If You Snooze You Lose …….

If You Snooze You Lose …

So while the NFL becomes a battlefield and we have the President (Donald Trump) chiming with his own thoughts on the issue of patriotism. Let’s pause for thought, he calls players who choose not to stand “sons of bitches” , but clearly won’t appreciate it is within their right not to stand . Bear in mind , neither Donald Trump or his administration thus far, specifically the US Defense Department seems to have a problem paying out millions of dollars annually merely to have the national anthem paid the league’s regular season games. Am I missing something here ? I guess not !!! The league itself has got off to an inauspicious start and as usual idiots were quick to make prognostications without actually looking at the teams in depth.

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At long last the New York Knicks awoke from their slumber and their first act under the leadership of Scott Perry was to make the decision to trade Carmelo Anthony to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for a bag of Juju beans and pot of gold. I will be exact , Anthony was traded for Enes Kanter , Doug McDermott and a second round unconditional 2018 NBA Draft pick . This trade has Sam Presti coming off looking like damn genius. From my own standpoint, this simply makes the Knicks even more vulnerable while the Thunder becomes a top-five team in the West Conference and a possible contender for the NBA title this upcoming season.

Last season , the New York Knicks were woefully inept in just about every facet of their game and it begs the question, where the hell does this franchise now go from here ? Is Jeff Hornacek as the team’s Head Coach , still able to get the best out of his players and specifically this newly revamped team ? Hornacek is in way above his head and I don’t believe the New York Knicks will be competitive enough this season to win their division much less be considered a playoff contender. This Knicks’ roster is extremely poor , with a lack of scoring after the departure of Carmelo Anthony.

The New York Knicks’ loss becomes the Oklahoma City Thunder’s gain, with the Western Conference becoming a great deal stronger than their Eastern rivals. In all likelihood the reigning champions the Golden State Warriors will be the prohibitive favorites to repeat as champions for the upcoming season . The team’s depth might be even better than last season, with much of its core remaining intact. It will be interesting to see how the Golden State Warriors will fare during their regular season meetings with the Oklahoma City Thunder this season. The first of those meetings will take place on the 22nd November on the road when the two meets for the first time as part of their regular season schedule.

If Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson are to turn around the recent lack of fortune for the Los Angeles Lakers , then these two idiots had better start reading the NBA handbook concerning league conduct , rather than believing they and the franchise are above the league’s rules. It wasn’t by coincidence the NBA hierarchy slapped the Lakers with a rather punitive fine , but I believe Johnson and Pelinka’s actions in trying to lure Paul George to sign with the franchise , when the player had yet to state his declaring status , smacked of sheer conceitedness. George was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder by the Indiana Pacers , much to the chagrin of the Lakers , most notably their executives GM Rob Pelinka and Head of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson.

The Los Angeles Lakers will enter this season with one of their weakest teams in franchise history. While there has been a great deal of ballyhoo concerning Lonzo Ball , the rookie has yet to play a game at the professional level . Summer League asides , it will be interesting to see how Ball will seek to break down some of the best defenses in the league , when playing on a team that is actually devoid of in-depth talent . Luke Walton and his coaching staff are likely to have a problematical season as the Lakers seek to find a groove. I for one don’t see a vast improvement on the twenty-six wins by the franchise last season and they will be lucky if they are able to improve on that figure by a significant margin.

Lonzo Ball and his teammates will begin their regular season schedule with a game against the Los Angeles Clippers , which will be the Lakers’ home opener at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California . With the Clippers also in a state of disarray after the abrupt departure of Chris Paul , it could very well be that the City of Angels’ two NBA franchises will be mired in mediocrity this upcoming season. The relationship between Doc Rivers and Chris Paul might well have reached breaking point and with the lack of defensive prowess on the Clippers last season and their fall from grace in the NBA Playoffs might well have been far too much for the veteran point guard to bear.

Somehow the Los Angeles Clippers will try to prove themselves a better team without Chris Paul than they are a team with him. Paul was the glue that held the team together last season and he provided the Clippers with the leadership they were sorely lacking from seasons past. When Steve Ballmer purchased the Clippers for $2 billion , it was hoped the erasing of Donald Sterling’s ownership would be gone for good , bringing about a new era of sanity within the organization. Instead , it has brought about a great deal of intrinsic complacency, far too much power with Doc Rivers not only being the Head Coach but also Director of Basketball Operations . Lawrence Frank might well be the President of Basketball Operations , but I doubt he has that much say in the personnel decisions made for the organization. Far too many Chiefs and not enough Indians . Hall of Fame player Jerry West has since been added to the mix as a Special Consultant . A similar role which he had in being the architect in the successful resurrection of the Golden State Warriors. Needless to say, if both Rivers , Frank and Michael Winger fail to heed the advice provided by the legendary player then the fortunes of the Clippers will sink further into the abyss.

A great deal is now being asked of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan , to lead the Los Angeles Clippers to glory , but I am not so sure either player has the maturity or temperament to get the job done. In the NBA Playoffs of last season the Clippers gave us a glimpse as to why they remain vulnerable and very much overrated . Defense is not a word in their vocabulary and it never has been with Doc Rivers leading the charge as the Head Coach . When the Clippers begin their regular season schedule , it will be interesting to see how this team fares through their first ten games.

