Not on my watch …

Not on my watch

Well,the NFL regular season came to an end and teams seemingly squandered their chance at a postseason berth . With the wildcard round underway , the participants provided the fans with a great deal of excitement and disappointment and nowhere was this more prevalent than the games which saw the demise of both the Cincinnati Bengals and Minnesota Vikings . Both teams entered the postseason as divisional champions and were perhaps widely expected to make their way to the divisional round of the postseason. It was not to be for the Marvin Lewis coached Bengals as they completely fell apart in their astounding loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Cincinnati’s defensive player Vontaze Burfict imploded showing his wrath , denigrating officials , his head coach as well as opposing players on the Steelers’ roster. As to what this suggests about the Cincinnati Bengals , can best be summed up by simply stating this was a team completely out of control , with the coaching staff showing little, if any experience in their coaching acumen.

For Mike Zimmer and the Minnesota Vikings their loss might well as have been as dramatic as anything seen in the NFL over the past eight seasons in NFL postseason history. The continued knock against the Vikings will be the fact they are not as competitive as many believe them to be. It might well have been a complete fluke the team actually won the NFC North , but herein lies the issue for the franchise, Teddy Bridgewater the Vikings’ junior rookie quarterback still remains a work in progress , while the defense though steady , have yet to reach the level of consistency expected of a perennial championship contender. Adrian Peterson a year removed from his suspension , came back with something of vengeance , but he proved that a player of his caliber cannot do it all by himself. At this stage of Peterson’s career , I am not thoroughly convince Minnesota remains the best place for him to round out his career or the franchise gives him his best chance of winning a Superbowl !

With the Cincinnati Bengals and Minnesota Vikings now bowing out of the postseason, it’s now onto the divisional round of the NFL postseason where the match-ups become all the more intriguing.

The top seeds within the AFC and NFC will enter postseason play with the Carolina Panthers led by Cam Newton facing the Seattle Seahawks , while the Green Bay Packers will be the guests of the Arizona Cardinals. In the AFC Peyton Manning makes a welcome return to postseason play , while the idiot Brock Osweiler supporters, can simply shut the hell up with their idiocy of Osweiler being the immediate future for the Broncos. The backup quarterback in the last of his regular season performances proved himself to be barely adequate in his role , but many believed him to be the answer to the Broncos’ prayers. Denver will face the Pittsburgh Steelers at Sports Authority Field in Denver, Colorado on Saturday afternoon. The other AFC contest will feature defending Superbowl champions the New England Patriots facing the Kansas City Chiefs , with Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick seeking to win his fifth Superbowl title as a head coach. Belichick and Tom Brady should they win the title , can also use the spectacle as a poke in the eye of the NFL hierarchy for their ham-fisted approach in seeking to punish the player and franchise for their alleged actions in the Deflate-Gate Affair. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league hierarchy are still hoping to punish the player albeit , after their suspension of Brady was overturned in a US Federal Court Judicial process. Goodell is adamant the quarterback is guilty of the allegations, but the league’s own evidence supporting the charges are circumstantial and held very little merit.

When your teams’ season can only be viewed as a disaster , then there isn’t a great which can be done to appease your fans other than to uproot your franchise and move elsewhere. With the recent announcement that the NFL has granted their wish to see both the San Diego Chargers and St Louis Rams back in the city of Los Angeles. The one question I have to ask, will the league seek to make their feasibility study on the issue public or will we simply have to take their word this is in the best interests of both teams as well as the city of Los Angeles along with their residents ? This much is abundantly clear, the taxpayers are on the hook for this whole process from a financial standpoint. The NFL as constituted , is seen as a not for profit business, but repeatedly , all Roger Goodell has sought to address throughout his tenure , has been the rise in revenues, the profitability of the teams and the league’s growing expansion around the globe. Never let it be said , the league hierarchy actually cares about the fans , much less the players, who are essentially overpaid subjugated slaves.

For the moment it would appear the St Louis Rams are a definite go with their return to Los Angeles set for 2016, but the San Diego Chargers have not yet made their thoughts known on the league’s approval. Alex Spanos and his family as the owners of the Chargers will likely move , with arrangements being made for a venue to be made available for the team’s home games in 2016. Where this now leaves the Oakland Raiders and their long-held ambitions to also make a return to Los Angeles is just about anyone’s guess at this juncture. As to the thoughts the Raiders would be a playing a greater part in determining the AFC West title. Well that came and went with the absurdity of the team’s performances on the field of play last season !

