Milquetoast, Milk and Being Breast Fed

Milquetoast, Milk and Being Breast Fed

So now that the World Series was concluded with a decisive game-seven win by the Houston Astros in their defeat of the Los Angeles Dodgers . We can now put to rest the whining of the obnoxious and continually clueless Dodgers’ fans. Their insights when offered up, were about as useful as being told that the case of gonorrhea contracted, was nothing but a mild scare . The fact that the Los Angeles Dodgers couldn’t not be as dominant as their fans believed them to be , was just one more indication concerning the fact there are no leaders on the team , certainly not from a vocal point among the managerial staff or among the players themselves. As good as Clayton Kershaw was seen to be during the postseason and in the series itself, once again we had on display another Dodgers’ team which couldn’t hold up their end of the bargain when it came to the postseason. Yet you wonder why it has been almost three decades since they last won a World Series? LOL, LOL, LOL !!!

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During this off-season the front office executives of the Los Angeles Dodgers will have some tough decisions to make concerning the makeup of the roster moving forward. It is becoming abundantly clear the Dodgers cannot continue to amass a roster of stars and pay them handsomely while getting nothing equitable in return. Granted, there are several young stars on the team most notably Corey Seager , Kenley Jansen and Cody Bellinger . Dodgers’ Head of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman and GM Farhan Zaidi will contend with the wishes of senior executives Magic Johnson , Stan Kasten and Managing Partner Mark Walter . The purse strings of the roster will have to be lessened and not widened , but knowing the machinations of Johnson and his wish to bring a championship to the franchise , nothing might be off the table including their possible desire to acquire the Miami Marlins’ slugger Giancarlo Stanton who is still owed over $260 million on the remaining years of his current thirteen-year deal with the Marlins.

With the Miami Marlins now under new ownership , led by Bruce Sherman , Senior Managing Partner , with Derek Jeter in a CEO role , along with minority stakeholder , Michael Jordan . It will be interesting to see what steps will be taken by the group as they will no doubt seek to pare down the ball-club’s expenses as well as the payroll . Jeter believes the payroll must be slashed to what he believes is a more manageable sum of $90 million for the upcoming season. If that is to be the case, then all signs point to the trading of Giancarlo Stanton who is due to be paid $25 million in 2018, rising to a high of $32 million in 2025 before falling back to $25 million in 2028 , which would be the final year of his contract. I certainly don’t believe that the Marlins would be in a position to bear the full brunt of honoring the deal , even if the trade of Stanton to the Los Angeles Dodgers were to take place. The Florida based franchise remains one of the most unprofitable in all of baseball , in spite of its recent sale price of $1.2 billion .

Jeffrey Loria’s departure as the former owner of the Miami Marlins couldn’t have come at a better time for the franchise and for baseball in general. Loria remains one of the most despised owners in baseball , but quite possibly among the most hated owners in all of professional sports. He might well be close to rivaling Jerry Jones the always comical owner of the Dallas Cowboys . These two owners share a great deal in common, more than anyone would really care to acknowledge. Of late there would appear to be a growing feud between Jerry Jones and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , with the Cowboys’ owner seemingly having placed pressure on Goodell, after his uncharacteristic comments , having spoken with other franchise owners over the continued displacement and impeding the return of Colin Kaepernick back into the NFL. Still available as a free agent quarterback, Kaepernick cannot find any takers for his services in the league, while there is growing list of passers now on the injured reserve or PUP list. .

Jerry Jones is also taking aim at the Commissioner, believing that Roger Goodell lied to him about the actions that would be taken against Cowboys’ running back Ezekiel Elliot . Jones it is said, has now hired a top-notch Dallas law firm , filing a lawsuit against the league’s top executive , seeking to block his contract extension. The actions of Jerry Jones comes across as being extremely petty, but given the magnitude of Jones’ claims and the pressure being brought to bear with the continued protest by NFL players , decline in television viewership of the NFL games , as well as Colin Kaepernick’s own lawsuit filed in US Federal District Court against the league and franchise owners , claiming collusion on their part . These are indeed troubling times for the league and the owners in particular. There has been no formal comment from Roger Goodell, but I do believe , he will have his own legal counsel take a look at the suit filed by the Cowboys’ owner.

Ben McAdoo the beleaguered head coach of the New York Giants is said to be contemplating the benching of the team’s starting quarterback Eli Manning . Say what you will, but there can be no denying that the Giants’ 1-7 record is simply a reflection of how bad this team really is . You can make the claim that their woes are not Manning’s fault alone, but I would suggest , Eli Manning is not a vocal leader and he tends to place blame elsewhere for his own failures, not wanting at all to ever take responsibility for his team’s lack of competitiveness. He may well have guided the Giants to two Superbowl victories , but if you take those achievements off his resume’ and you stake a claim, that Eli Manning is not even a worthy borderline candidate for the Hall of Fame .

The lone victory for the New York Giants this season came in week six when they defeated the Denver Broncos by the score of 23-10 . It would be also fair to suggest this was not one of Eli Manning’s best games at this point on the Giants’ schedule. . When Manning and his teammates face the San Francisco 49ers (0-8) this weekend in an all NFC clash , these two teams won’t be playing for anything more than pride.

So after the rather laughable extravaganza put together jointly by the UFC and Mayweather Promotions Inc , which was the highest viewed boxing match in cable history , featuring Conor McGregor (0-1) taking on unbeaten welterweight multi-titlist , Floyd Mayweather Jr . The world of MMA can now get back to its roots, while UFC President Dana White can return from his flight of folly. There might well have been more than 3 .2 million pay-per-view buys for the boxing match between the two stars, but with White now acknowledging , refunds will be granted to dissatisfied customers . I can’t help but wonder if the UFC executive will be trying another PT Barnum spectacle of possibly having another of his UFC stars possibly face Joey Chestnut in a hot-dog eating contest ? It seems that the UFC will go to just about any length to try and promote its brand , even after being bought by entertainment conglomerate WME Endeavors . .

In his long-awaited return to the octagon , former UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre would face reigning Middleweight Champion , veteran British fighter Michael Bisping . The bout would provide Bisping with the biggest payday of his MMA career, but it would also lead to his embarrassing defeat . having been tapped out by submission (third round) in a rear naked choke-hold. Michael Bisping having suffered this defeat has vowed to fight on rather than retiring , believing that he’s still capable of competing at an elite level within the UFC and among the current crop of middleweights. St Pierre notwithstanding, I believe he would be hard pressed to defeat the newly crowned champion in a rematch.

Georges St-Pierre joins a select group MMA fighters within the UFC to have won a title in two different weight categories. He’s already considered among the greatest MMA fighters in UFC history and this historic victory simply adds to the illustrious career of the future Hall of Fame bound MMA fighter. . With an estimated fortune in the region of $35 million , St Pierre could rest on his laurels , but to my mind , with his triumphant return , he now becomes the biggest draw in the sport, while being a far more accomplished MMA fighter than Conor McGregor. The champion’s next opponent could very well be Interim Middleweight Champion Robert Whittaker , who was ringside when George St-Pierre dethroned Michael Bisping for the title. At this juncture the French-Canadian titleholder , has stated he will be taking a much-needed vacation before speaking with his agent concerning his first defense of the middleweight title.

