Failure wasn’t an option , but it happens and not much can be done about it …

Failure wasn’t an option , but it happens and not much can be done about it …

We’re but a month away as the MLB season begins to wind down and already , several teams seem to have fallen from grace . The AL East’s one-time almost season-long leader the New York Yankees have slipped up allowing the John Gibbons’ managed Toronto Blue Jays to take a half-game lead within the division. Hal and Hank Steinbrenner the familial owners of baseball’s most successful franchise have been vociferous in their support of Joe Girardi and remain of the belief the division is still theirs to lose. From my own standpoint, I believe those statements from the siblings stems from the fact they’re now running scared , knowing there is a great possibility the team will fall way short of the organization’s expectations for the season and it is the winning of the Yankees’ twenty-eighth World Series title.

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New York’s last triumph in the Fall Classic came by way of their lopsided series’ victory over the Philadelphia Phillies in 2009. In the subsequent years baseball has not been necessarily kind to the New York Yankees by way of success or the fact they have repeatedly failed to acquire a player who has actually contributed in any great way for the franchise. The team’s payroll has lessened in recent years , while the operations of the ball-club still remains profitable by way of their baseball operations and the revenues derived from their wholly owned cable network , YES Network . Presiding over this all, are the children of the late George Steinbrenner III .

The patriarch might now be looking down on the team’s season and questioning the decision making of GM Brian Cashman and that of his children as he has witnessed the ball-club’s failings this season . A great deal was expected of this team, but inconsistency seems to be the norm , while there now appears to be no assumed leader on the roster since the retirement of Derek Jeter after his two-decade career with the franchise. What the Yankees wouldn’t give now to have someone Jeter’s caliber leading this team. Unfortunately , the traits needed are not going to be found among the likes of Alex Rodriguez, Jacoby Ellsbury or Mark Teixeira , much less from anyone else on the roster. There has been a great deal of talk about the players within the Yankees’ farm system and which ones are likely to be brought up as the team makes a final push to win another divisional title.

Coming off an 8-6 victory over the Cleveland Indians , the New York Yankees will begin a three- game weekend series against the Toronto Blue Jays, with their being a great deal to play for as this series begins in earnest on Friday evening . The Blue Jays currently have a 7-2 lead in their seasonal series with Toronto winning their last encounter 2-0 in a game played at Yankees Stadium , in New York City, New York on the 9th August, 2015. On the mound in the first of this three-game series will be David Price of the Blue Jays, whose starts for his new team have proven to be beneficial for Toronto. Price will be facing Ivan Nova of the New York Yankees.

The most exciting divisional race now taking place might be the one within the AL West where the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Angels seems to be “duking it out” for divisional supremacy. Houston might just be the surprise team within the AL this season and likely to be viewed as this year’s rendition of the Kansas City Royals . Whether or not the Astros can match the accomplishments of the Royals of last season remains to be seen. For the moment , Mike Scioscia of the Angels faces a tough fight as he seeks to lead the Angels against his managerial counterpart A J Hinch of the Houston . Over their last ten games , both the Angels and Astros have posted pedantic records with their being nothing to suggest the two teams will have enough to truly separate themselves from one another. It might well just come down to which of the two ball-clubs actually wants to win the the division more.

The Houston Astros will be at home to take on the Detroit Tigers in what will likely become a make or break three-game series for the fading Tigers. Jered Weaver and the Angels will have a decidedly tougher weekend series at Kauffman Field as the Kansas City Royals will seek to distance themselves from their closest rivals within the AL Central.

Don’t hold your breath and please do not place a great deal of storage in the NFL preseason schedule . Football may well be back , but there is more drama to be found off the field than there is now said to be anything occurring on it. New York Jets’ presumed starting quarterback for the season , Geno Smith now finds himself sidelined having been cold-cocked , or some are now saying sucker-punched by former teammate Ik Enemkpali. Enemkpali was summarily cut by the Jets and his since found a new home with the Buffalo Bills , where former New York Jets’
head coach Rex Ryan is now the coach of the Bills, a fellow AFC East based franchise. As to what this all now alludes to, in the regular seasonal meetings between the two teams can be best adjudged by whether not the two players will looking across at each other during the contests in question. Bryce Petty , the Jets’ fourth round draft of 2015 will be offered the opportunity to prove his worth and even supplant a player (Smith), who has yet to acclimatize himself to the NFL after two years in his role as a starter on the team.

