Long Time Coming ….

Long Time Coming

In the aftermath of another gun tragedy , we have the President making a complete @ss of himself once again. One year removed from the Pulse Nightclub Shooting , Donald Trump and his minions were once again looking to place the blame at the doors of a terrorist cell in the responsibility for the Mandalay Bay Resort shooting in Las Vegas , Nevada , without their being any evidence to substantiate his thoughts. Bear in mind his recent criticism of the Mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico smacked of a petulant child , who doesn’t wish to told of their bad behavior. It seems that the President would rather make comments without first taking in all of the facts and it has led to justified criticism of not only himself but also members of his Cabinet and inner circle of advisers .


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Away from the daily bind of national news , the NFL is still in a state of discord as the impasse has been widened by Donald Trump’s comments about the players as well as his calling for players who fail to stand when the national anthem is being played, he states that they ought to be fired . Clearly , for a failed former owner of an AFL (American Football League) franchise , a league which is now defunct, there is a great deal that the President simply doesn’t understand about the NFL and how it conducts business. Perhaps he also needs to be reminded , the US Congress allows the league (NFL) to remain tax-exempt due to their antitrust status ? As for the NFL itself, perhaps due to indifference, lack of quality games or just the fact , fans are sick and tired of sports now being embroiled in politics, viewership is down for the games televised. Comparisons with regard to game attendance can be measured in a number of ways . If things carry on as they are , I believe the NFL will be able to weather the storm. In reality however, the attention and memory span of the fans remains exceedingly short in terms of history and acts of social activism when it comes to athletes.

We’re now four games into the NFL season and several teams have failed to meet expectations , including the reigning Superbowl champions the New England Patriots (2-2) . Sixteen and 0 (16-0) won’t be ion the cards for this season as I believe the team will be no better than 11-5 or 12-4 . Quarterback Tom Brady isn’t his customary self , but what might be more worrying is the fact the Patriots’ defense has become so complacent and lackluster. Bill Belichick and the team will be back on the field this weekend for their week-five contest against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night , 5th October, a game being played at Raymond James Stadium , in Tampa , Florida.

Through one hundred and sixty-two games, we saw a great deal of inconsistency as well as mediocrity from baseball’s teams. Divisions were up for grabs and there were no real major surprises when it came to the divisional honors . Teams making the wildcard berths were something of a surprise , with the New York Yankees perhaps being the biggest surprise of them all. Personally, I didn’t feel the team was up to the task of challenging within the AL East , as I felt their pitching was so vulnerable. However, a glorious season from Aaron Judge who led the AL in home runs , as he was ably abetted by teammates Gary Sanchez and Didi Gregorious .

Having made the MLB Postseason the New York Yankees will find themselves up against the Minnesota Twins in a single-game eliminator , with the winner moving on the Divisional Round of the postseason. The NL Wildcard game will see the Colorado Rockies taking on the Arizona Diamondbacks on Wednesday 4th October .

There is no doubt in my mind the two favorites within the NL , the Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers are on a collision course meeting in the NLCS , but first , both will have to get past their respective opponents in the divisional round of the postseason. They have been by far the two best teams within the NL and that is with due respect to the Washington Nationals , but at the end of the day , these two big-market teams seem destined to meet in this championship series.

A giant shadow has been cast over the entire Atlanta Braves’ organization with the abrupt resignation of GM John Coppolella . The ball-club was under investigation by baseball’s league hierarchy after it was revealed that Coppolella might well have been making illegal payments to procure players through the international market-place . If the league’s investigations substantiate these allegations , then there could very well be some serious ramifications for the Atlanta Braves. They could be severely punished for Coppolella’s actions, something which I find to be completely idiotic and asinine. Atlanta’s season was simply underwhelming , with the players rarely showing any competitiveness during 2017. Over their last ten games of the regular season the Atlanta Braves were a paltry 3-7 in those contests . Brian Snitker might well be shown the door as the Braves’ manager after such a disastrous season, where Sun Trust Park was sparsely attended in the ball-club’s first year of usage of the venue. While there seems to be a great deal of praise for the Braves’ farm system , considered to be one of the top-five farm systems in all of baseball. Even if John Coppolella was the principal architect of the system , it begs the question what has he done to acquire those players and others over the past three years ? This is something which baseball needs answers to and I don’t believe that Atlanta is the only organization operating under such a guise . They just happen to be the first ball club caught by the league.

Never let it be said that Derek Jeter will always seek to be a popular owner . In what will be his first role as one of the lead partners which purchased the Miami Marlins . Jeter is promising to make what will be the first of some very unpopular decisions . The former New York Yankees captain and star has let be known things are going to change , with the likelihood , several players on the current roster are likely to be traded. Atop of that list could very well be Giancarlo Stanton , the team’s highest paid , best and most popular player. Stanton still has ten years remaining on his current contract which pays him an average of $25 million a year. Details show that the slugger will be paid in excess of $28 million in 2018 if he remains on the team’s roster.

The Miami Marlins remain an unprofitable franchise, while also being among baseball’s least supported teams , when looking at the attendance figures for this and last season . From my own standpoint , I believe the $1.26 billion purchase price paid was far too much. Outgoing owner Jeffrey Loria will walk away with more than a pocket filled with cash., as he laughs all the way to the bank. Baseball fans are left scratching their heads, as another deceitful owner dupes the league hierarchy into stupidity. Rob Manfred remains as gullible and as out of touch as his predecessor , Bud Selig .

First and foremost Derek Jeter and his partners have an obligation to turn things around off the field as well as on the field. If it means stop the hemorrhaging of red ink by slashing payroll , then so be it , even if it means the for the sake of not being competitive for a couple of years.

Someone is going to be mighty upset this season within the world of basketball . The NBA off-season has been littered with trades sending players to new destinations . For some teams , they will be on the rise , while others will be at a standstill or simply regress. Take my word for it , neither the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks will be winning more than thirty games this season. Their respective rosters are lightweight and will become insignificant by mid-season, just as they were last season . LaVar Ball might be singing the praises of his son, Lonzo Ball who was drafted by the Lakers. In some circles the young rookie is seen as the second coming of Magic Johnson . Tall praise indeed , but the team is nowhere as good as some might believe them to be. This will be a learning experience for Lonzo Ball and his teammates over the course of the regular season and at the same time , I am not so sure how Luke Walton will acquit himself. It was all well and good , being on a championship winning team with the Golden State Warriors., but when you take a step backwards and down, simply because , the heralded name of the Los Angeles Lakers is meant to mean something. You just have to remember it has been almost a decade since the Lakers made their presence felt around the league. The team would defeat the Boston Celtics (4-3) during the 2009-10 NBA Finals .

Even if the Los Angeles Lakers are waiting for LeBron James to bring his considerable talents to the City of Angels, I for one don’t believe the four-time League MVP will be coming to a team that is sparse on talent in so many areas of its game. Beyond Lonzo Ball , there  isn”t one player who one might suggest is a real game-changer by any stretch of the imagination . Granted all of the hype concerning Ball has more do with one or two games in the Summer League than his appearances for the Lakers in the preseason to date . Front office executives Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka will be under a microscope this season. The Lakers have three more preseason games to find their groove before hitting the ground running, to begin their regular season schedule with a game against the Los Angeles Clippers in their home season opener .

