My balls, my rules in the NBA ….

My ball, my rules in the NBA

The NBA preseason is now upon us and the reigning league champions the Golden State Warriors will begin their quest to make a successful defense of their title with their preseason schedule as Steph Curry and his teammates seek to make it all once again be a reality. For Steve Kerr , his coaching staff as well as the front office led by co-owners , Joe Lacob and Peter Guber , as they have seen a spectacular rise in the value of the franchise, but also a marked increase in the revenues and attendance levels for the team. With the imminent move to a more fan-friendly and more attractive venue for the NBA’s current champions. The signs are, the Warriors’ ascent to the top of the basketball world has been well thought out and the intent of the franchise to have a lasting and long-term impact on the league.

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Steve Kerr and Steph Curry were recipients in the running for two of the top individual regular season awards of last season , with Kerr coming in second for the NBA Coach of The Year Award , while the point guard won the league’s Most Valuable Player Award after a scintillating season. Curry along with Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala will be relishing to get back unto the court and begin the defense of their title. The NBA Draft itself, saw the Warriors simply bolster their roster, with some young talent and these players are likely to get their chance at some point during the season to shine.

Without a doubt, the Golden State Warriors will have to be seen as the presumptive favorites within the Western Conference to make a quick return to the NBA Playoffs alongside perennial playoff bound and five-time champions the San Antonio Spurs. During the off-season, San Antonio without a doubt were the biggest winners in the free agency market , having acquired Texas native LaMarcus Aldridge alongside veteran power forward David West. Departures from last season’s roster were expected and the losses were certainly outweighed by acquisitions made by the franchise , whose general manager R C Buford has stood stall, showing his executive acumen and one of the many reasons why he has to be considered one of the very best general managers in NBA history.

San Antonio will also see the return of veteran players Tim Duncan , Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker for another year together , with the trio having won over five-hundred regular season games together as a combination as well as four of the franchise’s five championships all under the coaching tutelage of Gregg Popovich . All three players as well the head coach are future bound and likely inductees into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame joining another Spurs’ luminaries already enshrined in basketball’s most hallowed institution, George Gervin and David Robinson , the two most notable Spurs’ inductees were the starting point for the history of one of the NBA’s most respected franchises. However, it has been the astonishing success under coach Gregg Popovich which has been the template seen , which has led San Antonio to its present time.

The NBA during its preseason schedule will be playing second fiddle to the MLB postseason which begins on Tuesday , while the NFL season though in its infancy has begun to take on a life of its own. Away from the basketball court , there have been some less than palatable story-lines which have come into focus. Former League MVP and Chicago Bulls’ point guard Derrick Rose finds himself at the center of allegations of sexual assault and battery claim from a female victim. A charge which the player categorically denies and he has been very adamant with his repeated denials of the alleged victim’s claims.

As to how this is viewed by the Bulls’ front office led by GM Gar Forman and Head of Basketball Operations John Paxson . Well, the executives have simply issued what can only be deemed a standard response, with the view , until there has been a legal investigation and legal outcome, the organization will continue to show support for the player.

For Derrick Rose , his failure to make an impact for the Chicago Bulls over the course of last season must come into question given the franchise’s long-term financial commitment to the player , who has missed over 100 games over the past two and a half seasons. This past season, Jimmy Butler stepped up to the plate for the Bulls and though they made the NBA Postseason their foray was somewhat short-lived . Rose for his part was simply a peripheral character in the team’s attempts to make a deep playoff run . The firing of Tom Thibodeau , with his being replaced by Fred Hoiberg as the new head coach of the Chicago Bulls , opens a new chapter for the franchise. It will be interesting to see what Hoiberg and his newly assembled coaching staff brings to the table as the Bulls begin their preseason schedule and then on into the regular season.

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls will begin their regular season, when they open up with their first game against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in a contest at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois on 27th October, 2015. If the Bulls are to have a chance of prevailing within the Central Division of the Eastern Conference much less against the rest of the league , then it will be predicated upon of the play of Rose and the team over the entire schedule in 2015.