In what has to be seen as one of the best national title games in recent College Football history , as Alabama rolled past the Clemson Tigers , with both teams putting on an exhilarating display of football. Nick Saban claimed his fifth title as a collegiate head coach , while Alabama (Crimson Tide) won their fourth title in the past eight years . The Crimson Tide will round out their year as the national champions , ranked number one again and have to be seen as a prohibitive favorite for the national title next season. DeShaun Watson and Derrick Henry solidified their respective positions as two of the best players in College Football during 2015,

The Golden State Warriors’ indomitable start to the season and their continued dominance has placed this team among the most consistent seen in recent NBA history. In the absence of Steve Kerr , Luke Walton is proving himself to be of considerable worth to the franchise as the team’s head coach. In all likelihood , Walton could very well end up being a head coach with a team at the start of next season. All signs now seem to be pointing to this and it only seems a matter of time before it all becomes a reality. Steph Curry , Draymond Green and Klay Thompson are the primary reasons why the Warriors have been so good this season. As to the nay-saying idiots seeking to detract from Thompson’s play this season , perhaps they need to be reminded this is a team game and solely about individual glory?

Golden State in their most recent contest took care of the Miami Heat with consummate ease getting by their Eastern Conference opponents on their way to an eight-point victory . The Warriors next game will see them on the road when they face the Denver Nuggets in a Western Conference road contest . Golden State is well on its way to nothing up their fortieth win of the season, leading their closest rivals by a considerable margin in the wins’ tally .

While the Golden State Warriors have remained dominant the same cannot be said for the Brooklyn Nets , who in mid-season have decided to rid themselves of head coach Lionel Hollins and general manager Billy King, The upheaval within the front office with King’s dismissal was not unexpected bu the firing of Hollins , may well have caught everyone by surprise. While there may well be justification for the coach’s dismissal , a great deal of the blame must rest on the shoulders of the team’s billionaire Russian entrepreneur , mogul and owner Mikhail Prokhovorov. The owner gave cart-blanche for King to try and outspend their rivals in assembling a high priced roster which was all to no avail repeatedly over the past five seasons. The fact, the current roster bears no likeness to the roster fielded during the 2012-13 season , should give you an indication as to how far things have come with this franchise and the present predicament they now find themselves in .

Tony Brown is now the interim head coach of Brooklyn Nets and I believe it is unlikely he will be given the position on a full-time basis. Rumors are now already in motion , with the front office seeking to gauge the interest of Kentucky Wildcats’ head coach John Calipari. Calipari does have NBA experience having been a former head coach of the Nets , but I believe he is far too comfortable in his role and clearly doesn’t want to deal with the bloated egos of the players at the professional level. Besides, he’s the coach of one of the most envied and wildly known programs in all of Men’s College Basketball.

Over their last fifteen games played the Brooklyn Nets have labored during the time-span in question.The Nets’ last victory came by way of a win over the Boston Celtics on the 2nd January, a span of six games , during which the Nets posted an anemic 1-5 record. Tony Brown will now prepare the Brooklyn Nets for a Wednesday night game against conference rivals the New York Knicks which will be played at the Barclays Center , Brooklyn, New York. Considering the intense rivalry between these two teams over the past three seasons this contest should tell us a great deal about the directions the two clubs are heading in .

For the New York Knicks this season has been something of an indifferent year , with the team having its struggles, but suddenly showing some signs of life. Derek Fisher might well be finally coming into his own as an NBA coach . The Knicks find themselves in second place within the Atlantic Division behind the Toronto Raptors(24-15) and with the team playing some credible basketball.

Sitting mid-table within the Eastern Conference , the New York Knicks might well be considered a playoff contender , but I feel the team is still a long way off from where they need to be ! How the Knicks fare over the remainder of the season will be predicated on the mindset of the team.

Pat Riley , now a senior executive with the Miami Heat has an association with the well-known NBA franchises., with his first professional mark coming as a player with the New York Knicks , also as a head coach with the New York Knicks , finally to be followed with the Heat. Having been the architect of all three champions successes for the Miami Heat., you can well understand why his success has left an indelible mark with all three NBA franchises. This season for the Miami Heat , without LeBron James having left the team after their last title , the franchise now finds it self at a crossroads. Their two elder statesmen Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade are now in the twilight of their respective careers. Amare’ Stoudemire is proving to be nothing more than a stop-gap measure, even if his salary is deemed minimal . Yet , there might be nothing more Pat Riley would like to prove to his detractors, than to win another title without four-time League MVP LeBron James . His departure from the Heat might not have created a great deal of anger, but in some circles it was deemed James felt he was ill-served by Riley’s unwillingness to bolster the roster .

