Pick your poison …..

Pick your poison …

The NFL season has proven to be a great deal more than many would be willing to admit and now the consensus and debate is whether or not Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton is a deserving winner of this year’s NFL League MVP. From my standpoint , with Newton having led the Panthers to an unbeaten 14-0 season , with two games left to be played . It would take an idiot to bet against the player and his possibly leading them as only the second franchise in NFL history to go unbeaten during the NFL’s sixteen-game regular season schedule. There might well be a sense of foreboding , with the fact the last team do so, the New England , having gone 16-0 , would then fall to the New York Giants in the Superbowl .

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Ron Rivera and his coaching staff have the team playing some explosive football, with Carolina being impressive all season-long with their statistics bearing this out. Yet, this has all been a collective effort from just about every player on the roster. From the rookies to the seasoned veterans , everyone has somehow played a part in what has become a historic run for the Panthers. With two games left to the regular season schedule, it will be very interesting to see how Carolina continues to navigate their season. Singular glory asides, I believe Cam Newton would rather lead the Panthers to their first appearance and victory in the Superbowl ! Newton has performed admirably throughout the season , having set career-bests and now placing himself as a dual-threat and not what one would deem to be the NFL prototypical quarterback .

Passing league or not , the NFL is in need of a player to assume the mantel soon to be relinquished by the likes of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees . Granted , Aaron Rodgers to my mind , has been the best quarterback in the league over the past six seasons has proven himself to be among the elite players at the position and is slowly carving out a career which will likely see him inducted into the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio upon his being eligible.

Having gotten the better of the New York Giants in their most recent game , the Panthers defeated the Giants in a close and highly contested contest . The two NFC stalwarts gladiatorial in the contest with it being highly physical. Though Carolina Panthers were victorious , the game will certainly be remembered for the thug-like antics of Giants’ wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr , whose infantile behavior and lack of maturity , is showing him in a negative light. Throughout much of the game , Beckham was constantly under pressure from Panther’s defensive player Josh Norman and with the receiver having dropped a number of passes thrown his way by teammate Eli Manning, it was easy to understand Beckham’s frustration. However, what was totally abhorrent, was Odell Beckham’s attempt in trying to decapitate the Panther’s defensive back during the game.

While we all know taunting is prevalent during games between opposing players during NFL games , what is now becoming a regular occurrence. is the continued taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct. Beckham was given one-game suspension for his conduct , while Norman went unpunished for his conduct. If the league hierarchy cannot deal with such issues aggressively and adequately, then the type of behavior shown will continue to be a pattern within the game.

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers will seek to keep their fourteen-game winning streak intact when they face the Atlanta Falcons in a divisional road game on Sunday evening . This is a game, which I believe will a lopsided contest favoring the road team , one which could end up rather embarrassingly for the Falcons. Though the Atlanta Falcons leads the series 27-14 with the two teams having met forty-one times over the two decades during which the contests have taken place. In their most recent meetings , it was Carolina winning both games in 2014, with Cam Newton prevailing over his divisional rival.

Matt Ryan , the Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback will be expected to lead his team with authority. Something, I now believe he is incapable of doing with any degree of certainty , given Atlanta’s rapid decline this season. Thomas Dimitroff’s position as the general manager is certainly being scrutinized by team owner Arthur Blank and I also believe Ryan’s own long-term future with the franchise is in jeopardy. Granted , the Falcons have a considerable sum invested in their quarterback, who has failed to deliver when it has mattered the most and his dismal season , has only further emphasized the issues which continue to dog Matt Ryan as a player.

If there is a “ call to arms “ , which players are most likely to meet the call and lead by example ? It’s said to be the quarterbacks’ duty to lead and his teammates will likely to follow. Of late , I have a great deal of idiocy surrounding, how Brock Osweiler was meant to be the face and future of the Denver Broncos , much of this having been based one game , where Osweiler led the Broncos to a victory over a disheveled New England Patriots’ team. In the past two weeks Peyton Manning’s understudy has shown the NFL he is not yet ready to actually take over the reins from the future Hall of Fame bound player. Denver for its part , has been struggling in recent games , though their postseason aspirations are not necessarily in jeopardy. One has to wonder , if Brock Osweiler has the temperament to lead the Denver Broncos on a deep playoff run, much less Gary Kubiak being able to show real signs of coaching acumen. Kubiak’s postseason record can be best described as mediocre .

This weekend with the teams lining up for their penultimate game of the regular season schedule , it will be interesting to see the end results will be . The San Diego Chargers will kick off this part of the schedule with a divisional game against the Oakland Raiders , in a contest during which both teams will be looking for some form of salvation. Brock Osweiler and the Denver Broncos will have a tough game on their and quite possibly be in for a rude awakening, when they meet the Cincinnati Bengals a formidable conference foe . Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will be the guests of the New York Jets in what is likely to be seen as a “ must-win game” for the Jets. There is a very meaningful game taking place on Sunday afternoon, when the Washington Redskins take on the Philadelphia Eagles , with the victor likely in the driver’s seat concerning the destination of the NFC East divisional title. All that you might well need to concerning the division, is that it remains one of the worst in the entire NFL.

