The Old Man And The Sea ………

The Old Man And The Sea

Of late, with all of the political in-fighting , backbiting and basic nonsense that seems to encapsulate the landscape of American politics on the domestic and international front . I’ve begun to take a look at some of the asinine things now out in print within the various news’ formats and social media platforms. The latest piece de resistance would appear to be the issue of what is meant to be ‘ White Privilege’ . From my own perspective I simply believe it to be the social basis, whereby Caucasians will continue to cling to power , be it politically, socially and economically. The fact that in large part, they feel it is being perpetuated by minorities when in fact, minorities have never been seen or be treated as their equal is somewhat perplexing, but here we are at a point in the nation’s history, where a President can simply be bold enough to insult a panacea of ethnic groups and it’s seen as his right as freedom of speech , while he also claims to be uniting the country as a whole.

Last I looked , President Donald Trump had little understanding of the rule of law let alone the Constitution. Be that as it may, nine months into his Presidential reign , his supporters remain staunch in their support while his detractors continue to look for ways to take him down.

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Away from the political landscape , the World Series is now in progress and the two best teams in baseball are now providing the fans with what should be an exciting series. I believe this series could and should go to a full seven games given the abilities of the two teams, the AL’s Houston Astros and the NL’s Los Angles Dodgers . The Dodgers have the highest payroll in the game as well as being among the best supported teams in baseball. Dave Roberts and his Houston counterpart, AJ Hinch could be up for managerial honors in 2017 , given their achievements this season. As for the teams themselves, after the first two games , they’re now square at one game apiece with game-three set to take place on Friday night at Minute Maid Field in Houston , Texas. The opposing pitchers will be Yu Darvish of the Los Angeles Dodgers against Lance McCullers Jr of the Houston Astros.

Not to take away from the spectacle of the World Series , but the other big story within the game has been the New York Yankees making the decision not to renew the contract of team manager Joe Girard . His four-year contract was due to expire and it was thought the front office might well be leaning towards a renewal . It wasn’t to be and after ten years in charge , Girardi is out the door and no chance his making another $16-$20 million over the next four years. Luckily enough with vacancies now in Washington with the Washington Nationals and Philadelphia with the Philadelphia Phillies, Girardi has his pick of two viable alternatives. Though I do expect there to be one or two more possible vacancies coming up within the next few weeks.

Joe Girardi was able to guide the New York Yankees to a World Series’ title in 2009 , but since then, their appearances in the postseason have often ended in failure before the Fall Classic itself. Brian Cashman general manager of the Yankees’ organization is also in the last season of his existing contract and the siblings controlling the ball-club, Hal Steinbrenner and Hank Steinbrenner have not expressed their sentiments in keeping Cashman in his current role. If changes are to be made concerning the roles of the manager and general manager then now would be the time to do it. Gary Denbo was allowed to leave the organization to join Derek Jeter within the front office of the Miami Marlins , where Jeter now serves in the role of Chief Executive Officer while Denbo serves in his capacity as Vice President, Player Development & Scouting .

In terms of a new manager, where the New York Yankees go from here is anyone’s guess , as they could promote from within to fill the vacancy left with the departure of Joe Girardi or they could go out and seek a more high-profiled name to succeed Girardi. One thing is certain , the core of this roster , where several of the younger players made their mark this season. It leaves this ball-club in a very healthy situation, though I do believe several of their highly overpaid veterans ought to be shown the door because of their lack of productivity. I don’t believe there can be any justification for the return of CC Sabathia , Matt Holliday , Jacoby Ellsbury , Michael Pineda and Aroldis Chapman . I know that the Yankees like to do things a certain way , but when you’re shelling out over $20 million a year and getting very little in return . Then , there comes a time when you have to rethink your strategy entirely.

Ideas above their station and the belief, they continue to remain relevant . It has been several years since the Florida Gators were striking fear into their opponents. This season , the only thing being struck are the players’ egos , as they realize they’re way in over their heads, while the coaching staff of Jim McElwain looks to take down not an opponent, but fans who have become sick and tired of the mediocrity shown by the team . After a recent game , McElwain could be seen berating a fan who called for the dismissal of the entire coaching staff. It’s funny , I was under the impression some college coaches were thick-skinned. Clearly, Jim McElwain’s skin is softer than a baby’s ass and is of a really delicate nature . The loss to Texas A&M brought about the capitulation of the Gators’ season and the end to their postseason hopes of a playoff berth. Up next for the Florida Gators will be a game against the number three-ranked Georgia (Bulldogs) to be played at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville , Florida on Saturday 28th October , 2017 .

Nick Saban will continue to rewrite the history books in terms of modern College Football . His legacy is there for all to bear witness to. With the number one ranked team in the nation , Saban has Alabama (8-0) firing on all cylinders as they look to have another unbeaten season. Their upset loss in the national title game to Clemson were what dreams are made off as Clemson in a game of cat-and-mouse , beat their more well-established opponent . The path to this season’s national title game will be a pleasant one for Alabama , as they have nothing else left to lose , other than their dignity. Dabo Sweeny and his fans knows that the program still has a great deal to live up to . In week nine Clemson will to face Georgia Tech . Alabama for its part will be looking to make it nine consecutive wins in a row when they take on LSU (Tigers) on the 4th November , 2017 .

