It’s The Media’s Fault ….

It’s all the media’s fault

The media reports the news and politicians will continue to use the media in its various formats to get their messages out. So let’s stop pretending the two sides don’t need each other as there tends to be a great deal of ambiguity and hypocrisy which comes from both sides. On Tuesday night there was the gregarious display of President Donald Trump addressing the nation on national television as he sought to unite the country. Dependent upon who you would like to believe, he was able to achieve that , or you might be persuaded that he simply provided us all with another glaring performance of a pompous arrogant ass playing to his audience. He took snipes at two Republican senators from the state of Arizona , blaming them for his party’s failure in the repealing of the Affordable Care (ACA/Obamacare). Trump also presented the media as odious morons who misreport the facts, this coming from a Commander In Chief who has not always been willing to listen to the facts as given to him by his own inner circle of advisers. It will always be the media’s fault when you have nothing of substance to report or say.

It’s all the media’s fault

The media reports the news and politicians will continue to use the media in its various formats to get their messages out. So let’s stop pretending the two sides don’t need each other as there tends to be a great deal of ambiguity and hypocrisy which comes from both sides. On Tuesday night there was the gregarious display of President Donald Trump addressing the nation on national television as he sought to unite the country. Dependent upon who you would like to believe, he was able to achieve that , or you might be persuaded that he simply provided us all with another glaring performance of a pompous arrogant ass playing to his audience. He took snipes at two Republican senators from the state of Arizona , blaming them for his party’s failure in the repealing of the Affordable Care (ACA/Obamacare) . Trump also presented the media as odious morons who misreport the facts, this coming from a Commander In Chief who has not always been willing to listen to the facts as given to him by his own inner circle of advisers. It will always be the media’s fault when you have nothing of substance to report or say.

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The media for its part will continue to be lambasted , rightfully so , when there is a great deal of hypocrisy and idiocy on their part. Nothing at present can be more asinine and idiotic than the story now emanating from ESPN and their removal of Robert Lee from the calling of College Football Game , because Lee’s name might be seen as insensitive after the recent events which have taken place in Charlottesville , Virginia. Robert Lee was due to call a game between the University of Virginia and William & Mary next month. ESPN took it upon themselves after they stated, having met with Lee , it would be more suitable were he to announce a game taking place in Youngstown Ohio , rather than call this upcoming contest.

President Donald Trump is seen here in Arizona , before taking the dais where he would give a rather incoherent speech on unity and the state of the country , while also lambasting the press for their poor reporting of the facts.

Political correctness, call it what you will, but ESPN remains a bastion of hypocrisy , stupidity and a network where not racial bigotry has existed , but also where male employees have been allowed to get away with rather salacious behavior and odious criminal acts. Misogyny and outright sexism is also part of the environment of the cable broadcast network outlet.

Former heavyweight champion now retired and business entrepreneur George Foreman remains in the public spotlight and is beloved for his heroics in the ring. Unfortunately , of late Foreman , has chosen to voice his opinion on what he believes are acts of non-patriotism with the actions of NFL player Colin Kaepernick and his refusal to stand while the national anthem is being played at NFL games. Kaepernick remains unsigned and his free agency status is likely to remain as it is long into the regular season. The former champion was not only critical of the NFL player but athletes in general and what he says are acts on non-patriotism and his directness in taking aim at Kevin Durant and Durant’s refusal to attend the White House when the Golden State Warriors are due to meet the President as the franchise is recognized for their championship series’ victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers , is to my mind a further indication as to the growing distance as what is seen as social awareness , the divergence where sports and politics are not meant to be aligned.

George Foreman’s criticism of Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Durant is hypocritical and dare I say it asinine , when you consider the boxer claims his friendship with the late Muhammad Ali and his recognition of Ali’s stance, due to his opposition of the Vietnam War .

It seems almost inconceivable that Jon Jones could fail a second mandatory drug test mandated by the UFC in conjunction with the California State Athletic Commission . Having regained the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship defeating Daniel Cormier UFC President Dana White now has to deal with the fallout from the serious ramifications of this latest controversy faced by MMA with Jones’ drug test failure. The champion’s decisive victory over Daniel Cormier at UFC 215 was as decisive as they come and perhaps the best of Jon Jones’ MMA career . What is likely to transpire now will be dependent upon any additional investigation being conducted by the California State Athletic Commission in conjunction with the UFC. Jon Jones could face another lengthy suspension , the second of his career or a recommendation could be made for a lifetime ban from the UFC. Jones and his representative s might well seek to fight any proposed suspension , but any type of explanation from the MMA fighter would prove difficult to accept given his past actions (testing positive for the use of cocaine).

Dana White will now have to use all of his persuasiveness to prove to the fans , that MMA remains a sport beyond reproach and one that is clean . He’s swung and might be in the process of hitting a home run , having now backed the proposed upcoming boxing match between UFC fighter Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather , which is due to take place on the 26th August at the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas , Nevada . As a co-promotion between the UFC and Mayweather Promotions , this will be the biggest joint event and most financially beneficial for the UFC in their history. McGregor will certainly earn the biggest payday of his career, earning an estimated $25 million for this fight alone. Floyd Mayweather is likely to earn in excess of $250 million and a great deal more when one takes into account merchandising and overseas’ broadcast rights .

With all of the hype and theatrics used to sell this bout to the masses and Floyd Mayweather now trying to amp this fight even further with his claims , he’s not as quick as he once was in his prime , I am beginning to think the boxing match could end up being a monumental bore or actually turn out to be competitive fight. The former welterweight champion remains an odds on favorite , but as of late there has been a great deal of money being wagered on Conor McGregor pulling off the upset.

Well it appears the lights have yet to go out at the Quicken Loans Arena after all of the tumult and upheaval within the Cleveland Cavaliers’ franchise over the past six weeks. David Griffin was ousted as the general manager , being replaced by Koby Altman . Team owner Dan Gilbert in spite of his denials , suggested all as well within the franchise and that disgruntled point-guard Kyrie Irving remained a part of the Cavaliers’ long-term future. Clearly smoke was being blown up everyone’s ass by the front office , with Gilbert leading the choir. Irving’s relationship with LeBron James had gone sour and the rapport between the two players was certainly non-communicative . A blockbuster trade has come into being with Kyrie Irving being sent to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Isiah Thomas . Residual pieces also made up the deal, but the vital pieces in the trade were the point guards , Irving and Thomas. The Eastern Conference will certainly take on whole new shape and I do believe there will be a seismic shift which might not necessarily favor the Cleveland Cavaliers. Isiah Thomas is an exceptional talent , but I do believe the Boston Celtics got the better end of the deal with their acquisition of Kyrie Irving and the other players as part of this unbelievable blockbuster trade.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics will meet during the NBA preseason , with the game taking place on the 17th October at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. They will also face each other during the regular season at home and on the road. It will be interesting to see how the two teams will fare with their new lineups .

So will this be the season where Steve Mills and Scott Perry bring the New York Knicks back from the brink of ruin or will this particular NBA franchise’s tailspin continue ? Having spent over $60 million on Phil Jackson to simply reaffirm that Jackson cannot spot NBA talent let alone spell the word , Perry has been brought in the oversee the roster of the Knicks while Mills runs the operational side of the franchise while still answerable to team owner James Dolan . These are dire times for the New York Knicks as they continue to go through transitional changes which might ultimately make them better . I am not so sure the patience remains with Carmelo Anthony to undergo another season of uncertainty and even less of a chance for the seasoned veteran to win an NBA title . He has seen a number of his contemporaries from the 2003 NBA Draft go on to win a championship ring or win the game’s highest singular award, League MVP . All of these accolades have escaped Anthony’s career resume’ as he toils with an aimless franchise heading nowhere.