Chip Kelly as the Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach has presided over the steady decline of the franchise since his being introduced as its head coach . A lone postseason appearance coming in 2013, saw the Eagles fall in the wildcard round of the NFL postseason in a game against the New Orleans Saints led by their quarterback Drew Brees.

A Philadelphia Eagles’ loss and we might as well begin to ask how long before team owner Jeff Lurie makes the decision to fire both Chip Kelly and general manager Howie Roseman ? Clearly, the two inspire about as much confidence as a blind man playing hopscotch in the middle of a mine-field. We know stuff gets blown up , but Roseman has countenanced every dumb move made by Kelly , allowing the head coach unparalleled latitude with his decision-making concerning the team’s roster . Chip Kelly on his best day couldn’t spot NFL talent , much less coach it , if he were given the proper tools to do so. Kelly’s teams in the NFL have lacked finesse and they certainly have no propensity to play defense , but yet there are moronic fools repeatedly jumping to defense, believing him to be a very good NFL head coach. That is about as inspiring as suggesting Roger Goodell has been a great asset to the NFL as its top executive. Goodell has presided over a popular league , but he remains weak and indifferent when dealing with a litany of issues facing the NFL.

Among the top contenders of candidates for this season’s NFL Rookie of The Year , the consensus appears to be Todd Gurley , Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston are the best of a really bad bunch of NFL rookies in 2015. All three have had their moments this season in the NFL, but the trio also play on very bad teams who are not even in contention for even their divisional titles much less a postseason berth . I would also throw in Amari Cooper of the Oakland Raiders , but again as before, he is playing on an exceptionally bad team. While I get the fact the award to reward a player for their season-long contributions achievements within the league during their rookie season. I can’t help but feel, rewarding so-called excellence when your team just happens to be bad , is nothing more than giving a child a lollipop after they have finished in the bottom-half of a Spelling Bee Competition !

Would you also like to have some cheese with your wine and continued whining ? There has to be something said when three NFL quarterbacks, having signed multi-million dollar deals have put together a string of performances this season that have you feeling depressed and the thought beyond their being overpaid, you could actually do better. Joe Flacco , Colin Kaepernick and Jay Cutler are three such quarterbacks, where the blame can be in part be laid for the abysmal seasons of the Baltimore Ravens , San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears . Obviously , all three teams will be in action during week sixteen with the Ravens taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers , the Forty Niners facing the Detroit Lions and the Bears taking on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. All of these games given their status, should prove to be eventful and at the samepoint last season teams were in the waning moments of their respective schedules.

Head coaches in some cases are coaching with job-survival being on the line and there is no doubt in my mind , we are likely to see several coaching turnovers during the off-season. Jim Caldwell is likely on the “outs “ with the Detroit Lions and similar fates could also await Mike Pettine, Bill O’Brien , Chip Kelly , Jim Tomsula and Sean Payton . It remains to be seen whether or not , Jerry Jones will finally admit the Jason Garrett era must finally come to an abrupt end after another disastrous season by the Dallas Cowboys .

Jason Garrett will prepare the team for their road game against the Buffalo Bills , where Bills’ head coach Rex Ryan is facing an internal mutiny among his players after their lackluster season and not understanding Ryan’s often blurred coaching strategies. It seems almost nonsensical to suggest the number of stories written concerning the calls for Jason Garrett’s dismissal or calls simply for Jerry Jones to relinquish his position as the Cowboys’ general manager. The loss of Tony Romo due to injury , simply added to the Dallas’ woes for the season and essentially place the team on their current path to one of their worst finishes in franchise history in recent seasons. . Jerry Jones is unlikely to be forced to heed the calls for Garrett’s firing , as it would simply prove his mistake in hiring the incumbent head coach as the successor to Bill Parcells .

For Sean Payton and the complacency shown by the New Orleans Saints, is slowly emphasizing what we already knew , having won a Superbowl and the aftermath of ‘ Bounty-gate Scandal’ , there was nothing left in the tank and Payton’s coaching acumen was indeed slipping. Take into account the departure of several key players over the last three seasons and you now have to wonder where the Saints can now go from here . The New Orleans Saints are no longer a match for the Carolina Panthers’ and Cam Newton has to be considered the best quarterback in the NFC South , not just based on this season , but also over the past three years. His ascent while Drew Brees’ steady decline seems to be providing us with a stark reality of what is now happening within the division. Sorry Matt Ryan , but you were never going to be part of this equation as you are soft , softer than a baby’s ass a matter of fact ! Brees and the Saints will seek to redeem themselves when they face the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend, as the two teams meet at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in New Orleans , Louisiana , on Sunday afternoon.

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As the regular season comes to a close, which teams do you feel have been a failure and which teams do you believe will be in the hunt for the Superbowl ?

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  1. Several teams will be in for a rude awakening on Sunday afternoon and once the results are in , we will get a better sense whose head will be on the chopping block among the NFL head coaches. Furthermore, heading into the off-season there are likely to be several cap casualties beyond the impending free agents .

