Save It For Another Day ….

Save It For Another Day …

OK, so the country is in a state of shock after the events of the past seventy-two hours and I am of the belief , you cannot change a country, when the mindset of the political leaders remains ambivalent , rhetorical and pragmatic . The United States of America no longer remains the Land of The Free , but it has become about the have’s and have not’s . No other country on the earth judges its people than by the wealth amassed and the power one has by the fortune amassed. From my own standpoint , I no longer wish to make any type or real observation concerning the country , because I know in essence, things are unlikely to change , no matter who takes power at the highest levels of political office .

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In the world of sports , the NBA’s off-season has taken shape with a spate of transactions and the ongoing stupidity exhibited by analysts such as Charles Barkley and Stephen A Smith . The duo have taken things to a new level of such idiocy with their statements concerning Kevin Durant’s departure from the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors . How little they seem to remember , when it came to the orchestrated and embarrassing performance by LeBron James , when he left the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat and where James would lead the Heat to two of their three NBA titles while he played for the franchise. Rather than address the fact , the NBA is no longer about team success , but more so about singular titular achievements of the league’s superstars. The fans of the NBA now have to put up with the utter bull$hit exhibited by individuals (Barkley and Smith) who clearly want to proffer up idiotic opinions, with the belief they will be listened to with a great deal of clarity and real intellect.

Dwyane Wade’s shocking departure from the Miami Heat to join the Chicago Bulls was more of a jolt , than Kevin Durant’s decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder. Heat Team President Pat Riley has played footloose and fancy-free over the last six seasons conjuring up the success for their franchise. Yet, his plan had to unravel , because the financial burden for the Miami Heat had become too much to bear. Wade for his part sacrificed professionally as well as monetarily in order to facilitate the wishes of the front office executive Yet at the end of the day , as we all know the NBA has been nothing more than a business , with team success being secondary in nature and nothing more than a bye product of it all.

In reality the league (NBA) has become entity without any heart , soul or real competitiveness, where they are no longer any great team rivalries , player rivalries or in-depth skill-set. There are but a handful truly great players in the NBA , with the coaching also being rather mundane, if not pedantic , bordering on being less than average.

Away from professional basketball , Major League Baseball is on the cusp of taking its mid-season break for the events of this year’s All Star Game being held at PETCO Park , home to the NL’s San Diego Padres . Teams are still vying for divisional supremacy as well a vital playoff berth within each league. Of late things have slowed up for the Chicago Cubs who at one point had the best record in all of baseball. That mark now belongs to the San Francisco Giants who are bring pressure to bear on their divisional rivals the Los Angeles Dodgers whose gargantuan payroll dwarfs so many of their rivals within the NL West as well as the rest of MLB . Over the last ten games played , the Philadelphia Phillies and Toronto Blue Jays have been the two best teams in baseball , with each compiling an 8-2 record . Though it is not reflected in their divisional standing within the NL East or the AL East where they sit several games behind the respective divisional leaders.

Coming off their last contest the Toronto Blue Jays were 5-4 winners over the Detroit Tigers in a game played the Rogers Center in Toronto , Ontario. The two teams will face each other again on Friday evening , with the Blue Jays seeking to inch closer the Baltimore Orioles , who currently lead the AL East . In the case of the Philadelphia Phillies , it has been a lack of consistency throughout much of the season which has led to their faltering behind the Washington Nationals and New York Mets within the NL East . Thursday’s embarrassing loss to the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field in Denver Colorado , proved to be something of a setback for this Phillies’ team , but they will get the chance to rebound from the defeat , when they meet in the resumption of their regular season series this Friday.

At this point last season , the standings within the game gave us no real indication as to how the postseason would play out for the participants . I certainly believe the last month of the regular season will play a part in what we could very well expect during the postseason foray for the teams. For now, the fans will prepare as the All Star Game festivities get underway , with the beginning of the mid-season showcase starting with starting with the Celebrity All Star Game on Saturday, followed by Sunday’s Home Run Derby , with the pinnacle being Tuesday’s big event of the whole showcase. The AL and NL rosters for the game might well have been filled with surprises , but when you consider this is nothing more than love-fest , which comes courtesy of fan voting , rather than on the merits of the accomplishment of the players up to this point of the season. Then there are bound to be a number of grievances from various arenas covering the game of baseball. Yet at the end of the day, the fans simply want to be entertained, while seeing a very competitive contest from the best players the game has to offer.