In their preseason opener the New York Jets were on the wrong side of a ham-fisted 23-3 loss to the Detroit Lions. Let’s just say whether or not Todd Bowles sought to assess his second string and third string players. There was nothing to suggest this Jets’ team will actually perform any better than their fans were privileged to witness last season. Defensively, New York seems to be apoplectic and the offense cannot be considered that much better.

Week two will see the Jets pit their wits against the Atlanta Falcons , a team that will certainly have a great deal to prove to not only themselves but also their long-suffering fans this upcoming season. Matt Ryan has long proven that while in the regular season he is viewed to be competent , where it matters most , the postseason has become an anathema to one more six-figure $100 million dollar quarterback who is overpaid and simply not worth the money . Ryan and his Chicago Bears’ counterpart Jay Cutler , to my mind are now the two most overrated passers currently playing in the NFL , by far.

You cannot put lipstick on a pig and expect to turn it into a sow and anyone who believes Jay Cutler is capable of leading the Chicago Bears to become a leading contender within the NFC this season, most likely is delusional. There is a new sheriff in town with John Fox heading a coaching staff looking to put the Bears back on the competitive map , with a newly revamped roster still built around Cutler as the centerpiece of the offense along with Matt Forte. Fox and the Bears got off to an auspicious start with a 27-10 victory in their preseason opener over the Miami Dolphins. Cutler got some playing time, but the majority of the snaps were taken by his backup Jimmy Claussen in this contest played at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois.

If Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears are to prove themselves this season, then they will have to show that they’re the equal if not better than divisional rivals the Green Bay Packers who still remain the class of the NFC North division. Having come off their victory over the Dolphins the Bears will prepare for their next preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts and their stellar quarterback Andrew Luck.

I believe we will not get to see the best of what the preseason has to offer until week three when the coaching staff will be giving more playing time to their front-line playing staff in preparation for the start of the regular season.

So it’s now official. The NBA will begin its regular season eighty-two game schedule on 27th October , 2015. With the New York Knicks failing miserably posting one of the worst records in the franchise’s history and their sheer apathy of some of the most inane NBA fans who continued to drink the Kool Aid and their thinking, that LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers would waltz their way through to the NBA title simply indicated how clueless and continually naive the North American sports’ fan just happens to be. I swear if you placed lipstick on a pig, these morons would actually believe it to be a goddamn fucking sow. Just another example of how damn apathetic, they just happen to be.

In the aftermath of David Blatt being out-coached by Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors . I have yet to hear anyone who was a detractor of the Warriors admit they actually got their prognosis wrong, in deliberating the outcome of the Finals . Instead , the excuses were rampant and widespread LeBron James’ apologists came out in their droves of the four-time League and two-time Finals’ MVP. Granted, James’ heroics in the series against Golden State was extraordinary , but clearly the Cavaliers’ roster did not have the depth of their Western Conference adversaries. If that escaped the knowledge of the fans , then clearly the inexperience was also overlooked by their dumb asses. LeBron James is not an on-court coach, but be might just be the best facilitator of his era, of which not much more can be said beyond that.

The Golden State Warriors will begin the defense of their title against the New Orleans Pelicans in an opening night home stand . Kerr’s roster of last season pretty much remains intact with the exception of one or two minor changes and the most recent draft choices . Reigning League MVP Steph Curry will be returning alongside his robust teammate Klay Thompson and the hero from the Warriors’ Finals success Andre Iguodala most certainly will be looking to prove his performances during the series against the Cleveland Cavaliers were no fluke.

I certainly believe Golden State will remain a prohibitive favorite within the Western Conference to make an immediate return to the NBA Playoffs. They are likely to be joined by five time champions the San Antonio Spurs who during the off-season were the main winners in the free agency sweepstakes , landing LaMarcus Aldridge and David West to fortify what already is a formidable lineup for this upcoming season . Gregg Popovich and GM R C Buford continue to amaze with the acumen shown, with Peter Holt showing why he is perhaps the best owner in the NBA. He delegates , allows his executives to make the decisions necessary while giving his wholehearted support to the members of the front office in their carrying out of their duties.