It never ceases to amaze me when I read some of the idiotic comments by fans concerning a number of teams within the NBA ! More often than not, there hasn’t been a great deal of thought put into their assessments never-mind the statements made. Recently I read a comment by an avid sports’ fans , in which the individual stated the “window of opportunity” continues to close for the San Antonio Spurs . Less I am mistaken , with twenty straight Playoff appearances, a feat that has not been matched by any other NBA franchise in league history , then there has to be something wrong with the mindset of the individual. Need we be reminded that along the way , the Spurs have won five NBA titles under Gregg Popovich as the team’s Head Coach ? Popovich’s coaching staff is considered to be one of the best in the league and throughout the years a number of his former assistants have gone on to hold head coaching positions around the league. RC Buford has also groomed a lot of executive talent, who have since moved on to hold similar positions as a general manager within the NBA. I don’t believe there are any other teams around the league with that type of credibility as an organization and then you weigh in the consummate class and professionalism shown by Peter Holt . Nothing else needs to be said at this juncture.

It has been over a decade and a half since the San Antonio Spurs had a sub.500 season in the NBA and not win their division. Things began to change in terms of the franchise’s recent history when the Spurs made future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan their first round draft pick from the 1997 NBA Draft . Duncan’s career with the franchise are what legends are made of and it is a testament to the player’s legacy that he is held in such high esteem by his contemporaries . Having retired from the game at the end of the 2015-16 season , Duncan is a franchise leader in so many statistical categories with the San Antonio Spurs. His five NBA titles in tow with Gregg Popovich are symbolic of his legacy and this franchise.

The team which Tim Duncan left behind has now evolved with Kawhi Leonard seen as its leader, but veterans Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli remain part of its core. Leonard has become one of the league’s elite players , having twice won the NBA Defensive Player of The Year Award , his game has now evolved , with his becoming efficient on both ends of the floor.

As long Gregg Popovich is at the coaching helm of the San Antonio Spurs, then this team can never be written off. Only a fool would continue to underestimate the Spurs at their own expense. Last season San Antonio had the second-best record in the league , with only the Golden State Warriors having a better record while going on to win their second NBA title in the last three years. If the Spurs are to compete within a much more formidable Western Conference this season , then their games against stalwarts such as the Warriors , Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder should go a long way in telling us about the team , in particular Kawhi Leonard’s teammates LaMarcus Aldridge , Patty Mills , Pau Gasol , Danny Green , Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli.

The San Antonio Spurs’ preseason will consist of will consist of just five games , before embarking upon their regular season schedule beginning on the 18th October when they face the Minnesota Timberwolves at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas .

When Tilman Fertitta agreed in principle to buy the Houston Rockets for a reputed $2.2 billion , the sale price got everyone’s notice. The Rockets are not considered a big-market team , but the exploits of James Harden this past season has placed the franchise back into the stratosphere. Outgoing owner Leslie Alexander wasn’t desperate to make the sale , but he felt in order for the Rockets to move forward , now was the right time and Fertitta was the right owner to make it all possible. With Chris Paul having joined Houston in a totally inexplicable trade , the Los Angeles Clippers’ loss will be come the Rockets’ gain , their greatest gain over the past three seasons that is for sure. There is no doubt in my mind the Western Conference will literally take their opponents in the East this season and simply beat the living crap out of them all season-long !!

James Harden scored against everyone almost at will , keeping up a frenetic pace , to such an extent , it had everyone wondering was there anything else he wasn’t capable of doing last season. The Rockets will be a contender this season and there is no doubt in mind they are more than capable of beating the very best that the East will have to offer. As to their contemporaries within the West, that remains to be seen , but this will be a very interesting season for the franchise. Harden and his teammates will begin their regular season in earnest when they face the Golden State Warriors on Opening Night , 17th October in a game being played at Oracle Arena in Oakland , California .

So LeBron James is giving fans in Cleveland assurances that he won’t be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers anytime soon. Personally, I don’t believe it is a long-term commitment from the player , as his relationship with Dan Gilbert has continued to sour , without taking into account the rumored disintegration of his friend ship with former teammate Kyrie Irving . The point guard was traded to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Isiah Thomas . On paper the trade might seem to be equitable, until you take into account Thomas is coming off an injury and off-season surgery. The Cavaliers’ front office failed to use due diligence and threatened to rescind the deal , only to be forced to go ahead with the transaction after some intervention from the league hierarchy and the fact Kyrie Irving made it known he had no wish to remain in Cleveland. The Cavaliers remain the team to beat within the East, but I don’t believe the team in its current guise will have it all their own way within the East over the course of this season !

The Cleveland Cavaliers will have to come out of the starting gates firing on all cylinders , because I believe they will be in for a world of hurt if Isiah Thomas cannot find his footing , because to my mind , Derrick Rose has absolutely nothing left in the tank , whereby he can be productive for the Cavaliers. This much was evident with his play last season for the lackluster New York Knicks. Thankfully, the Cavaliers play in a weak division and a continuously mediocre Eastern Conference. If they qualify as a top four-seed, then the NBA Playoffs within the conference should not prove to be that much of a problem.

Not one , not two , not three , not four , but at least six NBA titles. Well that was the notion of the Miami Heat when they signed LeBron James as a free agent, as the four-time League MVP would join close friends Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh . Heat executive Pat Riley was hailed as a genius and history was quickly made with the franchise. Four consecutive appearances in the NBA Finals , yielded two victories , but then things began to get sour as Riley refused to bolster the roster , much to the chagrin of James. What LeBron failed to understand , while the Miami Heat were winning , the ever-increasing payroll could not keep abreast of the franchise continuing to hemorrhage red ink along its bottom line . It’s still something LeBron James is still not able to fathom in Cleveland with the Cavaliers having lost in excess of $80 million over the last two years.