OK , so all is not right in the world when it comes to the Miami Heat , with former players now taking pot-shots at the two-time championship winning head coach Erik Spoelstra . The latest player to place the coach within his sights is the now retired Ray Allen . For whatever reason, Allen can now count former Heat teammates , Dwyane Wade and LeBron James as foes , while possibly adding Spoelstra to the list. Bitterness doesn’t come close to describing the animus Allen has towards his former coach and it is widely believed , it has been his remarks which also led to his now distant relationship with another former teammate, Paul Piece , Finals MVP when the Boston Celtics last won the NBA title . Allen’s animus towards Erik Spoelstra as well several former teammates has me wondering what the problem might be and whether or not it was due to the lack of their acknowledging his contributions in the championship triumphs of both the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat ?

For the Miami Heat in particular this has been a troubling time for the coaching staff of Erik Spoelstra as he tries to settle on his best starting lineup while seeking to get the best possible results , from this team . Goran Dragic remains the best player on the roster this season , but for the Heat to compete , this team will certainly have to raise the level of their game. Up next for the Miami Heat will be a game against the Washington Wizards at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida,.

As the NBA season begins to take shape several of teams are having issues both at home as well as on the road . By far the three best teams in the league are the Boston Celtics , Houston Rockets , Golden State Warriors and Detroit Pistons by way of win-percentage . In the coming days all of these teams will be in action as they seek to further their divisional standings. . Considered to be the high point of the regular season, the NBA’s Christmas scheduling should proving to very interesting for the teams in action over that period .

This time of the year in the sport’s world tends to be very entertaining as well as thrilling . What specific event are you most looking forward to as we enter this period ?

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  1. I’d like to thank the Dallas Cowboy and New York Giants for turning up (looking like $hit) this past Sunday and making my day such an enjoyable one . I haven’t laughed so much , that the last time such an instance took place, I witnessed Caitlyn Jenner suggesting that any personal relationship she’d choose to have , would be both sexual as as well as spiritual . LOL,LOL !!! Dak Prescott and Eli Manning’s performances for their respective teams was another reason why both teams are doing so badly .

    Caitlyn Jenner (right) and soccer star Ally Wambach .

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  2. So can someone please remind me why there was so much hype behind the Miami Dolphins this season ? This is a team which has been so vastly overrated where their offense specifically the pass offense has been among the worst in the NFL , while the quarterbacks on parade have been among the most inept in the entire league. Last night’s mauling received at the hands (45-21) of the Carolina Panthers where Cam Newton had his best game of the season , which was by far among the worst loss suffered and the most inept performance by the Miami Dolphins this season . Miami head coach Adam Gase and his coaching staff are completely out of their depth and out of touch with reality.

    Jay Cutler of the Miami Dolphins put up another mediocre performance and it’s becoming hard to justify the front office decision , signing him to a $10 million one-year deal . Miami’s next game will see them facing the equally inept and pitiful Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6) .

    Jay Cutler (left) and Adam Gase.

    Miami Dolphins news

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  3. So we can get over the petulance of Ray Allen and deal with real issues around the NBA . Over the last ten games played the teams have shown a great deal of inconsistency . For me the surprising team at this point of the season has been the Detroit Pistons coached by their head coach Stan Van Gundy . This team might be built to go as far as the second round of the Playoffs. Detroit’s (10-3) record has been impressive with Tobias Harris and Avery Bradley leading the fray for the Pistons in scoring .

    Tobias Harris of the Detroit Pistons.

    Stan Van Gundy will lead his team into their next game when they are due to face the Milwaukee Bucks in a road contest . The duel between Tobias Harris and Giannis Antetkounmpou should be a real treat for the fans.

    Giannis Antetkounmpou of the Milwaukee Bucks .

    NBA news

    NBA schedule 14th November

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  4. Make no bones about it there will be a major blockbuster MLB trade taking place during this off-season and it will involve Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins being traded to either the Boston Red Sox , New York Yankees or quite possibly the San Francisco Giants . These are the three teams said to be interested in signing the home-run king for 2017 . With ten years left on his contract , it will be interesting to see if the Marlins’ front office will bear the burden of honoring the deal , because I seriously doubt the interested parties are willing to take on such a deal .

    Courtesy of the Miami Herald .

    Trading Stanton is challenging task for Marlins, but shouldn’t be their top priority

    By Clark Spencer of The Miami Herald

    Trading Giancarlo Stanton is one thing, the most-challenging task facing the Marlins this offseason. But in their efforts to produce a winner, upgrading their pitching staff should be — and more than likely is — their top priority.

    Pitching — and starting pitching, in particular — is the organization’s greatest weakness, and one the front office will try repair in the coming weeks and even years.

    “This is not an overnight process,” said Michael Hill, president of baseball operations, on the second day of the general managers meetings. “And there’s no set timing of how long that’s going to take. We know it needs to get better.”

    With a staff ERA of 5.12, the Marlins’ starters ranked 13th among 15 National League teams last season. They have only two projected starters returning in 2018 — Jose Ureña and Dan Straily — that made as many as 20 starts last season.

    And their top minor-league prospects aren’t close to major-league ready.

    Don’t expect the Marlins to spend big on free agent pitchers this winter.

    Instead, they more likely will try to build pitching depth by signing minor-league free agents and adding a low-cost starter or two to shore up what is a weak rotation.

    “I’d say we’re open to everything at this point,” Hill said. “Some of the trades may dictate what that looks like, what shape or form that looks like.”

    Over time, Hill said pitching improvements will likely occur through the draft, international signings and trades. But all of those strategies take time.

    As if trading Stanton wasn’t hard enough with his $295 million contract and no-trade power, here’s one more issue that could complicate matters: the tax implications.

    Click on link to read this article in full.

    If Giancarlo Stanton were to join the New York Yankees it would give that team a formidable lineup with some

    productive hitters
    in the top-half of the order.

    Miami Marlins news

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  5. Last night’s results in the NBA with games set for Wednesday 15th November . Contest of the night might well be the match-up between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers . So let the hype begin between Ben Simmons and Lonzo Ball . These two rookies will have a great deal to prove over the course of this season.

    NBA news

    This week’s scheduled games

    East vs West Conference match-ups to date

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  6. So Donald Trump being the pompous and venal fool we know him to be, has voiced his concerns after it was revealed that three members of the UCLA Bruins Men’s Basketball Team had been arrested for theft while on a trip to China . What this says about the Bruins simply sums up the entitlement of athletes , while believing themselves about the rule of law. First it was Trump being critical of Colin Kaepernick who has not committed a crime , but when three UCLA Basketball players have been arrested for the theft while in China , here we have the Imbecile In Chief , suggesting their actions were not necessarily unbecoming . Merely sums up why this @sshole (President) has no compass in terms of ethics or even decency . His seeking their release after their actions , was simply an act of complete idiocy , rather than having the players be held accountable for their actions .

