See You At The Crossroads , We’re Already There ….

See You At The Crossroads , We’re Already There

At a time when both sports are in need of some rejuvenation , both Boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) , find themselves at a crossroads. Oscar De La Hoya and his Golden Boy Promotion , in spite of their stable of boxers , are vesting more into the world of Mixed Martial Arts, though not aligning themselves with either the UFC or Bellator , who just happen to the UFC’s biggest rival competitor. De La Hoya of late , is doing his best to promote his visible fighter , Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez , after the fighter’s lopsided unanimous verdict over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr . Now with a proposed mega-fight due to take place in mid-September, with Saul Alvarez facing Gennady Golovkin for the middleweight title . This should prove to be the “biggest fight” of 2017 on the boxing calendar , unless the much-anticipated fight takes place with Floyd Mayweather Jr comes out of retirement to face UFC fighter Conor McGregor . UFC President Dana White now seems to be on-board with latest piece of buffoonery. Bearing in mind the recent mismatches seen in some of the most recent bouts in the UFC , which have been title and non-title fights, I am not so sure fans will be prepared to meet the likely $59.95 PPV price for this particular freak-show .

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In recent months UFC has seen the decline of its biggest star with consecutive losses suffered by Ronda Rousey , whose career slide has been as fast as her supposedly being the next big female action star in Hollywood. It is unlikely Rousey will return to the octagon , where her career ascent was fast , but clearly because the opposition faced in the early stages of her career was simply mediocre at best. Hype in MMA is just about everything and it can also mean absolutely nothing. Beyond the proposed fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor , for which contracts have yet to be signed or a proposed date being set, other the continued emphasis of hyperbole that it will take place, the UFC can only promise that some of its biggest stars will be seen inside the octagon within the coming months . Proposed bouts within the Light Heavyweight Division will see Daniel Cormier defend his title against the division’s former champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones , in a bout which will bring about even more tension , given the apparent dislike each fighter has for the other.

The long-awaited return of another former champion can’ t come around fast enough as the former Welterweight Title holder Georges St Pierre makes a comeback. St Pierre was due to face Michael Bisping the UFC Middleweight champion , but with Bisping having suffered a knee injury , Dana White is now proposing “Rush” as he is more commonly known, face the division’s champion Tyrone Woodley . Georges St Pierre was adamant upon his return to the octagon , he had no wish to fight once again within the division . The fighter is considered greatest welterweight in UFC history and his record number of defenses remains a benchmark not only within the division , but among all of the weight categories within the UFC , with only Demetrious Johnson having made more double-digit defenses of a UFC title.

Among the Women’s ranks of the UFC , Amanda Nunes has now become the “Face of the Sport” , having toppled the division’s best among the Bantamweights . With their being only three weight categories within the UFC for women to fight at the professional level , it remains to be seen what other challenges lie ahead for this highly skilled fighter. I certainly believe she is capable enough of surpassing Ronda Rousey’s record in terms of the number of title defenses . Nunes’ rematch with Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 213 should prove to be a thrilling fight, with Shevchenko looking to make amends for her loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 196 .

I read a recent article, which tried to concoct a debate as to who has been the greatest Heavyweight Champion in UFC history . Consider the fact, no claimant to the title , has ever been able to make more than three successful defenses, speaks volumes as to how mediocre the division has been throughout its history. Randy Couture might well have won the title on more than one occasion , while also being the only UFC fighter to have held both the Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight titles simultaneously. Brief spells alone , Couture remains perhaps the division’s most well-known champion. The current champion , American -born Stipe Miocic , who is of Croatian ancestry , has already joined a select group of UFC heavyweights who have made two defenses of UFC Heavyweight Title. The division might just be the weakest in all of the weight categories within the Men’s Division of the UFC and at a time when boxing longs for an undisputed champion among the Heavyweight Division , it easy to understand the reason why there is no real interest in either category of the respective sports.

Stipe Miocic doesn’t fight for the glory , but he does seek make the sport and in particular his division a more respectable one . His greatest reward comes from the fact he is a fireman in his native state of Ohio. Miocic’s next bout is likely to be against a top-five contender within the division , with Dana White having the last say as to the challenger is likely to be. Fabricio Werdum and Cain Velazquez are the two leading contenders within division and it will be down to Dana White to make the pick, as to whom he believes would provide the most appealing and lucrative fight for the champion as well as the UFC.

I will continue to maintain until there is an undisputed champion in any weight division of boxing , the sport will continue to be an after-thought to even their most ardent fans. There has not been an undisputed champion in any weight category in over a decade and it has been fifteen years since the Heavyweight Division had a lone champion , with the division’s last undisputed champion being Lennox Lewis . Nowadays , it comes down to be anointed a lineal champion announced by Ring Magazine . Not unlike the winner of a beauty pageant being given a tiara made of cubic zirconium rather than real diamonds .

At present there are only two legitimately recognized claimants to the Heavyweight Title , with both boxers having unbeaten records . Deontay Wilder is the current holder of the WBC crown , while Anthony Joshua claims the IBF , WBA and IBO belts . I am not about to suggest , this decade of heavyweights have been among the best seen over the past twelve years , but it certainly does make a difference to know , we no longer have to put up with the idiotic claims that Vitali Klitschko and his brother Wladimir Klitschko were the best things to have happened within the sport of boxing. The skills of both siblings were always questionable and the fact that in his latter years , Wladimir’s jaw was like a glass slipper along with his declining skills was proof of the fact he was an overrated champion. His fight record was littered with meaningless bouts , which padded his successful championship defenses .

