What now brown cow or you piece of turd ?

What now brown cow or you piece of turd ?

I have repeatedly been told that Roger Goodell is a smart individual , but in all honesty , his tenure within the NFL since succeeding Paul Tagliabue as the NFL Commissioner has been a complete embarrassment. The Ted Wells’ Report encompassing the Deflate-Gate Affair was filled with potholes and it didn’t take a legal scholar to prove that Wells and the league were simply in the midst of a witch-hunt , with the absurdity of the claims without actually have in substantive evidence beyond the allegations and claims.

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Ted Wells for his part, must be embarrassed with the fact his investigation was looked upon with little credibility by US Federal District Court Judge Richard Berman . The judge for his part was disdainful with the lack of cooperation from both parties as Tom Brady sought to have his suspension overturned in US Federal District Court within the Southern District of New York State. With the news emanating that the league’s action was overturned within the legal system , it now leaves Brady to pursue his career as well as the New England Patriots having their starting quarterback ready as they kick off their regular season schedule with their week one game against AFC rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Brady and the Patriots will be looking to get off to a winning start to the season as they seek to make a successful defense of their AFC East divisional title. From my own perspective, while New England will remain under the microscope for the entire season, the league itself will and specifically Roger Goodell will continue to be questioned as to his leadership and the direction the NFL is said to be heading in. Goodell, has repeatedly failed with his leadership, lack of communicative skills and the very fact the fans have lost faith in his ability to lead. The team owners will continue to support the beleaguered executive , but I do believe it is now time to jettison the league’s highest ranking executive and for the hierarchy to seek out a successor with the ability to lead while having the best interests of the game at heart. Roger Goodell remains a paradigm and his relationship with NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith continues to be an adversarial one on so many levels.

As if the preseason for the Washington Redskins hasn’t been a controversial one with their now being doubts about the future of the team’s 2012 first round draft pick , quarterback Robert Griffin III. Now comes the news that Jessica McCloughan , wife of the Redskins’ general manager Scott McCloughan has suggested that an ESPN reporter Dianna Russini offered sexual favors in order to get a news’ scoop on a story featuring the beleaguered quarterback and his fall from grace within the organization. The general manager’s wife has since apologized for her statement and the fact it went viral through social media (Twitter) , then to be picked up by various news’ organizations around the country. This all suggests for the Redskins this season, will be equally as controversial off the field as it has been on the field with Jay Gruden and his coaching staff yet to find any semblance of consistency much less any real effort from the players to succeed.

The preseason for Robert Griffin III has been one of missed opportunities for the player and injuries once again look as if they are likely to plague his season. Griffin has been less than confident during the preseason and it should come as no surprise Jay Gruden has gone with the decision to make Kirk Cousins his starting quarterback for the Redskins’ regular season opener against the Miami Dolphins at Fedex Field in Landover , Maryland on 13th September , 2015. The Washington Redskins will need to get out to a fast start to their season , because I believe there will be a great deal to fight for within an NFC East division which I believe to be the most puerile in the entire NFL based on last season’s performances from the teams within the division. Aberration or not , the Dallas Cowboys’ overall record was buoyed by the fact its divisional and conference rivals were just mediocre in 2014.

Jay Gruden out of deference to Cousins will hope the player can prove to be far more of a success than his draft class counterpart of 2012 , with both players having some semblance of success for the franchise since being drafted three years ago. Offense will be one of the issues plaguing the Redskins but I also believe their defense will have a role to play if this team is to have any type of real success this upcoming season. Final rosters are not yet set for teams as they enter the regular season, so with their being jobs on the line and roster spots due to be finalized to fifty-three players . It will be interesting to see what steps are likely to be taken by the coaching staff and front office of the Washington Redskins concerning the final list of players likely to make the team.

Gruden will get the opportunity to assess his roster as the Redskins join the league’s thirty-one other teams to close out the preseason with game four of the exhibition schedule of 2015. That contest will be against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Everbank Field on Thursday , 3rd September. The proposed starters will likely play several series in this game with those said to be on the cusp of making the final cut being given a final chance to prove their worth. For Robert Griffin, this will likely be the last chance for the player to resurrect his career with the franchise , as I believe he could very well be jettisoned by the franchise , in their last ditch attempt to save face.

Billionaire businessman Terry Pegula having purchased the Buffalo Bills will be seeking to bring back the former glory of this once proud franchise. Granted, the heyday of the Bills were long ago under the guise Marv Levy, with both Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas reigning supreme for the AFC based Buffalo Bills. Unfortunately , the lean years for the franchise have been unending and now with Rex Ryan taking over the reins as head coach along with a revamped coaching and playing staff , leads me to believe to Bills are likely to be in for another bumpy year and ride . Ryan’s last two seasons with the New York Jets were simply awful and there is nothing to suggest, his taking over the Bills will lead to a quick turnaround for the AFC East based franchise.

Listing the issues Rex Ryan had with the Jets during 2013 and 2014 , are easy enough to sum up , his coaching abilities were simply nowhere to be seen and quarterback Geno Smith was simply an eyesore in terms of his of ability and continued ineptitude. A case could be made , the Bills’ head coach will face the same issues he left with the Jets , having now taken over the reins from his predecessor Doug Marrone.

