Something Wicked This Way Comes …

Something Wicked This Way Comes …….

Week three
of the NFL season is now in our rear-view mirror and with it came the results leaving a great deal of the league in something of an after-shock. We have seven unbeaten teams , with the AFC on appearance having the better of the showing in terms of the success seen among the franchises. NFC champions the Seattle Seahawks remains a team in a state of disarray , albeit , they had their first win of the season with a 26-0 thrashing of the Chicago Bears , a team I believe will likely be among the worst of the NFL’s thirty teams this season.

Jay Cutler remains more of a liability to the Bears than he is an asset. Among the other NFC franchises, we have the San Francisco 49ers , looking as if they have been caught in a head-on collision , having been hit by a sixty-foot semi-trailer at high speed. Niners’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s season thus far has been one of sheer disappointment, while fans of the San Francisco 49ers appear to be pointing fingers at team CEO Jed Yorke and GM Trent Baalke for the franchise’s disarray.

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The Niners’ assuredly embarrassing loss to the Arizona Cardinals was as abhorrent a sight as one would not wish to see on an NFL field. Head coach Jim Tomsula and the coaching staff are as much to blame for this defeat as the players themselves. This Niners’ team lacks not only confidence but also a great deal of leadership and discipline. There can be no excuse for the loss , even if one could attribute it the loss , to the fact the Cardinals were the better team on the day.

In week four the San Francisco 49ers will play host to the unbeaten Green Bay Packers (3-0) , where quarterback Aaron Rodgers seems to be on a record breaking pace for the season in terms of his own personal achievements during the Packers’ regular season schedule . Personally, I do not believe the Packers will face much of a daunting task from their divisional rivals within the NFC North during 2015 !

While I believe over the past two seasons we have seen the growth of Cam Newton as a player, until he leads the Carolina Panthers (3-0) on a deep run in the NFL postseason , for the moment, he will just be considered a very athletic and gifted quarterback. He possesses a great deal of athleticism which is undeniable, yet he is complemented by a roster of players who have yet to meet the goals expected of the fans or the ownership at the moment. Head coach Ron Rivera and the Panthers’ coaching staff have slowly begun to mold this roster into a competitive force within the NFC South as well as the NFL , but the real goal for this organization has to be deep run in the postseason and ultimately a Superbowl victory.

The Panthers romped to a victory over a very labored New Orleans Saints’ (0-3) team missing Drew Brees in this contest. Granted, Brees’ back Luke McCown was being asked to do a great deal in this match-up , this loss was indicative of how bad , the Saints have become this season. Three games into their schedule and I am not so sure the New Orleans Saints are capable of extricating themselves out of a hole of their own making. Next up for the Saints will be a home game against the Dallas Cowboys (1-2) , in a must-win contest for both teams , if either of these two franchises are to make sense of their season.

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers will be taking their show on the road to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers , where Jameis Winston will be looking to acquit himself after his rather lackluster display in the Buccaneers’ week three loss , suffered at the hands of the Houston Texans. Going into this contest against the Panthers , I would be very surprised if the home team is able to pull of a victory against the visitors in this contests . Games between the two teams since Cam Newton was drafted by Carolina have been in favor of the Panthers’ quarterback.

Say what you will , in the aftermath of the debacle which engulfed and embarrassed the NFL hierarchy with Tom Brady seeing his proposed four game suspension bite the dust with US Federal District Court Judge Richard M Berman, siding with the player, The judge stated, the league had overstepped its limits in seeking to suspend the New England Patriots’ quarterback for the first four games of the Patriots’ regular season schedule. Deflate-Gate as this debacle and unmitigated disaster, has come to be known, isn’t simply about the accusations of the New England Patriots cheating , but it is a damning indictment of a league lacking in leadership from the hierarchy on down to the front office executives and among the players themselves.

