A Moratorium on Stupidity or What Actually Makes The NFL Tick?

A Moratorium on Stupidity or What Actually Makes The NFL Tick?

Six weeks into the NFL season and the results have come thick and fast. Nonetheless, things have began to pan out within the divisions , conferences and the league standings overall. At the top of the food chain surprisingly enough are the Cincinnati Bengals coached by Marvin Lewis and where quarterback Andy Dalton looks as if he has found his presence as a leader of this team. Whether or not the Bengals can make a successful run at claiming the AFC North crown remains to be seen , but they keep apace with the six consecutive victories , with a win in week eight and the team having a bye in week seven. Then I am of the opinion Cincinnati will be in a position to claim their first divisional title in several years.

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The Cincinnati Bengals got the better of the Buffalo Bills in their week six contest defeating their AFC compatriots 34-21 , in a game where the Bills were never really in with a chance of winning. Marvin Lewis for his part has to be extremely pleased by what he has seen from the Bengals’ players at this stage of the season. Elsewhere within the AFC North the Pittsburgh Steelers got by the Arizona Cardinals , winning that contest 25-13. The Baltimore Ravens continued their woeful season with a 25-20 loss to the San Francisco 49ers and the Cleveland Browns were on the wrong end of an overtime defeat suffered at the hands of the Denver Broncos .

Chances are the Carolina Panthers (5-0) are looking more likely to be the divisional winners of the NFC South with no clear challenge coming from any of their divisional rivals . Cam Newton has led the Panthers to a 5-0 start to their season with their most recent victory coming in a thrilling 27-23 win over the Seattle Seahawks (2-4). Newton for his part has been proving why the ongoing signs of maturity has Ron Rivera believing in his quarterback and why he believes him to be among the elite players at the position currently in the NFL . If the Carolina Panthers are to gain any semblance of success sought , then it will be predicated on the heightened postseason play of Cam Newton and his teammates .

Week seven is on the horizon and Carolina will certainly look to their bye-week as a way of preparing for their week eight contest against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium , in Indiana , Indianapolis on the 2nd November, 2015.

A great deal of hyperbole was being made of the game between the New England Patriots (5-0) and Indianapolis Colts this past Sunday. A renewal of their AFC championship clash which led to the aftermath of the Deflate-Gate Scandal, was seen as another premise to raise the alleged animus between these two franchises. The media have played their part in this ongoing circus , but most certainly the league hierarchy played their role in this melodrama with the sheer incompetency shown by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and several of his subordinates throughout this whole charade of one-upmanship .

For New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady the contest provided the player with another chances to show his superiority over the Colts and in particular his counterpart Andrew Luck who remains win-less against New England during the regular and postseason since his entry into the NFL in 2012. Brady and his teammates piled on the pressure in a contest which came down to an erroneous play sealing the victory for the AFC East based franchise. Questions are still being asked as of the Colts’ coaching staff led by Chuck Pagano which led to his team’s debacle in this game .

The Indianapolis Colts (3-3) now find themselves atop of a puerile AFC South division where the play has simply been horrific by all of the division’s occupants. Pagano certainly knows after this loss, Indianapolis will certainly have to reset themselves before entering into their week seven contest against Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints (2-4) at home. The Saints are in need of a win if their season is to show any signs of a turnaround after a rather disastrous start to their schedule. A defeat suffered against the Indianapolis would certainly begin to bring the curtain down New Orleans’ season and likely to have some questioning the virtue of Sean Payton keeping his position as the head coach of the team , given their indifferent start to the season and and lack of cohesion from the players. Next up , one the Saints’ schedule will be a game against the always intriguing Indianapolis Colts. Defense is likely to play a significant part in this contest , with both teams having struggled to this point of the season.

Philip Rivers , quarterback of the San Diego Chargers (2-4) put on an aerial display in the Chargers’ game against the Green Bay Packers (6-0) , only to see it become of no avail in the team’s loss to the Packers. Rivers had a career-day throwing for over 500 yards in the game , along the way throwing two touchdowns , no interceptions , completing forty-three of sixty-five pass attempts , completion percentage of 66.15 and a QBR of 99.7 in the contest. By comparison one could surmise Aaron Rodgers simply had a routine day at the office , leading Green Bay to their well-deserved 27-20 victory over the San Diego Chargers.