Well, we had the hype , then the gripe and now the retirement. Floyd Mayweather (50-0) made light work of his opponent Conor McGregor (0-1) , with both fighters bringing home a six-figure payday from a fight which was short on excitement and thrills. The fact that UFC President Dana White chose to make refunds to fans who felt they had been misled and cheated with this alleged extravaganza . McGregor’s debut as a boxer was basically a sham , with the Mixed Martial Artist barely showing any boxing skills whatsoever. It was this type of incessant hype and bravado brought to the spectacle , which caused the fans to feel that they had been cheated. This fight was a frigging farce from start to finish and it should be seen as nothing more than that .

So let me get this straight , Adalaide Byrd , wife of a senior executive within the WBA was allowed to be a ringside judge at a world title fight between Gennady Golovkin and Saul ‘ Canelo’ Alvarez ? This bout was well on its way to being one of the fights of the year , but the official result was somehow concluded to be a draw. Golovkin  clearly won the fight , but Byrd’s scorecard suggested the fight in her eyes was a ‘draw’ . Pardon me for saying this , but what the fuck is going on in the world of boxing ? Overpaid and over-hyped fighters and now this , a fucking judge , who on her best day couldn’t differentiate a dog’s ass from a hole in the ground.

Saul Alvarez and his promoter Oscar De La Hoya are clamoring for a rematch and somehow while I think it is a possibility , I do hope that the proposed rematch is not staged in Las Vegas or anywhere in the state of Nevada ! The city and state may well be the Mecca of the boxing world , but it is also one of the most corrupt places on the planet , bar none. It’s not just the sport but just about everything the state represents along with the State Athletic Commission .

Andre Ward was a world champion in two weight divisions and he retired as an unbeaten champion. His decisive win over Sergei Kovalev for the World Light Heavyweight title was enough to seal his legacy . Ward was certainly one of the best boxers of his generation, but sadly, with his lacking the charisma and his bringing his religious faith with him into the ring. It did not provide for a great spectacle for the ordinary boxing fan. However, were we to only discuss his professional career, then we would have something to genuinely talk about. Andre Ward had a promising professional start in the world boxing , being a successful amateur and as well as a > former Olympic competitor. How Ward will be judged by boxing historians as well as the fans will be open to a great deal of debate and conjecture .

Jon Jones has twice climbed to the top of the Mixed Martial Arts’ world, having twice won the UFC Light Heavyweight Title , but as with his career, he is now open to the question . ‘ Are you a cheater Jon Jones ‘ ? Jones in his most recent bout challenged former champion Daniel Cormier , won the bout decisively with a technical knockout (TKO) , only to then to told, he tested positive for a banned substance. A second mandatory test nullified the first test result , but the USADA (US Anti Doping Agency) recommended to the UFC and California State Athletic Commission that the right result be stricken from the record and be shown as a no contest.

Jon Jones (right) is seen here prior to his second fight against Daniel Cormier for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title. Jones won the fight , only for it to be later revealed that he failed a drug test . This has been the second time the MMA fighter has failed a test under the UFC . A second test sample however came back negative but the damage had already been done to Jones’ reputation. He was stripped of his belt the bout was declared a no contest and he now faces a second suspension. Many of his contemporaries are calling for him to receive a lifetime ban by the UFC. If that were to happen the sport and in particular the UFC would lose one of its biggest attractions and stars

While Dana White has not recommended Jones be suspended , many of his contemporaries and former UFC stars are calling for a lifetime ban for the two-time former champion. Having won the belt in the octagon , Jon Jones has been stripped of the title and Daniel Cormier has regained the Light Heavyweight Title belt by default .

The UFC is now in a state of disarray , as two of its biggest stars at decisive points of their respective careers. Conor McGregor needs to remain in the UFC and away from the world of professional boxing, while Jon Jones has to rethink his whole professional mindset and whether or not he continues his professional career as an MMA fighter under the UFC banner.

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Which current or most recent sports’ story do you believe has been the most important, where there is substance to it all along the way ?

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  1. Congratulations to the New York Yankees after their victory over the Minnesota Twins in their AL Wildcard Game . The Yankees now move on to the ALDS (American League Divisonal Series) where they will meet the Cleveland Indians beginning the 5th October in the best of a five-game series .

    Derek Jeter
    wants to fashion the Miami Marlins into a winning product both on and off the field of play. Under new ownership I believe it is possible , but it will likely take a great deal of time. Cost-cutting seems to be the modus-operandi afters years of mounting losses by the previous owners along with weak showings in the NL East since 2009 .

    If someone suggests to me that the Atlanta Braves are the only team making illegal payments to young international players as an inducement to sign a contract with them , then I will certainly tell they’re full of sh#t. Connect the dots as to which teams have a major presence in the Caribbean , Latin America and other parts of the globe , by way of their own self styled international academies or those done in conjunction with MLB .

    The Atlanta Braves are not the only team procuring players on such a scale and using these tactics. It’s just that they are the first team to have been caught on such a scale. As with all sports , be it at the collegiate or professional level ,there will always be some impropriety and rule-breaking. What might be even more asinine, is the fact this continues to happen under the noses of the league hierarchy led now by Rob Manfred , who on a cleaer day couldn’t tell the difference between a five dollar ($5) whore and a blow up doll. He’d likely fuck both in the ass and still get pleasure from doing both .

    Not only should John Coppolella still be punished , but the Braves’ organization should be made to pay heavily for their misdeeds.

    Adalaid Byrd is certainly making a name for herself for all of the wrong reasons. Bad enough that she is the wife of a senior boxing executive of one of the sport’s top international ruling bodies. Yet it makes sense , because only the WBA would be dumb enough to hire a female , show this much nepotism and then downplay her actions after her most recent meas-culpa . This hasn’t been the first time where Byrd has been involved in such a controversy and it is a further damning indictment on the sport of boxing. We don’t need the fiascos seen with overhyped fights that fail to meet expectations (McGregor vs Mayweather) and we see certainly don’t see bad judging from unqualified adjudicators within the sport. We’ve had @ssholes such as Don King and Bob Arum around long enough, to ruin the sport without having other @ssholes dig an even bigger hole for the sport to sink further into the ground and into oblivion.

    Tophatal ………….


  2. So let’s see the NFL really for what it is , a money-making , hypocritical organization, while apathetic morons continue to bleat on that social activism doesn’t belong within the realms of sports . I guess these would be the same idiots who would’ve prefered if baseball remained segregated , Adolph Rupp’s legacy remained in tact and Paul Bear Bryant didn’t give a fu#k about black ball players within college football . As to the league itself this season , has there ever been so many overrated teams all playing piss poor football all at once ? The New England Patriots (2-2) , allegedly the cream of the crop as the reigning Supebowl champions , have a defense that is about as much use as a soiled tampon . They can’t soak up anything and Tom Brady as well as the offense are beginning to look their age as well as being palid . Brady and his teammates will likely pull off the win this Thursday when they face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the road .