Dwyane Wade after a nostalgic return to the state of Illinois , where he played last season for the Chicago Bulls , has agreed to a buyout of his contract , then chose to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. It had been rumored Riley would have been interested in signing Wade , with the seasoned veteran becoming the team’s leader. The fact that this did not take place speaks to the volume of resentment I still believe there is between the player and the Heat executive . Behind the scenes, Pat Riley has often been ruthless and brutal , but in public he tries to come across as a likable character. Machiavelli has nothing on this particular executive . Like a moth to a flame it appears that everyone wants to be with LeBron , while the player himself has always tried to tell us he’s never played on a Super Team .

John Paxson and Gar Forman of the Chicago Bulls now have the unenviable task of trying to persuade the long-starving fans of the Bulls, they are on the right track to rebuilding this franchise. The glory years of the Jordan led teams to six NBA titles are a thing of the past and it appears an imminent return to those halcyon days are nowhere near apparent. Chicago’s best player of last season Jimmy Butler was sent to the Minnesota Timberwolves , with the belief that a fresh start behind a youth-oriented lineup would be the way ahead. A sighting of Dennis Rodman wearing a wedding dress , professing his love for all things magical now seems to reverberating around the city of Chicago . Lamar Odom now has his eyes on becoming a pharmacist , dispensing medical marijuana to those desperately in need and Bulls’ owner , Jerry Reinsdorf is now on the brink of having a nervous breakdown. Guess what ? You snooze , you lose .


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Which things are you most looking forward to as the NBA preseason and regular season beckons ? Do you believe the Golden State Warriors can make a successful defense or their NBA title ? Also which NBA Rookie do you believe will have the biggest impact on the league this upcoming season ?

Tophatal ….

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  1. Tophat,
    Derrick Rose never had much in his tank. He can’t shoot or defend. Not my idea of a guy I want beside me in a foxhole under siege.

    The average female matures faster than the average male. Odell Beckham, Jr doesn’t bring it closer to parity.

    Roger Goodell? Embarrassment alone shudda got himself to move on. He has no consistency or precedents to fall back on.

    ‘Rifleman’ Person, assistant Auburn Bskt Coach hadda bright future……no more. Sophisticated law enforcement tools have gained many yards on the cheaters.


    1. Ronbets

      I’m telling you now , I’m not the person who Calipari hired to take Derrick Rose’s SAT . I’d have made sure he failed ! Rose will never be the player who became the NBA’s youngest League MVP having only played two years in the league.

      A new look D-Rose , but he still has the same old mediocre game . He’s only hoping to latch onto LeBron James’ coattails in the hope of winning a ring and that won’t be happening this year.

      Odell Beckham Jr
      remains a one-trick pony and he won’t be leading the New York Giants back the postseason anytime soon. Eli Manning is on the downside of a rather overinflated career. Based on the evidence seen with the Giants this season to date , this team just isn’t good enough to take on the best that the NFL has to offer . Hell , New York would be Dak Prescott’s bitch at this juncture given how impressive the sophomore quarterback has been this season for the Dallas Cowboys .

      Roger Goodell is now siding with the players and some owners are now chiming in on the matter. What next, it will be OK for Goodell to start kissing babies and telling the likes of Rex Ryan to go fu#k himself , because the ex Jets’ coach has sided with the President ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!!

      Intrigue and misdeeds in Auburn ? Ah well., as the saying goes , ” if there ain’t no $hit to be found let’s do something about it by taking the program and send it further into the abyss ”

      Why couldn’t Chuck Person have been caught with a hooker while she was performing oral sex on him in a parked car , in the parking lot of a dilapidated building ? Would that have been too much to ask for ?

      Auburn head coach Chuck Person (left).

      Tophatal ……


  2. adding………….Rick Pitino @ Uof L? Get ready to pack up your gear and leave Louisville. I wouldn’t be surprised in the school received the “death penalty’ in hoops. They allegedly committed a prize recruit for 100k away from Izzo @ Michigan State.


  3. Ronbets

    Karen Cunagin-Cypher swallowed the evidence (Pitino’s ejaculate) and that’s the reason she’s doing jail time instead of the Lousiville head coach. Rick Pitino has no decency much less any morals. He sleeps with the wife of one of his coaching assistants , knowing the husband and the wife aren’t separated and then states Cunagin-Sypher was extorting money from him ?

    Pitino always the showman .

    You know it’s the truth .

    Karen Cunagin-Cypher seen here in court .

    Pitino’s lawyers were heard saying after Cunagin-Sypher was found guilty . “If she hadn’t swallowed , she would be free “ . Paraphrasing Johnnie Cochrane in part ” if the glove don’t fit , then you must acquit” .



  4. Tophat,

    Whatever happened to Boeheim’s assistant that was molesting young boys? That was hussed up rather quickly. I hope he got more ‘time’ than Hassart.


  5. Ronbets

    I beleive that assistant (Bernie Fine) is waiting for absolution from the Vatican as the Pope really hasn’t said much about the illicit acts of his priests or any other type of sexual predator , but they tend to sure have a lot to say about abortion . Go figure . Spend more time talking about abortion , but hell , victims of sexual crimes perpetrated by men of the cloth in the name of religion simply get a goddamn pass . The Roman Catholic Church is filled with so much frigging hypocrisy and yet Christians believe that Islam is a gutter religion. Those are the type of frigging morons , who know nothing about religion and how Islam came into being.