San Antonio also end up leading the charge with regard to social awareness and gender equality , as they currently are the only franchise within the NBA, where a female coaching assistant , Becky Hammon is the only female holding down such a role. Success with Hammon came by way of the franchise’s D League affiliate winning the Summer League title. The NBA failed to capitalize on this , showing why it still remains a bastion of testosterone driven idiocy , with archaic ideas and sexist behavior by not only the league hierarchy , but also among several of the team owners and notably among the players themselves, in spite of the union’s Executive Director , Michele A Roberts, being a female.

If there is one thing I do know, the NBA needs this upcoming season, if this league is to remain vital and a major success, then it has to be an immediate rebound for both the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks after their disastrous seasons in 2014.

For two of the most renowned teams to have fallen so far off the map was not only an embarrassment for the franchises themselves , but it also gives credence to the fact , Mitch Kupchak and Phil Jackson are being given a pass based solely on past reputation and not by anything intrinsic or tangible being shown as of late. All of the bravura and idiotic naivete’ of both executives having a long-term plan was idiotic and remains asinine.

Last season remains a clear indication of how bad both teams were and their recent draft choices over the past three seasons. once again has proven a point. Not one player chosen has yet to make an indelible mark on the league. Yet fans of both the Knicks and Lakers are meant to believe Jackson and Kupchak actually know what they are doing ? Byron Scott and Derek Fisher may well have had stellar playing careers , having won multiple titles as players , but their coaching acumen has been abysmal in terms of the undoubted failures seen from their teams.

The Los Angeles Lakers will begin their regular season with a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Staples Center , in Los Angeles , California . For the New York Knicks their year-long sojourn within the NBA starts off with a contest against the Milwaukee Bucks , coached by former Knicks’ point guard Jason Kidd .

From my own perspective the NBA will not find its rhythmic heartbeat until we enter the month of December and from thereon-in which team yearns it the most, as they seek to win an NBA title.

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What are you hoping to see as the MLB season winds down and enters into its postseason spectacle ? Also, are you remotely interested in the NFL preseason as a way of gauging the teams’ play ? Finally, what are your thoughts on the NBA and which teams do you believe will be major contenders looking to dethrone the Golden State Warriors this upcoming season ?


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14 thoughts on “Failure wasn’t an option , but it happens and not much can be done about it …”

  1. It’s now do or die or never for a number of teams after Friday’s results in MLB (Major League Baseball). The Toronto Blue Jays momentarily led the AL East only fall back of the New York Yankees within the division. Regular season series between the Blue Jays and Yankees up to this point have proven to quite competitive this season .

    Bitch and whine all they want , but New York Jets’ fans really remain clueless if they can continue to feel Geno Smith is the quarterback needed to lead this franchise for the next ten or twelve years. Smith’s record says it all and a great deal more .

    Here’s food for thought. , How much of an @sshole must you be to actually believe the Cleveland Cavaliers actually stood a chance in the NBA Finals with David Blatt as a rookie head coach of a team with little depth to it defensively and only LeBron James playing consistently while facing the Golden State Warriors’ , a team that possessed more depth and had a much better coach with the experience of Steve Kerr ? How much of a frigging moron are these fans without them also kissing and continually kissing the @ss of LeBron James ?

    Tophatal ……………


  2. Things are slow at present within the NBA with their Summer League having ended and the San Antonio Spurs’ affiliate having won the title. The Austin Spurs came away with the crown , coached by former WNBA star point guard Becky Hammon . She is now a lead assistant coach on the staff head coach Gregg Popovich and could very well become the first female head coach of an NBA franchise . Widely rumored , should Pop retire the likelihood could be Becky Hammon is named his successor. GM RC Buford and team owner Peter Holt have implicit faith in Hammon’s abilities.

    Preseason in the league will soon be here with games being played domestically as well as abroad.

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  3. So much for Robinson Cano and the Seattle Mariners being one of the teams to beat within the AL West this season. Last night Cano and his teammates were soundly beaten in a 22-10 loss to the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park in Boston , Massachusetts.

    The Red Sox collected a combined twenty- six hits in their onslaught for their highest productivity of the year in a game .

    Back at . 500 and the Tampa Bay Rays are consistently finding new ways to show how mediocre a team they really are without their being a presence of mind among the veteran players on the roster.