Erik Spoelstra as the Miami Heat head coach along with the coaching staff have worked diligently to have the team playing with a great deal of resolve, This can be seen with the play of several of the Heat’s youngsters on the playing staff, while the veterans also continue to show they have what it takes. Whether not the Heat has what it takes to beat the best in the East , we will have to take under advisement. Miami over their last eight games have been fairly competitive , but the feeling remains consistency , year-long will be the key for the team. In their last contest the Miami Heat fell to the Golden State Warriors in a 111-103 loss, with the defending champions showing why they continue to have the better of the Eastern Conference. Miami will be on the court Wednesday night when they face the Los Angeles Clippers led by Blake Griffin and Chris Paul .

How bad can an NBA franchise be and why does the NBA hierarchy allow teams to intentionally tank their seasons , while the fans are actually being defrauded ? Oblivious to this all, are some of the idiot fans and analysts who subscribe to the belief a team will be able to resurrect their fortunes by way of the NBA Draft . It doesn’t appear to be working out for the Philadelphia 76ers as their season continues to implode before our very eyes.

Joshua Harris as owner of the 76ers has been extremely negligent from a business and competitive standpoint , concerning the franchise over the past six seasons. Brett Brown and the coaching staff remain completely out of their depth. The firing of Sam Hinkie as the general manager will not cure what ails this franchise and I seriously doubt the hiring of Jerry Colangelo to head the franchise’s Basketball Operations will lead to an immediate turnaround in the short or long-term ! Key players such as the Sixers’ last two first round picks , I certainly don’t believe will be sticking around to play for an noncompetitive organization. Harris for his part, has sought to apportion blame elsewhere for the team’s continued woes, when he has been just as complicit in the debacle as the players and coaching staff in recent years.

Jahlil Okafor and Joel Embiid have yet to make their mark for the Sixers and in all likelihood both players will continue to struggle with the franchise. If the coaching staff is unable to get the best out of these two young players then the chances of Philadelphia getting better anytime soon will not be happening for the foreseeable future. Free agents will be unwilling to come to a franchise where there is no track record of recent success. Cap space availability now and next season doesn’t portend to anything meaningful. Granted, with the acumen of Jerry Colangelo , anything is possible , but as I have stated before the damage has already been done , due to the negligence shown by Joshua Harris.

At no point during their season have the Philadelphia 76ers been able to put together a winning streak of two games or more and considering their record it is easy to understand the reasons why !

Statistically , beyond the lack of coaching acumen shown by Philadelphia 76ers, the fact there seems to be some sort of pleasure being gleamed from the ineptitude indicated , there is no way the NBA hierarchy can continue to suborn this type of incompetency and believe it best serves the interests of the league . It is an insult to the fans of the game and if nothing else indicates the league’s top executives are just profit-driven and not much more beyond that ! The Sixers for their part , can continue to be among the least supported teams in the league alongside being its worst .

Do you believe professional sports’ hierarchies have an obligation to ensure the fans are provided with the best product available or just there to simply make money for their teams ?

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  1. So at this stage of the postseason I should consider myself lucky with what I have seen in the NFL ? I don’t think so !

    Why are fools in California so enamored with the relocations of the San Diego Chargers , St Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders ? Last I looked , neither of these teams had achieved anything of note within the league over the past five seasons ! Never mind the fact their returning to the city of Los Angeles will come at the residents’ and taxpayers’ expense in the city and statewide. Yet , somehow these buffoon-like fans within the locale believe it will be beneficial for their community . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Will there be anyone credible within the NBA good enough to challenge the dominance of either the Golden State Warriors or the San Antonio Spurs this season ?

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  2. Games on tap for tonight’s tip-off in the NBA . One game has already provided us with a result as the Toronto Raptors(25-15) got the better of the Orlando Magic (20-19) beating the Magic 106-103 . Elsewhere within the conference there are a number of games being played with the Chicago Bulls taking on the moribund Philadelphia 76ers .

    In an intra-conference match-up between the San Antonio Spurs (34-6) will play hosts to the Cleveland Cavaliers (27-9) , where Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James will face off against each other also, as the two of the leading candidates for this season’s League MVP Award . Also on the schedule of contests the Los Angeles Lakers (9-31) will face the defending NBA champions the Golden State Warriors (36-3) who will be looking to rebound after their loss to the Denver Nuggets .