Meanwhile, clueless individuals , notably the anal retentive fans pointing an accusing finger at the Patriots’ franchise , have been quick to overlook the misdeeds of coaches such as Rex Ryan , Josh McDaniels , Sean Payton and a slew of bothers. Needless to say, these same blithering idiots , with their short-term memory loss have quickly forgotten the antics of the New Orleans Saints’ organization and the antics surrounding the Bounty-Gate Scandal. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell remains the consummate imbecile , while the anal retentive and apathetic fans of this league continue to wax on lyrically about how great the NFL happens to be , but they appear to be nowhere intelligent enough to be succinct in their criticism of a clueless commissioner.

Tom Brady for his part has led the New England Patriots to an unbeaten three-game start to the season, with the Patriots’ quarterback going about his business , as if the scandal which engulfed his reputation was simply a meaningless obstacle. Questions may will still arise as to player’s innocence or guilt, but given the fact the league’s case as so ill-prepared , even the NFL’s SVP and Chief Legal Counsel Jeff Pash failed to take the stand to explain the NFL’s case against Brady , has simply been another indicator of the ongoing incompetence of this hierarchy under Roger Goodell’s leadership.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots annihilated the Jacksonville Jaguars on their way to a 51-17 victory for their biggest win of the season , with their schedule still in its infancy . Brady has already amassed over 1,000 passing yards on the season , thrown seven passing touchdowns without an interception , with a completion percentage above sixty-five percent (65% ) and a QB rating in excess of 115.00 . Outstanding statistics for the four-time Superbowl winner, three-time Superbowl MVP and two-time League MVP . Awards being what they are and even in light of the most recent allegations , Brady has remained at the top of his game without any real distractions. Granted , there still remains the idiocy of the league , still holding out some hope they are able to suspend the player at some point during this season, but given the league’s poor presentation of their original case , there seems little chance of their having a successful ruling in a Federal Appeals Court , which renders Richard Berman’s verdict null and void.

Brady now remains single-minded in his pursuits , with franchise records and a number of career milestones now within his sight, but perhaps the biggest achievement yet remaining for the player , might be the chance to win a fifth Superbowl ring and championship with the Patriots’ franchise. His six appearances in the NFL’s biggest showcase event is a testament to his career and while there will remain detractors , the fact of the matter remains, neither player or the organization are solely to blame for the malaise and bad publicity this latest scandal has brought the NFL. The leadership within the NFL remains weak , and the owners seem more concerned with , money , profits , team value and less about a positive image, while Roger Goodell’s continued incompetency and lack of real leadership ,drags the NFL further into a quagmire of its very own making.

The New England Patriots will head into week four with a bye , though still looking to increase their lead within the AFC East , while also seeking to remain among the front-runners within the AFC. Their next opponents will be the Dallas Cowboys , whom they will meet in week five of the regular season at Cowboys Stadium , Arlington , Texas on the 11th October , 2015. Defensively , the Patriots still leave a great deal to be desired , as the defensive coordinator Matt Patricia will certainly have to assess the issues of the secondary and their continued woes. It remains the one area Bill Belichick must have his deepest concerns and reservations about , as the team seeks to progress this season .

Heading into this season, it was felt, both the Baltimore Ravens (0-3) and Oakland Raiders (2-1) might be in a position to do something special within their respective divisions in 2015. Three weeks into the season and the struggles of both franchises can be chronicled with just a couple of words, “ they have been abysmally awful “ . The Raiders might well be off to one of their best starts in recent seasons , but head coach Jack Del Rio knows a great deal more consistency will be needed from this team , especially from quarterback and presumed on-field leader Derek Carr . The AFC West could become a highly competitive division with the starting quarterbacks within, all looking to play a significant role in their teams’ success. The Raiders will be looking to make sure that their fortuitous start to the season doesn’t come crashing down around their ears when they face the lowly Chicago Bears (0-3) in a game where the visiting Raiders take to Soldier Field in Chicago , Illinois on Sunday , 4th October , 2015.