The number of unbeaten teams in the NBA now stands at three , with the Los Angeles Clippers (3-0) , Portland Trailblazers (3-0) and the San Antonio Spurs (4-0) being the only franchises without a loss. Pretty much safe to say by the end of the season all of the teams will have suffered a defeat . On Thursday night there were five games taking place with the most interesting being the contest between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics . For the Bucks, Giannis Antetkounmpo has lived up to the expectations based on his performances of last season for the team . This season Antetkounmpou has proven to be equally effective alongside a considerably improved starting lineup. The next game for the Milwaukee Bucks will be a match-up against the Atlanta Hawks on the road at the Philips Arena in Atlanta , Georgia on October 29th .

At this moment in time I believe Giannis Antetkounmpo to be one of the top-ten centers in the league and among the best forwards now playing !

It will certainly be interesting to see what the Milwaukee Bucks are capable of achieving this season within their division as well as the league overall . I don’t see them a s fifty-win team, but they are certainly able to play themselves into contention, f we see the coaching acumen of Jason Kidd rise to the fore. He is by far in a way one of the most innovative coaches in the league today , though not yet on the plateau of Gregg Popovich , the five-time championship winning coach. Popovich has been able to coach All Stars , but he has also been able to groom and develop talent turning them into All Stars . Those claims cannot be made for the likes of Phil Jackson , Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra , because they were handed the keys to a Ferrari and then merely asked to take it for a spin before going on their respective journeys. Doubt my word , then simply look at the facts ?

Gregg Popovich continues to be a miracle worker and his record is remarkable. This season the San Antonio Spurs are without their best player , Kawhi Leonard , but somehow they remain in contention . Once Leonard is back in the starting lineup , then I expect to see this team really challenge the likes of the Golden State Warriors , Houston Rockets , Los Angeles Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder within the Western Conference . As contentious and competitive as that conference continues to be , by contrast the Eastern Conference will remain mediocre. Those who are on the know cannot deny that very fact. Popovich will lead the San Antonio Spurs out for their next game against the Orlando Magic , as he seeks to win the one thousand one hundred and fifty-fifth regular season of his professional coaching career.

Injuries we know tend to plague a season no matter what the professional sport and it is the case once again within the NBA. How the teams fare will be dependent upon what the coaches seek to do in rearranging their lineups from day to-day. Midway into month-three of the schedule , I believe the teams will have found their rhythm while playing some competitive basketball.

So all of the hoopla and hype cannot hide the fact of what we already know , the Miami Dolphins are not a very good team . Having lost Ryan Tannehill for the regular season , the front office saw fit to seek out the retired Jay Cutler , offer him a one-year $10 million deal . Adam Gase seemingly had no faith in Matt Moore who led the team to the postseason in 2016 , in one of the Dolphins’ most recent appearances. Cutler’s lack of consistency has derailed any hopes they may have had within the AFC East as well as obtaining a postseason berth within the AFC . The team’s defense cannot mask the fact they’re simply not that good to begin with. With Jay Cutler now suffering an injury , it would appear team owner Stephen Ross will continue to tow the league line by having nothing to do with Colin Kaepernick . This might well come from the fact in recent weeks under the advice of his legal counsel , Kaepernick has filed a grievance within the US Federal Courts with the charges of collusion by the NFL and team owners . There may well be grounds for the suit, but the preponderance of proof will be by that of the plaintiff and his being able to prove his case. However , what has been glaringly obvious team owners have paid this issue very little lip service , while NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell continues to hide behind a great deal of rhetoric while in the background. What also is astoundingly clear, the NFLPA leadership and their Executive Director DeMaurice Smith have shown very little support for Kaepernick.

The Baltimore Ravens played host to the Miami Dolphins in a Thursday night game played at London’s Wembley Stadium . This match-up proved to be eventful as Joe Flacco was lost the Ravens , even though they routed their opponents in a 40- 0 clubbing of Miami. Matt Moore’s performance itself was far from satisfactory and it should tell you something that prior to the start of the game , Miami had seen fit to sign David Fales to a contract. As I alluded to earlier , I do believe there are grounds for Colin Kaepernick to proceed with his suit against the NFL. Now his detractors are likely to suggest that Kaepernick is not that great a player if you base it on his play during 2016 , but I would suggest he is far from being the worst quarterback in the league last season and his statistics would be favorable over number of players in the league who have played two or more games in the league during this season . If we really want to make comparisons concerning the ability of Colin Kaepernick and how he measures up against Jay Cutler and Joe Flacco , perhaps we might take a look at their statistics .

As for understanding the reasons behind Colin Kaepernick’s stance , let’s just say when it comes to real activism by the NFL , it tends to favor their making money and placing what they believe to be a pristine image rather than actually taking a noticeable stance. As for the issue of privilege , be it Black or White , let’s just say that whole issue has never been addressed in the true sense of the word . Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones suggests that the players on the Cowboys’ roster are his property. Last I looked, in spite of their current mediocre record , the Cowboys wasn’t a plantation , but I am beginning to deduce Jones’ slave mentality approach is something that might be shared by several of his fellow owners .