    NFL standings division

    NFL week five schedule

    NFL players’ stats and team stats

    Tophatal ………


  3. When Lonzo Ball steps unto the court for the first time in a regular season game for the Los Angeles Lakers , I expect to see him do some good things for the team . However, I don’t expect to see him being that much better than many of his fellow rookies over the course of the season. Ball comes off as cocky and that might be a good thing, but he is going to be humbled into humiliation when he realizes how bad the Lakers are likely to be this season. If this team wins more than thirty games , then it will be seen as a bonus , but they stand very little chance of contending within their division much less the Western Conference. Head coach Luke Walton and his coaching staff will have to teach the players several facets of the game and the learning will have to be done on a curve when it comes to number of players on the roster.

    Los Angeles Lakers news

    Tophatal …………..


  4. The UFC has become a circus of its own making and that is even with the institution being under new ownership. When WME/IMG ( William Morris Endeavor -International Management Group) bought UFC , their first order of business should have been the ouster of UFC President Dana White . Instead they chose to keep him on with all of his policies in place , which includes tieing fighters to contracts which border on being indentured servitude , but to my mind slavery , where the rewards are a pittance. Ronda Rousey , Conor McGregor , Anderson Silva , Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre might well be considered wealthy individuals , but in terms of pay and endorsements they are not rivaling the likes of the big names within the sport of boxing or any of the other high profiled sports on the global scale.

    UFC news

    Tophatal …………….


    1. Chris

      Leadership ? It’s like watching lemmings fall off a cliff , viewing this President as he governs. He hasn’t come up with a piece of worthwhile legislation as of yet , but he’s blaming Liberals for his woes.

      In the world of sports , it might be even worse. His supporters ( Donald Trump’s) are gladly willing to follow him into the Bowel of Hades and deeper were it possible . Donald Trump being the consummate racist that he is , looks for targets to berate and I’m sure in the aftermath of the Las Vegas’ mass shootings , he was hoping that a Muslim was involved in that tragedy, in order that he might come up with something plausible in his mind to say. Instead it was a fu#ked white middle-aged former businessman , Stephen Paddock , who felt he’d been done wrong by the gaming community (Mandalay Bay Resort and Wynn Las Vegas) within the city of Las Vegas.

      Just finished reading the story where the Tennesee Titans have signed quarterback Brandon Weeden , because they’re afraid of the fallout Colin Kaepernick might bring . It simply tells me that the franchise wants to play it safe , acquiesce to Goodell’s orders, rather than wanting to win . I know that Marcus Mariota is injured , but hell, of all the available quarterbacks , Weeden was their choice ?

      Check out my previous post as it’s NBA related , entitled If You Snooze You Lose ….. https://tophatal.wordpress.com/2017/09/26/if-you-snooze-you-lose/

      Tophatal ………..


  5. Tophat,

    You think it’s a coincidence that OAK QB DCARR was the only player standing during the NA @WASH last week(9/24) and he barely passed for 100 yards, sacked 4x with multiple hurries? Sunday versus the Broncos(10/1) in over 3qtrs he passed 143yds(64 on one play), sacked twice with many hurries and knocked outta the game. His replacement journeyman E.J. Manuel came in and was given plenty of protection and looked really good.

    IMO, the moral of the story is: In team concept, you “go along to get along”. Tom Brady subscribed.


  6. Ronbets

    I am still trying to make sense of the NFL season so far . Bad teams , bad coaching , but even worse some bad play-making decisions. Raiders’ GM Reggie McKenzie made the decision to give Derek Carr a big fat contract . The Oakland Raiders haven’t impressed me so far this season and they’re meant to be playing in a division
    that they should be able to win with some ease. Instead , it has been the Kansas City Chiefs who’ve gotten off to a flying start . Am I missing something ? Being rewarded based on potential is idiotic !! It makes sense to get the big bucks , once you’ve actully achieved something on the field of play. Matt Stafford please take note , because you’ve now become the personification of Jay Cutler .

    Top paid QB’s in 2017 by base salary , average salary , guaranteed money , cash and contract .

    Tophatal …………….


  7. Ronbets

    I here Adalaide Byrd (seen in this video) will be cast in the next Spike Lee movie entitled “Bitch Better Not Fu#k This Up , Because She’s Messing With My Money ” . She (boxing judge) has to be the most controversial person in the world of boxing and she’s not even a boxer . WTF !!! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!! This explanation by her is in part absolutely idiotic . If she believes what she says , then her scorecard of the fight between Saul Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin wasn’t reflective of the facts. She scored the bout a draw , but the Kazakh boxer Golovkin, clearly won the fight.

    Byrd is married to a senior executive within the WBA Boxing and is a former referee.

    Tophatal ………….


  8. Other than the front office of the San Antonio Spurs there is no better ran organization in the NBA than that of the Golden State Warriors . Co-owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber have the Warriors running like a well-oiled machine in spite of losing special consultant Jerry West during the off-season as West joined the Los Angeles Clippers in a similar role . If the core of Golden State’s roster remains intact they will be dominant for the next three years at least. It was revealed that Klay Thompson has just signed a four-year endorsement deal worth $80 million . This will be of great benefit to Bob Myers moving forward as he certainly won’t be worried about cap restrictions and the salary cap of the franchise over the next three years .

    For Klay Thompson it has never been about the money or singular glory, merely having fun while playing the game , I am sure that when it comes time for his contract renewal , there will not be any major obstacles to overcome. This smooths the way for Bob Myers to deal with the upcoming contract negotiations of Thompson as well as Kevin Durant . The latter a former League MVP will be looking to get a max contract , commensurate with his undoubted abilities and talent .

    I understand that players need to have a belief in themselves as well as their athletic abilities , but Michael Beasley is just plain stupid, if he thinks he is on the same level as Kevin Durant . Judged, simply on stats alone Durant is a far better player than Beasley could ever dream to be .

    Michael Beasley’s career has been a troubled one , he lacks maturity , dislikes authority and he clearly doesn’t possess leadership ability . He has become more of a journeyman , Nomad , rather than a player fans are likely to root for. Michael Beasley is now with the New York Knicks and as their preseason would suggest , this will be a team that is unlikely to be competitive over the course of the upcoming regular season.

    Golden State Warriors news

    Tophatal ……………


  9. The Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros will lock horns today in the first of their best of five game series in the ALDS . These two teams have two of the best starting rotations in all of baseball. It will be the Astros playing host to the Red Sox in game one which will be played at Minute Maid Park in Houston , Texas , with starting pitchers Chris Sale Boston facing Houston’s Justin Verlander . This series has the makings of being an instant classic and we could take a look at this season’s regular season meetings between the pairing as a reminder of what we ought to expect . It will be a close run thing between the two teams.

    Tophatal ………….


  10. Both the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees were on the wrong side of opening losses in the first games of their respective ALDS contests . Boston was simply outplayed by the Houston Astros as Justin Verlander had a terrific game for his new team . His pitching was impressive as were the contributions by his teammates .

    In the case of the New York Yankees , their pitching and offense were equally inept as they fell to the Cleveland Indians .

    The NLDS games begin today , Friday 6th October with the Arizona Diamondbacks facing the Los Angeles Dodgers in a game being played at Dodger Stadium , in Los Angeles , California . The other featured game pits the Washington Nationals playing the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field in Chicago , Illinois .