Though I don’t place a great deal of emphasis on what the NFL preseason has to offer . As I believe it simply a way of the league hierarchy and the owners wanting to have their way with the fans, by having them pay for an inferior on-field product during the exhibition season ! Not that the regular season tends to be any better by any stretch of the imagination, but the league and some fans in general as well as the NFL analysts believe it something we ought to salivate over.

Three weeks into the preseason and the Buffalo Bills have posted a 2-1 record , a mark they share jointly with the New England Patriots and New York Jets , as the three teams share the AFC East divisional lead during the preseason. Rex Ryan will take Buffalo Bills on the road to face the Detroit Lions at Ford Field in Detroit , Michigan to close out their preseason schedule. It affords Rex Ryan the opportunity and final chance to assess his roster , as he seeks to cut the figure down to his final spot of fifty-three players for the regular season.

Week one of the regular season will pit the Buffalo Bills against the against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis , Indiana in a game which will likely give us some indication about how the Bills seek to gauge their season against one of the AFC’s best teams over the last three seasons and in particular since Andrew Luck entered the league in 2012. For Rex Ryan the preseason has provided the problematical issue of having to sort through a group of quarterbacks not really deemed to be among the best in the league let alone being average. Having to choose from among E J Manuel and Matt Simms is not something one believe to be envious for an NFL head coach would accede to. Tyrod Taylor and Matt Cassel are two of the four quarterbacks that Rex Ryan will have to make his ultimate choice from, as to who his starter will be for the regular season. As a passing offense the Bills have been one of the poorest teams in the NFL over the past three seasons and I seriously doubt that scenario is likely to change over the course of this season.

Odell Beckham in his rookie season with the New York Giants may well have had a breakout year, but when it was all said and done , neither he or the Giants can conclude 2014 was a tremendous season for the team. They failed to make the postseason and Eli Manning simply did not live to much less meet perceived expectations sought by fans and the front office . In spite of the idiocy one particular patron and something of an infrequent visitor to this site with his idiotic claims Eli Manning now has the best receiving corps in the NFL . I would like to know where and what this idiot might actually be thinking.

For Giants’ head coach Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning this might be the last season the two in tandem will be given the chance prove their self-worth. Manning will be hoping to have a successful year in order to fortify himself with a highly lucrative contract . If the rumors are believed to be true , Eli Manning will be seeking to become one the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL by way of annual salary as well as by his presumed contract , likely to be a six-figure , five or six-year deal . Eli Manning is now thirty-four years old and a twelve-year veteran of the NFL and I am not so sure he has it within him to guide Giants to a third Superbowl title during his tenure with the franchise.

Far too many people still remain in awe of the Eli’s two singular moments with the Giants’ triumph over the New England Patriots in Superbowl’s XLVI and XLII , but they tend to overlook his failures of late during the regular season. More so, they have overlooked his lack of leadership ability and willingness to admit to those failures. Signs to my mind, indicating conceit and a willingness to apportion blame elsewhere ! . Something often associated with players who are narcissists . A trait I believe Eli Manning also shares with fellow NFC quarterback Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys in several instances.

With no real challengers to his position as the Giants’ quarterback heading into the regular season , it is clear that Tom Coughlin will have to ride with Eli Manning until he sinks or swims . Many believe it will likely be the latter , but there remains this prevailing belief Peyton Manning’s younger brother is now in the waning years of a very good career , viewed in many areas of his being possibly a borderline candidate for the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio,. With the Giants closing out their preseason with a contest against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough . Massachusetts,. The team’s regular season opener will certainly provide the fans with something to look forward to and likewise for their opponents the Dallas Cowboys who they will face at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas in week one of the 2015 regular season schedule .

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In light of Judge Richard Berman’s findings, favoring Tom Brady in the US District Court, do you believe an appeal in US Federal Appeals’ Court will overturn the decision or should the NFL simply accept their failure , having not prepared their case with any real veracity and the very fact Roger Goodell and Jeff Pash as the NFL’s Chief Legal Counsel were simply negligent in their zeal to win ? Finally, with the preseason having come to an end , did you find any of the contests to be meaningful on any level ?

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  1. Is Jeff Pash , pictured below , Chief Legal Counsel for the NFL willing to accept blame for the league’s poor presentation of their case in US Federal District Court ? Pash failed to take the stand, providing judge Richard Berman with a clear and succinct reason behind the league’s action in seeking to uphold Tom Brady’s four-game suspension from the NFL .

    Jeff Pash , SVP within the NFL hierarchy and the league’s Chief Legal Counsel.

    The NFL failed to line up all of their ducks in a row and with Pash choosing not to testify in the case against Tom Brady , it would suggest that the league had something to hide. Now having lodged an appeal , there doesn’t seem to be any veracity or common sense behind such a move, given Pash’s initial action , not seeking to testify.