    Among the three players charged , Cody Riley , LiAngelo Ball , brother of the Lakers Lonzo Ball and Jalen Hill . Steve Alford doesn’t seem to have been pressured into releasing a statement as to why his players perpetrated such a criminal act. Yet we have the Imbecilic Commander In Chief with his idiocy of suggesting , the conduct of the players wasn’t unbecoming. It should be noted one of the players caught up in this controversy is none other than LiAngelo Ball , brother of Los Angles Lakers player Lonzo Ball , son of LaVar Ball . The other two teammates are Cody Riley and Jalen Hill. There should be serious repercussions for all three players with either they’re being suspended by the program or being expelled from UCLA altogether. Remaining in college should not be an option and it is up to either the NCAA President – Mark Emmert to act with authority , rather than leaving it to the Chinese authorities or AD of UCLA Dan Guerrero .

    LiAngelo (LaMelo) Ball is seen here with his father LaVar Ball.

    LaVar Ball doesn’t appear to be too perturbed by his son’s LiAngelo’s behavior while on this overseas’ trip , instead he’s sought to be critical of Joel Embiid’s performance as the Philadelphia 76ers walloped the Los Angeles Lakers in a game that was so lopsided for the Western Conference franchise , played on Wednesday night .

    Joel Embiid dropped a career high 46 points in the Sixers’ victory over a listless Los Angeles Lakers’ defense . So much for Lonzo Ball being deemed to be a leader of this Lakers’ team . He is still a long way from being compared to the likes of Magic Johnson and even Jason Kidd for all of the morons suggesting Ball’s game is comparable to those players of the past.

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  7. So we now know some of the individual award winners for the 2017 season within Major League Baseball . It was Mike Stanton towering over everyone else to win the NL League MVP , while in the AL Jose Altuve’s brilliant season was rewarded with his winning the AL League MVP to join with the Houston Astros’ winning the World Series in 2017.

    Other individual awards will be announced in the coming days and it will be interesting to see which pitcher in the NL will be looking to derail the chances of Clayton Kershaw’s hopes of winning another NL Cy Young Award . Also likely to happen are a number of trades which will be formulated by the general managers around the league. If based on what was seen at the end of last season then there are is likely to be a flurry big moves with perhaps one or two blockbuster trades thrown in for good measure . We know several players are now likely to become free agents and it will be interesting to see where their future homes will be should they be acquired by a new team.

    MLB news

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  8. Some things never come easy and the Cleveland Cavaliers are now finding that out the hard way . LeBron James will remain the focus and face of the Cavaliers but unless he’s aided by the players around him then Cleveland are unlikely to win another NBA title . With the Boston Celtics riding high and with best record in the Eastern Conference , if things play out as they currently are then the Celtics might be deemed the team to beat within the conference and as a definite playoff contender.

    Both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics will be in action over the weekend as the season begins to find its rhythm . Boston’s next game will see them facing the Atlanta Hawks in an all conference match-up . LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers will be on court to take on the Los Angeles Clippers in what is likely to be one of the best games over the course of the weekend.

    Kawhi Leonard has been missing from the San Antonio Spurs’ lineup as he recovers from an early season injury . The two-time NBA Defensive Player of The Year has been a catalyst for the franchise since he made his debut for San Antonio during the 2011-12 season .


  9. Things will start to heat up over the next two days within the NBA as the scheduled games should shape the standings . There are seven games games scheduled for today with the biggest being the match-up between the Golden State Warriors and the Philadelphia 76ers . Another game on the schedule this Saturday that will likely entice the fans will be the contest between the Houston Rockets and the Memphis Grizzlies . There will also be a full schedule of games on Sunday 19th November . Featured match-up will be the Miami Heat playing host to the Indiana Pacers in an all Eastern Conference match-up . ,

    NBA news

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  10. I don’t know that any team other than the San Antonio Spurs would be able to play as competently , while being without their best player from last season . With two-time NBA Defensive Player of The Year still sidelined , the Spurs have managed to stay abreast of their divisional rivals while still having a good showing within the Western Conference. Playing without Kawhi Leonard has proven to be a major obstacle but the team has still be able to play some great basketball. Head coach Gregg Popovich has proven himself to be unparalleled as a coach in the NBA and his records indicates as much .

    There’s yet to be a timetable set for Kawhi Leonard’s return but if the team can get him back before the Christmas schedule then it should prove effective for the Spurs’ ambitions over the remainder of the regular season schedule.

    Courtesy of the San Antonio News

    Spurs With Leonard out of mind, Spurs forge on

    The man who wasn’t there wore a crisp white shirt under a black sports coat. As usual, he stayed expressionless in his seat at the end of the bench, and refrained from making any sudden movements.

    When the man who wasn’t there clapped, did it make a sound? It was difficult to tell, because no one was listening. After all, it is pointless to pay attention to a phantom.

    So if the man who wasn’t there feels a bit ignored these days, he should understand it isn’t personal. In order for his teammates to survive his absence, they have to play, in their coach’s words, “like he doesn’t exist.”

    Friday night, that approach led the Spurs to their most impressive victory of the season. They would prefer not to have to do it again.


    Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo dunks during the second half of an NBA game at Detroit Pistons on Nov. 3, 2017. Chad: Two great athletes fans should know more about: Dwight Howard would be better served by avoiding antagonistic fans. Hornets’ Howard would be wise to follow Spurs’ ‘stick and Spurs guard Patty Mills with Nahum Ziersch, an Australian artist who has illustrated a series of children’s books featuring Mills. Mills finds way to connect with young fans through book series Aggies quarterback Nick Starkel whistles a pass by Mississippi defensive end Marquis Haynes (38) and finds wide receiver Christian Kirk (3) for a first-half completion in Oxford. Timely D, Starkel generate a win for A&M
    But until Kawhi Leonard wears a uniform again, his teammates aren’t going to let themselves think about him. And they sure aren’t going to use him as an excuse.

    It would have been easy to make one Friday. Oklahoma City arrived at the AT&T Center on its longest winning streak of the season, with all three of its stars picking up steam while learning how to coexist. When the Thunder stormed to a 23-point lead in the first half, it made all of the sense in the world.

    Oklahoma City was finally playing up to its potential. And after a month of trying to mask the gaping hole in its lineup with Scotch Tape, baling wire and undrafted free agents, San Antonio was finally wearing down.

    Wasn’t this finally proof that they needed Leonard to beat good teams?

    As it turned out, that was not how the Spurs saw it at all. Later, when asked why his team did not wallow in self-pity, LaMarcus Aldridge credited Gregg Popovich, saying, “Pop doesn’t let you feel sorry for yourself.”

    Click on link to read in full.

    Up next` for the San Antonio Spurs will be a game against the Atlanta Hawks
    to be played on Monday evening at the AT&T Center in San Antonio , Texas ,.

    NBA news

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  11. Week eleven within the NFL provided us with further proof that claims of parity in the league is simply none existent. What we do have are teams that are either bereft of talent or coaching talent on the respect team staffs. There were several lopsided results or games where teams simply failed to show up. The Dallas Cowboys failed to show up in their game against divisional rivals the Philadelphia Eagles losing the contest 37-9 . This loss has pretty much placed the Cowboys on the looking in for an NFC wildcard berth.