The New York Knicks will begin their preseason schedule with a game against the Brooklyn Nets on the 3rd October , 2017 at Madison Square Garden , in New York City , New York . Yet their regular season schedule starts on the 19th October when they will face the Oklahoma City Thunder in a game which could prove to be highly entertaining with a great deal of offense .

There can be no denying in spite of the recent dominance of the Golden State Warriors , the NBA lures in the fans when the likes of the Los Angeles Lakers , Boston Celtics and New York Knicks are doing well. These three franchise might be the most followed in the league because of their respective histories. Yet it is clear as of late , neither Lakers or Knicks have provided their fans with a great deal of excitement in recent seasons. The Celtics ‘ front office might be one o the most underestimated in the game , while we already know both the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers are still finding their way. Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka have been brought in by Jeanie Buss and her siblings to steer the franchise back in the right direction. A great deal of hype has already been put in place with the Lakers’ having drafted Lonzo Ball . If he is the second coming of Kobe Bryant , then the franchise will fare well , but this roster is still in the making and I don’t expect them to be very competitive this season. They might be lucky to win thirty regular season games during the 2017-18 schedule.

With the first game of their regular season schedule taking place on the 17th October when they face the Los Angeles Clippers who this season are likely to struggle having seen the departure of Chris Paul . It should prove to be very interesting to see which of the three NBA franchises in the state of California comes out as the ‘Top Dog’ in the state at the end of this season.

I do believe that the Los Angeles Clippers will be taking a step back this season , even though they will remain the best team in their division , I just don’t believe they are a championship caliber team. There is not enough depth on the roster and it has become increasingly clear , neither Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan are leaders. They are merely overpaid NBA stars showing little sign of maturity and the will to lead by example. Doc Rivers as the head coach of the team as well as Head of Basketball Operations is stretched too thin and needs to relinquish his role as an executive within the Clippers’ organization. Rivers should concentrate on the coaching of the team , while Steve Ballmer works in conjunction with Jerry West , seeking to make this team better. West joining the Clippers’ front office as a special consultant does seem somewhat ironic and eerie especially when you consider his career with the Los Angeles Lakers a nd the fact both of the Los Angeles’ franchises share the same home venue . I would love to be a fly on the wall inside both front offices over the course of this season , as Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka try to outmaneuver Jerry West , Lawrence Frank and Dave Wohl . The Clippers’ front office is top-heavy with far too many front office executives and the coaching staff itself, while there is an abundance of experience to be found. It was clear last season the coaches were not able to get the best out of the team , leading to their dismal showing during the NBA Playoffs .

When it is all said and done , this season for the Detroit Tigers has been glaringly abysmal , with the team failing to show any drive whatsoever. The death of Michael Ilitch was a devastating blow to the organization and now the franchise is left in the hands of the late owner’s family. Chris Ilitch now steps into the role as the Chief Executive and owner of the Tigers , while Al Avila continues in his role of general manager. Where the Tigers now go from here will be predicated on how the season rounds out for the ball-club.

Brad Ausmus and the Detroit Tigers face a tough month ahead while simply playing for pride. Ausmus’
managerial staff
will still try to instill some discipline and sense of purpose into the team. That will likely begin by out-playing the New York Yankees who they face on Thursday afternoon . The game itself should prove to be very interesting given what is at stake for both teams . During the off-season Al Avila will have to make a decision concerning the long-term future of stars such as Justin Verlander , Miguel Cabrera and several others of their highly paid players on the team’s roster. Over the last six seasons the Tigers have very little to show their fans by way of advancing during the postseason . While I don’t believe Al Avila will seek to make drastic changes , there has to be something done to improve this roster or ultimately , the paring down of the payroll must be a priority for the franchise moving forward.

Rich Hill a starting pitcher with the Los Angeles Dodgers toyed with a ‘no hitter’ in his most recent outing for the team , a game played against the Pittsburgh Pirates . One errant pitch broke up what would have been a career highlight for a player who has come so close to pitching a no hitter on several occasions during his career. The Dodgers would end up losing the contest 1-0, in ten innings . When these two teams are back on the diamond this Thursday evening , the opposing pitchers will be Hyun Jin-Ryu of the Dodgers against Chad Kuhl of the Pirates .

There is no doubt in my mind the Los Angeles Dodgers will run away with the NL West divisional crown, but I will continue to ask the question how good is this team really ? If they are unable to make a deep postseason run ,and play with consistency , then greatness cannot be foisted upon them. It has been over two decades since the Los Angeles Dodgers made an appearance in the World Series and subsequent postseason appearances have often ended in sheer failure on the part of this ballclub. If the Dodgers were to do the unthinkable and win the World Series in 2017, then the media would have a field day reporting the story creating a deal of hyperbole as to the Dodgers’ exploits.

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  1. I’d like to thank George Foreman for showing us all how much of a raving lunatic and hypocrite he just happens to be. His criticism of Kevin Durant and Colin Kaepernick is sheer lunacy , in light of his alleged claims as to how close his relationship with Muhammad Ali was said to be and his understanding Ali’s stance against the Vietnam War as well as the social injustice taking place the US at the time. Would it surprise you that the ordained minister (Foreman) fathered three of his twelve children out of wedlock ? Foreman a keen Republican supporter, voted for Donald Trump and often campaigned for the then Presidential candidate.

    Courtesy of Metro UK

    George Foreman will be voting for Donald Trump in the US election because he’ll get to have more ‘fun’

    By Simon Rice , Metro UK

    Boxing legend George Foreman – bizarrely best known by many for endorsing grills – has revealed he will be voting for Donald Trump in next week’s US election.
    Has the former heavyweight world champion been swayed by the latest Hilary Clinton email scandal or because he wants America to be great again? Well neither. It’s because it’ll be more fun if The Donald has his finger on the button.
    ‘Donald Trump has been a friend not only to me but boxing itself,’ the man who competed with Muhammad Ali in the Rumble in the Jungle told the Telegraph.

    ‘Somewhere deep down you pull for him to win. It would be good for politics to have some newcomer on the scene. I would have fun for the next four years. I’ve voted for lots of guys. Some lose, some win. But I’d have fun with Donald Trump being president.’

    With the US election race nearing its conclusion and polls showing the contest is tightening ahead of Tuesday’s vote, every little bit could count. Has Foreman just delivered the decisive blow!?

    Click on link to read this article in full.

    From left to right , George Foreman , Donald Trump and Shannon Briggs

    George Foreman may well have accumulated an estimated $255 million fortune , but intellectually and in terms of his being socially active , let alone understanding the issues his race has faced in this country , he remains something of an imbecile.

    Tophatal …….


  2. Jon Jones’ career in the UFC will likely come to an end because there is no way the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) can overlook a second failed drug test by the fighter . Jones and his confidantes have yet to offer the UFC or CSAC an explanation , as how a banned steroid was found within his system . If Jon Jones should face a lifetime ban or a prolonged suspension , I believe the champion will be stripped of his title for a second time .

    UFC news

    Tophatal …………


  3. ESPN remains a frigging laughing stock just as much as Fox News claims to be a Fair & Balanced broadcast news outlet. Both have been bastions of male chauvinism , racism , sexism and misoginy . Robert Lee has to be a complete idiot to actually stand behind the decision made by his employer and their explanation to the public and media at large.

    ESPN College Football announcer Robert Lee .

