So what am I missing here ?

So what am I missing here ?

Well now that the dust has settled it would appear with the sudden resignation of FIFA’s four-term President Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter , and his seeking to salvage his now languid reputation. The future of soccer’s international governing body still appears to be limbo. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth as the institution will simply regroup, weather the storm and simply look to steer a new course . Nothing will actually change and there will not be any greater oversight than there was before.

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With the World Cups of 2018 and 2022 still ahead and the various associations not calling for there to any changes in the staging of those events in Russia and Qatar , respectively. The apparent idiocy shown by journalists, the none too informative and unintelligent sports’ fans in North America who believe themselves attuned to the sport, has simply indicated to me what I have always known all along. Stupidity simply comes in all shapes and sizes, with the country leading the world by an ever widening margin . which is beyond belief.

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch is seen here in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee . Lynch succeeded Eric Holder to become the nation’s highest ranking law enforcement officer. It should be noted as the State Attorney General for the Manhattan District of New York , Lynch was somewhat lenient in her prosecution of international financial institution HSBC for their wrongdoing in assisting wealthy individuals in their avoidance of paying US federal income tax . Get the feeling might well be using the issue of FIFA to show that she’s capable of being tough ? Bill Clark/ CQ/ Rolling Stone

Blatter’s stepping down will not leave a great vacuum within the FIFA hierarchy and the executive committee will now seek to either hold a quick vote in search of a new successor , while also seeking to address the issue of the ongoing investigation by the Swiss authorities who are now said to be working in conjunction with the US Justice Department .

The federal agency’s leadership headed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch has gone on record,. stating , ” the actions of the executives behind a corruption scandal and their actions being so egregious . that it brought the game of soccer into disrepute”. I’m sorry, but soccer was already up to its neck in its own fecal matter , long before this latest scandal.

Far be it for me to suggest that the NFL , NBA and MLB have not had their own litany of skeletons within their vestibules over the past few years. If the likes of Frank McCourt can literally place a baseball franchise into bankruptcy , with acts , which under normal circumstances would be seen as criminal and still not be punished by baseball’s hierarchy . Then it begs the question, what the hell is the Justice Department meant to be doing in its role as the nation’s law enforcement arm ? It is not as if the agency has the greatest success in prosecuting white collar criminals , especially those who simply were behind the eruption of the US economy and specifically within the financial sector . Yet low and behold, rabid idiot fans without a clue are looking for the implosion of an international sports’ governing body? I don’t hear of any calls for the bringing down of the WBA , WBC , IBF or WBU , but somehow those four bodies who are the international governing arms for the sport of boxing, can go untouched, because there is the belief the sport of boxing remains above reproach ?

Former Los Angeles Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt having taken the franchise into bankruptcy proceedings as part of his divorce settlement , was still able to walk away with $1 billion cash , even after it was noted during the proceedings McCourt had leveraged the ball-club to finance private deals, contravening league rules as well as using funds derived from the club’s revenues for his own personal use , buying commercial and , residential real estate, a yacht and several sports’ cars. Somehow, neither MLB’s hierarchy or federal prosecutors saw fit to indict or prosecute Frank McCourt for any wrongdoing on his part. AP Photo / Barry Reed

Consider, the bribery and corruptible practices within the sport and somehow, the antics of such promoters as Bob Arum and Don King are still lauded in numerous circles. Give me a fucking break , with all of this asinine bull#hit as to what the Justice Department is now seeking to do , having unearthed evidence showing that a Miami based sports’ marketing firm was used to launder monies paid to several high-ranking FIFA executives.

The sole reason the federal agency entered the fray, came from the fact a US financial institution was also being used to launder the ill-gotten gains of these executives. I wonder if the US Justice Department would use such zeal, to go after a Wall Street executive much less a US Congressman, were they actually at the center of such a probe ? They failed miserably with an inept attempt to punish former Senator Ted Stevens and all of this was done at the taxpayers’ expense ? What the fuck !