    MLB news

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  11. Demetrious Johnson makes another defense of his title when he faces challenger Ray Borg this weekend at UFC 216 . This will be Johnson’s twelfth defense of the Flyweight Title , a record breaking feat for the champion. Borg has been hyping up the bout, claiming to know the champion’s frailities and weaknesses, which he intends to exploit in their title match-up. Considering Johnson has met all of his challengers head on without being tested. I seriously doubt the challenger will be able to live up to his claims.

    Champion Demetrious Johnson (left) is seen here with challenger Ray Borg. The two will meet for the Lightweight Title on Saturday evening.

    UFC news

    Tophatal ……….


  12. Tophat,

    CNewton issued a seemingly sincere apology for acting like the jerk he is. He’s an example of a spoiled athlete that over emphasizes the peaks and implodes in the valleys. He’ll learn with age.


  13. Some terrific games took place this past weekend as the divisional series of this season’s MLB Postseason got underway. Needless to say there will be some pivotal games coming up in the respective series . The New York Yankees avoided a near disaster as Greg Bird , Aaron Judge and Masahiro Tanaka pulled the Yankees back into their series against the Cleveland Indians (2-1) . New York’s ace , starting pitcher , pitched a gem of a game on the Yankees’ way to a 1-0 game-three victory. These two teams will resume their best of five-game series when they are both back on field for today’s game at Yankee Stadium , in The Bronx , New York .

    In the other ALDS match-up the Boston Red Sox offense pummelled out hit after hit on their way to a 10-3 victory over the Houston Astros (2-1) . Monday evening the Red Sox will play host to Astros in game-four being played Fenway Park in Boston , Massachusetts ,.

    With their series tied at one game apiece (1-1) the Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals are playing a chess game. Make no mistake , whoever takes game-three being played this afternoon will certainly be in the driver’s seat.

    The Los Angeles Dodgers (2-0) have the Arizona Diamondbacks (0-2) in a corner with almost nowhere to turn. If the Diamondbacks are to win the first game of this series , then tonight will have to be the night when the team has to be at its very best. Zack Greinke of the Diamondbacks will be facing Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers. This might be the best of the day’s match-ups of starting pitchers .

    MLB news

    Tophatal …………


  14. Just under a week before the start of the regular season schedule for the NBA . Teams should be settling into a groove groove as the season beckons . Results from Sunday’s games . The Golden State Warriors (1-2) pumelled the Minnesota Timberwolves( 1-2) into submission on their way to a 140-112 victory. Steph Curry led all scorers in the contest, with 40 points in the game . Next up for the Warriors will be a game against the Houston Rockets , which will be their regular season opener at home . This contest will take place on the 17th October , 2017.

    Last season’s beaten NBA Finalists the Cleveland Cavaliers are off to an inauspicious start to their preseason , albeit that the roster has been revamped . The additions of Dwyane Wade , Derrick Rose and Isiah Thomas should provide the Cavaliers with more offense as well as defense. Currently winless (0-3) the Cavaliers are having a torrid preseason with head coach Tryonn Lue and coaching staff unable to ascertain what his best lineup ought to be. Isiah Thomas won’t be making a start for the team until late January , at which time Cleveland will be well into their regular season schedule. Thomas’ injury sets up the situation where Cleveland will have to choose their best option at the point guard position. Tyronn Lue and the team’s next schedule game will pit the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Chicago Bulls on the 10th October . Their regular season opener will see them take on the Boston Celtics at home on the Opening Night of the regular season.

    NBA news

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  15. Ronbets

    Demetrious Johnson easily defeated challenger Ray Borg to make another successful defense of his UFC Flyweight Title . Twelve consecutive victories in defense of his title and Johnson can’t get the apreciation of UFC President Dana White whose time has been spent trying to explain the rationale of a meaningless bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr and the overrated Conor McGregor . A $100 million payday for the Irishman was nothing short of laughable, when you consider his boxing skills were nonexistent. McGregor hits like a girl who’s afraid of her own shadow , yet White sought to convince everyone this would be a competitive matchup. I have to also ask the likes of Joe Rogan and Skip Bayless who seemingly claim to have some knowledge of boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) , how far were their noses inserted into McGregor’s @ss ? Both analysts were firmly behind McGregor in the overhyped fight. Yet in the aftermath of it all, their anecdotes and analysis of the bout remains asinine and without thought.

    Rogan and Brendan Schaub are pricks of the highest order . They simply talk a whole lot of $hit and not much else .

    #Fu%kSkipBayless . The guy remains a clueless moron .

    UFC news and current rankings

    Tophatal …………


  16. Five weeks into the NFL season andf the teams are absolutely pathetic from top to bottom. Even the unbeaten teams are extremely flawed and that is by no stretch of the imagination. Week five’s results also showed how abhorrent the teams remain . The Monday Night Football matchup pits the Minnesota Vikings (2-2) on the road to play the Chicago Bears ( 2-3 ) at Soldier Field in Chicago , Illinois .

    NFL news

    NFL standings (divisional)

    NFL results week five

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  17. A gallant effort by the Boston Red Sox (1-3) , but this wasn’t to be their year in the postseason as they fell to the Houston Astros ( 3-1) with effortless ease , losing their ALDS matchup 3-1 . The winning pitcher for the Astros was their recent acquisition Justin Verlander , whose record with Houston since joining the team has been very impressive . The Houston Astros will now await the winners of the other ALDS taking place between the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians . The apperance will be the Astros’ first in the ALCS in over twelve years since facing the St Louis Cardinals in the 2005 NLCS

    Houston Astros news

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  18. Just when you thought that the sale of the Miami Marlins had cleared all of the obstacles necessary . It looks as if the hierarchy of Major League Baseball as well as the former Marlins’ owner Jeffrey Loria could be at the center of a lawsuit where the plaintiffs are the City of Miami council as well as Miami Dade County . City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado and county counterpart Carlos Giminez might seek damages if there was any conclusive proof that Loria might well have finagled the finances of the ballclub in order to conclude the $1.2 billion sale of the franchise to the new ownership group led by billionaire businessman Bruce Sherman , who along with Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan are the most high profiled members of the consortium buying the Miami based franchise.

    This could certainly be another black eye for the game of baseball and damning indictment concerning the lack of due diligence with baseball’s Chief Financial Officer as well as by the City of Miami and the Miami Dade County Government . Both municipal agencies financed the building of Marlins Stadium , with the hope that the new 35,000 capacity venue would be a major draw for home fans as well as for public and private gatherings. Instead, the only times where the venue has been filled to capacity , have been are for non-baseball functions. Not even the 2017 MLB All Star Game was that big an audience draw for the attendees . This could lead to tens of millions if not hundreds of millions in potential losses , not including how the bond issuers (City of Miami and Miami Dade County Government) will seek to pay off this debt. It could be catastrophic for Tomas Regalado and Carlos Giminez in terms of their own long-term political ambitions within the state or even at the national level.

    Tophatal …………………


  19. The New York Yankees (2-2) clubbed the Cleveland Indians (2-2) into submission to take game-four and force a single-elimination game five of their ALDS’ matchup which is now tied at two games apiece. Game five will now revert to Progressive Field in Cleveland Ohio which will be played on Tuesday 11th October , 2017 . Both teams have played exceptionally well during the series, with their games being taken to a whole new level .

