King Kong Ain’t Got Nothing On Me ….

King Kong Ain’t Got Nothing On Me ….

It wasn’t the best Superbowl in NFL history , but it will certainly rank up there as one of the most entertaining games in the event’s history. With more an one thousand all-purpose yards of offense and with two teams whose defensive mindset was nowhere to be seen , this game between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles , was simply one, where whichever team held onto the ball at the end of sixty minutes , would come out the eventual winner. That was the case, as Nick Foles led the Eagles to their very first Superbowl title in franchise history.   Foles would be named Superbowl MVP in what has been a career season for the backup quarterback of this team . It augurs well for the franchise moving forward, especially if they can keep many of their front-line starters as free agency beckons .

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For Tom Brady and the New England Patriots this was most certainly a game of missed opportunities and while Brady set a postseason record for the number of yards passed in a Superbowl , what cannot be denied was that the three-time Superbowl MVP was somewhat off his mark in spite of a record-setting day. However, I do believe much of New England’s woes stemmed from the fact that neither Bill Belichick or Matt Patricia , the Patriots’ defensive coordinator sought to make any real adjustments to negate the effectiveness of Nick Foles during the Superbowl. Patricia now moves on to become the new Head Coach of the Detroit Lions while it has been reported that Josh McDaniels has shunned overtures to become the successor to Chuck Pagano as the new Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts .

I’ve no doubt in mind that there will be some major changes to the New England Patriots’ lineup during this off-season as the NFL Draft beckons along with free agency. New England’s secondary will have to be addressed and it also remains to be seen if Bill Belichick will promote from within or go outside in search of a new defensive coordinator. . Tom Brady has already etched his mark on the game but , his returning for a seventeenth season in 2018, will be a formidable one for the player, who was named the 2017 League MVP and with good reason, considering his accomplishments during the regular season.

Did the sky fall or was there a thought that the Washington Redskins’ front office felt that they were unable to sign Kirk Cousins to a long-term contract , it would then be in their best interest to acquire a seasoned veteran albeit, they would still have to pay handsomely for the services of that player. Cousins was released and Alex Smith was acquired from the Kansas City Chiefs in a surprise trade. For the Chiefs they now begin a new chapter with Patrick Mahomes . If he’s the future of the franchise then the Kansas City Chiefs are in good hands. For Andy Reid , this could very well be an interesting season as he and the Chiefs seek to acquit themselves in 2018. Mahomes will have a great deal to prove as the successor to Alex Smith , but I feel that Reid , his coaching staff and the front office have a great deal of faith in the young player.

Not content with another season where they were completely embarrassed both on and off the field of play. The Oakland Raiders saw fit to fire Jack Del Rio and apparently sign his successor Jon Gruden to a ten-year $100 million deal . The contract makes Gruden the highest paid coach in the NFL and his salary was compared to players around the NFL , then many would certainly believe the deal to be completely asinine to say the very least .

Derek Carr remains the main hope for the Oakland Raiders moving forward and that he might be saving grace for Jon Gruden. I don’t believe him to be a great coach , but merely a coach when placed in the right environment can take advantage of the best he has to his availability. Injuries might well have been a problem for Oakland last season, but overall
this team
failed miserably,because of the lack of commitment and passion by the players. Jack Del Rio after a successful season in 2016 , the feeling was the Raiders would be unto something special , but as I alluded to earlier, they failed miserably. Gruden for his part will inherit a team filled with promise but I’m not so sure that will be enough when judged against the best of the AFC West and in particular the
. It’s now anyone’s ball game within the division, but with several of the quarterbacks having reached the apex of their careers and it will be interesting to see what it is likely to take place in 2018.

