The wind beneath whose wings ……..

The wind beneath whose wings …

The NBA season is now in full swing and in the lead-up to the always important Christmas Day schedule , teams will certainly be looking to play with a great deal more consistency than with the initial start to their season.

Defending NBA champions the Golden State Warriors are certainly proving why they are the best team in the league and also have the best starting lineup by far. There is no other team in the NBA with greater depth and certainly they have the best head coach currently coaching in the game.

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Steve Kerr has experienced it all as a player , head coach and brought a sense of stability and intellect needed to a Warriors’ franchise , which it lacked under Kerr’s predecessor Mark Jackson . Add in the fact among the franchise’s front office , you have Jerry West as a consultant and an astute general manager with the acumen of Bob Myers and you can see why the Warriors remain ahead of the curve both on and off the court.

The same cannot be said for a litany teams around the NBA and that is with due respect to the likes of the Los Angeles Lakers , New York Knicks , Sacramento Kings , Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers , all of whom are simply bringing the NBA to its knees , if not lying on its back , prostrate. Simply look at their respective records within their divisions , conference and the league overall as a reason why they are and remain so bad.

When Joe Lacob and Peter Guber made the decision to buy the Golden State Warriors from former owner Chris Cohan, they sought to fix the problems often ignored by their predecessor and the front office.

Cohan, for his part , was often seen as an owner who simply didn’t care about the fate of the team during his tenure, just as long as he was able to share in the profits reaped not only by the team, but also the league in general. One has to remember , first and foremost the NBA as a brand is a major money-making business , which is presided over a group of executives whose major and primary concern has been to exact a degree of control over its brand , which makes it impossible for anyone to compete against them on any level.

The tyrannical rule seen under David Stern as the league’s commissioner, was one of complete authority, even if along the way there were buffoon-like decisions made along with a slew of mistakes and his even using race and gangster rap, as a selling point to market the NBA brand. Yet , I have been told countless times by a number of individuals , Stern was very good for the NBA. In reality, the former commissioner made use of Michael Jordan as the “tool” needed to sell the brand globally around the world . Now we are in the era of LeBron James and this league remains as popular as ever, even though there has been a marked decline in the quality of the play on the basketball court. In part , that could be down to the coaching and also the lack of real in-depth talent advancing from the college level over the past few years.

Adam Silver has succeeded David Stern as the NBA Commissioner and Silver looks to further the league’s ambition to expand beyond the North American continent. From my own perspective, while basketball might be one of the most popular sports in the world , second only to soccer. The league will be in for a hard sell in such places as Latin America , Western Europe and certain regions of sub-Saharan Africa. To date, the NBA’s most successful advances have been made in Europe and on the Asian continent , where in particular , China has been the league’s big success. A billion-plus consumers to be embraced and you cannot go wrong and then add in the fact the country’s biggest sporting export Yao Ming still remains popular in China, even after his retirement and you can understand why the NBA seeks to have its tentacles firmly around the globe. Something , I firmly believe the hierarchies of the NFL, MLB and NHL have failed yet to grasp, when it comes to marketing their brands on the global market.

The Golden State Warriors on their march to seeking a second consecutive NBA title have been blowing past opponents and leaving them in their rear view mirror. Reigning NBA League MVP Steph Curry , is having another banner year and his teammates are following his lead. Defensively, as good as they are , the Warriors can still get better and the question now on everyone’s lips , which team can inflict Golden State’s first loss of the season. At 22-0 , the Warriors are just eleven games away from equaling the longest consecutive winning streak in NBA history, a mark held by the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers. Another five-straight wins by Golden State would see them equal the second longest mark set by Miami Heat during the 2012-13 NBA season.

In their last game the Golden State Warriors in a contest , which pitted them against the Indiana Pacers . A home loss for the Pacers in a 131-123 defeat pushed Indiana’s record to 12-9 for the fifth best record in the Eastern Conference. The Warriors’ next game will see them on the road to face the Boston Celtics , where we are likely to see Golden State improve their road record as well as against another Eastern Conference opponent.

While the Golden State Warriors are being praised for their success this season , for the teams at the bottom end of the NBA and the continued ineptitude shown. I don’t know that a great deal more needs to be said about the play of the Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers , Brooklyn Nets , New Orleans Pelicans and Sacramento Kings. Ineptitude this season , shall we say, is the new normal ?

Brett Brown , head coach of the 76ers, is a franchise, which is bereft of talent on the court , but even more among so the coaching staff and front office . Having recently won their first game of the season , the Sixers can rest assured no one is really concerned what they do over the remainder of their schedule, much less the idiocy of those who believe GM Sam Hinkie is building something which will be of benefit to the franchise and their long-term future. This is the sort of prevailing idiocy which is now prevalent around the NBA, with the fans and analysts alike. Once, the several of these younger players (rookies) have fulfilled their contractual obligations with Sixers , I believe a number of them will be getting as far away from Philadelphia as fast as they can, without taking a look in their rear view mirrors !