    If the regular season meetings between the Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees are anything to go by then the fans will be in for an extraordinary treat on Tuesday evening.

    The Los Angeles Dodgers have swept the Arizona Diamondbacks on their way another NLCS appearance. In game-three of their NLDS matchup , a riveting pitching performance from Yu Darvish , backed up with some timely offense was enough to seal the deal in this road victory .

    Cleveland Indians news

    New York Yankees news

    This week in MLB postseason history and on this day in baseball

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  20. Well now that week five of the NFL schedule has passed , it’s now onto week six with several games and a number teams having a bye week . To open up week six there is a Thursday Night Game featuring the Philadelphia Eagles at the Carolina Panthers in a game being played at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte , North Carolina ,. It will be interesting to see how Cam Newton of the Panthers acquits himself after being embroiled in a controversy which led to his being dropped by a corporate sponsor for his sexist remarks directed at a female reporter. Newton has since apologized for his comments , but his act of contrition wasn’t all that believable .

    Carolina’s divisional rivals the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coming off their loss to the New England Patriots will be looking to regroup when they take on the Arizona Cardinals in a road game being played at the University of Phoenix Stadium , in Glendale , Arizona ,.

    NFL news

    NFL team injuries

    Carolina Panthers news

    NFL standings (divisional)

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  21. Pat Riley , Micky Arison and Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra will have their work cut out for them as they try to find out what their best lineup is likely to be before they embark on their regular season schedule . Throughout much of the off-season it was felt Riley might seek to reacquaint the team with Dwyane Wade after the veteran opted out of his final year of a contract with the Chicago Bulls . Instead , Wade signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers , reuniting him with close friend LeBron James . The two players could be a real driving force in sending the Cavaliers back to the NBA Playoffs , while also being considered the best team in the Eastern Conference.

    The Miami Heat are currently 2-2 with only two games left on their preseason schedule . Those games will be on the 9th October and the 11th respectively , with their opponents being the Charlotte Hornets and the Washington Wizards , with both contests at the American Airlines Arena in Miami , Florida ,. Miami will begin their regular season with a game against the Orlando Magic .

    Miami point guard Goran Dragic has been rested for much of the preseason as both Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra don’t want ro risk injury to a player who was the team’s most resourceful asset at pivotal points of last season .

    If the Miami Heat are to return to the NBA Playoffs this season then they will have to win no less than forty-eight game to be sure of a playoff berth. Given the makeup of the current roster and with their not being a great deal of offense , defense will have to be atop of their agenda along with some type of leadership coming from a member of this team.

    Miami Heat news

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  22. Jerry Jones as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys is simply proving what a fake @ss wannabe he just happens to be . On the one hand he’s all about patriotsim , moral and honor . Yet he can’t equate that with his own behavior , while questioning his own players’ right to freedom of expression and that of his own actions of a married man with grown children. I guess his love of tight ends and getting his own end-off must go hand in hand ?

    On the field the Dallas Cowboys have been a pale shadow of the team who made the postseason in 2016 . Sophomore quarterack Dak Prescott appears to be struggling through his first few games of the season . Dallas for its part appears to be far from being comfortable, as both defensively as well on offense , they have been very inconsistent .

    In week six the Dallas Cowboys have a bye-week before returning to the field in week seven when they take on the San Francisco 49ers at Levi Strauss Stadium , in Santa Clara , California ,. If the Cowboys are to make the postseason for a second consecutive season , then from hereon-in they will have to play some top-notch football over the remainder of their schedule . Anything less than a 11-5 finish might well place the team out of postseason contention .

    Dallas Cowboys news

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  23. Contrary to popular belief Adrian Peterson was never going to be a great fit as a running back with the New Orleans Saints . The player has been counter productive and proven to be flatout bust for the franchise. Now with a disgruntled coaching staff and front office looking to cut their losses , it is being widely reported Peterson will be traded to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for future conditionary draft pick. The former Minnesota Vikings’ running back had signed a two year deal worth $7 million with the Saints. For the Cardinals who are in need of a productive rusher , I don’t believe the veteran will be able to provide a team am that is among the least productive offenses in the entire NFL this season.

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Cardinals RB Adrian Peterson: Trade ideal but not per request

    By John Weinfuss , ESPN Staff Writer

    Tempe, Arizona : Adrian Peterson’s prayers were answered at around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.

    He was on a conference call with his wife, Ashley, when his phone began ringing and lighting up with text messages, informing him that he was traded from the New Orleans Saints to the Arizona Cardinals. He began searching social media and then turned on the TV to see the breaking news splashed across the screen. He got excited.

    “It was like, ‘Thank you, Jesus,'” Peterson said. “He answers prayers.”

    In his first news conference as a member of the Arizona Cardinals on Wednesday, Peterson said he didn’t push to get traded from the Saints, nor did he ask for a trade, but he was looking to get out of New Orleans.

    “I’ll be lying to you to say that I didn’t want a change of scenery after four weeks of seeing how things played out,” Peterson said. “So, yeah, it was something that I was praying about — ‘Hey, God, I need you to answer this prayer for me. Are you listening to me?’ But in the midst of that, I was still tuned in and locked in.

    Click on link to read this article in full.

    Both the New Orleans Saints and Arizona Cardinals will be in action this weekend , with week-six coming into focus. The Cardinals will be facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home in a game being played on Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile , the Saints will be taking on the Detriot Lions at the Mercedez Benz Stadium , in New Orleans , Louisiana on the 15th October , 2017.

    Adrian Peterson is in the twilight of his career and postseason success for the veteran running back has been fleeting . I doubt that the Arizona Cardinals are likely to have any real success even with Peterson onboard to bolster the team’s productivity .

    NFL news and divisional standings

    NFL team injuries

    NFL transactions

    New Orleans Saints news


  24. The New York Yankees (3-2) have moved on to this season’s ALCS matchup where they will meet the Houston Astros . New York got by the Cleveland Indians (2-3) in riveting fashion winning a tense game-five by the score of 5-3 . This will be the Yankees’ first appearance in the ALCS since 2012 when they lost to the Detroit Tigers in a 4-0 sweep. Matchups between these two teams this season could give us an indicator as to what we ought to expect in this championship series.


  25. Whoop di do Mike Ditka , you retarded @sshole ! All of a sudden your meaningless act of contrition is meant to mean something after your idiotic comments on blacks in America ? If you beliveve that it has been over one hundred years since African-mericans have been oppressed in this country, then your head must’ve been stuck up someone’s @ss or you took way too many hits to the head as a player which resulted in your stupidity. Aging or otherwise , Ditka’s statement show him to be an out of touch individual with about as much common sense as a dried up piece of fecal matter.

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Mike Ditka apologizes for comment on racial oppression

    Published in conjunction with AP (Associated Press)

    CHICAGO (AP) — Mike Ditka has apologized for saying he wasn’t aware of any racial oppression over the last 100 years in the United States.

    Former Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints’ head coach Mike Ditka. (AP Photo)

    The famed Chicago Bears coach came under fire for making the comments during a radio interview on Monday about NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. He issued an apology Tuesday night, saying he was talking about professional football and not society as a whole.