    “Bernie how many times have I told you keep that phallic symbol out of view of the public ” ? Jim Boeheim .

    Bernie Fine and Jerry Sandusky were cut from the same cloth and only a fu#king @sshole would try and defend Sandusky as well as Joe Pa (Paterno) . The Penn State coach knew what was going on and chose to ignore it because of his friendship with Sandusky. What was even more reprehensible was the behavior of the Penn State Board of Trustee and individuals such as Rod Erickson a former Attorney General for the State of Pennsylvania who was also trustee board member of the university at the time of the scandal. Erickson wanted to elicit a cover up with an unspecified monetary settlement and non-disclosure agreement going to the victims’ families.

    Rodney Erickson and his wife.

    “Jerry if you have that urge coming on again go find yourself a little boy ” . Joe Paterno speaking with Jerry Sandusky (left)

    When is NCAA President Mark Emmert actually going to show fans of College Athletics that he has a frigging backbone ? Emmert makes Roger Goodell seem like John Rambo and Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon) all rolled into one.

    The NCAA under Mark Emmert makes David Stern’s run as NBA Commissioner seem plausible and acceptable , if you didn’t take into account how fu#cking corrupt and devious Stern was throughout his tenure . As the commissioner of that league David Stern wasn’t above selling his soul to the Devil all in the name of greed and profit.

    Tophatal …………..


  6. So it took three years and $60 million plus for Phil Jackson to ruin the New York Knicks and yet I had idiot fans telling me they were calling out Jackson , Steve Mills and James Dolan for their continued lack of effort. The trio wouldn’t know what leadership meant if it were tatooed on their collective asses . Can someone explain to me what the hiring of Kurt Rambis , Derek Fisher and Jeff Hornacek was meant to achieve in all that time when the franchise couldn’t play defense ? There remains no irony to the fact Knicks’ fans are just as clueless as the organization itself . Now with Carmelo Anthony moving West to join the Oklahoma City Thunder , I wonder how the Knicks will fare this season ? I don’t believe this team will be able to win more than thirty games if that . Jeff Hornacek brings nothing at all to the table in terms of coaching and his coaching staff might be even worse than the head coach himself.

    New York Knicks news

    Tophatal …………


  7. Here’s a thought, with LeBron James now stating his immediate future remains with the Cleveland Cavaliers , a franchise which continues to lose money under the burden of having to pay the price in terms of salaries . Is it me , but with James possibly influencing and calling the shots , is there a chance that Koby Altman and Dan Gilbert are unable to rein in the player’s demands ? Having signed both Derrick Rose and now Dwyane Wade , the problem remains will this team be competitive enough to take on the best the West has to offer ? It was abundantly clear that in last season’s NBA Finals , James and his teammates were simply outplayed in every aspect of the game , through the fives games which culminated in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ demise and capitulation at the hands of the Golden State Warriors. No officiating problems , just a plain old @ss whupping of the highest order.

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Sources: Dwyane Wade plans to join Cavs after clearing waivers

    By Adrian Wojnarowski

    Twelve-time NBA All-Star guard Dwyane Wade plans to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers once he clears waivers on Wednesday, league sources told ESPN.

    Wade, who agreed to a contract buyout with the Chicago Bulls on Sunday, will be an unrestricted free agent and will sign a one-year, $2.3 million veterans minimum deal to reunite with LeBron James, league sources said.

    Dwyane Wade plans to reunite with LeBron James for the 2017-18 season, hoping the rekindle the championship chemisty they had with the Heat (Miami Heat).

    Wade, who agreed to a contract buyout with the Chicago Bulls on Sunday, will be an unrestricted free agent and will sign a one-year, $2.3 million veterans minimum deal to reunite with LeBron James, league sources said.

    Wade’s relationship with James, cemented over four seasons and two NBA titles together with the Heat, pushed the Cavaliers past the Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs and Miami in pursuit of Wade.

    Wade, a three-time NBA champion and MVP of the 2006 NBA Finals, will join a formidable Cavaliers roster with James, Kevin Love, JR Smith and Tristan Thompson. The Cavs will be without injured All-Star point guard Isaiah Thomas until at least January.

    The team will initially cut a nonguaranteed training camp invitee to make room for Wade on the 20-man training camp roster, a Cavs source told ESPN. It will need to make an additional move beyond that to make space for him on the 15-man regular-season roster.

    Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue said it will be a challenge with all the new players added to the Cavaliers’ roster this offseason, but he and his players are up for it.

    “Anytime you get new pieces and new players, it’s always challenging, but I’m up for the challenge, and so are the players,” he said. “We will figure it out. It will be a good year for us.”

    Thompson said he expects Wade will fit in well.

    “He’s pretty familiar with most of the guys on our team, whether playing against or playing with,” he said. “I think he’s going to jell pretty well. He’s a veteran. He’s always been a good locker room guy. We’ve never heard anything bad.

    Click on link to read this article in full.

    Tyronn Lue and his coaching staff in Cleveland must know the level of play will have to be raised considerably higher than seen last season , especially during the Playoffs , if the Cleveland Cavaliers are to have any chance of the franchise winning their second NBA title overall.

    LeBron James is seeking basketball immortality joining the greats of the game , but there is no doubt in my mind he is among the best players of his generation . His teammates , Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade are both way past their prime and if they believe riding on the coattails of James is their best shot to reclaim some glory , then let this chapter of the Cavaliers begin. It will be interesting to see how the team fares at the midpoint of the season .