Joe Flacco is coming off a season where by his own lofty standards , he was less than satisfactory for the Baltimore Ravens. Their indifferent start to this season makes his and the team’s situation all the more bewildering. An early season favorite for the Superbowl and now win-less, they might not be in a position to win the AFC North or gain a postseason berth given their poor start to the year. It doesn’t seem that long ago when Flacco’s postseason exploits which led the franchise to their second Superbowl title was being lauded as one for the ages . Out of those scintillating performances from 2012 , Flacco was able to land himself a six-figure deal making him one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL . Now while the Ravens have been frequent visitors to the NFL postseason since their 2012 triumph over the San Francisco 49ers , the real issues have been their failure to draft well , ill-timed free agent acquisitions, while several players on the team have failed to meet the expectations of the coaching staff and front office . GM Ozzie Newsome may well be feeling the need to look over this roster and begin to cut the waste from this lineup.

When the Baltimore Ravens take to the field to play the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field on 1st October , 2015 in their Thursday night contest , should the Ravens fail to gain their first win of the season. In all probability John Harbaugh will likely be under a great deal of pressure in his role as the head coach , beyond the fallout of a fourth consecutive loss for the franchise.

Things are not all that sunny on the beaches of Miami or with the South Florida based Miami Dolphins (1-2). Quarterback Ryan Tannehill along with his teammate Ndamukong Suh have bared the brunt of the criticism leveled at the team as well as Joe Philbin and the coaching staff . One could question the fact the Dolphins chose to make Suh one of the highest paid defensive players in the league, with Suh yet to show the leadership or ability sought to lead this defense . With the New England Patriots off to a solid start and the New York Jets (2-1) under Todd Bowles , seemingly revitalized by the stabilizing lay of Ryan Fitzpatrick and seasoned veteran corner-back Darrelle Revis back to his best as he has played with a great deal of zeal, leading the Jets’ secondary , among the best in the league at this point of the season.

Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins will play host to the New York Jets on Sunday afternoon in a divisional clash, with Miami seeking to avoid a third consecutive loss at this early stage of the season. Tannehill will be tested in this contest and his play has to be at its very best , if the Dolphins are to overcome this very confident Jets’ team .

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At this stage of the season with there still being a great deal to play for , several of the teams who remain win-less now will now have to play solid football over the remainder of the season if they are to prevail with their season’s ambitions. Yet, for all we have witnessed from the teams, I cannot help but wonder what is likely to happen next.

Tophatal …….

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26 thoughts on “Something Wicked This Way Comes …”

  1. No news is good news until you hear the NFL still wants to press ahead with their appeals’ process in seeking to reinstate the four-game suspension of Tom Brady . The earliest a hearing can take place within the Judicial System will be during the first week of February , 2016. Which begs the question , how fu#king dumb is the league hierarchy of the NFL ?

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    Tophatal ……..


  2. I do believe this season in the NFL in spite of the ongoing issues on and off the field the league will continue to suffer , because of the ongoing issues and lack of leadership seen from Roger Goodell , while he and the NFLPA remain at arm’s length and also distrustful of one another.

    Week four
    will not see quite a full schedule of games with both the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans having a bye week , before resuming their respective schedules in week five.

    From my own perspective there are several contests on this weekend’s schedule which will prove to be very interesting. The Dallas Cowboys’ (2-1) contest where they face the New Orleans Saints (0-3) in an NFC match-up should prove to be very interesting. The opposing quarterbacks, Brandon Weeden and Drew Brees will be out to prove their issues during the month of September will be a non-issue in this game .

    In an all AFC contest the San Diego Chargers will entertain the Cleveland Browns at Qualcomm Stadium , San Diego , California on Sunday afternoon.

    Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders will be taking on the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in Chicago , Illinois. Jay Cutler’s last lifeline I believe will be this season in spite of the multi-year deal signed by the player. It was clear former GM Phil Emery blundered when gave this seven-year $126.7 million deal to the Bears’ quarterback .