    Jay Cutler has pretty much made sure this will be his only season in Miami after Miami Dolphins fell once again in another embarrassing loss . Cutler had a game for the Dolphins that he’d no doubt like to forget . In their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the the Dolphins were straight up embarrassing as they succumbed to their instate rivals. Cutler’s $10 million one-year deal does seem preposterous given the lack of productivity seen from the veteran quarterback this season .

    The Monday Night Game featured the Atlanta Falcons taking on the Seattle Seahawks in an NFC clash which saw the Seahawks without their defensive stalwarts , Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor . With five games left in the regular season it will be interesting to see how the teams fare over their remaining scheduled games.

    NFL news

    NFL week eleven results

    NFL divisional standings

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  12. So what’s left to be said at the season winds down for College Football ? Alabama still remains supreme atop of the rankings as well as the SEC . The Tide having been riding high on the crest of a wave barely challenged in any of their games over the course of the season to date. Alabama has a fitting game this Saturday when they face Auburn hoping to end their season among the unbeaten teams within College Football .

    NCAA Football news

    NCAA Football schedule

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  13. Results in the NBA over the last six days . There has also been some sensational play by the players . It seems strange that with the addition of Carmelo Anthony to the lineup of the Oklahoma City Thunder have struggled heavily while rarely showing the competitiveness expected with the addition of the seasoned veteran. Anthony is averaging 20.0 points per game this season for the Thunder. The lineup of Carmelo Anthony , Paul George and Russell Westbrook were meant to supply the Thunder with a competitive edge against their opponents. Instead it has been a lack of scoring along with a porous defense which has led to their undoing and a 7-6 record.

    In their next game the Oklahoma City Thunder will face the Golden State Warriors in an all Western Conference match-up .

    NBA news

    Oklahoma City Thunders news

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  14. So a few years removed from a historic franchise win of their third Superbowl title the Denver Broncos now find themselves in a complete mess. The coaching staff of Vance Joseph are completely out of sorts and it’s my belief that the team’s Head of Football Operations , John Elway will have to make some drastic changes to the playing staff during this off-season . The Broncos are failing in so many areas of their game altogether . Denver is win-less over their last five games .

    In week twelve the Denver Broncos will be facing the Oakland Raiders on the road , Sunday 26th November , 2017 . These two teams are simply playing to avoid the mess of finishing at the bottom of the AFC West at season’s end .

    Denver Broncos news

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  15. So let me get this straight this was meant to be an exciting season in the NFL ? Thanksgiving as usual will provide the fans with the customary stalwarts playing on this day , the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions specifically for which this has been the league’s custom for over two decades.

    The Dallas Cowboys will be in action against the Los Angeles Chargers while the Detroit Lions will take on the Minnesota Vikings (8-2) . The final of the thee games taking place will feature the New York Giants (2-8) facing the Washington Redskins (4-6) in a game between divisional rivals .

    NFL news

    Week twelve schedule

    NFL standings (divisional)

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  16. It’s now becoming apparent that the teams of last year who rose to the occasion are now falling flat on their faces. With the exception of the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons , very few teams have shown anything of note this season .

    The New England Patriots have sealed the fate of the Miami Dolphins for this season , with the Dolphins now completely out of the postseason race altogether. At this juncture the team isn’t even playing for pride or self-respect. Neither Adam Gase of any member of his Miami coaching staff has an answer for what ails the team .

    NFL news

    NFL week 12 results

    NFL divisional standings

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  17. The Boston Celtics suffered a rare defeat covering their last twelve games . Celtics’ point guard Kyrie Irving is proving to be a leader as well as a dominant force on the floor for Boston this season . In their next game the Boston Celtics are set to face the Detroit Pistons in an Eastern Conference match-up between two teams looking to meet high expectations for this season.

    There are a number of games on the Monday night schedule (27th November) which should prove to be entertaining. If you’re looking to be entertained then you will be offered the opportunity to see the match-up between the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers in a contest being played at the Staples Center. Personally , I see this a as game between the two Los Angeles’ franchises looking for the bragging rights to suggest which team is the best in the city , though not the state of California .

    You knew it was only a matter of time but it is being widely reported that the front office of the Memphis Grizzlies have made the decision to fire the team’s Head Coach David Fizdale . Perpetual losses , being
    blown out of games and with the team showing no signs of life , this seemed inevitable . Fizdale
    becomes the first coaching casualty of the NBA season , but I don’t believe he will be the only head coach removed from a position over the course of this year . It remains to be seen if the interim tag will be given to an assistant on the coaching staff or if the vacant position will be filled by an outsider .

    Next up for the Memphis Grizzlies will be a game against the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday , 29th November , 2017 .

    NBA news

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  18. The MLB Awards for the past season are known , but the biggest story remains , how quickly can the Miami Marlins off-load Giancarlo Stanton along with a sizable portion of the remaining years on his contract ? Team co-owner , Derek Jeter would like to see the payroll considerably lower than $90 million for 2018 , but somehow I don’t believe there will be any takers for Stanton’s services unless the Marlins’ front office is willing to bite the bullet and
    absorb a sizable portion of the remainder of the deal .

    MLB news

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  19. Week twelve of the NFL season has come to a close and I do believe there will be one or two coaching casualties around the league . The Cleveland Browns (0-11) are a complete mess with only the San Franciso 49ers above them with a better record within the NFL .

    Kyle Shanahan is likely to get a reprieve by the San Francisco 49ers’ front office as they look to rebuild the team behind the efforts of newly acquired quarterback Jimmy Garappolo . Things are not so clear with regard to the Hu Jackson’s long-term future with the Cleveland Browns who have yet to live down the failure seen with both Johnny Manziel and Robert Griffin III . This season not only have the Browns been plagued with injuries but the passing game has been among the worst in the league along with a deplorable defense. Both teams will be in action during week thirteen . The Cleveland Browns will face the Los Angeles Chargers on the road while the San Francisco 49ers will be looking to increase their wins’ total facing the Chicago Bears .

    NFL news

    NFL standings (divisional)

    Week thirteen schedule

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  20. Is the NBA in a tailspin concerning the play of several teams around the league ?

    At 8-11 the Oklahoma City Thunder are not fitting the role of what I believe to be a competitive team and veteran forward Carmelo Anthony has yet to find his groove leading me to believe the player is now well past his sell-buy date in terms of a great career in this league. Anthony has only once led the Thunder in any offensive category of a game played this season . A far cry from his years with the New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets .

    Up next for the Oklahoma City Thunder will be a game against the Orlando Magic at the Amway Center in Orlando , Florida on the 29th November , 2017. The next fifteen games for the Thunder could prove to be decisive for the team .

    It’s still too early to suggest that Ben Simmons will be the player that the Philadelpha 76ers need him to be and will be . Yet there is a belief that he could be a difference changer very much in the way that Allen Iverson was for the franchise during the height of his playing career. So far Simmons is proving to be a revelation while very-much outshining Lonzo Ball of the Los Angeles Lakers at this point of the season . Simmons has been playing like a star and top five pick from the NBA Draft . These two teams are still finding their paths along the season schedule and when they meet it will be interesting to see how things play out between the Lakers and Sixers.