This season there will be a great deal of pressure on LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The four-time League MVP had a roster built around a team which had his own personal blessings and specific wishes. The fact that idiot fans , bought into the belief James would be capable of leading the Cavaliers to their first NBA championship solely based on his play was utterly ridiculous. As good as LeBron James over the course of his career in the NBA , certain things were being overlooked by the James’ supporters. A rookie head coach with little NBA or postseason and a team, where the players , other than Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love would be barely thought of as being competitive in comparison to the other lineups around the league.

Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert along with GM David Griffin have a great deal riding on keeping in the good graces of LeBron James and the player’s yearning to bring a title to the franchise. Two appearances in the NBA Finals have ended up in significantly embarrassing series’ defeats each time for James, as a member of the franchise.

What is becoming abundantly clear is the very fact LeBron James remains an impatient individual who seeks not only to be acknowledged by his peers, but also by the NBA analysts and fans as the greatest player of his generation and the greatest player in NBA history. A tall order indeed, when one considers he has fallen short of the accomplishments of his idol , Michael Jordan. While I do not believe it pertinent to make comparisons between players of the past against players of the present. It is clear, James wishes to be seen as the heir apparent to the six-time NBA champion , Finals’ MVP and League MVP . Such comparisons are best made upon the retirement of both subject as it is best then start a meaningful debate over the accomplishments of the subjects in question.

This season might well be the last opportunity for both Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to reestablish their legacies with the Miami Heat. The departure of former teammate LeBron James left the franchise in complete disarray. Inasmuch as there was criticism being leveled at James by Heat Executive Alonzo Mourning , what became abundantly clear was the fact the front office became lackadaisical and negligent in failing to bolster an aging roster , believing it best , James as a one-man band could simply lead Miami to another title. With LeBron James’ departure the Miami Heat became a listless team , with neither Bosh or Wade contributing much to the Heat’s mediocre showing and season in 2014 .

During the off-season, Pat Riley and the Heat’s coaching staff led by Erik Spoelstra bolstered the roster through the NBA Draft and free agency . Miami’s rookies will be expected to make solid contributions to the team over the course of the Heat’s eighty-two game schedule. Justise Winslow and Josh Richardson , the two rookies taken in this past draft will get their opportunities this season and I believe Erik Spoelstra expects to see some great play from these two young players. Miami will open up their regular season schedule when they face the Charlotte Hornets on the 28th October ,2015 at the AA Arena in Miami , Florida.

With the recent news that James L Dolan , owner of the New York Knicks has seen fit to relinquish control of the Cablevision , the public company where the Dolan family still has a sizable presence. The questions now being asked are , will the family quite possibly seek to sell their controlling stake in the Madison Square Garden Company which presides over the family’s sports’ interests ? Can the team actually be competitive this upcoming season ? Is it possible for the New York Knicks to be even worst off, than they were last season ? As woeful as the New York Knicks have been this past season under the guidance of Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher as the team sank to new levels of of sheer incompetence while supporters of Jackson are still trying to suggest the former NBA coach has a Master Plan for the resurrection of the Knicks’ fortunes.

To understand the incompetency of the New York Knicks , one simply has to look for an explanation as to the Phil Jackson first round draft pick of Kristaps Porzingis and how Jackson has tried to placate the fans with his thoughts on the matter. There can be no denying the choice had and still has a number of people perplexed and wondering what the hell is going on within the Knicks’ hierarchy and whether or not there is any semblance to be found there at all ?

Porzingis was taken as the fourth overall pick in the first round and is seen as a solid front court player , but in reality , the player is likely to remain a work in progress and not likely to be a major contributor to this team, which is need offensive talent as well as a solid defensive presence. Triangle Offense or not the basketball IQ on this team is way below average and almost a certain obstacle in the way of a franchise where the coaching staff has to be deemed equally incompetent as the players and the front office executives within the organization. The only saving grace for the New York Knicks has been the fact the franchise remains among the profitable of all the teams in the NBA and that remains about it. From my own standpoint, I do not believe the team in its current guise will pose that much of a threat to their divisional opponents or conference rivals this upcoming season.