    The Cleveland Cavaliers will begin their preseason schedule with a game against the Atlanta Hawks . It will be the first of five games which makes up the Cavaliers’ exhibtion season. LeBron James and his Cavaliers’ teammates begin their regular season schedule with a match-up against the Boston Celtics , where former Cavaliers’ point guard Kyrie Irving will be up against his former team.

    Cleveland Cavaliers news

    Tophatal …………………….


  8. Other than my beloved San Antonio Spurs there are four teams I look forward to seeing this upcoming season . Three are from the Western Conference while the other is from the East. In the always formidable West , the teams in question are the Golden State Warriors , Houston Rockets , Minnesota Timberwolves and from the East , the Boston Celtics , whose coach Brad Stevens , I believe has come into his own and is certainly among the best young coaches in the entire NBA .

    With Danny Ainge being able to pull of one of the biggest trades of the off-season in acquiring Kyrie Irving to join Gordon Hayward in leading a Celtics’ front court , this upcomging season should be something special and one where I believe Boston can be dominant in the East, but also put an end to the recent success of the Cleveland Cavaliers within the conference.

    Al Horford a veteran on the Boston roster will also add a formidable punch to the lineup and I fully expect the Celtics to wear down their divisional opponents throughout this season.

    The Golden State Warriors are on a mission and will be as good as advertized. This team is built for longevity with many of their players not yet in their prime. I for one will be looking to see if the Warriors can be as dominant as they have been over the last three seasons especially within the West.

    Will anyone in the NBA be able to contend with the Splash Brothers (Kevin Durant , Steph Curry and Klay Thompson) ?

    This season everyone in the Western Conference will be seeking to play catch-up with to the reigning NBA champions the Golden State Warriors. For the likes of the Houston Rockets , Minnesota Timberwolves and San Antonio Spurs this will be the opportunity to prove a point or simply acknowledge the fact , a new dynasty is in the making within the NBA.

    NBA news

    Tophatal ………………..


  9. Here’s what you need to know this season within the NBA concerning the top paid players , salaries and the cap . Needless to say the disparities are there for everyone to see. Basketball continues to have more players earning in excess of $20 million a year than there are in the the NFL , MLB and even the less popular hockey . Needless to day the NBA league hierarchy believes it has a product which the fans are continually loyal to . It remains to be seen if this season the fans will turn out in large numbers of the games in spite of what appears to a viewing audience which appears to be on the decline. Continuously looking for other revenue streams by way of the various broadcasting platforms , even Facebook , Google / You Tube and Twitter are likely to become big players , quite possibly challenging the likes of ESPN , ABC , NBATv and TNT as a viable source to view the NBA .


  10. I’ll say this for Mark Cuban the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavricks . He will continue to ride on the achievements of Mavericks’ player Dirk Nowitzki as the German star enters what will be his twentieth and most likely his final season in the NBA . Nowitzki has been a League MVP and Finals’ MVP for the franchise , bringing them their only NBA title in 2011 as Dirk Nowitzki and his teammates outlasted a demoralized Miami Heat . During the off-season the Dallas Mavericks were not major players in the free agency market . In their Draft Class the Mavericks were also nondescript with their overall presence. Head coach Rick Carlisle and the coaching staff will be looking to assess the roster entering the preseason . Their preseaon opener will be against the

    This season the Dallas Mavericks will be hoping to get off to a flying start through their first ten games . Their preseason opener will be against the Milwaukee Bucks on the 2nd October , with their regular season opener on the 18th October against the Atlanta Hawks .

    Dallas Mavericks news

    Notable upcoming achievements (games) , points , total rebounds



  11. Tophat,

    Most of today’s NFL and other pro players are lemmings. Followers of a cause, whether they believe or not, just to “go along to get along.” Well healed millionaires with razor blades in their pockets and afraid to reach in.Where’s the help from the local pro franchises? I’ll mention 2 guys that actually give a fck.

    #1 J.J.Watt raised 37+ million for Harvey victims.
    #2 DeShaun Watson just donated his first ever pro paycheck to cafeteria employees that were adversely crushed by Harvey.

    Hey Harden, put your pants on. Kardashian can wait.These ppl are still hurting.


  12. Ronbets

    The NBA and NFL are two business entities that tend to care more about image , than actual moral or social values . While everyone is commending the efforts of JJ Watt , his raising almost $40 million and DeShaun Watston’s efforts are to be praised . Let me ask you this, what has either the NFL or NBA actually done themselves in terms of relief efforts ? It’s a shame that no prominent NFL owners or one from the NBA have come out and actually made a large public donation . Bear this in mind also , this President and his administration in spite of their sweeping efforts to make changes , they have in fact chosen to cut the funding to DHS (Dept of Homeland Security) where FEMA (Federal Emergeny Management Agency) is part of that gargantuan federal department.

    FEMA at present doesn’t actually have enough money in its coffers to meet all of its budgetary expenditure for this year in spite of what is being said by Donald Trump and his commending their efforts. He has dealt in nothing but rhetoric and platitudes since entering office , doesn’t understand the complexities of government and he sure as hell doesn’t comprehend that he needs international partners to foment any type of foreign policy that matters in strategic regions across the globe.

    I spent the better part of three days last week donating my time in the small rural town where I live to work alongside town employess some local residents to hand out much needed supplies to those affected by Hurricane Irma. The devastation caused here in the state of Florida is nothing to the apparent havoc wreaked on the island of Barbuda where over 90% of the structures were destroyed and where much of the island’s population will have to be relocated. Now while all of this has been happening , Puerto Rico has its own horrors , this being a US dependent , which is literally bankrupt (over $75 billion in debt and counting ) , but the aid entering the island is piece-meal because much of its internal infrastructure has been destroyed not just by the hurricane, but also due to neglect by the island’s own government and that of ongoing administrations over the past ten years .