    NBA news

    NBA results 28th November

    NBA standings

    Tophatal ……..

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  21. Carlos Beltran has a very extensive career in baseball but it now appears that the veteran is looking to open another chapter of his Major League Baseball career. Beltran is one of six candidates who has interviewed for the vacant managerial position with the New York Yankees . It should be noted the player who won a World Series ring with the Houston Astros is also a former player with the Yankee’s . baseball’s most prestigious and most successful ball-club.

    Courtesy of the New York Post

    Carlos Beltran interview is about a lot more than manager’s job

    By Joel Sherman

    Maybe Carlos Beltran will blow Yankees officials away on Wednesday, demonstrate the combination of baseball IQ, leadership and empathy that made him such a magnetic, mentoring force in clubhouses, particularly during the second half of his playing career.

    Carlos Beltran , left is seen here with the New York Yankees’ general manager Brian Cashman.

    I assume that is part of the reason the Yankees have extended their manager search to at least a sixth candidate, seeing if Beltran can sell a quick change from player to skipper.

    But I also suspect this is both a courtesy and courtship by the Yankees. They appreciate Beltran’s status and gravitas among players, particularly from Latin America. Beltran is almost certainly entering a long, vibrant, important second phase of his baseball life in which it is not hard to imagine his skill set translating to numerous positions in the dugout or front office. He is just 40, after all, old for a player, but a baby as far as step two in the sport.

    Beltran played for seven organizations and left a large enough impression with each that they and pretty much any club would want to enlist him moving forward. The Yankees have the managerial opening to serve as a recruitment — a look how serious we are taking you that we are interviewing you for this role less than a month after you announced retiring as a player.

    Perhaps he doesn’t get that job as the successor to Joe Girardi, but the Yankees can keep him in the flock as a batting coach or an adviser to the GM, or some capacity in which he becomes an asset.

    Click on link to read article in full.

    What the New York Yankees clearly lacked last season was an inspirational and motivational manager. All of which Joe Girardi was not able to do , even if he did guide the Yankees to their last World Series victory in 2009 . Girardi was not able to get the best out of his players when it mattered the most and that was during this past postseason , as the New York Yankees simply flailed in the wind , losing to the eventual champions the Houston Astros in the ALCS .

    While Brian Cashman remains within the upper echelons of the New York Yankees’ organization , I do believe his capacity as the general manager will likely be reduced , with his responsibilities being solely the business and finances within the group. In recent years the Yankees have overspent on payroll and it has been a considerable time since the team had a payroll under $175 million .

    My own belief is that the New York Yankees need to fill their vacant managerial vacancy with someone with a proven background as well has having success at the Major League Baseball level . Anything less than that , and there could be more barren years for the ball club in spite of the success seen with Aaron Judge over the course of this season .

    New York Yankees news

    Tophatal ……………………


  22. Oops ! There was sighting a of Kevin Love this season for the Cleveland Cavaliers . Injuries asides , the basis for which the expectations were mounting , that this Lebron James’ led team would be cutting a swath around the league hasn’t yet materialized . The additions of Dwyane Wade , Isiah Thomas and Derrick Rose , has yet to ignite the team at this stage of the season and I seriously doubt we are likely see things get any better for the Cleveland Cavaliers over the remainder of the schedule.

    Kevin Love was one of the main reasons behind the Cleveland Cavaliers’ defeat of the Miami Heat , a return for former Heat player Dwyane Wade , as the Heat succumbed to their conference rivals . If nothing else the game told us a great deal about the temperament of both teams and what me might expect in the lead-up to the Christmas scheduling for the two franchises. Cleveland will be back in action when they face the Atlanta Hawks on the 30th November 2017. Meanwhile, the Miami Heat will be looking to rebound from the loss when they face the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden in New York City , New York this Thursday night.

    For Kevin Love this will have to be the season where he actually proves himself once and for all and that the money he is being paid by the Cleveland Cavaliers is actually worth it . It wasn’t that long ago the Cavaliers were said to be contemplating a trade that would send Love elsewhere , but with the departure of Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics , things for the center now appear to be looking up .

    Cleveland Cavaliers news

    NBA results 28th November and schedule 29th November

    Tophatal ………………


  23. Something is going to give in week thirteen of the NFL schedule as the teams get down to eyeing a postseason berth within the AFC and the NFC . There are some fascinating games being played starting this Thursday to open up week thirteen with the opening game being a divisional match-up between the Dallas Cowboys taking on the Washington Redskins at Cowboys Stadium on the 30th November , 2017. Dallas needs the win if they’re to avoid missing the postseason . Another game of vital importance will see the San Francisco 49ers (1-10) taking on the Chicago Bears (3-8) .

    The best game of the weekend could very well be the match-up between the Philadelphia Eagles (10-1) facing the Seattle Seahawks (7-4) as the Eagles will try and win their eleventh game of the regular season , league leaders within the NFL .

    Tom Brady has done it all as a member of the New England Patriots having won five Superbowl titles with the franchise . This weekend Brady and his teammates , already assured of a postseason berth will take on the Buffalo Bills in a divisional road game . If Tom Brady were to make it to an eighth Superbowl appearance , while winning a sixth title , it certainly fortify his legacy among the greats to have played the game.

    For the Buffalo Bills , their quarterback Tyrod Taylor might just be the answer to their prayers for this season as he has seemingly played the Bills back into contention for 2017. Taylor has proven to be effective and a leader of this Bills’ team . For Head Coach Sean McDermott the season has proven to be a blessing in more ways than one as he seeks steer himself into a winning rookie season with the franchise .

    NFL news ………. Week thirteen schedule

    NFL standings (divisional) and the conference standings

    Tophatal …………


  24. Conor McGregor continues to bask in the limelight of his own stupidity, while holding out for a possible rematch with Floyd Mayweather . We all know that while it might elicit interest , there will be no way in hell McGregor will be able to avenge his loss to the unbeaten multi-titlist and former world champion. Instead , the fighter who’s said to be MMA’s biggest draw within the UFC bides his time , still not prepared to defend his Lightweight Title against the number one ranked challenger within the division. For some reason UFC President Dana White still wants to hold unto the biggest draw in the sport and support his every move no matter how repugnant it might be . The fighter somehow managed to turn up late for court-hearing after being issued a speeding ticket in his native Ireland. Bear in mind Conor McGregor also assaulted a fellow MMA fighter at UFC sanctioned event , where Dana White chose not to punish or even suspend the fighter for his actions.

    Conor McGregor

    Dana White has continued to be selective and autocratic with his rule of the UFC , much to the disdain of fighters within the stable and those who have left to join rival organizations such as Bellator . Conor McGregor might well be the highest earning star in UFC history with an amassed fortune now estimated at $80 million , primarily coming from the bout against Floyd Mayweather.