    “I want to clarify statements that I made in an interview with Jim Gray last night,” the Hall of Fame tight end and Super Bowl-winning coach said in a statement to WGN-TV in Chicago. “The characterization of the statement that I made does not reflect the context of the question that I was answering and certainly does not reflect my views throughout my lifetime.

    “I have absolutely seen oppression in society in the last 100 years and I am completely intolerant of any discrimination. The interview was about the NFL and the related issues. That’s where my head was at. I was quoted in the interview stating, ‘You have to be color blind.’ I stated that you should look at a person for what they are and not the color of their skin. I’m sorry if anyone was offended.”

    The interview aired before the Chicago Bears played the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night.

    The 77-year-old Ditka has previously made harsh comments about players who take a knee, which has sparked fierce debate about issues such as patriotism and protest. He said he would bench players who didn’t stand during the anthem.

    Click on link to read this article in full.

    The older Mike Ditka gets the less cognitive he has become . Then again that could be said for many of his contemporaries and fellow Hall of Fame inductees who’ve offered up their thoughts on the latest issue concering the NFL . Ditka rarely spoke out on issues such as player misconduct within the league , while he was a coach or even as a commentator after his retirement , but now all of a sudden, now he can offer up insights concerning racial injustice and oppression as an elderly Caucasian male ? This is what has become so inherent about the country in general and in particular among Caucasians. They’d rather ignore the past , learn nothing from it and simply carry on with their abject apathy on a wide variety of issues. Mike , just a reminder , the NFL it’s precursor as well as contemporary , AFL have not been around for one hundred years. So you’re trying to dilute the matter with your preposterous explanation , indicates you’re an even bigger @sshole than first thought.

    Tophatal ……


  26. Given the issues now being had by both the Miami Dolphins (2-3) and Chicago Bears (1-4) with their lack of offense , specifically quarterback troubles . Pressure is being brought to bear on their respective head coaches . For the Dolphins and Bears this has been a troubling aspect of their game which has resulted in their current records and lack of wins . Heading into week-six both the Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears will be in action with the Dolphins facing the Altanta Falcons (3-1) , while the Bears take on the Baltimore Ravens (3-2) .

    At this point last season heading into week six several of the teams had begun to find a rhythm , but this was not reflective as the season progressed .

    Quarterbacks Mike Glennon and Jay Cutler have a great deal to prove , especially when you consider how they’re being rewarded by their respective teams.

    I don’t think it has played a role in the Miami Dolphins’ abysmal season , but Adam Gase and his coaching staff must be wondering what the hell Chris Foerster was thinking. His resignation / alleged firing after revelations of his using cocaine, while working among the staff as well as for recreational use in the accompaniment of certain females , has now cast a giant shadow over the franchise. Foerster has yet to offer the public an explanation and any act of contrition on his part by apologizing to the Miami Dolphins is likely to fall upon deaf ears.

    Kijuana Nige an exotic dancer at a Miami strip club was known to Chris Foerster (right) and the two are said to have an ongoing intimate relationship.

    Chris Foerster has essentially given a new meaning to the words , ” have a coke and a smile ” .

    Chicago Bears news

    Miami Dolphins news

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  27. Robert Kraft the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots the NFL’s second-most valuable and one of its most profitable franchises is unlikely to rest on his laurels. Since acquring the Patriots , they have made seven Superbowl appearances and along the way they have won four Superbowls with Tom Brady having been named Superbowl MVP on three occasions . Kraft and his executives have carefully nurtured their formula for succcess even if their methods have come into question . Yet there can be no denying the history speaks for itself and the culture within the organization . If the rumors are to be believed and Robert Kraft is spreading his wings elsewhere with regard to a professional sports franchise and his wishing to be an owner of EPL soccer team . Then it seems it will be only a matter of time before it happens. The average price of a team in the Premiership could cost Robert Kraft as much as $2.2 billion , whereas the average price of an NFL franchise is in excees of $3 billion .

    Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

    Robert Kraft ‘ intrigued’ by prospect of owning a Premier League team

    Sporting News

    New England Patriots and New England Revolution owner Robert Kraft has admitted he is “intrigued” by the possibility of owning a Premier League team.

    The American billionaire (pictured , Robert Kraft) has indicated his willingness to own an English top-flight side, although he is put off by the lack of salary cap

    The 76-year-old billionaire would be joining a growing list of American owners in the English top-flight, as Arsenal, Manchester United, Swansea City and Liverpool are all principally owned by investors from the United States.

    Chelsea, Arsenal & Fulham 7/2 all to win

    Kraft, however, who owns two teams that compete in leagues with a salary cap (NFL and MLS), expressed reservations about getting into an uncapped competition like the Premier League.

    “I like to win at whatever I do,” Kraft told BBC Sport.

    “But without a salary cap I’m concerned that we might be at a disadvantage.”

    Despite his hesitation, Kraft did indicate a willingness to potentially join the growing number of Americans invested in Premier League teams.

    “We helped found MLS in America. Our league here is starting to really develop, and with our soccer team we’ve gone to the championship game five times in 21 years.

    Click on link to read article in full.

    The list of foreign owners in the Premiership is quite significant , by comparison , owners in the NFL , other than Shahid Khan , owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars , of which Khan a Pakistani native , now an American citizen also happens to own Fulham FC . It will be interesting to see if either Kraft or Khan can replicate the success seen with of American born owners in the Premiership , namely Stanley Kroenke (Arsenal) , John Henry ( Liverpool) and the Glazer family (Manchester United). Robert Kraft intrigued with owning soccer team is now said to be gauging the possibility of buying Liverpool FC , which is owned by John Henry through Fenway Sports Group who also happens to own the Boston Red Sox . I believe the purchase price , were Henry and his partners amenable to such a sale could very well exceed $2.5 billion or as much as $3 billion as a final price.

    Away from this all, the New England Patriots are off to an inauspicious start (3-2) to their regular season. They sit atop of the AFC East , joined by the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets with the lowly Miami Dolphins sitting at the bottom of the division . Defensively and offensively the Patriots have struggled with the defense in particular being rather susceptible . In week six the New England Patriots will face their divisional rivals the New York Jets in a game being played on the road at MetLife Stadium , East Rutherford , New Jersey. How New England rounds out their season will also be predicated on the play of veteran quarterback Tom Brady. As he goes , then so does this team in various aspects of their game .

    New England Patriots’ news

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  28. It would be foolish of the Boston Red Sox to contemplate the firing of John Farrel as the manager of the team in the wake of their ALDS loss to the Houston Astros . The real blame doesn’t lie with the managerial staff , but with the players and their lack of productivity seen in the series against the Astros. If there’s fault to be apportioned anywhere then it has to be with the veterans on the roster who failed to step up to the plate. The likelihood is however John Farrell will be made the ‘fall guy ‘ and the front office will bring in their own guy.

    For Boston Red Sox Team President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski , this off season will be a tough one as decisions will have to be made concerning the playing staff , its long-term future as well as assessing the players within their farm system. Either the Red Sox go out and spend big or simply pare down the payroll in the coming season with the hope that the young talent who produced during the regular season will raise the level of their play in 2018. Of the players on the Red Sox roster whom I believe Dave Dombrowski out to reward by signing him to a long-term deal . Mitch Moreland should be one those players kept. Moreland’s timely hitting was needed and a deal commensurate with a player of his stature .

