and with the organization. It is hard to say how history will judge the ten-year veteran who stands second all-time in franchise’s career passing yardage , but who leads Hall of Fame legend Dan Fouts in career wins for the franchise.

With Chargers’ GM Tom Telesco contemplating the trading of Philip Rivers prior to the NFL Draft and with apparently no takers for the veteran . The team will start off their season with Rivers at the helm for the offense, as they begin their preseason exhibition games. Alternatives at the quarterback position for the Chargers are not encouraging, should Rivers come down with an injury. Prospective free agents at the position are there, but I am not so sure they would fit the system Mike McCoy has in place concerning the Chargers’ passing offense. San Diego will have Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions as their guests at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego , California on the 13th September ,2015. Relocation or not the Spanos family may well see this as the last season where Phillip Rivers will be in a position to lead the Chargers to a Superbowl appearance.



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Based on the suggested evidence in the Ted Wells’ report do you believe the punishment mandated by the NFL hierarchy is appropriate or is not severe enough given the extent of the charges leveled against the New England Patriots ? Also, with the NFL Draft having taken place which teams benefited the most from the exercise and which teams failed to meet your expectations ? Chime in with your thoughts as you see fit and thanks as always for the continued support of this site and the associated content !


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8 thoughts on “I came to warn Caesar, not to praise him”

  1. So is it deniable culpability or simply the New England Patriots back up to their old tricks ?

    Tom Brady is most certainly guilty of something , but the league hierarchy itself , just happens to be as incompetent as the commissioner Roger Goodell, who continues to show what an oaf he just happens to be . How the hell can you not have the game officials actually thoroughly check the game balls prior to a game , especially a game as important as AFC championship game .

    On the Truth-meter are these two individuals not the most honest athletes you’ve ever come across ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! (Brady & A-Rod)

    Furthermore , the league has not shown the common sense to state there will be a change in their game protocols for the referees. Indicating the officials themselves are just as incompetent as the senior executives within the NFL hierarchy . Goodell can no longer do what is right with the NFL by singularly pointing to the growth in revenues and the actual value of all of the NFL’s thirty-two teams as his point to success and the popularity of the game.

    Now to top it all we have the rather disgusting story that the league is paid by the Defense Dept to honor US military servicemen and women during NFL games. This should not be something that is being done simply for commercial gain by the league (NFL) , NHL, NBA , MLB or NASCAR . Yet somehow it is . To further show the stupidity on this matter , I had a fan state to me , this was being done to attract a younger demographic to sports in general. With that type of idiotic thinking , it is easy to understand how gullible fans in this country can be .

    Courtesy of the Daily Telegraph

    Washington pays millions of dollars to sports teams to honor soldiers

    Anger as details of Pentagon marketing contracts with baseball, basketball, football and soccer teams uncovered by Republican congressman

    By David Millward, US Correspondent

    Honouring the military is commonplace at sporting events in the US, but it emerges that patriotism comes at a price.

    Jeff Flake, a Republican congressman from Arizona, found that the US Defense Department and National Guard have signed marketing contracts which are worth millions of dollars to major sports franchises.

    Trawling through the accounts, he found deals had been signed with the National Football League NFL), Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and Major League Soccer – whose latest recruits include Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard.

    The money has been paid to some of the wealthiest franchises in sport whose stars earn eye-watering salaries, such as the $14 million (£8.9 million) which will be paid to Tom Brady, quarterback with the New England Patriots, the current NFL champions.

    The discovery that the flag waving was motivated by commerce rather than patriotism alarmed Mr Flake.

    He described the process as unseemly. “To find out they’re doing it because they’re being compensated leaves a bad taste in your mouth.”

    One contract showed that the New Jersey National Guard paid $377,000 to the New York Jets, one of the major NFL franchises.

    It covered an array of promotional activities including recognizing __sing a “Hometown Hero” on the electronic scoreboard for each of the team’s eight home matches

    Click on link to read in full.

    This is the sort of insipid stupidity and wasteful spending that goes on endlessly by the federal government for which Congress is also mainly to blame . How is it the CBO has not investigated this at all ?

    Tom Brady’s
    agent , Don Yee obviously knows his client is guilty, and his strategy is simple. Attack the messenger , his authority and the veracity of the claims being made and not the fact that this event did take place.

    Roger Goodell must be that frigging naive to believe that a $1 million fine , a four-game suspension and the lost of draft picks will effect the Patriots adversely . The franchise has gross revenues of over $200 million annually . Brady earns in excess of $35 million including his salary , in a year . The player will likely be aided in his appeal’s process by the NFLPA (union) . So all of this bull#hit dialog , about the punishment meted out fits the crime , is a damn joke . It doesn’t even come close to being appropriate, even if the investigation itself , was incompetently handled .