Donald Trump’s idiotic rants calling for the NFL players to be fired from their teams for showing a lack of patriotism when the national anthem is played., indicates he has no concept as to the rule of law , let alone the issue of free speech ( freedom of expression) , yet he considers it appropriate to denigrate people of color and the families of fallen war veterans , using the language and tact you’d come to expect of a highly uneducated person. My bad , I forgot his education at Brown University and Wharton Business School actually allows him that privilege. Bigoted ‘white privilege ‘ run amok . Jerry Jones like Donald Trump , they don’t lack candor , but what they do lack, is respect for another person’s right to express themselves freely. What might be even more hypocritical about the owner , has been his willingness to support players on his team who’ve ran afoul of the law under suspicion for acts of battery , spousal abuse and even felonious assault. The reason behind his support , simply from the fact, it would lessen the chance of the Dallas Cowboys winning a game.

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Simply chime in with a comment as you see fit with regard to the points raised within this a rticle.

Tophatal …….. 10/26/2017


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  1. Is there really a reason for Jim McElwain to act like a bit#h ? I bet if the criticism were leveled at him if the team were winning and playing badly , his @ss wouldn’t have bat an eyelid .

    Tophatal …….


  2. New Marlin partner Jeter dissed the fan base by shitcanning “Mr. Marlin” Jeff Connine. Then, later offering him a demotion at half salary. He also fired Andre Dawson and Tony Perez. Mercifully, he let Jack MacKeon go. Jeter’s frivolous cost cutting and burning the wrong bridges ain’t gonna cut it. Stanton? HE GONE.


    1. Ronbets

      Gators’ head coach Jim McElwain claims he and the players on the football team have received death threats. He should consider himself lucky fans of the Florida Gators aren’t Colombian , otherwise , those death threats would have already been carried out. Some years ago a member of the Colombian World Cup soccer squad was shot to death by Medellin drug cartel members, because of a mistake made on the field during a World Cup game.

      Tophatal ………….


    2. Ronbets

      Houston Texans owner and billionaire mogul Robert McNair should either keep his goddamn mouth shut or if he has something to say about social activism , he should at least show some intelligence. What we’re seeing from the likes of Jerry Jones and McNair and to a lesser extent from Steve Biscotti , is the very fact middle aged Caucasian males with a great deal of money are simply out of touch with reality as well as so many other things which touch the lives of ordinary Americans. They’re merely following the trend now being set by the likes of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon . A Klan-bake and KKK rally now seems to be the order of the day .

      Texans’ owner Robert McNair.

      Courtesy of USA Today

      Texans owner Bob McNair apologizes for ‘inmates’ comment on NFL players

      By Lindsay H Jones , USA Today

      Houston Texans owner Bob McNair issued an apology Friday after a story by ESPN’s Outside the Lines quoted him as making an offensive statement during NFL owners meetings last week.

      In a discussion about player protests during the national anthem, and the effects the protests were having on NFL business, McNair said, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison,” according to a story by ESPN’s Seth Wickersham and Don Van Natta. ESPN reported that NFL vice president of football operations, Troy Vincent, a longtime NFL player, was offended, and McNair later apologized personally.

      He extended that apology Friday after the story’s publication.

      “I regret that I used that expression. I never meant to offend anyone and I was not referring to our players,” McNair wrote in a statement released by the Texans. “I used a figure of speech that was never intended to be taken literally. I would never characterize our players or our league that way and I apologize to anyone who was offended by it.”

      McNair has been a donor to President Donald Trump, and is viewed in the league as an ally to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the lone NFL owner to publicly state he would bench players for protesting during the national anthem.

      MORE: NFL player protests are leading to positive change

      KAP INVITED: NFL looking forward to Colin Kaepernick joining meetings on social issues

      UNITED: 49ers, police unions unite to address issues behind NFL protests, call for bump stock ban

      Owners did not vote to change league policy to require players to stand during the anthem. ESPN reported that only nine owners were in favor of such a rule change.

      The current game operations manual states that players “should” stand.


      Click on link to read this article in full.

      In light of Robert McNair’s idiotic comments , his apology lacked real contrition and will likely offend the black players as well as white players on the roster.

      The rules as specified in the NFL manual does not state the players should stand while the national anthem is being played. Clearly , once again this is an owner simply wanting to make up the rules as he deems fit.

      Tophatal ………..


  3. Tophat,

    Dallas and Miami crash and burn? Why the animosity? The Dolphins maybe but “America’s Team”? The plantation owner has TOO MUCH POWER. What other NFL franchise has the type of clout to stay a Zeke Elliott’s suspension? Goodell has to go!!


    1. Ronbets

      Roger Goodell won’t be going anywhere , anytime soon , because too many of the owners still like the job that he’s doing and that is to make them a whole lot of money . However , plans are in motion for DeMaurice Smith to be voted out as the Executive Director of the NFLPA (union).

      Robert Kraft’s relationship with Roger Goodell is now beyond repair , so much so , that the two barely exchange words when in public on official business. It’s said they communicate through intermediaries all of the time. One should remember Kraft along with Jerry Jones and Robert McNair were among the commissioner’s biggest supporters in his succeeding Paul Tagliabue as the NFL Commissioner.