    Courtesy of the New York Times

    ESPN Pulls Announcer Robert Lee From Virginia Game Because of His Name

    By Matthew Haag

    ESPN has removed an announcer from its broadcast of the University of Virginia’s first football game next month because he has the same name as a Confederate general memorialized in statues that are being taken down across the country.

    The network announced late Tuesday that the announcer, Robert Lee, a part-time employee who calls about a dozen college football and basketball games a year for ESPN, would no longer participate in the broadcast of the Sept. 2 game in Charlottesville, Va., which became the center of violent clashes this month during a white supremacist gathering.

    White nationalists and neo-Nazis flooded into Charlottesville, marching through the University of Virginia campus with torches, to protest the city’s plan to remove a statue of the Confederacy’s top general, Robert E. Lee.

    After the violence in Charlottesville, which left one person dead, ESPN executives and Mr. Lee decided that for his safety it would be best to have him to work on a different game that Saturday, a network spokesman said.

    “We collectively made the decision with Robert to switch games as the tragic events in Charlottesville were unfolding, simply because of the coincidence of his name,” ESPN said in a statement. “In that moment it felt right to all parties. It’s a shame that this is even a topic of conversation and we regret that who calls play-by-play for a football game has become an issue.”

    Mr. Lee did not return a call seeking comment. The website Outkick the Coverage reported on Mr. Lee’s

    Click on link to read this article in full.

    This decision has nothing at all to do with political correctness , merely ESPN providing us with the fact their hierarchy is being ran by moronic @ssholes .

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  4. Hitting home runs might be one thing , but it won’t be enough for the Miami Marlins at this stage of the season . Marlins’ slugger Giancarlo Stanton hit his forty-seventh home run of the year , all while the Marlins continue to struggle . Stanton might well be leading by example but there is very little going right for the Miami Marlins at present.

    The Miami Marlins will be in action today when they face Philadelphia Phillies in a game being played at PNC Park in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania .

    MLB news

    Tophatal ………


  5. Austin Romine of the New York Yankees and Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers were the primary instigators of a bench clearing brawl which saw the ejection of six players from both teams. Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi was also ejected by an umpire during the contest which provided a great deal of animosity between the two teams.

    Miguel Cabrera (24) of the Detroit Tigers is seen here laying on the ground after melee which turned into an allout brawl between players from the Tigers and New York Yankees.

    MLB news

    Tophatal ………


  6. The Houston Astros will be in action this weekend when they face the Los Angeles Angels at Angels Stadium in Anaheim , California . The two best players on either team are both productive with the bat . Jose Altuve of the Astros and Albert Pujols of the Angels are having very good seasons. Yet , I can’t help but wonder how both will fare during the postseason. The Los Angeles Angels sit 1/2 game behind the Minnesota Twins (65-62) for the final postseason berth in the AL. Minnesota is set to face the Toronto Blue Jays for a three game set with the first contest taking place today at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario .

    Over their last ten games the Tampa Bay Rays have been nowhere near consistent. Manager Kevin Cash and his managerial staff have seen this team fall way short of their own perceived expectations. Cash will see his players begin their weekend schedule with a three-game series against the St Louis Cardinals on the road. Game one will feature starting pitchers Jake Odorizzi of the Rays against Michael Wacha of the Cardinals . Previous series’ meetings between these two teams have always proven to be entertaining .

    AJ Preller general manager of the San Diego Padres has presided over a franchise which has been heading nowhere over the last eight seasons . This team has been so abysmal this season that I believe there will be several changes during the off-season among the playing staff as well as the managerial staff . There has been nothing to suggest the Padres possess the mindset to win and their remaining schedule offers very little hope of things changing for the better.

    Andy Green manager of the San Diego Padres will prepare the team for their weekend schedule against the Miami Marlins on the road. Game one is now in session with Mike Avilez of the Marlins at the plate.

    MLB news

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  7. It will be interesting to see which of the NBA Rookies will be stepping up to the plate this season , while not necessarily becoming the Rookie of The Year . There are obviously high hopes for the likes of Markelle Fultz , Lonzo Ball and Jayson Tatum , with Ball having been drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers being given all of the hype .

    Given the poor seasons of both the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers of last season , I really don’t expect either team to make that much of an impact where both Fultz with the 76ers and Ball with the Lakers are able to have such dominant seasons. Malcolm Brogdon of the Milwaukee Bucks won the Rookie of The Year Award in 2016 by showing consistency for the Bucks throughout much of the season during their schedule .

    NBA news and transactions


  8. So there is likely to be a massive fallout and much of the blame will lay squarely at the door of the NBA and on the shoulders of Cleveland Cavaliers’ front office led by Kobe Altman and Dan Gilbert . It would appear that the Cavaliers are prepared to pull the plug on their trade of Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Isiah Thomas , Jae Crowder and Ante Zizic . If this trade implodes because of stupidity of the Cavaliers’ executives , then there is no other explanation which can be made due to their uttter stupidity. Isiah Thomas was coming off something of an injury plagued season and this must have been known the Kobe Altman and Dan Gilbert.

    Cleveland Cavaliers’ executives Dan Gilbert (right) and general manager Kobe Altman.

    NBA news and Cleveland Cavaliers news

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  9. So the fallout behind the six-player ejection has yet to be felt , I can’t help but wonder what this might do the prospects of the New York Yankees if they lose catcher Austin Romine after his dismissal due to his altercation with Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers . Still chasing a wildcard berth in the AL , Romine was the one player the team could not afford to lose at this stage of the season. Romine could
    very challenge the suspension likely to be meted out by the league hierarchy and it is something which the Yankees will challenge.

    Today the New York Yankees are in action against the Seattle Mariners where former Yankees’ star Robinson Cano will face off against his old team.

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  10. In a bout where there was so unwanted hype filled with theatrics , braggadociousness and racial jibes . Finally , Floyd Mayweather (50-0) notched up a record breaking fiftieth professional victory, while completely outclassing Conor McGregor , Clown Prince of MMA , whose boxing skills were simply ridiculous. McGregor was neither gallant or fearless and simply made a complete ass of himself by stepping into a boxing ring. His skills are limited at best and he had no command of the ring let alone his opponent.

    Mayweather Promotions (owned by Floyd Mayweather ) and the UFC (co promoters of Saturday’s main bout and undercard) seemed to have no problems while Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor
    were using racial epithets to publicize the fight and when McGregor chose to sexually denigrate black women with his own perverse behavior and style . Yet somehow , lame @ss individuals all bought into the hype of an event which turned out to be a mediocre spectacle from start to finish.

    Courtesy of the New York Times

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. Beats Conor McGregor With a 10th-Round TKO

    By John Eligon

    LAS VEGAS — By the looks of things, retirement was treating Floyd Mayweather Jr. well.

    He had a stable of boxers to promote, businesses, including a new strip club, to run, and a vast collection of luxury cars to enjoy. But there is a reason he embraces the nickname “Money Mayweather”: His brand was built as much on personality and spectacle as on skills in the boxing ring.

    So when a rivalry with the mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor was manufactured over social media, Mayweather, 40, was more than happy to end his two-year retirement and to collect one final, potentially record-breaking paycheck. And he did it in the style that virtually everyone expected.

    After allowing McGregor — 29 and boxing professionally for the first time — to come at him with awkward, slapping punches early in their fight, Mayweather took control in the middle rounds. He never looked back. He bloodied McGregor with a barrage of right-handed bombs, leading the referee to stop the fight just over a minute into the 10th round on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena. The victory left Mayweather with a 50-0 record as a boxer, and dropped McGregor’s mark to 0-1. (Yes, 0-1.)