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  2. It is hard to try and solve the mystery of what has gone wrong with the San Diego Chargers (4-10) over the course the season . The team’s quarterback Philip Rivers is now among the franchise’s best players at the position in the Chargers’ history and he is among the most beloved San Diego players ever. Rivers has been the hero and never shied away from leading his team. This year however, while Philip Rivers has managed to play consistently , his teammates have simply let him down , while the coaching staff have also failed with their own obligations.

    Chargers’ head coach Mike McCoy could possibly be considered on the ‘hot seat’ , but there have no indications that anyone from within the front office would be willing to make formal statement concerning the head coach’s immediate future or anyone associated with his staff.

    The AFC West has been a boon for the the Denver Broncos (10-4) who lead the division , closely followed by the Kansas City Chiefs (9-5) and a still lackluster Oakland Raiders’ (6-8) team where head coach Jack Del Rio is still treading water , somehow like an apprentice on the job. Holding up the rear within the division are the San Diego Chargers.

    San Diego . will be facing the Oakland Raiders in a divisional road game being played at the O.Coliseum in Oakland , California ,. Philip Rivers will be looking to improve upon his record against his divisional foe whereas, his counterpart Derek Carr will just be looking to make sense of another dire season from a franchise who has not made a playoff appearance in over ten years . Raiders’ fans continue to live in hope , but in reality , Carr is nowhere near capable enough to lead the Oakland Raiders to where they need to be. Oakland’s last appearance came in 2002, when they bowed out in the Superbowl losing out to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who were coached by former Raiders’ head coach Jon Gruden

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    Oakland Raiders news

    Tophatal …


  3. Blake Bortles having been drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars (5-9) in 2014 has struggled since making his debut for the franchise . He has been barely supplied by the front office by way their acquiring players to bolster the Jaguars’ chances of being competitive . Bortles for his part has struggled this season as Jacksonville hasn’t proved to be equal to the task of winning the AFC South.

    Quarterback Blake Bortles .

    The Jacksonville Jaguars will have a highly competitive match-up due in week sixteen when they meet the New Orleans Saints (5-9) at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday afternoon. For Drew Brees it will be interesting to see how the veteran quarterback fares against the AFC South based Jaguars.

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    New Orleans Saints news

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  4. Tom Brady may well be seeking to win a fifth Superbowl , fourth Superbowl MVP as well as a League MVP this season. Yet, we know from the quarterback’s drive to seek perfection , his greatest wish now appears to be , to silence his critics while also making a complete mockery of the NFL hierarchy and leadership of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell . Validation came in the form of Brady’s appeal being upheld by US Federal District Court , with the presiding judge questioning the merits of the case presented by the league. Clearly something, idiot critics with no knowledge of jurisprudence (law) would understand , while simply coming up with their repeated idiotic arguments as to why the player should have received a major suspension from the NFL.

    The New England Patriots (12-2), with Brady in tow will be seeking to make the New York Jets’ (9-5) season something of a major disappointment by knocking them out of contention for a wildcard berth within the AFC this season.

    New England Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick fortified the Patriots’ rushing , receiving offense and corps by acquiring free agent running back Stephen Jackson , and signing him to a veteran contract deal .

    Veteran running back Stephen Jackson , who this month signed a deal with the New England Patriots.

    Elsewhere in the AFC East , the Miami Dolphins (5-9) remain an embarrassment with quarterback Ryan Tannehill continuing to show why he is not capable of playing consistently at a high level.

    Ryan Tannehill (17) of the Miami Dolphins.

    Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins will play hosts to the Indianapolis Colts in what could turn out to be the worst game of the week sixteen schedule.

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    New England Patriots news

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  5. Has Andrew Luck really performed that badly or are the Indianapolis Colts (8-6) so complacent and that bad on defense ? This Colts’ team has given up thirty points or more on several occasions throughout this season and the team’s offense continues to misfire . One could suggest the blame lies not only with the players , but also the coaching staff of Chuck Pagano .

    Chuck Pagano and Andrew Luck .

    Andrew Luck and his teammates will try to make sense of their season through their final two games. Sunday afternoon the Indianapolis Colts will be pitted against an AFC foe in what will likely to be a game of contrasting styles against the Miami Dolphins at Landshark/Joe Robbie Stadium , Miami , Florida,.

    Indianapolis Colts news

    Tophatal …………..


  6. Only in the state California , can their fans whine like immature children about their professional sports’ franchises without ever really having a clue. At least the fans in New York know they are obnoxious and have no wish to change their ways . It’s just that in the state of California fans there will continue to whine and say the most asinine of things , while wanting to admit the truth___ their teams do actually suck .

    There can be no denying this season the San Francisco 49ers have under-achieved and it has to tell you something when head coach Jim Tomsula freely admits he would rather have Blaine Gabbert now quarterback the team rather than Colin Kaepernick . While I don’t believe Kaepernick has lost his confidence , I do believe the player has become complacent and self-absorbed as to his own worth, rather than proving himself to be a competitive and vocal leader on the field of play. These are things the Niners’ fans have ignored while bitching on about the failings of Jed Yorke and GM Trent Baalke .