    NBA news and updates

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    Nas & Damian ‘ Jr Gong’ Marley … ‘Nah Mean ‘

    Tophatal ………


  3. Two of the three NFL franchises in the state of Florida have seen fit to either rid themselves of their head coaches or as was the case with the Miami Dolphins they have seen with their firing of Joe Philbin and then the subsequent stepping down/ pushing out of Dan Campbell, who was never going to succeed in the position in spite of one idiotic claim he had the team playing with resolve at various points of the season during his tenure.

    Ryan Tannehill remains one of the primary reasons why the Dolphins will never be competitive enough to win the AFC East or be seen as legitimate contender within their conference. Tannehill lacks leadership abilities , is immature and does not have the faith of his teammates .

    For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers , theirs remains the fact since the firing of Tony Dungy , the front office one way or another , have floundered and yes I do state floundered “ , because having won their lone Superbowl victory in its aftermath Jon Gruden and his out-sized ego , led the franchise on something of a downward spiral . Gruden was never a great assessor of talent in spite of his being nothing more than a good X’s and O’s coach. His successor Raheem Morris brought very little to the table and lacked discipline in just about every facet of coaching style which was a reflection of his poor record and the Buccaneers’ showing during his tenure.

    Morris’ dismissal and the hiring of Greg Schiano might well have been the biggest idiocy of all during this time. Schiano was simply a bust , along with the attitude brought . In came Lovie Smith and to my mind, other than his guiding the Chicago Bears to a Superbowl appearance which the Bears lost . If Smith could not bring out the best in Jay Cutler as a quarterback , why would anyone believe he would be able to make Jameis Winston a moderately average passing quarterback ?

    Smith’s successor Dirk Koetter formerly the Buccaneers’ offensive coordinator hasn’t made Winston a player who’s been able to show control with his decision-making and the incumbent starting quarterback had his issues . Again there was nothing of note really achieved there or with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This NFC South based franchise hasn’t possessed a good general manager since Rich McKay held the post. Their draft choices since 2008 have been head scratches and any thought their Pro Bowl players in recent years dating back to 2012 have been on merit remains a damn joke . Fans making these Pro Bowl picks is not unlike the assessment of judging skills seen by the idiotic analysis and thoughts provided by judges on television reality shows such as American Idol , America’s Got Talent and the ubiquitous television show The Apprentice, which was simply all about the ‘ ego ‘ of Donald Trump and very little else. As to the idea of it dealing with entrepreneurial skills , well , let's just say if it mirrors the political antics and aspirations of the former host and judge, then it's easy to understand why the feeling remains the country will be fuc#ked if Trump ever becomes President of the United States of America .

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Bucs turning to offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter as coach>

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are set to hire offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter as their new head coach, a league source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

    Terms of Koetter’s contract were being finalized Thursday night, a source told ESPN. The team said it will have a news conference to announce the new hire at 2 p.m. ET Friday.

    The decision to hire Koetter means the Bucs are staying in-house to find their replacement for Lovie Smith, who was fired Jan. 6.

    Koetter was thought to be the leading candidate for the job in the days following Smith’s firing. He interviewed with general manager Jason Licht and ownership Tuesday.

    Koetter also interviewed with the San Francisco 49ers to replace the fired Jim Tomsula. The Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles also requested permission from the Bucs to interview Koetter for their top vacancies, but the Dolphins chose Adam Gase and the Eagles chose Doug Pederson.

    Koetter has been an NFL offensive coordinator since 2007, but this will be his first head-coaching job in the league. He was the coach at Boise State from 1998 to 2000 and at Arizona State from 2001 to ’06, before moving on to the NFL. He joined the Tampa Bay staff in 2015 and helped guide Jameis Winston to one of the best seasons by a rookie quarterback in NFL history. Winston completed 58.3 percent of his passes for 4,042 yards with 22 touchdowns and 15 interceptions, becoming just the third rookie QB to surpass 4,000 yards; the others were Cam Newton and Andrew Luck.

    The Buccaneers’ offense ranked fifth in rushing, thanks to Doug Martin’s 1,402 yards, which ranked second in the league. They were also 17th in passing and fifth overall after being 30th in the league in 2014.

    Click on link to read in full.

    The lone holdout among the franchises within the state of Florida where appears to be some semblance of front office and coaching stability remains with the Jacksonville Jaguars where GM David Caldwell and team owner and billionaire businessman and entrepreneur Shad Khan continue to show patience with the rebuilding of the roster and incremental progress of quarterback Blake Bortles . Granted, head coach Gus Bradley has seen the team go through its struggles this season , much to the annoyance and disappointment of the fans who expected a great deal more.

    Dirk Koetter the new head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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  4. Forget about the ‘Lob City’ , it’s now the time of the ‘Splash Brothers’ taking aim, as they leave almost everyone within the NBA in their wake .