For all sense and purpose Josh McDaniels had the head coaching job with the Indianapolis Colts . Yet there appears to be discord between the Patriots’ offensive coordinator and his agent Bob LaMonte . The agent has since resigned , no longer wishing to represent the coach after what appears to be McDaniels possibly reneging on taking the position , after it was revealed that the coach spoke with his mentor Bill Belichick , seeking his advice. In most cases , it is a coach’s dream to take the next step and become a Head Coach in the NFL. Josh McDaniels does have that experience , but as we all know his years in Denver with the Denver Broncos was not a monumental success. Having Tim Tebow under his tutelage proved a number of things , Tebow was never an NFL quarterback and that McDaniels’ biggest claim to fame, was the very fact that he’s been nothing more than a sounding board for Tom Brady as a quarterback. That being said, McDaniels clearly placed his former agent in an untenable position. It seemed all but clear, that an agreement had been reached in principle with Chris Ballard , general manager of the Indianapolis Colts. Ballard has now come out and said that McDaniels is a disingenuous and dishonorable individual .

Josh McDaniel might well believe that he is the heir-apparent to Bill Belichick , should the current Patriots’ head coach seek to retire within the next two years. Belichick record speaks for itself and he is Canton bound as the greatest coach in NFL history. I also believe with Tom Brady’s playing career is slowly winding down. It is unlikely that he will be playing in the league on his forty-fifth birthday in spite his intentions. His football mind is as sharp as ever , but without an offensive line there to protect him and a defense capable of protecting leads , Brady might as well be playing all by himself.

The Indianapolis Colts can now pursue a coach they believe will complement their needs , while also possibly looking to upgrade their roster overall. Injuries wreaked havoc on the Colts this past season with Andrew Luck barely being on the field for the team. Chuck Pagano’s failings can be laid squarely on the shoulders of Ryan Grigson and his lack of drafting players who could contribute for the franchise over the past five years. . The Colts barely competing
within the AFC South was something of a shock this past season. We all witnessed the ascent of the Jacksonville Jaguars to the top of the food chain within the division. . Jacksonville’s foray in the postseason was short-lived and with good reason as way too much was being expected of Blake Bortles , the Jaguars’ quarterback. . This upcoming season should prove to an eventful one for both teams as they seek to reposition themselves within the AFC.

We have all seen the fallout from the Colin Kaepernick affair, which led to the player declaring free agency at the beginning of last season , only to remain unsigned by an NFL franchise for the entire 2017 schedule. Call it what you will, but anyone believing Kaepernick wasn’t being black-balled by the NFL , even with the rather idiotic and at times insensitive remarks being made by the President , Donald Trump as well by several owners , clearly doesn’t understand what it was that the former San Francisco 49ers player was championing, as was his right as a citizen as well as an athlete. At one point during the season, it had looked as if the Forty Niners would go their entire schedule without winning a game. However that dubious distinction would be attained by the woefully inept Cleveland Browns (0-16) as they put together an astonishing loss streak . Suffice to say, the Browns now join the 2008 Detroit Lions as they only other team in NFL history to have lost all sixteen of their games on the regular season schedule , an infamous mantel within the league.

When the New England Patriots decided to send Jimmy Garopollo to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for some secondary draft picks, it was felt that Bill Belichick and Nick Caserio had lost their combined senses. There wasn’t an actual backup for Tom Brady until they signed journeyman Brian Hoyer , who will likely be jettisoned during the off-season , as Belichick seeks to work wonders once again with his upcoming Draft Class . Garopollo and the Niners were the hottest team in the NFL as they reeled off five straight wins to end the regular season and providing something of a bright light to their long-term future with their newly acquired quarterback. . San Francisco’s front office has seen fit to reward Jimmy Garopollo with a new five-year $137.5 million contract and the likelihood that the player could be on other incentives if he meets certain those goals. It’s pretty much safe to say, the former Patriots’ quarterback has landed firmly on his feet with a truly bright future ahead of him.

Kyle Shanahan and his coaching staff can now focus on
this San Francisco 49ers’ team a great deal better. In terms of the cap they should be well-positioned to acquire at least two marquee players while likely losing one or two players of their through the attrition of free agency . . From my own standpoint , I firmly believe that the NFC West might well be one of the most competitive divisions this upcoming season, especially when you consider the caliber of the quarterbacks now playing there.