Blatter walks away from an institution which he ran like his own personal fiefdom, where his serfs were equally as corrupt. At the end of the day however, just about everyone associated with the sport has to be apportioned a certain amount of blame. There may well be idiotic outcries from pious members of the press, but they too are not innocent in this spectacle either. I mean here in the US , the media willingly turned a blind eye to the misdeeds of the players in baseball during the steroid era under , which Bud Selig might as well have showed the mendacity to punish a guilty player of steroid use as Congress might seek to punish one of their own, for an unlawful act or bringing the institution into disrepute with their behavior. There has been as much competency shown by the members there, as might be found among some fans, being witnessed now with the utter stupidity , rhetoric , pragmatism and apathy.

Will they or won’t they ? It would appear with each passing day the front office of the Minnesota Vikings are unsure what their intent might be with their running back Adrian Peterson. The disgraced player having been reinstated by the NFL after his own self induced stupidity , has first claimed , he no longer wanted to be part of the franchise and he is now at the point, that his agent still cannot be consistent with regard to his client’s statements , with each passing day , the story seems to be changing. Personally, I don’t believe the Vikings have a good enough team to win NFC North or even make the playoffs within the NFC ! The team’s starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has yet to show the consistency sought and the alternatives on the roster do not appear to be any better than the freshman passer, which leads me to believe things are not ,likely to go at all well for Minnesota this upcoming season.

Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson having been reinstated by the NFL threatened the franchise with a trade request , for what he felt was the Vikings’ disrespect for him during his recent troubles. Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings have not yet fully come away from their impasse , even though all of the right things are now being said by certain forces within the front office . Peterson’s agent and the player are known to be dissatisfied with his current contract as he is said to be seeking a more lucrative deal with the maximum amount possible in guaranteed money. The running back is not due to become an unrestricted free agent until 2017. AP Photo/ Neal Hart

For Adrian Peterson , this might be the last season where the fans get to see him in a Vikings’ uniform. As good as he has been over the years for the franchise, age and time are no longer on his side , while the window of opportunity for the Minnesota Viking have not been truly kind. Their last appearance in the NFL postseason came in 2012 , where they lost in the NFC wild-card round coming unstuck in game played against the Green Bay Packers. Prior to that , another appearance in 2009 saw the Vikings come unglued to the New Orleans Saints in the conference championship game. Needless to say, Mike Zimmer and his coaching staff will be under a great deal of pressure to succeed this season.

Minnesota will be moving into a new multi-billion dollar stadium at the start of the 2016 NFL season , providing the league with its newest state of the art venue. I doubt that comparisons will be made to the Dallas Cowboys’ lavish Texas Stadium, in Arlington, Texas, with its jumbotron and still underachieving team . Yet , there you have it , another franchise under the impression , “ if we build it , they will come “ . Someone forgot to tell these idiot owners and front office executives , you also need to have a winning on-field product the fans can take pride in , while showing their vocal support.

Vikings’ owner Zygi Wilf understands the Minnesota Vikings’ long starved fans yearn the winning of a Superbowl title and with it the bragging rights of saying they are the best team in the NFL. A great deal will be dependent of whether or not that success can be achieved based on Adrian Peterson remaining with the franchise , while producing the form that has made him one of the best running backs in the NFL over the past eight years. At the same time the Vikings will have to prove to their fans and the rest of the NFL that they are credible contenders for the Superbowl.

The Minnesota Vikings will begin that journey in earnest, with their first regular season schedule game in week one against the San Francisco 49ers at Levi Strauss Stadium in Santa Clara , California , and what will the venue for this season’s Superbowl.

Adrian Peterson may well feel disgruntled as a player , having not had a great deal of success in the postseason with the Vikings , while at the same feeling he may well have dealt with harshly by the NFL hierarchy concerning his misconduct off the field of play. Yet like any other self-absorbed collegiate or professional athlete , it begs the question , are they actually capable of showing any real signs of maturity , while also taking responsibility for their actions ? Continued idiocy of fans making excuses for an athletes’ age, yet somehow they seem unconcerned by the fact we have young men and women barely out of high school who serve the country gallantly , while being placed in danger by the decision making of dumb @ss politicians. So I pose this question where should the concern really be, with a selfish athlete or with those serving the country with honor ?

Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers is about to become the next player and quarterback about to join the $100 million club . There are players now in the NFL barely earning a quarter of that sum as a contract , but they are not deemed their franchise’s leader. Newton over the past two years has showed signs of maturity and leadership. It is now felt in some circles with the declining power of both the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints , the Panthers are seen as the team to beat in the NFC South. Here’s the deal , the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ drafting of Jameis Winston will not turn things around overnight for the Buccaneers even if he was the number one overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Was he in fact the best player among the top picks taken ? Well, that is still open to a great deal of conjecture and debate at this moment in time. It would be fair to suggest the Buccaneers will live and die by the expectations and performances seen from Winston during the regular season . The preseason I believe will tell us about his temperament and whether or not he is capable of adjusting to the rigors of the NFL.


Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton is set to become the next $100 million player and quarterback in the NFL . How this now sits with the other quarterbacks around the league, as they look to cash in for next season will be predicated upon the deal negotiated by the player’s agent Lamell Morris of Perennial Sports & Entertainment Inc . AP Photo / Greg Richards

Last season another Heisman Trophy winner , Johnny Manziel simply imploded on the field of play for the Cleveland Browns while also showing himself to be a complete and utterly immature asshole off the field of play. Early comparisons between Manziel and Winston are already being made . The apt saying , “buyer beware “, seems to be appropriate considering the trajectory their paths have taken coming into the NFL and their troubles while in college.


Jameis Winston , left and Johnny Manziel are two players seeking to make a name for themselves in the NFL . Both quarterbacks faced their litany of troubles while in college and will now be placed under an even bigger microscope and the glare of the NFL . Manziel’s first season in the league was viewed as an unmitigated disaster. It remains to be seen what lies ahead for the 2014 Heisman Trophy winner and Buccaneers’ draftee Jameis Winston. For Manziel as he enters his sophomore season , it remains to be unseen whether or not he can unseat Brian Hoyer to become the Cleveland Browns’
regular starting quarterback . Getty Images / Brian Carson

Johnny Manziel is unlikely to be the starting quarterback for the Browns when they begin their preseason schedule and head coach Mike Pettine seems to be unsure what to now make of his now beleaguered quarterback , who now seems to be more known for his nightlife activities rather than for his accomplishments on the field . Excuses are still being made after his first season has entered an alcohol dependency program. WTF ! Manziel is no Rod Tidwell ____ ” show me the mother-fu#king money” ?

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers are likely to be the prohibitive favorites to win the NFC South this season with their schedule to some extent an extremely favorable one. Their toughest tests are likely come in their games where they face conference stalwarts , the Dallas Cowboys , Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks and an out of conference match-up against the Indianapolis Colts . Carolina will begin their bid for regular season divisional supremacy when they take on the Jacksonville Jaguars at Ever Bank Field in Jacksonville , Florida on the 13th September , 2015. This will be Newton’s second meeting against the Jaguars and it is likely to be a very competitive contest.

A 2-14 season last year simply summed up the ineptitude shown <a href= by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Head coach Lovie Smith is said to be a defensive guru and a disciple of former mentor Tony Dungy . Instead what we witnessed from the team last season , was mediocrity all season long . The two victories , one deemed a quality win , was actually over an injury laden Pittsburgh Steelers’ team missing several of their front-line starters . So make of it what you will. Buccaneers’ players are in camp for mandatory OTA’s in preparation for their upcoming preseason and regular season schedule. As alluded to before , a lot will be riding on the wave of optimism as well as the talent of Jameis Winston. If he fails to ignite this team and lead them to some semblance of success this season , then it will be back to the drawing board once again for a franchise that has been so inconsistent over the last ten years.

It will be interesting to see how much playing time will be devoted to Jameis Winston during the preseason, as Lovie Smith and the coaching staff begin to assess their rookie quarterback as well as the other draftees taken in their most recent draft. GM Jason Licht has already stated that last season’s NFL Draft was the most important in the franchise’s history . I get the feeling Licht doesn’t really know enough about Buccaneers to be making such a claim.