Speaking of another vastly overrated NBA franchise, has anyone ever wondered where elephants usually go to die ? If there was said to be an elephants’ graveyard in the league, then it would have to be the Barclays Center , home to the Brooklyn Nets . From one year to the next this franchise over the past six seasons has been a monumental eyesore . For all the wealth of Russian billionaire tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov as the Nets’ owner . This organization would not be able to spot talent if the coaching staff of the franchise were given the aid of a flashlight , night vision glasses, if they were left in a darkened room and asked to figure it out all by themselves.

GM Billy King has outlived his usefulness and the only sound decision he has made was the jettisoning of Deron Williams , a player whose talents remain vastly overrated as a point guard . He certainly doesn’t excel under pressure and by no means can he be considered a leader much less the equal of several of his peers within the game today.

With Deron Williams having joined the Dallas Mavericks, it remains to be seen how much of an improvement his addition will be to the team and how competitive they’re likely to be over the course of this season. Dirk Nowitzki remains the best player on the current roster by far. If the Mavericks are to succeed as they seek to win a second NBA title , then it will be predicated Nowitzki’s indomitable play and leadership ability , because none the traits in question , are to be seen even vaguely in any of his teammates.

Two teams with something to prove this season, will be the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder. James Harden and Kevin Durant are now viewed as being among the elite players in the NBA and there can be no denying that fact. Both of these superstars are likely to be viewed as early preseason candidates for the League MVP this season. The disappointment of the NBA Playoffs was there for all to see as the Rockets failed to get by the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals last season. Harden and teammate Dwight Howard were simply not enough to get by the best team in the NBA during the playoffs. I certainly believe games between the Rockets and Thunder as seen last season and will prove to be extremely competitive.

Oklahoma City Thunder under their coach Billy Donovan will seek to make this season their big opportunity to advance to an NBA Finals for the second time under the ownership group of Clay Bennett and his partners. GM Sam Presti knows it is in the franchise’s best interests to keep the services of Kevin Durant, knowing the player is likely to weigh up his options as an impending free agent in 2016, the Thunder must know their best chance to have Durant within their organization is to have a successful season ,with the ultimate goal being to win a world championship. Kevin Durant and his teammates will begin that quest this season opening up their schedule with a home game against the San Antonio Spurs on 28th October ,2015.

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The NBA hierarchy enters this season looking to avail themselves of the best publicity possible , but I cannot help wonder what the biggest controversy is likely to be once the season gets into full swing .


Tophatal ……

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23 thoughts on “My balls, my rules in the NBA ….”

  1. What are we gonna see this year, Al, that’s any different from anything we’ve seen recently?

    A LeBron team dominates in the East, Melo and the Knicks underachieve, the Spurs continue to impress and the Western teams beat the crap out of each other with one of them emerging to the Finals and beating LeBron.

    Is it anything we’ve seen before?


  2. SportsChump / Chris Humpherys

    The Eastern Conference will remain milquetoast because the teams are so frigging awful . I don’t really see the New York Knicks winning more than thirty-five games at best , as they will fail to qualify for the NBA Playoffs. There is a possibility, Phil Jackson will have to cut ties with the entire Knicks’ coaching staff , because no one among them has a fuc$ing idea how to coach much less motivate a team . Knicks fans are not only stupid but they are and will remain fuc$ing clueless.

    In the Western Conference it will come down to three teams , the Golden State Warriors , San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers. The last of the trio really has something to prove this upcoming season . DeAndre Jordan , Chris Paul , Blake Griffin as well as the head coach are now on the clock , because team owner Steve Ballmer won’t be tolerant too much longer. He paid over $2.1 billion for the franchise and expects them to remain competitive and perennial contenders.

    The Western Conference this season will be extremely tough and the eighth seed will at a minimum have to win no less than forty six games to be even sure of getting a playoff berth.