      Tophatal …………


  4. Ronbets

    I’ve never liked Stephen Ross as the owner of the Miami Marlins . He’s seeking to do a Jeffrey Loria and fleece the city of Miami as well as Miami Dade County as he wants both governmental agencies to pay for the refurbishing of the newly named Hard Rock Stadium in Hialeah , Florida . Bear in mind the city of Miami and the county already on the hook , financially, for Marlins Stadium built at the cost of over $675 million , but because of how the venue was financed , it could end up costing over $2 billion , because of how the capital was raised for the financing ….. done in the bond markets. The city of Miami is badly ran , hemorrhaging red ink all over the place and the county agency continues to be mismanaged, yet the likes of Loria and Ross can continue to $hit on these officials.

    Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross .

    Jerry Jones might not have meant to offend anyone with the comment, but stating that the players on the roster are his property smacks of a slave owner on a Southern plantation . This being the same very Jerry Jones who goes to bat for players who assault females , as if it’s confetti being thrown at a bride and groom celebrating their nuptials. The likes of Dez Bryant , A dam Pacman Jones , Greg Hardy and Ezekiel Elliot have all been given the blessing of the owner , who looks the other way when it comes to their behavior , simply because he wants to win . This is the sort of hypocrisy being exhibited within the NFL , while Jones and that carbuncle Donald Trump talk about patriotism. #Fuck the both of them , because they’re frigging ignorant and have no frigging idea about its meaning ( patriotism) . Does anyone even remember the insults thrown by Donald Trump at the family members of Itzhak Khan , whose son (Arab-American Muslim) died in Afghanistan saving the lives of his fellow US military comrades ? I guess not !!!!!

    How Jerry Jones actually sees his players when he’s talking about patriotism . All of the players on the roster will now be referred to as Toby.

    Tophatal …….


  5. So after a demoralizing defeat suffered at the hands of conference rivals the Baltimore Ravens , the Miami Dolphins will look to start Jay Cutler at quarterback for their week-nine game against the< Oakland Raiders in a match-up being played at the Hard Rock Stadium , in Hialeah Gardens , Florida . Head coach Adam Gase believes the veteran quarterback Jay Cutler game offers the team the best chance to win the contest. Cutler at best , has been mediocre , some might even say downright abysmal .

    What has Jay Cutler shown the fans this season which is said to be worth $10 million ?


  6. Question to you Tophat………..

    If the NYYankees advanced to the World Series and either won or were very competitive do you think Cashman and Boss Jr. force out Girardi?
    It wudda been a PR disaster, but I still think the writing was on the wall. His replacement will be under plenty of scutiny and don’t be surprised if he under performs they pull an old Steinbrenner trick(Martin) and bring back Girardi.


  7. Ronbets

    Joe Girardi has been lucky enough to see the younger players on the roster really perform this season , because he sure as hell didn’t see anything at all from the senior veterans on this team. CC Sabathia some hinted had a resurgence . Well if they’re talking about his weight then I might agree , but as a starting pitcher he was simply awful . It’s the same too for Matt Holliday , Jacoby Ellsbury and all of these guys were earning well in excess of $15 million a year for this season alone . I personally believe the time was right for the dismissal of Girardi , but I also believe they should have shown the door to GM Brian Cashman . He (Cashman) has never been able to build a team from scratch and has typically relied on acquiring high-priced players were close to their sell-by date or simply failed to meet expectations.

    When it’s all said and done , Joe Girardi had lost the respect of his players , because he didn’t make demands of the veterans and he sure as hell didn’t know how to communicate with the younger players on the team.

    Heading into next season the makeup of the New York Yankees’ roster should look something like this along with some names from their farm system . I would expect the payroll to be North of $184 million dependent on which of their free agents return and the players they might choose to acquire via free agency .

    New York Yankees press releases and Yankees’ news

    Tophatal ……………..


  8. Week nine of College Football got underway with a slew of games on Friday night before Saturday’s big slate of contests . This just in , Florida State are not having their best season ever. The Seminoles fell to Boston College in a lopsided game losing by the score of 35-3 . Jimbo Fisher after the game was heard to have said ” I should be in Jim McElwain’s shoes receiving death threats “.

    NCAA Football

    Tophatal ………….


  9. The Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks are among the two worst teams in the NBA at present. Both are struggling to make some headway this season. Gar Forman and John Paxson have some real issues to address because this lineup doesn’t have what it takes to win consistently . Nikola Mirotic
    has been the best player on the Bulls’ roster this season for much of last season . Unfortunately , for the Chicago Bulls Nikola Mirotic now wants out of Chicago because of the lack of consistency and what appears to be discord among the players , coaches and front office .

    In their most recent game the Chicago Bulls defeated the Atlanta Hawks by the score of 91-86 . On Saturday they will be back on the court when they play host to the Oklahoma City Thunder .

    Chicago Bulls news

    Tophatal ………….


  10. If I hire a white man over a black man without knowing situation, some would call me a racist. BS. If Tophat hires a black man over an Asian some would call him a racist. The term is used too loosely and it mimics “McCarthyism”. You wanna know true racist tells? Look up Yuli Gurriel and Shaq O’Neil.


      1. You’re missing my point. Race baiters without knowing any of the particulars automatically will assume bias if their ilk is not hired.


        1. Ronbets ….

          Race-baiting has been around since the country came into existence and both sides of the political aisle continue to fan the flames of ignorance . Donald Trump continues to take it that bit further than most. Do we need the ignorance of Jerry Jones and Robert McNair to further illustrate the point ?