Of the unbeaten teams in the league the Green Bay Packers might well be considered the best team in NFL , given their schedule so far , when measured against those of teams yet to taste a loss this season. Rodgers is well on the way to cementing his legacy and also erasing the memory of Brett Favre among Packers’ fans. The Green Bay Packers appear to be sprinting towards another NFC North divisional title and a high seed within the NFC , with the postseason activity still over two months away. A bye-week during week seven will provide Mike McCarthy’s players time recuperate from any injuries sustained as they prepare for their week eight contest against the Denver Broncos (6-0) and Peyton Manning at Mile High Stadium/Sports Authority Field in Denver , Colorado. This might be the game of the day during week eight , if both teams remain unbeaten at the time kick-off on the 1st November , 2015.

Don’t look now , but the New York Jets (4-1) might be back to their best , but like any other New York based professional sports’ franchise with ideas above their station, the Jets remain a work in progress under Todd Bowles who succeeded Rex Ryan as the teams’ head coach. Defensive backs , Darrelle Revis, and teammate Marcus Williams seem to be having their way against opposing quarterbacks with a litany of takeaways and interceptions this season. Certain Jets’ players are now talking about the first of their regular season match-ups against the New England Patriots. When these two teams meet on October 25th at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro’ Massachusetts, this game might just prove to be the one where the Jets will either sink or swim.

As good as the Jets’ defense might appear to be , I believe their quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will have a difficult time trying to pick apart a Patriots’ defense , while his record against New England is not a favorable one at this juncture of his career. Recent contests over the past three seasons between the two teams would suggest the New England Patriots will come away with another home victory over their divisional rivals.

Somewhere, the Football Gods might well be looking down on the NFC East and simply thinking among themselves , what the hell must be going on within the division ? A Monday Night Game featuring the New York Giants (3-3) and Philadelphia Eagles (3-3) should be considered , league cannon fodder and diatribe . given their respective records. The Eagles having demolished a mediocre Giants team on their way to a lopsided victory can bask in the limelight of just being average .

In the lead-up to the start of the NFL season and we had Roger Goodell seeking to address the issue of player misconduct , domestic violence and seeking the input of the National Organization of Women (NOW) as to how best to address the issue of abuse by players against their spouse or girlfriend. One should also bear in mind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ sexist imagery and undoubted archaic male view as to what appeals to a female in selling the NFL brand to women , can be seen as how out of touch the league and its hierarchy remains , while Roger Goodell suggests they (NFL) are making well-observed strides in dealing with the issue. I would like to suggest the commissioner take a look at his actions and decisions, as it relates to Greg Hardy and Ray Rice , considering the lenient sentences handed down to both of these players.

Furthermore , if at every step the NFLPA (Players’ Union) seeks to challenge the authority of the NFL when there is a clear pattern of misconduct by its members concerning domestic abuse. I would like to know why DeMaurice Smith as the Executive Director of the NFLPA has failed to address the issue in public, rather than seeking to challenge the league and the punishment of the players , by suggesting the commissioner is overstepping his authority ? Never mind the fact , when you have imbecilic and apathetic fans making excuses for the players and suggesting the NFL should leave the issue to the Justice System. It begs the question do these assholes actually understand the law, much less comprehend there is a code of conduct within the league concerning the players’ on and off the field behavior ?

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In spite of the NFL being a multi-billion dollar business enterprise , it continues to be poorly ran , with a hierarchy completely devoid of intelligence, a fan-base made up of a large majority of male Neanderthals , whose concept of the game continues to border on stupidity. Nonetheless, without the demographics in question, the NFL as we know it, might not continue to thrive, but baser instincts would suggest otherwise. Stupid is, as stupid does and in the NFL , where else can you find this much stupidity on display both and off the field of play ?



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10 thoughts on “A Moratorium on Stupidity or What Actually Makes The NFL Tick?”

  1. Since Jadeveon Clowney entered the NFL as a number one draft pick, he has proven to be a disaster for the Houston Texans. It is hard to see how the organization can continue to pin their hopes on a player who has failed to produce on any level worth mentioning. All of this hype was based on a college career which at best was simply hyperbole and little else beyond that.

    The Houston Texans will be the guests of the Miami Dolphins this Sunday at Sun Life Stadium in Miami where the two opposing quarterbacks will be Brian Hoyer and Ryan Tannehill , both of whom are having indifferent seasons .

    Jadeveon Clowney, seen here with his Houston Texans’ jersey.

    The Texans are (2-4) , game behind the Indianapolis Colts (3-3) within the AFC South . Though there is still a great deal to play for , Houston still finds itself behind the eight ball .

    Houston Texans news

    Tophatal …………..