This upcoming NFL Draft will make or break several teams and there’s no doubt in my mind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face a make or break season in 2018. There remains a cloud hanging over the future of their quarterback Jameis Winston . This player has never been able to play at a consistently high level, whileputting together a wins’ sequence of more than five games at any one time over the course of his career. Winston is still under investigation by the NFL hierarchy , for another alleged incident of sexual assault and at a time when the country in uproar over the behavior of prominent Hollywood celebrities , powerful political dignitaries and businessmen. It begs the question, what is now an acceptable form of behavior, while idiots continue with their bullshit about political correctness and freedom of expression ? America now lacks morals and cannot believe itself to be any type leader for the rest of the world from a moral standpoint. Built upon Christian principles, my ass !!!!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will always remain an afterthought, because this franchise over the past five years has simply become an ongoing non-factor. Last season was another clear indicator of how bad the Buccaneers continue to be and are likely to be. Their three main divisional rivals , the Atlanta Falcons , Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints , all fared better than Tampa did over course the regular season. I’m no admirer of the Buccaneers’ coaching staff and I believe Dirk Koetter’s days are numbered as the Head Coach of the team . The best performers on the roster this past season were Mike Evans and Cameron Brate . It will be interesting to see what Tampa will be capable of doing in terms of the free agency off-season and the upcoming NFL Draft.

I firmly believe if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are to be successful this upcoming season, they will have to play more to their strengths while being consistent.

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Which stories unfolding within the NFL do you believe will play a big part during the off-season ?



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28 thoughts on “King Kong Ain’t Got Nothing On Me ….”

  1. The Philadelphia Eagles proved to be triumphant in the Superbowl against the New England Patriots , but it will be interesting to see which players the team will be able to keep as many seek free agency while also looking for a big pay-day as a reward for the team’s success in the big game. One recipient on the Eagles is LeGarrertte Blount who has won Superbowl rings with both the Eagles and the Patriots . Blount will be looking to get paid no doubt . If he declares free agency , LeGarette Blount will become a highly sought after commodity because of his
    proven track record during the regular as well as the postseason and the big game itself.


    LeGarrett Blount of the Philadelphia Eagles who now has three Superbowl rings to his name. Though considered a half-back , Blount has proven himself more than worthy especially in the postseason where has set franchise records with the Patriots.

    Philadelphia Eagles news

    Tophatal ……………..


    1. You’re high on LaGarrett Blount? You say a highly sought after commodity this off-season? Tell me Tophat, what GM in his right mind would pay any substantial amout of $$ for a soon to be 32 year old running back with prior issues? The man has anger issues. Belichick had enough of his demeanor. Besides, a 32 year old running back is nearing senior citizenship status in today’s NFL.


  2. Matt Patricia
    having accepted the head coaching position with the Detroit Lions has seen fit to keep much of the existing coaching staff in-tact. However, my biggest issue with the Lions remains the fact the team lacks defensive capabilities . As good as Matt Stafford has been except for his 2008 season , this franchise remains one that hasn’t been able to prove itself in the postseason since Stafford first entered the league. The Lions’ postseason appearances during his quarterback tenure have been atrocious along with the player’s own record in the postseason.


    Matt Patricia (second from left) former Patriots offensive coordinator and now head coach of the Lions .

    The Detroit Lions are proficient as an offense but defensively they continue to be one of the poorest teams in the league with an abysmal secondary . I am not so sure Matt Patricia and his staff will be able to make any make great improvements given the limitations of this current roster . If nothing else he might well have to look to the draft as well as free agency to upgrade the playing staff. This much was conclusive in terms of the Lions this past season , against their conference rivals ,this was a very poor team .

    Detroit Lions news

    Tophatal …………….


    1. Tophat,
      Just to clear up some facts here……Matt Patricia was NEngland’s defensive coordinator. By him coming to Detroit and retaining some of the old guard(assistants, etc) IMO is not the smartest route to take. You need your own men.


      1. Ronbets

        I don’t think that Matt Patricia will be a good fit in Detroit. That team has never been able to play a lick of defense over the last eight years and I don’t believe that’s going to change now. Even the players they’ve drafted since 2009 haven’t really blossomed into anything
        . They live and die with what Matt Stafford has been able to achieve and that’s not really saying a lot.