          Tophatal ……


  11. Ronbets

    Do you believe the likes of Jerry Jones and Robert McNair should be allowed to get away with their most recent antics in terms of the comments made ? Jones with his comment about players being his property . McNair (Texans’ owner) likening the players to being hardened criminals. That’s the type of ignorance that continues to go unchecked , just as it is with Donald Trump and his continued behavior. How that mother-fu#ker (Trump) got away with disrespecting the family of a Gold Star recipient is beyond me , but yet he states , he has respect for members of the military ? Trump is a goddamn mother-fuc#ing hypocrite and a lot of what he says , are the utterings of a frigging imbecile .

    As for the incident concerning Yuli Gurriel , there’s outrage because it happened in the World Series , baseball’s showcase event of the postseason. Had that been a regular season game, what do you believe would be said or done by the team’s management let alone the league hierarchy ? Nothing has been done by the Astros or MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and I don’t expect anything to be done at all. This is the environment created of discord , it has been exploited by both political parties , as well as by the fringe elements of the Left and Right. It is now a fabric of the American way of life and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because in reality the advances made are not as great as the majority would like to believe. Because a black man can vote , it doesn’t mean he will be respected by his white counterpart. Steve Bannon is proof that and his editorials for Breitbart (he’s the co-founder and Editor In Chief) are proof of that fact .

    As for Shaquille O’Neal in spite of his alleged intelligence and educational background (M Ed) , he still comes across as a child in a grown man’s body . My bad, Shaq did go on to pursue his Doctorate in Education , passed and can now be called a Doctor . WTF !!!!!!! .

    Whenever I’ve hired someone it has never been about their race, but their ability to get the job done , understanding of what’s needed and qualifications. In the military , it was about camaraderie , respect and that is how I based the decisions I had to make then and even now in my professional and private life.

    Tophatal …………..


  12. Ronbets …

    Baseball’s bark is worse than its bite . It has no teeth and with a hierarchy made up of middle-aged and predominantly white males , why would anyone think that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred would seek to impose an immediate suspension of the Houston Astros’ outfielder Yuli Gurriel for his racially derogatory and insensitive remarks aimed at Yu Darvish of the Los Angeles Dodgers ?

    Yuli Gurriel gets a five game suspension beginning in 2018, rather than being thrown out of the rest of the World Series ? What type of fu#king bull$hit is that ? America on so many levels is now being led by a bunch of aging middle aged retards who just happen to be out of touch and predominantly white males who simply don’t have a fu#king clue .

    Rob Manfred , MLB Commissioner.

    Idiots have feigned outrage and it’s fucking hypocrisy on their part , when their elected leaders can make racially insensitive or misogynistic remarks and not be called out on it. If Donald Trump can describe black and white players in the NFL sons of bitches , while also insulting members of the black and Latino community during his Presidential campaign as well as the family of a Gold Star recipient who happens to be Arab-American (soldier who died saving the lives of his comrades) , then why the fuck should anyone be outraged by the incident that took place in game three of the World Series ?

    Recently, Pat Buchanan made the remark that blacks would know their place and that they never had it so good as during the early fifties and sixties . Yeah, at a time when they didn’t have the right to vote and the military had just been fully integrated , but schools were still segregated , here is Buchanan suggesting blacks have never had it so good . White privilege or sheer fucking stupidity by this bigoted piece of $hit ?

    Time for a Klan-bake with Pat Buchanan leading the charge.

    Tophatal ……


  13. Game four of the 2017 World Series saw the series being evened with the Los Angeles Dodgers (2-2) scoring a 6-2 victory over the Houston Astros (2-2) . Heroes of the night for the Dodgers were the joint contributions of Cody Bellinger and pitcher Alex Wood . These two teams will be back on the field for a pivotal game-five on Sunday evening at Minute Maid Park in Houston , Texas in front of what is sure to be a sold-out crowd .

    MLB news

    Tophatal …………..


  14. Week nine results in College Football has now set an intriguing stage for the final weeks of the regular season.

    Can we simply have a Jonestown type massacre of the entire Florida Gators’ team and their coaching staff after their embarrassingly lopsided loss to the Georgia Bulldogs by the score of 42-7 ? The number two-ranked Penn St (Nittany Lions) fell to Ohio State (Buckeyes) in a narrow one-point defeat , 39-38 . Penn St allowed the Buckeyes to erase an eighteen-point deficit to come back and win the game. Clearly the Nittany Lions are nowhere as good as advertised if the rankings and their defense were anything to by .

    NCAA news

    NCAA Football(FBS) results

    NCAA Football (FBS) conference standings

    NCAA rankings (FBS)

    Tophatal …………….


  15. Saturday’s results in the NBA hasn’t really moved the needle by way of the divisional standings . The Cleveland Cavaliers suffered a twenty-two point blowout loss to the New Orleans Pelicans by the score of 123-101 . Who’s the the bitch in that contest then ?

    Can we now slow down with the hype concerning Lonzo Ball for at least fifteen minutes ? Ball and his Los Angeles Lakers’ teammates had their asses handed to them in a fifteen-point loss , which was their lowest offensive output of the season to date. Yet some idiots believe the Lakers have an outside chance making the Playoffs ? The Utah Jazz took names and bitch-slapped the Los Angeles Lakers back into last week .

    Sunday offers up a bevy of games with their being seven games on tap for the viewing public as well as those in attendance for the contests in question.