    The Congress and Donald Trump have chosen not to address the issue of Puerto Rico’s debt , because they believe they (Congress) have much more vital business to conduct, such as having a pi$sing contest with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. I believe Trump’s taking the fight to ISIS has worked about as much the wonders of having a colonoscopy and rectal examination at the same time. He did state that within thirty days of enterting office , he would come up with a strategy to defeat the terrorist group and seek a peaceful solution in the region . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!! Donald Trump’s abysmal failure to come up with any type of comprehensive plan on healthcare has been a joke. along with the efforts of Paul Ryan , Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence being complete @ssholes. Not that I’ve been admirer of either the Democrats much less the Republicans to begin with. as I find both parties equally out of touch with reality and as corrupt as one another .

    I know that Donald has fathered his children , but fu#k , the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to lack of intelligence or respect. ‘Tweeting ‘ by and with the Trumps has done wonders for social media , to the point where even @ssholes (Donald Trump Jr) are now seeking respect.

    Tophatal ……………


  13. Ronbets

    James Harden is no longer tapping Khloe Kardashian’s @ss as she felt she was in need of an upgrade ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Kardashian is now engaged to Cavaliers’ player Tristan Thompson who prior to announcing his engagement to the reality star fathered a child with an ex. I believe there’s a pattern of behavior here, because Khloe did hook up with Lamar Odom , who has three children of his own from a prior relationship. The Kardashian family are nothing but goddamn parasites, whose every step is orchestrated by their matriarch Kris Jenner .

    Thompson and Khloe Kardashian

    Kris Jenner (pictured) makes Sydney Barrows (Mayflower Madam) seem like a paragon of virtue. Barrows ran a high end escort agency that was select with its clientele . Kris Jenner simply ‘pimps out’ her daughters to anyone for profit and notoriety.

    This family (Kardashian) has supposedly amassed a combined fortune exceeding $250 million and no one actually knows what the fu#k it is that they do . They’re meant to be cultural and popular icons ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!!!! At least with The Mob we knew how they got their start. My bad , everything came into being for the family with Kim’s sex tape with R&B start Ray J and it just went on from there.

    Kim Kardashian is to popular culture . what Paris Hilton has provided to intellectuals across the globe . Role models don’t come anymore pathetic than these two .

    Tophatal ……………….


  14. There are thirty teams in the NBA and twenty-two of them will essentially be wallflowers this season . Two teams definitely not making the NBA Playoffs this season will be the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks . It’s a perk of being a wallflower for the last six years. No real improvement on or off the court and if anyone thinks Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka will be turning things around within the next two seasons for the Lakers , then they are sadly mistaken. LeBron won’t be leaving Cleveland anytime soon , not when the Los Angeles Lakers simply have no depth to their roster , while Johnson has no real pedigree as an NBA executive.

    Rob Pelinka might well have been Kobe Bryant’s agent and had association with other stars , but at the end of the day unless there’s a winning product on the court which there hasn’t been one for the Lakers in over six years , then don’t expect for there to be one anytime soon.

    For three years Phil Jackson was given full rein to run the New York Knicks as he saw fit . The fact that he was being paid $20 million a year do this was a fuc#king waste. For far more bang for their buck the Knicks’ front office could have hired Kim Jong Un and still come up with the same result , three meaningless years of sheer futility and incompetence. The North Korean leader may well be an avid basketball fan , whose close friendship Dennis Rodman is ironic , being that Rodman is an avowed Trump supporter , but there you have it.

    The New York Knicks are in complete disarray with neither Scott Perry , Steve Mills and James Dolan being entirely sure what they are meant to be doing. Is it keeping the Knicks atop of the food chain as the most valuable and one of the most profitable teams in the NBA or to go out , be competitive and actually win a championship , something which hasn’t been achieved by the franchise for over three decades ?

    Carmelo Anthony has moved on and the New York Knicks are essentially back at square one with a mediocre lineup and a coaching staff which might be the worst in the league.

    NBA news

    Tophatal ………………….


  15. Tophat,

    There’s a good chance one of these guys will be broke in 10 years. Considering each’s educational and earnings history, Derek Rose is the odds-on favorite.


  16. Ronbets

    Dwyane Wade won’t be hard up for cash. Other than LeBron James and Kevin Durant , he was among the highest earning players in the NBA when you factor in not only earnings , but also endorsement deals with corporate sponsors. Need we also be reminded he has fine piece of @ss as his wife ? It’s none other than actress Gabrielle Union.

    I think by the time Dwyane Wade’s career is over he’ll have accumulated a sizable fortune in excess of $100 million .

    Now that’s a piece of @ss (Gabrielle Union) I wouldn’t mind tagging !

    Tophatal ……….


  17. A number of trades took place prior to the end of last season within the NBA which could be of benefit to those teams during this upcoming season. The Sacramento Kings saw fit to rid themselves of DeMarcus Cousins sending the disgruntled center to the New Orleans , where he would team up with Anthony Davis .