    Not only did Mayweather set himself up for a handsome paycheck expected to exceed $200 million, but he also ended a career as a defensive master with a performance that was decidedly offensive. This was Mayweather exorcising the demons of his previous megafight, against Manny Pacquiao two years ago, which proved to be dull to its broad, mainstream audience.

    “I think we gave the fans what they wanted to see,” he said in the ring after beating McGregor. “I owed them for the Pacquiao fight. I had to come straight ahead and give the fans a show. That’s what I gave them.”

    No levelheaded analyst thought that McGregor — a champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship who has a 21-3 record in the mixed martial arts — stood a chance against the greatest boxer of his generation.

    Many purists saw the contest as a farce, nothing more than an exhibition. While Mayweather did all he could to hype up McGregor as a legitimate opponent, he also said that he had taken the fight for the money.

    Click on link to read this article in full.

    The only winners in this farce , were the two combatants who walked away with over $300 million (estimated purse) , but the fans were left with a bitter taste in the mouths , having been conned into thinking this was a real sporting event.

    I am a boxing purist and I have a unique understanding about the history of boxing. Last night’s spectacle was solely about theatrics , and it was not competitive or entertaining on any level whatsoever . Conor McGregor should remain in his lane (MMA under the UFC) , while Dana White as the UFC President should actually doing more to make sure his fighters are treated fairly rather than being nothing more than indentured serfs (slaves) at his beck and call .

    Tophatal ………….


  11. Joe Maddon has the Chicago Cubs fired up as the team looks to make a succcessful defense of their 2016 World Series title. They’re on their way to making the postseason having all but secured themselves the NL Central crown. Over their last fifteen games the Cubs have been playing some great baseball . Looking to take the final game of their current three-game series against the Philadelphia Phillies , the Chicago Cubs will want to show their 17-2 drubbing of the home team was not just a flash in the pan.


  12. It has been several years since Albert Pujols played his last game for the St Louis Cardinals . In that time the franchise has yet to achieve anything of note whereby they have made a very deep the postseason run . Near misses is not something the Cardinals can feel happy with given their history. Pujols remains one the ball-club’s most beloved players . He is likely to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer .

    This season the St Louis Cardinals are struggling to stay abreast with the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers within the NL Central . It is looking as if they will be in a dogfight for one of the two wildcard berths in the NL if things remain as they are. Their weekend schedule saw the Cardinals face the Tampa Bay Rays losing two of the three contests to the AL based franchise. Without a game on Monday , Mike Matheny and his coaching staff will prepare the St Louis Cardinals for a game against the Milwaukee Brewers on Tuesday evening .

    St Louis Cardinals news

    Tophatal ………


  13. So while Giancarlo Stanton hits his fiftieth home run of the season the Miami Marlins appear to be running out of time to claim one of the wilcard berths for the postseason. Recent wins have seen the team rise up the standings , but it still hasn’t put them in a position to be seen as a positive threat.

    Over the next ten days it will be interesting to see what the Miami Marlins are able to achieve as they close out their regular season schedule. With no game to be played on Monday , Miami will return to the field to face the Washington Nationals in a short two game set beginning on Tuesday , 29th August , 2017. Stanton will likely be considered one of the favorites for this season’s NLMVP Award . The Marlins’ slugger has contributed greatly to the team’s success this season , but in the aftermath of it all , I am not so sure home runs alone will be enough to justify his existence on the roster if they are not winning with consistency. Giancarlo Stanton still has eleven years left on his gargantuan $325 million deal and with a new ownertship group comiing in the ball-club’s finances will have to be looked at , with the likelihood savings will have to be made . Unless there is a major influx of new working capital , new corporate endorsers , rasing of ticket prices , there is no way the Miami Marlins can justify Giancarlo Stanton’s salary while also losing money , as they have done over the past six seasons.

    The Miami Marlins Ballpark was built at the cost of $675 million and the 34,500 seat venue has yet to be sold out for a home game for the franchise since it came into existence in 2012 .

    Major League Baseball is barely surviving within the state of Florida as exhibited by the poor attendance levels for both the Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays . All of the hoopla expected once Miami’s new owners come to town led by Derek Jeter , Michael Jordan and senior managing partner Bruce Sherman , I do not believe will be enough to quell the ongoing mediocrity of the ball club.

    Courtesy of The Miami Herald .

    Here’s how the new Marlins money man made his fortune

    By Rene Rodriguez

    Bruce S. Sherman, the Naples billionaire who provided the critical financing that helped Derek Jeter buy the Miami Marlins for $1.2 billion on Friday, is a newcomer to the professional sports arena who built his fortune in asset management before retiring in 2009.

    Bruce and Cynthia Sherman

    Sherman, 69, is reported to be ponying up several hundred million dollars toward the purchase, while the former Yankee shortstop is contributing $25 million.

    In an interview with the Naples Daily News in 2009, Sherman said he grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in Queens, New York. He was a co-founder of the Naples-based Private Capital Management (PCM), which launched in 1985 as a wealth management firm for the Collier family, longtime landowners throughout the state of Florida and one of the richest American families of that era.

    The company soon expanded its roster of clients to include government agencies, colleges and universities. The firm held $4.4 billion in management assets in 1999; by 2005, the figure had grown to $31 billion.

    The success drew the attention of Legg Mason, which bought PCM in 2001 for $1.4 billion.

    But a number of troubled investments dragged down the company’s fortunes, including unsuccessful bets on newspaper companies such as Knight Ridder, the New York Times Co. and Gannett.

    Click on link to read this article in full.

    The remaining games on the Miami Marlins’ schedule should tell us a great deal about the resolve of this team.

    Miami Marlins news

    Tophatal ……


  14. Still weeks away from the beginning of the NBA preseason, but the big story in the league remains the Cleveland Cavaliers looking renegotiate the deal which sent Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Isiah Thomas , Jae Crowder and Ante Zizic . It seems somewhat asinine the Cavaliers had not sought a full medical and the records surrounding Thomas’ health. Though there have been rather asinine comments coming from clueless fans , claiming Thomas was being traded because he sought not to be treated like an indentured serf . It begs the question why are these @ssholes so dumb and lacking complete intelligence ?

    In seeking to renegotiate the terms the front office of the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to gauge the Boston Celtics adding either Jayson Tatum , Jaylen Brown or possibly both as an added form of compensation . I think it highly unlikely Celtics’ GM Danny Ainge would be willing to give up either player or even both. This episode will not have a happy ending for the Cavaliers , given their lack of due diligence.

    Elsewhere around the league seasoned veteran Elton Brand look as if he will be joining the Philadelphia 76ers’ front office in advisory capacity as well being Head of their Scouting Department. Brand’s career in the NBA has been well chronicled , but his greatest success has been with the Sixers. The core of his Sixers’ roster is among the youngest in the NBA with several of the players having less than five years’ experience. It will be interesting to see how the Sixers will fare this upcoming season . A great deal will be asked of Markelle Fultz , Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid as the regular season gets underway .

    From my own perspective I cannot see the Philadelphia 76ers vastly improving upon their record (28-54) of last season. The team will begin their preseason schedule with a game against the Memphis Grizzlies on 4th October , 2017. Their regular season opener will see them tip-off against the Washington Wizards on the 18th October .

    NBA news

    Tophatal …………………..


  15. This NBA season should prove to be very interesting especially in light of all of the recent trades . The first two weeks of the regular season itself should prove to be intense. Last season was one where we bore witness to how good the Golden State Warriors would be . After coasting through the NBA Playoffs . There can be no denying Kevin Durant was more than a difference maker during the Playoffs. The Warriors will be legitimate favorites within the Western Conference once again and repeat as conference champions. I believe this Steve Kerr coached team will be at the top of their game this season.