What should have been one of the biggest promotions in UFC history with the scheduling of UFC 200 , will now turn into something of a nondescript spectacle. One of MMA’s biggest stars, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones has been forced to withdraw from his proposed Light Heavyweight title bout against reigning champion Daniel Cormier . Jones has tested for a banned substance and a mandatory two-year suspension by WADA comes strong on the heels of the fighter just returning to the octagon having tested positive for cocaine after his having originally defeated Cormier in defense of the title he had to relinquish . Jones has pled his innocence stating that he could have only tested positive having taken a prescriptive medication for which he wasn’t aware was among the list of substances banned by the UFC. Plausible or not , Jon Jones has become the unwanted face of the sport because of his past offenses in and outside of the octagon. Jones , alongside Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey , are the three biggest draws in the sport , which at present is truly bereft of a breakout star, given the fact in recent months, each of the three fighters mentioned suffered losses professionally in the octagon or their reputations have been sullied with some negative press, because of actions outside the sport. UFC President Dana White , whose avuncular style and dictatorial leadership of the UFC has drawn negative reviews , is now pressed in having to deal with another damaging blow the sport.

Criticism from many circles concerning the UFC’s business dealings with contracted fighters signed to the company are not misplaced , in spite of claims to the contrary by White , and UFC’s owners , Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta . UFC 200 will still be staged , but the main attraction on the card will mark the return of former Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar who will face Mark Brown , while Miesha Tate will defend her Women’s Bantamweight title against Amanda Nunes . Daniel Cormier is likely to be tested in his bout when he faces off against Anderson Silva the former UFC Middleweight champion. These three bouts will highlight the main card for the evening’s events staged at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas , Nevada on Saturday , 9th July, 2016. If nothing else, UFC needs a shot in the arms after all of the negative publicity surrounding the Jon Jones debacle as well as the uncertainty concerning Conor McGregor’s future within Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The Irishman seems unfazed by the antics of the UFC President , knowing full well the UFC needs him more than he needs the sport. Contract obligations asides , his staged announcement and walking away from sport was nothing more than hyperbole.

Brock Lesnar’s return will certainly give us something of a comedic spectacle, given the fact his reign as the former champion was short-lived . All-American or not , Lesnar has limited skills as an MMA fighter , where his greatest strengths are his wrestling and physique.

Serena Williams will be looking to add to her twenty-one singles’ Grand Slam titles when she faces Angelique Kerber of Germany in the Ladies’ Singles Finals at Wimbledon. Kerber , defeated Williams to win the Australian Open in Melbourne , this past January, depriving the American of her chance to equal Steffi Graf’s modern era Open record of twenty-two Grand Slam singles’ titles. Serena Williams will enter the Finals at Wimbledon as an overwhelming favorite , but I believe Angelique Kerber is not to be underestimated ! Williams is by far the best player of her generation and among the top-five female players in the history of tennis, but it is difficult to suggest she is the greatest female player of all-time. Her career record while outstanding , would pale into comparison when measured against the likes of Martina Navratilova , Steffi Graf , Billie Jean King and Margaret Court .

If Serena Williams fails in her quest on Saturday afternoon , it will not be for the lack of trying , but questions will certainly once again be raised where she ranks within the pantheon’s of the women’s game should she falter again , at the hands of Angelique Kerber.

The Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil are just over month away and while IOC President Thomas Bach assures the world at large everything is OK. What cannot be hidden from the public , is that the country remains beset by political scandal , has an outbreak, which many believe Brazil cannot contain , in spite of assurances from the nation’s Health Ministry and the WHO (World Health Organization) . While I believe the ‘Zika Virus’ outbreak is a real cause for concern, my greatest fear, is that Brazil and its security apparatus will be unable to handle a terrorist attack . The whole world will be watching the biggest sporting spectacle to be staged each quadrennial and I have to admit , I will be fascinated to see many of the events unfold. Team USA will seek forge unity , trying to unite a nation divided by racial and economic divides , while idiot politicians and members of the media seek to suggest the nation is more unison, when it faces its greatest adversity. Nothing could be further from the truth, as there remains a perpetuation of xenophobia fomented in the bigoted rants of political commentators , Presidential candidates and even idiot members of the populace , who know little of the nation’s history, much less the reality of the real world .

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Recent tragic events , which we have now borne witness to via media resources, reminds us why very little has changed in the US over the last six decades, much less since the nation came into being. All men are not created equal and they are certainly not treated fairly under the law. Anyone with an iota of intelligence can see that for all sense and purpose the United States remains divided along racial and socioeconomic lines. It is the way in order to keep the status quo as is, with those in power , controlling the wealth and suppressing the freedom of others, specifically those who are of an ethnic background.

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  1. UFC President Dana White some real issues to deal with after UFC 200 , during which many of the bouts on the main-card , failed to live up to expectations .

    With the idiotic off-season of the NBA now in full swing , those who crave basketball can get their fix with what’s happening in the D League .