    The Golden State Warriors continue to make a mockery of the league . Interim head coach Luke Walton in the absence of Steve Kerr has the team playing phenomenal basketball. Golden State’s schedule for their next six games should place them on a good footing.

    NBA news and latest updates

    Tophatal ………….


  5. Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls has been on fire for the team over their last six games . In an incredible offensive display Butler outscored (53 points) the top-two scorers for the Philadelphia 76ers in the Bulls’ come from behind victory over their conference rivals.

    Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls .

    As for the 76ers this was simply one more nail in the coffin for a truly pathetic team, which has been an embarrassment for the NBA over the last three seasons.

    Games scheduled for Friday , Saturday and Sunday . Today provides fans with nine games with teams seeking to preserve their recent records .

    The Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs have proven to be the most impressive teams in the NBA over a stretch of the last ten games played .

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  6. I can’t help but feel, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ well-orchestrated press conference announcing Dirk Koetter as the team’s new head coach , we have seen this all before . A simple regurgitation of hopes and dreams from a coach whose head , will likely be on the chopping block , should the franchise fail once again in the upcoming season !

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  7. With the divisional round of the NFL season about to get underway with the first of four games about to begin the big news within the league might well be the civil suit filed in the US Federal Court against the defendants , Stanley Kroenke and the St Louis Rams . The suit filed today , claims Kroenke and the Rams perpetrated a massive fraud with false claims of the franchise promised not to relocate from St Louis , Missouri , elsewhere. As defendants in this suit the preponderance of evidence does seem to be in the St Louis Rams’ favor. No lease deal appears to have been broken concerning the team’s use of the Edward Jones Dome, current home to the Rams and talks with the city of St Louis , Missouri appeared to have reached a point, where the two sides could not agree on the Rams short and long-term future within the municipality.

    From left to right , St Louis Rams’ owner Stanley Kroenke , head coach Jeff Fisher & Team COO Kevin Demoff .

    This case could set a precedent for the league and teams within the NFL . Kroenke , the billionaire owner of the NFC West based franchise and his legal counsel will seek to refute the claims of the plaintiffs ( St Louis Rams’ fans) in their civil suit. It will be interesting to see what lengths the Rams’ fans will go to in pressing ahead with their claims in this case , especially in light of the NFL hierarchy granting their approval with a majority vote on this decision.

    From my own perspective . I believe the move was nothing more than a money-run for the St Louis Rams , with the lure being an attractive monetary offer from the city of Los Angeles with the likelihood of tax deferred rebates , likely public funding for a future facility with a lease-back for the Rams with a new stadium being their future home .

    Stanley Kroenke may well have bought the land where the new stadium in Inglewood, California where it will be built , but this will be a joint-venture between the real estate venture and the cities of Los Angeles and Inglewood , with the bulk of the risk in the hands of the municipalities and their having a bond issue to finance the deal in part. Kroenke will likely put up only a small percentage of the cost and concentrate on simply developing the surrounding acreage around the new stadium with commercial businesses , restaurants , multi-plex theaters , hotels and perhaps a number of retail plazas.

    Stanley Kroenke’s business interests beyond real estate lies in his holdings and being principal owner of Kroenke Sports Entertainment (KSE) a diversified sports’ entertainment and concessions’ company . The brands within the corporation are widely known throughout the NBA , NFL , NHL , NLL (National Lacrosse League) , and MLS .

    The issues for the St Louis Rams last season was plain for everyone to see in so many ways . For head coach Jeff Fisher and his coaching staff this was a season I believe they would rather forget ! Beyond the off-season rumblings there has to concerted effort to improve the makeup of this roster on both sides of the ball.

    NFL news

    St Louis Rams

    St Louis Rams (profile)

    Head coach Jeff Fisher and coaching staff

    St Louis Rams’ front office

    Stanley Kroenke the billionaire owner of the Rams stands at #63 ( $7.6 billion ) of the 400 Richest Americans

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    St Louis Rams’ active contracts , yearly payroll , payroll 2016 and NFL cap figures (2016)

    NFC West divisional standings

    Breakdown in value of the NFL’s thirty-two teams and their profits

    Value of the St Louis Rams which is valued at $1.45 billion ranking the franchise at #28. Topping the list are the Dallas Cowboys valued at $4 billion and easily the most profitable team, with the highest gross revenues in the league.

    Tophatal …………………


  8. Adam Gase has gone from being a member of the New England Patriots’ coaching staff to the near impossible task of trying to resurrect the fortunes of the Miami Dolphins . Gase has already begun to restructure a coaching staff which ties into his own coaching philosophy.