    GM Matt Silverman might well consider moving Evan Longoria , because it is now abundantly clear the player is overpaid while not proving himself anywhere near to being an invaluable asset for the team and organization . Saturday and once again the Rays were outclassed by AL opponent as has been the case for much of the season the Rays. Josh Hamilton and the Texas Rangers completely overwhelmed the Rays on their way to a 12-4 victory .

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  4. Based on what I have seen through the games having played to start the preseason in the NFL . I must say I am not overly impressed by the performances of the teams or the players , especially among the rookies who have taken to the field for their respective franchises.

    Jameis Winston and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers struggled in their preseason opener going down in a loss , where Winston proved to be so erratic that it is hard to believe how either Lovie Smith and the team’s offensive coordinator can have any faith in the player’s abilities at this juncture.

    I still believe Marcus Mariota would have been the better option as the quarterback for the Buccaneers rather than the choice of Jameis Winston as the number one overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft !


    Still unsigned free agents (2015)


  5. I get it , Chip Kelly is really seeking to prove his detractors wrong , but this insistence to use Tim Tebow as a reclamation project will implode in his face, while making a mockery of the Philadelphia Eagles as a franchise and even more so show the idiocy of team owner Jeff Lurie and GM Howie Roseman as the senior-most executives within the Eagles’ hierarchy.

    Tim Tebow will be given the opportunity to start his first professional game in the NFL since 2012. With Kelly making the decision to sit Sam Bradford in preference to the Heisman Trophy winner . It once again shows Kelly’s ego remains limitless , as has been the case with his stupidity and being given carte-blanche to simply implode the roster of the last two seasons in preference to players he now believe will be more competitive for the Eagles .

    , Considering the fact , of the past two seasons the Eagles have been a compete eyesore defensively. There is no chance in hell they are likely to be competitive within the NFC East much less the conference. Granted , the division in question remains vastly overrated in so many ways that none of the teams there can taken as serious contenders for the Superbowl , Clearly, the case can be made as last season when the Dallas Cowboys were unceremoniously dumped.

    Even Obama is showing that he cares .

    “I’m looking up at the Jumbotron and it’s true being on television does add an extra 10lbs to someone’s weight ” .

    Tony Romo

    Tony Romo in the postseason continues to be a frigging joke and as to the claims of his toughness , There is every chance that the newly transgender Caitlyn Jenner has more balls than Romo will ever be able to show on or off an NFL field . The Romo apologists continue to be a bunch dumb @ssholes and that is a definite fact.

    “I’m thinking and I wonder what might Tony Romo do, were he here, standing in my place “?

    Caitlyn Jenner

    Tophatal …………..


  6. So there we have it , week one of the preseason has now come to a close within the NFL . Teams have performed admirably , but we cannot make a real significant assessment other than to suggest the preseason will continue to remain an anomaly and no real indicator as to what we are likely to see during the regular season .

    Sunday’s results were unspectacular but never the less fans were out in droves to watch the games in question . I am not so sure what to make of the Philadelphia Eagles’ performance in demolishing the Indianapolis Colts at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia . If you are convinced that a Tim Tebow sighting was an uplifting experience in the Eagles’ 36-10 lopsided victory over the Colts . Then you have to be convinced he will be an adequate backup to the team’s presumed starter as the quarterback , Sam Bradford.

    From my own perspective even with all of the off-season and preseason session and games played , Tebow will be far from being a backup of sorts on any level . He struggled to understand the nuances of the game in his first sortie into the NFL and will likely struggle again to the detriment of the team and the franchise in general ,

    When the Philadelphia Eagles take to the field to begin their regular season and should Sam Bradford be unable to start , are you of the opinion Tim Tebow will be able to perform admirably given his track record in the NFL , prior to this season ? I am not so sure at this stage with a comeback to the NFL Tim Tebow will be able to beat out the likes of Sam Bradford , Mark Sanchez or Matt Barkley to be a backup on the final roster for the Eagles.

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    Tophatal ………………..


  7. Teams are suddenly in a flurry as several have begun to make roster wire waiver pickups seeking to add to their rosters as they approach the final month of the regular season. One such team to make a splash were the AL Central division leading Kansas City Royals who picked up among others former New York Yankees’ starting pitcher Joba Chamberlain.