    For all of the fu#king idiots out there who say team sports can unite the country in times of sorrow , that is pure hypocritical bull$hit . It certainly did nothing to unite the country when Joe Louis fought for the world heavyweight title at a time when African Americans were not afforded the right to vote much less get a proper education . Furthermore , during the Civil Rights’ era when Cassius Clay / Muhammad Ali fought in Rome as an Olympian then throughout the early part of his professional career . What were said to be apparent differences during that era and the era when Louis was also fighting ?

    Joe Louis was a war hero , but in his own country , he would end up being vilified and then hounded by the federal government for none payment of taxes when it was commonly known , Louis’ manager cheated the fighter out of a large part of his earnings and failed to take career of tax liabilities to the government.

    Unity was short-lived in the aftermath of the 9/11 Tragedy , as the powers that be , sought to bring about the racial overtones , xenophobia into play, without looking at the failings domestically. of many of the nation’s covert agencies, the breakdowns between the FBI , CIA and NSA .

    Tophatal …………….


  2. San Antonio Spurs’ power forward and center Tim Duncan , perhaps one of the best big men to play the game has announced his retirement from the NBA after nineteen seasons in the league. Duncan’s accomplishments have been astonishing , having led the franchise in several statistical categories over his professional career . For the entire Spurs’ organization and the fans , Tim Duncan has meant a great deal to the franchise and within the greater San Antonio area .

    With his announcement , this brings to an end another illustrious career within the organization and the likelihood Tim Duncan will soon find himself being inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame .

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Spurs forward Tim Duncan retires after 19 seasons

    By Jeff Zillgitt, USA Today

    Tim Duncan played his 19-year Hall of Fame career in the NBA with little fanfare. He exited the NBA the same way, with no pageantry befitting one of basketball’s greatest big men.

    The Spurs announced Duncan’s retirement Monday morning, and Duncan didn’t provide a statement.

    The 6-11 Duncan looms as a towering figure in the game – both in stature and accomplishments. Spending his entire career with the San Antonio Spurs, Duncan won five NBA championships in 19 seasons and was named MVP in 2001-02 and 2002-03 and was the Finals MVP in 1999, 2003 and 2005.

    Tim Duncan retires after nineteen seasons in the NBA .

    Considered one of best big men in NBA history and perhaps the greatest power forward, Duncan finished his career with:

    • 26,496 points, 14th on the league’s all-time scoring list.

    • 15,091 rebounds, sixth on the all-time list.

    • 3,064 blocks, fifth on the all-time list.

    • 1,392 games, seventh on the all-time list.

    He won his first title in 1999, his second NBA season, pairing up with David Robinson. He won his last title in 15 seasons later in 2014 with Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard. Parker and Duncan won four titles together, and Ginobili was part of three titles with Duncan. He won titles in three different decades, too.

    “Tim Duncan is one of the most dominant players in NBA history,” NBAcommissioner Adam Silver said in a statement. “His devotion to excellence and mastery of the game led to five NBA championships, two regular-season MVP awards and a place among the all-time greats, while his understated selflessness made him the ultimate teammate. For two decades Tim represented the Spurs, the city of San Antonio and the league with passion and class. All of us in the NBA family thank him for his profound impact on the game.”

    Following San Antonio’s championship in 2014, Duncan tried to put in perspective what it meant to join a select group with five rings.

    Click on link to read this article in full.

    Total devotion to the game and as an ambassador for the sport off the court, is what will set Tim Duncan apart from many of his peers . Kobe Bryant and Duncan are two of the biggest stars to have announced their retirement from the NBA in the last two seasons and they will be sorely missed by the league.


    NBA news

    San Antonio Spurs news

    Tophatal ………..


  3. In one what might be the most poorly kept secret and most embarrassing ways to admit what might have been known all long , UFC President Dana White finally admitted the organization has been in-fact sold for a reputed $4.1 billion to WME/IMG . UFC owners Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta will make a considerable a profit from the sale from while still retaining a minority stake in the UFC. However, there remains a great deal of criticism of the organization and the contractual obligations to their fighters .

    Courtesy of CNN Money

    UFC owners turn $2 million into $4 billion

    By Chris Isidore , CNN Money

    UFC, the mixed martial arts league, will be sold for $4 billion, by far the richest sale in the history of professional sports.

    The sale dwarfs previous sales of any sports franchise. The Los Angeles Dodgers was bought out of bankruptcy for $2.1 billion in 2012, making it the largest sales price on record for a single franchise.

    Close behind was the $2 billion purchase of the Los Angeles Clippers by former Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) CEO Steve Ballmer in 2014.

    It is also a stunning profit for the founders of UFC, which stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship.

    Lorenzo (left) and Frank Fertiitta.