    The next big event on the UFC schedule will take place on 2nd December when Max Holloway takes on Jose Aldo in a bout where the winner might well be considered a future opponent for Conor McGregor .

    UFC news

    UFC upcoming schedule

    Tophatal ………….


  25. Oops so there was the upset that I should say some of saw coming as the then number one-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide fell , losing to Auburn in the Iron Bowl . The loss suffered by Alabama dropped them out of the number one spot and down to number five in the national rankings . Games are now set for the respective conference championships as a precursor to the Playoff Format devised to culminate with a national champion at the FBS Level of College Football .

    Defending national champions Clemson and the number one ranked team in the nation will be facing the Miami (Hurricanes) in what should prove to be an entertaining contest to be played on 2nd December , 2017 .

    The conference championship games taking place will create the forum for the postseason in College Football for 2017 .

    NCAA Football

    Week fourteen schedule

    Tophatal ……….


  26. Some great games will be taking place in the NBA over the course of this weekend , starting today with the match-ups scheduled . If form is anything to go by then the fans should be in for a treat . The players themselves have set new highs in terms of performances .

    The Philadelphia 76ers seem to have found a rhythm with Ben Simmons now taking things into his own hands as a leader of this team . Simmons and his teammates will be in action next when they hit the hardwood to face the Detroit Pistons in a home game which will be played on the 2nd December , 2017 .

    If the Philadelphia 76ers are considered the surprise team within the Eastern Conference at this point of the season then in the West , the Minnesota Timberwolves , are the team which has impressed me the most within the conference. They have a very competitive game which should prove a real test when they face conference rivals the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday evening . The Timberwolves’ Karl Anthony Towns has blossomed into the best young offensive players in the league .

    NBA news

    NBA schedule

    Tophatal ……………


  27. So the general managers have begun their bargain basement hunting as they look to bolster team rosters for next season within Major League Baseball . There are still no takers yet for the Miami Marlins’ slugger and current NLMP , Giancarlo Stanton . It is widely rumored that the Los Angeles Dodgers have approached the Marlins’ front office with a proposed deal which would offer the NL franchise the Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig in exchange for Stanton . I believe the deal were to go through , Miami would obviously like at least two other players added to the arrangement along with Los Angeles’ willingness to share some of the burden of paying the remainder of the player’s remaining contract which doesn’t expire until 2028 with his becoming a free agent in 2029 .

    The struggles with the Los Angeles Dodgers during the postseason was not just about their hitting but also the inconsistency seen with their pitching . Likely to be shown the door during the off-season is Yu Darvish who proved to be a monumental disappointment during the postseason but specifically the World Series against the Houston Astros where his ERA was a mind boggling 21.60 .

    MLB news

    Tophatal …………..


  28. So here we go again , the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lose again and the idiots within the local media are seeking positives out of another imbecilic performance from this team of incompetent buffoons. Quarterback Jameis Winston was sacked multiple times in the game played against the Green Bay Packers in an overtime 26-20 loss . Next up for the Buccaneers in week fourteen will be a game against the Detroit Lions (4-8) on Sunday 10th December , 2017.

    As if it wasn’t expected with the New York Giants (2-10) having a terrible season and their veteran quarterback Eli Manning and the team offense barely competent , the firing of head coach Ben McAdoo didn’t come a moment too soon. Along with McAdoo’s ouster is that of Jerry Reese the general manager of the franchise over the past ten years. Reese was a primary architect of the teams which saw the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots twice during their most recent Superbowl appearances with Manning viewed as the hero in both of those epic triumphs.

    Jerry Reese (left) and Ben McAdoo .

    This season the New York Giants have simply become road kill for many of their opponents as they continue to flounder throughout their schedule. Defensively the Giants are just as incompetent as they are on offense . Eli Manning is now on the downside of a career which over the past three seasons has become exceedingly lackluster and unproductive. It will be interesting to see how Manning fares in week fourteen when the New York Giants face the Dallas Cowboys (6-6) in a home game which is of vital importance as a divisional and conference game. Dallas is need of a win if they are to press their claim of a legitimate shot at a postseason berth.

    Courtesy of the New York Times

    Giants Fire Coach Ben McAdoo and General Manager Jerry Reese

    By Bill Pennington

    The Giants were a cocky group in training camp four months ago, and no one typified the self-assurance more than the team’s robotic coach, Ben McAdoo, and his aloof boss, the general manager Jerry Reese.

    The 2017 Giants were coming off a stellar 11-5 record from the previous year and were widely lauded as Super Bowl contenders. But when this season started, a series of debilitating injuries, lethargic play and glaring missteps exposed the Giants’ manifold weaknesses, many that could be traced to years of poor draft selections by Reese.

    As the team’s losses mounted this season, the Giants, N.F.L. standard bearers since 1925, were humiliated and mocked, never more so than last week when McAdoo benched the popular longtime quarterback, Eli Manning.

    The furious outcry over the treatment of Manning rattled the normally stoic Giants ownership, and on Monday they abruptly fired McAdoo and Reese with four games remaining in the season. On Sunday, the Giants had been defeated by the Oakland Raiders to drop their dismal record to 2-10, the second worst in the league.

    It was the first time the Giants had fired a coach in the midst of a season since 1976, when the team, with a 0-7 record, dismissed Bill Arnsparger. And since 1978, there had been only two predecessors to Reese as the Giants general manager – both departed via voluntary retirement.

    Continue reading the main story
    “Wholesale changes need to be made to this organization,” John Mara, the team president said at a news conference on Monday. “It was pointless to wait any longer to make these changes.”

    He said of McAdoo, “I feel he will be a successful head coach sometime in the future.”

    Mara said the decision to bench Manning was not a factor in the decision. “2-10 is 2-10,” he said.

    Steve Spagnuolo, the team’s defensive coordinator and a former head coach of the St. Louis Rams, was named the interim Giants head coach. Mara said that Spagnuolo would be a candidate to coach the team full time next season. Kevin Abrams, the assistant general manager, will be the interim general manager.

    Spagnuolo will make the decision on which quarterback to start for the rest of the season, Mara said.

    McAdoo, who had a 13-15 record with the Giants, had always been a risky choice, since he had no head coaching experience at any level. But in two years as the offensive coordinator under Giants Coach Tom Coughlin, McAdoo, 40, had elevated a moribund Giants attack. When Coughlin was fired after the 2015 season, Manning had personally lobbied Giants ownership on behalf of McAdoo’s candidacy for the head coaching job.

    The Giants were impressed with McAdoo’s organizational skills, work ethic, almost fanatical attention to detail and seasoned football acumen. After the Giants bolstered their defense with a free agent spending spree, the Giants surprisingly qualified for the playoffs in McAdoo’s first season at the helm. They lost a first-round playoff game to the Green Bay Packers.

    But from the beginning, McAdoo seemed an ill fit for the public aspects of his job. He was stiff, humorless and obsessively guarded at news conferences. His communication skills – with the news media and eventually with many of his players – never developed into a strength. Increasingly this season, it appeared that McAdoo had lost the ear, or respect, of many of his players.

    Two cornerbacks, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Janoris Jenkins, were suspended after violating basic team rules, like showing up for practice on time.