Wladimir Klitschko’s last two professional fights ended in defeat, losses , one a unanimous loss, suffered at the hands of Tyson Fury and he then followed that up with a TKO (technical knockout) loss to Anthony Joshua. Now with his demands of a rematch against Joshua falling on deaf ears , there is no real reason why Klitschko should be rewarded with a second fight against his conqueror. Waiting in the wings as possible opponents for Joshua are , Joseph Parker , WBO title holder from New Zealand or a far more lucrative unification bout against Deontay Wilder. With so many international governing bodies presiding over boxing , a sport which remains in constant disarray , it should come as no big surprise , fans are leaving in droves. Boxing no longer has any real charismatic fighters or truly “ big draws” likely to lure in the crowds. Once prominent promoters, such as Don King and Bob Arum , have become aging dinosaurs , while the likes of Oscar De La Hoya and the somewhat retired Floyd Mayweather are now said to be breathing new life into the sport as promoters. One of the real issues for this sport , is the fact , it cannot escape its seedy past or an unclear future, where there does seem to be some lackluster talent laying claims to greatness.

The sport of boxing needs to be more streamlined , , properly regulated not just domestically but also on the international front. Corruption remains ever-present and while know some of the biggest names within the sport can earn millions annually and it should be noted there is little done to protect the well-being of the fighters should they fall upon hard times or suffer from a mishap inside the ring . These are some of the horror stories which often go unreported by the media or the governing bodies themselves.

When the UFC was purchased by the William Morris Agency for the unprecedented sum of $4.6 billion , it set about a great deal of intrigue for the once upstart organization. Dana White was still retained as President but , Frank Fertitta and his brother, Lorenzo Fertitta were able to walk away with over $2 billion apiece , while still retaining a small minority stake in the company. Self-made billionaires in their own right , they can now sit back and watch as the UFC enter its third decade of existence , while being one of the few professional sports’ entities in North America with over a $1 billion in revenues. The humble beginnings of the UFC and what it has been able to achieve since 1993 has been truly staggering. However, the question still remain , under a new ownership structure, will Dana White still be given so much power to hire and fire fighters as he sees fit, while signing them to contracts which in many circles might be seen as indentured slavery with their having few rights if any ? In recent months there has been dissension within the ranks of the UFC , with fighters such as Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz , leading the fray , questioning White’s authority , with UFC’s new owners offering little by way of any serious changes which would be of benefit to their biggest assets, the fighters .

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What do you believe is the biggest hindrance to the sport of boxing ? Also , can the UFC become an even bigger sport than its pugilistic counterpart while also creating household names ? If Conor McGregor can become the only UFC fighter among the highest paid athletes in the world , while the sport of boxing only has three boxers among the top one hundred , then surely MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has to be doing something right.


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  1. Don King and Bob Arum have done more harm to the image of boxing than anything done by organized crime under the auspices of the Mafia . In its current state, this sport has fallen from its once lofty heights. No division within any of the weight categories has an undisputed champion. We can all agree on certain levels while Floyd Mayweather Jr was padding his stats with meaningless fights , especially over the last five years. He might well have been the biggest draw within boxing for the better part of a decade , but his narcissistic and loutish behavior outside out the ring , with his legal problems ( known spousal abuser and child abuser as well as the threatening of a federal witness) indicated Mayweather’s tendencies were repulsive and in no way any type of role model for a child. Granted, since his retirement Floyd Mayweather has branched out into the field boxing promotion with a bevy of talented young fighters under his Mayweather Promotions’ banner . Yet , at the end of the day Floyd Mayweather cannot be seen as a savior of a sport which has been dying a slow death for the better part of ten years.

    Don King , foreground and Bob Arum seen in the rear .

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  2. Dana White has a penchant for treating the fighters within the UFC like indentured slaves. He remains antagonistic and combative whenever his authority has been questioned by the media as well current and past fighters within the UFC banner.

    William Morris Endeavor /IMG , parent company of the UFC , should currently look at the way they compensate their fighters , rather than just look at the UFC as just another prime asset among their brands. The fact of the matter remains , other than Conor McGregor , they have no other MMA fighter who earns anywhere near $10 million a year , even with the added incentive of endorsements . Former Light Heavyweight champion , Jon ‘Bones’ Jones made a mess of his professional and personal life when he was suspended for the use of cocaine after his defense of the title against Daniel Cormier , the man who succeeded Jones, after he was stripped of the title. Now with a potential rematch now beckoning , it will be interesting to see if Jon Jones can make amends , while putting himself back among the big-money earners within the UFC.

    Reigning UFC Light Heavyweight Champion , Daniel Cormier (left) is seen here with Dana White , center and Jon Jones. The two will meet , as Jones challenges Cormier in a rematch , as he seeks to regain the title he once held.

    UFC news

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  3. There hasn’t been this much hype created for a fight between a boxer and a MMA fighter since Muhammad Ali faced Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki in an exhibition bout over four decades ago. The event was a farce in of-itself and did nothing to advance the image of either sport. We have since had former multi-titlist James Toney face Randy Couture , with Toney embarrassing himself , with his declining boxing skills against an aging veteran , Couture.

    Boxing now seems intent on creating a PT Barnum, Ringling Brothers’ type atmosphere to the sport , as it steadily declines in popularity. Venues are not always sold out , even when many of the fights are for world titles. Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather having been the biggest names in the sport over the last decade and a half. Pacquaio fights merely for the privilege of padding his stats , albeit, weight categories have been added to further impress upon his legacy. It was also the same thing done for Sugar Ray Leonard during the latter part of his career .

    MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) was ridiculed for its origins , but it has now become a far popular sport than anyone could have imagined , even drawing the ire of Senator John McCain (R-Az) , who believes the sport to be barbaric and insulting . Somehow , I believe McCain should spend more time devoting his efforts for the betterment of military veterans, than he does with his imbecilic rants about a sport he knows nothing about , alongside his knowledge of the nation’s foreign diplomacy affairs , the domestic economic policy, as well as its intelligence community and national security. McCain has become an aging irrational @sshole where time has passed him by. Thus giving credence for there to be term limits for the US Senate and House of Representatives . Over three decades of blissful ignorance , barely anything of merit , concerning McCain’s political credentials and resume’ .