    Tophatal …………


  2. Roster spots are still available on the Philadelphia Eagles’ depth chart before the team embarks upon their regular season schedule . Chip Kelly will have to definitely explain himself concerning the retention of Tim Tebow , because there has been nothing at all to suggest the player has done enough to be on the team’s roster for this season.

    ” I’m a white Christian boy who’s not able to get by on my ability but because I went to the University of Florida and played in the SEC , I have hope that Chip Kelly and my Lord and Savior has belief in me and because I want to be a quarterback in the NFL ” ! Tebow

    Tebow has not played well at all, in any of the four preseason games where he has been a participant for the NFC East based franchise.

    I have read where dumb @ssholes throw insults around, because their intelligence level and ethnicity shows to them to be complete fu#king morons concerning the merits of Chip Kelly as an NFL head coach. Kelly has yet to have his teams ranked in the top ten as a defensive unit during his tenure . And he same can be said , for idiots who have recently been trying to excuse the behavior of WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) for his racist comments . How many times, must a fu#king @sshole have to be forgiven , when his acts have been egregious and deliberately repeated and yet morons are stating that he is deserving of a second chance ? Would these same idiots excuse the act of a repeat sex offender or child molester ? WTF !

    ” I use the word n#gga because I’m a WWE wrestler , my daughter wants to fu#k n#gga’s and my son a white boy think he’s black and wants to become a rapper. Also because I now live in Tampa where it’s a melting pot and really liberal ” .

    Hulk Hogan

    NFL and news from around the league

    NFL results week four (preseason)

    NFL divisional standings (preseason)

    Tophatal ……………….


  3. ” I’m a white woman who believes oral sex (fellatio/sucking di#k) ought to be , between two consenting adults . I don’t care what my husband thinks , because I don’t want to have anal sex with a female wearing strap-on or a nigg@ , but I don’t mind seeing some skank slut of a reporter suck a di#k to get a story about Robert Griffin III ” !

    Jessica McClouhgan , wife of Redskins’ general manager Scott McCloughan


  4. Lovie Smith might now seem satisfied with the perceived progress of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback and first round draft pick Jameis Winston after the player’s performance in the Buccaneers’ final game of their preseason schedule , which resulted in a win over the Miami Dolphins in a contest played last night .

    Mike Glennon (8) and Jameis Winston (3) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers .

    Tampa’s coaching staff and in particular offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter and quarterbacks’ coach Mike Bajakian had to be happy with the play of both Jameis Winston and Mike Glennon in the game. This all bodes well for the Buccaneers this upcoming season after the inconsistency shown by Glennon throughout much of 2014 as he steered the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season.

    It will be interesting to see how Winston acquits himself in his first professional regular season game for the Buccaneers when they face the Tennessee Titans in week one at Raymond James Stadium , in Tampa Florida on September 13th , 2015 in the opening week of the 2015 regular season schedule.

    From my own personal standpoint , I am still not enamored with the Buccaneers’ offense or their defense , The core of this team and its depth remains extremely fragile .

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers news

    Tophatal ……………


  5. Please , no more fu#king comebacks for Tim Tebow and not another mother-fu#king sound out of any of his supporters about his not being given a fair chance. The fact of the matter is , Tebow cannot play in the NFL and a postseason appearance where in the end the Broncos were on the wrong end of a thirty-five point plus loss to the New England Patriots was enough of an indication to tell anyone the Heisman Trophy winner was never good enough to play in the league.

    Run Timmy , run . Too bad he can’t , because he has no goddamn sense of direction . John 3::16 isn’t helping his @ss now is it ?

    What else will it take for the uninitiated and those of low intelligence who continue to support him (Tebow) , know that he remains a frigging joke as a player ? He even lacked the leadership ability shown during his college days , because once in the NFL , Tim Tebow was a like a deer caught in headlights.

    A little common sense actually prevailed within the Eagles’ front office , though I have yet to understand the original decision by Chip Kelly to sign Tebow in the first place .

    The fact the Eagles cut Tim Tebow shows how ridiculous the move was in the first place. It garnered some news but nothing of real merit in terms the team’s play or even Tebow for that matter.

    Did Kelly have some compromising pictures of GM Howie Roseman fu#king a goat or with his #ick shoved in the mouth of a well-known Kelly apologist and frequent @ss wipe of a patron of various blog websites within this medium ? Inquiring minds don’t necessarily want or need to know as it’s just a thought at this moment in time.

    Tophatal …………….


  6. Well there is less than a week to go before the 2015 NFL season begins with a slew of games , with the first taking on Sunday , 13th September , 2015.

    The fallout not only from the NFL’s mistimed and ill-prepared issue with Deflate-Gate has hogged the sports’ headlines within the league, but also across the diaspora of the world of sports . Some idiots are now questioning why Tom Brady wasn’t suspended and even making comparisons to the actions of Pete Rose . It begs the question are the sports’ enthusiasts in this country that fuc$king dumb and completely without an ounce of intelligence ? Or is it, that they have no idea what the fu#ck they are talking about, much less understand basic law or the fact that the NFL itself is just bereft of intelligence among its hierarchy , with the team owners and Roger Goodell being the biggest @ssholes of all ?

    Tophatal …………..


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