    Brennan of USA Today

    USA Today’s Christine Brennan (pictured above) is a poor excuse as a sports’ journalist, let alone a female journalist covering sports and offering up her lame opinions. If she believes this punishment meted out by the NFL fits the actions of the New England Patriots. Then she is an even bigger fool than first thought . She ought to stick covering Women’s Bowling or Women’s Basketball .

    NB : This story concerning the Defense Dept was also reported in print by USA Today .

    Tophatal ……………..


  2. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has repeatedly stated he has made mistakes this past season dealing with a number of issues facing the league . Yet here we are once again, amidst even more controversy and as the league’s highest ranking executive , he can see nothing wrong in his presiding over hearing involving Tom Brady , the New England Patriots and the franchise’s actions concerning Deflate-Gate? How can the hell can he be impartial with such a case, when it is widely known he had the support Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft in succeeding Paul Tagliabue as the commissioner for the NFL ?

    Granted , Goodell will continue this idiotic premise that under the CBA (collective bargaining agreement) with the union , he has the sole right to be an adjudicator concerning issues of misconduct. Here, it is not really a case of misconduct , but one of cheating and the effects on a game .

    Clearly, Goodell cannot differentiate between the two , much like George W Bush couldn’t discern the difference between persecute and prosecute . Which begs the question , do Roger Goodell and the former US President share the same type of idiotic intellect and thought process ?

    Dubya , always on point with some point of view where his ideas are just as idiotic as he always seemed to be.

    Goodell is no end of an @ss , but in the end , what I believe him to be, is one big gigantic @sshole !

    Tophatal ……………..


    1. What’s not smart about appealing his suspension ? Are you for real ? I mean where is the real evidence other than based on supposition of what was said to be known, but no direct evidence to suggest Tom Brady was in fact the individual who deflated the game balls . Never-mind the fact we now have Roger Goodell presiding over the hearing concerning the player’s guilt or innocence. How is the NFL Commissioner meant to be impartial in such an instance, when it is widely known Robert Kraft was one of his main supporters in his ascension to become the NFL’s highest ranking executive ?

      Roger Goodell will always remain a clueless frigging moron and the fans who simply suggest that the NFL’s credibility and popularity will remain intact , because of its profile clearly don’t have a goddamn clue as to what the fu#k they’re actually talking about .

      Since Goodell’s tenure, it has been one frigging repeated pratfall after the other, with no one from the league hierarchy prepared to offer any type of explanation for the ongoing mess , while the fu#king clueless fans and their apathy remains the same .

      will have union representation at his hearing which based on the evidence of supposition and no clear direct ties to the player , with the likelihood , he could see a protracted four-game suspension being reduced to two . So explain to me how and why he wouldn’t lodge an appeal ?

      The NFL is a league being ran by aging middle-aged Caucasian @ssholes without an iota of fu#king intelligence .

      If Brady loses his case, he can still lodge an appeal , and quite possibly win or he can still make it a legal issue within the Judicial System , where he would likely embarrass the entire league (NFL) .

      Tophatal ………….


  3. The NFL knew about this before the game even started. Heck they knew about years before yet they chose to do nothing about it. They waited. They have a hard on for NE. This was a simple problem to fix. Stop the game. Get your balls in order then play the game. This is symptomatic of our country’s larger problems. Bury your head in the sand and do nothing. These problems of the NFL’s own making. The blame rests squarely on the leadership- No one else


    1. bobby gee

      Just as they say within education ” reading is fundamental” . Well,within the realms of professional sports ” cheating there has always been fundamental “ . Now you have idiot fans showing how goddamn ignorant and apathetic they really are to begin with .

      Roger Goodell remains weak as an executive and you can see that with his decision-making and the way he communicates with the press and the public at large.. The guy remains an incompetent @sshole and why the NFL franchise owners haven’t fired him or called for a vote of “no confidence” in his authority is simply unbelievable .



      1. When one doesn’t have principles you are blown by the wind instead of standing up for what is right. When one tries to appease all you do is bring on more trouble. Why do people let one percent of the population push them around instead of speaking the truth


  4. bobby gee

    Goodell should recuse himself from presiding over this hearing . It smacks of stupidity as there is no way in hell he can remain impartial in such an instance .

    Try not to augh but it’s believed Roger Goodell was a conjoined twin. He was separated at birth from a piece of turd .

    Tophatal …..


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