    It is becoming clear after a season of promise the Boston Red Sox failed when it mattered the most and the customary thing might well be the firing of the manager, but in such a case I don’t believe it is justified. The flaws were there for all to see as the postseason got underway for the team. They were always facing an uphill battle against the team I believe to be the best in the AL for much of the season !!!!

    Boston Red Sox news

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  29. Not so long ago superlatives were being used to describe how good Eli Manning was said to be, having led the New York Giants to two Superbowl victories within the space of five years. With the departure of Tom Coughlan , the Giants have simply taken a downward spiral into oblivion and yet the hype about an overrated wide reciever still continues. Odell Beckham Jr has yet to step up to the plate and show that he’s a leader , especially on a team where Manning is now clearly in decline, while he is certainly being overpaid . At 0-5 the Giants are among the worst teams in the NFC as well the league overall . It’s hard to see anyway in which they can turn around their season when their rookies , sophomores and veterans are a complete frigging mess on both sides of the ball. New York’s coaching staff headed by Ben McAdoo is completely devoid of ability and what might be even worse is the very fact the front office is not even sure of what they need to do at this juncture.

    When all else fails , you can rely on these two (Eli Manning , left and Odell Beckham Jr) to play the ‘class clowns’ while being overpaid .

    In week six the New York Giants will be in action in spite of their injury woes . They are due to face the Denver Broncos (3-1) in a road game at Sports Authority Field in Denver , Colorado on Sunday 15th October . A loss for the Giants and they can pretty much be counted out for the rest of the season. Not even Jesus could raise this carcass from the dead !!!

    Ben McAdoo , he’s actually an NFL head coach and not a member of Boy Bands (N-Sync or NKOTB) .

    Eli Manning might well get into the Hall of Fame solely based on his postseason exploits of those two Superbowl victories , but at the end of the day, when judged against many of his contemporaries , he might well be looked on favorably , but the one thing telling , has been the lack of consistency and actual leadership ability .

    New York Giants news

    Tophatal ………………. 10/12/2017 10:21 pm


  30. The Chicago Cubs pulled off a thrilling win in game five of their NLDS matchup beating the Washington Nationals (2-3) . This will certainly lead to serious ramifications and repurcussions for the Nationals’ organization moving forward. Chicago will be making their second consecutive appearance in the NLCS in the last two years , with the chance now to go on to the World Series and the possibility of repeating as champions. Last night’s game was one of missed opportunities for the Nationals. For players such as Stephen Strasburg , Gio Gonzalez and Bryce Harper this could be the beginning of the end. Clearly there will have to be changes made concerning the playing staff as the front office knows this clearly was a chance to make amends from earlier opportunities in the postseason. GM Mike Rizzo will now seek to do whatever it takes to keep the core elements of this team in place . Gonzalez , Harper , Strasburg and Max Scherzer will have to be part of the Washington Nationals moving forward if this franchise is to have any chance winning their first title. Dusty Baker as the manager of the Nationals might not be in jepoardy of losing his position but I am quite sure this will come under advisement .

    Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg are clients of uber-agent Scott Boras and it is well known Boras likes to push up the scale of earnings for his clients. If the rumors are to be believed , Harper is seeking to become one of the higest paid players in the game and clearly Giancarlo Stanton’s contract appears to be the benchmark for any future dealings Boras will have for Bryce Harper.

    Joe Maddon and his managerial staff are on the cusp of making history for the ball-club and it is clear when they go into the NLCS against the Los Angeles Dodgers this could be a very exciting matchup . The Cubs’ pitching and offense were the key ingredients in their winning the series against the Washington Nationals. Game one of the NLCS will begin on Saturday 14th October , with Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers facing a yet to be named pitching opponent likely to be Jake Arrieta .

    Chicago Cubs news

    Los Angeles Dodgers news


  31. The Opening Game of the week-six schedule in the NFL pitted the Philadelphia Eagles ( 5-1) in an NFC matchup against the Carolina Panthers (4-2) . The two opposing quarterbacks Carson Wentz of the Eagles and Cam Newton of the Panthers with the Eagles’ quarterback clearly outplaying his counterpart . Philadelphia increased their divisional lead while also pushing their standing up within the NFC . Carson Wentz has been on a tear for the Eagles leading them off to a fast start with team head coach Doug Pederson clearly liking what he has seen from his sophomore quarterback , taken in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft .

    This loss clearly places pressure on Cam Newton to lead the Carolina Panthers by example and given his recent off the field issues , Newton is not at his best . Given the inconsistency seen within the NFC East the
    Philadelphia Eagles are now in the driver’s seat. Both teams will be in action during week seven with the Philadelphia Eagles facing the Washington Redskins (2-2). Meanwhile the Carolina Panthers will take on the Chicago Bears (1-4).

    NFL news

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  32. NBA results since 4th October and the standings to date . Friday’s games are still in session. Of the contests scheduled tonight , the most interesting might well be the matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers . These two teams could end up fighting for the breadcrumbs within the Pacific Division at the end of the regular season .

    NBA news

    NBA schedule 13th October

    This month in NBA history

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  33. Week seven of College Football got off to an interesting start . Games being played in the SEC should be of vital importance to the teams within conference. The number one ranked program in the country, Alabama (6-0) will be on the field looking to extend their unbeaten record when they take on Arkansas . Elsewhere , [ Jim McElwain will be looking to see if Florida can make sense of their season after some uncharacterstic losses this season when they face Texas A&M at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville , Florida ,.

    NCAA Football

    NCAA Football schedule (FBS) week 7

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  34. Well the weekend schedule has been set for the beginning of the Championship Series in Major League Baseball . The opening salvos have been fired in the ALCS with the Houston Astros taking game one against the New York Yankees , with Dallas Keuchel of the Astros getting the better of Masahiro Tanaka of the Yankees .

    Opening game of the NLCS will have the Los Angeles Dodgers playing host to the Chicago Cubs at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles , California .

    MLB news

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  35. These are dire times for all things sports in the city of Miami, be it at the professional level or collegiate . New owners with the Miami Marlins are now talking about slashing the team’s payroll down to $90 million for 2018 . This will likely mean Derek Jeter , Bruce Sherman and the other executives , have come to the hard decision and fact , saving money will be first and foremost at the head of their thinking , rather than seeking to be competitive . Bear in mind Miami has among the lowest attendance rates in all of baseball.

    Miami Marlins’ principal owner , managing partner Bruce Sherman , left is seen here with the team’s CEO Derek Jeter.

    The recent changes also within the Miami Marlins’ front office , brings in a new regime and it is clear that Derek Jeter in his new capacity is seeking to streamline various aspects of the Marlins’ business template. There are several free agents on the team’s roster who I do not believe will be returning for the 2018 season . but the biggest issue may well lie in the fact , they will certainly have to deal with Giancarlo Stanton and the possibility he will become the sacrificial lamb if the organization seeks to cut payroll. Stanton still has ten years remaining on his $325 million deal signed with the Marlins in 2015 . It is highly unlikely there will be that many takers for the player in spite of his prodigious ability. The only major players I believe who would be willing to acquire the Marlins’ slugger would be the Los Angeles Dodgers or the New York Yankees . Both teams given their ability and willingness to pay in excess of $25 million a year . It doesn’t seem out of the realms of reality either would be interested in a player of Stanton’s ability .