    MMA has sought to distance itself from its origins and quite rightly so , having become professionally ran, as well as being a multi-billion dollar a year business. Granted , questions remain over the autocratic rule of Dana White as the UFC President. His questionable decisions to show leniency towards fighters he clearly favors , when they are known to have broken the rules of the UFC concerning its drug policy , has been a clear indicator of that. It is possibly one of the main reasons why the UFC hasn’t aligned itself with the US Anti-Doping Agency , because of their (USADA’s) strict policy , domestically as well as globally through WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) .

    Former WWE wrestlers Brock Lesnar and CM Punk have had limited success within the UFC , albeit, Lesnar held the UFC Heavyweight Title for a brief period. Physical stature or not , he simply didn’t have the martial arts’ skill-set truly excel in the sport, even if Dana White believed him to be one of MMA’s great phenomenons.

    The idiocy of WWE has quickly found a home within the UFC as Brock Lenar (right) and C M Punk joined the franchise. Lesnar has since left UFC to make a return to WWE.

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  4. Wladimir Klitschko and his management team are crying sour grapes with their demands for a rematch against Anthony Joshua , after Klitschko’s embarrassing knockout loss to his British opponent. At no point during the Heavyweight Title bout did the Ukrainian fighter show that he was in command or capable of beating his much younger opponent. At forty-one, Klitschko’s best years are behind him and his wish to join a select group of boxers to have regained the title , while being admirable thing. It is becoming abundantly clear Wladimir Klitschko is no longer a top-five contender within the division , even if the various rankings might suggest otherwise . It is utter nonsense for the governing bodies of boxing to show type of favoritism towards Wladimir Klitschko . Throughout the majority of his career , he has chosen to fight primarily in Europe , where the level of opponents faced have been bewilderingly mediocre .

    Wladimir Klitschko is seen here with his girlfriend , actress , Hayden Panettiere .

    Having amassed a fortune estimated to be around $60 million , it does seem Wladimir Klitschko has obtained a level of wealth, where he would be considered rich in his native Ukraine. Klitschko’s skills as a boxer has never been truly appealing in North America and it is primarily one of the reasons why he has fought sparingly in America .

    Yahoo Sports boxing news

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  5. British fighter Kell Brook lines up for what might be the most anticipated fight of his career , in the aftermath of his recent loss to Gennady Golovkin . Brook just didn’t have the skill-set or punching power to defeat his opponent. Now with the chance of redemption and the opportunity to claim another world title , the boxer will have to be at his very best when he faces Errol Spence for the IBF Welterweight Title this at the Brammall Lane Stadium , in Sheffield , England.

    Kell Brook (left) , IBF Welterweight Champion is seen here with Errol Spence .

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Kell Brook challenger Errol Spence has it all to prove, says Steve Bunce

    By Steve Bunce, Boxing Writer for ESPN

    Kell Brook is still slightly amused that he is expected to lose his latest world title defence on Saturday night against Errol Spence in Sheffield, outdoors under the stars at Bramall Lane.

    Brook will be making the fourth defence of his IBF welterweight title, a title he went to America and won against the odds when he beat Shawn Porter in the summer of 2014.

    In Brook’s last fight he gained 13 pounds, was leading against Gennady Golovkin before his corner retired him in the fifth.

    “Look at what I’ve done, look at the challenges I have had to overcome and then explain to me how he is the favourite,” asked Brook. “It’s a joke, I mean, he’s a good fighter, but he’s never been anywhere near a boxer like me.”

    Brook has a valid point.

    Spence was part of the American team at the London Olympics, part of a team that went back to America without a medal and, contrary to what is being said, there was a lot of expectation, especially about Spence’s chance of winning a gold.

    Spence turned pro late in 2012, started to beat the right men and since the start of 2015 he has finally emerged as a top fighter. His last six wins, all by stoppage, are impressive, but none of his victims would have lasted much longer with Brook.

    The American is not quite a hype-job, but he is fighting more on expectation, rather than reputation; Brook has nothing to prove. It seems that Brook’s battle with the scales, which is nothing new, has influenced the thinking of the boxing sages.

    Click on link to read this article in full.

    Kell Brook vs Gennady Golovkin .

    Kell Brook doesn’t possess a killer instinct and I have always maintained this about British fighters , because all too often, they’re force-fed with tomato cans during the early part of their careers . Brook’s fight against Errol Spence will either end one of two ways , a knockout or by a unanimous majority decision victory. As the defending champion Kell Brook knows what is expected of him in this contest.

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  6. Oscar De La Hoya may well be right , when he states the upcoming proposed fight between MMA specialist Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather will be a complete farce , reminiscent of a circus freak show . Yet, as the saying goes ” there’s no such thing as bad publicity” . At a time when boxing itself., is crying out for some charisma within its midst and at least an undisputed champion within any weight category , all the sport can simply offer up . is a litany of champions and promoters out to make a quick buck at the expense of the consumers . without really offering a quality product.

    Boxing legend and currently a prominent boxing promoter , Oscar De La Hoya .

    There will be millions of dollars at stake, with both the UFC and the cable broadcast outlet covering the event , as well as Mayweather Promotions likely to make a commercial killing , with a massive PPV (Pay-per-view) sales’ push. Marketing , promotional and sales’ rights could see both fighters end up with northwards of $40 million apiece as a conservative figure . Yet it is believed , Floyd Mayweather could end up making at least $100 million before taxes are taken into account. From my own perspective , I certainly believe Oscar De La Hoya wouldn’t mind a piece or even a greater slice of this particular pie, but if the event proves to be a hit, then there is a possibility we are likely to see more of a crossover in terms of an MMA fighter wanting to take on a boxer. Let’s just pray it’s nothing like the monstrosity seen when , former middleweight champion James Toney embarrassed himself when faced Randy Couture . Granted , Toney had semi-retired from the ring . but his performance against the MMA legend was as much a farce , as it was a complete and utter joke .