    Click on link to read the article in full.

    It remains to be seen who will be granted the interim coach tag as the New York Giants wind down their regular season schedule. In likelihood however , it would appear that Steve Spagnuolo is likely to be given the position, but he could well be in the running for the vacant position should he be deemed fit for consideration during the interviewing process.

    NFL news

    Tophatal ……………………….


  29. So LaVar Ball has seen fit to pull his son LiAngelo Ball off the UCLA Bruins’ basketball team after his son in conjunction two other teammates were arrested for theft while the team was on a goodwill and competitive trip to Beijing China. Ball saw fit to question the actual effectiveness of Donald Trump who was in the country at the time on an official visit. The President insists it was his actions and no one else’s which led to the players’ release. In fact it was a lie and much of the behind the scenes maneuvering was effectively done by the US State Department and the Embassy in Beijing , China .

    LaVar Ball (left) and Donald Trump .

    Both Donald Trump and LaVar Ball are nothing more than publicity seeking whores who are not content to be just be on the front pages , but they would rather themselves be the pointed subject matter concerning any story that might bear their name. Neither Ball or the President appear to be concerned by the unlawful actions of the three players on the basketball team and their theft of items from three department stores totaling hundreds of dollars.

    LiAngelo Ball and his ambitions of playing in the NBA might now take a back seat as he seeks to be part of the 2018 NBA Draft . The player has sought to be a forcible addition to the Bruins’ team .

    Tophatal …………………..


  30. Things appear to be looking up for the Indiana Pacers , but I get the feeling even with the departure of Paul George and Larry Bird as Head of Basketball Operations , this franchise still has a long way to go in order to get to their desired destination . An NBA Playoff berth has not been within the Pacers’ grasp in a year . . Their last such appearance came during the first round of last season’s playoffs within the Eastern Conference. With a new look lineup the coaching staff of Nate McMillan has got be feeling that this roster can actually be competitive over the course of this season .

    Victor Oladipo now appears appears to be the focus of the Indiana Pacers offense and might be the team’s best player . Oladipo is averaging 23.1 points per game this season , which leads the Pacers’ players on the active roster. Up next for the Indiana Pacers will be a game against the Chicago Bulls and the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indiana , Indianapolis on Wednesday 6th December , 2017

    While the Boston Celtics are still blazing a trail in the Eastern Conference , many are surprised by how well the Philadelphia 76ers have been doing as of late. While I believe them to be a competent team , I don’t believe they can be called a legitimate conference contender or a championship-caliber team.

    If there are teams in the West with problems then look no further than the Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns . They remain in the bottom half of the conference and overall their records simply speaks for itself. Both teams will be in action over the next two days . Dallas will be facing the Boston Celtics on the road while the Suns will be taking on the Washington Wizards at home on Thursday evening.

    Indiana Pacers news

    NBA news

    NBA results 4th December

    5th December schedule

    Tophatal …………..


  31. If now time for Denver Broncos’ executive John Elway to look at the make up of this team’s roster and the lack of consistency shown with regard to the Broncos’ play. This season they’ve barely challenged within the AFC West much less the conference itself. The idiocy of those who suggested Peyton Manning was past his sell buy date during the year when the now retired veteran and future Hall of Fame bound quarterback guided the team to their most recent Superbowl appearance and victory , should tell you how far the franchise has fallen in his absence. Elway has the Head of Football Operations was given carte-blanche by the Bowlem family to make all personnel decisions concerning this team. It would be fair to suggest the former Broncos’ quarterback has made some stunning mistakes in terms of several draft picks since that Superbowl victory , alongside some very asinine acquisitions along the way.

    At 3-9 the Denver Broncos have failed on a massive level , way beneath the expectations of John Elway and the team’s fans . Given how porous the defense of the Broncos just happens to be and it is easy to understand why the team have lost so many games this season . With five games to go before ending their season the Broncos will have to play at a heightened level if they’re to avoid being on the bottom rung of the league standings . Next up for the Denver Broncos and the coaching staff of Vance Joseph will be a game against the New York Jets .

    Perhaps the most competitive game in week fourteen might be the contest between the Philadelphia Eagles (10-2) as they face the Los Angeles Rams (9-3) in a pivotal conference match-up . The two opposing quarterbacks in this contest have excelled over the course of this season . Jared Goff and Carson Wentz could very well be classified as the ” steals ” among the quarterbacks drafted between 2014 through to 2017.

    Denver Broncos news

    NFL news

    Tophatal ……….


  32. It looks like the Los Angeles Angels have won the bidding war for the services of Japanese pitcher Shoehei Otahni . This is likely to make the Angels a competitive team this upcoming season within Major League Baseball . Also if the rumors are to be believed then the Miami Marlins have agreed in principal to trade Giancarlo Stanton to the New York Yankees with the Yankees taking on the remainder of Stanton’s contract , the richest in all of baseball . The Marlins’ slugger is still owed $295 million of this thirteen-year deal.

    MLB news

    Tophatal ………………..


  33. This season’s Heisman Trophy winner , Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield took the nation’s top honor as the best college player in Football. Mayfield had a tremendous season for Oklahoma , moving from a walk-on to becoming a regular season starter , playing with the conviction which has led the Sooners to a postseason berth and a shot at the national title . Mayfield will certainly be hoping that their semi-finals’ match-up against Georgia Bulldogs (10-2) will be something special for their fans , providing the program with their first title appearance since 2000 , when they defeated Florida State (Seminoles) in a very low-scoring game.

    Baker Mayfield of the Oklahoma Sooners .

    It will certainly be interesting to see where Baker Mayfield will land as a quarterback pick in the 2018 NFL Draft , where he’s likely to be projected as a choice and by which NFL team who’s in need of a productive quarterback.


  34. So all of a sudden Adam Gase is optimistic that the Miami Dolphins might be in with a fighting chance of making the NFL postseason after the team’s season defining victory over divisional rivals the New England Patriots by the score of 27-20 .

    In week fifteen both the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots will be in action , when the Patriots face the Pittsburgh Steelers (11-2) while Miami will take on the Buffalo Bills (7-6) . This is a must-win game for the New England Patriots as they vie for the top-seed within the AFC . Tom Brady’s last six outings for the Patriots where he’s matched up against Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers have proven to be fortuitous . Heading into this match-up both quarterbacks appear to be playing well .

    Opposing quarterbacks Tom Brady (right) and Ben Roethlisberger .

    NFL news

    Week fifteen schedule

    NFL standings

    NFL transactions

    This month in NFL history and on this date in the league

    Tophatal …………………..


  35. So only now is the NFL hierarchy prepared to step in, after it was revealed that eighty-year old Jerry Richardson , owner of the Carolina Panthers has decided to sell the team after it was revealed that there were sexual allegations against the owner who sought to elicit sex from female staff members as well as using derogatory racial terms towards players on the team as well directing them at others around the NFL . Richardson’s actions and comment were not the first of its kind by the owner concerning employees or players and it is widely rumored that executives around the league knew of his behavior but sought to do nothing about it , not even a reprimand by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell . In light of Jerry Richardon’s statement that he is now prepared to sell the franchise , Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys has issued a statement stating that the departure of Richardson will be a tremendous loss for the league in general . Only a bigoted @ss such as Jerry Jones could come out with a statement in defense of one of his contemporaries .