    NBA news

    Tophatal ……


  16. Instead of the major governing bodies in the world of boxing seeking to give the fans what they want an undisputed Heavyweight champion , they are offering up literally meaningless fights for the top-two fighters within the division. Anthony Joshua took on Frenchman , Carlos Takam as Joshua defended his IBF , WBO and IBO titles on Saturday night. He defeated Takam , scoring a tenth round TKO , but he also suffered a broken nose. Meanwhile , Deontay Wilder is lined up to meet Bermane Stiverne in a bout that no one is likely to take an interest in.

    Yahoo Boxing news

    Tophatal …………..


  17. Reports outta Gainsville suggest Florida’s beleaguered Coach McElwain fabricated his recent “death threat” story. They feel it’s grounds to fire him sans 12.5mil buyout he would normally have coming.


  18. Ronbets

    I believe that at the end of this College Football season both Jim McElwain and Jimbo Fisher (FSU) could be shown the door. How bad does it have to be when both Miami Hurricanes and UCF (Golden Knights) have better records and appear to be making a bee-line for berths in the Playoff System ?

    Scott Striklin the AD of Florida had better start consulting the university’s legal counsel as to how best negotiate Jim McElwain’s buyout of his contract. It serves no purpose to keep McElwain on at this juncture when his heart isn’t in it and nor does he have the confidence of his players .

    I really do believe this image catches Jim McElwain as he’s meant to be !!!

    Jimbo Fisher , four years removed from guiding FSU to a national championship , his coaching acumen has taken a turn the worse. The Seminoles’ team this season has truly been a damn embarrassment on every level possible. Stan Wilcox might be reluctant to fire Jimbo Fisher, but I get the feeling the program’s boosters might not be so amenable.

    This pretty much sums up Florida State. Note they have porn star Mia Khalifa wearing an FSU jersey as part of this image. She’s sucked on more dicks and balls than Jameis Winston ever took from a center during his collegiate and professional playing career .

    Mia Khalifa up close and personal .

    Mia also loves Gummy Bears , taking strolls along the beach and listening to classical music . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!! By the way she loves the teeth-whitening process, which comes from the act of fellatio .

    Tophatal …………………….


  19. Week eight of the NFL season and there are likely to be one or two surprises coming down the pike. Last season at this point the teams were playing some great football.

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are having another disastrous season even by their own mediocre standards. Jameis Winston still hasn’t strived to produce his best form , much to the dismay of the fans and quite possibly those within the front office . Yet if anything it has been the team’s defense which has also been a major letdown and cause for concern. Dirk Koetter and the coaching staff must address this sooner rather than later. The Buccaneers will be in action today when they face Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers . A win won’t necessarily place the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back into the NFC South divisional race , but it would take them off the bottom of the divisional ladder.

    The big game of the day sees the rejuvenated Los Angeles Chargers facing the New England Patriots . For the Chargers , Philip Rivers will be looking to see if he can get another signature win of his veteran career by taking down his counterpart , veteran Tom Brady . Brady for his part will be looking to improve his record against the Chargers .

    With the trade deadline almost within our midst some teams have already started to off-load players , more so out of a determination to create cap space or simply because they’re already out of the wildcard race.


  20. MLB’s hierarchy lacks real character , emblematic of today’s environment is lacking in civility as well as leadership . The events of game-three in the World Series was enough to leave a nasty taste in the mouths of genuine baseball fans . The Houston Astros’ player , Yuli Gurriel’s behavior was not only disgusting , but smacks of unsportsmanlike conduct. His five game suspension to begin at the start of the 2018 MLB regular season was simply a slap on the wrist for the player. The fact that Astros’ general manager Jeff Luhnow hasn’t sought to suspend the player immediately , is just another reason why the game can’t be taken seriously at face value , with their lack of leadership among its hierarchy and among the executives within the game.

    Facial antics asides Yuli Gurriel , pictured, his behavior is simply part of the environment fueled by the comments and idiocy of Donald Trump , Jerry Jones and Robert McNair .

    I am somewhat surprised that the Los Angeles Dodgers have not filed a formal complaint with Major League Baseball, citing the actions of Yuli Gurriel and insidious racial epithets aimed at Dodgers’ pitcher Yu Darvish . I believe that game-five of the World Series being so pivotal , will likely provide a lot of theatrics and suspense .

    MLB news

    Tophatal …………..


  21. Sunday’s results in the NBA and what it says about the league at present. There are several games on the schedule for Monday evening . Among the most interesting of the clashes to take place we have a game featuring the San Antonio Spurs (4-2) taking on the Boston Celtics (4-2) . The struggling Dallas Mavericks (1-6) will be tipping off against the Utah Jazz (3-3) . Through their first seven games the reigning NBA champions the Golden State Warriors (4-3) have struggled , but they might get their own way tonight when they face conference rivals the Los Angeles Clippers (4-1) . This should be an intriguing contest between two evenly matched teams.

    There can be no denying the Miami Heat will have a lot overcome during the course of this season. In their last contest the Heat faced off against the Boston Celtics losing the game 96-90 .