Rajon Rondo may well be resurrecting his career with the Sacramento Kings , but the team will not be going anywhere at all this season. George Karl, as experienced a coach as he is, has to be provided with a team willing to play, one which plays with a great deal of zeal. Clearly not the case with Sacramento at home or on the road this season. A six-point victory over the Utah Jazz by the Sacrament Kings may well have provided the Kings with some respite momentarily but they will be in for something of a test when they face the New York Knicks at home on Thursday evening. For the New York Knicks, this will give the Derek Fisher coached team a chance to improve their record against Western Conference opponents. While there might be a great deal which the Knicks’ fans feel they can rejoice about , at this point of the season, with a 10-12 record within the East and 2 ½ games behind the eighth placed , Orlando Magic (12-9) , is not necessarily a great place to be for a franchise , where their fans as well as the front office believe the team is capable of making the NBA Playoffs this season.

LeBron James might well be considered the best player in the NBA since his entrance as the number one pick during the 2003 NBA Draft . The ensuing years have provided the fans with just about everything they expected and a great deal more. As LeBron seeks to guide the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first NBA title, the player seems to be making all the right commercial moves off the court , while still making a considerable salary on the court. James’ signing of a lifetime $500 million contract , further enhances his viability as the NBA’s highest-profile and commercially viable marketing asset, the league currently has. The deal with Nike Inc, will push the player’s lifetime earnings in excess of $1 billion. If the rumors are to be believed then the player could be joining his personal icons Michael Jordan and Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson of becoming not only major sports’ icons , but also billionaire status .

The Cleveland Cavaliers have not proven to be as dominant as some believed they would be this season and already the team has suffered some rather embarrassing losses against opponents, which many felt were beneath them. Over their last six games heading into Wednesday night the Cleveland Cavaliers have posted 3-3 record , hardly emblematic of a team seeking to be the best within their conference. Granted, the Cavaliers do have the best record , but they have been far from dominant within the Eastern Conference. In their last game Cleveland had to overcome pesky Portland Trailblazers , who they defeated 105-100. Prior to that game, they lost a lopsided decision to the Miami Heat , while they were without LeBron James for the contest. The next game for the Cavaliers will see them take on the Orlando Magic at the Amway Arena , Orlando, Florida on Thursday , 11th December ,2015.

It would be fair to suggest there are no more than a handful of teams in the Western Conference likely to be able to derail the chances of the Golden State Warriors making a successful defense of their NBA title. Among those , I would count the Oklahoma City Thunder , Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs to be among the teams in question ! Of the three franchises mentioned , the Spurs with their depth might be the team capable of making that a reality. The fact that Gregg Popovich and RC Buford were able to pull of such a coup in acquiring both LaMarcus Aldridge and David West only adds to the fabled accomplishments of both executives .

San Antonio currently has the second-best record in the league and the conference behind the undefeated Golden State Warriors. Certainly, when these two teams meet in the first of their regular season meetings , it is likely to be one the games of the season and most definitely the game of the night, when this contests takes place. These two teams will meet four times times over the course of this season as part of their schedule, with those games being contested on the following dates, 25th January, 19th March, 7th April and the final meeting between the two taking place on the 10th April . Last season both the Warriors and Spurs put on an exhilarating display in each of the three games held as they sought conference supremacy .

Tim Duncan and his San Antonio Spurs’ teammates will next take to the court when they are due to face Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant having announced this will be his his last season in the NBA, will not be going out with a splash, but more so, on a somber note as the Lakers’ season is already imperiled due to the poor play by the entire roster and poor coaching of Byron Scott .

The only way is up , from here-on in concerning the Los Angeles Lakers, but I believe it is too steep a mountain which this franchise is incapable of climbing . simply because of the lack of intelligence shown by the team’s owners Jim and Jeanie Buss, while GM Mitch Kupchak remains clueless in his assessment of talent and how to put a competitive together. Six years on from their last NBA title triumph , the Lakers have labored in a pool of acrid mediocrity .



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What have you found to be the most impressive statistic witnessed at this point of the NBA season and do you believe the Christmas schedule will play a large part in what we could very well see over the remainder of the NBA schedule ?


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  1. Any doubts as to who the best team has been at this point of the season can be put to rest, than as#holes continually coming up with their idiocy and then talking about where Kobe Bryant ranks among the best players in the NBA’s history .

    If the Golden State Warriors carry on at their current pace , they will obliterate the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers’ record with consummate ease .

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    NBA schedule 10th December

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  2. Two sub.500 teams plied their trade on Thursday night , when the Philadelphia 76ers (1-22) met the Brooklyn Nets (7-15) in a game played at the Barclays Center , in Brooklyn , New York . No real surprise to know the venue wasn’t a sellout or the fact , these two teams’ attendance levels are among the lowest in the NBA at this point of the season.

    The contest itself, between two of the dregs within the Eastern Conference was simply pitiful and further emphasized why this conference so mediocre in comparison to the West.