    Last I looked , Yorke and Baalke paid the players to perform and they were not being asked to be on the field for the Forty-Niners. Admittedly, the two front office executives have flubbed a number of decisions concerning the building of the roster by way their trades and draft choices over the past two season. Yet, that in of-itself cannot hide the fact this team is simply an abomination on all fronts. The San Francisco 49ers can’t run , can’t pass and they certainly cannot defend worth a damn .

    In their penultimate game of the season the San Francisco 49ers will meet the Detroit Lions at Ford Field in Detroit , Michigan ,.

    Colin Kaepernick and Matt Stafford .

    If the issues of have manifested themselves with mediocre play from Colin Kapernick over the past eighteen months, then for Lions’ quarterback Matt Stafford it has been absolute nightmare on so many levels.

    San Francisco 49ers news

    Tophatal ……………..


  7. So here I am wading through the crap of an NFL season and an idiot with nothing better to do , comes up with the notion the New York Giants’ (6-8) wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr , has this season proven himself to be the best at his position out there , because he has been able to take on and beat the top defensive backs in the league. Last I looked the Giants’ season had gone awry and the team wasn’t in with a chance of winning their division outright on their own merits unless their divisional rivals simply screwed up .

    The New York Giants this season have been a diabolical joke and the fact they are likely to miss the postseason once again further emphasizes the point altogether. Also, bear in mind this season Eli Manning was playing to prove to the front office he was was their offering him another six-figure deal to make him among the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL by way of salary , contract and cap-figure . At this stage of his career, I do not believe Manning is worth the financial risk !

    Odell Beckham and Eli Manning .

    From my own personal standpoint , while I believe Odell Beckham is a good receiver, I certainly don’t believe him to be the best at his position in the NFL , though he might be among the top-ten at the position in the league . When you simply place style over substance then you simply have no argument to make concerning a player of Beckham’s stature. There has been more style than substance to Odell Beckham’s game and that has been it !

    Tom Coughlin

    On Sunday the New York Giants knowing Tom Coughlin’s job is on the line will seek to stave off any decision likely to be made by the front office by seeking to beat the Minnesota Vikings (9-5) on the road . It will be interesting to see how Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning fares in the game against the Vikings. One could suggest Beckham has now become Manning’s favorite target for receptions and touchdowns .

    New York Giants’ news

    Tophatal ………..


  8. Well , there are games also being played at the Collegiate Level in terms of College Football’s own postseason , but in reality fans just want to see the top-four teams left at this stage , just let things play out.

    The continued asinine premise, of having a litany of Bowl Games, other than to generate revenue for the programs which rarely and are barely used to benefit the student athlete, is and will remain the biggest lie perpetrated by the NCAA on the fans as well as the public,

    Meanwhile, the media and some clueless fans, will continue to believe the bull#hit being rained down upon them by college athletics’ governing body , because they simply cannot think for themselves or have the intelligence to be independent-minded.

    NCAA Football news

    NCAA Football schedule

    Tophatal …………….


  9. While I have been much of a Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ (6-8) fan and the thought they could make this postseason with a sub.500 record or equal to the mark only makes this NFL season within the NFC all the more bewildering, High praise has been given to Jameis Winston and the season he is having . In reality Winston’s rookie season is an embarrassment and the fact he is considered among the front-runners for the NFL Rookie Offensive Player of The Year puts a terrible spotlight on how bad the season has been for the rookies taken in this year’s 2015 NFL Draft. I am not about to suggest it might be the worst on record . but it does come pretty close .

    Lovie Smith and Buccaneers’ quarterback Jameis Winston(right).

    As for Lovie Smith and his Buccaneers’ coaching staff, the head coach hasn’t been able to find any consistency from the team throughout the season . It is hard to suggest who the best player on the roster has been throughout their schedule , much less who among them is actually worthy of a Pro Bowl selection given what that idiocy is actually meant to mean.

    For the fans who make the choices, it seems to be no different than taking a kid to a candy store and asking them to pick out their favorite colors and flavors and that is in essence what the balloting for the Pro Bowl now seems to be about. It doesn’t reward excellence on a season , but merely fan favorites, regardless how mediocre a player’s season has been .

    Jay Cutler and John Fox .

    Jameis Winston and the Tampa Bay Buccaneer will play host to the Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon and the game could be providing us with the transitioning of John Fox being in charge as the Bears’ head coach as well as quite possibly Chicago’s fans seeing Jay Cutler perform in a Chicago Bears’ uniform for the very last time this season. Some might believe it no great loss for the Bears , given his continued mediocrity and lack of consistency with the franchise.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers news

    Tophatal ………


  10. The panthers are really good. The are the best team in the league. The Eagles stink. The schmucks are on the decline yet two wins over the deadskins tonight and the Giants next Sunday means the bums will make to the playoffs with a eight and eight record. The team to look out for is Chiefs. KC is looking for their ninth straight win. Yet NE is the power in the AFC.


    1. bobby gee

      The Philadelphia Eagles will continue to remain a joke as long as Chip Kelly is the head coach of the team .

      Eli Manning should in no way should be offered a $100 million contract. He and the Giants will end up costing Tom Coughlin his job this season. The team is overrated as too is the team’s wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

      As good as the Kansas City Chiefs now appear to be , I am not so sure they are good enough to beat the best the conference now has to offer !