    The Golden State Warriors will begin their preseason schedule with a game against the Denver Nuggets . During the preseason rattled through the schedule with the utmost ease and it was a precursor to the regular season. There is no doubt in my mind the Golden State Warriors will be off to a rousing start to the regular season winning their first ten games with effortless ease. Golden State’s regular season opener will be against the Houston Rockets on the 17th October .

    Kevin Durant , teammates , Klay Thompson , Steph Curry , Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala merely have to play their continued uptempo game for his upcoming season to simply make a return to the NBA Playoffs , where I doubt they will be challenged by either San Antonio Spurs or Houston Rockets within the Western Conference.

    Tophatal …….


  16. MLB
    results for the last three days and the divisional standings as they now stand . Several teams have been very good over their last ten games with the Baltimore Orioles , Cleveland Indians , Washington Nationals , Miami Marlins , Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks each having posted a 7-3 record . The Baltimore Orioles have been something of a major disappointment this season. Struggling to compete in the AL East they’re also eight games out of a wildcard berth . Orioles’ manager Buck Showalter will prepare his team to face the Seattle Mariners in a game to be played at Safeco Field in Seattle , Washington on Wednesday afternoon.

    Manny Machado has excelled for the Orioles this season . Machado might not be in the running for the ALMVP this season , but his numbers this year have been impressive. The month of September should prove to be interesting for the Orioles as they seek to play themselves into contention for one of the two wildcard berths available in the AL . Manny Machado can certainly be the leader the Baltimore Orioles seek , but it will also be dependent upon what the front office is prepared to do in order strengthen the roster . Machado is not due to become a free agent until 2019 , with his arbitration year coming in 2018 . The player could command a sizeable deal if his agent Dan Lozano and Dan Duquette can reach a compromise on a deal amenable for both parties.

    Manny Machado of the Baltimore Orioles .

    MLB news

    Tophatal ……………..


  17. As Chris Sale of the Boston Red Sox continues to notch up personal firsts with his astonishing career . Let’s just hope that it can lead to some team glory during the postseason. If manager John Farrell were to lead the Red Sox to a fourth World Series’ title since 2004 , Farrell would join a select group of Boston managers with at least two titles . The franchise’s last manager to achieve such a feat was Terry Francona , who is now the manager of the Cleveland Indians .

    Chris Sale became the fastest pitcher to achieve 1,500 strikeouts in so few games , with a strikeout ratio that is among the best baseball history. What Sale has managed to do while leading a pitching lineup that might be considered among the best in the game at present . Given his season statistics , Chris Sale has to be considered the front-runner for this season’s AL Cy Young Award . His next projected start for the Red Sox will take place on the 3rd September when the Boston Red Sox face the New York Yankees as part of their regular season series’ meetings .

    I fully expect the Boston Red Sox to seal the deal winning another AL East divisional title , proceeding on to the postseason , where everything is then on the table. This team is certainly capable defeating the best that the AL has to offer . It will also be interesting to see which players from among the farm system might be given the chance to show their productivity as John Farrell weighs his options looking ahead to the postseason.

    MLB schedule 30th August and projected lineup for 31st August

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  18. His streak may well continue and having broken a franchise record there seems to be nothing Giancarlo Stanton was able to do to stop the Miami Marlins from being swept by the Washington National in their most recent series’ meeting . Washington seem to be well on their way to winning another divisional title , clearly showing why they remain the best team within the NL East . The division itself might well be the worst in all of baseball.

    Stephen Strasburg was the hero of the hour for the Washington Nationals as he was poductive with both his bat and pitching. Washington’s 4-0 drubbing of the Marlins was another in a long line of losses by Miami which has summed up their season altogether. For Giancarlo Stanton and his Marlins’ teammates this has been a season of missed opportunities. While the heroics of Giancarlo Stanton cannot be denied , it says a great deal about his momentum while his teammates have essentially struggled through much of the season.

    All of the talk over the past ten days might well have been Giancarlo Stanton’s assault in joining the select group of players to have hit more than fifty home runs in a season.

    Stephen Strasburg’s next projected start will be on the 4th September where their opponents will be the Miami Marlins in a game to be played at Marlins Ballpark , Miami , Florida . Nationals’ manager Dusty Baker whose managerial resume’ has been very impressive but without a championship to call his own. This might be the year where Baker manages to take a team beyond the pennant round of the postseason .

    Washington Nationals news

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  19. Anthony Davis power forward with the New Orleans Pelicans may well be on the move if the Pelicans’ front office is not able to build a team around the NBA All Star . Last season was something of a disappointment . Davis was joined by DeMarcus Cousins after the center traded by the Sacramento Kings . It was felt that Cousins would complement Davis as the season progressed after becoming a Pelicans’ player .

    Anthony Davis (23) and Alvin Gentry .

    The New Orleans Pelicans’ coaching staff headed by Alvin Gentry will be hard-pressed to compete this upcoming season within the Western Conference let alone the league itself. Gentry will be preparing his team along with their rookies for their preseason schedule , before entering the regular season . The first game of the preseason will see the New Orleans Pelicans face the Chicago Bulls on the 3rd October , 2017 . Rajon Rondo now a member of the Pelicans will also get the chance to face his former team . Their regular season opener will be against the Memphis Grizzlies on the 18th October .

    Defensively the New Orleans Pelicans were never in because they lacked the capacity to win the games needed when necessary. If nothing else this season prove to be interesting for Alvin Gentry and his players.

    The pressure will be on the New Orleans Pelicans this season. Nothing less than a playoff berth will be desired by the fans as well as DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis in order to signify they are heading in the right direction . Cousins can become a free agent in 2018 , while Davis’ contract provides him with financial stability until 2021 .

    New Orleans Pelicans news

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  20. The month of August is now in the rear-view mirror for all of the league’s thirty MLB teams . Now comes the hard part the final month of scheduled games in September . There are several series of interest which begin today 1st September .

    With the New York Mets having crashed and burned this season . I can’t help but wonder where this moribund franchise now goes from here. David Wright has been a complete bust , injury prone , not much of a leader, while Matt Harvey did himself no favors with his lack of maturity . The Mets’ pitching staff has not been consistent enough throughout the season. The offense is very anemic , leaving me to wonder if the blame will be placed squarely on the shoulders of manager Terry Collins , rather than front office executives Sandy Alderson and JP Ricciardi , both of whom are being lavishly paid for leading the Mets nowhere.

    This weekend the New York Mets will begin a three-game series against the Houston Astros on the road , a series which I believe the Astros are likely to dominate . Game one this Friday will see Matt Harvey of the Mets on the mound against Charlie Morton of Astros. The game has been postponed due to Hurricane Harvey having hit the greater Houston metropolitan area. Rescheduled for Saturday , I don’t believe all three games of the series will be fulfilled due to the inclement weather conditions .

    Just when you thought there was still some sanity within the game , one team proves us all wrong. The Detroit Tigers have began their fire sale as they send Justin Verlander to the Houston Astros in exchange for three prospects. Also on the move from the Tigers , Justin Upton who joined the Los Angeles Dodgers . It begs the question, will the Detroit Tigers also seek to off-load their Triple Crown slugger Miguel Cabrera ?

    MLB news

    MLB weekend schedule

    MLB divisional standings and wildcard standings

    This week in baseball and on this day

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  21. There’s clearly something wrong in paradise as the Detroit Tigers appear to have begun a fire sale . GM Al Avila has sent Justin Verlander to the Houston Astros while Justin Upton has been traded to the Los Angeles Angels . I certainly believe if the right offer comes in for Miguel Cabrera , then Avila would be willing to send the Triple Crown holder elsewhere , In releasing a triumvirate of stars the Tigers would be off-loading in excess of $40 million in payroll , but there would be much broader implications for the Tigers in the long-term .