        What do you think about the cluster-f#ck created by Josh McDaniels turning down the job in Indianapolis ? It would appear that McDaniels reneged on the promise of actually accepting the position and that was why his agent Brian LaMonte cut ties with him immediately . I personally don’t believe Josh McDaniels will succeed Bill Belichick as Head Coach of the New England Patriots . And I don’t believe that Tom Brady will be playing in two more years ! If he’s able to get that sixth elusive Superbowl ring, then that’s when I believe Brady will quit , barring a career-ending injury.

        Tophatal ………….


        1. Josh McDaniels is a brilliant offensive minded coach. However, his people skills leave a heap to be desired. His HC stint @ Denver was a disaster. His achilles was the Tim Tebow endorsement. I think Kraft sold him the idea he’s the heir apparent to Belichick.
          Brady? You’re prolly right. 2 years left with a considerable drop in performance in those 2 years. DCs are finally figuring the only way to stop this sniper is pressure and an occasional ‘late hit’ or two. 40 plus bodies can’t compete with the 20s. The glaring exception is an almost 37 year old Roger Federer. IDK HTF he does it??


          1. Ronbets

            The most impressive athletes I’ve seen over the last forty years , Tom Brady , Bjorn Borg at his best , Michael Jordan , Roger Federer , track star Ed Moses (125 straight 400 meter hurdle victories including 15 of the twenty fastest times over the distance) , Marvin Hagler and Usain Bolt .

            Roger Feder simply has maintained his mental and physical mindset and that’s what makes him the greatest male tennis player of all time. He’d run over the likes of Pete Sampras and John MeEnroe with ease.

            For me Josh McDaniels has made himself persona non-grata much as in the same way Eric Mangini had done with his career. McDaniels is not that brilliant a offensive coordinator. The likes of Brady , Jimmy Garopollo and Jacoby Brissett had proven themselves and there wasn’t much that they actually needed to be taught. McDaniels just happened in the right place at the right time .

            Tophatal ……………


            1. I dunno about these trades. Success or failure requires a larger sample size than a few dozen games. The media is all f’d up. That’s both news and sports. After one or two blow outs they preach championships. Let’s wait and see. Oh btw, don’t discount Josh McDaniels’ football IQ. He realized that coaching an Irsay team was setting himself up for another failure. Management abuses players and coaches regularly, they deserve a little of their own medicine. Besides, do we really know about Andrew Luck’s health?


              1. Ronbets

                These trades have been diabolical . It’s clear the that the front office of the Los Angeles Lakers are banking on LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for a second time. While , I doubt that he’ll leave , it wouldn’t surprise me if he did leave for the best team that provides him with the best chance to win another NBA title . I seriously doubt that the Cleveland Cavaliers are good enough to beat the best teams in the West. LeBron has never been about team , he’s more about the singular accolades and making a whole lot of money .

                Frank Reich
                has been given a five-year deal to become the new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and it has been a shock to see how much the team has regressed over the past two seasons . Granted with Andrew Luck having missed several games , I also felt former GM Ryan Grigson did an extremely poor job in terms of the draft picks made between 2013-2017 .

                Chris Ballard has succeeded Ryan Grigson and he inherits a team lacking in leadership as well game-changers in certain areas of the game. For this upcoming season everything has to be about the resurgence of Andrew Luck . Granted , Jacoby Brissett is there as a backup , but even he having been thrown in at the deep end , had no real time to acclimatize with his new teammates last season.

                Tophatal ……………


  3. This
    upcoming season
    within the NFL , among the highest paid players , there will be one or two surprises. However, the player I am most looking forward to seeing is the arm of Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes . With the Chiefs seeing fit to send Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins , it does leave some intriguing issues with the glut of free agent quarterbacks available. Mahomes for his part will be hoping to lead the team to new heights under veteran head coach Andy Reid during the upcoming season. The AFC West will remain somewhat competitive and I don’t believe there is not an outstanding candidate within the division. Now while the Oakland Raiders have flouted the rules with the hiring of Jon Gruden with the league hierarchy having not seen fit to punish the Raiders for not abiding by the ” Rooney Rules” . I have to now ask myself will the NFL remain an old Boys’ Club of middle aged white men making up the rules as they see fit as they move along?