      Tophatal ….


        1. bobby gee

          If there was any damn common sense to be found inside the front office of the Philadelphia Eagles , then team owner Jeff Lurie and GM Howie Roseman would have made the decision to fire head coach Chip Kelly, instead of keeping his dumb ass around , while the fans see the continued ruination of the franchise. The team has become an absolute joke to watch.

          What is it with the city of Philadelphia at present, when it comes to Eagles the Philadelphia Phillies as professional sports’ franchises ? The Phillies this past season were an absolute horror to watch and the incompetence shown during the off-season and the lack of action with the front office was so embarrassing.

          Tophatal ……


          1. the Eagles are joke. The schmucks lost to the deadskins. Season over. it was since the first week. KC can beat the Pats and Cincy. We will see what happens when it is nut cutting time.


            1. bobby gee

              All of these bone-headed fools who bought into Chip Kelly being the savior of the Philadelphia Eagles after the unparalleled success of Andy Reid , with the fans then calling for his being kicked out of town , Where the hell are those ,morons now ?

              The city of Philadelphia is the one city, where you know their fans are as clueless and as obnoxious as they come, next to those fans from Los Angeles and New York City .

              Tophatal …….


              1. Reid had his run in Philly. It was time for a change. Kelly proved to be the wrong choice. It is time for a change now. This is many times the only way to find out. College coaches rarely make good NFL coaches. Yes there were two exceptions. One reaps what they sow. Yes are rough on our sports folks. The history of Philly sports is one of total and successful failure except 1945-49, 1960 1978-83 and from 2001- 2010. That’s about it for the eagles


                1. bobby gee

                  The real issues concerning the Eagles was the moment they began to tire of Donovan McNabb and then sought to ran Andy Reid out of town rather than allowing him to try and turn things around. The bombastic nature of the fans and the stupidity of Jeff Lurie made sure the franchise would actually spiral downhill. I mean what the hell was Chip Kelly thinking, when he got rid of Nick Foles ? Look at who the team has tried to succeed with since Foles’ departure ?

                  Tophatal ……..


                  1. McNabb was on the downhill slide. Reid made stupid draft choices. His kind wasn’t on the game. he had a son that killed himself. he needed to step down and take care of his family. What was Kelly thinking? I don’t know! No one does.


                    1. Donovan McNabb may well have been on the downside of his career at the time of his being released by the team , but he was far better than what he was succeeded by , with the likes of Michael Vick , Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford . Anyone with an ounce of common sense could see that as a fact. Granted , Andy Reid may well have erred in terms of the draft choices in the lead-up to the end of McNabb’s reign , but the blame lies not only with Reid , but also Tom Heckert who was the general manager at the time .

                      Former Eagles’ GM Tom Heckert .

                      Eagles’ team owner Jeff Lurie only seems to be concerned with the profitability of the franchise rather than their on-field efforts. It’s a damning indictment of the game at the moment , even if the NFL is meant to a form of entertainment first and foremost, with the competitive side being a bye-product.

                      Eagles’ owner Jeff Lurie .

                      The Philadelphia Eagles have been woefully inept this season as their statistics have shown on defense as well as offense .

                      Quarterbacks drafted in the NFL since 2009.

                      Philadelphia Eagles draft history

                      Tophatal …….


                    2. All of the above were the problem. Now it is time to deal with it. The NFL is not good football. It is a bad product when on 12 teams out of 31 have a winning record this is sad.


  11. JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney proving that if you want a wall built to stop people from entering your domain , it’s best not to use cheap labor . I wonder what Donald Trump might think about that? Donald might well be willing to have several Mexicans added to Houston Texans’ emaciated lineup which has been a complete cluster-fuck this season. Watt and Clowney have done little of note and the hype over both defensive players remains a fu#king joke .

    JJ Watt (left) and Jadaveon Clowney .

    On Sunday the Houston Texans will be preparing for their game against the Tennessee Titans in an-all AFC South divisional contest. .

    Houston Texans news

    Tophatal …….


  12. A tale of two NFL franchises heading in opposite directions as we see the Kansas City Chiefs on their recent impressive run of eight consecutive wins the second-best all season behind the Carolina Panthers’ (14-0) fourteen game unbeaten run to start their season. The other Missouri based NFL franchise just happens to be the St Louis Rams , who under head coach Jeff Fisher just can’t seem to find any consistency at all this season.

    Fisher has simply watch his team spiral downwards with their decline and their being able to do anything of note at all this season.

    Kansas City will take to the field to face the Cleveland Browns which should prove to be an easy win for the Chiefs on Sunday afternoon. Jeff Fisher and the St Louis Rams will face the Seattle Seahawks .

    I certainly believe Russell Wilson will lead the Seahawks to another victory this season especially against a woefully inept Rams’ team .

    Tophatal ………….