    NFL news

    NFL transactions

    Week four NFL schedule

    NFL standings (division)

    Tophatal ………..


  3. The AFC West quite possibly has the makings of being the best division in the entire NFL this season . With the Denver Broncos (3-0), Oakland Raiders (2-1) , Kansas City Chiefs (1-2) and San Diego Chargers (1-2) all seeking to derail the recent dominance of the Broncos within the division.

    While there are many who believe Peyton Manning is on the decline , but until his game simply one of errant throws and multiple interceptions during a game , Then all bets are off concerning his rapid decline . Even on an average day Manning is far better than ninety per-cent of the NFL’s current quarterbacks and only an idiot would try and suggest to the contrary.

    Denver Broncos’ news

    Tophatal ………………………..


    1. SportsChump/ Chris Humpherys

      All you need to know concerning the Chicago Bears can be summed up with these words …. ” former GM Phil Emery signed Jay Culter to a six-year $127 million deal ” . You only have to look at Cutler’s statistics to see how misguided Emery was , and the fact the Bears quarterback’s regular and postseason stats are abysmal .

      The Bears will head into their schedule looking just as bad in this contest as they were in their first .

      Chicago Bears news

      Chicago Bears depth chart

      Chicago Bears’ statistics

      Tophatal …………..


  4. Tonight’s game should prove to be eventful , given the most recent meetings between the two teams in question . When the Pittsburgh Steelers meet the Baltimore Ravens to open up the week four schedule, the Steelers will be without their regular starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The two-time Superbowl winning passer will be missing his first game for Pittsburgh in eighteen months.

    With Ben Roethelisberger out for another two weeks the starting role will be given to veteran quarterback Michael Vick who will be making his first start in the NFL in almost two years .

    Pittsburgh Steelers news

    Tophatal …………………


  5. The week four schedule in the NFL has almost come to a close with only the late games to be played along with the Monday Night scheduled contest . Several teams are proving to be extremely mediocre this season .

    The Philadelphia Eagles have a problem and the team not only sucks , but head coach Chip Kelly and the coaching staff couldn’t find their collective assholes with the aid of several flashlights. This roster had to have been assembled by a bunch of moronic fu#king assholes to begin with . The players lack heart , leadership , but above all, a sense of pride.

    A head coach without a clue , the Eagles’ Chip Kelly

    I no longer wish to hear a bunch of fu#king baboons trying to suggest how good a coach Chip Kelly just happens to be. He was overrated in the college system as no one plays anything resembling football within the Pac-12 are still learning to walk on all fours.

    Even when winning in the NFL , Kelly still looks like an @sshole .

    Philadelphia’s loss to their divisional rivals the Washington Redskins was as embarrassing a defeat suffered by the team four games into their schedule .

    Elsewhere within the NFC East , the Dallas Cowboys (2-1) and New Orleans Saints (0-3) are currently locked into a somewhat topsy-turvy contest with the Saints now having taken a six point 26-20 lead in the waning moments of their game between the two teams.

    As to emphasize why Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback Jameis Winston is simply overrated and lacking real talent the teams’ embarrassing loss to the Carolina Panthers continues to signify how bad the Buccaneers are and will remain.

    Four interceptions thrown by Jameis Winston in the contest against the Panthers pretty much sealed the Buccaneers’ fate alongside a defense which has been mediocre and inconsistent all season long .

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  6. Week five in the NFL will prove to be interesting as there are likely to be several teams in danger of seeing their season completely fall apart unless they manage to turn things around over their next four games .

    Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins are now in a precarious situation with the team itself now falling well-short of expectations.

    Sunday’s loss by the Dolphins placed the team and the staff of Joe Philbin into uncharted waters and the belief appears to be the head coach could become the first managerial casualty of the season.

    Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins were simply overwhelmed in the 27-14 home loss to the New York Jets with their stymieing defense led by Pro Bowl defensive player and veteran Darrelle Revis .