    The one thing which was abundantly clear with the Dolphins was the fact the team was ill-disciplined and lacked maturity all-round. Some of the analysis, I’ve read concerning the team this past season bordered on being utterly idiotic concerning Dan Campbell instilling discipline into a team , which at no time during the season could muster a two-game winning streak. If that isn’t an indication of mediocrity, then I don’t know what is , along with the banal analytic stupidity of the North American sports’fan !

    The real issue with regard to the Miami Dolphins this past season had a great deal to do with the lack of productivity with from veteran players on the team’s roster, most notably with their free agent acquisitions of last season, specifically Ndamukong Suh, who was brought to provide a defensive presence beyond the large contract signed by the player. Other issues also evolved around the inconsistency seen from Ryan Tannehill and their being no real backup alternative at the quarterback position for the Dolphins.

    From left right, Miami Dolphins’ GM Chris Grier, team owner Stephen Ross, head coach, Adam Gase and Head of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum .

    Adam Gase might have little faith in the ability of Ryan Tannehill and it is my belief the newly installed head coach will seek to draft a quarterback while also seeking to sign a veteran or two-year starter who shows some consistency in their play.

    Miami Dolphins news

    Tophatal ……………


  9. Rumblings of discontent seen from the Miami Heat after their rather disappointing loss to Western Conference rivals the Los Angeles Clippers in a defeat which suggests the Heat has a great resolve defensively on both ends of the court. Teammates Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade were said to be extremely angry with the lack of commitment from their fellow teammates in what was a pitiful performance in their defeat suffered to the Clippers.

    Chris Bosh (1) and Dwyane Wade (3)

    Over their last eight games , the Miami Heat have played lackluster basketball on both ends of the floor . As to what this might suggest to the fans as well as the coaching staff of Erik Spoelstra could very well be a pointer as to whether or not the front office led by Pat Riley delving into the free agency market remains to be seen.

    Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat will have a tough game ahead for them on Sunday when they face the Oklahoma City Thunder led by multi-time scoring champion Kevin Durant.

    NBA news and updates

    NBA standings (division)

    NBA results 15th January

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    NBA schedule 17th January

    This month in NBA history

    Tophatal ……….


  10. I’ve no wish to harangue the San Francisco 49ers organization any longer, because there have been several idiot fans without a clue who continue to blame Trent Baalke and CEO Jed York for the team’s woes over the past two seasons. It would appear that two ambivalent individuals, who I have had the pleasure of reading their analysis of the Niners’ predicament are without out any notion as to what the real underlying issues were and remain with the team.

    The mutual agreement for the departure of Jim Harbaugh was the first of a conflagration of problems which would arise for the franchise. Harbaugh lost control of the team and players such Colin Kaepernick , Ray McDonald and Aldon Smith simply had their out-sized ego grow to unmanageable proportions. Kaepernick was no longer the player we saw excel in the postseason . McDonald and Smith , where their off-field drama led to issues with law enforcement on repeated occasions. Yet , these two individuals did not believe this had an effect on the team adversely. Like I have always said , the North American sports’ fans are nowhere as bright as many of them believe themselves to be , much being as knowledgeable as they claim to be.

    With a poor showing in the NFC West the San Francisco 49ers made the decision to fire rookie head coach Jim Tomsula who was never going to succeed in his role and his successor would be none other than Chip Kelly who had himself been fired by the Philadelphia Eagles after disastrous year with the Eagles’ franchise . Kelly is now on the clock and it will be interesting to see the moves made to bolster the roster for the upcoming season.

    Chip Kelly the new head coach

    San Francisco 49ers news

    Tophatal ……..


  11. The New England Patriots’ entry into the postseason will proceed as planned , after their victory over the Kansas City Chiefs with a 27-20 win , who themselves entered the postseason having been on an eleven-game win-streak to end the regular season in the NFL , the best in the league at the time . Once again it was Tom Brady leading the way for the Patriots with more of an aerial attack , while his receivers and rushers were productive in the contest. New England’s victory means a fifth consecutive appearance for the franchise in the AFC title game as they a fifth Superbowl title in their history .

    For Brady , if he and the team achieve the feat of another AFC championship title , then the chance of another Superbowl championship would be much more of a reality for the player and his teammates adding to his own legacy and that of head coach Bill Belichick .

    In the other game of the night , it is appears to be nail-biting contest between the Green Bay Packers and the Arizona Cardinals , as the two teams tussle it out for an appearance in the NFC title game. The Packers’ Aaron Rogers is putting on another great display in the postseason for Green Bay as the Cardinals fight for their very survival this postseason.