    The combination of Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins should prove formidable for the Pelicans this upcoming season. There is a growing belief that the team in its present guise could make a surprise run and make the NBA Playoffs, with their most recent appearance coming during the 2009 NBA Playoffs . The roster at the time was led by Chris Paul , David West and Peja Stojakovic . Head coach Alvin Gentry will certainly doing his best this season as the Pelicans strive to be among the best in their division . The New Orleans Pelicans will open up their regular season with a game against the Memphis Grizzlies , conference rivals whom they will meet four times over the course of the season.

    Peja Stojakovic and Vlade Divac are two prominent executives within the front office of the Sacramento Kings whose owner Vivek Ranadive purchased the franchise from the Maloof family. Still struggling to compete after the glory years of multiple playoff appearances , when led >by Chris Webber and since then , the Kings have now become a franchise literally starving for success. The current roster isn’t that awe-inspiring by any stretch of the imagination as coached by Dave Joerger and his staff . The most notable names on the team are seasoned veterans ; Zach Randolph and Vince Carter . Randolph and Carter between them have more than thirty years of league experience. It will be interesting to see how these two players fare as they lead the Sacramento Kings over the course of this season. The Kings will begin their regular season on the 18th October as they face the Houston Rockets at their home venue . This will be the first of four regular season meetings between the two Western Conference teams.

    New Orleans Pelicans news

    Sacramento Kings news

    Tophatal …………….


  18. The first two months of the NBA this past season told us a great deal about how the season would actually progess with the culmination of the postseason. I believe this season will be an intense struggle for the Utah Jazz with their having lost Gordon Hayward in free agency as the player signed a lucrative deal with the Boston Celtics where he was also joined by Kyrie Irving . Utah’s coaching staff is headed by < Quin Snyder whose preparation of this team will encumbent on a great deal . How effetctive the Jazz will be , can be determined by which player you might believe will be able to step up to the plate. Joe Johnson and Derrick Favors might well be the players to fit the role sought by Quin Snyder.

    As with last preseason the Utah Jazz will play a short exhibition schedule before embarking on their regular season schedule of games . They will begin their preseason with a contest against the Sacramento Kings on 2nd October , with their regular season opener taking place on the 17th October when take on conference rivals the Denver Nuggets .

    Utah Jazz news

    Tophatal ………


  19. Michael Jordan’s efforts and attention I hope won’t be diverted from concentrating on being the owner of Charlotte Hornets to being one of the partners in the ownership group of the Miami Marlins . Jordan joined close friend Derek Jeter and billionaire businessman Bruce Sherman to make their $1.2 billion purchase of the Florida based baseball franchise. Out with the old and in with the new. The same could be said with the Charlotte Hornets and how Michael Jordan is now seeking to rebuild his team .

    From my own perspective I believe the decision to acquire Dwight Howard is a step backwards for the Charlotte Hornets as I believe the center’s best years are now behind him . Unfortunately , Rich Cho believes the center has something to offer and this seems to bear out with regard to the contract signed with the Hornets. Dwight Horward has long faced not being a leader and it is leadership that the Hornets seek if they are to taken seriously as a possible contender for the NBA championship . The Charlotte Hornets’ last playoff appearance came during the 2015-16 NBA Playoffs when the team did not fare well . This season the Charlotte Hornets are likely to be tested within their division , conference as well as against their rivals within the West.

    Steve Clifford as the Head Coach of the Charlotte Hornets will be looking to get the best out his players as the regular season begins . Their first fifteen scheduled games might be enough an indicator to tell us what we should expect from the Hornets over the course of the season.

    Charlotte Hornets news

    Tophatal ………


  20. So what am I meant to be missing here, but is the whole world or should I sports’ fans in America that frigging stupid or could it be the vast majority of them are unable to balance a checkbook ? All of a sudden some of the dumbest statements are out there on social mediat platforms concerning the five-year contract extension of $205 million given to Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder . Westbrook isn’t the only player in recent months to have landed such a deal, as two-time League MVP and Golden State Warriors’ point guard Steph Curry was also given a max-contract . All of this falls in line with the league’s collective bargaining agreement agreed in principle with the NBPA (Players’ Union) .

    This upcoming season Steph Curry (left) and Russell Westbrook will be among the highest paid players in the league . In 2018 , the two point guards will certainly be leading the way in terms of a salary .

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Russell Westbrook signs 5-year, $205M extension with Thunder

    Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook, the NBA’s reigning MVP, has signed a five-year, $205 million contract extension, league sources told ESPN.

    The deal starts with the 2018-19 season and delivers Westbrook the biggest guaranteed contract in NBA history — six seasons and $233 million through 2022-23. It includes a player option on the 2022-23 season, league sources said.

    Westbrook’s agent, Thad Foucher of Wasserman Media Group, and Thunder general manager Sam Presti finalized the deal Friday afternoon, league sources said. The plan was to announce it Sunday before a public team scrimmage at a local high school, but Westbrook showed up at the practice facility Friday and said it was the day to make it official.

    By signing for the designated player veteran extension, it allows for Westbrook to sign for 35 percent of the salary cap and five additional seasons. Westbrook will earn $233 million, which includes $205 million for the new extension and $28 million for his 2017-18 salary. His 2018-19 salary, the first year of the extension, will be $35.3 million.

    The Thunder confirmed they had signed Westbrook to a multiyear extension in a news release Friday afternoon.

    “We are extremely fortunate to have an athlete, competitor and person such as Russell wear the Thunder uniform,” Presti said. “To have him cement his legacy as a leader as we enter into our 10th season in Oklahoma City is extraordinary. I am extremely grateful to Russell, his family and to our ownership for the commitment and support that they have demonstrated in supporting our vision for the Thunder.”