    From left to right , Justin Upton , Justin Verlander and JD Martinez .

    Brad Ausmus has now been placed in an improbable position of having to round out the Detroit Tigers’ schedule with the semblance of a make-shift team . Verlander and Upton have been productive for the Tigers over the course of the season , but injuries and indecisiveness in several of their games have led to a miserable season for the ball-club. Detroit currently finds itself out the AL Central divisional race with the lead actually held by the Cleveland Indians . They will begin a four-game series , starting today against the Cleveland Indians at Comerica Park in Detroit , Michigan. There will actually be a double-header on today’s schedule , with the first contest being a make-up game dating back to the 30th June. I believe the real issue for the Detroit Tigers as they move on without Justin Verlander and Justin Upton , will be how they acquit themselves .

    Michael Ilitch as the Chairman of the Detroit Tigers will have to asses what steps will have to be taken concerning the make-up of this roster as well which players within their farm system they believe would be worthwhile calling up.

    The Jim Leyland years which led to a great deal of succes without thre Detroit Tigers having won anything beyond an AL Pennant was some of the best years for this franchise over the past eight seasons. Granted there was a World Series’ appearance in 2013 , but their total capitualation (0-4) to the San Francisco Giants in the 2012 Wordl Series was a joy to behold .

    Justin Verlander’s first projected start for the Houston Astros should take place on the 4th September or thereabouts when the Astros are due to face the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field in Seattle , Washington. Verlander’s record against the Mariners is favorable (10-8/.556) , having faced the team eighteen times over the course of his career. This season the pitcher has face the Mariners twice, with both results ending in losses for the former AL Cy Young Award winner .

    Detroit Tigers news

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  22. Brian Cashman of the New Yankees has splurged , signing players to asinine deals over the years and not always getting the best results . This season he has seen the likes of CC Sabathia , Jacoby Ellsbury and several others on the team’s roster seriously under- perform . So much so , I have to wonder if at the end of this season the general manager’s job is actually safe ? Sabathia and Ellsbury are vastly overpaid , having not offered the Yankees much of anything over the course of this season.

    Joe Girardi and his managerial staff haven’t provided a great deal of inspiration for this New York Yankees’ team and I believe his position could be in jepoardy should the ball-club fail to make the postseason. They are trying to play catch-up with their arch rivals the Boston Red Sox who lead the AL East at present.

    New York Yankee’ general manager Brian Cashman.

    The lone bright spot for the New York Yankees might well be the play of Aaron Judge who leads the AL in home runs. The Yankees began a three-game weekend schedule against the Boston Red Sox at home with the series being of vital importance for both teams. Friday’s game saw Doug Fister the Red Sox taking on Sonny Gray of the Yankees. Fister came away with the victory as New York’s offense could do nothing during the game . Saturday’s contest will have Drew Pomeranz of Boston taking on Masahiro Tanaka of the Yankees. Sunday pits starting pitchers Chris Sale of Boston against Luis Severino of the Yankees.

    If neither the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees made it beyond the ALDS , then questions will be asked as to why both teams performed so poorly.

    MLB schedule 2nd September

    New York Yankees news

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  23. So for Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka their first order of business was to show the world how completely stupid they just happen to be . As the lead front office executives of the Los Angeles Lakers , the two thought it best to try and influence the decision of Paul George when he demanded a move from the Indiana Pacers . It was widely known Magic Johnson admired the Pacers’ swingman and the team’s best player from last season. Yet for all of his buffoonery where Johnson appeared on a late night talk show , even glowingly showing his admiration for George , discussing the possibility of the player joining the franchise. Little did we know , there were move to make this a reality, with inducements and meetings being arranged by parties to make sure would actually join the team. Unfortunately, though Paul George was a restricted free agent , the final decision on his destination was not his to be made.

    The NBA league hierarchy headed by Adam Silver has seen fit to punish the Los Angeles Lakers , though many believe their fine to be far too lenient . Being fined $500,000 is a small price to pay for one of the league’s most profitable franchises . It is a mere drop in the ocean for the Lakers whose revenues annually exceed $200 million .

    Courtesy of Los Angeles Times

    After being hit with a $500,000 fine, Lakers are the butt of the joke that is tampering

    By Bill Plaschke

    When the Lakers began remodeling their front office by installing Magic Johnson six months ago, boss Jeanie Buss issued a statement with unmistakable expectations.

    Lakers Head of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson (left) is seen here with GM Rob Pelinka.

    “Today I took a series of actions I believe will return the Lakers to the heights Dr. Jerry Buss demanded and our fans rightly expect,” Buss said.
    Being hit with the largest tampering fine in NBA history is not exactly a “height.”

    When Rob Pelinka was named general manager in March, his statement was equally clear.

    “The Lakers are a gold standard for sports franchises in the world, so we all share a responsibility to pursue excellence in everything we do,” Pelinka said.

    Being sloppy enough to cost your organization $500,000 is not quite “excellence.”

    Sure, the NBA tampering rules are a joke. Everybody talks. Everybody sells. Everybody tampers. But that the Lakers were careless enough to actually get convicted of tampering on Thursday makes them the national butt of that joke, and runs completely contrary to the smart and savvy culture that Jeanie Buss is trying to rebuild.

    No more Jim Buss shenanigans, right? No more acquisition embarrassments? No more chaos?

    Not so fast. This latest incident smacks of all three things, all of which could have been completely avoidable with a little foresight, a little discernment, and maybe a little, you know, front-office experience?

    The league’s investigators found that Pelinka, the former agent, had illegal contact with Aaron Mintz, the agent of former Indiana Pacers star Paul George. The Lakers had been warned to steer clear while George was still under contract.

    Hello? This is the one guy the Lakers did not need to tamper with. George has long been telling everybody that he wants to return to his Los Angeles-area roots and play for the Lakers when he becomes a free agent next summer. He doesn’t need convincing. He doesn’t need pitching. And it certainly doesn’t require breaking league rules to make it happen.

    The Pacers knew all this, they were bitter about it, and they were probably just waiting for the Lakers to make a move on their unhappy star before they gave him up for lesser value in a one-sided trade with Oklahoma City.


    Click on link to read this article in full.

    Paul George did not end up with the Los Angeles Lakers , as he was acquired by the Oklahoma City Thunder where he will join reigning League MVP and point guard Russell Westbrook .

    The Indiana Pacers will be able to move forward ,but I can’t help but wonder where this now leaves the Los Angeles Lakers. They drafted the ‘ much hyped ‘ college point guard Lonzo Ball with the hope he becomes the face of the franchise fomenting the Lakers’ long-term future. However, this is a team which has very little credibility or leadership under its present guise .

    Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka are clearly pinning their hopes on signing one of the big marquee free agents that will be available in 2018. From my own perspective unless they are able to acquire LeBron James who can opt out of his current contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers a year early , then the future for the Lakers will not be that bright. It is being widely reported , James is not entirely happy with the current situation in Cleveland even after they were able to acquire Isiah Thomas , Jae Crowder and Ante Zizic in exchange for Kyrie Irving . LeBron James’ relationship with Cleveland’s owner Dan Gilbert is said to be strained , though cordial . If he were to leave after the end of this upcoming season, the Cavaliers’ future would be bleak .

    The NBA needs to have their most revered teams competing at the highest level when there’s a rise in dominance of teams such as the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors in recent years . Common consensus tells us without the likes of Boston Celtics , Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks in the mix , then the league can appear somewhat irrelevant.