    Elsewhere around the league Reggie Wayne announced his retirement from the NFL after a long and distinguished career in the league. Wayne was one of the most celebrated players in Indianapolis Colts’ history alongside his former teammate Peyton Manning where the two players shared a solid history and adjoining careers.

    Reggie Wayne (87) and Peyton Manning (12) .

    NFL news

    NFL results divisional round

    Championship games

    NFL players’ stats

    NFL teams’ stats

    This month in NFL history

    Tophatal …….


  12. Arizona Cardinals’ wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald , a contemporary of the recently retired Reggie Wayne, is now is now two steps away from a Superbowl appearance. Fitzgerald and the Cardinals had a rousing victory taking down the Green Bay Packers in a scintillating game, which had just about everything the fans could wish for. Long overdue, but finally the wide receiver and his teammate Carson Palmer get the chance to appear on an even bigger stage to show off their talents.

    Though the result might have bee unexpected , what was truly revealing, was the resolve shown by Arizona in their victory over the Packers. For Bruce Arians as the head coach of the team , it provides Arians with the chance to show his undoubtable acumen to the rest of the NFL on a much grander stage.

    Arizona will now await the winner of the game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers. Another NFC contest where the two opposing quarterbacks , Russell Wilson and Cam Newton will have a great deal to prove.

    Arizona Cardinals news

    Tophatal …


  13. So let me get this straight, coming off an incredible year with the Alabama (Crimson Tide) the Heisman Trophy winning running back and consensus top-ten pick in the 2016 NFL Draft , Derrick Henry says he would be excited to be chosen by the Dallas Cowboys ? I was always under the impression Alabama head coach Nick Saban liked to recruit players with high intelligence and an aptitude for the game ?

    Henry must be on some type medication and I do believe it’s now time for the Athletics Dept of ‘bama start mandatory testing of all players on the team ! Hell if Henry is prone to thinking like that , you can't be sure what the hell is liable to come out of his mouth next. LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Courtesy of

    Alabama RB Derrick Henry wants to be drafted by Cowboys

    By Dan Parr, College Football 24/7 Editor

    Alabama running back Derrick Henry declared for the 2016 NFL Draft on Friday, and also made his preference for his pro destination known.

    Henry, the 2015 Heisman Trophy winner, said he wants to be picked by the Dallas Cowboys.

    “I feel like it has a great organization,” he said, per the Alabama Media Group.

    It’s an organization with a need at running back, too.

    The Cowboys opted not to address the position in last year’s draft after losing DeMarco Murray in free agency. Dallas turned to Darren McFadden to team with Joseph Randle, who started the first six games of the season, in the backfield and finished a very respectable ninth in rushing yards per game (118.1) in 2015.

    McFadden delivered, leading the team with 1,089 yards rushing, but Dallas waived the troubled Randle in early November. McFadden, who will turn 29 in August, signed a two-year deal before last season. He has a long injury history, and it will be no surprise if Dallas decides to add a young rusher this offseason.
    » 2016 draft order and needs for every team

    Click on link to read in full.

    I now it would be a dream come true for Jerry Jones were he able to land Derrick Henry with the Cowboys’ pick in the first round of the draft. but based on the failure of the front office and head coach Jason Garrett’s decision-making on and off the field over the past six season and Dallas’ lack of finding quality players over the last six seasons and yes that includes Dez Bryant , I don’t believe Derrick Henry would be a good fit for a team where they’re in need of a quarterback who can actually remain mobile , but also one , capable of playing through an entire sixteen-game schedule and into the postseason ! Clearly, Tony Romo over the past four years has been unable to do that, and that’s without delving into his mediocre postseason record for the Cowboys. Romo isn’t tough , he lacks leadership skills , but most of all he has never been one who likes to be held accountable for his own mistakes , instead choosing to apportion blame to others. It is the same with the team’s eponymous owner and often self-opinionated narcissist Jerry Jones.

    So you (Derrick Henry / pictured) want to play for the Dallas Cowboys if they daft you ? ” Are you fu#king crazy “ ?

    The off-season will hold some things of interest for the Dallas Cowboys as Jones seeks to assess the value of his impending free agents as well as seeking to bolster the roster through trades or the signing of free agents.

    Alabama (Crimson Tide) football news

    Dallas Cowboys news

    Tophatal …………


  14. bobby gee

    Jeff Lurie simply doesn’t know what he wants . Nor do the Philadelphia Eagles’ fans for that matter . I bet , if they had it to do all over again and knowing what they know now they would never have fired Andy Reid. Look at what Reid has been able to achieve with the Kansas City Chiefs since he became the head coach of the franchise ? The front office of the Eagles were too damn impatient and they remain damn clueless .