    Clippers’ owner Steve Ballmer

    Ballmer has a great deal of money vested in the team beyond the $2 billion and he is looking to have a recoup on the investment by way of that title ambition , increased sales , profits , attendance levels , but most of all as being the best NBA franchise in California and outstripping the Los Angeles Lakers in popularity.

    NBA and NBA news

    NBA results 6th October

    NBA schedule 7th October

    NBA standings preseason


    Tophatal …


  3. Can we see the Los Angeles Lakers for what they are and not what fools seemingly presume they will be over the course of this upcoming season ? At best the team is no better than average with a mediocre roster and a coaching staff completely bereft of ideas .

    So far in the preseason , there has been nothing but speculative idiocy concerning the team and how good analysts and fans believe them to be.

    Tophatal ………………….


  4. State of play in the NBA after Sunday’s results .

    Though it’s only the preseason it is clear the Los Angeles Lakers have problems concerning their roster and lack of productivity . The Lakers got by Maccabi Haifa Tel-Aviv in a game played at the Staples Center in Los Angeles , California. Roy Hibbert as a Laker showed that he might just have something to offer the team.

    NBA news and archives stories

    NBA standings (divisional)



  5. Some rather disturbing news concerning former Los Angeles Lakers’ player Lamar Odom . The player was found in a comatose state laying on the floor unconscious inside a Nevada brothel . There are said to be no signs of foul play, but there is a belief the former NBA star might well have relapsed and started his reuse of cocaine as his own personal drug of choice , alongside other opiates and alcohol.

    ” This ni#ga be like , yo , I’m gonna fu#k me a Kardashian ” !

    Ray J and Kim Kardashian

    Scott Disick pictured with Kanye West

    These six , have all fu#ked a Kardashian and look at how their careers have turned out.

    Caitlyn Jenner formerly known as Bruce Jenner .

    That’s right this ni#ga still be ballin’ in the league and now he’s with the Washington Wizards .


  6. Wednesday’s results in the NBA and the current divisional standings this preseason .

    As the current news surrounding the comatose state of Lamar Odom remains in the headlines , Odom’s estranged wife Khloe Kardashian and the Rev Jesse Jackson have been at the player’s bedside at a Las Vegas hospital . Speculation continues to grow as to whether not this was quite possibly a mistaken drug overdose or an apparent suicide attempt by the former NBA star.

    NBA news

    NBA results 14th October

    NBA schedule 15th October

    NBA statistics over the teams’ last five preseason games

    Tophatal …………


  7. The news concerning the comatose state of former NBA star Lamar Odom is becoming more disturbing by the minute as the speculations become more widespread and diverse. It is now being revealed the player might well have been using a herbal alternative to the erectile dysfunctional remedy for Viagra at the scene of the Nevada brothel where his body was found. Odom’s career has been a litany of missed opportunities , with the player failing to live up the presumed abilities he was thought to have.

    Inset picture of Lamar Odom. his ex-girlfriend , Lisa Moralez , his two children , Lamar Odom Jr and Destiny Odom.

    Lamar Odom was seeking to make a comeback to the NBA, , but given this latest incident in a career littered with past follies , even if Odom were to make a recovery , it seems highly unlikely the player would be given a chance to make a return to the league.

    NBA news

    Tophatal …………………


  8. There remains a great deal of idiocy among NBA fans with little or nothing to do when it comes to their opinions on the league and what they deem to be of relevance . Case in point , continuous comparisons being made between LeBron James and the Michael Jordan . Here is what we do know, James has become a mercenary offering his services to the highest bidder, while at every opportunity he seeks to parlay his status solely for commercial gain along the way .

    There can be no denying James is the best player of his generation and perhaps among the ten greatest players in NBA history based on his statistics , but when it comes to leadership , and an ability to being socially relevant , he remains a long way behind the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar , Magic Johnson , Bill Russell , Oscar Robertson and Dave Bing .

    As a four-time League MVP and two-time Finals MVP Lebron James still seeks to create a lasting legacy as well as now leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to an NBA title . The front office of the franchise , led by team owner Dan Gilbert and GM David Griffin have acquiesced to all of the star player’s demands assembling a roster they believe will bring about the success sought. Beyond James , Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving , I do believe the Cavaliers remain the best team within the Eastern Conference . Yet their real issues will lay in being competitive enough to take down the best the Western Conference now has to offer with teams such as the Golden State Warriors , Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers .

    The Cavaliers’ route to the Eastern Conference Finals , I believe to be an easy one with perhaps only the Chicago Bulls being good enough to stand in their way !

    Five games into the preseason and the Cleveland Cavaliers (0-5) have struggled with LeBron James being in and out of their starting lineup as David Blatt and the coaching staff have assessed the roster. Cleveland’s next game will be on the road against the Toronto Raptors

    NBA news

    Tophatal ……………


  9. Sunday afternoon and the preseason of the NBA will have several games , likely to have the fans enjoying the contests in question .

    In the aftermath of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ fallout with their loss to the New York Mets in the NLDS , there are now some serious questions being asked of the front office whose $315 million outlay on the players was an unmitigated disaster. Don Mattingly has shown himself to be a poor manager , with a poor managerial staff and a group of petulant players who have no will to win when it matters most. Sums up just about everything one would think to represent the Los Angeles’ professional sports’ scene.

    Byron Scott and his coaching staff have barely shown they can coach the Los Angeles Lakers (2-4) to do anything of note this preseason .

    How the hell does anyone believe Kobe Bryant can lead this team to any semblance of success during this upcoming regular season ?

    Tophatal ……………


  10. If there is one team in the NBA which has something to prove this season it will be the Oklahoma City Thunder . With both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook seeking to make the Thunder relevant after closing out last season in a disappointing fashion . The disappointment was there for all to see .

    It is easy to understand why these two players Durant and Westbrook would like reignite the passion once again within this franchise . The firing of Scott Brooks while surprising , the fact Durant was said to be in agreement with the dismissal, was something of a shock . Brooks’ replacement Billy Donovan will bring with him a coaching acumen among the best to be found within the college game , alongside a completely new coaching lineup from last season.

    Oklahoma will tip off their season with a game against the San Antonio Spurs on the 28th October , 2015 . The Spurs for their part with a renewed lineup ,will be seeking to make their season start a successful one.

    NBA news

    NBA results 20th October

    NBA schedule Wednesday 21st October

    NBA free agents

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    NBA top paid players for 2015

    Amen !


    Tophatal …………………


  11. Well, there’s no doubt the reason why the Golden State Warriors were the best team in the NBA last season. From tip-off until their final game , the Warriors led by Steph Curry . Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson had no one their equal .

    In terms of their season-long series against the West and within their division, again Golden State stood head and shoulders over the competition. In 2015 with essentially the same team returning and a draft class , they will remain the team to beat , but there is clearly a motivation for the San Antonio Spurs to feel they have every chance of bettering the reigning NBA champions .

    These two Western Conference teams , Spurs and Warriors will meet three times during this upcoming regular season

    Golden State Warriors news

    Tophatal ………………


  12. The clock is slowly winding down to the start of the NBA season with the official tip-off coming on Tuesday night to be followed by slew of games over the ensuing days.

    Wednesday night provided us with no real insight as to where teams are, but it is clear David Blatt has no wish to risk injury to LeBron James over the course of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ preseason schedule. James has been played sparingly in the games where he has been on-court for the team .

    Team records over their last four games have shown us we can’t put a great deal of emphasis on the preseason and how things bear out during the regular season .

    NBA news

    Tophatal ………………


  13. We all witnessed how bad the Miami Heat were last season and the fact they failed to make the NBA Playoffs .

    Heat GM & team President Pat Riley , Juwan Howard and the coaching staff of Erik Spoelstra will be hard-pressed to get this team playing with any type fervor unless the likes of Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade step up to the plate over the course of this season .

    Juwan Howard as an Assistant Director of Player Personnel & assistant coach has been entrusted to aid Riley in the assessment of players and the franchise’s needs in the direction of roster personnel. Miami will be looking to make a fast start to their season

    Miami Heat news

    Tophatal ……..


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