    NBA news

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  24. This was not the start Jim McElwhain had hoped for as Florida fell to Michigan in a rather lopsided loss losing the game emphatically 33-17 . The Gators will obviously be looking to rebound from this defeat when they take on Northern Colorado , one of the lesser opponents on their schedule , next Saturday 9th September. Several of the other SEC powerhouses will also be in action during week two of the regular season schedule .

    Tophatal ……


  25. Results from Saturday’s games in Major League Baseball . With a number of divisional races all but assured , it is the wildcard races which appear to be heating up .

    The Los Angeles Dodgers (92-43) have sewn up the NL West and will now look to pursue 100 victories on the season. If Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts can simply get the team to continue playing at their current level then one hundred wins will be nothing more than a formality. Roberts and the Dodgers will complete their current three-game weekend schedule against the San Diego Padres . They will be looking to take game three on Sunday afternoon with Alex Wood (14-1, 2.41 ERA, 127 K) on the mound for the Dodgers as he faces Jhoulys Chacin (11-10, 4.03ERA, 124K) of the Padres.

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  26. Well the weekend’s games in baseball merely showed us what we already know , consistency is needed if the teams are to prevail. Monday sets us up for the first week in September of the regular season schedule and the last full month of the regular play.

    In spite of the unfortunate circumstances and the effects of Hurricane Harvey the Houston Astros were still able to get through weekend of regular season play , triumphant in their series against the New York Mets . Houston will begin a three-games series this Monday when they face the Seattle Mariners .


  27. In what is likely to be the biggest sale of an NBA franchise in league history , Houston Rockets’ owner Leslie Alexander has agreed in principle to sell franchise for a reputed $2.255 billion , the largest price ever paid for an NBA team , The sum far surpassed the $2.2 billion paid by Steve Ballmer when he purchased the Los Angeles Clippers from disgraced former owner Donald Sterling . The new owner of the Rockets will be Tilman Fertitta , whose cousins , Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta II are the former owners of the UFC which was sold recently to William Morris Endeavor Agencies for $4 billion .

    Landry’s Chairman & CEO Tilman Fertitta .

    The new Houston Rockets’ owner is highly ambitious and his business resume’ is very much indicative of that fact . Leslie Alexander for his part , has been one of the most revered owners in NBA history , having presided over the growth of the franchise and it success of having won two NBA championships in back to back seasons . It will be interesting to see if Tilman Fertitta takes a hands’ off approach to the running of the Houston Rockets , leaving the front office and coaching staff intact. I believe things will remain as they are, but Fertitta will likely bring a fresh pair of eyes as the new owner , seeking more success for one the league most dynamic teams. With players such as James Harden and Chris Paul on the roster , this team is certainly built to contend . This upcoming season should tell us a great deal not just about Mike D’Antoni as the head coach , but also whether or not Chris Paul will be the missing link sought to take the Rockets over the top .

    The Houston Rockets’ preseason schedule can’t be viewed as a tough one , but I do believe their regular season schedule will be among the toughest in the entire NBA. Their opening game of the season will see them face the Golden State Warriors on opening night, 17th October , 2017.

    NBA news

    Houston Rockets news

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  28. So while analysts and bloggers alike continue to write about which players the Boston Red Sox are likely to be called up during the month of September to see if they can contribute to the team’s chances of winning the AL East . It would appear there are some serious repercussions and ramifications are ahead for the franchise . Boston’s arch rivals the New York Yankees have filed a formal complaint with the MLB hierarchy , after claims were made that an audio visual assistant from the Red Sox’s staff was seen in the team dugout assisting Boston with their reading and stealing of signals in a recent series between the two teams. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has asked for a thorough investigation of the matter and if found to be true , there could be some serious penalties levied against the Boston Red Sox.

    Rob Manfred’s comments on the issue are unclear and vague , but given the fact , there appears to be no concrete rules on the issue , it is the game and lack of sportsmanship which might also come into question. Baseball doesn’t need this type of negative image or persona to be raised , especially when it has been lacking real leadership both on and off the field as of late.

    With this being the last full month of the regular season it will be interesting to see how the Boston Red Sox will fare against their opponents. In their most recent game before today’s scheduled contest the Red Sox faced the Toronto Blue Jays , defeating the team after a nineteen-inning marathon .


  29. There are likely to be postponements of several sporting events due to the arrival of Hurricane Irma this weekend , effecting the proposed start of the NFL and week one of their regular season along with games within College Football , baseball as well as a litany of other sporting events this weekend . Irma has been categorized as a Category 5 by NOAA . President Trump has declared a national state of emergency , thereby making it effective for the state of Florida to receive assistance from FEMA .

    USA Today and USA Today Sports

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  30. To say the Los Angeles Dodgers have underperformed in their last ten games would be an understatement in the very least . Losers of six straight games the Dodgers are 1-9 in their last ten contests and the blame for the majority of this all lies squarely on the shoulders of Dave Roberts and his managerial staff along with the players themseves. Complacency and a lack of consistency have been the main reasons for their sudden meltdown.

    The Los Angeles Dodgers will be in action this weekend when they face the Colorado Rockies in the first of those three games beginning Friday 8th September , 2017 .

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    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      Thanks brother and likewise for you and the immediate family members ! This is going to be way beyond anything the state has previously experienced with Charley and Andrew with regard to the severity of the damages expected . It has already been suggested Hurricane Harvey will end up costing between $70 to $110 billion , not including any aid to be provided by the federal government through FEMA . Irma is said to be far more devastating than Irma , due to its size raging speeds , with it also being classified as a Category 5 hurricane.

      Tophatal ………


  31. Games played in baaseball over the last three days . Teams will be in action on Saturday 9th September , 2017 . In the aftermath of the improbable trade of Justin Verlander to the Houston Astros the Detroit Tigers will be facing the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre in Toronto , Ontario on Saturday afternoon . The Astros will be in action when they take on the Oakland A’s in a road game

    MLB news

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  32. Terry Francona and the Cleveland Indians have been showing the rest of Major League Baseball how to win consistently over the past month which is more than can be said of the monumental meltdown witnessed by the Los Angeles Dodgers over their past fifteen games . Dodgers’ fans should feel worried , because these are the signs which of have been self-evident with the ball-club now and during their recent postseason struggles . Manager Dave Roberts and the Dodgers might well have a lead in the NL West , but this is not a team I would back to make it all the way to the World Series , not based on their current form. They are not hitting , their pitching has been non-descript and from a defensive standpoint they have been all over the place.

    The Los Angeles Dodgers will round out their current weekend series with the Colorado Rockies in a game being played at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles , California ,.

    Terry Francona and the Cleveland Indians for their part will be looking to continue with their current form when they face the Baltimore Orioles at home in their game being played on Sunday afternoon.

    MLB results 10th September

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  33. Having reeled off an AL record twenty-one straight victories , the Cleveland Indians are now being viewed as the team to beat within the AL . Indians’ manager Terry Francona and his managerial staff I don’t believe will become complacent , but I do believe it could very well set in with the players as they seek to make another postseason appearance in 2017. The team has played with a great deal of discipline while reeling off the victories .

    Terry Francona and the Cleveland Indians will be in action on Thursday when they face the Kansas City Royals at Progressive Field in Cleveland , Ohio,. Cleveland will then head into a weekend series beginning on Friday, again with the Royals as their opponents .