    Randy Couture beats up on James Toney.

    Toney’s post-fight interview.

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  7. Another night as a British boxer failed to meet or live up to expectations . Kell Brook (36-2) in the defense of his WBA Welterweight Title was completely out-boxed, outmaneuvered and overwhelmed by his challenger Errol Spence (22-0) . This now makes two consecutive losses for Brook and any chance of a rematch now hinges on Spence and the thoughts of his managers and promotional team. I believe Spence’s representatives would rather see their fighter take a step forward , rather than a step back. Losses against Gennady Golovkin and now Errol Spence and the manner in which those losses occurred, must bring about a reset on Kell Brook’s career. Does he retire , take a long break before coming to a decision concerning his long and short-term future ?

    Courtesy of The Guardian

    Kell Brook faces painful decision over future following second eye surgery

    Injury in defeat to Spence Jr identical to one Brook suffered against Golovkin
    • George Groves targets James DeGale rematch after winning world title

    Kell Brook is seen here in the ring after his loss to Errol Spence, having lost his WBA Welterweight Title. A doctor surveys the extent of Kell Brook’s eye injury following his 11th-round defeat to Errol Spence Jr in what will be his last fight at welterweight. Photograph: Richard Sellers/PA

    Another fight, another fractured eye socket for Kell Brook and the question now is where he goes next. His promoter, Eddie Hearn, made it clear that there will be no more fights at welterweight following the 31-year-old’s defeat to Errol Spence Jr at Bramall Lane on Saturday, a contest that not only left Brook with restricted vision but also the loss of his IBF title, and whether he returns to the ring at all is open to debate.

    What is for sure is Brook is unlikely to fight again this year due to the need to undergo an operation in order to repair his left eye socket, which was first damaged by Spence Jr in the seventh round and only worsened from there, leading to the champion dropping to his knee in the 11th and being waved off by referee Howard Foster shortly after.

    It was later confirmed that Brook’s injury is identical to the one he sustained against Gennady Golovkin nine months ago. Then it was his right eye which was affected, resulting in a fifth-round stoppage and a metal plate being inserted into Brook’s face, and with a surgeon’s knife again looming it will surely have crossed the Sheffield fighter’s mind that after 38 fights across a 13-year professional career (36-2), now may be the time to call it a day.

    “It’s a big blow to the career,” said Hearn before confirming his man is “done” at welterweight. That did not come as a surprise given the ordeal Brook has regularly undergone to boil down to the 147lb limit and, post-surgery, he may well decide to move up to light-middleweight or even to middleweight, the level at which he met Golovkin last September.

    But there is only so much damage one person can take and it was telling that Brook admitted his decision to drop down on one knee on Saturday was based in part on memories of the punishment he took against Golovkin. “I remember the surgeon telling me if I’d have gone a round or so extra [against Golovkin] I could have gone blind. I had that in my mind,” he said.

    Click on link to read this article in full.

    Kell Brook ,left , is seen here defending his WBA Welterweight Title against Errol Spence. Brook suffered a dislocated eye socket , fractured cheek bone and orbital as well as several other injuries during the bout.

    Yahoo Sports Boxing news

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    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      The hype has already began and it comes down to both protagonists , Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor . It may well be the most hyped event, but it won’t be the most watched sporting event ever . Do you actually believe there will be enough buys of the event to outstrip the over 110 million viewers who watch the Superbowl annually ? It may well be the most watched PPV event ever , with possibly over 2.5 million pay-per-view buys , guaranteeing both fighters a seven or eight-figure pay-day , with Mayweather likely to walk away with over $100 million before taxes .

      MMA under the UFC banner , has become a damn circus in recent years because the likes of Jon Jones and Ronda Rousey have seen their careers flounder , because of stupidity or recent losses inside the octagon. In the case of Rousey , it was two consecutive losses . For Jones , it was his being stripped of the Light Heavyweight Title after having tested positive for cocaine. Jon Jones was tested prior to his bout against Daniel Cormier , a positive test which UFC President Dana White knew of, but chose to ignore , because of the economic impact and monies invested in staging the event. It was the Nevada State Athletic Commission , who then having conducted the post-fight testing who recommended Jones; suspension and only then, did the UFC choose to strip Jon Jones of the title. Dana White remains a fu#king hypocrite and he is completely full of $hit .

      UFC news

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  8. The UFC has to put on a real show for their next several events in the lead-up to what is expected to be the biggest PPV (pay-for-view event) in sports’ history in North America. If Dana White and the sanctioning body of boxing , governing the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are to be taken seriously . Then MMA under the sport’s biggest sanctioning body (UFC) have to give the fans a reason to tune into the event as well as the others on their calendar schedule.

    Up next on the UFC schedule is UFC212 ,where the main card features Jose Aldo defending his UFC Featherweight Title against Max Holloway on Saturday, 3rd June , 2017 at the Jeunesse Arena , in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil


  9. Deontay Wilder could very well be the brightest and best prospect of all of the heavyweight claimants to the Heavyweight Title at present . Wilder is unbeaten in all of his thirty-eight fights (38-0, 37 KO’s) . The fighter doesn’t have a scheduled opponent for his next title defense , but it is believed he is interested in seeking a unification bout against Anthony Joshua of the United Kingdom.