    Meanwhile , those lauding the improvement of the New York Knicks 10-14 should really be taking a close look at the team’s stats rather than coming up with their constant outpourings of sheer idiocy.

    Derek Fisher took the New York Knicks on the road to face the Sacramento Kings (9-15) at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento , California. In this game Carmelo Anthony provided the Knicks with all of the offense needed , but the rest of his teammates were nowhere to be seen . DeMarcus Cousins led all scorers as the Kings triumphed over the Knicks in this contest.

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  3. As the Golden State Warriors (24-0) march on valiantly remaining undefeated , it would appear the team while being unstoppable . The Warriors’ relentless march has seen them cut a swath through their conference .

    Three more wins for Golden State and they tie the second longest win streak in NBA history. In their last game the Warriors were able to quell the Boston Celtics , beating them on the road by a five-point margin of victory , 124-119.

    Golden State Warriors news

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  4. The sheer lunacy of individuals knows no boundaries and idiots who are now suggesting Golden State Warriors’ assistant coach Luke Walton is deserving of a chance to coach an NBA team simply smacks of the stupidity one could come to expect of a buffoon who can simply offer nothing more than a sheer lack of intelligence .

    Luke Walton , left , is seen here with Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr .

    Walton has merely been an assistant for little short of two years after an uninspired career in the NBA , in spite of having won title with the Los Angeles Lakers .

    Walton is still learning his craft and were he to take over a team there is no guarantee of immediate success , much less Luke Walton being able to assemble a coaching staff capable of making a team a legitimate contender in the NBA . Now with the plight of the Los Angeles Lakers’ season spiraling into the gutter , Luke Walton’s name is now being mentioned as a possible successor to Byron Scott.

    If a decision is to be made concerning Byron Scott’s future and it is something I am inclined to believe will happen , then there is a possibility Luke Walton might well be considered a candidate for the vacant head coach’s position with the Los Angeles Lakers. Yet the belief has to be , it would be better were the Lakers to go with a coach who has a proven track record of winning , rather than one who based on a month’s coaching responsibility and being a lead assistant , as credentials , makes him a more viable candidate than someone with a record of success.

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  5. The Miami Heat with their new and revamped team were seen as one of the primary contenders within the Eastern Conference this season and most certainly within their division the Atlantic.

    Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are seen as the elder statesmen on the Heat’s roster.

    After an indifferent start , Miami has found itself playing catch-up to both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks within the Eastern Conference as the season has just passed through the first quarter of what will be an arduous eighty-two game schedule.

    Over their last six games the Miami Heat have performed poorly . with their last victory coming , with a win over the Cleveland Cavaliers who were without LeBron James for the game which took place on the 5th December, 2015. On Friday Saturday night Miami fell to the slow improving Indiana Pacers ,where Paul George having returned from injury is proving to be one of the mainstays on the Pacers’ roster with his all-round game and offensive prowess.

    So there is a chink in their armor after-all as the Golden State Warriors (23-1) fell to the Milwaukee Bucks , as the Warriors lost their first game of the season in a thirteen-point upset to the Jason Kidd coached Bucks.

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  6. Within the respective conferences it is interesting to see how the teams have performed and then to look at their divisional records. I will not continue to rail on about the New York Knicks(11-14) , because in actuality, they are just a moderately average team with no standout wins to their season, with apparently only two players of note on the roster , in the guise of veteran Carmelo Anthony and rookie Kristaps Porzingis.

    Where the Knicks now go from here is really dependent not only upon the play of the team, but also the coaching acumen shown by Derek Fisher and his coaching staff. Something needless to say , New York Knicks’ fans in spite of their optimism, simply are not willing to admit , having Fisher remain as coach of the team is becoming more of a liability than it is an asset .

    As the CEO and owner of the Charlotte Hornets (14-9), Michael Jordan has to be pleased with what he is currently seeing from the team as they sit atop of the Southeast Division , one game ahead of the Miami Heat . The Hornets for their part have been playing some great basketball placing them in a healthy position within Eastern Conference .

    Michael Jordan , left and Hornets’ Vice Chairman Curtis Polk.

    From left to right , head coach Steve Clifford , Rod Higgins and General Manager Rich Cho .

    Hornets’ head coach Steve Clifford and the coaching staff will prepare the team for their next game when they face the Orlando Magic on the 16th December , 2015.

    Charlotte Hornets news

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  7. With the failure of the Vancouver Grizzlies to ever establish themselves as an NBA franchise North of the border the team was allowed to head South where it would become the Memphis Grizzlies while having changed ownership along the way. With there now being only one team within the confines of the Canadian border, it has been left to the Toronto Raptors to keep the flag raised representing of what professional basketball has to offer within the country and fans of the NBA .

    This season within the league both the Grizzlies and Raptors have been found wanting at this point of the league schedule. With each team struggling to show a sense of consistency.

    Sunday’s schedule will see both the Memphis Grizzlies and the Toronto Raptors in action. Memphis will be on the road to face the Miami Heat . The Raptors should be able to have their way with the Philadelphia 76ers (1-22) .