    Click on link to read this article in full.

    Consider the fact that some of the highest profiled players in the NBA are now earning in excess of $20 million a year annually , while reaping even more by way of commercial endorsement deals , netting the likes of LeBron James in excess of $85 million a year. James is well on his way to earning well over $300 million and with an estimated fortune in excess of $400 million , it begs the question , how frigging clueless are some individuals altogether ?

    Having lost both James Harden and Kevin Durant over the last six seasons the front office of the Oklahoma City Thunder and in particular the owners have sought to make sure the franchise remains relevant. Well, they had to show commitment to a player and seek a real solution to the franchise’s long-term future . With both Paul George and Carmelo Anthony on the roster alongside Russell Westbrook , this will be a Thunder team capable of going up against the best the league has to offer while having one of the most potent offenses in the entire NBA. This could be a team quite capable of averaging over 120 points per game in this league over the course of the season . Thunder head coach Billy Donovan can now look forward to a preseason as well as a regular season which is likely to be very entertaining. The teams opens up their exhibition season with a match-up against the Houston Rockets on the 3rd October . Their opening game of the regular season will pit them against the New York Knicks on October 19th .

    NBA news

    Oklahoma City Thunder news

    World’s highest paid athletes by salary , source and endorsements

    Tophatal ………………..


  21. The dust hasn’t yet began to settle but with the revelations of coruption within Collegiate Athletics which has implicated four head basketball coaches , as well as the name of Rick Pitino being brought to the fore . I have to wonder how much incompetence has there been within the FBI and NCAA over the last decade and a half ? If the Ed O’Bannon case hasn’t proved anything , then it would simply suggest the NCAA throughout its existence has actually been a sham organization set up as a tax avoidance shelter , so the institution could in essence countenance the criminal activities of collegiate programs across the nation at the various levels.

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Rick Pitino says he had no knowledge of payments to recruits

    By Kevin Spain , USA Today

    Former Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino says he had “no knowledge of any payments to any recruit or their family” Friday in response to the FBI investigation.

    Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino leaves Grawemeyer Hall after meeting with interim University President Greg Postel .

    He released his statement almost at the exact moment Louisville introduced assistant David Padgett as their interim coach.

    The ex-Louisville men’s basketball coach was “effectively fired” after he was put on unpaid administrative leave following the criminal complaint that coaches with the program participated in a scheme to pay recruits’ families.


    Rick Pitino on FBI recruiting scandal: ‘It’s been so tough’
    David Padgett: Cards need to ‘have a basketball season as normal as possible’
    Pitino issued a statement through his lawyer Steve Pence, the first time he has spoken since the story broke.

    “There’s been a lot of turmoil the last few days and I’ve intentionally avoided making any public statements – primarily because so few facts are known. But I wish to make a few now.

    “First, I want to thank all my players from Providence, UK and Louisville. Your support means more to me than I can possibly express.

    Click on link to read article in full.

    Mark Emmert as the NCAA President has hid behind a veil of deceit and lies while coaches such us as Jim Tressel , Rick Pitino , Jim Boeheim , John Calipari , Bruce Pearl and others have played fast and loose with the NCAA rules. The NCAA needs to lose its tax-exempt status , but we know that won’t be happening anytime soon because the House Ways and Means Committee and Senate Commerce Committee simply don’t give a sh#it to begin with as they’re paid skivvies of the NCAA as well as all of the the professional sports’ governing bodies .


    Tophatal …………………


  22. Twenty games into the regular season I hope the NBA teams are able to settle into a rhythm . While I believe the Golden State Warriors remain the best team in the league , I think it possible they will be able to come close to the league record , which they currently hold for wins in a regular season. If there is to be a real challenge to the Warriors’ dominance this season , I don’t believe it will be coming from a team in the Eastern Conference but quite literally from the West , where teams such as the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder have become considerably stronger , notwithstanding the ever-present danger of the San Antonio Spurs .

    Rookies from the 2017 NBA Draft will have a great deal to prove this upcoming season. Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers along with the highly touted Lonzo Ball of the Los Angeles Lakers and Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics will all be looking to prove they’re among the best of the rookies to be on show this season. Last season’s rookies will become this season’s sophomores and it will be interesting to see the strides they’ve made .

    NBA news

    Tophatal ……..


  23. This is likely to be an interesting season for the Orlando Magic . Coming off a rather bad year during the 2016-17 campaign the Magic were nothing short of mediocre . It was hard to see how they were going to excel when both the defense and offense were sorely lacking . The coaching staff still remains in tact with Frank Vogel leading the roster . There are some seasoned veterans on the team led by Aaron Afflalo . During the off-season beyond the Draft the Orlando Magic were not big players in the free agency market.

    With the upcoming preseason which is now underway , it will be interesting to see if the front office of the Orlando Magic will be happy with what the team has to offer their fans. In their first game of the exhibition schedule the Magic fell to the Memphis Grizzlies on the road . The second of their exhibtion contests will take place on the 5th October when they face the Dallas Mavericks at the Amway Center in Orlando , Florida .

    Frank Vogel will be looking to get the best out of his players when they begin their regular season schedule on 18th October when they face conference rivals the Miami Heat in a battle of the two NBA franchises from the state of Florida.

    With the recent induction of Tracy McGrady into the Hall of Fame , the former scoring champion joins Shaquille O’Neal and Dominique Wilkins as the only other former players of the franchise enshrined in Naismith Hall of Fame.

    Orlando Magic news

    Tophatal ……….


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