    UFC was launched in 1993 and purchased for just $2 million in 2001 by casino operators Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta. Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta said it was nearly bankrupt and “literally going of business” at the time. The $4 billion sales price represents a 72% annual return, every year, on that modest original investment.

    “We saw an opportunity,” Lorenzo Fertitta told CNN’s Rachel Crane late last year. “We felt like there was a void in contact sports. We felt…if we put in the right rules and regulations…we could create an opportunity for business.”

    Click on link to read in full.

    How the UFC will likely change is now fully predicated by the new owners and whether or not Dana White’s authority is usurped in some way. A great deal of criticism aimed at the organization is more than justified , because of the intransigence shown by White and how deals with contractual disputes as well a number of the fighters who have violated the drug policies mandated by the UFC as well as WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) . While neither Frank Fertitta or his Lorenzo Fertitta have admitted their ambitions of one day seeing MMA being an Olympic sport . They do freely admit that might be the ultimate goal on their agenda.

    MMA is now the fastest growing combat sport in the world and the rise of the genre . has slowly began outstrip the popularity of boxing . While we know the stars of MMA under the UFC banner have yet to outperform the earning power of their boxing rivals . Many of the biggest stars in the UFC are now earning millions of dollars annually , primarily through endorsement deals . Stars such as Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey are two of biggest names and among the top earners in the sport.

    UFC news

    Tophatal ………….


  4. Sports Chump

    Not only are people watching but the UFC will now have to look at various ways of increasing its long-term strategic planning while also not falling foul of both the USADA ( US Anti-Doping Agency) as well as WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency ) if their intent is have MMA under the UFC banner become a fully fledged Olympic sport in the same way both judo and tae-kwondo are are part of the Summer Olympics . Consider the fact , that the sale price of the organization was almost six times reported gross revenues and you can see that with each passing year this company is seriously under-valued. UFC owners Frank Fertitta , his brother Lorenzo Fertitta will see their wealth rise considerably , while UFC President Dana White will most certainly be on the way to becoming a billionaire from the sale of the company .

    Tophatal ……………


  5. It’s time for the likes of LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick to either put up or simply shut the fu#k up when it comes to talking about social issues and political unrest . These two professional athletes are damn hypocrites and idiots ! James led his fellow NBA players in a rather sedate and pedantic protest to show their support of the Martin family after the death of teen Trayvon Martin . Since the young man’s death , not much has been achieved other than the fact , more black men and women are dying at the hands of law enforcement officers at an alarming rate, without us delving into the ‘Black on Black crime ‘ taking place in the city of Chicago , the ineptitude by the city’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel or the fact the incumbent President Barack Obama sheds crocodile tears while both the FBI and US Justice Department show themselves to be inept and most certainly corrupt.

    LeBron James might well be providing kids with scholarships and handing out bicycles at Christmas to those in the greater Akron , Ohio area , but when it comes to real social activism , he pales in comparison to the likes of Muhammad Ali , Dave Bing , Kareem Abdul-Jabbar , Jim Brown and Bill Russell . James hasn’t got the guts to question the work practices of his biggest contracted endorsee Nike , whose contractual obligations with workers in the Far East have been well chronicled , with child slave labor and exploitation being well-known .

    Colin Kapernick for his part, remains vocal , yet in all honesty , this has been a player who has fallen short of the expectations of the San Francisco 49ers , having shown little leadership as being one of the premiere players on the team.

    Emotional as Kapernick now appears to be , there is an even greater disconnect when you consider the fact , this has been the first time he has spoken openly on any social issue , while seeking to be heard on a national platform. Far too many professional athletes in North America in particular seem to be more concerned with their earning power, endorsements , than they are about speaking out on numerous social issues. These individuals , such as Tiger Woods , Kaepernick , LeBron James and even Michael Jordan , though retired , are not emboldened enough or tough enough to deal with such issues over the long haul, but would rather come out with rather inane platitudes and sound-bytes , than actually getting something done . It is bad enough when you have a verbose idiot such as Charles Barkley voicing his support for a racially bigoted Donald Trump as the GOP Presidential nominee continues with his divisive rancor and idiocy. Yet, now we have Barkley calling for African-Americans to show tolerance within their communities ?

    Tophatal ………


  6. MLB will resume the second half of its schedule after their mid-season break of the All Star Game recess. The AL overcame the NL after a raucous start to the contest between the two leagues. Kansas City Royals’ star Eric Hosmer was named the All Star MVP in the contest after his productivity seen during the game.

    With the current divisional standings being what they are , the second-half of the season will be of utmost importance to the teams striving to make some gains within their respective divisions , as well as those sitting on the cusp of a wildcard berth . Many of the teams in play over the weekend will be taking on opponents in some cases resuming series

    MLB news

    Tophatal …………….


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