    The Heavyweight scene within boxing, is so unclear and with various international governing bodies in no real rush to unify the division , a case can certainly be made where IBO , IBF , WBA , WBC and WBU are simply stringing the public along , while also continually selling them a truly mediocre product and brand . Realistically , both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have been providing their fans with nothing but bull-crap. over the past four and a half years , with the fans idiotically paying for the privilege of watching those fights .

    Anthony Joshua (left) and Deontay Wilder .


  10. Keith Thurman , the Central Florida born boxer has made a name for himself, quickly moving up the rankings , while now claiming two of the Welterweight Titles in the world of boxing . Thurman would have been impressed with Errol Spence’s annihilation and complete domination in dispatching Kell Brook to win the IBF version of the welterweight crown.

    Keith Thurman (right) is seen here facing welterweight boxer Leonard Bundu .

    A possible unification bout to close-in on an undisputed champion among the welterweights would be the desired objective , but with the various international governing bodies rarely seeing eye to eye , with ideological and political differences seen as the main issue. The desire for such a fight to take place would have to come from the boxers themselves.

    Overshadowing the prospect of a unification bout in the Welterweight division stands the looming return and shadow of Floyd Maywather who will be co-promoting his comeback to the boxing ring in conjunction with the UFC when he takes on MMA fighter Conor McGregor . The proposed bout is already being billed as ” the biggest fight” to have ever taken place in boxing or Mixed Martial Arts’ (MMA) history. A date has yet to be set for this mega-fight , but the venue is likely to be in one of three settings , Cowboys Stadium in Arlington , Texas , Mandalay Bay Resort or the MGM Grand Hotel Resort & Casino in Las Vegas , Nevada . I believe the proposed fight will take place in mid September and the venue will be the MGM Grand.

    If Floyd Mayweather’s return and likely victory over Conor McGregor is a sign of a much longer return to the sport, then it would certainly create a wave of interest in the Welterweight Division and be lucrative for boxing itself. The event would be on PPV and the likelihood of over 3 to 4 million buys at $69.95 apiece , could net as much as $280 million before taking into account rights’ fees and merchandising sales , which would likely raise gross revenues in excess of $500 million. Mayweather could very well walk away with over $250 million alone , already having been guaranteed a minimum $40 million just for his return to the ring. Conor McGregor would certainly have the biggest payday of his career, while still being viewed as the ‘ face’ of the UFC .

    Dana White , President of the UFC was initially against the mega-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, but he has created and bought into the “hype” , while knowing it can only be seen as a positive for the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts. World-renowned promoters Bob Arum of Top Rank Boxing and Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions have come out in opposition to the fight, stating it makes a mockery of the sport of boxing , creating a freak show atmosphere within the sport. Well , considering the fact , neither of these two prominent promoters have sought to place the sport back within the public eye , carefully nurturing their stable of fighters to just go for the ” big bucks” . It easy to understand why they have become so critical , it wasn’t an idea proposed by either Arum or De La Hoya and the significance of the money being made is not lost on either of the two promoters.

    Bob Arum (left) and Oscar De La Hoya .

    Latest boxing news courtesy of Yahoo Sports and also from ESPN Sports

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  11. Adonis Stevenson current Light Heavyweight champion , holder of the WBC crown , lineal champion and considered to be the best Light Heavyweight within the division. In recent months after his defenses of the title , Adonis Stevenson has been critical of fighters within the division as well as the lack of opportunities given to him , but believes he’s now ready to face contenders such as Sergei Kovalev and Andre’ Ward . Stevenson’s next title fight is set to take place on 3rd June , 2017 at the Bell Centre in Montreal , Quebec, Canada when he will face Andrzej Fonfara of Poland , as he makes his eighth defense of the WBC Light Heavyweight Title .

    Courtesy of the Montreal Gazette

    Adonis Stevenson denies he’s dodged top challengers to extend reign

    By Herb Zurkowsky , Montreal Gazette

    Adonis Stevenson is in good spirits, his trainer said Thursday. His weight’s good and he’s eating well.

    “He’s fighting,” Javan Hill said before the World Boxing Council light-heavyweight champion commenced an open workout for the media at his north-central gym.

    Adonis Stevenson (left) is seen here with his trainer Javan Hill .

    Never have two words been so profound.

    When Stevenson, a resident of Blainville, steps into the ring at the Bell Centre June 3 against Andrzej Fonfara, a native of Poland who lives and trains in the U.S., it’ll be almost four years to the day since he captured the 175-pound title from Chad Dawson with a devastating one-round knockout. Fonfara will mark Stevenson’s eighth defence.

    It has been an incredible run, albeit one marked by criticism because of Stevenson’s long respites and his choice of opponents. He fought four times in 2013, twice within five months after capturing the title. Then it was twice in both 2014 and ’15, but just once last year. He hasn’t been in the ring since July 29, when he knocked out Thomas Williams in four rounds at Centre Vidéotron.

    Stevenson hasn’t fought Sergey Kovalev, Bernard Hopkins, Eleider Alvarez or Jean Pascal. But this bout, to be televised in the U.S. by Showtime, marks his second fight in three years against Fonfara, 29-4 with 17 KOs.

    Click on link to read article in full.

    Sergei Kovalev (left) and Andre Ward.

    While I believe Adonis Stevenson to be a very good fighter , I certainly don’t believe he is the best fighter within the division. Granted , the likes of Andre Ward and Sergei Kovalev wait ominously in the wings and where the Light Heavyweight Division is often seen as a stepping stone for many of the fighters within the division , who have ambition to reign supreme among the Heavyweights. Something which has not been achieved since Roy Jones Jr and James Toney were claimants of at least one version of boxing’s biggest prize. Adonis Stevenson does have a great deal to prove if he is to be taken seriously as not only one the best fighters in the division , but also among the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

    Tophatal …………


  12. Having been stripped of the titles won when he defeated Wladimir Klitschko , British fighter Tyson Fury may well be at the crossroads of his career. Having plead his innocence to the claims he knowingly took a banned substance , Fury can only hope that he will be reinstated by the British Boxing Board of Control as well as the affiliate bodies the BBBOC is aligned to internationally . For the moment , the fighter waits in the wings hoping his manager Peter Fury and promoter , Frank Warren can only hope the boxer’s appeal will be successful and that he will be reinstated.