  13. If I told you pigs could fly, would it make a believer out of you ? Consider the fact the Washington Redskins (8-7) have now, not only clinched a postseason berth , but the team has now won the NFC East title with a lackluster record among the worst in the NFC and the league altogether,

    Redskins’ quarterback Kirk Cousins led the team to the divisional title and this now puts even more pressure on GM Scott McCloughlin to contemplate whether or not is in the franchise’s best interests to retain their number one draft pick Robert Griffin III after the highs and lows with the team since being drafted. .

    The Washington Redskins’ road victory over a totally inept Philadelphia Eagles’ roster was a complete embarrassment for the home team after another lackluster performance by this Chip Kelly coached group of players.

    The Redskins will enter the postseason as a possible fourth seed based on current projections.

    Jay Gruden in celebrating his first divisional title in his second year in charge of the Washington Redskins won’t be thinking too far ahead as the team still has to prepare for their final game of the season when they play the Dallas Cowboys at Texas Stadium/AT&T Stadium in Arlington , Texas on the 3rd January . 2016

    NFL news

    Washington Redskins news

    NFL free agent quarterbacks (2016)

    NFL free agents (2016)

    Tophatal ……….


  14. So let’s see the lengths and depths the NFL hierarchy will go to in order to protect Peyton Manning . If the revelations are to be believed then the four-time League MVP knowingly took a slew of banned substances contravening league rules . NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sought to crucify Tom Brady and make him a sacrificial lamb over Deflat-Gate , but has for the moment remained extremely mute on this subject, leaving it for others to issue public statements on behalf of the league.

    The Denver Broncos for their part have yet to issue a public statement while the team’s Head of Football Operations former player John Elway has not sought to make his views public on the matter. Elway is likely to be concerned with the team’s poor play in recent weeks and his concerns are valid. Going into the postseason they will be going with an untested quarterback with Brock Osweiler taking the helm at the position, while Peyton Manning remains on the injured list .

    Peyton Manning and John Elway (right) .

    Peyton Manning is said to have added former White House Presidential Press Secretary Ari Fleischer to an in-depth PR team seeking to fend off any negative press aimed his way concerning the allegations stemming from a yet to be seen documentary. It should be noted Manning is not the only NFL player named in this documentary, as there are several high-profiled players from around the NFL named , as well as athletes from a number of sports at the professional and collegiate level.

    Former White Press Secretary Ari Fleischer .

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Documentary links Peyton Manning, other pro athletes to use of PEDs

    Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has been listed in an Al Jazeera undercover probe as one of several prominent professional athletes who were supplied illegal performance-enhancing drugs from an Indiana-based anti-aging clinic.

    The documentary, posted online early Sunday morning and set to air on TV later in the day, reports that Manning was given a supply of human growth hormone in 2011 while he was recovering from surgery that year from a man identified as a pharmacist employed at the Guyer Institute in Indianapolis. The report cites the pharmacist, Charlie Sly, who allegedly spoke to an undercover reporter working for the network. Sly later recanted his story, first to Al Jazeera and then to ESPN.

    In the documentary, Sly also mentioned Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard, Washington Nationals infielder Ryan Zimmerman and boxer Mike Tyson as athletes who received HGH shipments from him while he worked at the Guyer Institute.

    Al Jazeera’s report, titled “The Dark Side,” contends that steroids and other drugs were shipped to the home address of Manning in 2011 in the name of his wife, Ashley, so that the quarterback’s name was never attached to the shipments.

    Sly, now based in Austin, Texas, also accused Manning and his wife in the undercover video of going to the clinic after its normal business hours for intravenous treatments.

    In a statement to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen on Saturday night, Manning vehemently denied the claims.


    Click on link to read this article in full.

    With this latest controversy hitting the NFL while the hit movie “Concussion” hits the big screen, which shows the collusion of the league in seeking to hide the cover-up which took place under former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue then under his successor Roger Goodell , as to the effects of chronic head trauma and the discovery of the disease and ailment CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) as discovered and first diagnosed by Allegheny County medical pathologist & forensic specialist Dr Bennett Omalu .

    The Denver Broncos will take the field on Monday evening to face the Cincinnati Bengals (11-3) in a home game to played at Sports Authority Field , Denver , Colorado,.

    NFL news

    Denver Broncos news

    Tophatal …………….


  15. The Arizona Cardinals have pretty much sewn up the NFC West as a division with it comes a divisional title , but the team’s hopes might have been severely dented with the loss of Tyrann Mathieu (Honey Badger) for the remainder of the season and postseason.

    Tyrann Mathieu of the Arizona Cardinals .

    Mathieu was a valued asset on the Cardinals’ secondary and was seen as a game changer for the team . It is hard to envisage how Bruce Arians will seek to replace a player of Mathieu’s caliber and the impact he had for this team.

    Sunday afternoon will see the Arizona Cardinals take to the field to face the Green Bay Packers in a conference game at home on the 27th December , 2015.

    Arizona Cardinals news

    Tophatal …..


  16. The Seattle Seahawks’ defensive player Michael Bennett clearly isn’t that intelligent a player , but then again, whoever said playing in the NFL actually meant you had to have a high degree of intelligence ? Bennett was critical of NFL rookie running back Todd Gurley in the Seahawks’ loss to the St Louis Rams , stating Gurley was nowhere as impressive as Marshawn Lynch . Of course Todd Gurley wouldn’t be , given the fact he’s only played a handful of games in the NFL compared Lynch’s veteran career spanning a decade. Ever wonder why the Wonderlic Test came into being ? To make sure @ssholes such as Bennett were seen for what they are , @ssholes !