The Buccaneers will open up their preseason schedule with a game against the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis , Minnesota , likely giving Jameis Winston his first taste of an NFL atmosphere playing in a professional game. If there is a to be a regular season contest at hand for the former FSU starter , with his dethroning Mike Glennon , then Smith may feel it prudent to have him play in the Buccaneers’ first regular season game of their schedule against the the Tennessee Titans at Raymond James Stadium , in Tampa , Florida,.

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Do you believe that the US Justice Department will prove to be successful in their prosecution of the FIFA executives at the center of this latest scandal involving soccer’s international governing body ? Also , with Sepp Blatter stepping down as President of FIFA, do you believe he ought to be facing an indictment by either the US government or the Swiss authorities ? With the NFL season not yet in full swing, what impressions do you have with regard to the preseason stories now coming into focus ?


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9 thoughts on “So what am I missing here ?”

  1. So the US Justice Department will ensue to do their best on indicting and prosecuting senior executives within FIFA .

    Pardon me while I take a sh#t , because the agency’s record on white collar criminals as well as financial criminals , does leave a great deal to be desired .

    Loretta Lynch who succeeded Eric Holder to become the nation’s top law enforcement officer, has been saying all of the right things , but her record suggests, when a case is too tough , she seeks the easy way out, with a lenient sentence in lieu of a plea deal . Begs the question what’s likely to change in the aftermath of any type of fallout within FIFA ?

    ” I’m a bi#ch , a black bi#ch and I am telling you I ain’t takin’ no #hit from any of you sons of bi$ches once I take office., So y’all better move the #uck outta my way ” !

    US Attorney General Loretta Lynch

    Sepp Blatter was no better than his predecessor Joao Havelange . Now you have idiot fans and journalists talking about the implosion of FIFA ? Obviously they are not bright enough to see the more things are said to change , the more they remain the same .

    Blatter (left) and his predecessor Joao Havelange . Two of the most corrupt and unscrupulous individuals to have ever governed an international sport’s body .

    NFL quarterbacks aren’t necessarily a dime a dozen , but I doubt there are more than five in the league worth being offered a $100 million deal . Unfortunately, looking at the numbers there now seems to be far more than five . The bar is being set way too high in terms of their base and average salaries . Never mind taking into account the guaranteed money they are now being paid . .

    Tophatal ………….


  2. Cheaters never prosper ? Are you kidding me ? Look at the New England Patriots and how incompetent the NFL remains . The punishment being meted out to the franchise is simply laughable and goes to show that the fans and Roger Goodell are frigging clueless . Tom Brady misses four games , which he is likely to challenge and possibly have his suspension reduced . And the monetary fine imposed , is hardly going to make a dent in the franchise’s annual revenues . So someone explain to me how this all leaves the NFL much less Goodell, with any credibility ?

    “Tom are you telling me the truth ? Are the balls over inflated or under inflated ” ? ” I’m telling you Mr Kraft , my balls are always inflated when I’m having sex with Gisele . I don’t know anything about the game balls ”

    NFL news

    New England Patriots’ news


    Tophatal …………..


  3. FIFA cannot now backtrack and rescind their voting on rewarding Russia and Qatar the World Cups for 2018 and 2022 , without their being a major fallout and leading costly legal ramifications for the game’s international governing body.

    Sepp Blatter and his inner circle along with the national entities of the Russian and Qatar soccer federations were duplicitous , but so too were FIFA in actually making this all a reality , with there being no transparency throughout the process at all. Not unlike the idiocy we have also seen with the actions of the hierarchies of the NBA , MLB , NFL and NHL .

    As to the idiot fans now thinking the FBI and US Justice Department believing their investigation will make a blind bit of difference , then clearly they are as dumb as these two federal agencies combined .

    The Justice Dept and FBI have spent more time chasing shadows in recent years when it comes white collar criminals and drug lords and their success in such crimes has been very limited .

    Interpol had their original investigation of FIFA thwarted when Sepp Blatter used his political cronies to shutter the investigation. It may not happen again , but here is what we do know there are still several political figures within the Swiss government who will seek to either distance themselves from soccer’s international governing body when the information comes out they acted and countenanced the closure of Interpol’s work .