    Giancrlo Stanton has publicly made it known he has no wish to be part of a rebuilding process , if it is at the expense of the Miami Marlins being non-competitive . He’s drawn a line in the sand and now it is left in the hands of Derek Jeter and his business partners to make a tough decision. Without Stanton the Marlins become a team of also-rans , incapable of competing with the best. The next best player on the roster without a doubt is Marcell Ozuna and if the Marlins are seeking to drop payroll to $90 million or under , it would make them among the lowest salaried teams in 2018 .

    Giancarlo Stanton (left) is seen here with teammate Marcell Ozuna .

    Miami Marlins news (press releases) and latest team news

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  36. Week seven results from College Football with the conference standings and rankings . Next week’s schedule will begin with a slew of games starting on Thursday 19th October . Of those games the biggest matchup of the day might well be the contest between Tennessee (Volunteers) taking on the number one ranked Alabama (Crimson Tide) in a game being in Tuscaloosa , Alabama . The SEC continually remains the powerhouse within College Football and there are some significant contests taking place during week eight.

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  37. With the NFL likely to be taking up much of the news this sporting weekend with week six of the regular season schedule . There are some significant sports’ news stories being played out across the panacea . In the MLB Postseason the Houston Astros have now jumped out to a 2-0 lead over the New York Yankees in the best of their seven-game (ALCS) series . I would hate to think that the Yankees are not able to put up a fight against their AL rivals in this series. Game two took place on Saturday evening at Minute Maid Park in Houston , Texas with the heroes of the night being Carlos Correa and Justin Verlander of the Astros . Houston’s defense pinned down the Yankees’ offense and made them look impotent.

    In the NLCS it is the Los Angeles Dodgers who have taken a 1-0 lead over their opponent the Chicago Cubs with the Dodgers’ victory coming on Friday night as Yasiel Puig and his teammates took the opening game of the series . Game two takes place on Sunday evening with starting pitchers Jon Lester of the Cubs facing Rich Hill of the Dodgers .

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  38. With his team in considerable trouble and performing way below expectation after a terrific 2016 campaign . Jerry Jones , erstwhile owner of the Dallas Cowboys has made it known that any player refusing to stand and pay homage to the national anthem will be suspended from the team . Last I looked a player’s right to free speech was not a cause to be fired or violates a team’s rules or can be considered misconduct as governed by the NFL’s rules or even rules set by Cowboys themselves, just as long as those actions were not unlawful . Jones is stepping into an area where he wants things done by his rules and one else’s . It seems rather asinine that the owner would act in such a way , , but sought to be so lenient when dealing with the antics of player misconduct when it came current and former players such as Dez Bryant , Adam ‘Pacman ‘ Jones and Greg Hardy . In such circumstances for Jones , it was all about winning and had nothing to do with the public perception of these players being wantoned criminals , misogynists or just plain sexual predators. Hypocrisy on such a level by an aging , philandering idiot such as Jerry Jones clearly shows why the league , owners and league hierarchy filled with predominantly middle-aged Caucasian , far-right leaning males have no idea about the real world and the social issues of the day .

    Jerry Jones is seen here with his son Stephen Jones , an executive with the Dallas Cowboys .

    Current Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott had a sensational rookie season taking the team into the postseason while leading them with a great deal of maturity. This season with a rather lackluster record (2-2) and heading into week six and with the team having a bye, they will likely see the Philadelphia Eagles increase their lead within the NFC East . Dallas’ slip can be put down to two things , Jason Garrett’s coaching staff has remained stagnant while the team’s rookies and sophomores have not shown the progress sought.

    With no game in week six , the Dallas Cowboys will head into week seven looking to bounce back with a solid victory . Dallas will be on the road when they face the abject and abysmal San Francisco 49ers (0-5) . Taking Colin Kaepernick out of the equation and it is clear the Forty Niners are an organization in over its head , with a team and coaching staff unsure of what direction they are meant to be heading in. GM Jon Lynch made the decision to hire Kyle Shanahan as the team’s head coach and that hire is now proving to be a monumental disaster .

    Jon Lynch could very well be making another executive decision at the end of this season , with the dismissal of Kyle Shanahan and the entire coaching staff. Beyond that , there is also the issue of the playing staff and how abysmal they have looked over the course of this season. If Brian Hoyer is meant to be your starting quarterback then you might as well be pitching your tent in quicksand , because Hoyer is a player of limited ability .

    Brian Hoyer (left) seen here as a player with the Chicago Bears is centerfield with Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys.

    Dallas Cowboys news

    San Francisco 49ers news

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  39. The NFC North is now up for grabs with the announcement that Green Bay Packers’ starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers has suffered a broken collarbone , likely to be lost to the team for the rest of the regular season . Rodgers had been one of the primary reasons to see the Packers as a favorite within the division and a preseason favorite to make the postseason. Instead , in the blink of an Mike McCarthy and his coaching staff are at a crossroads. Do they seek to get a backup quarterback , a free agent most likely or rely on someone from their depth chart ? Colin Kaepernick remains available and given the flack notwithstanding there are doubts as to whether or not the front office would be interested in signing Kaepernick to a deal. The player has since filed a grievance against the NFL . citing collusion among the hierarchy and owners . Should the case take place in Federal Court there is a feeling , Colin Kaepernick could be facing an uphill battle to win his case , but at the same time evidence cannot be ignored and neither can the behavior of the owners as well Commissioner Roger Goodell and the caustic remarks by President Donald Trump .

    If the Green Bay Packers do make a decision to promote second string Brett Hundley , it will be interesting to see what the second-year quarterback is capable of doing for the team. In week seven the Green Bay Packers will be on the field to face the New Orleans Saints at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin. Meetings between these two teams have always been very entertaining and at times high-scoring events , most notably over their last seven contests . If the Packers fail to make the postseason in 2017 , then it will be for only the third time since Mike McCarthy became the Head Coach in 2006 .

    Aaron Rodgers (12) is seen here with teammate Brett Hundley , the Packers’ backup quarterback.

    Brett Hundley will likely get the chance to lead the Green Bay Packers over the remainder of the season , but I do feel it would be in Mike McCarthy’s best interest to also get another quarterback on the roster , even if it isn’t Colin Kaepernick !

    Green Bay Packers news

    Tophatal …………


  40. The MLB Postseason moves along with the League Championship Series within the AL and NL . In last night’s game the New York Yankees (1-2) thrashed the Houston Astros (2-1) by the score of 8-1 . It was the biggest loss suffered by the Astros during this postseason. These two teams will be back on the diamond at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night when the opposing pitchers will be Sonny Gray of the Yankees against Lance McCullers Jr of the Astros .

    The NLCS between the Chicago Cubs (0-2) and Los Angeles Dodgers (2-0) seems to be taking on a life of its own, with the Dodgers now making light work of their opponents . With game-three being a pivotal point of the series , the Cubs cannot afford to down 3-0 with a third consecutive loss. Yu Darvish of the Dodgers will be on the mound to face Kyle Hendricks of the Cubs.

    MLB news

    Tophatal ………


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