    Tyson Fury and his promoter Frank Warren (right).

    Courtesy of The Independent

    Tyson Fury will not receive licence back until doping case is finished, putting Anthony Joshua fight in doubt

    The 28-year-old had been back in training ahead of a potential comeback

    Tyson Fury’s hopes of an imminent all-British world heavyweight title clash with Anthony Joshua have been dashed after the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBoC) confirmed they would not lift his suspension until his doping case was resolved.

    The 28-year-old hasn’t boxed since beating Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 and was stripped of his licence the following year, a day after vacating the belts he won from the Ukrainian.

    Fury had also testing positive for cocaine while in the United States and has been charged by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) as a result.

    The heavyweight returned to training last month but any return has been put on ice as his UKAD hearing was postponed, with no date set for its resumption.

    With the postponement, the BBBoC could lift his suspension at any time, but it is now clear that they will wait until Fury has been cleared to fight again or given a suspension, depending on UKAD’s verdict.

    BBBoC general secretary Robert Smith told Press Association Sport: “The BBBoC is awaiting the outcome of the UKAD hearing and at present his boxing licence is suspended until such time, after which the BBBoC will consider Mr Fury’s position further.”

    The frustration felt by Fury’s camp is understandable, given the fact he has not fought since his famous win over Klitschko, a feat arguably trumped by Joshua’s thrilling victory over the Ukrainian last month.

    There is also no doubt a Fury-Joshua clash would be a knockout at the box office and with broadcasters.

    Click on link to read article in full.


    As good as Tyson Fury believes himself to be , he can only hope that one of the major international governing bodies will quite possibly see him as a top-ten challenger for a version of the World Heavyweight Title . Rankings being what they are , I believe it is overly generous to even have Fury ranked inside the top-ten.

    A potential big-money fight involving Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua is something British fight fans seem to be pining for. Neither fighter is that well-known globally and the appeal , would simply be in the European market-place . Frank Warren with his commercial ties to HBO and SkySports would like nothing better than to see his fighter (Tyson Fury) reclaim the crown (World Heavyweight Title). The UKADA (UK Anti Doping Agency) has categorically stated , Tyson Fury will not be reinstated until they carry out a full investigation of the fighter and his alleged doping. In all likelihood , it could very well be another twelve to eighteen month before Fury reenters a boxing ring for a professional fight , in spite of his hopes of making a return by early July.

    The Guardian Sports (Boxing)

    Tophatal …………………..


  13. Chris Eubank Jr has successfully followed in the footsteps of his father Chris Eubank Sr and become a world champion. Eubank Sr was at one time the WBO Middleweight Champion and Super-Middleweight , at a time when the WBO was in its infancy and one of the lesser recognized international governing bodies in the world of boxing. His son has now taken center-stage to become one of the few world champions Britain currently has and possibly bringing back a rich era for the sport in the United Kingdom (Britain).

    Chris Eubank Sr (right) is seen here with his son , Chris Eubank Jr .

    At present Chris Eubanks Jr is one of the claimants to the Super-Middleweight title among the list of various title-holders within the various international governing bodies. He currently holds the IBO Super-Middleweight crown and is ranked among the top-ten Super Middleweights in the world . For Chris Eubanks Jr the inevitable comparisons to the career of his father has often been made. If he is able to surpass the achievements of Chris Eubank Sr who was a champion in two weight categories by possibly making it in a third , then he would be seen as an even greater champion.

    Chris Eubank Sr , his former wife Karron (at rear) , along with their children. Seated second from the left is Chris Eubank Jr.

    Up next for Chris Eubank Jr is a possible mandatory defense of his title or his making a case to try and unify the Super Middleweight division . I would certainly like to see Eubank fight either of the following fighters in next bout, Andre Dirrell , James DeGale , George Groves or Callum Smith . A match-up against any of those fighters given their magnitude , would be a tremendous boost to the resume’ of the WBO titleholder .

    Sun Sports Boxing News

    Tophatal ………..


  14. Brazilian MMA fighter and UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo defended his title against challenger Max Holloway at UFC 212 in Jeneusse , Brazil on Saturday night. In front of a home crowd Aldo was defending the title for the third time , with an under-card which also had some very good match-ups. Holloway was the mandatory challenger for Aldo’s title coming on a two-fight winning streak and nothing to lose . In what has to be considered a major upset , Max Holloway stunned Jose Aldo to win the UFC Featherweight crown , with a TKO in the third round . For the British-born fighter , his record now moves to 18-3 while Aldo’s mark is lowered to 26-3. We can be sure the now defeated former champion will be hoping for an immediate rematch which is likely to have the blessing UFC President Dana White .

    Jose Aldo , right, is seen here facing Max Holloway at UFC 212 .

    Max Holloway after his victory over Jose Aldo .

    In the under-card from UFC 212 there were several interesting contests which are likely to have title implications down the road for several of the participants. The next main event for UFC will be UFC 213 and the long-awaited clash between Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko for Nunes’ Women’s Bantamweight Title , which she will be defending for the second time.

    UFC news and the results from UFC 212

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  15. T J Dillashaw believes he should have been granted a title fight against Demetrious Johnson . Johnson will defend his UFC Flyweight title when he meets Ray Borg at UFC 213 where the champion will be the main headliner on the fight-card . For Dillashaw his being aggrieved comes from the fact his last proposed bout was postponed as he was due to meet Bantamweight Champion , Cody Garbrandt . With Garbrandt having suffered an injury TJ Dillashaw pled his case to the UFC , directly challenging Dana White to announce the decision Dillashaw would be Demetrious Johnson’s next challenger.