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  8. Games scheduled for Monday, 14th December , 2015 . Contests will pit inter conference between teams in the West as well as the East and intra-conference and divisional games .

    Of the games being played on Monday , the contest pitting the Miami Heat (13-9) against the Atlanta Hawks (14-11) might provide the most intrigue .

    The San Antonio Spurs (20-5) are one of only two teams this season to have accumulated twenty-wins , while having one of the best records in the league at this point of the schedule. Gregg Popovich and his team will face conference rivals the Utah Jazz (10-12) at home when the two teams meet at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas,.

    As if to further emphasize how bad the Philadelphia 76ers (1-22) have been this season, they will face the Chicago Bulls (13-8) in what is unlikely to be another victory for the Fred Hoiberg coached Bulls .

    Brett Brown and the Sixers will be looking to win only their second game of the season and their first in the last ten games played .

    NBA news

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  9. Tuesday’s games scheduled will see four contests being played. The Cleveland Cavaliers (15-7) will be pitted against the Boston Celtics (14-10) , while the Denver Nuggets (10-14) will be up against the Minnesota Timberwolves (9-14) , Houston Rockets (12-13) will tip-off against the Sacramento Kings (9-15) with the final pairing will provide the fans with a contest between the Milwaukee Bucks (10-15) and Los Angeles Lakers (3-21) .

    At this stage last season , teams were still vying to position themselves in the run-up to the Christmas Day schedule .

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    NBA schedule 15th December

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  10. It could be said the Brooklyn Nets (7-17) are having an indifferent season with this team being barely competitive within their conference , division and the league overall .

    In their most recent game the Brooklyn Nets fell to the Orlando Magic (13-11) in a lopsided twenty-three point loss 105-82 . The Nets’ front office led by GM Billy King has failed to bolster the team’s roster from last season during the off-season .

    At home and on the road the Nets have been an extremely poor team . Over their last eight games Brooklyn has performed poorly , leading many to believe, during this upcoming off-season the front office will have to make some drastic changes to the team’s lineup.

    The Brooklyn Nets will be among the teams playing tonight (Wednesday) when they face the Miami Heat (14-9) in a conference match-up between the two teams. Elsewhere , the New York Knicks(11-14) will take on the Minnesota Timberwolves (9-15) in an intra-conference contest .

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  11. As if to further emphasize what we already knew , Dwight Howard is proving that he is not capable of playing with any degree of consistency to lead the Houston Rockets. Howard ,as has been his want , would rather get paid , than show that he can play at the highest level possible .

    Dwight Howard (12) and teammate James Harden (13) (right) .

    It is being widely rumored Dwight Howard is unhappy with the lack of playing time and the discourse between the player and coaching staff led by JB Bickerstaff . Rockets’ general manager Daryl Morey may well seek to trade the disgruntled center , knowing there is likely to be interest from several teams , of which it is said the Miami Heat might be an interested party for Dwight Howard.

    Courtesy of CBS Sports

    NBA Rumor: Dwight Howard unhappy in Houston; Rockets looking to deal?

    By Matt Moore

    NBA Rumor: Dwight Howard unhappy in Houston; Rockets looking to deal?
    By Matt Moore | NBA writer
    December 15, 2015 5:22 pm ET

    The Houston Rockets are a mess. They just dropped their third game of the season to the Denver Nuggets, who are not a very good team. They’re 12-13 and look lost in most areas. Star center Dwight Howard is a free agent at the end of this year.

    You know where this is going. reports that Howard is unhappy and that the Rockets could look to move the former All-Star.

    Dwight Howard is extremely unhappy in Houston playing second fiddle to alpha dog James Harden, multiple league sources tell And with the Rockets underachieving more than any NBA team, look for them to try to move Howard later this season.

    Source: Dwight Howard trade to Miami a Possibility.

    The wording here is kind of where things get notable. It describes the idea that Howard isn’t unhappy with the losing, or the atmosphere, or his role, but instead doesn’t want to be James Harden’s sidekick. That’s a little surprising. Howard and Harden have played together for three seasons now. All of a sudden, Howard is unhappy with being Robin to the Beard’s Batman? The Rockets worked for years and years to try and acquire All-Stars like Howard. Now they’re going to ditch him because of a bad month?

    To read in full , click on link to read this article in its entirety.

    Over their last twelve games the Rockets have been playing ( 7-5) at a spirited level . Whether or not the Rockets can make a difference within the Western Conference will be dependent upon the play of Houston over the remainder of their schedule.

    Houston Rockets news

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  12. Perhaps , someone can explain to me how in the space of eight games the Milwaukee Bucks can go from derailing the Golden State Warriors’ unbeaten run to then being routed by the Los Angeles Lakers ? Bucks’ head coach Jason Kidd doesn’t seem to have the Bucks playing with any type of consistency within their conference, much less within the league overall .

    Jason Kidd is seen here with Milwaukee Bucks’ player Jerryd Bayless .