    Tophatal ….


  15. With the Golden State Warriors having slipped up in their loss to the Detroit Pistons , all of a sudden they have become vulnerable and ripe for the taking after an impressive start to the season.

    The margin of victory in the Golden State Warriors’ eighteen-point loss (113-95) might well have been the most surprising thing of all , as it allows the San Antonio Spurs to inch closer to their conference rivals and their standing within the league.

    Tophatal …………


  16. Two games will be played today as the divisional round of the NFL postseason will come to a close. Already we know that the New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals have advanced to respective berths in the championship games within each conference. The first contest on Sunday’s schedule pitted the Seattle Seahawks taking on the juggernauts of the NFL this season the Carolina Panthers . What should have been a highly competitive contest , has turned into a rout through the first two quarters with the Panthers leading the Seahawks 31-7 . This game was never really close as it wound to the waning moments, with Seattle mounting a meaningless comeback which was too little , too late .

    Opposing quarterbacks Russell Wilson of the Seahawks and Cam Newton of the Panthers , with Newton likely to be the League MVP for 2015. The Panthers’ quarterback once again put on a stellar display as he has done for much of the regular season with his statistics bearing this out for the team. Carolina will now make their way the NFC title game where they will meet the Arizona Cardinals in a highly anticipated contest.

    The other featured contest of the day will see Peyton Manning making another return to the postseason as the Denver Broncos play host to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Manning’s record against Pittsburgh is a favorable one overall .

    NFL players’ stats

    NFL team stats

    Tophatal …….


  17. Heading into today’s games in the NBA teams on schedule have performed poorly over their last ten games .

    The San Antonio Spurs (35-6) will tip off in a home game against the Dallas Mavericks in what should turn out to be a scintillating contest. Kawhi Leonard of the Spurs is proving to be a legitimate candidate for this season’s League MVP , where Steph Curry remains the front-runner, albeit the Golden State Warriors slipped up as of late.

    Another contest likely to create a deal of interest will be the game between the Miami Heat (23-17) and Oklahoma City Thunder (29-12) .

    Tophatal ………….


  18. A poor showing once again by the Miami Heat in their loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder has the front office questioning the commitment of the team overall. Projected to have a forty-six wins for the season this might not be enough to see the Heat gain a playoff berth within the Eastern Conference for the NBA Playoffs.

    NBA news

    NBA results to date

    NBA results 17th January

    NBA standings (divisional)

    NBA standings (conference)

    Tophatal …….


  19. The San Antonio Spurs got the better of the Dallas Mavericks once again and their proving they are best NBA franchise in the state of Texas and closely inching towards becoming the best team in the league this season, after the recent slip ups by the Golden State Warriors.

    San Antonio’s almost (112-83) thirty-point victory over the Dallas Mavericks simply proved to many , what we already knew , as good as the Mavericks may well believe themselves to be , without the scoring ability of Dirk Nowitzki they are simply an ordinary team. Deron Williams is proving to be a player who’s only on the court purely for the sake of a pay check and not much else.

    Gregg Popovich has to be content with the performances of the San Antonio Spurs this season and specifically with the play of LaMarcus Aldridge, David West and Kawhi Leonard. The Spurs’ head coach has to like what he has seen from his players as it has been a collective effort all-round.

    NBA schedule 18th January

    Tophatal ………..


  20. Games scheduled for tonight in the NBA and what teams in the league and what they will be hoping to achieve as they seek to maintain their momentum . One game which will be of one great interest to the fans will be the rematch of last season’s NBA Finals when the Cleveland Cavaliers face off against the Golden State Warriors.

    LeBron James and the Cavaliers will be seeking to make this contest an interesting one giving the recent setbacks for the Warriors in their last couple of games.

    Tophatal …………


  21. A thirty-four point home loss for the Cleveland Cavaliers as they were mauled in their defeat to the Golden State Warriors . The loss was the biggest of the season suffered by the Cavaliers, as they fell to Golden State 132-94.

    Defensively , Cleveland simply couldn’t handle the Warriors and at the trade deadline I believe the Cavaliers’ front office may well have to contemplate one or two changes to their starting lineup they’re to prevail within their conference as well as the rest of the league.

    NBA news

    Cleveland Cavaliers news

    Golden State Warriors news

    NBA results to date

    NBA standings (division)

    NBA standings (conference)

    Projected playoff match-ups

    Tophatal …


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