    NBA news

    Tophatal ……………


  22. The NFL and in particular the team owners are placing themselves in a corner. In this latest game of tit-for-tat , the owners either called off their proposed meeting with several players , who sought to file a grievance in light of the ongoing protests or they made the decision collectively not to show up. In light of this all , I believe this further advances the cause of Colin Kaepernick with his filing in a US Federal District Court citing collusion on the part of the owners as well as the league hierarchy , in denying a return to the league. While I do believe plaintiff’s filing has merit , I am not so sure he can win the case outright unless he has the backing of players within the league but more from the NFLPA (union) and its leadership . To date the union has remained extremely quiet concerning the player’s actions. It does bear mentioning the NFLPA has often sought to distance itself from social issues , which is something I find preposterous considering the fact the makeup of the players in the league are predominantly African-American , while its Executive Director DeMaurice Smith also happens to be a minority.

    The NFL and the Players’ Union are represented by a bunch of damn hypocrites and I believe their sole purpose is constantly dupe the public into believing they’re being offered something worthwhile. The game of football remains popular but there can be no denying the attitudes of the league hierarchy and that of the union , they collectively and are duplicitous with their actions. Do I believe there’s collusion among the owners ? Well consider the actions and comments several of these franchisees , as they denigrate their employees, while not directly addressing the issue of Colin Kaepernick. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure this all out.

    NFL news

    Tophatal ………………


  23. So just when I thought there was still some semblance of sanity in the world , the big news of the day in the NFL was the New England Patriots sending their backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for some early-round picks from the 2018 NFL Draft. As perplexing as this sounds I have to ask , what the hell are the front office staff of the franchise thinking , especially when they have no one else on the depth chart as a backup to Tom Brady with Garropolo’s departure ? Head Coach Bill Belichick and GM Nick Caserio are playing a very dangerous game at this juncture. An injury to Brady would put an end to the Patriots’ season and any chance they might have of making a successful defense of their Superbowl title.

    With a draft of top-prospects likely to be eligible and declaring for the 2018 Draft. I’d dare to say Bill Belichick will be picking a quarterback as part of his class. Yet , at the same time , I would be a great deal happier if the veteran head coach also sought to bolster the depth chart of his roster with the acquisition of a quarterback to back-up Tom Brady. It is imperative England heads into weeK ten with at least that decision having been made. The next regular season game for the New England Patriots will see them facing the Denver Broncos on the road in a game being played on Sunday 12th November , 2017.

    There are still some free agents on the market as well as the possibility of Belichick looking at an option among those who might be worthy of a mention.

    While I don’t see Bill Belichick making a move for Colin Kaepernick , it would be nice to think he might be under consideration. Like I have said however, the league hierarchy and owners have made their minds up to ostracize the player , rather than having him play again professionally in the NFL .

    New England Patriots’ news

    NFL transactions

    Tophatal ………


  24. So after a scintillating series , 2017 has a new World Series champion as the Houston Astros took down the highly favored Los Angeles Dodgers in game-seven of this series . This final contest proved to be thrilling as the Astros stormed out of the gates , not letting up or allowing the Dodgers to get into stride. By the seventh inning the writing was on the wall as those in attendance at Dodger Stadium knew that the inevitable was about to happen. A Los Angeles Dodgers’ team had failed to meet expectations .once again in a World Series .

    George Springer of the Houston Astros wins the World Series’ MVP and its likely to add to the player’s
    worth when his contract comes up for negotiation .

    Houston Astros press releases
    and news

    Tophatal …………


  25. Heading into week nine and the list of NFL injuries continue to grow. The latest team to befall another injury-plagued season are the Houston Texans . Houston will be without their rookie quarterback DeShauan Watson who to date had been having a sensational season for the team in spite of their record . With Watson sidelined for the rest of the season head coach Bill O’Brien will look to back-ups Tom Savage , Matt McGloin or TJ Yates to assume the role as the team’s starter when they face the Indianapolis Colts at home in an AFC South divisional game.

    DeShaun Watston is not likely to return before the end of the regular season and this will prove to be a monumental loss for the franchise.

    Houston Texans news

    Tophatal ………..


  26. Friday’s results in the NBA seem to be shedding a new light on this league . Rookies Ben Simmons and Lonzo Ball are playing well but their respective teams the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers are far from being world beaters .

    Luke Walton will lead the Los Angeles Lakers when they face conference rivals the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday afternoon. The Philadelphia 76ers’ next game will see them facing the Utah Jazz on the road this upcoming Tuesday.

    NBA news

    Tophatal ………………


  27. Not much was really learned from the weekend performances within the NFL . What we do know , more than ever before , there are are some horrendous teams in this league and the performances of the players have been equally horrendous on so many levels that it doesn’t bear describing.

    What else now needs to be said on how incompetent the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just happens to be ? This team was on the wrong side of another embarrassing loss as they fell to divisional rivals the New Orleans Saints . The resultant 30-10 loss dropped the Buccaneers down the depths of the NFC South and even deeper down the NFC and league standings . Buccaneers’ quarterbacks Ryan Fitzgerald and Jameis Winston turned in joint performances that might be among the worst in franchise history and perhaps the worst in a loss against the Saints in franchise history.

    Can someone remind me why Eli Manning is still considered an elite quarterback in the NFL ? Other than his two Superbowl victories for the New York Giants , this player has done little to prove himself to be a leader. This season Manning has been a monstrous disaster for the Giants as the team has posted a 1-7 record heading into week ten of the regular season. This upcoming week the New York Giants are set to face the San Francisco 49ers (0-9) . This much we do know whatever the result , both will remain within the dung-heap of the NFL .