    Kidd and the Bucks’ next contest will be played against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday evening .

    Milwaukee Bucks news

    NBA standings (divisional)

    NBA standings (conference)

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  13. If Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls (14-8) are looking to improve on their season so far , then it will be incumbent on the player and his teammates to play with a great deal more consistency than has been shown this season.

    From left to right , Taj Gibson. Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose and Kirk Hinrich.

    The Chicago Bulls will take to the court in their next game when they play the Memphis Grizzlies at home on Wednesday, 16th December , 2015.

    Bull’ Head of Basketball Operations , John Paxson , left and GM Forman.

    Though Derrick Rose has provided productivity for the Bulls this season , it has been Jimmy Butler who has commanded a great deal more attention , just as much as last season when during the loss of Rose, Butler stepped up to the plate throughout much of the regular and postseason for the franchise .

    Fred Hoiberg , head coach of the Chicago Bulls .

    Jimmy Butler has proven his worth and it will be interesting to see what Bulls’ front office believes he is worth when they come around to negotiating a new contract for the player.

    Chicago Bulls news

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  14. The New York Knicks (12-14 ) remain sub-par as their record suggests and the standing within their division , conference and league overall indicates as such . Granted, there have been positive sightings with the play of the team specifically concerning the rookie first round draft pick Kristaps Porzingis . Beyond that however, there is nothing to suggest the team is even closer to real progress.

    The Knicks may well end up with a better record than their 17-65 record of last season and their poor play seen from all-round. Truth be known, the real issue which remains with the New York Knicks beyond their lack of defense , has been the very fact Derek Fisher and the coaching staff are still learning on the job and that has been more of a liability for the team than an asset.

    Kristaps Porzingis, left, of the New York Knicks and the Timberwolves’ Andrew Wiggins .

    The New York Knicks’ front office as led by Phil Jackson and Steve Mills may well come to a decision concerning Fisher’s long-term future should the team fail to make the NBA Playoffs. Necessity would suggest , the Knicks’ ambition for the season is to obtain a high enough seeding within the Eastern Conference to make the playoffs , but I do believe this is beyond the team at this juncture !

    On Wednesday night the New York Knicks faced the Minnesota Timberwolves , which drew a great deal of attention as last year’s NBA Rookie of The Year Award winner Andrew Wiggins Andrew Wiggins of the Timberwolves went up against one of this year’s leading candidates for the award Kristaps Porzingis.

    NBA news

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    NBA results 16th December

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  15. So the fans started who were falling under the spell of the Cleveland Cavaliers , simply take a look at the Cavaliers’ record and ask yourself, are you thoroughly convinced LeBron James and teammates can win the NBA title given their play at present ?

    From left to right , LeBron James , Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving .

    Cleveland may well be leading their conference with a great deal of ease, but this team might not be good enough to take down the best the West has to offer. The Cavaliers’ own record against the Western Conference has been admirable , over their last ten games against teams within the East Cleveland have struggled somewhat.

    David Blatt is seen here speaking with Kevin Love.

    Cleveland over their last eight games have been their usual self, but there seems to be issues on the team concerning their effectiveness .

    While the Eastern Conference meanders through its schedule , we have seen the West prove why they more competitive than their conference counterparts.

    It was a coup-de-gras as the San Antonio Spurs were able to acquire free agents LaMarcus Aldridge and David West to bolster what was an already formidable roster.

    From left to right R C Buford , LaMarcus Aldridge , Gregg Popovich and Peter Holt .

    Spurs’ head coach Gregg Popovich and the front office have been able to show their ingenuity and now might well be seen as the only team considered formidable enough to perhaps derail the chances of the Golden State Warriors making a successful defense of the NBA title won last season .

    San Antonio have been highly effective during their last nine games.

    The San Antonio Spurs will be back on the court to face the Los Angeles Clippers on the 18th December, 2015. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers will likely have their hands full when they face the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Quicken Loans Arena , Cleveland , Ohio on Thursday evening (17th December) .

    NBA news

    NBA schedule 17th December

    NBA standings (divisional) 17th December ,2014

    NBA news archive (December 2014) week two


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  16. Thankfully, Gilbert Arenas is no longer in the NBA , but unfortunately , the former league star continues to show he has #hit for brains . Much like the homophobic tirade of Rajon Rondo recently , we are again seeing what’s wrong with a league that epitomizes misogyny , homophobia and the NBPA (union) and its leadership , seems unwilling to act or address the deviant behavior of their members .

    Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas.

    It wouldn’t be so bad concerning the issues now being revealed, until you realize the NBPA Executive Director Michele A Roberts appears unfazed by Rondo’s homophobic tirade aimed at an NBA referee during a recent Sacramento Kings’ game .

    Gilbert Arenas last played a game in the NBA , during the 2011-12 season and thankfully his productivity was simply minimal at best .

    Sacramento Kings’ point guard Rajon Rondo, far right is seen here speaking with Kings’ head coach George Karl and an unnamed front office executive .