    TJ Dillashaw .

    Courtesy of CBS Sports

    Demetrious Johnson says Dana White threatened to shut down flyweight division

    The flyweight champ said his boss was willing to close his division if he didn’t accept a fight

    By Brian Campbell

    Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson has long kept to himself the full extent of his displeasure with the way he has been handled and promoted by UFC.

    Those days are apparently over.

    Johnson (26-2-1), who is one victory away from breaking the UFC record for consecutive title defenses, aired the entirety of his beef Monday, first through a statement he released exclusively to, and during a subsequent interview on “The MMA Hour.”

    “For years, I have been a company man and kept quiet, accepting fights, doing as they asked, and always remaining humble and grateful for the opportunities provided to me through mixed martial arts,” Johnson’s statement said. “This is how I was raised through the sport. Unfortunately, UFC’s mistreatment and bullying has finally forced me to speak out.

    “I’ve decided to speak out now as I feel like my values and character as a person and a fighter are being tarnished by an organization I’ve done nothing but sweat and bleed for over the last seven years of my life. If it takes me speaking up and encouraging other fighters to ban together to start getting fair treatment, then so be it.”

    Johnson, 30, recognized by most as the sport’s pound-for-pound king (and by some as its greatest fighter in history), said he signed a new contract last December. But things became sour in recent months, providing a tipping point for years of bottled up anger as Johnson said he felt he wasn’t being rewarded for his commitment.

    While attending the UFC Fighter Retreat in May, the first time fighters had the chance to meet with new management since UFC was sold to WME-IMG for $4 billion last summer, Johnson began to see things more clearly. He held his ground during an argument with UFC president Dana White about his next fight (and the financials surrounding it) and experienced an epiphany of sorts soon after

    Click on link to read this article .

    With the rankings being what they are among the Bantamweights and Flyweights it might be easy to understand TJ Dillashaw’s reasons for being so angry, but he is doing himself no favors leveling his criticisms at the UFC , Demetrious Johnson or UFC President Dana White. He is not lobbying his case from a position of power and if anything he’s simply putting himself to be completely overlooked as a legitimate challenger to either of the current titleholders within the Bantamweight and Lightweight divisions. I expect Demetrious Johnson to make a successful defense of his title against Ray Borg before his possibly making arrangements to face off against TJ Dillashaw . However , this would predicated upon Dana White also believing Dillashaw is a legitimate contender for the Lightweight crown.

    Tophatal …..


  16. A date has been set for what could very well turn out to be the first boxing match to gross over $450 million in revenues . The 26th August , 2017, will be the day when Conor McGregor risks life and limb to face Floyd Mayweather Jr in a boxing ring. McGregor has never faced an opponent of Mayweather’s caliber and it will also be first time back in the ring for the former multi-titlist and unbeaten boxer.

    Yahoo Sports Boxing and USA Today Sports (Boxing)

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  17. Holly Holm made a successful comeback to the octagon taking care of business with a TKO over Bethe Corrreia in a fight that was completely one-sided from the bell to start the first round, to the devastating knockout (kick to the jaw) which put Correia to sleep one minute into the third round of the bout.

    Holly Holm vs Bethe Correia at UFC Fight Night 111 in Singapore .

    With the victory , this could put Holmes back in line as the mandatory and number-one challenger for the Women’s UFC Bantamweight Title which is currently held by Amanda Nunes . Such a fight would certainly the biggest of its kind in UFC history, with the two best female fighters in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) facing each other. Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes would likely see the biggest payday of their professional careers with each fighter likely to earn in excess of $600,000 apiece , in a title fight. Amanda Nunes will be defending her title in an upcoming fight against challenger Valentina Shevchenko .

    UFC news

    UFC schedule

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  18. Andre Ward destroyed challenger Sergei Kovalev to make a successful defense of his Light Heavyweight Titles . The win was Ward’s second over the Russian fighter and now fortifies his position as the best Light Heavyweight and certainly the best-pound-for pound boxer in the world . An opponent has yet to be scheduled for Ward for his next title defense , but the champion apart from seeking to unify the division and create an undisputed champion , he has also expressed and ambition to move up to the Cruiserweight Division and possibly the Heavyweights at some point in his career.

    A third fight making it a trilogy against Sergei Kovalev , would be meaningless , even if financially worthwhile for both fighters . Albeit, that their purse was not overly excessive , both fighters were guaranteed in the region of $3 million apiece from this bout , small pickings in comparison (estimated $200 million) to the likely money which will be earned by Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor when they meet in their non-title fight at the Welterweight Division on 26th August , 2017.

    Courtesy of The Daily Telegraph

    Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev II: Ward stops Kovalev in round eight to retain his titles

    By Gareth A Davies, Boxing Correspondent, (Las Vegas) David Millward

    18 June 2017 • 9:16am

    Andre Ward stopped Sergey Kovalev with a masterful performance in the grudge light-heavyweight rematch here in Sin City, but the denouement was mired in controversy when the champion, after hurting Kovalev with a huge right hook, finished his opponent with three low blows in the eighth round.

    Referee Tony Weeks took no action as Ward, who had Kovalev on wobbly legs from that thumping hook, proceeded to back his foe up on the ropes and land once, twice, thrice, under the mid-section.

    It was a poor end, as Weeks should have stopped Ward and taken a point, but Kovalev should have been given time to recover. In my view, Ward had taken over the fight and Kovalev had seemingly had enough, but the end will be debated long and hard. “I wasn’t hurt, I could have carried on,” pleaded Kovalev.

    Click on link to read in full.