    MLB news

    MLB schedule 14th September

    MLB standings


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  34. So for all of the Los Angeles Lakers’ devotees out there , I wonder how they feel about waking up to the news and finding out Magic Johnson and GM Rob Pelinka made the decision to sign veteran forward/center Andrew Bogut to a deal ? Pardon me for saying this but ever since Jeanie Buss turned over the personnel decision making to Johnson and Pelinka , things have begun to go downhill very fast. Granted , the Lakers drafted their can’t miss project in the making Lonzo Ball of whom a great deal is expected this upcoming season .

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Andrew Bogut to sign with Lakers for 1 year, $2.3 million

    Free-agent center Andrew Bogut has agreed to a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, according to agent David Bauman.

    The deal is for a veterans minimum of $2.3 million, Bauman confirmed on Twitter. Sources told ESPN the deal is not fully guaranteed.

    Bogut suffered a broken leg during his Cleveland Cavaliers debut in February and missed the rest of the season.

    He ultimately chose the Cavaliers, but his stint there ended just 58 seconds into his debut. Bogut collided with the Miami Heat’s Okaro White and suffered a fractured left tibia.

    Click on link to read this article in full.

    The Los Angeles Lakers are pinning their hopes on Lonzo Ball to lead this team , a team which has very little leadership, while among their veterans, Metta World Peace is long in the tooth, while bringing absolutely nothing to the table at this stage of his career. While he is no longer with the team, he did offer up a recent comment stating the Lakers would be winners of an NBA championship very soon, with Lonzo Ball leading the charge and the franchise back to greatness. I seriously doubt that the Lakers will be winning a title within the next three years . The roster in its present guise is not good enough and Luke Walton with his coaching staff will be hard-pressed to get the very best out of this team even with Andrew Bogut on board.

    The Los Angeles Lakers will begin their schedule with a series of exhbition games before embarking on their regular season schedule with their first game being against the Los Angeles Clippers , divisional rivals who themselves are going through something of an upheaval with the departure of point guard Chris Paul who joined the Houston Rockets during the off-season.

    In 2018 there will be one of the best free agent classes coming to the fore over the last ten years , with LeBron James quite possibly on the move once again after a disappointing season with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016. James can opt-out of the final year of his existing contract , then head on to a more lucrative future by way of a salary . A fractured relationship with some his former teammates as well as the front office has left the four-time League MVP dismayed and upset , though the player himself hasn’t let it be known to the public , but many of his closest confidantes have voiced their opinions on James’ own anguish . Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka are known to be admirers of LeBron James and his talent. They believe him to be the perfect additional piece needed for the Lakers’ roster , in order for the team to be competitive . Yet I believe it will take more than James to make the Los Angeles Lakers considerably better than many believe them to be .

    Los Angeles Lakers news

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  35. There’s no denying this was a terrible season for both the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat , as each ended their schedules on a dour and sour note. In the aftermath of it all these teams have sought to reset and start afresh concerning the makeup of their respective rosters.

    John Paxson , general manager of the Chicago Bulls is said to be considering a buyout of the contract of veteran Dwyane Wade . The upheaval within the Bulls’ playing staff might well be the real issue , with Jimmy Butler having been traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves . It is now being widely rumored Pat Riley , Miami Heat Vice President & Head of Basketball Operations is mulling over signing Wade , having him return to the franchise where he had his most successful years as a player. Though nothing has been confirmed , it seems likely Dwyane Wade would welcome a return to his old team where he could provide some leadership to a roster now in transition. The Chicago Bulls would first have to make the decision for the buyout in order for Wade to make his return to the Miami Heat all but a formality.

    With the upcoming regular season set to formally start on 17th October , it will be interesting to see what the schedule will have to offer both the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat. Bulls’ head coach Fred Hoiberg will see his team formally open their regular season schedule with a game against the Toronto Raptors on the 19th October , 2017. Meanwhile , the Miami Heat will begin with their season opener against conference rivals the Orlando Magic .

    NBA news

    Chicago Bulls news

    Miami Heat news



  36. It won’t be long before the preseason starts for the NBA and several teams will get their exhibition season underway. The New York Knicks will be hoping their season can be turned around after their dismal showing in 2016 . With the front office now led by GM Scott Perry and Steve Mills , it will be interesting to see how they choose to head into the upcoming season. There has not been a trade of Carmelo Anthony as the disgruntled forward exists in a vacuum of uncertainty and a great deal of discontent. It was widely known of the player’s wish to leave the franchise , but due to his no-trade clause and having the last say as to his final destination. It would appear the Knicks didn’t earnestly seek a trade to move the Anthony. Instead he remains in New York and the likelihood he will begin his eighth season with the franchise. Drafted in the 2003 NBA Draft by the Denver Nuggets in the first round by the Western Conference franchise , Carmelo Anthony’s career has seen highs and lows.

    Jeff Hornacek will likely be on the clock this season, because if this team isn’t competitive enough to make the Playoffs , then in all likelihood he will be sent packing by the Knicks’ front office. His coaching style failed to win over the fans last season . If the Knicks are unable to move Carmelo Anthony before the start of the regular season , then I believe he will be playing out the year with the team .

    The New Yorks’ preseason schedule is a light one , but their first ten games of the regular season should prove to be very interesting. They will begin their season taking on the Oklahoma City Thunder in a road game . Away from home last season the Knicks were abysmal , just as much as they were when facing opponents at home .

    New York Knicks news

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  37. Though it hasn’t been made official , but it does look as if the New York Knicks have agreed in principle to trade their All Star forward Carmelo Anthony to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Doug McDermott , Enes Kanter and unconditional second round draft pick from the 2018 NBA Draft . With Anthony having waived his no-trade clause , this deal was surprising in terms of his destination, as it was long believed that his original choices were either the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Houston Rockets . Clearly , the Thunder have a lot riding on this all and GM Sam Presti had the blessing of executives within the ownership group led by Clay Bennett . With this move , Oklahoma will also add the player’s remaining years on his existing contract to their payroll for the next two years . The $54 million owed to Carmelo Anthony might well have proved far too burdensome for a number of franchises around the NBA. With the Cleveland Cavaliers already hemorrhaging millions , there would be no way in hell Dan Gilbert or Koby Altman could justify the addition of Carmelo , even if it meant pleasing LeBron James after the loss of disgruntled star Kyrie Irving .

    This trade will automatically make the Oklahoma City Thunder a great deal better , as Carmelo Anthony joins an already already explosive front-court led by Russell Westrbrook and Paul George . From my own perspective this also serves George’s long-term interest of remaining in Oklahoma rather than joining the Los Angeles Lakers who are at least two years away from being anywhere near competitive.

    As far as the New York Knicks are concerned the trade of Carmelo Anthony allows them to reduce the burden of the player’s salary , but they now also take a step backwards , because there isn’t a proven scorer on the roster , other than the now departed Anthony. Steve Mills and Scott Perry will now have to justify this move and I doubt that the fans will buy into it or that the Knicks will have improved with the addition of Enes Kanter and Doug McDermott.

    NBA news

    New York Knicks news

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  38. Boxer Andre Ward has decided to call it quits , stating ‘ his passion for the fight game was no longer there’ . Ward leaves the sport of boxing undefeated and considered to be among the top ten pound for pound fighters in the sport. He certainly proved himself when he defeated long-time arch rival Sergei Kovalev to retain his Light-Heavyweight titles . The fighter was also a champion as a Super-Middleweight , but now having retired , he will concentrate and devote time to the family . A commendable thing indeed , considering the rigors the sport of boxing brings to a fighter and the dedication needed for each bout.

    Retired champion Andre Ward who remained unbeaten during his professional career , compiling a 32-0 (16 KO’s) record. Ward was a champion in two weight divisions (Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight) .

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