    A blogger recently wrote an article, suggesting Rondo was turning around his career, while leading the Sacramento Kings to some semblance of decency within the NBA this season. As farcical and idiotic as it sounds , the Kings’ point guard hasn’t really done anything of merit and Sacramento is nowhere as competitive as this buffoon believes the team to be , much less Rondo being among the best of the NBA’s best point guards.

    Orlando Magic owner , Rich De Vos and Donald Sterling (left) former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

    Gilbert Arenas’ sexist tirade aimed at the WNBA and what the sexual innuendos and lunatic ravings , simply plays into what remains so wrong with the NBA and long been a boon for a hierarchy , where former NBA Commissioner David Stern and his successor Adam Silver have barely done anything to elevate the stature of female counterpart league . Then again, what else would you expect of two executives who have stood idly by while the likes of Rich De Vos and Donald Sterling have shown , what two out of touch ill-sensitive white octogenarian male Caucasians who epitomize WASP’ homophobic and racial bigotry , while dumb f##king a#sholes, would have you believe racism within the US has been on the decline .

    You can either choose to ignore the bigotry and ongoing stupidity of Donald Trump believing him to be a suitable candidate for the US Presidency , without seeking to suggest the GOP now represents racism in the US , while also ignoring the Democratic Party and many of the tenets the party itself was built upon. Either way, down the years of the past six decades or more , both parties have chosen to embrace and then loosen their grip on racial hegemony and bigotry only to then reaffirm it again.

    NBA Commissioner Adam Silver .

    NBA referee Bill Kennedy (seen here with Tony Parker during a game) , who recently ‘ came out’, admitting he was gay and felt it necessary to close the issue concerning the remarks aimed at him by Rajon Rondo.

    Adam Silver’s explanation for not rendering a suspension longer than one game for Rajon Rondo after his inflammatory and repugnant remarks directed at referee Bill Kennedy, sums up how clueless the league hierarchy has remained , first under David Stern and now under his successor, Silver the incumbent and incompetent NBA Commissioner.

    NBA news

    USA Today sports

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  17. Thursday night’s results in the NBA and non-seismic moves within the league .

    Friday’s schedule contests should prove interesting, as the NBA continues to figure what it wants to be , while the bona-fide moronic fans continue with their banal suppositions as to what they believe is and how great David Stern , Adam Silver and their minions continue to make the league so great . Other than the idiocy we have seen within FIFA and UEFA , why would anyone not believe the NBA is not as morally bankrupt as the two most prominent organizations within soccer ?



  18. If over your last ten games in the NBA your team is sub. 500 , then how the hell can anyone be impressed with their play ?

    Of the games being played on Friday night there are several contests likely to be very competitive and entertaining.

    The San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers will be battling it out in what is likely to be the best game of the night, between two Western Conference titans seeking conference supremacy. Intra-conference contests to this point will likely have an impact on the season.

    Tophatal …………..


  19. Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors were able to exact their revenge against the Milwaukee Bucks winning at home defeating Milwaukee 121-112.

    Of the Friday night contests the game with the highest amassed points’ total were the astonishing two hundred and ninety-one , where defense seemed to be mute as the Chicago Bulls gave up one hundred and forty-seven points in their 144-147 loss suffered at the hands of the Detroit Pistons. It was the largest offensive points’ total amassed this season by any team in the NBA as well as being perhaps the best victory gained by the Stan Van Gundy coached team.

    Tophatal …………….. 12/19/2015 03:19 am


  20. A great lopsided blowout win for the Oklahoma City Thunder (18-9) as they completely annihilate a totally lackluster Los Angeles Lakers’ (4-23) team and lineup which all season-long has been bereft of an identity both on and off the field of play.

    For the Thunder , there are growing signs with each victory this team has grown in confidence as they now sit in third place within the Western Conference behind the first-place Golden State Warriors (26-1) and San Antonio (23-5).

    The Indiana Pacers (16-10) seem to be a formidable opponent within the Eastern Conference having slowly moved up the ladder over the past few weeks. All signs to the Pacers’ progress might well be pointing to the fact the East is very weak and the caliber of opponents faced have been inconsistent .

    Tophatal ……….


  21. Some notable games will be taking place during Sunday’s schedule of the NBA . It will be interesting to see whether or not it will be the home or road teams who will be taking advantage in today’s contests.

    The most intriguing game of the day on Sunday’s schedule will be the match-up between intra conference contestants the Portland Trailblazers the Miami Heat .

    LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers (17-7) should have an easy time when they face the Philadelphia 76ers(1-27).

    Sunday’s NBA schedule

    NBA teams’ stats since 1st November

    Tophatal ………….


  22. Can we now all agree that both the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers are an extreme embarrassment to themselves and the NBA ?

    There seems to be this continued idiocy among certain NBA analysts both Billy King and Sam Hinkie in their respective positions as the general managers for the Nets and 76ers actually know what they’re are doing.