    The officiating in this Light Heavyweight Title fight was extremely bizarre with the referee losing complete control and allowing both Sergei Kovalev and Andre Ward to flout the rules as they saw fit. In the eighth round when the bout came to an abrupt end , with all of the judges having Ward ahead . The champion struck a low for which he should have been penalized a point and given a warning, Instead , referee Tony Weeks allowed the fight to continue without giving a warning to Ward and advising both fighters to keep their punches above the belt.

    Boxing news USA Today Sports

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  19. No real big news emanating from the world of boxing other than their being a date announced for the super-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor . The next major title fight on the schedule has Manny Pacquiao defending his lightly regarded WBO Welterweight Title against challenger Jeff Horn , in Horn’s hometown of Brisbane , Australia on 2nd July at the Suncorp Stadium . From my own standpoint , I do believe Pacquiao should retire once and for all. He can no longer be considered one of the top pound-for-pound boxers in the world , and his record over his last eight fights have not been overly impressive .

    Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn (right) .

    Tophatal ………………….


  20. Boxing’s first fight likely to gross over $250 million has a date which has been set when former Welterweight and Light Middleweight champion Floyd Mayweather takes on UFC fighter Conor McGregor . With millions likely to be watching worldwide , the hype set up for the bout has been somewhat circus-like and farcical. Just about every element of publicity has been used , but I also expect a racial aspect to rear its ugly head as the fight approaches to drum up even more a spectacle to boost the ratings .

    This bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor does have more a feature of being a circus novelty act rather than a legitimate boxing match. It is in effect a sad indictment of the sport , with boxing having no real dominant fighter and a character which draws the fans . Mayweather is likely to retire after this bout with his unbeaten record remaining intact . The fight itself will yield Conor McGregor the biggest payday of his professional career .


  21. Boxing’s first fight likely to gross over $350 million has a date which has been set when former Welterweight and Light Middleweight champion Floyd Mayweather takes on UFC fighter Conor McGregor . With millions likely to be watching worldwide , the hype set up for the bout has been somewhat circus-like and farcical. Just about every element of publicity has been used , but I also expect a racial aspect to rear its ugly head as the fight approaches to drum up even more a spectacle to boost the ratings .

    Mayweather and McGregor (right) in training .

    This bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor does have more a feature of being a circus novelty act rather than a legitimate boxing match. It is in effect a sad indictment of the sport , with boxing having no real dominant fighter and a character which draws the fans . Mayweather is likely to retire after this bout with his unbeaten record remaining intact . The fight itself will yield Conor McGregor the biggest payday of his professional career .

    Yahoo Sports Boxing and UFC news

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  22. Histrionics there might well have been , but at this stage of his career Manny Pacquiao was not fighting about his legacy , but simply for the money and it’s not that he needs it. Other than Floyd Mayweather , there is no other boxer within the sport who can command in excess of $15 million a fight . Last night in Brisbane Australia , Pacquiao defended his WBO Welterweight title against the lightly regarded Jeff Horn whose recorded wasn’t that impressive. The early rounds of the fight showed that the champion had built up a significant lead , but he was not overly aggressive . From the mid to the ninth round Horn fought back and put Pacquiao on the defensive . However , the the judges saw fit to determine the challenger had won the fight and Jeff Horn was the newly crowned WBO Welterweight Champion.

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Jeff Horn shocks Manny Pacquiao to capture welterweight title

    By Dan Rafael ESPN Sports Writer

    Manny Pacquiao was the heavy favorite to retain his welterweight world title against unknown Jeff Horn in what most viewed as an easy fight, and Pacquiao sure looked like he had done just that when the final bell rang to end the action-packed brawl.

    Pacquiao had rocked Horn, bloodied him and nearly stopped him in a violently one-sided ninth round. But then the judges’ scorecards were read, and Pacquiao was the victim of a hugely controversial decision, as Horn was awarded a stunning unanimous decision — a hometown decision, many will call it — before 51,052 at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia, on Saturday night (Sunday morning in Australia).

    Manny Pacquiao (left) faces Jeff Horn at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane , Australia on Saturday evening.

    Judge Waleska Roldan had it 117-111, and judges Chris Flores and Ramon Cerdan both had it 115-113 for Horn. scored the fight 117-111 for Pacquiao, and ESPN ringside analyst Teddy Atlas had it 116-111 for Pacquiao.

    Pacquiao, the Filipino legend and boxing’s only eight-division world champion, has been here before, losing a split decision and a welterweight world title to Timothy Bradley Jr. in 2012 in one of the most controversial decisions in boxing history. Like he was after that loss — which he avenged twice — Pacquiao was gracious after his bout with Horn.

    “That’s the decision of the judges. I respect that,” Pacquiao said.

    Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s Hall of Fame trainer, also took the high road.

    “I have to go along with Manny and say I respect the decision of the judges,” Roach said. “Well, two of the judges [who had it 115-113]. I did think Manny won, but Jeff Horn showed a lot of heart. He is a big, strong fighter, and I congratulate him.”

    Pacquiao holds the contractual right to a rematch, and he said he would exercise it.

    “Absolutely, yes,” Pacquiao said of fighting Horn again in Australia. “We have a rematch clause, so no problem.”

    Click on link to read in full.

    Manny Pacquiao and his manager Bob Arum are likely to demand a rematch , but I can’t help but wonder if this wasn’t part of the plan all along. Pacquiao is on the downside of his career and his performances of late have not been overly impressive , but he continues to fight not for the glory and it solely for financial gain .

    For Bob Arum , without Pacquiao in his stable of fighters at Top Rank , he has little to offer the public by way of a charismatic and engaging fighter. With a possible rematch in the offing , unless Manny Pacquiao decides to retire for a second time , Jeff Horn can either rest on his laurels or seek to unify the Welterweight Division or perhaps take on the WBO’s number one challenger for the title .

    Yahoo Sports Boxing (latest news )

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