    Miami Dolphins news

    Tophatal …………..


  7. Steve Ross , billionaire owner of the Miami Dolphins , absentee for the most part, gives his blessing to the firing of Joe Philbin after the Miami Dolphins’ inauspicious start to the season . Had it ever occurred to anyone the Dolphins were simply overrated to begin with ?

    Quarterback Ryan Tannehill is overpaid , not very good and teammate Ndamukong Suh is simply a wooden post incapable of doing anything much less shoring up the secondary as a defensive presence .

    Ryan Tannehill (pictured) , quarterback of the Miami Dolphins . He just sucks and then some . Criticizing a teammate because of his salary , when Tannehill himself is among the highest paid players on the entire roster . This guy (Tannehill) is immature and a complete fu#king @sshole .

    There is a reason why the Miami Dolphins have been so bad this beyond the results and it stems from lack of leadership on the team and the lack of real in-depth coaching ability from the coaching staff.

    Before Miami’s bye-week , the team had better have themselves back on track before their season gets any worse by way of their record and standing in the AFC East , conference and league overall.

    Dolphins’ owner Steve Ross (left) and his recently fired head coach Joe Philbin.

    NFL news

    Miami Dolphins news



  8. Another Monday Night Game and these contests are now turning out to be something of a farce .

    Inconsistent teams with the play being an embarrassment to the NFL . Unfortunately, Roger Goodell wouldn’t give a #hit , just as long as the ratings remain high and the revenues keep rising.

    Monday night’s game between the Detroit Lions and the Seattle Seahawks was just another reason why the NFL is becoming one big joke altogether .

    The Thursday Night game will feature the Indianapolis Colts taking on the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium in Houston , Texas . This should prove to be a great AFC South match-up between these two teams.


    NFL standings (division)

    NFL standings (conference)

    Tophatal …………….


  9. If week five in the NFL is anything like what we were privileged to witness during week six of the College Football season then fans could be in for a treat.

    The ACC gave some thrills and spills as did the events taking place in the SEC . Now all that is left to ask at this point in time is , who will be good enough to take down Ohio State , who remain undefeated while playing some
    great football ?

    Week five of the NFL offers us some intriguing contests , some of which will play a part in how a number of teams will see their seasons pan out .

    Tom Brady will be off to the races when the New England Patriots meet the Dallas Cowboys at Texas Stadium , Arlington, Texas on Sunday afternoon.

    NCAA Football news

    NCAA Football week six results

    NCAA Football (FBS) standings


    NFL & news

    NFL week five

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    Tophatal …………….


  10. Is there really a way of telling the difference between the good and bad teams within the NFL this season ?

    Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints suffered another bad loss this season, dropping the team to the bottom of the NFC South. For Payton this start could have serious ramifications with both the head coach and GM Micky Loomis likely to be under a great deal of pressure.

    Drew Brees and the Saints were found wanting in a 39-17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in a conference defeat. Needless to say, this Saints’ team have been found wanting all season long with Sean Payton and his coaching staff proving to be as inept as the players. .,

    New Orleans Saints news

    Tophatal ……………


  11. Two teams definitely with real inherent issues are the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers whose respective quarterbacks Ryan Tannehill and Jameis Winston are having extremely poor seasons for their franchises .

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be facing the Washington Redskins in a conference game during week six .

    Jay Gruden has to get the Redskins back on track because it is clear the team’s starting quarterback Kirk Cousins simply isn’t good enough to win on a consistent basis for the team.

    Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins have an away game against the Tennessee Titans where Marcus Mariota will be seeking to establish more authority to his game .

    NFL news

    NFL schedule week six

    NFL team injuries

    NFL standings (divisional)



  12. Steve Spurrier’s sudden resignation as the head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks Football Program has raised questions as to the reasons behind the coach’s abrupt departure .

    Former Gamecocks’ head coach Steve Spurrier.