  2. One more loss and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ (2-3) front office led by GM Jason Licht will have to think long and hard about keeping head coach Lovie Smith and his coaching staff until the end of the season .

    Lovie Smith and Bucs’ quarterback Jameis Winston

    After seven games the Buccaneers are steering at another miserable year in the mirror. This team is simply pathetic in every aspect of their game . The offense and defense for the team is simply mediocre .

    Tampa’s week seven scheduled game will pit them in a conference contest against an even greater incompetent team when they take to the field in a match-up with the Washington Redskins coached by Jay Gruden .

    Jay Gruden and Kirk Cousins

    Defeat for either team will likely lead to both Gruden and Lovie Smith coming under the microscope as their short and long-term futures with their respective franchises .

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    Tophatal …


  3. Other than the firing of Joe Philbin as head coach of the Miami Dolphins , there have yet to be any significant coaching changes among the NFL teams .

    From my own perspective I feel there are now several coaches whose jobs are in jeopardy ! Among them are Gus Bradley , John Harbaugh , Jim Caldwell , Andy Reid , Ken Whisenhunt and dare I say it quite possibly both Chip Kelly and Jay Gruden ? Not out of the woods as of yet might well be Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys (2-3) .

    Garrett remains Jerry Jones’ blue-eyed and golden haired child , but continuing to use Tony Romo being missing from the team’s starting lineup is like suggesting a painter cannot paint, when there are an abundance tools at his disposal. We know having Brandon Weeden as Romo’s backup has proven to be something of a blessing and a curse, but the Cowboys have never been known for making sound decisions when it comes to player personnel moves , given Jerry Jones’ penchant for going out on a limb .

    ” I say boy,I say, boy, you gonna win me a Superbowl this year or will I have to cut your @ss ” ?

    Jerry Jones , owner and GM of the Dallas Cowboys seen here with head coach Jason Garrett , right.

    Dallas for its part has a tough game coming up in week seven when they face the New York Giants (3-3) at Met-Life Stadium in East Rutherford , New Jersey. Given the poor season of Eli Manning and his wish to get a multi-year deal paying him at least $20 million a year . I seriously doubt the Giants’ front office are willing to acquiesce to the player or his agent’s demands !

    Tom Condon remains one of the NFL’s most powerful agents, but even he has to know Manning has done now near enough to justify a pay increase. Based on this season , Manning is nowhere near his best .

    Tom Condon, center is seen here with Eli Manning , left and Peyton Manning , right.

    This game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants should tell us a great deal about the direction both franchises are likely to be heading and it will certainly provide us with more about Eli Manning as a player.

    NFL news

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    Tophatal …………..


  4. So another Thursday Night Game comes to a close as week seven comes into focus . In an NFC match-up the Seattle Seahawks got the better of the San Francisco 49ers whose season has now begun to spiral completely out of control. Head coach Jim Tomsula and his coaching staff are awry , as are the team. Colin Kaepernick is neither providing the leadership or play believed he was capable of . At the same time Kaepernick’s teammates seem to be relentlessly unconcerned, just as long as they’re being paid to give the fans mediocre performances.

    I was once told the problems of the Niners stem from the complete lack of insight shown by Jed Yorke and the ownership. The truth remains just like everything else in the state of California , the organization and fans remain complacent dumb and simply too emboldened with the belief that everything remains the same just as long as they remain with the delusions of grandeur.

    Personally, I believe both the Niners and Seahawks have become complacent over the past two seasons , resting on their laurels, while achieving little of real note. Seattle’s fans may well be happy with having gone to two straight Superbowls winning one and then losing the other disastrously, because Pete Carroll and his coaching staff were idiots , likewise the players on the roster.

    As to the NFC West , other than the Arizona Cardinals is there really a team within the division really worth taking a look at as a presumptive favorite to make a deep run in the postseason , given their play at this point of the season ?

    NFL news

    Tophatal …………


  5. Week ten of the NFL and now are witnessing things getting really problematical for the teams who are now on the cusp of being cast aside concerning their postseason ambitions .

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-5) in spite of their inconsistent and miserable season are still in with a remote chance of gaining a wildcard berth within the NFC .

    Lovie Smith’s Buccaneers will play host to the Dallas Cowboys (2-6) when the two teams meet at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa , Florida on Sunday afternoon.

    Jameis Winston will certainly have to prove himself in this game against the Cowboys on Sunday .

    With Tony Romo still not declared fully fit and ready to play , Jason Garrett will be left to make the decision of having either Matt Cassel or Brandon Weeden as the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in this contest.

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    Tophatal ……………


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