    Courtesy of ESPN .

    Michael Bennett on Todd Gurley: ‘He’s no Marshawn Lynch’

    Todd Gurley did his part to help the St. Louis Rams stun the Seahawks with a 23-17 win Sunday, but one of Seattle’s top defensive players wasn’t willing to give the rookie running back any compliments after the game.

    Gurley missed the first matchup between the Rams and Seahawks in Week 1 (won by St. Louis 34-31 in overtime) when he was working his way back from a torn ACL he suffered in 2014 while he was at Georgia. On Sunday, Gurley rushed for 85 yards on 19 carries and scored the eventual winning touchdown, a 2-yard score in the fourth quarter.

    Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, however, came away unimpressed.

    “He’s average to me, personally,” Bennett told reporters. “I’ve seen better running backs. He’s no Marshawn Lynch.”

    Click on link to read in full.

    When you’re as dumb as Michael Bennett (pictured above) it’s best to be seen and not heard .

    NFL news

    NFL week sixteen results

    NFL standings (division)

    NFL standings (conference)

    NFL playoff projections

    NFL running backs drafted over the last ten years along with their stats .

    Tophatal …….


  17. You simply know , things are bad with an NFL franchise when the biggest news’ story concerning an NFL organization surrounds a player’s wife and her thoughts concerning her husband , not being treated fairly by the coaching staff. Brent Grimes needs to keep his wife Miko Grimes in check, before she gets his @ss thrown to wolves and traded off the team . Granted as a sub-par media personality in South Florida , her radio show reached a fairly wide demographic , but it would help if she just kept her comments to herself , rather than emasculating her husband and making him look like a pus$y, things would not be so bad for the player . Miko Grimes is a publicity-seeking skank whose run-ins with law enforcement in South Florida have been and are still chronicled .

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Miko Grimes rips Dolphins’ quarterback Ryan Tannehill

    Miko Grimes, the wife of Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes, is no stranger to controversy.

    In the past, Miko Grimes has used Twitter to rant about things including her husband not winning MVP honors at the Pro Bowl, his alleged mistreatment by the Atlanta Falcons, what she sees as the NFL’s greed and sexism, and her unhappiness with the New England Patriots for parting company with Vince Wilfork.

    She has also been a harsh critic of her husband’s teammate, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, on her local radio show.

    Earlier this season, Miko Grimes was arrested on charges of battery on a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct outside of Sun Life Stadium before a Bills-Dolphins game. The charges were later dropped.

    Grimes was back at it Sunday, tweeting harsh criticism of Tannehill after the Dolphins lost 18-12 to the Colts. Her Twitter account has since been protected, but not before a number of media outlets had captured her tweets.

    “I knew this qb stunk the minute we signed to this team but I tried to keep quiet so I didn’t discourage bae from believing in his team,” she tweeted.

    Of Tannehill she also tweeted: “I should’ve known we were gonna lose when I heard we didn’t complete a single pass in two minute drills this week against the practice squad defense.” She added: “My Column: how many people does Ryan Tannehill have to get fired before you realize he’s the problem.”

    Miko Grimes also continued her criticism of three local sportswriters, tweeting profane comments about the Miami Herald’s Adam Beasley and Armando Salguero, and Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post. She refers to the men as “the Triple A’s.” She also tweeted: “In conclusion … the triple A’s have an agenda. Destroy the defense and make everything look like Tannehill is not the problem. #GotIt.”

    The Miami Herald reports that Dolphins officials have met with Grimes and his wife at least five times to express concern over her behavior on social media and how it reflects poorly on the team. There also has been concern over whether Miko Grimes’ opinions are reflective of things her husband might believe about his team.

    Click on link to read in full.

    Brent and Miko Grimes .

    On the other hand , this might well be Miko Grimes’ way of making sure her husband is actually traded away from the Miami Dolphins, given their woefully inept season. To my mind when I read some idiot , trying to suggest there has been growth in Ryan Tannehill’s game , when the quarterback shows a real lack of talent. maturity and leadership , then I have to wonder what the hell they have been watching all along since Tannehill first entered the league as a player !

    Miami Dolphins news

    Tophatal ………….


  18. Finally, common sense has prevailed after it was revealed team owner , Jeff Lurie in conjunction with GM Howie Roseman have made the decision to fire Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach Chip Kelly. The fact it has taken the two executives so long to make this decision, shows the stupidity which has existed within Eagles’ organization throughout the season. Other than what turned out to be an overreach of a playoff appearance , which saw the Eagles lose in the wildcard round during his second year in charge, Philadelphia has been an abysmal failure. Moves which led to the departure of LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Nick Foles , has seen the decline reach unheard of proportions.

    Fans in Philadelphia derided Andy Reid during his final eighteen months in charge of the Eagles , but in reality , the woes of the franchise rested squarely with the lack of a long-term plan by the front office and mistimed personnel moves then and in during the reign of Chip Kelly.