    During his tenure Spurrier resurrected a program which had fallen on hard times. The Gamecocks has regained some semblance of respect and consistency under the famed head coach , It now remains to be seen who the permanent replacement will be.

    In the midst of this all one cannot overlook the fact there is now a vacant position at the USC Trojans storied football program. Also, in the midst of this all , there are calls for the dismissal of Pat Haden as the Athletics Director , after it was revealed Haden and certain member of the Athletics Department were made aware of Steve Sarkissian’s alcohol problems and his irrational behavior in public. If said to be true , this will once again turn an ugly spotlight on a program , which has yet to overcome the cheating scandal and other issues in the wake of Pete Carroll , Tim Floyd and Haden’s predecessor Mike Garrett .

    Spurrier announcing his resignation.

    The lure of coaching might still remain within Steve Spurrier , but I believe it unlikely, he would seek to make the upheaval across the country , even if a request was made from USC for him to possibly succeed Steve Sarkissian at this juncture.

    South Carolina (2-4) within conference and are having a rough time in terms of their play.

    The SEC remains the toughest conference in all of College Football , from which there can be no dispute .

    USC Trojans’ AD Pat Haden (left) is seen here with the team’s former head coach Steve Sarkissian .

    Week seven of the College Football schedule will be very interesting , with several games among the listing , likely to whet the appetite of the fans.

    NCAA Football news

    Tophatal ……………


  13. Week six of the NFL schedule and several teams I believe can already be counted out with regard to their season-long aspirations .

    Of the games scheduled for Sunday , perhaps the best of the contests will feature the AFC match-up which pits Tom Brady and the New England Patriots against the Indianapolis Colts and their Pro Bowl quarterback Andrew Luck . This will be first game between the two teams since their now infamous postseason clash where the Deflate-Gate claims first came to the public’s notice . Since then, we have seen the suspension and reinstatement of Tom Brady and with comes the complete lack of credibility of the league under the tenure of Roger Goodell .

    The commissioner is still seeking to have the player suspended with an appeal having been lodged with the US Court of Appeals , but the earliest a case can be heard by the court will be mid February at the height of the NFL postseason .

    Somehow it is unlikely the league’s position will be upheld by a Federal Appeals’ Court Judge given the lack of credible evidence presented in the NFL’s case the very fact SVP & Chief Legal Counsel Jeff Pash of the NFL did not testify on the league’s behalf in the presentation of their case against Tom Brady.

    NFL news

    NFL injuries

    Week six schedule

    NFL standings (divisional)

    NFL standings (conference)


    Tophatal ………


  14. When the San Diego Chargers take to the field to meet the Green Bay Packers , on opposing sides we will see two of the league’s best quarterbacks over the past three years. Aaron Rodgers and Philip Rivers have been at the top of their game and this season has proven to be the case.

    Aaron Rodgers (12) and Philip Rivers (17)

    Contests between these two teams have proven to be very thrilling since both of these renowned quarterbacks entered the NFL in 2004 and 2005 respectively. The Chargers have lost the last four consecutive meetings between themselves and the Packers. With the last contest taking place during the 2009 season and week nine with the Packers coming away with a 45-38 win over the Chargers. Philip Rivers in his contests against Aaron Rodgers is 0-4 . The week in question served notice as how indifferent the season would be.


  15. The early afternoon games are on the verge of ending . It is becoming clear with each game played by the Washington Redskins , Jay Gruden and his coaching staff are in over their collective heads alongside a team which has no capacity for winning .

    Kirk Cousins remains a joke as a starting quarterback in the NFL and his back up Robert Griffin III has become sidetracked as to his self-importance rather than applying himself to his craft and being a vocal leader and teammate on this roster . The Redskins 34-20 loss to the New York Jets was just one more indication as to how bad Washington just happens to be .

    NFL news

    NFL week six results

    NFL standings (divisional)

    NFL standings (conference)

    Tophatal ………………


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