    It should be noted at the the time the international police agency (Interpol) was investigating whether or not, any crimes had been committed by senior officials within FIFA’s executive committee , most notably by those closest to Sepp Blatter. Efforts were in already in play to scupper their questioning executives within FIFA and some members of the Swiss government.

    For the @ss who simply cannot get out of his own way , with his ongoing stupidity , lack of intelligence , education and childish barbs , simply eat #hit and die . .

    FIFA news


    Tophatal ……..


  4. No way in hell the Minnesota Vikings can win the NFC North . They are not a good enough team with Adrian Peterson as part of their offense . The Vikings lack leadership and Teddy Bridgewater remains a work in progress and when measured against the other rookie quarterbacks of last season , he is not even among the best of the bunch who have at least started or played in a minimum of five games.

    Minnesota Vikings news

    Tophatal ….


  5. When FIFA convenes for the vote (likely to take place in December) seeking to find a successor to Sepp Blatter, among the leading contenders will be UEFA President and head of the largest associations , Michel Platini , which makes up one of the associations which governs soccer’s international governing body.

    Platini , a former French international and world class soccer player has long been a vocal and vociferous opponent of Blatter and the cronies , the now former President has chosen to surround himself with . If the UEFA President can garner the number of votes among the associations and their hierarchy , then Michel Platini would be a welcome change, after Blatter and his predecessor Joao de Havlange , led the organization on their downward path of corruption and greed.

    Platini, left , is seen here alongside Sepp Blatter.

    The FIFA Associations covering Africa and the Middle East were among the most solid of support bases for Sepp Blatter and it is understandable to see their current outrage as well as that of Russian President Vladimir Putin , who has called the US intervention with the US Justice Department’s actions being one of jealousy , from the fact they were overlooked in their bid to host the 2018 World Cup , which will be held in Russia. However , there has been evidence all along suggesting that monies exchanged hands leading to the votes which garnered the 2018 and 2022 tournaments in Russia and Qatar , respectively.

    Sepp Blatter and his henchmen were the conduits to this all with the monies emanating from a sports’ management company based in Miami, South Florida .

    Blatter is seen here with the Russian President , Vladimir Putin after the formal announcement the country had been awarded the staging of the 2018 World Cup .

    FIFA News

    UEFA News


    Tophatal ……..


  6. The fallout from Deflate-Gate has become more of an embarrassment to the NFL than most would have believed .

    With NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell refusing to recuse himself from hearing Tom Brady’s hearing , it begs the question how does the Commissioner believe that he can remain impartial in such an instance ?

    Imploding FIFA because soccer’s governing body is corrupt but you can’t see there’s ongoing incompetence within the NFL , where bigotry and racism coexists alongside an incompetent a league executive (Roger Goodell) and a group of franchise owners whose only concerns , remains profits and not much else, along with the ongoing apathy of lame @ssed fans .


    Tophatal …………


  7. Lynch couldn’t investigate her own ass let alone anything else. look this is just a joke. Blatter stepped down. he will probably stay until the end of the year. The only good thing that may happen is that Russia and Qatar could loses their rights to host the World Cup. Look it will have to come down to the players. These cats will have to put it on the line and refuse to play. The World Cup draw as fixed in Brasil. The refs are paid off. There is not any oversight to the game


  8. bobby gee

    Political expediency and not judicial expediency led to the leniency of Loretta Lynch’s dealings with HSBC , after there was proven wrongdoing by the bank. Now we have complete morons showing their idiocy with the belief Sepp Blatter’s resignation will actually amount to any type of significant change within FIFA . Has there been any meaningful change within the IOC , UCI , NBA , NCAA , NFL much less MLB and the NHL down the years , given the lack of transparency shown by those sports hierarchies ?

    Only idiots such as Skip Bayless , Christine Brennan and lame @ss fans without a clue can come up with that type of summation without having a goddamn clue as to what they are talking about.

    Sepp Blatter will be staying on until December , before his successor is named , with the likelihood of his having some influence as to who that might be.

    I believe Michel Platini would be the ideal choice to succeed Sepp Blatter, but it remains to be seen whether or not he can garner enough support to make it all a reality .

    Tophatal ………….


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