    Nets’ GM Billy King.

    Sixers’ GM Sam Hinkie

    Anyone with an ounce of common sense, would know both executives have made the sort of blunders which would usually cost them their jobs , but team owners Mikhail Prokhorov and Joshua Harris are clearly as dumb as their subordinates within the respective organizations.

    The losses suffered to today by both the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers are just further indications as to how bad both teams just happen to be and will remain over the course of the remainder of this NBA season. Neither team can play defense and from an offensive standpoint they both remain completely inept .

    NBA news

    NBA results 20th December

    NBA standings (divisional)

    NBA standings (conference)

    NBA player stats

    NBA Rookie stats

    Tophatal ……


  23. So let’s hear it for the grown folks who won on Monday night in the NBA .

    Patience will be the key , but clearly the choice of Brad Stevens to coach the Boston Celtics does appear to be paying off for the team as the players are now responding to the coaching philosophy of Stevens and his coaching staff . Boston got by the Minnesota Timberwolves , with Kelly Olynyk leading the way for the team in scoring with a rousing 113-99 victory over the Western Conference based Timberwolves.

    Kawhi Leonard is showing why he has become an invaluable asset to the San Antonio Spurs , as they romp to another victory taking down the Indiana Pacers .

    Tophatal ………… 2015/12/22 12:39 am


  24. Tuesday’s scheduled games in the NBA along with the latest news from around the league . Four games are scheduled for today with the still hapless Philadelphia 76ers taking the court to face the Memphis Grizzlies .

    The ouster of Sam Hinkie as the team’s general manager to be replaced by Jerry Colangelo as a SVP & Consultant in charge of Basketball Operations further emphasizes what a disastrous job was done by Hinkie in his capacity as the Sixers general manager , The idiocy of the claims , Philadelphia’s future seems secure with the recent draft choices made with Jahlil Okafor , Joel Embiid and Maurice Harkless in recent years. The Sixers might well be a work in progress but it is becoming abundantly clear Brett Brown and his coaching staff are way out of their depth. Philadeplhia as franchise has not been competitive in several seasons.

    Jerry Colangelo .

    The Philadelphia 76ers’ last appearance in the NBA Playoffs came during the 2011-12 season . Philadelphia’s record over their last twenty games has been abysmal . The fact the Sixers’ only win of the season came against the lowly and inept Los Angeles Lakers on 1st December in a home game should tell you , all you need to know concerning both teams over the this course this season.

    NBA player stats

    Teams stats last ten games

    This month in NBA history .

    Tophatal ………


  25. So now there’s an argument brewing as to who’s the best Shooting Guard in the NBA just happens to be ? Does it really matter at this point of the season and last I looked no one gives a rat’s ass what you’re doing in the regular season , unless you’re consistent all season-long .

    The Golden State Warriors’ (26-1) guard Klay Thompson is having a great season with the Warriors and granted the player has made claims he is best shooting guard in the league and he might be but at the same time the Chicago Bulls have a player in Jimmy Butler who over his last forty-five games twenty forty game heading back to last season has been playing at a level comparable to his Golden State counterpart.

    NBA news

    NBA results 22nd December

    NBA schedule 23rd December

    NBA standings (divisional)

    This month in NBA history

    On this date in the NBA .

    Tophatal ……………


  26. Wednesdays results in the NBA hasn’t led to a flurry of movement within the divisions .

    The Golden State Warriors(26-1) , San Antonio Spurs (25-5) and Oklahoma City Thunder (20-9) the only three teams within the NBA to have amassed more than twenty wins at this stage of the season. Golden State defeated the Utah Jazz on their way to a decisive victory over their Western Conference rivals . Other teams in actions were the Brooklyn Nets whose season continues to be abysmal having lost to the Dallas Mavericks in decisive fashion.

    Kevin Durant and his teammates from the Oklahoma City Thunder completely swept aside the Los Angeles Lakers on their way to an emphatic victory .

    Team stats over their last fifteen games (15 games)

    Tophatal ….


  27. Of late there appears to have been some struggles for the Miami Heat . A number of front-line players have missed recent starts leading to the recent losses suffered by the team.

    Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra has entrusted his seasoned veterans Dwyane Wade , Chris Bosh , and Amare’ Stoudemire with the resilience needed to win through within their division and conference this season.

    Next up for the Miami Heat will be a game against the New Orleans Pelicans . The Pelicans’ Anthony Davis has seen the decline of the team’s play from last season to this season , with their being a lack of consistency from the New Orleans’ players. .

    NBA news

    Miami Heat news

    NBA standings (divisional)

    NBA teams’ stats over their last ten games

    NBA schedule 25th December

    NBA news archive 2014

    NBA standings (divisional one year ago today )

    NBA results 25th December 2014

    Tophatal ……


  28. Billionaire entrepreneur and multiple professional sports’ franchise owner Paul Allen has to be among the wealthiest individuals in all of professional sports. He is most certainly wealthier than James Dolan , Jerry Jones , Stanley E Kroenke , Terry Pegula and Mikhail Prokhorov .