    Mark Davis GM Reggie McKenzie of the Raiders should be facing stiff penalties for flagrantly disobeying the rules . To date nothing had been done to the franchise and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has failed to answer any questions as to whether or anything will be done to reprimand the AFC West franchise . Goodell being the imbecile we’ve all known him to be certainly lacks the backbone to do anything forthright at this juncture.

    John Gruden will have some work to do in order to get this team prepared for next season. There’ll like be some fat cut from the roster while the staff also prepares for the upcoming NFL Draft .

    NFL news

    Tophatal ………………..


  4. While , this Superbowl was a loss for the New England Patriots , this game for me once again emphasized one thing concerning the organization. Far too much emphasis continues to be placed on the Patriots offense and not enough on defense. And while both teams gave up in excess of over 1,000 all-purpose yards combined . Anyone believing this was a truly competitive game must’ve been watching something comedic. Defensively , both teams were a complete mess and the only saving grace to the the game might well have been the Philadelpha Eagles wanted the victory more and showed their desire in earning it. With the off-season now in view it will be very interesting to see what Bill Belichick and his augmented coaching staff will bring to the table by way of new players through free agency as well as via the NFL Draft .

    Having failed to win their sixth Superbowl in eight appearances , it’s now back to the drawing board for the New England Patriots. Tom Brady a three-time Superbowl MVP , did have a tremendous game throwing for a Superbowl record 505 yards . That mark is also a postseason record , simply adding to the player’s already astonishing career. At the age of forty , Brady seems to showing no real signs of aging , but I seriously doubt he will still be playing at the age of forty-five. The Patriots will certainly have to look at a quarterback as his backup for the upcoming season , whether it be from the Draft or free agency , because I have no implicit faith in Brian Hoyer , a player whose record is mediocre at best. New England’s draft history has been very good , but from a defensive standpoint in terms of the players attained , there hasn’t been a player of note over the past four years. This upcoming season should be a very interesting one for the Patriot as they embark upon winning another AFC East crown and making it to the postseason for the fifteenth time since 2001 .

    NFL news



  5. A great win for the Schmucks. I am very happy the Eagles. I went to my first Eagles game in 1960. that was the game the bums beat the Green bay packers and won the whole enchilada. This was Franklin field I am glad I am alive to see the schmucks win it all. I am 66 finally.


  6. This will be an interesting off-season for the New Orleans Saints and in particular their impending free agent quarterback Drew Brees . The veteran passer has been a constant for the franchise for over ten years , having guided the Saints to the Superbowl in 2010 , the 2009 postseason . Drew Brees and the Saints would go on to defeat the Indianapolis Colts where Brees was named Superbowl MVP .


    Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints

    The New Orleans had a tough year , but still made the postseason where they would fall to the Minnesota Vikings in the divisional round . The off-season will be an extremely tough one for the Saints’ front office as they seek to create cap space in order to re-sign several of their highly prized free agents. With only $32 million at their disposal , it will be interesting to see what GM Micky Loomis will seek to do while working alongside the coaching staff of Sean Payton .

    I believe Drew Brees will be returning for his thirteenth year with the Saints, but it will be interesting to see what choices are made by the franchise during the NFL Draft . Given the acquisitions made last season there’s not much room to be left to chance and error.

    One of the New Orleans Saints’ conference rivals are the Arizona Cardinals and their season was something of a tumultuous one . Bruce Arians has departed as head coach due to some serious health issues. There were some serious issues which the team faced throughout much of the season. Veteran Carson Palmer was missing for much of the team’s schedule. The fact that the Cardinals failed to compete within the NFC West speaks volumes as to the division itself . The front office will have to make some serious decisions concerning the make-up of the playing staff, but their most pressing need might well be a new head coach to succeed Bruce Arians. Steve Wilks who was formerly the defensive backs’ coach of the Carolina Panthers was named to succeed Arians by general manager Steve Keim . The front office has a great deal of faith in Wilks and it will be very interesting to see how he fares with the draft and a number of the player personnel decisions that are likely to be made.


    Steve Wilks, the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals .

    New Orleans Saints news

    Tophatal …………………..


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