    NFL news

    NFL week nine schedule

    Tophatal …………..


  28. Let’s dispense with the subtleties shall we and simply look at the NBA at present and see it for what it is this season. Several of Monday’s games were not necessarily riveting to watch but they provided some excitement for the fans in attendance.

    Injuries are bedeviling so many teams around the league that the coaches can’t be sure of their best lineups on a given night. Last season’s Eastern Conference champions the Cleveland Cavaliers have been struggling and any thoughts that they might be a shoo-in for the title conference champions this season might well be a little to hasty.
    Sunday’s loss by the Cavaliers to the Atlanta Hawks hasn’t sat well with LeBron James and in particular the front office . A great deal more was expected of the team , but as alluded to earlier , injuries have ravaged the teams of their best lineups while the season remains in its infancy. Next up for the Cleveland Cavaliers will be a game against the Boston Celtics on the 7th November at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

    I am not saying we should feel troubled , but if the Golden State Warriors (8-3) seem below par , then expect that rust to begin to wear off sooner , rather than later. The Warriors are now intent to make history, while also becoming the the NBA’s latest dynasty Please , let’s not discuss the idiocy of LeBron James’ years in Miami , because when it’s all said and done , LeBron failed to deliver, as he fell far short of the six titles promised with the Miami Heat .

    Over their last eight games the Golden State Warriors have suffered only one loss to the Detroit Pistons at home . Up next for the Golden State Warriors will be a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves .

    NBA news and results 6th November

    NBA schedule 7th November and for 8th November



  29. Ronbets …

    So Dallas Cowboys’ , billionaire owner Jerry Jones believes there won’t be any evidence of collusion on his phone. God forbid we should have an NFL scandal in comparison to the Hillary Clinton e-mails . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! I mean Jerry has been pictured cavorting with girls half his age , as he cops a feel of their breasts . Now we’re meant to believe there’s unlikely to be any evidence of his speaking with other owners or league hierarchy members as they seek to exclude Colin Kaepernick’s return to the NFL . Is it me , but isn’t Jones a married man of over forty years who professes his love of family as well as the accumulation of wealth ?

    Courtesy of Pro Football Talk

    Jerry Jones thinks there won’t be any collusion evidence on his phone

    By Mike Florio

    As the Colin Kaepernick collusion case moves forward, Kaepernick’s lawyers soon will be gathering text messages and emails, based on a narrow array of search terms, from phones used by key NFL figures, including Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. But Jones thinks they won’t get much from his cell phone device.

    Jerry Jones (pictured)

    ‘They’re gonna be a little surprised at how little I use that phone,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Wednesday morning.

    One reason for the limited use of the phone in past years likely came from the fact that he was still using a flip phone. He no longer does.

    “Me and all the drug dealers in Dallas had that flip phone,” Jones said.

    Funny line, albeit not exactly the image the NFL is hoping for. Still, Jerry can always be counted on for a humorous quip. If/when he ends up being questioned under oath in Kaepernick’s grievance, the smart move would be to avoid getting a laugh and to focus on answering questions truthfully, but without the kind of rambling responses that will give the lawyers great fodder for follow-up questions.

    As to the prospect of testifying in the collusion grievance, Jones says he’ll do whatever the lawyers advise him to do. Plenty of lawyers have heard that before, and then ultimately sit there cringing while the witness who thinks he’s helping keep the legal ship afloat is unwittingly firing a torpedo in to its hull.

    Click on link to read in full.

    Personally , I believe Jerry Jones and his cohorts (owners) do have a great deal to hide along with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell !!!! Now with the league facing a charge of collusion in a suit filed in US Federal Court by Colin Kaepernick, Jones’ statement could very well come back to haunt him as well as the entire league.

    If anything Jerry Jones should be as concerned about the inconsistency being shown by the Dallas Cowboys and the downturn in form compared to 2016 when the team made the postseason for the first time in several years . Sophomore quarterback Dak Prescott is now leading an offense which is anemic and simply cannot play to its apparent strengths . Within the NFC East the Cowboys are now are trailing the Philadelphia Eagles while the hapless and mediocre New York Giants have to be one of the worst teams in the entire NFC at this point of the season. Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett and the coaching staff must have this team prepared from hereon-in , no complacency and with the players playing to the best of their abilities. In week ten the Dallas Cowboys are set to face the the Atlanta Falcons in an all conference clash being played the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta , Georgia on the 12th November , 2017 .

    Dallas Cowboys news

    Tophatal …………


  30. Things are not looking so good for several teams at the bottom rung of the conference and divisional standings within the NBA at this point of the season . The New York Knicks’ center Kristaps Porzingis is by far the best player on the team’s roster and the main reason they’re off to a fairly good start. It’s still too early in the season to suggest the Knicks are the real deal , but there can be no denying Porzingis’ game has improved considerably over last year as he’s averaging 30 ppg this season. The center and his teammates will face the Orlando Magic in their next game which is an all conference match-up .

    So while the Eastern Conference takes shape , in the West , the expected stalwarts are stepping up their game . The Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets could very well be mainstays this season within the conference.

    NBA news and schedule for 8th November

    Tophatal ……………….


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