    Kansas City still has a healthy lead over their divisional rivals and are looking to be seen as a presumptive favorite for the AL Pennant and their fortify their claim to be seen as a natural favorite for this year’s World Series .

    At this moment, I believe there are three teams this season within the AL who are head and shoulders above the rest of the American League based on their play. They are the Los Angeles Angels , Houston Astros and the Royals . An honorable mention to the New York Yankees , but I feel if there is a danger and dark horse within the AL, then it would have to be the Toronto Blue Jays who are giving the Yankees a run for their money as the schedule is set to begin its final phase.

    The Royals had a tough contest against the Angels but finally overcame them to gain a hard-fought 4-3 victory over their AL counterparts. Joe Girardi and the Yankees fell to the Blue Jays but still lead the AL East merely because of percentage points and not by the number of wins tallied this season to date.

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    Tophatal ………….


  8. The 2014 NBA season started off with a splash and the Dallas Mavericks having an impressive opening month to their schedule. Yet when it was all said and done the Mavericks were nowhere to be seen as the postseason began . So much so their presence was barely felt but yet many of their fans suggest they are and will remain perennial contenders.

    Over the time the Mavericks as a franchise has never been built from within and it has to be stated other than the acquiring of a future Hall of Fame player, Dirk Nowitzki , via a trade with the Milwaukee Bucks . Everything about the Mavericks has been about a team bought and paid for due to the largess of franchise owner Mark Cuban . With hindsight being 20/20 , how dumb were the executives within the Bucks’ front office ? They traded for Robert ‘Tractor’ Traylor who is no longer in the league and sent Nowitzki to the Mavericks ? Traylor subsequently died at age thirty-four, having never fulfilled his potential as an NBA player.

    Robert Tractor Traylor

    From left to right , Rick Carlisle , Mark Cuban , Rajon Rondo , Dwight Powell and Mavericks’ GM Donnie Nelson .

    Mavericks’ GM Donnie Nelson could not spot talent , if he were given pen and paper along with written instructions in how to proceed. Since taking over the Mavericks’ operations as general manager , simply look at the draft choices made by Nelson .


    NBA news

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    Tophatal ……………


  9. Major fallout within the Boston Red Sox organization and their front office. Former Angels’ GM Jerry Dipoto has joined the franchise and so too has Dave Dombrowski , who will succeed Larry Lucchino to become the team President of the Red Sox. Incumbent GM Ben Cherington is insistent he will step down from his current role rather than serving in any capacity in the new regime .

    Red Sox manager John Farrell has since been diagnosed with Stage one Lymphatic cancer , further em-battling a franchise which has been a major disappointment all season long. Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez have failed to meet expectations , with the pitching staff also being a monumental failure at home and on the road for a great deal of the season .

    Ben Cherington , I now believe will likely step down rather than remain with the Red Sox in a secondary and inferior role. Boston is 5-5 in their last ten games with their last victory coming in a win coming over the Cleveland Indians at home , Fenway Park , Boston, Massachusetts ,.

    Boston Red Sox news .


    Tophatal ………..


  10. Almost one hundred and thirty games into the MLB season and teams are still fighting their way into making a difference.

    The Kansas City Royals (77-48) have been the top team in the game over the last ten games going an impressive 8-2 , leading all teams in the league over such a stretch. In the AL Central the Royals have maintained a comfortable lead over their closest rivals the Minnesota Twins, but they do not have the best record in the league , currently held by the NL’s St Louis Cardinals (80-45).

    Kansas will take to the road for their next two games where they will face a rather disappointing Baltimore Orioles’ team struggling to stay in a tight wildcard berth race, where there are several teams vying for the two berths in the AL .

    On Tuesday night the Houston Astros destroyed the New York Yankees in an onslaught coming out on top 15-1 in a game where there were a combined nineteen hits pounded out by the two teams .


    MLB news

    MLB standings

    MLB schedule

    MLB results


    Tophatal …..


  11. Week three and the results as the preseason plays out . Injuries are now piling up , but the NFL sees no need to have that type of data out there at all , yet they have become so abstinent on the issue of gambling but seem to have no problem when Vegas profits from it greatly , as well as having corporate sponsors on the sideline. doing so. At this point last season teams were struggling to get their act together before entering week one of the regular season .

    NFL players’ stats week two

    NFL team player stats

    Tophatal ……………


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