    As to a successor for Kelly, it goes without saying , there will be a great deal of speculation as to who that might be and there are likely to be several candidates likely to be interested in the vacant position.

    Undoubtedly, the names of such tv personalities and former head coaches Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden could very well be top of the list of candidates along with a slew of collegiate coaches.

    NFL news

    Philadelphia Eagles news

    Tophatal …………


  19. It goes without saying the the Indianapolis Colts (7-8) have been a major disappointment this season within the league, AFC and the AFC South. With one game left to their schedule the Colts still have a remote chance of cracking the list of teams on the verge of making the playoffs within the conference. A must-win game awaits the Chuck Pagano coached team when they face divisional rivals the Tennessee Titans (3-12) . Indiana’s passing game has suffered all season long, but the real struggles for the team has been with their highly inconsistent defense as the results have shown this season.

    Incumbent starting quarterback Andrew Luck has been inconsistent and with Matt Hasselbeck , things have not been much better. Injuries to key players have disrupted the Colts’ fluidity and consistency this season and now with their having signed journeyman Ryan Lindley and failed former Buccaneers’ first round draft pick Josh Freeman , things are not looking to be all that bright for the Indianapolis Colts.

    NFL week seven schedule (final regular season games)

    NFL standings (divisional)

    NFL standings (conference)

    NFL league standings

    NFL playoff projections

    Tophatal ………..

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  20. Jacksonville Jaguars’
    head coach Gus Bradley and his entire coaching staff will likely back for next season after the announcement was made the franchise has reached an agreement concerning a contract extension for his return.

    Many felt there was a chance front office might well have been displeased with Jaguars’ overall lack of progress this season and their not having made the postseason. In many respects what improvements seen from the team were just incremental from certain players and rookies on the roster.

    A competitive division , the AFC South has proven to be lackluster , with prohibitive favorites the Indianapolis Colts hampered by injuries throughout much of the season , their having under-performed while their divisional rivals have failed to take advantage of the Colts’ plight.

    Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles is still learning the ropes and the rookies for their part have shown some consistency but nowhere near enough to have you believe Jacksonville is likely to be a formidable contender for an AFC title or Superbowl next season. The franchise will certainly have to make several off-season moves if they are to improve as well as looking to the 2016 NFL Draft for right talent to bolster the team’s roster .

    Jacksonville Jaguars news

    Tophatal ……


  21. Is it possible for the Carolina Panthers to put up at least forty or more points on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when the two teams meet on Sunday afternoon ?

    From my own standpoint m given the play of the Panthers and in particular League MVP leading contender Cam Newton, I certainly believe Carolina could very well have their biggest win of the season, should head coach Ron Rivera have all of his starters in for at least three quarters of this game . The first meeting between the two this season was a Panthers’ victory .

    Tophatal ………….


  22. So let me get this straight the NFL and the game it represents, shouldn’t at times be about singular achievement unless you have no argument to show unless it’s necessary to prove what an asshole you happen to be. I was recently told New York Giants’ (6-9) wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr was by far the wide receiver in the league based on his play this season and that is because , he was able to get the better against the top defensive backs in the league. Given the fact the Giants’ record this season has been woeful and the team’s stats are not much better , I cannot see how those idiotic claims can in anyway be justified . Beckham has not really faced a top-five defense during the team’s schedule this season. I suppose when you include the Dallas Cowboys (4-11) and their record , I guess you can buy into that bull#hit ?

    Eli Manning as is his want , continues to lower his play descending into mediocrity , while looking to parlay his reputation into a six-figure contract , which believes should justify his stature as to being one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL . Manning this season has been anything other than mediocre. He cannot be considered a leader and his play if nothing else has erratic throughout much of the team’s schedule. Should the New York Giants end their season with a sub.500 record and there is every indication this will be the case , then in all probability the front office might well seek to relieve Tom Coughlin of his position as the head coach of the franchise.

    Tom Coughlin will be preparing the New York Giants to face the Philadelphia Eagles (6-9) at home on Sunday afternoon.

    New York Giants news

    Tophatal ……


  23. As we enter the final week of the season as compared to last season we can see why the NFL has become so mundane. .

    It would be safe to suggest both the San Diego Chargers (4-11) and Oakland Raiders (7-8) have been an abysmal failure this season . Both teams will enter their week seven schedule with the Oakland Raiders facing the Kansas City Chiefs where the opposing quarterbacks will be Derek Carr and Alex Smith . San Diego will take to the field to face the Denver Broncos. How one might equate the games might well be dependent upon the form shown by the AFC West’s uarterbacks this season. .

    NFL news

    Tophatal ………….


  24. If it is destined to be then it will happen but if complacency sets in , then things will be awry. Thus happens to be what portends for the Carolina Panthers when they get ready to meet the Seattle Seahawks . The two opposing quarterbacks Cam Newton and Russell Wilson have been among the most impressive in the NFL this season and one of the primary reasons why their respective teams are now where they are at this juncture.

    It will be interesting to see how Cam Newton copes with a Seahawks’ defense coming into its own this off-season.

    NFL news

    Carolina Panthers news

    Tophatal …..


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