    Jerry Jones (left) and Jerry Richardson .

    If the rumors now swirling are to believed , with media and entertainment mogul Sean “P Diddy ” Combs wanting <a href= to make a serious bid for the Carolina Panthers . It will be interesting to see whether or not his bid will be looked upon favorably . Among those intent on joining Combs’ prospective group are Colin Kaepernick and NBA star Steph Curry . I personally believe Diddy will need at least two more serious backers , along with a major major investment bank or venture capital firm to be taken seriously by the NFL hierarchy . There’s also likely to be some sort of push-back from some powerful team owners , who would no part of Colin Kaepernick being involved in such a deal . They’ve continued to do their utmost to make sure that the unsigned quarterback is black-balled by teams around the league.

    Tophatal …………….

    Tophatal …………..


  36. Their season is now over . so let’s stop with the stupidity that the Miami Dolphins were ever in with a chance of gaining an AFC postseason berth . Jay Cutler was back to his usual self as he was picked-off three times during the game against the Buffalo Bills . At $10 million for this year alone , this has been far too steep a price to pay for an overrated and over-the hill quarterback .

    Jay Cutler of the Miami Dolphins .

    Courtesy of Phinfanatic

    Jay Cutler reminds us why need Ryan Tannehill

    By Brian Miller

    The Miami Dolphins believed that bringing Jay Cutler in for $10 million would be a great way to advance the team back to the post-season. It didn’t work out quite the way they expected.

    Jay Cutler has been, well, Jay Cutler. As most NFL fans know Jay Cutler is the emotionless caricature of real football player.

    A week ago Monday Cutler was at his NFL best as he led the Dolphins on a demolition of the Patriots in prime-time. On Sunday, Cutler returned to his “whatever” attitude. Shrinking away from potential post-season aspirations to a more, “I’m cold can I go inside now” child.

    Cutler’s NFL career has been this type of play. Up one week and down the next but this year, coming out of a retirement, it just seems that he should part ways with the league and move into the broadcast booth where he can calmly deliver a monotone opinion of the sport he used to play. Or rather suck at.

    Cutler has never been a great quarterback. He is a lazy quarterback with a ton of unrealized potential and a big league arm. A gunslinger mentality like that of Brett Favre without the same degree of passion. Cutler throws the ball and doesn’t really care who comes down with it.

    For the past several years, since 2012 to be exact, fans have watched Ryan Tannehill take the field, show a similar lack of emotion, a similar lack of leadership, and they want something more. Last year however something changed with Tannehill. He became vocal, he became a leader, and he displayed emotion. And Miami won a lot of close games.

    Tannehill may or may not be the answer to the long-term solution of the Dolphins but he is head and shoulders above Jay Cutler. While it is never fun to speculate on what-if’s, especially because they mean to do nothing more than irritate you, Miami could have won a couple of more games this season with Tannehill behind center rather than Cutler.

    Tannehill can move out of the pocket and pick up yards with his legs. He is less likely to throw the ball into coverage and hope his receivers come down with it. He has a big arm and can get the ball downfield. Tannehill fits into Adam Gase’s offense well enough to lead the team.

    At least lead the team better than Jay Cutler.

    Idiots who believe that Jay Cutler has something to offer any team , especially over the > last eight seasons have sorely been mistaken .

    Tophatal ……………………..


  37. So the Green Bay Packers have made the decision to shut down quarterback Aaron Rodgers for the rest of the season rather than risking further injury curtailing his already illustrious career with the franchise. There’s no denying that this year has not met the expectations of the Packers’ fans and with the front office now pondering what the future might hold for Rodgers, a former Superbowl MVP as well as a League MVP . It will be interesting to see what will be done by the coaching staff of Mike McCarthy as well as GM Ted Thompson .

    Mike McCarthy (left) and Ted Thompson .

    In the absence of Aaron Rodgers the quarterback duties for the Packers have been placed in the hands of Brett Hundley . While the Packers have struggled the real issue to plague the team over the course of the season has been the abundance with Mike McCarthy never being able to settle on a consistent lineup for any game this season.

    Green Bay’s most consistent performer over this troubled season has been wide receiver Davante Adams . The player has performed admirably this season proving that even without Aaron Rodgers , he still has the ability to perform as needed. With just three games to round out the season , up next for the Green Bay Packers in week fifteen will be a big game which pits them against the Minnesota Vikings, likely winners of the NFC North for this season .

    NFL news

    NFL schedule week fifteen

    Green Bay Packers news

    Tophatal ……….


  38. The bloodletting has begun as the teams within Major League Baseball look to shed players they believe superfluous to their needs while also shedding unwanted salaries in order to reduce their payroll heading into 2018. The blockbuster move expected , saw the Miami Marlins send 2017 NLMVP slugger Giancarlo Stanton to the New York Yankees with Stanton teaming up with an already potent Yankees’ offense led by > Aaron Judge . Marlins’ Team President Derek Jeter one of the original purchasers of the Miami Marlins seems intent on paring down the team’s payroll to well beneath the $90 million he wanted to start 2018 out with .

    Dee Gordon is another of the players that the Miami Marlins felt should be purged from the roster . From my own perspective I am not so sure what the Marlins will be left with once it’s all said done , as the front office continues to clean house. Their farm system is not as talented some might believe it to be in spite of the reports coming up from their various levels within the system .

    Giancarlo Stanton was less than complimentary about as his former team with his anger pointed towards the managerial staff as well as the front office executives .

    MLB news

    Miami Marlins news

    Tophatal ……………..


  39. It doesn’t seem all that long ago fans around the world of baseball were suggesting that the Kansas City Royals were on the verge of becoming a dynasty and perhaps winning at least two or three World Series titles. In the last twenty five years the franchise has seen highs and lows with the lone nascent high being the two or more recent years where the postseason was part of their mantra. The franchise’s series win against the New York Mets in 2015 was a cause to celebrate . In 2016 and 2017 the Royals were not up to par against their rivals .

    During the off-season Royals GM Dayton Moore will have to assess this roster and come up with some solutions as to what will be needed to be done in order to bolster the lineup for this upcoming season .

    Dayton Moore made the decision to sign Eric Hosmer to a seven-year $147 million deal , one of the biggest contracts signed by a player in Royals’ history.

    If the Kansas City Royals are to compete this season then the likes of Eric Hosmer and several of his teammates will have to step up to the plate over the course of the season.
    The Royals will begin their season in earnest with the customary Spring Training games before embarking on their regular season of one hundred and sixty-two games. The opening game of the team’s regular season schedule will see them face the Chicago White Sox on the 29th March 2018 the Opening Day of the MLB regular season. It should be very interesting to see how competitive Kansas can be within the AL as well the AL Central this upcoming season.

    MLB news

    MLB transactions

    Kansas City Royals news

    Tophatal ………..


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