    Paul Allen .

    Allen as owner of both the Seattle Seahawks and the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers is indeed a very lucky man. However, the front office of the Trailblazers made a monumental mistake by not trying hard enough in seeking to re-sign LaMarcus Aldridge to a multi-year , multi-million dollar deal. Instead , Aldridge was allowed to leave as a free agent with the player signing as a free agent joining the San Antonio Spurs to a very lucrative deal .

    Damian Lillard and Terry Stotts.

    Portland this season has not only struggled within their division , but also within the Western Conference as well as the NBA throughout their schedule. Granted , it was widely reported LaMarcus Aldridge and his now former teammate Damian Lillard could not get along and were never really on the same page. Yet. to my mind the issue was poorly handled by the coaching staff and front office.

    Though they were not part of the Christmas Day schedule within the NBA the Portland Traiblazers now have a difficult set of games coming up on their schedule with their next contest being against the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon on the 26th December , 2015. A home game against an East Conference opponent should have the hallmarks of being a very good contest, but somehow , I don’t believe this Terry Stotts’ coached Blazers team will be up to the task !

    NBA news

    Portland Trailblazers news

    Tophatal …………….


  29. Friday’s results in the NBA and one of the more exciting games saw the Cleveland Cavaliers last season’s beaten finalists and the defending NBA champions the Golden State Warriors provide a nail-biting thriller for the fans as the Warriors carried on their incredible season .

    Games to be played on Saturday and Sunday in the league should prove to be very interesting if the results of last season are anything to go by.

    NBA news

    Tophatal ………….


  30. Sunday’s results so far within the NBA and what they mean within the divisions and conferences .

    I have to admit you have to admire the New York Knicks’ (14-17) fans, as only they could be so optmistic about a team which has shown little signs of real progress. The Knicks continue to be sub-par as their record indicates and over their last 5 , 10 and fifteen games they have put up the sort of statistics that have you wondering what the hell are you meant to be watching ?

    At present the New York Knicks are in a tight closely contested game against the Boston Celtics .

    If you thought things couldn’t get much worse for the Los Angeles Lakers (5-26) , then simply look at today’s result against the Memphis Grizzlies (17-16) as proof of that very fact.

    NBA news

    NBA results 27th December

    Tophatal ……..


  31. Friday’s results in the NBA indicates somewhat the best team in the league after just one game in 2016, but overall record is really what counts . A game between the two worst teams in the NBA saw the Los Angeles Lakers lock horns with the still mediocre Philadelphia 76ers. There was little of note to recommend about this contest where both have struggled defensively as well as on offense .

    Saturday will provide the fans with several games where we are expected to see several teams try keep streaks in tact

    NBA news

    NBA results 1st December

    NBA standings

    NBA team stats



  32. These are likely the top free agent candidates and capped players in the lead-up to the trade deadline and it will be interesting to witness what could take place as several teams look to unburden themselves of burdensome cap-unfriendly players.

    There are two prominent players who could very well be moved and a third with the New York Knicks’ forward Carmelo Anthony. I certainly believe given the woes of the Sacramento Kings and the Houston Rockets of late , both centers , DeMarus Cousins and Dwight Howard might will be on the move. For Howard it would be his third such career-move in the last four years.

    Trades to have taken place this season

    NBA trades last season


  33. Saturday’s results in the NBA led to little movement within the divisions.

    The Golden State Warriors took care of business as they have always done this season especially against conference opponents. In defeating the Sacramento Kings the Warriors have a stranglehold on the Western Conference as well as their division.

    Heading into their next four games teams will certainly have to play
    with a great deal more intensity.

    Sunday will see several games on the schedule. The best of which might well be something of a factor as to what we should expect.

    NBA news and updated stories .

    Tophatal ………….


  34. Monday night was the same as any other damn night in the NBA , teams either won on or they lost .

    Nets’ interim head coach Tony Brown is seen here with Lionel Hollins.

    Games played on Monday night featured the San Antonio Spurs (33-6) annihilating the downtrodden Brooklyn Nets (10-28) who fired their general manager Billy King and head coach Lionel Hollins with Hollins now to be succeeded by Tony Brown on an interim basis. Nets’ team owner and billionaire businessman Mikhail Prokhorov is now conducting a league-wide and collegiate level coach with proven success.

    Wildcats’ head coach John Calipari is seen here talking to his players court-side.

    Atop of the owner’s list is former coach of the franchise John Calipari. It is now unknown if Calipari would be interested in a return to the NBA as the Kentucky Wildcats’ head coach is satisfied with his current position as well having a top-flight program within Men’s College Basketball.

    This season the Brooklyn Nets have been one of the worst performing teams in the league at home as well as on the road . The Nets’ last victory came on the 2nd January when they defeated the Boston Celtics by a three-point margin winning 100-97 .

    NBA news

    Brooklyn Nets news

    NBA results

    Tophatal …………


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